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File: 23400c8e8f9fc0e⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 425x401, 425:401, spooky toaster.jpg)

19df77  No.87851[Reply]

This time we're playing Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, see the post below this for details.

The Weeaboo Spooky Toaster club is a /vg/ book club for discovering and discussing interesting vidya some of it good, and some of it bad, as long as it's got something worth discussing it's welcome to be submitted. If you want to suggest a game fill out the template and post it. After two weeks Before the end of the month, we'll vote on the next game.

Submission template, just fill it in and post in the thread: https://ghostbin.com/paste/dzpwd

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90281f  No.89367


When Jihad Johnny returns for the next fighting games tournament.

File: e0d5a1907ad2583⋯.jpg (345.95 KB, 813x834, 271:278, 70s.jpg)

c237ba  No.27332[Reply]


Kerbal Space Program

Multiplayer mod: https://d-mp.org/

Thread: >>741

Server: (Offline)

Team Fortress 2 Vintage

Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/team-fortress-2-vintage or see the thread for mirrors

Thread: >>27149

>Server 1 (Stock weapons only)

Name: Memehole


>Server 2 (Non-Stock weapons allowed)

Name: A TF2 Vintage server


Doom Server

Name: /v/ideo games

Location: chaika.lolis.me

Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!zdQlAYZD!Jrw3czLX4q30x85wG1qn4Dt6KvDz9oujLXEh8s9TvjM

Password: infinity

Wadserver (for manualfags not using the mega link above): http://ice.8v.allowed.org:1488/wads/

Thread: >>26924


Download Link: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: de127b21b9c04bc⋯.png (870.59 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2018-07-28_18.17.39.png)

1408b6  No.68985[Reply]

Server: videogames.69.mu

Pirated client: http://mineshafter.info/

Version: 1.12.2

No hunger edition. Since pirated clients are allowed, the server also has LoginSecurity so people can't use your name to steal your shit. There's also a plugin to fix player skins, type /skin followed by the name of a legit account to copy its skin.

/skin AdolfHitler /skin Chaika /skin benis /skin Chen /skin tomoko

No formal rules, just don't cheat and/or be a nigger.

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Post last edited at

e821f6  No.88519

is this still active at all? Is it the same map or did you guys move on? Any interesting new mods/plugins? I might come back later this week for a bit but i’ve been busy with normalfag things

t. wakota

415a9d  No.88520


>wakota the turboautist is back

5-6 people are still playing. Come back you magnificent faggot. And no, nothing has changed. Still the same good old map.

877280  No.88521


It picked up again all of a sudden and now there's a few people online for most of the day.

>Any interesting new mods/plugins

I think you missed /tomap but that's all


this, bls come back

415a9d  No.88936

File: 705b46c1f0cdc58⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, javaw_2018_10_17_15_08_11_….png)

File: 41cc0f8c1e79af0⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, javaw_2018_10_17_19_25_33_….png)


cf0d72  No.89469

File: 164bed71c0c4e0f⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, javaw_2018_10_20_13_11_20_….png)

File: 86031ad04aa6a64⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, javaw_2018_10_20_13_11_44_….png)

File: e0d7fb568363922⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, javaw_2018_10_20_13_11_54_….png)

File: 3883eac4b40a821⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, javaw_2018_10_20_13_12_59_….png)

>someone nigged sumfuk's mansion

>claims to be mike


place was infested with mobs. Killed them and placed some torches to prevent further spawning. Your locked chests are still intact so pls don't quit.

also, hostman stop being a lazy turbofaggot and give the guy land protection.

t. Erik

File: c3e69c8eacfb40a⋯.jpg (486.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Spooky Space Skeletons.jpg)

bcf26e  No.87395[Reply]

Just remember, space is the spookiest of places.

Now that is out the way time to wet your appetite for some space vidya.

I can humbly recommend for your pleasure a series of vintage free games; Oolite, Pioneer, or Vega Strike. If sir is in for something more autismal there is always Aurora 4x. Of course this does not restrict sir's menu and they are free to propose what would satiate their appetitie.

Handy Links:



Last Thread: >>64686

Would fags be interested in Pulsar Lost Colony if I uploaded it again?

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973ecd  No.89440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

lets hope this one doesn't turn out like the first game.

