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File: 83491877e8f45c1⋯.png (256.21 KB, 450x399, 150:133, TAD.png)


Welcome to /tech/ - ∞chan's technology board.

Please check the rules before you post:


Looking for hardware or software recommendations? Check out the InstallGentoo Wiki:


/tech/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.

/tech/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site. We have stickies for that. Keep those kinds of posts in there.

For tech support, software recommendations, and other questions that don't warrant their own thread, please use the '/tech/ Questions and Support' sticky.

For consumer advice, please use the consumer advice sticky located below.

For meta discussion, please go to >>>/metatech/.

For desktop threads, homescreen threads and ricing, please go to >>>/rice/.

For tech support/issues with computers:

https://startpage.com/ or https://ixquick.com (i.e., fucking Google it)



If you can't find what you're looking for and still need help, post in the tech questions sticky.

Looking to switch over to GNU/Linux? Don't know where to start?

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>>>/agdg/ - Amateur Game Development General

>>>/biz/ - Business and Finance (and cryptocurrencies)

>>>/cyber/ - Cyberpunk & Science Fiction

>>>/emacs/ - GNU Emacs

>>>/sci/ - Science and Mathematics

>>>/electronics/ - Electronics Engineering

>>>/laboratory/ - STEM Discussion and STEM Shitposting

>>>/hamradio/ - Amateur Radio

>>>/lv/ - Libre Video Games

>>>/make/ - Make stuff

>>>/netplus/ - Networks and Plus

>>>/prog/ - Programming

>>>/rice/ - Desktop and Phone Ricing

>>>/t/ - Torrents & Trackers

>>>/templeos/ - The 64-Bit Temple Operating System

>>>/vape/ - Vaporizers

>>>/vir/ - Virtual Reality

>>>/wg/ - Wallpapers General

Nerve Center combination: https://nerv.8ch.net/tech/agdg/biz/cyber/emacs/sci/electronics/laboratory/hamradio/lv/make/netplus/prog/rice/t/templeos/vape/vir/wg/

File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

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Is anyone still reading up on Terry? Has anyone heard any different?

File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

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You'll still get better speeds from a SSD, plus less heat. and I have the money to blow on it

File: 79f990242b4d6fb⋯.png (101.45 KB, 923x538, 923:538, screenshot1.png)


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Don't buy proprietary hardware, retard.



So, go live in a cave, basically.



You can't, God created caves, it's proprietary.



God created life.

Neck yourself, faggot.



All this coc-ery is a good recent example of why I could never take linux or most of its users seriously. They let their childish politics get in the way of simply delivering a good product...

File: 62e0cf5ed848a57⋯.jpg (37.25 KB, 475x356, 475:356, meanwhile-google-plus.jpg)



One, it was still around. Two, it had at least half a million users.

Anyway, it's officially dead now.

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What the fuck? They exposed private user data without being paid for it by a vested interest? How dare they!


File: e580d31080b9f5d⋯.jpg (71.16 KB, 712x537, 712:537, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

rate my google+opsec (if ever a paradox existed):

>ssh into college account (has thousands of people using same setup on limited IP addresses)

>Firefox 'private browsing' for privacy*

>create new account with fake name, fake DoB, unrelated password

>not tor - no phone needed

>used wrong mouse device

>add fake interests through searching and bio

how the fuck is google login the only popular site without captchas what the fuck?

only major fails I can think of are keyboard timing analysis, but through ssh may create an abnormal delay

>inb4 why

opsec is a fun hobby and google could be a challenging yet feasible adversary




>>forcing real names

my real name is Muhammed BigMcLargeHuge Smith



CINO here. Although calling myself Christian, I find no attraction to the competition between (((My fellow Christians))) in their lapping Isn'treal's feet. I like some stuffs from NT and I like white Christian celebrations (except the jewish part).



i am shocked

File: 8ab11162cad339a⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 401x367, 401:367, hold on, she doesnt even h….jpg)


What are some good sites that respect the client? (regardless of the quality of content on the site)


- Google captcha

- completely non-functional without JS

>crippling penalty:

- banning/captcha-walling Tor or VPN usage

- Cloudflare

- not e2e encrypted

>hard mode:


- aesthetically appealing

>beast mode:

- interactive forum with regular activity

- popular

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links to many non-botnet websites:



>it's funny how the cp sites have some of the best UI of all the web

pedos are kings, above normies and humanity


web is cancer.

what could be alternative?

open source shopping software - installed on PC would allow you to buy items from any online shop

open source forum software - installed on PC, would allow you to browse and post on forums like 8ch

open source news browser - installed on PC would allow to browse news sites, post comments

so each kind of website would have specific software installed on PC - but only one software per type of website, it would allow you to use and browse all websites of that type



>it's funny how the cp sites have some of the best UI of all the web

pics or it didn't happen If you're not baiting, just post a screenshot without the website name or CP in view. I don't want to see CP anyway.



