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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: eeca86223d295c5⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 755x427, 755:427, pedo thumbnail.jpg)



The arrest affidavit says Waco police were called to a home on Delano Ave. on March 14, 2014, after getting a report of a one-month-old child suffering from physical abuse. When police arrived at the home in Waco, Medina admitted to police he had used methamphetamine two days prior.

Medina's 38-day-old daughter was taken to the hospital where doctors found the child had suffered from 24 broken ribs, a fractured femur and showed signs of having being shaken. Court documents say Medina is the child's biological father and told police he squeezes the girl's ribs and shakes her when he is mad at the child's mother.

Medina said he would squeeze the baby to his body causing her ribs to break. That wasn't all Medina did to the child, a grand jury re-indicted Medina on Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child in March. The details of the sexual assault are not being published due to the severity of the graphic assault.

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This is religious persecution, he's just following his jewish faith.



Yes, people who are in prison for committing violent felonies tend to do illegal things.



they should be controlled to not being able to do that



We have yet to install behavioral inhibitor technology in our inmates, so such control is not yet flawless.



> Watching the slow rot of your life while being prevented back into joining a free society you fucked up in

Dunno man, honestly it would cheaper to cut pieces off the guys body, skin him then hang him but even then it would be too fast.

File: 0ebad90f61e3331⋯.jpg (160.64 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, PicsArt_10-15-01.27.15.jpg)



As the man approaches the victim, he strings a series of punishing blows to the face of the Hebrew eternal victim, with an iron-fisted elbow drop to follow after he rolls the Jewish Talmudist into the street.

We clearly cannot be sure as to what the “victim,” the recipient of the attack has done to encourage the act of violence.

A second Talmudic Jew, likely a New York Democrat, can be seen getting chased away by the New York champion.

File: 146e400fc8bc182⋯.png (752.72 KB, 961x603, 961:603, Credit - Twitter @Stormcha….png)



A very rare Atlantic hurricane moved towards Europe and swept into the Iberian Peninsula this weekend, hitting both Portugal and Spain. By the time hurricane Leslie made landfall, it had been downgraded to a tropical storm but still managed to be classified as the strongest weather system to hit since records started in 1842.

Portugal, where the storm passed during the night of Saturday on Sunday, took the brunt of the effect with the capital Lisbon and the districts of Coimbra and Leiria suffering widespread damage. Further northern cities like Aveiro, Viseu, and Porto were met by gale force winds of up to 125 miles per hour.

File: 843c49c87edfc29⋯.jpg (198.17 KB, 1128x694, 564:347, pepsi thumbnail.jpg)



Customers are showing their feelings with their wallets these days, but now even the grocery store is getting in on their own boycott of Pepsi. The popular soda pop was once known as "The Choice of a New Generation," but one grocery store owner is no longer interested in selling the products. The reason for the boycott of Pepsi is because the company chose to feature the NFL logo on its soda products.

File: d504d8aa09be254⋯.png (406.85 KB, 638x434, 319:217, Credit - Screenshots Nieuw….png)



Belgium held municipal elections yesterday which saw a new trend in European elections be confirmed after a copy of Germany’s Bavaria region result came through: Western Europeans are voting green again.

The Green parties, which had lost sight over the past decade, are clearly on the media’s radar as the populists and nationalists now get confirmed in their positions of power in both Germany and Belgium but seem to have hit a natural plateau. On the left side meanwhile, the traditional socialist parties are being replaced both by extreme left progressive thinkers and mostly by Green parties.

File: a5f30fa42f3788d⋯.jpg (336.07 KB, 602x503, 602:503, Image from iOS (6).jpg)



Journalist and feminist activist Laurie Penny-“Resistance movements seek to change the story of power, and what else is a witch but a breakpoint in that story? Traditionally, witches did not do magic in order to rule the world or damn it. Witches worked in their communities for the common good, as well as their own. Witches took control of their own destinies and helped others do the same—and there’s a danger whenever a woman decides to do that, whatever the cost, no matter what she calls it. The magic might not be 'real'—but it works anyway.”

These witches perform a spell to “bind” the administration from causing any harm. The bind us meant to channel energy to limit President Trump’s power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm.”

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File: 7a314ee5654673d⋯.jpg (124.5 KB, 760x987, 760:987, 0690_-_Ww5jAp6.jpg)

They never read any history books and learned what happens to witches?


File: fef027899d76555⋯.png (143.55 KB, 247x311, 247:311, 0int.png)


>Witches do spell to stop Trump from doing harm

>nothing changes

>ree over spell not working

>spell actually just decided he wasn't doing any harm and helped him build the wall



Fucking this. If their majickal spkellz couldn't get Hillary elected, they're not going to do a damn thing now.


They're so desperate they've actually turned to magic. Holy-fucking-shit.




File: 9bfb61f7f6c0833⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 307x164, 307:164, 1b0a6a61ad533599982da058d6….jpg)



Zero Books recently released a video featuring Angela Nagle, the author of Kill All Normies. Earlier this year we did a review of Nagle's book on the year anniversary of its publication. A revised volume is forthcoming from Zero books and will feature a new preface and afterword. The book seemed to upset as many on the left of center as those on the right, but once again, Nagle has found herself the center of controversy as Zero Books explains the "latest Twitter storm that's brewing around Angela Nagel's 'Kill all normies.'"

File: 0c000e1a334dc46⋯.png (349 KB, 522x395, 522:395, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at ….png)


The Christian owners of a Northern Ireland bakery have won their appeal in the so-called "gay cake" discrimination case.