1b8170  No.89446


It looks like what The Mandate wanted to be but in real time.

973ecd  No.89447


it's not going to ever be like that because lol no ship boarding.

1b8170  No.89466


Man, that ship boarding shit really fucked over The Mandate. Put so much resources on something totally trivial and out of scope of their budget. What a shame.

973ecd  No.89468


even though AFF does it.

File: 74a752724b81519⋯.jpg (351.94 KB, 937x930, 937:930, vintage dated.jpg)

d85409  No.80579[Reply]

Reminder that you can literally fuck your enemies into submission on megamek. Also is it worth me uploading the Battlekek Autism pdfs?


Assault Tech 1:Battletech:


>Long dead remake of Mechwarrior 2 using a custom built up to date engine. Canned cause of PGI. There is however a playable build you can enjoy.

Blender Battletech:


>Game made by a solo autist using Blender. It can be surprisingly addicting and also perhaps the closest you will get to playing tabletop in first person.



>/k/omfy RTT where you command up to a company of Mechs and Remove Furfags. Have to use tactics and also heavy use of salvage to win.

Mechcommander 2 Omnimtech:


>Standalone game build off the source code of Mechcommander 2. Adds a fuckton of shit and campaigns.

Mechwarrior 4 Mercs - MekPak 3.1:


>MW4M with a fuckload of new content. Was originally hosted by Mektek and going to get a mega expansion till PGI cried "OY VEY! SHUT IT DOWN!" so now it is hard to come by. Got a decent branching campaign where you play as a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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d7671e  No.89342


I just want to be able to sell her out to the Taurians when they attack the Star League cache.

Just hand her over, point out that we where under orders and that she told us there were no civilians on the ship and either go freelance with all the stuff we can haul out of the cache or actively join the Taurians.

bc1c67  No.89380



Such a route would be too problematic and wrongthink even if it was in reality the right course of action.

Be like the pussys that get butthurt over Legionfags in Fallout New Vegas.


>Join Taurians

>Discover they were manipulated all along

>Trade Marysue Ship for Fortress Class Dropship

>Go Remove Aurigan

d85409  No.89407



Then I am surprised there is not a mod that restores said content unless there is one I am missing yet?

d7671e  No.89416

File: b860ef0dcfc73b6⋯.jpg (71.56 KB, 628x452, 157:113, New Syrtis will burn.jpg)


>Proceed to murder some feddie bastards when you run out of aurigans.

>Light New Sytris on fire for good meassure

e41255  No.89467


It's very early stages stuff, I think they dropped it early in the production as they figured the budget couldn't handle two campaigns. If later down the line, they make it so you can design your own long campaign, it'd be pretty cool of them.

File: 0fee7a93c2b64c1⋯.jpg (34.4 KB, 601x480, 601:480, 0fee7a93c2b64c1c02b0fe2ffd….jpg)

6c951a  No.88072[Reply]

not sure if this is where i'd go to ask about this, but i'm really getting confused when looking at different parts and prices and i need some advice

i recently got a new job and have some money i can throw on a new pc, since i've been using a laptop for the past 5 years that could hardly do anything amazing at the time, even less now

lets say my budget is around 600$, and then i'd just go for the cheapest peripherials that work

only goal right now is to run something like gta4 at 60 fps on whatever settings

and if possible i also want 4 cores, i've never felt like 2 is enough for my purposes

what do i need to achieve this?

22 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6c951a  No.88347


yeah, i was thinking i was just gonna get >>88140 and if i'm not satisfied with it, i'd buy a gpu next month

539fa1  No.88414

File: e202103a4415a6a⋯.png (435.12 KB, 819x975, 21:25, k chief engineer.png)

This thread makes me wonder why we don't have a /tech/priest thread up yet?

9afaab  No.88438


>Its still AMD so expect crap performance on Opengl.

Reminder that AMD's OpenGL performance is much better on Linux.

96f9e7  No.88522


has anyone made a benchmark for this? I wouldn't be surprised if its really the case but I would love to see it myself in emulators like Citra or PCSX2.