>open source shopping software - installed on PC would allow you to buy items from any online shop

>open source forum software - installed on PC, would allow you to browse and post on forums like 8ch

>open source news browser - installed on PC would allow to browse news sites, post comments

>so each kind of website would have specific software installed on PC - but only one software per type of website, it would allow you to use and browse all websites of that type

Mobile apps already kind of do that. Unfortunately you're just going to end up with proprietary spyware. At least browsers can somewhat sandbox the website and don't track you as much as an installed program. (Not like it matters much when normalfags willingly enter all their personal information publicly.)



yeah so mobile apps only support their own product or service or whatever they're selling, with some shit proprietary protocol. also most mobile "apps" are just web pages emdedded in a browser. so it's like a normal web browser but worse because you can't do anything

a program embedded in a website has worse security/privacy/attack surface than you'd get with a properly isolated program (which android's shit security model is not)



someone linked to them but the post as deleted (and lol they left the link to a clearnet CP chan up). they're just your standard PHP forums, like PHPBB. unlike normalfag forums:

-you aren't IP blocked

-there's no pointless email address requirement to sign up

-your session is stored in the URL so you don't need cookies. you also don't need JS or referrer headers

-even when your session expires and you have to login to follow a link from a tab you had open for a day, you can fill in the login info and it will redirect you to the proper place. 99.999999999999999999999999% of normalfag websites fuck this up or only can do this with JS on or some other absurd shit

File: 93564f0485fd041⋯.png (5.62 KB, 494x85, 494:85, absolute_state_of_tech.png)





The GPLv2 is not a contract, it is a revocable license.

Here is a paper explaining what the GPL is and is not:


(With full citations).

(PDF attached)

Page 12 starts the relevant discussion.

Page 16 begins the explanation of all the ways the GPL is not a contract.

Later there is a short gloss of state law promissory estopple doctrines.

Remember: in the case of the linux kernel it, unlike other projects, omitted the "or any later version" codicil, and is only under version 2 of the GPL, which makes no promise of irrevocability by grantor.

(Note: The SFConservancy recently chose to publish a "correction" that conflates clauses, within version 2 of the GPL, [that clarify that if a licensee's license is revoked by operation of the license for a violation of the terms, that sub-licensees licenses are not-in-turn automatically revoked] - [with an inexistent irrevocability doctrine within the text of the GPLv2])

(Additionally: Clause 0 of GPLv2 specifically defines the "you" in said clauses as referring to the licensee (not the grantor); the SFConservancy's conflation is shown to be ever more disingenuous)

The Linux Kernel License grant:

Is Not: a contract. [No breach of contract damages vs grantor if rescinded]

Is: a bare license akin to a property license.

And: There is no "irrevocable by grantor" promise in v2. [No promissory estopple defense]

.: Can be rescinded at will.


Point is that Linux can be made proprietary, right?



>Clause 0 of GPLv2 specifically defines the "you" in said clauses as referring to the licensee (not the grantor)

This is the biggest part faggots always forget about. It's a license for the user not the copyright holder. The copyright holder does not have to do shit.



The GPL DOES have contract reciprocity. They grant ME the user the ability to modify the source code and distribute it, and I grant THEM liability from being sued.

File: 7c24b7279a4b406⋯.gif (2.51 KB, 201x342, 67:114, 7c24b7279a4b406facd933d87b….gif)


What are the best resources(s) for learning Objective C? Not a macfag, I want to write applications using GNUstep.


Swift > ObjC



he said he's not a macfag. He just wants to use GNUstep. Gosh.

I skipped through this video and it looks alright, OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5esQqZIJ83g


I had a book from these guys, but I don't have the PDF anymore and I don't remember which one it was. It was OK, but clearly intended for Mac programmers.


