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File: e15566cc051352a⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1114x1600, 557:800, ClipboardImage.png)


For all your foreign coloring book needs.

The recommendation list got too long and too controversial, so until we work up something better, we're ditching it.

Old Thread >>399604


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I still think that's a reasonable assumption.

t. not-him



Curiously she is the only not bitch elf.


File: 635263afb14a1a2⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 372x539, 372:539, YWNhugthis.JPG)



human marcille is best marcille


File: 24b1e6162498faa⋯.png (668.47 KB, 700x1200, 7:12, born_to_die_world_is_a_sat….png)


its probably why she's happy to be anywhere but elfland.


Not elvish Senshi

File: 15460f22b045a52⋯.png (48.04 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Ace.png)


Any card game you can play with a single or multiple set of cards.

Poker, blackjack, 358, Piquet, Rummy and the list goes on and on.

Durak is one of my personal favorites. Basically you have to lose your own cards as fast as you can. Cheating is explicitly allowed and to some degree encouraged. Eating sunflower seeds, drinking Vodka and swearing is too.


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Is there a reprinting of the USSR maya deck that you know of? Those cards look cool as fuck.


File: 06b877d3d6dd36d⋯.jpg (321.07 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Scopa.jpg)

>Almost a week old now

>Still no Scopa





>Someone doing something similar


>if you light your cubans with Benjamins



Patrician taste anon.



You are missing out. It's a lot of fun trying to bullshit more experienced players and throwing insults around. It's best experienced drunk.


What the fuck is scopa?

File: ed4a23fbb47f914⋯.png (931.14 KB, 619x943, 619:943, Merry Sanguinala.png)


Happy Sanguinala to everybody, dear neckbeards. Or at least, it will be soon! In the name of the Adeptus Terra, I say that lets use this moment to be friendly between brothers, and lets just be comfy.

And to remember the great sacrifice that the great Sanguinius did in its famous last stand against the Arch-traitor, and so the great effort that their sons, the Blood Angels, do to prevent "Non-autorished accidents". So its important to make the population conscious of the grave problem that its the Red Thirts, and its consequences. And no, dear citizen, the Blood Angels doesnt have a "Black Rage" or worse thing, that Chaos propaganda, or just bad rumors by dumb people scared of them. To think otherwise is heresy, and it punishment is high!

Luckily, A new animated series starring the Blood Angels is being made now, so lets see if with this there will be more animated series & movies (That are good, and arent Ultramarine-Tier)

Lets start this new general thread!

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Who actually like that? it's shit even on its own, much worse as part of 40k



Not many people, according to the like/dislike ratio and the fact that comments are disabled (like the brains of current GW writers)


File: 32880645e09ad39⋯.png (1.25 MB, 713x819, 713:819, New Primaris Shadowspear U….png)

New ShadowSpear trailer have shown this. Maybe a new Primaris unit? It doesnt looks precisely bad, but for being a heavy weapons astarte, sure it have a tiny propulsor, that looks less than an imperial one, and more like a anime one. Also, the concept is solid, but why bother to put it to a devastator that should be deployed from a Drop pod, or a Thunderhawk already, so no need to give him agility? Propulsors work well on Assault & Inceptors suqads because they are melee squads in the first place, and fast skirmishers in the later. But to give it to a Big Devastator is not tha good, in my opinion, and breaks the Imperial Astartes doctrine.


File: 04ef7061832d0dd⋯.jpg (222.68 KB, 922x666, 461:333, warhammer adventures.jpg)


I did my part.


File: b9b87f9ae7ec88c⋯.jpg (81.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, NYToyFair-Feb15-CombatAren….jpg)

File: 38edabf6bcf454b⋯.jpg (93.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, NYToyFair-Feb15-CombatAren….jpg)


>Fast Devastators

Like every single Primaris unit, they will be over-specialized to the point that they're only viable in certain situations. While regular marines will be more flexable but not a master of anything.

They've also decided to re-release create a new game with some more random characters.