6c951a  No.89465

File: 044e7493559e537⋯.png (201.61 KB, 365x363, 365:363, 044e7493559e537ca6c4a380da….png)


well it finally arrived, connected everything, pc turns on but for some reason monitor keeps saying no signal

kill me

File: b0757b5f59e1f23⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

File: 2729b68093a0233⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, unknown.png)

File: d7509276585a256⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, unknown (2).png)

32ecbc  No.89462[Reply]

Hey /vg/ it's Bane Sauce I'm hosting a Garry's Mod DarkRP server if any of you guys are interested in playing.

I changed it up, however, now making it more focused on space build/sandbox, so if you want to build a spaceship, fly it to another planet nearby, build a comfy space base, fight some antlions, whatever, you can do that.

Here's the collection so you don't miss any of the addons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541060028

And here's the IP:

Also, I am personally hosting this from my PC, unlike last time, so the player count is a bit lower, but I also don't expect this to be as big as the previous servers.

975549  No.89463


55ad81  No.89464

File: fe71cbd74eb3656⋯.jpg (54.35 KB, 496x369, 496:369, That Outer Space Feel.jpg)

I'm not in any of the pictures.

File: 0fb516b33cb3210⋯.jpg (172.55 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 15378115958980.jpg)

92a064  No.89012[Reply]

Be careful S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s, you may find the Zone so comfy you may never want to leave.

Quickstart Guide


Mods and Modding

>General Guide


>The Zone Manual: Every Mod You'll Ever Need for the True Ukrainian Experience


Game Repositories

>Game Repacks + Utilities


>Shadow of Chernobyl


>Clear Sky


>Call of Pripyat


>Call of Chernobyl


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

69 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c4542a  No.89432

Well whatever you fags. I've been playing SoC with a controller. I used the shader mod, makes a big difference in performance on my shitty robot. I didn't install the bug fix mod though because I can't work out how to without changing gameplay, does anyone have a guide or step by step instructions for it?

FYI, game plays alright with a controller. I'm just past the first time I went to Garbage and the camp needed help repelling an attack. I failed the mission. Anyway, after that, like 3 more subsequent attacks happened during the night. Was pretty fun.

e68002  No.89433


Why the fuck would you subjective yourself to STALKER with a controller?

c4542a  No.89434


I explained earlier, that I find it more comfortable to play in bed, or somewhere soft. I haven't got room for a desk and a tower and monitor etc.

5ede97  No.89455


so I am assuming there is nothing like this and all mods are just glorified tweaks?

91ddad  No.89461



>I didn't install the bug fix mod


all stalker games are extremely buggy vanilla

>a guide or step by step instructions for it?

are you retarded?

almost all mods in stalker are simply dragging and dropping/merging folders onto your game directory. and 90% of the time, its either brutally obvious, or there is a readme file you were probably too stupid to read.

just be aware when installing many mods together that they need to be done in the correct order. for simply bugfix/shader mods this should be basically irrelevant

>game plays alright with a controller

it probably wont for long, especially once you get deeper into the zone, but whatever

>comfortable to play in bed, or somewhere soft.

youre gonna hate this game tbh

the absolute last thing you wanna feel while stalking™, is comfort.

any sense of comfort you have is sorely misplaced, except for when youre at rostok or the cordon.

also play on highest difficulty or youre a faggot and making things unironically harder on yourself in some respects


theres a lot of ways you can heavily dress up call of chernobyl. just be aware of mod order when loading em all in. theres also much more thorough mods that go on top of CoC, like call of misery, or dead air, that overhaul quite a lot about the game. and each one has things like ironman mode, azazel mode, survival mode, story mode etc, and you can combine these settings. itll take a little trial and error, but once you have a set of mods that works for youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 6e1978737005c55⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 6e1978737005c551d5d4935d7….webm)

f9e094  No.87323[Reply]

Spooky Necron Edition - Since Dark Crusade was a lot of fun.

The Usual Copypasta

http://annexconquer.com - Anime RTS that plays similar to Command and Conquer.

https://cncnet.org/ - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes

http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?board=210.0 - Mechcommander 2 Omnitech download, essentially a heavily modded Mechcommander 2 with a lot of campaigns.

http://www.massgate.org/ - World in Conflict MP fix

http://mechcommander.co.uk/ - Not only provides download links for the original Mechcommander but MP fixes as well

https://play0ad.com/ - 0 A.D., essentially an open sauce Age of Empires remake

https://springrts.com/ - Open Sauce RTS engine, used for a lot of free games similar to Total Annilihation/Supreme Commander

https://wz2100.net/ - Warzone 2100

https://mega.nz/#!qaA3jJpJ!3mGiYhnvsegqjU0bwPZeFjLIKD4lMLelzlD_w5MQK5g - An anon was kind enough to upload Swarm Assault for us.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ky9ad4pj07e84fo/world_in_conflict_retail_1.000_en.zip - World in Conflict full game download; follow instructions on massgate to get working.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

135 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fbfdea  No.89303


Rhodesia is already red though.