Objective-C is not the problem, it's just a superset of C and the extra stuff you can learn in a day or so. The hard part is Cocoa, it's so old and so big that not even the people at Apple know how to use it properly. No joke, one time I was reading their docs and they re-implemented in a shitty way something that is already part of Cocoa for no reason.

Another big problem is XCode: any book you buy will be basically a glorified XCode tutorial because of how heavy Mac- and iOS developers rely on it for everything. All of it could be done through makefiles, but it's all hidden behind an opaque GUI so you have no idea what anything does. XCode is OK as far as IDEs are concerned, but all IDEs are inherently shit be design.

I have been interested in GNUStep myself as well, but I don't know where to start or even what packages to install (I'm on Ubuntu and I use Guix as well). I wish Gregory Casamento would stop sperging about Drumf for a while and clean up the GNUStep website. Also, where is the Swift support?

File: e0de3ff0188ef9a⋯.jpg (141.4 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_20180709_234406.jpg)


My rational behind this is the fact that Sony uses FreeBSD as its base for the PS4 operating system. I know it isn't the same as Linux, but since they're both UNIX derivatives, it should be theoretically possible, right?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



*nix is how hipsters refer to Unix style systems such as Linux, Unix, BSD, etc



AFAIK, Sony uses a proprietary OS that's based on FreeBSD. It's unknown how much it has been modified.



>That's a shitload of work, but it is technically possible.

That's a shitload of work on a fucking old game that's really simple in design. Look at the syndicate wars port, they still can't even ditch the binary blob for the game logic. On a PS4 game? Give it a couple of years poking around until you get lucky first, then a decade or so to get the game running fully. You would probably be better off just re-implementing the engine completely.





But you can already play PS4 games on Linux via Youtube.

File: c7b449bfe0c220f⋯.png (386.42 KB, 1141x700, 163:100, Tor.png)


They actually did it. They upgra... *coughs* *spits out blood and semen* ...changed the platform to Firefox 60.

Now I can enjoy having a gazillion "firefox" child processes with the UI freezing each time I load the catalog, all the while using over 300 MB of RAM as usual because fuck efficiency in the CY+3 amirite?

I'd ask what technical reasons do the Tor guys have to base their browser on Firefox and not anything else, like Midori or fucking Dillo even. They're hoping to piggyback on Firefox's bugfixes, is that it? Hoping to piggyback on the fancy kewl stuff like WebRTC which they end up disabling for privacy reasons anyway?

226 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Still, don't you fucking dare maximize the browser window! You don't want an attacker knowing what screen resolution you use! I've always wondered though, would I instantly become fingerprintable if I resized the browser window by a few pixels from its default?

Anyway, installing extensions should be disabled by default, same as scripts. Should be.



>would I instantly become fingerprintable if I resized the browser window by a few pixels from its default?

what if we just resize our browsers every time we open a new webpage?



Yes if you enable javascript you must use privacy.resist.Fingerprinting, which does not work correctly in older Firefox versions.


Is being fingerprinted really that big of an issue? Every time someone mentions using tor in any capacity besides the default setup it's mentioned. I'd rather not browse the internet without umatrix and other quality of life addons. I'm just a laymen retard trying to get some extra layers of anonymity and security here and there. Considering making my own router so I can have a VPN at that level and not need to worry about JS leaks as well. So I guess my question is having a finger printable tor browsing session better than having a finger printable non-tor browser? I need the internet to be functional on every website.



>I've always wondered though, would I instantly become fingerprintable if I resized the browser window by a few pixels from its default?

Not instantly, but very quickly: almost no other tor user in the world will be browsing with a browser window of the exact same size as yours, so visiting a few sites and going through a few exit nodes would give you a 100% unique fingerprint for that session.


if you close all open pages before each resize, in theory you will not be fingerprintable easily.


>Is being fingerprinted really that big of an issue?

Yes, because it means you are no longer anonymous.

If you don't care about that go for it, but if you want to hide from big comapnies or governments fingerprinting cannot be ignored.

File: 208ff2cedbfbdb9⋯.png (24.44 KB, 512x512, 1:1, serveimage.png)


I have a bunch of older games that still use the disc and I would like to play them without the CD or DVD in my drive (some disc checks won't even work under Wine at all). The usual solution is to download a cracked EXE, but obviously this is just begging for trouble. And that's assuming that there even is a crack for my version of the game (i.e. certain patch version of a certain language).

