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File: c6ad7061d2dc878⋯.gif (261.38 KB, 300x306, 50:51, c6ad7061d2dc8781743df6d6e2….gif)

f60f01 No.1614[Reply]

reminder that we're in the hunger games tonight at 8pm EDT


if you p'toks aren't cheering, you'll be stripped of bloodwine for the next month

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e9ed32 No.21081

Done. Now we wait and see how he dies.

File: fa043babc472548⋯.gif (280.57 KB, 500x383, 500:383, DzAn6WC.gif)

77791a No.2[Reply]

Accepting banners here

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a467d5 No.21064

By the way you can have 300x200 banners apparently. I just saw one on /vg/

File: 9c075b07d980ead⋯.jpg (224.56 KB, 1024x718, 512:359, bliss-monster-hunter.jpg)

File: cabf2579ce0bebf⋯.jpg (16.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 4295fe4975fd92d⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Qatai_defiant.jpg)

8de716 No.20647[Reply]

I'm not exactly Voyager's biggest fan or anything, but this was one of the coolest one-off characters in all of ST. Even the Voyager episode (Bliss) wasn't half bad. (Just a standard Man vs Beast conflict, but still a breath of fresh air at the tail end of a series filled with mediocrity.)

They should have brought that guy on board and booted Neelix at the nearest habitable planet.

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22ceac No.21029


Martok sucked. He’s a fucking lame brawling viking dwarf character

DS9 had stupid fans, like the retarded ‘lol pimp hand Sisko’ meme.

15209f No.21048


Martok didn't suck. He called Worf on his shit a few times. Added another dimension to the Klingons. He just wasn't Gowron

9664a6 No.21069


>He’s a fucking lame brawling viking dwarf character

Nothing wrong with that, provided it's done right, and the writers acknowledge the limits of such a character. Unfortunately due to fan-wankery DS9's staff did neither, though I appreciated the character in spite of that. But like >>21048 says, he sure as hell is no Gowron.

128445 No.21071


>He’s a fucking lame brawling viking dwarf character

but that's the best kind of character

000000 No.21079


>boot the canon pedo


File: a7290ae1191e7a8⋯.jpg (79.79 KB, 709x530, 709:530, ds9caption50d.jpg)

73e7d1 No.20709[Reply]

So the Prophets keep on saying over and over again that they are "of Bajor". Also, there used to be spirits inside of the Celestial Temple, but were cast out and called Pah-Wraiths. This brings to mind a correlation between the book of Genesis and DS9, where the head angel, Lucifer, was cast out of heaven. This makes me believe that at one point in time that the Pah-Wraiths were the same as the Prophets, but did something to achieve their disdain.

However, what makes more sense is that possibly maybe the Pah-Wraiths are of Cardassia. Going back into ancient Bajoran history, Bajorans made contact with Cardassians millennia ago, and the entire plotline of giving Bajor 1,000 years of peace deeply involves Cardassians, and also a great penance is exacted on their people and populated worlds as well (through the liberation of their race from the Dominion).

Also, we know that Capt. Sisko is half-Prophet, so we know that the Prophets didn't just choose him at random, this was a timeline long in the making. That being said, the Pah-Wraiths also most likely have similar abilities to see far into the future but chose a Cardassian as their "Emissary" or whatever, which was also likely as deliberate.

This then rekindles the question, were the Pah-Wraiths originally of Cardassia? I've heard on some sites that I looked at for a minute that some people believe that the Prophets were something like a race of extremely ancient Bajorans that evolved beyond the physical plane. Maybe perhaps the Pah-Wraiths were much of the same but from Cardassia? This would explain the inherent struggle between the Pah-Wraiths and the Prophets, and why they were cast out of the Celestial Temple.

20 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

57f538 No.21060


>Worf is the Klingon Weeb

Daily reminder that Worf loses fights to every fucking thing. He loses fights so hard that he breaks physics, a God damned Ferengi can somehow dodge the lightspeed phaser beam Worf shot at him.

d9eec6 No.21061


He once lost to barrels.

57f538 No.21072


and regular humans

and Ferengi

and safety railings

and fucking Tribbles

2ebb59 No.21076




He didn pretty good in those Jem Hadar ring fights.

57f538 No.21078


You mean the carefully managed ring fights against malnourished, tortured, prisoners of war who had stopped hoping for anything other than a quick death?

File: d5d223ad5c0934e⋯.jpg (96.82 KB, 698x289, 698:289, Star-Trek-Game-Header.jpg)

b4eab1 No.5189[Reply]

Noticed that while there were threads for individual Trek video games, there wasn't a general thread up.

Thread should be self explanatory, discuss Trek Vidya, Mods for games, or games that would satisfy that Trek itch.

Here is the volafile link that often gets used. So far only Klingon Academy is uploaded but will add more games as good working downloads come available.


