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File: 5a1dea571c91150⋯.png (250.33 KB, 610x275, 122:55, 606dd4ffbc2cd15065fbd0e58b….png)


Need another one. The old one says it's reached its 750 post limit. So,

"Looking for General. 'We don't know it's paid content if you don't mention it' edition.

Post here your requests for sources, images, and other things you're looking for."

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File: 0dc8c6f22cbab2b⋯.jpg (136.44 KB, 894x894, 1:1, AngryMouseNoises.jpg)


1. This board is for vore and vore discussions.

-Anything vore, vore related, or could result in a discussion including vore themes is a go.

2. Requests go in the request general

Look for a request thread in the catalog, don't keep making new ones. Begging for paid work is a clear NOPE, paywalled content may be deleted.

3. Hard Vore, Scat and other trigger fetishes must be posted with spoilers

Within their thread general post freely, others can learn to hide threads.

4. Post on topic

-Meme reaction pics do not belong in image threads. Pepe is the killer of boners.

5. No real life vore! AT ALL.

I was notified that it's aganst the law, and thus against 8chan policy to host, so I'm more than happy to nuke it. Post it, eat a ban.

6. No Trolling

This board is for porn and discussion, not to humor individuals who only come out of the wordwork to create drama.

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Post last edited at


File: a6885e6a2f9b83b⋯.jpg (145.64 KB, 542x767, 542:767, 1525378399851.jpg)


So…on Aryion.com A guy known as Sakao commissioned a lot of vore. I don't know what happened, but they terminated the account for some reason. Anyone have any of his art?



Don't have any myself but I know he mostly had snake and plant vore, so if you check the relevant threads I'm sure you'll find a lot of stuff from his account.

File: 1456116856702.gif (293.11 KB, 320x240, 4:3, generated_15076797.gif)


does anyone have this video or any by her


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perfect! thanks



No problem :)




I mean for >>31938



It's private, can't view it :(

File: 76a3d779e9a1e82⋯.jpg (198.44 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1374198764822.jpg)


List the following:



>Sexual orientation

>Whether you are pred/prey/Observer or some combo of the two.

>Preferred types of vore (ie. Soft Vore, Hard Vore, GTS, SameSize, Unbirth, extra).

I'll start:





Softvore, GTS, Samesize, Soulvore, Mass Vore, Digestion

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This. That picture is the cutest I've ever seen.


File: 9412ac96c001eda⋯.gif (196.21 KB, 1818x934, 909:467, 1557612739602.gif)

Based on this chart there should be many females into this stuff. Maybe they are posting elsewhere.



are you real







probably bi (it's complicated)


Prey literally all the time expect once. Preferably up-close observer if I get to follow.

>vore subpreferences

consensual vore, dubcon vore, soft vore, size difference, semi-samesize, soft digestion, endo, absorption in oral vore, drool, mouth- and tongueplay



Where the hell did you even get this chart?

Also most females I'v seen are usually on instagram, not posting on whateverthefuckChan

File: 09d6236932920fd⋯.jpg (200.71 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 345737867729762.jpg)


For anyone who wants to make some drawing requests, and those nice enough to fulfill them.

Old thread https://8ch.net/vore/res/11131.html

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File: 82494e244fa8420⋯.png (847.07 KB, 1113x633, 371:211, 2019-05-16 (1).png)

Requesting Daisy or Jasmine mass voring everybody art the party from bittersweat candy bowl


File: c8ea4527d53c17a⋯.jpg (170.5 KB, 1303x2048, 1303:2048, D2Tu_ePUcAAAcV9.jpg)

File: 3597be21e3149ac⋯.jpg (188.38 KB, 1200x840, 10:7, Di7I_KmXgAA41eT.jpg)

If anyone is up for it, i'm interested in a picture of this character wither feasting on micros or relaxing with someone in her.