Is there some resource to learn how to crack disc-based DRM schemes myself? All I can find when I web-search for the topic is already made cracks, not how to make those cracks myself.

19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Only if the game is free software.


All this bitching and no one has answered OP's question. Bump for curiosity.


If you run the .exe in wine's debugger you could start pinpointing the DRM functions that kill the game and stubbing them to do nothing or load the function that launches the game. Or something of that nature.



>The game industry is fucking cancer.

You don't understand. I don't play modern games.

I was just thinking about paying back to the developers of old games I loved.

Like >>986961 said.


Thanks. Any indication if my money given to GOG will support SJWs and modern games, instead of actually reaching developers? Then I won't buy.



GoG, as any middleman, takes %s from the money you gave to now mostly nonexistent developers. Considering that their shitty client is not even OSS and they lately cancelled gog mixes, which were community lists, yes, I think you would give money to someone who doesn't deserve them. Btw Good Old Games is more like Good Old Jewery. Those games should be in public domain/bsd-licensed with their source code attached lying somewhere else than on internet shelves of niche market.

By buying anything from GoG you either support new games or jew publishers, in most cases both, but mainly you support hyenism which gog represents.

Still the best store around which significantly eased pirating games.



>If you run the .exe in wine's debugger you could start pinpointing the DRM functions that kill the game and stubbing them to do nothing or load the function that launches the game.

Good idea, I had not thought of the Wine debugger. Any resources to recommend for learning assembly and x86 (or whatever I need or oldish Windows games)?


>Thanks. Any indication if my money given to GOG will support SJWs and modern games, instead of actually reaching developers? Then I won't buy.

The money is split between GOG and whoever holds the rights to the game (usually the publisher). How the publisher then splits up the money with the developer is up to them. I know that getting old games released on GOG is often a legal nightmare because the rights are in so many places, so maybe that means the original developer gets a cut from the publisher.

But in general, unless you buy and SJW game, the money won't go to SJWs, and I haven't seen GOG or CD Projekt being part of any faggotry groups (unless you count the anime dyke visual novels they released). Just be a responsible customer and think before you buy something.

File: 59196b79525243e⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 964x912, 241:228, sweatingpepe.gif)


>technical writing class

>30 page COC due on monday

94 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: e2357a2ac6b4ab1⋯.webm (2.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Bodybuilder.webm)


So he is.


File: 34fcc530807aa6c⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2427x1810, 2427:1810, 2018-10-08--fig.2--00.jpg)

File: 1fa13c719c8d284⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 2390x2276, 1195:1138, 2018-10-08--fig.1--00.jpg)

can anyone brainlet-frendly explain of how reading and writing in 1Kbit RAM werks?


File: b3df00cfe92f4ab⋯.jpg (10.72 KB, 232x293, 232:293, SUPREME.jpg)


>I have been trying to be more interesting but, so far, it hasn't worked.

I didn't mean to suggest that you (or anyone) should aim "to be more interesting", not at all.

What does that even mean anyways? Different people look for different things in other people and in their relationships with them.

What's "interesting" to some turbonormie may seem unbelievably vapid to you, and viceversa. Likewise, some people just expect to get some laughs out of friendship, while others also expect emotional support, and some others also expect to grow together with their friends (aka "flying with the eagles").

I'll also state the obvious here: nobody gives a fuck whether you get good grades beyond to know if they can ask you for help or not (this doesn't mean that you should just give yourself to academic mediocrity though).

>I want to improve myself and my situation so there is still some hope for me

Then you'll follow the advice that's already given to you. I believe the most important one is to take initiative more often. As said, group projects are often a good excuse if you're too self-conscious. And nobody is saying that you have to limit yourself to interacting with your classmates, or even only with people with the same major.

I do have an issue with "caring too much" though: it's probably pointless.

That's because your real focus should be placed in yourself, working in your projects, and eventually in accomplishing your goals. Not in getting some dumb niggers to like you. You may call it the Law of Attraction, The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, or whatever. But one thing is true: when you really apply yourself to some goal, people and opportunities come to you. Or were they always there and just now you notice them?

>I feel that people see me as their last resort. Ugh, I am starting to sound more and more like a soon-to-be Supreme Gentleman

I'm sure you're a good person, anon. Just stop wearing that stupid fedora.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>What are some projects every CS student should have done in college?

