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File: 24ab3157ddfc466⋯.jpg (731.22 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 1431803884200.jpg)


Welcome to /younglove/, a discussion board aimed at people who are emotionally and/or sexually attracted to people of young ages, though everyone is welcome to post.


1. All global rules apply. That means no child pornography.

2. Only post “clean” photographs. This means fully clothed (no underwear or swim suits), no nudity and no erotic poses.

3. No flooding or commercial spam.

4. Do not post real world identification (aka dox).

5. No advocating violence against children.


Things To Consider

A pedophile is defined as someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.

Sexual attraction to pubescent children is hebephilia, while sexual attraction to adolescents is ephebophilia.

Being a pedophile does not mean someone is, or ever will be, a child molester or rapist. Both molestation and rape are an action which involve a victim while pedophilia is a passive attraction.

Having a sexual attraction to children isn’t illegal, acting on such desires can be however.

While sexual attraction is the key factor in being a pedophile, many pedophiles choose to avoid contact with children completely. Others wish to be close to a child or children while abstaining from any sexual behavior.

Opinions on whether or not sexual activity with a minor is moral differ greatly and such discussion is welcome here, but while this is not a rule, please do not discuss having done anything that could be considered a crime involving a minor. Doing so can put the community at risk.

Thank you.

File: 9ee8412d7ddeaad⋯.jpg (202.72 KB, 1280x856, 160:107, 1402468993377.jpg)


I can't handle Lera not being on the front page any longer.

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File: 9e959d2af8abf43⋯.jpg (1015 KB, 4420x3980, 221:199, is this nigger serious.jpg)

or maybe it's just you being butthurt about what you'll never have



>have you notice that girl is a slut/ugly?


You forgot to call me a virgin, roastie.


File: d5dd9ceeb5ce649⋯.jpg (831.04 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 140625642663.jpg)

I don't think you need to be reminded of that lol.

Why would a roastie be posting pics of a cute younger girl? Also sour grapes over what? Do you even know what the expression means? Calling a girl a slut because you're mad you'll never get to fuck her is like the textbook definition of sour grapes. Do you ever have a single thought before shitposting?




She started becoming a sexy woman.

There is no problem in the fact that she would become a slut, an highly sexually active girl if she is responsible in terms of STDs and birth control. It's more important to be a nice person

File: 54a90df68b98a6a⋯.jpg (158.18 KB, 850x692, 425:346, pedomophiles.jpg)


Pedophilia can be treated! You don't have to be a bad person, anon.


>Some specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors that are used for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) have been found to be effective for treating sexual disorders.

>It has been suggested that paraphilias are part of the spectrum of OCD. With this consideration in mind, the OCD medication Sertraline (Zoloft) was tested on pedophiles. This treatment proved effective and subsequent studies were conducted confirming the belief that paraphilias are related to obsessive compulsive disorders and the same anti-depressant treatments are effective for both.

>According to Bradford and Kaye, SSRIs have less severe side-effects than anti-androgen therapy and hormone treatment (Bradford & Kaye, n.d.) In addition, pedophiles who have received SSRI treatment have reported limited side-effects and an ability to have non-paraphilic sexual relationships (Federoff & Moran, 1997).

>Research was conducted on 58 pedophiles, comparing the effectiveness of three separate SSRIs – fluvoxamine, fluoxetine, and sertraline. Results indicated that the level of paraphilic fantasies decreased with no significant differences reported regarding the efficacy between the three SSRIs tested. (Greenberg, Bradford, Curry& O’Rourke, 1996).


I don't buy it and what you presented doen't convince me.


>Results indicated that the level of paraphilic fantasies decreased with no significant differences reported regarding the efficacy between the three SSRIs tested.

But the efficacy for usage of SSRIs varies wildly in individuals and most users have to test a variety before finding the particular type that works best for them. Also sexual dysfunction is a fairly common side effect of SSRIs in general.