File: a05dc3579a6e97e⋯.png (11.22 KB, 390x390, 1:1, Clan_Master_Sherry_(young)….png)

File: eda21a88e30cfbe⋯.png (632.67 KB, 578x818, 289:409, Tanya_degurechaff_youjo_se….png)

File: 5de27d72ba378bd⋯.jpg (137.74 KB, 1000x1566, 500:783, pXaLti3.jpg)

File: 6c3d7a5d019204c⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1507x1870, 137:170, 96339b5ec20393cace282d3fdc….png)

File: 100c5af5259d940⋯.jpg (874.01 KB, 1920x2400, 4:5, azoura-lana-fanart.jpg)

Here are a few characters that would be nice to see used in vore more often.


File: 6adc3ec3884d669⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1000x1190, 100:119, 6adc3ec3884d669b4b4332a9ad….png)

I can't believe there's no vore of the zombie dragon yet. How about a picture of her with a big, gurgling belly, with your choice of prey in her. Bonus points for some panels of the zombie dragon girl first dominating her prey before eating it.



Seconding this, she seems like a great maco-/micro pred.

File: 9c6df20d12d8677⋯.png (1.32 MB, 5075x4500, 203:180, ECFK4Fa.png)


Anonymous writefag from Eka's here to ask a question: what is it with non-fatal people?

Now, I'm sure this doesn't account for everyone, and I'm not bashing on non-fatal in general (I've written a little bit, myself), but I've written a lot of depraved, cruel fatal stories in my time, and it seems they always pop up from the woodwork with the same ol' comments. "I wish she got out somehow", "Did she have to die at the end?", "Could you do a version where the pred feels bad and lets her out?" I've gotten walls of text complaining about how my stories are too dark and mean, and I've had people straight-up invent non-fatal "alternate endings" for some of my shit in the comments or in PMs.

At first, I thought it was just me, but then I poked around and saw the same shit on other fatal works. People asking them to do more willing/non-fatal, asking on ambiguous endings if they got out, etc. Iunno, it's a little weird. Is this just an Eka's thing? Is there an equal and opposite "man, this'd be better if that bitch fucking diiiied" on non-fatal works that I'm missing? I'm just curious more than anything because it's bugging the shit out of me.

42 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Gore beyond some "red patches" or meltiness is pretty rare, and I hardly think of bare bones as gore.

Not sure if I'm the only one who is almost completely unphased by the visuals of gore. There's nothing bad about that.

It's the implications of pain, sadism and mutilation applied to a character in a narrative that make me feel like shit about it when I try to enjoy that kinda stuff instead. I get that a ton of vore is obviously "not for me", just pointing out why some people might seem so sensitive over it.



>I felt really weird the next couple days.

Meanwhile I thought I was the only one fucked up enough to be phased by fiction of fictious beings eating fictious beings occasionally really strongly to similar effect as this.

Especially reading stories can easily do this - not so much with pics or videos.




Note comments on last couple of pages.




i don't write for anything other than my own pleasure, and i dont share my stories with anyone other than my trusted veracrypt drive, so i dont do much in the way of reading other people's stories. but i can report on myself.

i usually like both willing and unwilling. i just love seeing one person (a girl usually) inside another girl's belly. same-size, oral, all that. it's sexy af. usually the struggle is nicer to watch, but it depends on my mood, because i think they elicit different emotions and they can both be appropriate depending on how lovey-dovey im feeling. sometimes we want a dirty romp in the hay, and sometimes we want to make love.

but theres some people who seem to be able to get off on digestion. whenever i have an extended fantasy or story, i never describe or think about the digestion. the prey maybe just disappears over time but i'm not gonna detail how it happens. maybe the pred will talk later about "ooh, yes, <prey> was delicious…" and i will certainly know the prey was digested, but i dont care how it happened.

i just dont like thinking about death, and i dont find it sexy. i keep it out of the picture but i dont let that hindrance disrupt my fantasies.