241e46  No.89338


I read that map wrong, best timeline. Except that Europe and Saffa fell.

a886cf  No.89381


Saffa was liberated and Nod clay by Tiberian Sun GDI took it over by Tiberium Wars though

e11888  No.89441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>made a sequel

ad5e17  No.89460

File: db7eb83ca810cfc⋯.jpeg (125.66 KB, 580x472, 145:118, heresy scale.jpeg)

File: f73703535d31ba2⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 530x526, 265:263, 6ce33993cd24fa4fd467ab4647….jpg)


>Starcraft 2 handled microtransaction well

>defending (((microtransaction))) in any shape and form


File: 277bf3beaf920ce⋯.jpg (75.12 KB, 600x777, 200:259, S U C C.jpg)

File: 42f8bbd9c851018⋯.jpg (416.75 KB, 1152x1920, 3:5, 1470422464321.jpg)

File: cb7b7b1f7d1cc4e⋯.jpg (175.27 KB, 562x1000, 281:500, WHY YOU LITTLE SHIT.jpg)

2a6e8b  No.86984[Reply]

Let's talk about:

Classic TES


Todd Scrolls

Lore Autism


Installing Skyrim buy my game again edition to try out the Bruma mod. Also any mod recommendation that actually make the world better or drastically change systems? Is there a dungeon overhaul mod that changes the layout, I searched a bit and only found enemy changes and a single overhaul of the Bleak Falls Borrow dungeon.

Also anons usual have some insider info on modding projects - anything you know of Tamriel Rebuilt and what the fuck is going on since I haven't heard shit about it in ages.

I'm also curious about the card game because when I saw the art it was down right gorgeous, how does it compare to other games of the type?

Also dumbner and dumb and Dagoth should have corprused their ass.

139 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

711030  No.89379


That looks like Todd Howard's ancestor.

2a6e8b  No.89402


>we could climb red mountain and shiiet

4f90d0  No.89438

I thought morrowind happened less because of prophecy and more because Azura was a salty fuck.

Or was it both?

Man I need to start playing this again, I have some files I was playing with and kinda dropped it again. I have a telvanni mage and some other asshole who I forget.

d814be  No.89445


This but it's actually what I intend to do.

f3798c  No.89459


Vehk clearly states that hitting the heart with the tools after striking it in the way he's laid out will not give you any powers whatsoever, it will simply disrupt all links to the heart which renders the Almsivi and Dagoth Ur weak and without a power source.


What the fuck is this bullshit quote, some kind of Jewish ploy?

File: dd3849a684f5543⋯.jpg (149.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, time to get comfy.jpg)

5933e2  No.81905[Reply]

There has been recent issues with the site causing some posts to "disappear" If you reply in a thread they will reappear.

If a thread has 404'd either report it so it can be fixed or use the public mod account

Username: Anyone

Password: 0

Same way you fix the disappearing posts, just post in the thread using the public mod and it should unfuck itself.

Points of note:

1) This thread is strictly focused on /vg/ meta discussion. This is not a dumping ground for your personal drama or other board discussion. Non-/vg/ meta will be deleted.

2) There's a few threads that host/hosted servers for games posted in the Server Sticky that might need updated. If anons find any server info that is out of date feel free to report it or post in the meta thread. Server Sticky: >>27332

3) Rules page has been updated significantly to clarify existing rules. While no means a final draft this is a good time to ask about any rule in particular that needs fixing.

Other than that if you have any points related to /vg/ ask away. As usual if you have any suggestions, gripes or feel like calling me a cunt for something I may have done wrong use this thread. If you think I might have missed an issue don't be afraid to keep posting about it till you get a response.