File: 1c21cca29555776⋯.jpg (859.99 KB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 1c21cca29555776c89f58b4c09….jpg)


Sry for the roastie selfposting but wat's up with all the ~granny~ hate? How can you claim that what you feel is 'love' if it only lasts for five years most? I mean it seems kinda vain to me as if you see children as just eye candy and not individuals whose character you truly appreciate and would walk along your life journey with. I'm 18 rn and if a 20 y guy I dated when I was 11 was planning to dump me four years later just because I've grown boobs I wouldn't call him a true lover, soul mate or even caring friend. Just a man who used me to fulfill his fetishistic desires.

I am not trying to shit on your kink but you have to admit it's just that a kink, I really don't think you can call it love. Growing up is a part of life and hating on a 20 y who might have the same personality as a lg and care for you in the same way is just superficial

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File: 1731f707ca03fc8⋯.png (38.79 KB, 1000x893, 1000:893, moonman and nazi pepe laug….png)

>losing interest when the get boobs

>losing interest when they get pretty and can properly bear my many children

>this is how retarded biocunts are

>being this desperated for attention

No one would ever say we would dump them, specially if we married them you dumb ugly kike. Unlike adult women who where raised by (((society))), my girl would be raised by me and thus would have a great personality and not being misinformed about things.

tl;dr the tits are a plus; it's not your apparance that ruins it Agatha, it's your personality.

Not that you have the apparance to begin with.


File: 18fac0228f5d318⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 581x470, 581:470, women cannot logic, hypocr….jpg)


Not if a men does it, because women are tools, but if a women does such to a men them she is a piece of shit. And she Will do it because it's their nature, and unlike non-alpha men women cannot control themselves.

I bet money you will deny those facts by using insults and appealing to external validation.


>ad hominen

Your butthurt confirms that he is right.


File: 130ea00ed7c902d⋯.jpg (422.79 KB, 985x640, 197:128, phpguarddogfail.jpg)


>being a racist asshole AND a pedophile


did people not hate you enough, dude?

you figured you needed to step it up?

and to think you actually believe you're clever.


File: 3334490a1d1c3eb⋯.jpg (399.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fembabbling female bailing….jpg)


>implying being racist is not good

>implying being pedo is not good

<hurr ur asshole

<hurr ur domb and i smart

<mfw i have no argument

<mfw my pic is not even related

<mfw i can't capitalize

<mfw i reddit format


File: b41faab397d24dc⋯.jpg (8.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



File: 20be771c5631d4c⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 224x225, 224:225, Kristina Pimenova 6.jpg)


How deep is a 6 year old's vagina?

15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



No, what you greentexted means exactly what it said verbatim. That prepubescent girls are unprepared for vaginal sex. Everyone here including you understands that you don't need to be prepared for an activity to attempt it; it will however almost certainly go very poorly.

Anything else you feel like being needlessly contrarian about?



>it will however almost certainly go very poorly

There you go with your implications again. Saying "a girl trying to have sex will almost certainly be injured" is exactly the same as saying "a girl cannot have sex".

And don't fucking pick nits about your use of "prepared" either; the previous claim was that a prepubescent girl's genitals are so different (even at a "cellular level") that it would be impossible for any "preparation" to have any effect, were this true.



You forgot the part where every single poster in this thread besides you is specifically referring to vaginal sex, and newsflash ree-ree, penetrative vaginal sex is not the only kind of sex. So you're deliriously wrong again.

>And don't fucking pick nits about your use of "prepared" either; the previous claim was that a prepubescent girl's genitals are so different (even at a "cellular level") that it would be impossible for any "preparation" to have any effect, were this true.

Yes, that is correct. There is no "preparation" that will have an affect on the average six year old girl. Regular human skin can only be stretched so far without permanent damage, no matter how much time you take. It is an empirical fact that a prepubescent girl's vulva is more similar to regular skin than to the elastic tissue of an adult woman's.

Can you just specifically state what what you believe, so I can explain why you are wrong definitively instead of going down this tedious point-and-click sex ed adventure with you?



I don't know, seen a vid of a 6 year old take a half of a pretty big dong and seemed physically fine.

Not that I watch that kind of stuff anymore…



Wrong and wrong, you science is you made up facts, eat dick.

A vagina is NOT analogous to a penis, as you state, anti-science fag. The clitoris IS, and it does show marked swelling and engorement in females as young as in vitro. So go fuck your bullshit somewhere else.