>Why no Mega Link?

Mega is frankly shit; has a data cap and will delete files without warning.

Also since I cannot be bothered copypasta the BOTF thread, here's the link to it here


129 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

80a351 No.20934


Elite Force lets you train in there and wander around Voyager a bit.

74dbe0 No.20989


Elite Force was the only good Voyager episode.

63071e No.21054

What happened to the STOfags on /strek/?

c79a3c No.21065


It probably just lost its appeal. The space combat did feel vaguely like Trek, with the ability to redirect shield power and manage power levels and all that good shit, but it's still fundamentally MMO-style combat, which gets repetitive pretty quickly. The 'marks' system they had going was kind of interesting as endgame content at first, but it also got repetitive pretty quickly. For me, it was just a matter of having more interesting things to do. Other games to play, other things to read, and so on.

2a97da No.21077


It's a terrible game with no end-game is what happened to it. it exists only for the goyim to spend hundreds of dollars at a time on lock boxes to unlock the newest weekly model so they can play the same pve queue over and over again with it.

File: 52ee3adf3c49698⋯.jpg (443.24 KB, 896x861, 128:123, planet.jpg)

File: fdc7f615af7d387⋯.png (7.58 MB, 3840x2400, 8:5, sdf234t2f.png)

fa1700 No.20791[Reply]

Which planet is best? Which one would you like to visit and why?

As I'm 6'4 I want to go to planet Angel One - aka Planet of the Manlets. I'm sure all the women would want me because I'm so tall and have a very hairy chest. There women provide for their men which means I could enjoy a comfy neet life.

46 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1f299f No.20999


To be fair, the thread topic is "what planet is best?". Any kind of explicit comparison like that only invites quarreling, an effect which is only multiplied when you consider it's happening on an imageboard.

ec668b No.21053


There should be no arguing. Clearly Ferenginar

1f299f No.21067


Isn't Ferenginar a really shitty swamp that even most Ferengi aren't fond of?

21c6de No.21074


It sounds super comfy to stay inside with some replicated tea. I dig the heavy rain as long as the day's cold, hot humid days are the worst.

1f299f No.21075

File: a7f881882001ec5⋯.jpg (8.7 KB, 320x240, 4:3, oo-mox.jpg)


>It sounds super comfy to stay inside with some replicated tea

>I dig the heavy rain as long as the day's cold

I like the sound of that…

File: 319d4d2da37fd7b⋯.jpg (79.99 KB, 522x593, 522:593, 1464466443703.jpg)

ad27a2 No.20401[Reply]

Hard mode: You can't simply get rid of it.

47 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

87dd63 No.21032


Nah, the 24th century /leftypol/ poster would claim that Earth is a bastion of real socialism but that the outlying colony shitholes were "corporatists" and therefore not real socialism.

fb6425 No.21042


>That's not a profit in the sense of the word, because you don't accumulate/reinvest it.

Ammo and weapons like any other good can be accumulated and reinvested.

7f993a No.21058


Preferably for removing hasperat.

bab205 No.21070


>That's not a profit in the sense of the word, because you don't accumulate/reinvest it.

Sure it is, trade the gun you just got for two boxes of ammo with another guy, you've profited by one box of ammo. Why is it any different if the thing you are bartering is little pieces of paper with dead guys on it? You can barter your way from a paperclip to a house, are you gonna deny that is profit?

>If the average labor time for a sandwich would be 10 hours, it would be a 100 times more valuable.

No it wouldn't, because nobody would pay that for a sandwich, even in your fucked up commie dystopia with 100 minute hours.

445c97 No.21073


>I don't see why this would require money for accounting purposes since you can easily distribute these very rare goods by merit.

That's an absolutely terrible idea. Do you really not see the problem with having a committee being able to decide who gets what and when? Fuck merit, it all becomes a question of who can suck up the most to those faggots or nepotism. It sounds a) Corrupt as fuck b) So buried in bureaucracy that having money would be 10x times more efficient.

>There is another problem with that - with all the common consumer goods and needs being fulfilled, how does one make "money" in the first place? You can't sell anything to people.

<There are rare goods which people can't afford

<Team of engineers produces [Luxury good 1]

<They also exchange [Luxury good 1] for more equipment designed to make [Luxury good 1] easier to produce

<The wheels of capitalism start rolling

<Obtain luxury goods for all the group via trade with off world feds/some other guys in Earth

Or you could've just had money in the first place and not have the engineers have to come up with a plan which includes where and with whom to team up, what item to produce, what to trade and who to trade with. Or suck some dicks from the committee of luxury goods. That's my problem with moneyless society, it's exactly the same corruption and problems without the practicality of currency.