CS is a broad field. What do you like? Hardware? OS? AI? Security? Graphics? Web?



I made a large group of friends in the first year with some luck and putting effort into meeting as many people as possible (its well known that groups are hard to penetrate the longer you leave it). Now that I'm into the second year I've started refusing their invitations, and only meet them about once a week to stay sane.

Honestly, virtually CS undergraduates I know are as thick as pig shit, drug users, sex addicts and alcoholics. None of them are goal-oriented. Some of them are loving and nice to unwind with for a few hours but I get far more enjoyment going to the gym and reading books.

If you get twinges of loneliness, get into the habit of praying to God every day, reflecting on your destructive desires and weaknesses. Remember that in all likelihood this is the most free time you'll have in your life before your mind shows signs of age, so just try to learn as much as possible and ignore the transient people around you.

File: 957095eb5bec93f⋯.png (140.19 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 957095eb5bec93f6b1d72f6393….png)


Last thread:

>>915966 (https://archive.is/rQakE)



>ipfs 0.4.17 is a quick release to fix a major performance regression in bitswap (mostly affecting go-ipfs → js-ipfs transfers). However, while motivated by this fix, this release contains a few other goodies that will excite some users.

>The headline feature in this release is urlstore support. Urlstore is a generalization of the filestore backend that can fetch file blocks from remote URLs on-demand instead of storing them in the local datastore.

>Additionally, we've added support for extracting inline blocks from CIDs (blocks inlined into CIDs using the identity hash function). However, go-ipfs won't yet create such CIDs so you're unlikely to see any in the wild.


>URLStore (ipfs/go-ipfs#4896)

>Add trickle-dag support to the urlstore (ipfs/go-ipfs#5245).

>Allow specifying how the data field in the object get is encoded (ipfs/go-ipfs#5139)

>Add a -U flag to files ls to disable sorting (ipfs/go-ipfs#5219)

>Add an efficient --size-only flag to the repo stat (ipfs/go-ipfs#5010)

>Inline blocks in CIDs (ipfs/go-ipfs#5117)


>Make ipfs files ls -l correctly report the hash and size of files (ipfs/go-ipfs#5045)

>Fix sorting of files ls (ipfs/go-ipfs#5219)

>Improve prefetching in ipfs cat and related commands (ipfs/go-ipfs#5162)

>Better error message when ipfs cp fails (ipfs/go-ipfs#5218)

>Don't wait for the peer to close it's end of a bitswap stream before considering the block "sent" (ipfs/go-ipfs#5258)

>Fix resolving links in shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Numbering threads is a tradition (see Gamergate and /pol/ threads about Happenings)





>the last faggot cuckchan OP

Then invite him back here for and tell him why

>We don't number threads.

The next threads will no longer be numbered, hopefully.




<reading comprehension

Just ignore the autistic shitposting this thread started with.



I'm a poor fag with limited hardware. My rig is so old even just browsing the chans can result in freezing. It even has problems on threads with >600 posts or >300 files, to speak nothing of anything more resource intense like even vidya from the 90s, often the results in full blown overheating in <30 mins.

File: 5e3b3a874d16ae0⋯.png (37.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, pajeet5.png)


Remember way back in 2010 when everyone on the planet was hyping HTML5 as the greatest thing to ever happen to the web and will replace all native applications and shit?

Remember when Steve Jobs predicted a future where app stores weren't even a thing and that iDevices would be really powerful web browsers where everything is web apps? Remember when Google doubled down on this concept with Chromebooks and ChromeOS?

Well 2010 was 8, almost 9 years ago, so lets discuss how wrong those predictions were, how right they somewhat were, and what exactly went wrong. HTML5 was expected to replace flash and all interactive applications, but in the end it ended up being used only to spice up web pages and add some nice looking animations.

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



You are the boomer cuck. Flash games are still going and better in every cases compared to goygle/android/ayyphone shit.



>and now the browser - a document viewer - has even more unnecessary API to support playing games. and no web game is even good. they'd be 100x better off if they made a real program for their game

What the fuck did you just say? All web games have cute anime girls. You shittin' on that?


HTML5 is all about collecting cum via Web Anime Gaymes


File: 7716b6d46447c5f⋯.png (495.62 KB, 1354x768, 677:384, 001.png)

File: e680b6d5c79b970⋯.png (76.9 KB, 926x354, 463:177, 002.png)



no just the shitcode

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