File: bfb4a965a7066db⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sHYmNuD.jpg)


Show your fellow annons how much you care by sahring some PDFs.

Las Thread:




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They are already selling some of the cards as PDFs on their site. All Invisible Sun material is coming to PDF, just not quickly.



Got a link?



Sorcerer, not Sorceror. Apologies.



The cards are sold as PRINT, not PDF (https www.montecookgames.com store product invisible-sun-spell-card-set/)

Only one of the 4 books from the cube is intended as PDF, as I said before, the one with character creation rules, along with one of the books released after the second Kickstarter, both intended for the players who will then leave the paper copies for the GM. And the backers from Invisible Sun don't have pdf for the books either (as I said I've seen it at a friend I had visited some time ago who did back it, so so uch for "I just wanted the 4 books from the game,...and those are available". No they aren't).

So WHEN you'll be able to show a link to the PDF version of the cards and the books in the MCG store, I'll be willing to consider your opinion, and then you could request them. Until then, please stop being a needy whiny.


Looking for

Fate Space Toolkit - Prototype Edition

Shadow of The Century

File: ddacb29d40f66f5⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1400x1800, 7:9, primer.png)


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>can be your commander



yes, and?



That line is always kind of cancerous.

At least make the other side legendary.



Also for shits and giggles, make the 6th symbol colorless, and the 7th symbol snow.


Anyone have any ideas about what new nephilim would look like? I'm hoping wizards is competent enough to put some in the next set.

File: afb138a3449340e⋯.jpg (250.1 KB, 1000x1483, 1000:1483, acute (2).jpg)


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Yeah, I honestly have no idea why people want them to visit the old classic places. They can't write or handle settings. They're fucking awful at it.




When we eventually come back to Kamigawa, I want an honest, sincere answer from that kike about why there are suddenly black people in Kamigawa, a plane themed around traditional Asian mythology. And none of this "THEY WERE ALWAYS THERE THEY JUST WERENT REPRESENTED :)" bullshit.


File: 53028453c5a325f⋯.png (269.5 KB, 959x558, 959:558, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit, I just brewed the most fun deck in standard

>Has Ral and Chemister's so it has plenty of steam to keep going

>Dumping Goblin Gathering with Ral only makes it stronger

>Can fucking copy it on turn 4-5

>Can cheat shit out early

>Pseudo lategame ramp where you can sacrifice all your goblin tokens for a huge Explosion

>Unblockable goblin tokens that just fucking multiply. Thanks Tetsuko and Legion Warboss!

>Oh and everything hits for 2-3 damage potentially, because of Cavalcades

Still have to test it, but my local meta has very few sweepers. This is going to crush them and farm me prizes for a few months, easy.



no anon the most fun deck is guildgates.dek



But I don't have the cards that enable it.

Gate Scapeshift when

File: 30bd1e87298d032⋯.jpg (418.91 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, clichea.jpg)


Looking for ideas or suggestions? Hoping for a bit of critique? Or to you just want to share a bit of fluff from your setting?

Welcome to the Worldbuilding General thread

For longer stories, please make liberal use of pastebin or similar sites to prevent walls of text

Maps also belong here, if you need feedback or advice.

390 posts and 138 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Show us what you have, there is a drawthread but drawings should be fine here aslong as it has to do with your world/worldbuilding.



It does I only started making the designs to go with a potential naval fleet game. the idea is most that they are capital ships of various renown mercenary groups within the setting. i will upload the info on the ships and the group that they belong to together then thanks.


File: 94a412297cb6ae6⋯.jpg (368.65 KB, 860x565, 172:113, The All-Father's Fury.jpg)

File: 6759c26d618ceab⋯.jpg (174.94 KB, 560x512, 35:32, New Bodhi Effigy.jpg)

Sorry it took so long had IRL stuff to finish up. first ship i"ll present now..

The All-Father's Fury

This is a Shrine Ship channeling the power of the God of War and Magic, Bodhi the All-Father. The ship belongs to a faction called the Feral Arbiters, the followers of Bodhi who can loosely be described as buddist vikings as in if their Buddha was a viking god. I also made a Mosaic of Bodhi's form. The Arms you see on the ship are the infinite hands of Bodhi carrying out his will subjugating a ship, punching sea creatures, throwing giant axes, moving the ship and blocking cannon fire.