>I admit that there is apparently a black market for such things in the Federation (see Bones' attempt to buy a ship in TSFS)

And that's because the moneyless society shit on a larger scale falls apart as soon as you realize the labor of some individuals is far more valuable than others, and so there will be inequality which if it were not because the people from the future "have surpassed greed and lust" it would create unhappiness in the losers of the world, who would probably start some shit because pePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 997639a690f1b14⋯.jpg (195.73 KB, 408x600, 17:25, 2bf39886f8c88d94edb72a8a35….jpg)

8a848a No.15576[Reply]

I thought I would start a general porn dump thread, but some of these lewds are so hilarious I feel this is going to turn into a thinly veiled comedy thread.

106 posts and 75 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ae26c0 No.20952


To be fair, since Big Bazoinga Theory reddit has had its share of normie socialists pretending to be Star Trek fans as well. But reddit is pretty far removed from fans of either franchise who frequent imageboards halfchan notwithstanding.

45eee3 No.20992

How did lewd trek get onto cuck wars? I need to spend less time away from /strek/

e892c2 No.21005


Don't ask me, I thought we were talking about Gargoyles.

fe15a2 No.21052


Why does the Treblinka theory pretend to like Star Trek?

ae26c0 No.21068


Because they're "le quirky geeks xD", and Star Trek, along with comic books, are things that every normie associates with geeks.

File: f5e971a6c2df9fc⋯.png (145.21 KB, 350x409, 350:409, ClipboardImage.png)

93e120 No.15661[Reply]

A thread for Star Trek questions that don't need a thread of their own.

I'll start with: why do so many junior officers in TNG wear command-track uniforms? Worf, LaForge, even soyboy Crusher wore red when he got a full uniform.

81 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

937a0e No.20967

Why are there 1000 people on the NG Enterprise? Engineering looks like 6-7 dudes running the show. Same for sickbay. Bridge too. 1-2 guys in the transporter rooms. Looks like around 100 people actually have a job. What is the rest doing? And why are there children and family on board of an exploration vessel. They are not settlers. Exploring space is dangerous as fuck as we have seen.

16dcab No.20969


I was under the impression that it's not meant to be an exploratory vessel, it's a flag ship and used for diplomatic endeavors. It's a portable microcosm of starfleet to flaunt in the faces of aliens who haven't joined the federation yet.

00f6be No.20972


> Archer>T'Pol=Tucker>Reed

There were several episodes of ENT where tucker pulled rank and refused to listen to t'pol's bullshit and threatened to eject the core/plasma/shoot t'pol

before he started pounding it

8b9142 No.21057


he should have spanked her tbh.

e84323 No.21066


>implying he didn't

>Commander, I had a craving for supplements of Trellium D today. It is logical for you to discourage this behavior through corporal punishment

File: 956a67816c2688a⋯.jpg (177.29 KB, 450x509, 450:509, Andorian Community.jpg)

200776 No.14605[Reply]

I went and browsed Deviantart yeah I know, big mistake and couldn't help noticing a large Andorian Community there posting some rather degenerate artwork. Is there something I don't know about Andorians? I didn't think they'd be that popular?

36 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7c9aed No.20956


The anthem of cuck?

437995 No.20961


I was going to say "what about the Orions, but then I remembered all the stupid 'they're secretly matriarchal and have mind altering pheromones' and all that other bullshit they've added to them.

437995 No.20962


>People talking about how great and well made that universe is, yet one of the major races is entirely female, can breed with any other species and has a biological quirk that makes any member of the species who has both its parents come from that species, be degenerate with a possible genetic error that instantly kills anyone they fuck…

don't forget the unexplained part about every species sees them as looking vaguely like a hot member of their own race and this effect somehow even still works even through cameras and video recordings

106e89 No.21059


Orions really didn't get much love at all yet everyone seems to remember them for whatever reason.

683940 No.21062

File: ee6d1cd1d6b36bc⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 569x366, 569:366, Orion_slave_girls.jpg)


>everyone remembers them for some reason

Yeah, it's really a mystery.

File: a22e2ace3e18323⋯.jpg (90.29 KB, 461x700, 461:700, tngmirror4ri.jpg)

File: 975663a75ceff7c⋯.jpg (114.47 KB, 461x700, 461:700, tngmirror2ri.jpg)

File: 58b069750e46611⋯.jpg (106.69 KB, 461x700, 461:700, tngmirror1rib.jpg)

34e1bb No.12568[Reply]

Imagine a universe so /fit/ where gym memberships are mandatory. Where wrestling is considered a traditional form of greeting. Where men are so manly and ripped they tear bulkheads apart with their bare hands.

Welcome to the swoleverse, where there is only roid rage.

If you haven't read these masterpieces yet you can read them here:


Long overdue that this got it's own thread.

178 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f0c5fc No.20891

File: f9ea6671c2cff1d⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 554x640, 277:320, o'brien.jpg)


>Would such a thing really work?