It's about how much information you're being presented with and how it's made to be interpreted. Seeing a comic of a girl getting digested while crying and begging and saying they don't want to die is less impactful than a STORY about it because a simple comic–or even video–can't really describe what they prey is feeling, what their thoughts are, who they are.

Contrast this with Saving Private Ryan. I'm pretty sure that a book written specifically off of the movie itself (exact dialogue and order of events, etc.) couldn't have the same almost-disturbing impact that the raw movie can have. It's a curious thing, how the medium affects the viewer.

File: 075577eefd9a4f4⋯.jpg (883.28 KB, 2484x1800, 69:50, IMG_9099.JPG)

File: 771d636ac2dd922⋯.jpg (602.5 KB, 2086x1400, 149:100, Karbo-371305-Pipril.jpg)

File: 8880ef8b136558f⋯.jpg (508.2 KB, 1107x1500, 369:500, Karbo-417753-CrisisMaw3.jpg)

File: 89dead521008b36⋯.jpg (784.84 KB, 1400x2457, 200:351, Karbo-464772-Felaryatour4C.jpg)


This thread is for discussion about the vore-oriented world Felarya, created by Karbo and contributed to by many fans.

Talk about lore and stories, discuss art, make art, write stories, argue over which character is best, whatever.

Useful Links:

Felarya Wiki (currently down or having issues): felarya.com

Felarya Forum (low activity): felarya.forumotion.com/

For art and updates, check out Karbo's DA and Eka's

To support him and his work subscribe to his patreon or buy his mangas, upon which the world was built and based, at karbo.e-junkie.com/


File: 4c69c2bfa18afa8⋯.jpg (327.37 KB, 513x622, 513:622, 4c69c2bfa18afa8b97c7883920….jpg)


What's everyone's best felarya fap fantasy? Here's mine

>find way to transport myself to felarya

>only way to get back to earth is to die in felarya, and respawn at home on earth

>find Crysis on my first day there

>she eats me before I even get a chance to talk to her

>the next day I'm back

>she's confused, I explain I must die to return home

>explain that when she eats me, I teleport back home when her stomach acid (or teeth) kills me

>she eats me again

>I start visiting everyday, we talk and become friends

>eventually our vore sessions take an erotic turn

>find a way to bring her back to earth, but when she comes to earth shes just a human and not a giant naga

>live a double life, bringing her hear to be my human gf, and occasionally going back to felarya with her so we can vore play

>also indulges in my diaper fetish when we're on earth

>it's a switch relationship: she's my vore dom on felarya, I'm her daddy dom on earth

>live happily ever after, have kids on earth, keep felarya our dirty little erotic secret

Fuck, I need to get out more often


Is there a discord to Felarya stuff? I figured there would be at least one



You had me all the way up until you mentioned diaper. I too have thought about living a double live across two dimension with Felarya girls.

My main Felarya fantasy is working as a delivery man. I'm immune to being digested entirely, and I work to deliver things to the giant girls, acting as a complimentary snack should they so choose.


File: 76f79cf1e5f2202⋯.jpg (863.51 KB, 3165x1200, 211:80, Karbo-355250-Voredayhell2.jpg)

I have started (but never finished) a fuckton of felarya-related stories. Process basically goes:

1. Get inspiration

2. Brainstorm ideas, events, characters

3. Start writing, usually just laying in bed writing in the notes app on my old af iPad

4. Write for maybe a few such sessions

5. Forget it or drop it and move on to something else

Here are some examples (and this will probably span multiple posts so bear with me. Autism incoming; this first one focuses on some of my cringier stories that infinge more upon character personalities and established reality.):

>Unusual Friendship:

A tomthumb who is of course, indigestible, meets and befriends a neko and they become friends. Not a whole lot done there.

>A Different Kind of Useful

Fairies looking for a final member for their """professional""" pixieball team grab a confused human who just appeared and co-opt him into it. Basically a sports story with minimal vore.

