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The hospitals of New Hampshire are responsible for the sole called "opioid epidemic". They receive shipments of heroine and fentanyl from the military and selling it illegally to street dealers in order to fund secret underground projects such as the SSP(Secret Space Program) and ICC. The heroine and fentanyl come straight from China via boat to Alaskan U.S military bases. From there they are shipped across Canada to the north New Hampshire border. Military personnel are allowed easily across the Canadian border and are not stopped or questioned from Canadian police because they are marked military vehicles. The Canadian/U.S border is not heavily watched or protected as well making the shipments smooth and easy. From there, they proceed to northern New Hampshire military bases such as the one in Littleton, NH. At the base, the drugs are loaded into inconspicuous trucks and then shipped to hospitals such as Dartmouth Hitchcock, Nashua, NH or Cottage Hospital in Woodsville, NH. These sleezeball hospitals are fronts for the illegal drugs trade and are filled with malpractice in order to get extra money from the government via unpaid, uncalled for, ridiculously unnecessary hospital bills. They will intentionally make you sick to get all the money they can from you. Aside from that, they sell the drugs to dealers in order to get the drugs out on the street and into the arms of the sheep, revolutionaries that would present a problem to the deep states control. Since the state and local police are in on this scheme; the street dealer, after being sold the drugs, is carefully watched along with every deal they make. When the time is right, they are caught and snatched up by the police and sent to federal prison where they will live out the rest of their days, and where no one will listen to their story of how the government and hospitals played them like a god damn fiddle. The drugs are seized and ready to be sold out to the highest bidder yet again.

Saint Germain


the FBI is in on this.


Post proof below



Arizona resident so my brain might be a bit dehydrated….But isn't Chinese fentanyl is usually shipped to Mexico and then up through the southern US boarder typically via cartels - I ask for any proof that even 10% of the fentanyl supply comes through Canada. This feels more like a disgruntled worker post to me - but I'm always down to be proven wrong.

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