File: 1457756436982.jpg (100.78 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12132894_1731099010460693_….jpg)


>tfw pedo

>tfw mother and father disowned me because of it

>tfw no IRL friends

>tfw no e-friends

>tfw no loli friends

>tfw no pedo friends

>tfw other pedos look down on me for being exclusive

>tfw ugly

>tfw stupid

>tfw no hope

Cute image, because it's all I have left.

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>/pol/posting pedo

massive cringe



>if you want to kill traitors you are from /pol/

>if you are a pedo you are cringe

>being a redditor

What are you doing in here, lowborn?




Nah, How about you go fuck yourself dickhead.

Collectivist identatarian pieces of shit like yourself are more harmful to any movement or cause then anything someone from the "outside" could do.

You are the subhuman. Not by birth but by shitty choices bringing you to the state of a lower animal who has rejected the light of reason that elevates humans above that of simple beast.


File: 7b13dacaf094f31⋯.gif (534.88 KB, 500x391, 500:391, goebbels and nazis looking….gif)


>go fuk urself XDD

>beliefs and unity is for FUCKING LOSERS! t. /liberty/

>no, u! reality is wrong, i am the bestest!



That's pasta newfriend


Can we get a memes thread going? There were a whole bunch in the discord server before it got nuked

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I'm bumping this amusing thread.





a wild straw(wo)man appears



>I'll take 'zero understanding of basic psychology' for 800, Alex.

Victims of sexual abuse will often repress trauma to a massive degree. They (once adult) can become aroused, engage in consensual sex with a loving partner, but as they prepare for sex their vaginas clamp shut, or when the act ends they start vomiting profusely, get absurd cravings for food, spiral into massive depressions or any of a multitude of psychological effects.

They have sex again. Same result. No idea why. No memory of abuse. They're upset. Partner upset.

Go to therapy. Six months later dad turns out to have oh so lovingly fucked them when they were kids.

Kill yourself.



Yeah your reasoning sounds like bullshit.

File: 82b68982040a80c⋯.jpg (43.82 KB, 621x629, 621:629, smug tranny.jpg)


What do you honestly think of adult women? Who are bigger, stronger, and have more rights?

Do they scare you, dicklet?


>What do you honestly think of adult women?

They are mentally more competent but physically far less attractive.

Emotional stability seems to depend more on the individual then on age in my personal interactions and experience, but in general it seems a uncommon trait in females of any age unfortunately. Same with other qualities like personal responsibility and the like. Seems to have more to do with individual personal values and upbringing then age.

So overall I would rather work with and be colleges with adult women, but I find minors far more sexually attractive. Other then that it depends on the individual. Honest enough for you?

>Who are bigger, stronger, and have more rights?

Men, Men, and pretty white women. Or were those rhetorical questions?

>Do they scare you, dicklet?


Whatever, I will answer since I answered the others. No, not as a class/group anyway. A individual woman has the potential to be a thread or be scary I suppose, but in general no they do not scare me.

To be brutally honest I don't find adult women less attractive to girls because of being intimadated or some other psychological reason. I find them less attractive because my dick gets less hard seeing them with their cloths off then a fit and healthy younger girl. Like one makes me diamond hard while the other makes me wood hard. No thought, no hidden agenda, just one is physiologically sexier. Simple as that.



File: 33d4b2497804246⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Amos.jpg)


Amos Yee needs our support to produce more pro-pedophilia content. Please become a patron.


11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.




>not amos yee.


again, i literally don't give a shit what you say to me. i just reported everything of his, and on top of that did some other shit that will bother him a lot.

I hope to god this maniac goes back to prison where he belongs, amos yee, who ever the fuck you claim to be.

don't give a shit

don't care

enjoy your v&, faggot.


File: 605f19bfca9ab9c⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 625x468, 625:468, xxx.jpg)



Dude, go ahead and report his right of freedom of speech all you want.

If you wanna waste your time then no one should stop you. Natural selection and all.

However, in the same way, as the others have stated in the post, I will also correct you in the same manner.

I also couldn't care less of what you say, but the fact is Hypersonic and Amos Yee aren't the same person and reported or not, it won't change it. I know that myself, as I have interacted with both individuals throughout other mediums.