If you want to submit a banner go to this thread >>28505

Banner page: https://banners.8ch.net/list/vg

Board logs: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=vg

Rules Page: https://8ch.net/vPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

357 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

09850d  No.89442

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Soooo, what /tg/ like game are we hosting?

We wanted activity, no?

4e7408  No.89443


the fuck do you mean "/tg/-like" game.

7b7d00  No.89451


its consitant with its posts and numbers, but like

>>89442 said maybe we should try hosting shit.

There is a gamenight thread for planing things if fags are serious.

ebbfe6  No.89457

File: 6be033f6033adc8⋯.png (2.56 KB, 444x280, 111:70, 6be033f6033adc842101bc274c….png)


I don't care about circlejerk threads like that, I just want more people posting in the regular threads.

4e7408  No.89458

actually I know the reason. the whole site has alot less activity. so I'm assuming those cuckchan rapeugees left and the people who left to get away from them haven't come back yet.

File: 1411359312615.jpg (5.78 KB, 215x121, 215:121, image.jpg)

609eae  No.741[Reply]

Server IP:

Multiplayer Mod: https://d-mp.org/

Note: this is an old thread so we cleaned up a bunch of three year old posts about drama and edited the OP.

>Game site.


>Some useful calculators.





>Official (non-Reddit,) hugbox.


>Hotkeys for operating your penis that are never mentioned anywhere else.


>List of IRL launches.


>View from the ISS:


>BARIS – You will not go to space today, THE GAME.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
211 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

7de263  No.77527


>Red Shell

I feel like any dev that put that shit in their games should be taken out to a public square and flog to death with copies of ET.

0b704a  No.77619


What is the name of the other data mining software anon? Pray tell.

ceb304  No.86896


>6 months

37ee02  No.86902


There's a curator on Steam called Games That Hate You that lists games that have these and DRMs. Even if you don't use Steam, it's a great way to see which games to avoid like the plague.

ceb304  No.89456

File: 40ba87a61da4997⋯.webm (9.5 MB, 854x480, 427:240, kerbdeath1.webm)

Mini space station I was going to put around Minmus ran out of dV mid transfer burn, & then right before I managed to get a tanker out to it it got caught in Mun gravity and flung at Kerbin.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

90b2e5  No.87725[Reply]

Arma 3 Dedicated Server

Mediocre Oper8ors

Special Autism Detachment

Name: Mediocre Oper8ors

Arma/TS3 IP:

Domain: http://oper8ors.live/

Time: Sunday, 10AM AEST

TeamSpeak 3:

Steam Contact: Limmy42

Password: potato

Server Specs:

4 vCore(s) - 3.5 GHz



4 TB Traffic

100Mb/s Up and Down

Sydney, Australia Hosting Location

Want to know your ping times?

Open Command Prompt and type ‘ping oper8ors.live’ then hit enter.

Look for: ‘time=XXXms’. This is your ping time to the server.

Hopefully the formatting works correctly this time

35 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a049d7  No.89396


Something not RHS. NIArms has some good raifus but no sure how compatible it is with ACE. Or we could play some Unsung?

171bd1  No.89398



Some of the content is from OFP, but it's pretty damn solid overall. It's even got ANZAC in it as a faction complete with L1A1 rifles. The hueys are also GOAT for a mod.

97d0bf  No.89399


Italian or Spanish armies mods are surprisingly good with some unique gear that you won't see anywhere else. Since everyone is determined to play Arma 2 forever it would make a nice change from Burgers or Gopniks.



Shame Africkangz Conflict mod never got updated for ACE otherwise would recommend that.


I am up for some Sahrani. Maybe some Nogova as well.


I thought CUP had issues still compared to dedicated ports?


Unsung is neat and all but a lot of content needs work. In particular every gun seems to feel the same.

171bd1  No.89400


Even if Afrikang Conflict isn't ACE compatible, at least the map people typically run with it is pretty nice and can be used with other mods.


0bd84a  No.89454


Isla Duala looks really good, might add that as the mission next week (not this game, normal mods tomorrow). Keen to do some long range patrols on motorcycles and such fighting against an African Kangdom

File: 1bb4827ec01b6d0⋯.jpg (624.03 KB, 1400x1750, 4:5, dreamcastchart.jpg)

File: 083466c05ba55f8⋯.png (60.54 KB, 920x696, 115:87, DCast.png)

c2457e  No.49751[Reply]

Over here in the 6th Gen thread >>49548 someone brought up how this existing chart is pretty crap and had a list of other suggestions, I thought we might as well sit down and make a /vg/ specific chart since it won't take too long. If anyone has any other related charts we can use for inspiration post them by all means.