>Menyssan for President

(My longest story I've probably ever written, and the one I'm simultaneously most proud of and most embarrassed by) Yeah, remember Karbo's picture with the same name? I just took that and ran with it and basically made a (fairly cringey in retrospect) story about a girl named Jess who lived a very similar life to me and was basically a reflection of myself who was transported to felarya by dimensional shenanigans because why the fuck not. Crisis finds her and eats her, but because she had been in the shower before coming, she still had shampoo in her hair, which contained something the naga's stomach just DID NOT agree with. So she threw her up and basically had Vivian use her magic to reopen the rift and send her back. So la-di-da she goes on with her life until Menyssan hacks into the entire US tv system and does a broadcast basically saying "Yeah I know your country's pretty complicated and hard to run so I am gonna take over your government for a few years and see if I can manage it, just for fun."

So it turns out she chose to bring Crisis, Melany, and Vivian as advisors (really assistants). And, becauPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 660a839479ff2ad⋯.jpg (256.45 KB, 1305x850, 261:170, Karbo-311159-CrisisVivian.jpg)


After I got through that phase, I made a few characters and developed stories that would bring their arcs together. Since there's so many stories and some overlap I'll just go by character.

Susan Pochlier: College student who gets transported to the Pyrale mountains in southeastern felarya. Not a good time. She barely escapes the lava and violent geologic activity with her life and finds a convenient solar-powered motorboat along the shore.

From then on she pretty much just lives out on that boat in the ocean and befriends a giant mermaid named Kylie who helps her stay supplied and safe. She turns her motorboat into something a bit more sophisticated, with a small mast, some sails, a mini forecastle, and a shaded canopy in the back. Eventually, she mounts an 88mm tank gun as a general-purpose weapon on the bow, which she got from…

Edmund Senft: Brilliant young tank commander in the Wehrmacht on the eastern front. He was leading a column of Tigers and Panthers when the front one took a hit from a soviet ambush and they all got poofed onto some godforsaken island in the Topazial sea roughly a couple years after Susan's arrival. He and his men set up a settlement there and adjust to their new life. Senft meets Kylie, who introduces him to Susan, and he gives her the cannon from the destroyed tank from earlier.

Craig Derry: US Marine serving aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Sprague.The ship–wait for it, you'll never believe this–gets magically put into felarya (the Topazial sea, to be specific) and almost immediately it gets found by a couple of giant mermaids who eat everyone but him, as he narrowly escapes while they are distracted. He gets rescued by a piscivorous giant harpy who drops him off on land. He meets a giant naga who agrees to not eat him if he keeps her company, as well as a human-sized naga who's a no-fucks-given mafia boss type. When Susan and the Tankers go on an exploratory mission on the main continent they bump into him and strike up a relationship. Edmund, Craig, and Susan all have a number of merry adventures together travelling through felarya and through time and space.

Merna: A Sea Krait giant naga who's completely anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 51e0fdcfd674cad⋯.png (4.38 MB, 1333x1884, 1333:1884, Bookworm.png)

File: 07099535c192787⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 2.png)

File: 0d0a4f18ca1db36⋯.png (927.15 KB, 798x1150, 399:575, Hungry.png)


>Inb4 Implying

Vore morphs/manips that don't suck, that means no cringe text on pregnant women, no liquify tool

36 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I don't, started trying to improve on morphs not that long ago.

Also, i just copy the abdomen/belly, liquify it into a sphere-shape and refine from there with a soft brush and layer modes.





I hope you plan on doing more morphs.

Seriously you should get a gallery on DA or make a topic over on Eka's for your morphs, they're very good.



I do plan on doing more, unsure wether i'll post them elsewhere though.


File: 9ae6d79be6b86bb⋯.jpg (297.65 KB, 926x1144, 463:572, morph-8chan4-1.jpg)

File: 63be40bff1f14a4⋯.jpg (230.21 KB, 926x1144, 463:572, morph-8chan4-2.jpg)



Dark skin is hard


File: 055a8854031f168⋯.jpg (227.83 KB, 926x1144, 463:572, morph-8chan4-2.jpg)


Also i'm an idiot and forgot to add the water sheen onto it, god damn.