Regardless, have a good triggering, Anon and, well, I guess Amos thanks you for giving him attention, lol.


File: b3b0c3257678931⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 249x250, 249:250, 37684.jpg)





okay, not-amos yee, enjoy your v& all the same.

File: b00d8b17a4c44e6⋯.jpg (66.72 KB, 383x444, 383:444, kidsforsale.jpg)


Topic title: The good old days

Post pictures and stories from way back when it was all still perfectly normal to love a kid.


yea "buying"children seems perfectly loving.


I want to believe this is a joke.


cute lolis 10 and above

File: 4999b6635b3e19c⋯.jpg (89.96 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1440810678966-0[1].jpg)


Could zoophile rights be a way for us to get a foothold? There is a greater overlap between the two than most on both sides may be aware of, both in issues and in actual population. A lot of zoos are surprisingly friendly to our cause, if they're not actually one of us.

Currently it seems organized zoophile rights activism is dead silent, but there might be another wave of it soon. Even if you don't feel animals are your thing, it might be something for all of you to keep an eye on.

15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I had the understanding that sex workers are extremely against peadosexuals, since many early XX century feminists helped implement AOC laws to help boost prostitution, since sex workers were losing clients that simple were having a loving relationship with girls between the age of 10 and 16.



You're talking about the distant past, though. Nowadays, if someone is having sex with an animal and it becomes public, they WILL be going to jail. I don't know about the laws in other countries on the matter, but in some US states just the pornography is illegal. It's not going to get you imprisoned as long as CP, but if the people in charge have their way, it damn well will soon. Laws against all kinda of "deviant" sex have been getting worse for everyone over the last decade. They gave gays the right to marry, yet vigilante crimes are increasing all over the world; and many non-Western countries that previously didn't give a fuck are bringing the hammer down on them in response to the "degeneracy". This all tends to get ignored because of some liberal pundits and a couple gays on TV.

Make no mistake; this is a very, very bad time to be anything other than normal.



>since sex workers were losing clients that simple were having a loving relationship with girls between the age of 10 and 16

citation fucking needed fam



You need a citation telling you older women are jealous of girls in their prime? Or to be more accurate in this case: jealous of girls who have no stds or saggy body parts?



>sex workers were losing clients to younger sex workers between the age of 10 and 16.


File: 1426015624682.gif (1.05 KB, 150x31, 150:31, Colorclimax_1.gif)


I'll make this story as short as I can. My English is not the best so it'll be a bit long probably.
My dad is old and a weirdo, and has been involved with publishing all his life to this day. He's sort of a hippie and his whole worldview is something like "people should be able to do whatever they want with no government involvement, and morals don't really exist beyond agreement because the only immoral things are the things you do to others when they don't want said things being done to them"
I guess he'd call himself a libertarian if he cared about labels.
I visited him last year. We don't even live in the same continent any more so we don't see each other often. My old house is like a museum. Tons and tons of books and magazines, photographs, letters and all that, carefully archived by decade and theme and language.

I discovered he worked for companies that published legal CP back in the day. We were talking and he told me things I never imagined, such as the fact that most porno mags (that were not classy and huge and socially accepted such as Play Boy) were basically the same company. The same people went from one publishing house to the next for freelance work, so everybody knew everybody else.
He never had involvement with film so he has no 8mm reels, but he has (or claims to have) every single issue of every magazine that specialized in legal CP, every issue that was finished but never published, every issue that was unfinished, most of the photos that didn't make the cut, and all the photos that were sent by readers.
A few things I would have never guessed:

- Most of the pics readers sent were unusable. Most were candids of themselves nude, because they just took them from their mother's album. Candid pics with nothing interesting about them.
- Even though mags specializing in boys were requested by readers, they didn't have enough interested parents (without the parents, the photo sessions simply couldn't happen) so most of the boys they got they had to pair with LGs or women.
- Most of the letters the readers used to communicate with each other were scams and were not printed.
- A sort of club of parents that have sex with their kids emerged because of the magazines.