>Well it's possible, I'll have to recalibrate the ass support couplers and extend the range on the dynamic reclining mechanism but after that it shouldn't be any trouble

Make it so.

3a62e6 No.20973

File: a033bfa27321e9a⋯.png (271.87 KB, 567x501, 189:167, innocent-roman-salute.png)

File: 89fc812f0ada5a5⋯.png (273.27 KB, 567x501, 189:167, innocent-roman-salute-mask.png)

File: 177c551735239c5⋯.png (307.98 KB, 347x611, 347:611, swole-troi-senses-cutout.png)

energizing this thread with swole-c templates, by popular demand. For now, I gave up trying to completely fix young swolecard's lack of baldness since i'm not a drawfag, but i suppose doing a scalp transplant from another of the same artist's illustrations might work (?). I basically just deleted the hairline.


also posting an iteration, brothers.

2acba2 No.20978


Don’t speed up time.


eb85db No.20981


How Swole can you get before the first issue?

7f64fd No.21056

Well anons I am working on my cardio a lot before I get ready to get some weights going.

File: eb6dcf7aa8296b8⋯.jpg (13.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Tuvok's Wife.jpg)

b6d75e No.11667[Reply]

>Look up Star Trek roleplay expecting cancer

>Mainly just Fedfaggots sucking each other's cock

>Was hoping for some juicy tidbits but found nothing interesting

Well that was a bust. Any anons got anything worthwhile to share? Such as roleplaying Hasperat Removal

50 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6fd92a No.20997

So if we got a /strek/ RP together what characters would we play?

375e62 No.21010


No matter what we chose it would descend into Gayniggers from Outer Space.

e7085d No.21014


>instantly reminded of the article about female social workers volunteering to talk with raped women so they could finger themselves later and commonly did rape play with guys over dating sites

Does anyone have a copy of this article? I'm asking for a friend.


It'd probably end up in a three way civil war between the Cardassians, Romulans, and Terran Empire components of the crew. With at least one rabid autist demanding to be allowed to play Q.

864d7d No.21019


>female social workers volunteering to talk with raped women so they could finger themselves later and commonly did rape play with guys over dating sites

3DPD. Not even once

a49514 No.21051


I thought it would descend into a gym session

File: d3c7723c5c98866⋯.jpg (24.07 KB, 600x322, 300:161, 183712837771283781238zajh1….jpg)

936d8b No.4524[Reply]

Can we get a thread on trek books? What are your favorites? Most hated? Ever read any that tried something new with the sereis you really liked or fell flat on in its face in a mediocre disgrace?

33 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b03931 No.16155

So is there any legit good reads or is it just fanfiction tier with shoehorned in homosexuality?

8750b9 No.21001

Are any of the Voyager novels good? I'm curious what happened after they got back to Earth.

eb3fa7 No.21002


As a general rule any and all Trek novels are a teetering half-step above fanfiction.

>I'm curious what happened after they got back to Earth.

Nothing serious, I would imagine. O'Brien was expected to go right back to keeping DS9 running after 20 virtual years of incarceration, with only a token amount of time to cope. Same goes for Picard and the episode where he got his flute. Voyager's crew only had 7 years where they couldn't phone home, at most they'll each get a 20 minute session with a counselor before being returned to regular duties.

1ba3ae No.21026

File: a801651bf4eee9e⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 550x250, 11:5, Punished_Chief.jpg)



32da6a No.21049


How long till Shat makes Swoleverse his main theme with a Swolekirk?

File: c4b702c33bf3939⋯.jpg (175.92 KB, 1400x1052, 350:263, Ezri-Dax.jpg)

e0c298 No.14932[Reply]

What would you do anons if you had your own Ezri to play with?

234 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

50d3b9 No.20903


Really need more spankfaggotry of Ezri.

50d3b9 No.20904

b0c81e No.21028


>her uniform color

So is she a medical doctor or something?

913084 No.21033


You should watch the show.

d2f6a3 No.21046


Have you ever watched Star Trek?

File: f4a603968b98839⋯.jpg (262.53 KB, 840x637, 120:91, 1796828.jpg)

bdebbe No.11075[Reply]

Well anons I went on the internet and I found this:


Some of it is so cringe worthy it's worth a read with popcorn. Anything else so bad it's funny anons would recommend?

134 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

177e0a No.21037

File: 02a8385e9f3655e⋯.png (105.33 KB, 669x1008, 223:336, blood.png)


Could be Botox. That can lead to some weird faces.

41bfed No.21038


Fags in denial

78ac2a No.21039


>Hopefully I'm not the only one that thinks she got plastic surgery.

I think that's pretty much confirmed just going from how lopsided her facial features are. You'd think she'd have managed to save up enough of her Star Trek shekels to hire a cosmetic surgeon without Parkinsons though.

eb55f3 No.21041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Does this count?

63960d No.21045


Is that a horse?

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