File: 4e6cddbd32f08f0⋯.jpg (307.85 KB, 1200x856, 150:107, 56ug.jpg)

File: 416ceff31c867c6⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1281x1058, 1281:1058, 56u.png)


anyone got any more of this artist korrams? I think they nuked their tumblr and galleries but they had such amazing vore stuff.

109 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Gonna hazard a guess the autist in this thread is mysticesoteria on FA. I remember you going mental on /trash/ about korrams after you brown nosed him to learn about art and then turned on him over dumb shit or whatever.

If so, everyone there called you a . I enjoy sucking cock. there and it seems everyone here also thinks the same. Take a fucking hint.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank you wordfilter.



He already stopped since weeks ago. No need to dig up drama again.



folks brought up on /trash/ again, more so wrote it up for anyone who manages to wander back into this clusterfuck since I saw no one else putting the sperg in the /trash/ thread for a way back and the sperg here as being the same.


is where the dude shills himself


is the thread where he admits he fucked up by scaring of korrams, and how someone in the thread keeps ragging on him like the posts made by mystic on /trash/ and like the screaming in here.

Any anons who dare stumble into this thread in the future, here's the truth behind who seemed to have made korrams bail on drawing.


images are getting deleted in here. can someone repost them?

File: 99276f213557f23⋯.png (578.32 KB, 1280x944, 80:59, 1556290727155.png)


Server 1 (vore) : byond://

Server 2 (citadel/boxstation) : byond://



3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ff250b49874d8cc⋯.png (14.88 KB, 513x261, 57:29, Untitled.png)


>hoes so mad they false-flag


File: 70d32079776f154⋯.png (375.98 KB, 1150x1050, 23:21, 1547700555.vitabscondiam_z….png)

File: 55b4f4c2ee661ea⋯.png (713.42 KB, 1250x1254, 625:627, 1551303215.verkele_stretch….png)

File: 67670d189ee7dcc⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1563x1150, 1563:1150, 1553026361.verkele_creak.png)

File: 74d87f72a3608ca⋯.png (955.79 KB, 1500x1314, 250:219, 1556295357562.png)

File: 67670d189ee7dcc⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1563x1150, 1563:1150, 1553026361.verkele_creak.png)


File: caa976ebf7696ec⋯.jpg (149.27 KB, 1280x984, 160:123, 1556297232144.jpg)


>use the same one twice



File: 2c4d06b216b2cc2⋯.png (620.52 KB, 1280x1118, 640:559, 1537943117.verkele_savgutt….png)

File: 24fd65b40bac71e⋯.png (378.45 KB, 938x617, 938:617, MianQ-482229-d4.5.png)


post all your same size mass vore pics here

31 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 704fde606b6b3d5⋯.png (6.33 MB, 2000x3091, 2000:3091, Tsavo-339391-Page3.png)

File: d7ad605273d6945⋯.png (4.65 MB, 2000x3091, 2000:3091, Tsavo-339392-Page4.png)

File: 831ba591b605352⋯.png (1.78 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, Tsavo-339393-Page5.png)


File: 7c30afa21a917db⋯.png (6.74 MB, 3700x3600, 37:36, Tsavo-374990-Amagi Inn Ful….png)

File: 0e5faa3e6d063aa⋯.png (3.43 MB, 3000x2377, 3000:2377, Tsavo-481562-Acerola Bon A….png)


File: 99c9eb8b48d8fe9⋯.jpg (402.09 KB, 1917x1362, 639:454, DeadStrategicCactus-528060….jpg)

File: 61dca82b11d1ab6⋯.jpg (305.8 KB, 1917x1317, 639:439, DeadStrategicCactus-528064….jpg)

File: c5d711a58df4975⋯.png (418.13 KB, 2218x1468, 1109:734, DeadStrategicCactus-528067….png)