About that last point, he said it worked like this: parents took their daughters to the studios and either fucked them or had some member of the crew fuck them (or touch them, whatever). Most sessions that were published asPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
151 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I know, but hope is the last thing you lose.

>8chan became really hostile to pedo

When and why happend that? I've been out for a long time.



Well, lets start way back:

A guy named Josh was paid lots of money to rewrite the board software. Migration started while the software was in beta, then IP addresses leaked and he said that only pedos would care about that.

Then recently, Jim, the guy who bought the site, recently took over the top admin job and started giving /16 bans to pedo board users. This one escaped notice because it's a wasteland, but most others got nuked completely. He reinterpreted DOST to basically mean almost everything that might possibly make a pedo DAWWW is porn and put his son in charge of enforcing that. He openly states that he doesn't like pedos, and personally ordered the daily pedo thread on /b/ banned, even when no images were posted. Rumors have it that access logs are being kept for much longer than was stated.

The /hebe/ admin made a new site at https://librechan.net/ where many have migrated. Many more pedos are once again scattered across the internet. Who knows what will happen.



this stuff was interesting. you can't really get to know this kind of stuff without getting sucked in some vicious enviroment i personally have zero interest getting into, or without becoming an fbi agent.

wondering if op still lurks this derelict board. probably not.

not harm in trying though.






cool story, bro

can you tell it again?

File: 1ddd7229fa2f831⋯.jpg (67.54 KB, 1300x882, 650:441, loliresearch.jpg)


Children are sexual beings.

Yates, A. (2004). "Biologic perspective on early erotic development," Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 13(3), 479-496.

"Eighty-five percent of young university women recalled erotic games and 44% recalled erotic games that involved boys [79]. Most remembered feeling sexually aroused or excited at the time. Most of the play involved exposing or touching the genitals. Insertion of objects in the vagina and oral contact was distinctly unusual. Other studies confirmed that most young adult students recalled early sex play that they viewed in a positive light as pleasurable and exciting [40, 80 and 81]."

Giorgi, Giorgio, and Siccardi, Marco (1996). "Ultrasonographic observation of a female fetus' sexual behavior in utero," American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 175, 3(1, part 1), 753.

"We recently observed a female fetus at 32 weeks' gestation touching the vulva with the fingers of the right hand. The caressing movements were centered primarily on the region of the clitoris. Movements stopped after 30 to 40 seconds and started again after a few minutes. Furthermore, these slight touches were repeated and were associated with short, rapid movements of pelvis and legs. After another break, in addition to this behavior, the fetus contracted the muscles of the trunk and limbs, and then clonicotonic movements of the whole body followed. Finally, she relaxed and rested.

We observed this behavior for about 20 minutes. The mother was an active and interested witness, conversing with observers about her child's experience.

Evidence of male fetuses' excitement reflex in utero, such as erection or ″masturbation” movements, has been previously reported.

The current observation seems to show not only that the excitement reflex can be evoked in female fetuses at the third trimester of gestation but also that the orgasmic reflex can be elicited during intrauterine life. This would agree with the physiologic features of female sexuality: The female sexual response is separate from reproductive functions and doesn't need a full sexual maturity to be explicit."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
108 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Can you post them here or in a new thread?


From both a clinical and an actuarial statistical perspective, an early retrospective study conducted at a Federal Civil Commitment Facility in Butner, North Carolina, inferred an association between accessing child pornography and hands-on sexual offending.3 That study has been criticized regarding its methodology and lack of scientific rigor.4 More recent prospective data have questioned the contention that there is a correlation between accessing child pornography and hands-on offending.5 For example, one such study found that less than one percent of 231 men who had viewed child pornography (but with no evidence of a prior hands-on sexual offense) had gone on to commit a hands-on sexual offense.6 From a purely statistical standpoint (all else being equal) individuals with no history of a hands-on sexual offense against a child, but who have accessed child pornography, are at low risk as a group of committing a hands-on sexual offense in the future.5


Pornography continues to be a contentious matter with those on the one side arguing it detrimental to society while others argue it is pleasurable to many and a feature of free speech. The advent of the Internet with the ready availability of sexually explicit materials thereon particularly has seemed to raise questions of its influence. Following the effects of a new law in the Czech Republic that allowed pornography to a society previously having forbidden it allowed us to monitor the change in sex related crime that followed the change. As found in all other countries in which the phenomenon has been studied, rape and other sex crimes did not increase. Of particular note is that this country, like Denmark and Japan, had a prolonged interval during which possession of child pornography was not illegal and, like those other countries, showed a significant decrease in the incidence of child sex abuse.