Intredasting, what were you looking for feedback on?


File: bf1653c8a260201⋯.jpg (142 KB, 666x666, 1:1, Sea Manticore.jpg)


Anything, while I made quite a few designs and eventually would like to make a tabletop game with them right now all I have is the concepts and background details on factions. I do have a history of the setting I'm making enough to explain a timeline and recorded conflicts of interest ranging from single battles to ongoing wars. Should I give you guys the details of my setting and see if I wasted the last 6 months or what?

Here is a Sea-Manticore you guys! -KL

File: 92017305968d55c⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 500x328, 125:82, 20 in diplomacy.jpg)


This is how I diplomacy.

421 posts and 254 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f24795e2a3bdffa⋯.jpg (101.74 KB, 683x864, 683:864, Chad slinger needs no prop….jpg)


This is how I Halfling


File: 84acb9318b17f21⋯.jpg (15.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

This is how I Druid


File: 1aaa1dad37b97a8⋯.png (425.23 KB, 553x480, 553:480, 1547205792843.png)

This is how i Druid/cast Speak with Animals


File: bb49a1228ec601d⋯.jpg (18.44 KB, 324x300, 27:25, Still a better partner tha….jpg)

This is how I Adeptus Mechanicus


File: 8e52011a0097c83⋯.png (14.14 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Elf.png)

This is how I elf.

File: c1c4fb82602e9ef⋯.jpg (8.45 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 20180101.jpg)


Somehow I never got modern settings. I rather be lock-picking chests or mcgyvering a radar system. There's something mundane about modern campaigns that I can't get interested about.

May /tg/ help me enjoying playing a current day 007 analogue?

85 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0b7c649b98bb225⋯.jpg (779.14 KB, 1778x1000, 889:500, after the end tank.jpg)

File: cf53709e28fbdbf⋯.jpg (101.28 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Scrapper tank.jpg)



Isn't this literally the reason we all have at least 3 homebrew projects on the go at any one time? Might make more sense to have them driving a squadron of one man homemade AFVs rather than actual tanks though. It might sound a little too Mad Max, but it's what the tanks will turn into pretty swiftly (best case scenario) if they're doing their own repairs without the supply chain to produce and provide genuine parts. I'm assuming that you want it to be autistic enough that the party has to find specific components built to certain tolerances along with the right type of screw to repair their vehicle, right?


File: 32a7f2b7ba7c6e6⋯.jpg (624.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, s2.jpg)

File: 68c8c0cb617412a⋯.jpg (913.44 KB, 3520x3196, 880:799, s3.jpg)

Area88 or Ace Combat based campaign would be nice...


File: 0800150b171699f⋯.png (6.26 MB, 3509x2481, 3509:2481, blood_and_oil_regional_map….png)

File: 64d23977615e812⋯.jpg (625.62 KB, 3307x2339, 3307:2339, tarkavian_despoiler_by_jfl….jpg)

File: 0d0b20ca4584c5f⋯.jpg (226.55 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, growth_by_jflaxman-d8xw14v.jpg)

File: 01e2c6a2a198e8d⋯.jpg (365.57 KB, 1024x1447, 1024:1447, happy_easter_2017_by_jflax….jpg)

File: 837f02cb9c74098⋯.jpg (145.25 KB, 1024x1449, 1024:1449, the_littlest_neckbeard_by_….jpg)



This bloke has made a fascinating setting, mostly as a backdrop to his airplane wank. He otherwise seems to be a reasonably competent storyteller, who is quite adept at fleshing out his surrealist art.


> Somehow I never got modern settings. I rather be lock-picking chests or mcgyvering a radar system.

I'm confused now. What are you doing in modern settings if not lock-picking safes and mcgyvering radars?