File: 31a12e84725c46f⋯.png (398.53 KB, 2218x1467, 2218:1467, DeadStrategicCactus-528068….png)

File: 6545071ce3bdf92⋯.png (380.15 KB, 2218x1467, 2218:1467, DeadStrategicCactus-528069….png)


File: 2ccab08e28dca61⋯.png (386.01 KB, 2218x1468, 1109:734, DeadStrategicCactus-528070….png)

File: 3aa72d41d835966⋯.png (401.62 KB, 2219x1467, 2219:1467, DeadStrategicCactus-528072….png)

File: 9cc1c76b19fc4b8⋯.png (378.52 KB, 2218x1468, 1109:734, DeadStrategicCactus-528074….png)

File: 9fab8b2aef6ff9e⋯.png (406.71 KB, 2218x1468, 1109:734, DeadStrategicCactus-528075….png)


File: bdd2f026e528068⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1594x2421, 1594:2421, CMvoreroom-525369-page_1.jpg)

File: 37260f7ef2df8a9⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1594x2421, 1594:2421, CMvoreroom-525371-page_2.jpg)

File: 52264361067ca57⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1594x2421, 1594:2421, CMvoreroom-525373-page_3.jpg)

File: d6f975e9445cf71⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 2421x1594, 2421:1594, CMvoreroom-525374-page_4.jpg)

File: 6db6e58224b1c3e⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2421x1594, 2421:1594, Hozomat-525422-Meriel_page….jpg)

A second version of the fourth page was made, including both.

File: 1453142712848.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1200, 5:6, ah_1440970670388.swallowta….png)


Feel like sharing the comics with the rest of us?

84 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Why should Mega have to cater to idiots like you anyway?



wth are you talking about requiring an app. works on any modern browser just fine.

in any case why don't you suggest a good alternative for everyone rather than bitching…


I'm looking for the comic tumble & fall, someone has it?


anybody have cvd1



Why just 1? I'm sure someone here has both.

File: 699d0cc170c51d0⋯.png (690.69 KB, 800x836, 200:209, In the Grasp of a Gluttono….png)


Lets try and spark some conversation, and redo an old thread my fellow lurkers.

For the sake of time lets just say that vore is physically possible in our world. I'm going to list some questions, so feel free to leave a response and elaborate/expand on your ideal irl vore fantasy.

Would you be a predator, prey, or observer?(perhaps a hybrid of the three?)

What size differences would there be, if any?

Would vore be a common, socially acceptable thing, or taboo?

Would there be fatal or non-fatal digestion?

Would predators gain weight?

What would be your ideal predator?

What would be your ideal prey?

How many times would you, or a predator vore another individual(s) throughout the day/week/month, etc…

What would the predator's stomach be like? Large and spacious, or tight and cramped.

Those are just a few, so feel free to add more and go into detail on your preferences!

118 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Source for that pic?


File: 0161bd586cf0f49⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1544571730004.jpg)

I don't know how to greentext, so I'll seperate the questions by using asterisks.

*Would you be a predator, prey, or observer?(perhaps a hybrid of the three?)*

I would be observer, and sometimes pred. Never Prey. The most important Preds would be "The Matriarchs".MiniGiantesses(7 to 12 feet tall) whos' job it is to be judge, and executioner.

*What size differences would there be, if any?*

It'd be mostly samesize, as the matriarchs and their beaus would be the only ones capable of vore.

*Would vore be a common, socially acceptable thing, or taboo?*

It would be frowned upon at first, until the crime rate went to zero. Then people would fear the matriarchs and society would step into line.

*Would there be fatal or non-fatal digestion?*

Both. The beaus of the matriarchs could get vored and survive. And the matriarchs use their bodies as prisons.