The most dramatic decrease in sex crimes was seen when Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wonder how much work it would take to compile some of this information into a informative video, then post it on sites like youtube to see what happened when it is just a block of facts that when taken together just happen to form a pro-pedo message.


Some psychologists have suggested that pedophilia is caused by childhood abuse. Empirical support for this hypothesis is thin and plagued by methodological issues.

Freund, Kurt; Watson, R.; and Dickey, R. (1990). "Does sexual abuse in childhood cause pedophilia: an exploratory study," Archives of Sexual Behavior, 19(6), 557-568.

"The first however, to investigate the reliability of these offenders retrospective reports was Hindman (1988). This therapist compared paroled male adult sexual offenders against children in two periods: In the first (1980-1982) she interviewed 40 patients and in the second (1982-1988) she saw 129. The second period differed from the first in that the patients were told that they would have to submit to a polygraph test and that if their self-reports were contradicted they would be returned to jail. In the first period, during which patients were not threatened with polygraph testing, 67% indicated that they had been molested when children. In the second period, however, only 29% of the offenders indicated that they were abused as children. Hindman’s results imply that in a therapeutic climate where professionals tend to subscribe to the theory that pedophilia is caused by earlier sexual abuse of the offender himself, some offenders could fabricate such an event as an excuse for their erotic attraction to children. […]

A second question addressed by this study, and which had been investigated only by the Hindman (1988) study, was whether positive reports about sexual abuse in childhood sufficiently reflect true events. […] The results of the present study are in agreement with those of Hindman, in that they demonstrate that the empirical basis of the molestation theory of pedophilia is unreliable."

McMillan, Dean; Hastings, Richard P.; Salter, Daniel C.; and Skuse, David H. (2007). "Developmental Risk Factor Research and Sexual Offending against Children: A Review of Some Methodological Issues," Archives of Sexual Behavior, 37(6), 877-890.

"Any observed association between a risk factor and sexual perpetration may be a result of the fabrication of an experience rather than the actual experiePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cannon, Mary (2001). "Invited commentaries on: Cycle of child sexual abuse: links between being a victim and becoming a perpetrator," The British Journal of Psychiatry, 179, 495-496.

"The use of self-reports of childhood sexual abuse from individuals who are, themselves, child abusers is bound to raise questions about the reliability of these data. Reporting sexual victimisation in childhood may be an attempt on the part of the perpetrators to explain their abusive behaviour and elicit sympathy from the therapist. Glasser et al used information in social service, probation and medical reports to complement self-report data for the assessment of perpetrator status but it is not clear whether this was also done for victim status. Recall bias is usually thought of as an unconscious action, a form of ‘search after meaning’ rather than deliberate lying or fabrication, but all these processes will lead to biased associations. Additionally, a form of interviewer bias may have operated if the therapists subscribed to the idea of a cycle of child sexual abuse and were more likely to enquire about such childhood experiences during assessment of perpetrators. […]

Widom & Ames (1994) used a prospective cohort design to assess the criminal consequences of childhood sexual abuse. Official criminal records were traced for a large sample (n=908) of children with a validated history of sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, and a control group matched for age, gender, race and family socio-economic status. The authors found no evidence for a cycle of sexual abuse as proposed by Glasser et al. Rather, they found that all three of the abuse groups (sexual, physical and neglect) were significantly more likely to be arrested for a sexual offence (including prostitution) than were the controls. In fact, although children who had been sexually abused were significantly more likely than controls to have an adult arrest for prostitution, they were not significantly more likely than controls to have adult arrests for other sex crimes."

Garland, R.J., Dougher M.J. (1990). "The Abused/Abuser Hypothesis of Child Sexual Abuse: A Critical Review of Theory and Research," in Feierman, J. (ed.), Pedophilia: Biosocial Dimensions, 489-509.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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