>OK, Jim you've rolled up an ex Blackwater sniper

>Frank, you're playing a disgraced detective

>Bill, look if you want to have this professor start the game hooked on heroine then you can just saying it's a bad idea no matter how much you're going to enjoy it.

>And Carl .... ok for fucks sake you can play a ninja if you'll just fucking shut up about it!

>OK, so you all meet up in a bar on the rough side of town

>Your characters are playing D&D, roll to see how well your characters roll up their characters.

File: 17232cdf9734d08⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 265x370, 53:74, 20190113.jpg)

File: 2c911913cbe5998⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 265x370, 53:74, 20190120.jpg)


Azorius vs Simic vs Rakdos vs Orzhov vs Gruul

Official spoiler: https://magic.wizards.com/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/ravnica-allegiance-2018-12-17

289 posts and 175 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Magic Presents

>Gatewatch: Infinity Spark Wars


File: b820dfc1e29f233⋯.jpg (64.58 KB, 540x411, 180:137, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)



>War of the Spark is the most ambitious crossover event ever made by WotC


>See random YT videos where some collectors probably have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cards

>Flip $8,000 worth of cards like its no big deal

>Market is impossible to get into and Magic is a shaky investment at best

It's so tiresome



here's an idea, they'd never go for it though

there are no mythic planeswalkers in the set

instead, 1/3 of the rares are planeswalkers



Oversaturating the board with a bunch of planeswalkers then printing a bunch of planeswalker synergy would be hilariously terrible and I love it

File: 5b7d6b62eec89ef⋯.png (72.03 KB, 1860x2116, 465:529, ClipboardImage.png)


What is your experience with running an adventure for just one person, /tg/? My last group exploded in fire and drama carnage, and me and my friend aren't keen on repeating the experience and decided to simply stay on our own, while swithing roles between DM and player after every adventure.

15 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>(at least that's what she says).

She ain't loyal, anon.


File: 2c04fa056755389⋯.jpg (171.71 KB, 907x630, 907:630, pic355859.jpg)

>only 2 people

>every time busted out an rpg board game with a "quest" instead

>either PvP

>or PvE/co-op with applicable mechanics

Think it has to do with balance, both just talking, or in game play or encounter design.



Look at that mother fucking barbarian. Holy shit, he could impregnate a woman just by holding his axe in her general direction. His codpiece would be a shield for lesser men. He's like some kind of ludicrous caricature, but completely straight about it.



>Look at the muscularity!



That's a problem in and of itself. Too much arsenic, they'll find it in the autopsy. Too little arsenic, anon will have to draw out the poisoning process, it stays in her hair, and then they find it in the autopsy.

File: 25ef9bab2cfd005⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 236x328, 59:82, 1b8b46a6eb45e3210a2ff080b1….jpg)



You know the drill: Spread some cheer and kindness to your fellow elegan/tg/entlement, celebrate the end of the year, and enjoy a little vacation time.

483 posts and 135 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Interestingly enough, if the cuckchanner/redditor/twitter whore cross site poster who made a video he claimed was aimed at us, all he had to do was link it in the webm thread, and that woulda been that. No one woulda gotten up in arms over it. He might have been asked to webm to which he was already. The faggot who keeps acting like we're all doomed if we tell people to fuck off clearly has no clue how imageboards work. If you play by the general rules of the board culture, you'll get away with tons of shit. If you act like a faggot, you're gonna get called a faggot. If you think you can save /tg/, it only proves you need are the cancer and you need to quaff some bleach.

If you think you found an amazing new game that you want to start a new thread about, stop. Take your new thread blog, shave off all the gay faggotry you put there as a preamble to your fucking question, and shove the actual question in the QTDDTOT. If you get some good replies, consider making it a thread at that point. I can guarantee you that you're not the first anon to read X book, and I just about guarantee you your grasp of the material pales in comparison to many fags here. If you get no replies, it means that no one cares about it and you posting a thread about it isn't gonna change that. Instead we'll just shitpost you, and maybe you'll get >>410023



this faggot to defend your thread as being "A step forward towards saving our dying board", but he's a complete faggot, so whatever he says is obviously gonna be ignored by the rest of us.