Before we jump into making it we'll need to decide a few things though:

1. Do we divide it up by genre? If not do we try and include a short description of the game?

2. Do we stick only to exclusives? If not do we mark exclusives out in some way? What about games that are better on another console?

3. Do we go purely by quality or also by 'essentials' i.e. big names? Do we maybe have a section for both?

I'll aim to probably start making it tomorrow night once we've had a chance to talk through all of these points. If this goes well fixing the RTS chart is on the agenda next. Also anyone know if the guy who was making the Dark Mod chart ended up here or is he still back on /v/? I've not seen him post in a while.

161 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f76f96  No.88487


He probably followed the wikihow link which was as simple as 1 2 3

643499  No.88785


>On another note, did anyone here manage to save much from isozone on the dreamcast side of things?

Didn't think to. Have you tried one of the alternative sites? Something like https://the-eye.eu/public/rom/

f86265  No.88789

>No mention of the Dreamcast port of SRW Alpha

it even had 3d models.

831a65  No.88876


Tell us more?

f6baea  No.89453


I managed to save a good chunk of the homebrew and I was wondering if anyone else found any more of it for archival purposes.



Literally all I do is run a vm and run the image burning software with a usb cd burner plugged in. Simple but took way longer than it should have to get that set up working

File: 9d7f98c0fda7b1b⋯.png (293.79 KB, 529x700, 529:700, time.png)

bd5a14  No.88393[Reply]

Continued to be outdated OP Edition

FAQ Pastebin:



Fed: Vidya Trek

KDF: House of Vid'ya

Custom Chat Channel: /v/ (Join and ask for a fleet invite)



Tips for New Players:



STO Wiki


PvP Guide


Build Planner, including a build searcher


Crit Calculator


Duty Officer Guide


What's new?

>Feds get another Tutorial faction based off the non-canon aids universe

>Feds get another OP ship thaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

65 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ec73fe  No.89315

File: 1179c80b9db8e2b⋯.png (36.34 KB, 322x171, 322:171, favored by the RNG gods.png)


>If no TFO available - it defaults to Azure, SB1 or RomMine

I think those are available to low-level players, and since they put the queues in the mission progression, but random isn't available until 50, that's where alts go to level and stockpile marks.


>increasing the rewards to make running the ques worthwhile?

they are when you get purple-quality or higher, but I keep getting white and green mark boxes and I've only had one purple or ultra-rare so far.

also being able to reliably get romulan, lukari and competitive marks is nice. also iconian and delta without going to kobali world.


>the big trouble with PUGs is that teamwork is basically nonexistent.

especially on normal. I accidentally went into an Infected Space once, and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. if someone (cough starfleet dental cough) had been intentionally fucking up, it still would'nt have been as retarded.

ec73fe  No.89363

fanfic time, etc.


>There was a soft hiss behind him. The doors to the observation deck slid open, filling the room with the artificial light of the hallway. Keero winced, and turned around. Standing in the doorway was a being, about six foot in height, his head buried in a PADD. He was wearing a uniform that Keero knew was the standard for Starfleet officers of this era. The blue stripe across the torso designated the newcomer as being part of the science branch. This science officer – a Lieutenant, by the number of pips on his collar – was not human, as many Starfleet officers were in his time. He was…

>No, that wasn’t right. Those forehead ridges…

>Keero froze.

they don't talk about it with outsiders, Keero.

4b26b6  No.89373



How do they manage to fuck it up on normal? Hell a single good player on Elite can do each cube.


>Starfleet Dental

Are they even still alive?


Sounds like the X-Com Snek Autists wrote that one?

a5d262  No.89450

File: a2016471836a869⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, stob.PNG)


I see one or two on rarely. They're about as ded as we are.

ec73fe  No.89452



probably because the devs/community managers who were either goons themselves or whose asses the goons were sucking are gone. (I think it was whoever had Kael's job before LaughingTrendy, but SD sent gift baskets full of candy and toothbrushes to pretty much everybody at Cryptic)

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