*Would predators gain weight?*

The matriarchs could choose where the weight goes, or what the vored person turns into: in each container applies the content

*What would be your ideal predator?*

woman pictured. it would be only a certain type of woman that could become a matriarch. tall woman who'd let me fuck "criminals" into her. i would only fuck attractive women into her though. unless she forced me to fuck an ugly one…

*What would be your ideal prey?*

any attractive females. if they choose to jaywalk, bam, they get knocked down, clothes off, an orgasm ripped from them, then in their moment of weakness, down my throat or in my matriarchs body.

*How many times would you, or a predator vore another individual(s) throughout the day/week/month, etc…*

Enough to make people toe the line. A lot of people at first, to get the matriarchs used to being full and enlarging them. More peoplPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>pred or prey


>size difference

About a 3 to 1 ratio with me being a little shrunken and the pred being a mini gts or just same size, but with the pred still being significantly taller

>would vore be socially acceptable

It would be frowned upon, but a lot if women would still do it somewhat casually, for example it would be a pretty common form of punishment by mothers and teachers

>fatal or non fatal

Mostly non fatal with just a few exceptions. The pred could choise to keep the extra fat and choose to let their prey reform, get out or just pass through fully, but if the fat is burned off by exercise there would be nothing left to reform

>would the pred gain weight

Only a little padding on the breasts and hips, maybe a little on the belly. It would also depend on metabolism

>ideal prey

Someone young, possibly underage or just a university student at the oldest. Both willing and semi-unwilling/reluctant would be fine

>ideal pred

Definitely someone older than the prey, and either in a higher position or with authority, like a mother, teacher, big sister or just a milf in general. Can be either completely willing or completely unwilling and/or unaware

>how often would vore occur

Not too often, as it is frowned upon as I said, but some preds still want to eat someone at least once a week since the process is very pleasurable. Accidental vore would also occur

>what would the predators stomach be like

Kind of like a sauna, except it's quite tight, but still soft and comfortable. Some preds can flex their stomach to tease or crush the prey. Some can also control wether the digestion is painful or pleasurable




>Would you be a predator, prey, or observer?(perhaps a hybrid of the three?)

I would be prey most of the time. Except if I happen to find someone really cute who wants to get eaten, I might be unable to resist wanting to tease them at least a little, and if that proves effective, just keep going. Maybe until they're inside me.

>What size differences would there be, if any?

Between creatures of similar proportions there would have to be a ratio of 1.5 times bigger predator than prey for it to work safely and comfortably. Smaller is possible but risky and usually unpleasant or even painful. There would be a lot of variety in size but generally no memeber of society would be taller than 12 feet.

>Would vore be a common, socially acceptable thing, or taboo?

Vore would be considered a lot like sex, except usually way more "sfw". In general, people agree that it's ok between people.

>Would there be fatal or non-fatal digestion?

Murder would be frowned upon just the same as it usually was. But digestion wouldn't be exclusively murder at all. While vore without digestion would be most common overwhelmingly, it would be so simply for practical reasons, not because people tried to avoid it. In a society where eating someone (or just otherwise overpowering/harming) was easy thanks to size difference a "condom" for vore would be absolutely necessary. Therefore, predators use technology not unlike birth control to prevent them from murdering the people they eat, which they are going to do a bunch anyways thanks to their natural predatory urges. A little device planted soon after birth into most any citizens to allow virtually anyone live enjoying eating others/getting eaten by others.

When digestion did happen, it would take quite a while - first for the predator to even digest anyone in the first place, but also for the reformation to happen: just because it can be done doesn't mean digging someone out of someone else's fat is not complicated! That's why for practical reason it's not usually done, but pred & prey really into each other would greatly enjoy the whole ordeal. Getting digested wouldn't be entirely weightless thing.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 22babf2c20b0888⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 31493724@400-1557531759.jpg)


Anyone got any cheats for the Text Adventure vore games like 'The Hotel' or 'The Lab'?



for the basement its "showertime"

and for 3rd floor its "moreroomsmorefun"

You're welcome, happy digesting anon



how do you enter these cheats?



There's an object labeled 'Code Machine'. Click that and input a code.



Anyone know where to find the documents? The guide does not help at all.

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