You misunderstand. We don't need some faggot representing us on youtube or whatever - we don't need anything outside of this board. What we need is to be wary of stagnation, as that is one of the contributing factors to imageboard death. That doesn't mean we need to throw our assholes open to anybody who comes by, but we should at least keep in mind before things get so glacial that a dozen people post once a day.

Feel free to add any misinterpretations or leaps of logic ad you see fit.


File: 7ec2dde35196763⋯.png (56.64 KB, 761x761, 1:1, Oekaki.png)


Before all you fucking autists dive on this: this is a shitpost. The artist rendering is merely the issues expressed by faggot anon combined into one persona. I am in no way claiming this one particular anon is all of these things, but I'm also not claiming here that they're not.


File: 131a67e3032dbc5⋯.png (171.05 KB, 346x297, 346:297, 1455332678188.png)

I can't even tell who the fuck is baiting who with what kind of idiotic triple reverse psychology reacharound blackpill suppository shill nonsense.


File: 4832f27ad9587ac⋯.jpg (27.65 KB, 175x334, 175:334, clearly this whore must di….jpg)

File: aa46a8920a8dd65⋯.png (98.79 KB, 1879x396, 1879:396, waterfox_2019-01-13_03-34-….png)

File: b6d834079fa1265⋯.png (56.19 KB, 1861x478, 1861:478, waterfox_2019-01-13_03-34-….png)

File: 6dddac5204a9dae⋯.png (128.57 KB, 1879x512, 1879:512, waterfox_2019-01-13_03-35-….png)


>Want to get back into wargaming

>Find very few companies that aren't pozzed to shit

>Like the looks of Kings of War

>Go check out the forum on Dakka Dakka as everything else is on facebook

>See a topic on making armies more varied

>Entire thread devolves into faggotry because of a furry

BO Edit: Congrats, your thread has been chosen!

Old Thread >>390219


267 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at


What kind of socjus faggotry has WotC been up to lately? Is MtG still unplayable?



That would make for a pretty good Paranoia 2017 game.



hell, that'd make a good paranoia game at least pick a version with good mechanics anon



>Orzhov Ghost Council killed by strong black woman Kaya



>Paranoia 2017.

The one with the bajilion genders stuff ?

That was some bullshit, the computer would probably see them as human glitches and possible traitors.

File: 3820c61e872971d⋯.jpg (308.79 KB, 1280x753, 1280:753, 1518103534744.jpg)

File: cf8f8cacb272fda⋯.jpg (119.48 KB, 400x594, 200:297, 1518266508699.jpg)

File: e1e7b08e545a96e⋯.jpg (629.22 KB, 816x1632, 1:2, druid companion.jpg)

File: 5efef0726d77b6b⋯.jpg (329.35 KB, 842x595, 842:595, 1518269185169.jpg)


One cannot go through the week without some wholesomeness, can he?

71 posts and 62 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



It's so you can lure your players into a sense of comfortableness over multiple sessions, then throw Kuro at them and slowly start swapping out Ryuutama rules for Lovecraftian rules of your choosing.

Double points if the players built up a network of friends and family that now gets swallowed in the rising tide of madness.



Some people just like to run games like that. It's pretty much the "other" dragon where you can shove in any kind of sad or edgy shit you couldn't in the others.



File: 871bd49d88c299d⋯.jpg (464.47 KB, 1080x1187, 1080:1187, Screenshot_20190129-123218….jpg)

Comfy roundhouse cabin in winter.


File: 6ccc4ca6eec62e0⋯.jpg (832.65 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 6ccc4ca6eec62e058558d7aea1….jpg)

File: 1ca33b41dab18a0⋯.jpg (420.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1293050980964.jpg)

File: 02f10f76b2e48c6⋯.jpg (949.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1396582820178.jpg)

File: a9579de5fe6032d⋯.png (839.57 KB, 807x560, 807:560, Sororitas take a break.png)

There was an old drawing of some kids running around a ruined Titan. I'd like to see it again

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