The UK's highest court ruled that Ashers bakery's refusal to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage was not discriminatory.

The five justices on the Supreme Court were unanimous in their judgement.

The high-profile dispute began in 2014 when the bakery refused to make a cake with the slogan "Support Gay Marriage".


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breddy gud :D



Exactly. This is freedom. And freedom for the """wrong""" people is highly problematic hence this >>204881 is right. It's swifter to change the law than to change the supreme court judges.

If the cake has a (((positive message))) then not baking it becomes a hate crime.

If the cake has a """toxic""" message then baking it becomes (((hate speech))).

Check you calendars, sheeple. It's 1984.


I'm happy for northern Ireland, but the authorities in Burgerland seem not to agree.



In making the cake, you are implicitly advocating for the aforementioned speech. You wouldn't ask this question if they wanted a swastika-shaped cake or a cake with "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." on it. No, you demand that not baking a cake with "Support Gay Marriage" on it is bigotry because you, yourself, are a bigot.



I think I misgendered you in >>205271, I blame alcohol.

File: 4c431f81d82359b⋯.jpg (90.61 KB, 716x404, 179:101, bowling alley thumbnail(1).jpg)



Police in Roseville, Michigan is looking for several black suspects who viciously assaulted a bowling alley employee. Roseville Police Department issued a public statement regarding the assault and information of the suspects. A video of the incident shows a vicious beating and a full overhead swing of a bowling ball to the back of the employee's head.


File: 6a9ad3afc790116⋯.jpg (64 KB, 749x716, 749:716, gunman.jpg)

This nigger be taking the pow pow.






niggers act unruly, asked to leave. Get offended, and try to commit murder, because damn if whitey tells them how to act

File: 86ddd4979842b0f⋯.jpg (133.51 KB, 924x616, 3:2, scotus thumbnail.jpg)



As we approach the two-year mark since President Trump's election to the presidency, Democrats are still wallowing in their defeat and lashing out like never before. We have seen several attacks on our nation from the failed coup at the top-most levels of the government, the falsification of evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen who had not committed a crime, the constant beratement of Trump and his supporters in the mainstream media, Democrat senators calling for the harassment of anyone who doesn't share their far-left political views, the physical attacks on American monuments, and the list goes on.


Last I checked the Supreme Court is established in the Constitution and it would take an Amendment to get rid of it. This is literally absolutely goddamn nothing.



It shows how crazy the democrats are.


spoiled lunatics

File: b6cc4df00cac2c3⋯.jpg (555.46 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, PicsArt_10-14-07.58.29.jpg)



The Washington Post’s columns are a place where Khashoggi contributed, and they've now cited US officials as claiming that several Saudi totals were recorded discussing a plan to lure and capture Khashoggi.

The criticisms being thrown at Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have remained strong from both the White House and international counterparts amidst the ongoing investigation process.

For years we've known about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) having involvement in the Washington Post.

President Trump has vocally opposed the Jeff Bezos “Amazon Washington Post” for years, even prior to his Presidency.

File: 1b1363b37a3861b⋯.jpg (33.11 KB, 640x481, 640:481, Kamala-Harris-Getty-640x48….jpg)


Law students around the country are skipping class this week to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Law students around the country are in the middle of a three-day walkout protest over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States. Starting on Wednesday, students at law schools around the country walked out of their classrooms at 2:15 p.m. with the intention of returning on Monday morning. The students believe their protest will encourage congressional candidates to announce their commitment to impeaching recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Students at the law schools at American University, Duke University, Emory University, Georgetown University, New York University, and Temple University have signed on to participate in the protest.

more here:


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This is truly the most disturbing part of this.

Who cares that they're virtue signalling over some cuckservative?

The main issue is that there are future lawyers and judges in this mix of retards and this will only guarantee Nuremberg trial tier kangaroo courts in the future where evidence is completely swept to the side in favor of charging or clearing people based entirely on how many good goy points they have.


Tax dollars hard at work


Did they also mention how many are participating? Plural use only indicates a number greater than one.


File: 2a3631f577465cc⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 330x357, 110:119, 0345_-_Iar1lDe.jpg)


Nice of them to out themselves.



I wonder if there's an online petition that we could save? Ruin their fucking careers over, maybe?

>This fucking idiot signed their name to a petition - as a student of law - to "impeach a supreme court justice" for raping a woman for which no evidence had ever been presented

File: 7247dc56c169cb3⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 2124x1411, 2124:1411, dreamstime_m_27380924.jpg)



It was supposed to be a wholesome, fun and most of all friendly gathering among family and friends in South Texas, especially since it is a toddler’s birthday party. However, some of the adults attending the said celebration on Saturday afternoon did not only forget to be in their best behavior for the kids to emulate but tragically became violent, too. An argument among adults escalated into a shooting that soon left four men dead, and a fifth man wounded.

File: 21223f6df19c842⋯.jpg (319.73 KB, 1120x776, 140:97, portland thumbnail.jpg)



A protest was scheduled to take place by the Patriot Prayer group which was described as a march for "law and order" in the streets of Portland where the mayor has ordered police to stand down and not intervene with protestors. We saw the Federal ICE building in Portland besieged with a makeshift wall for two weeks people were stopped from going to work at the ICE building and the mayor told the police to do nothing.

File: 4c773077d1b412e⋯.png (444.59 KB, 979x544, 979:544, Image from iOS.png)


Democrat Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is fighting to keep his seat against Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican.

“Speaking of @NelsonForSenate fundraising during hurricane, this is interesting: The link his campaign posted to raise money for disaster relief efforts takes you to ActBlue, the Democrat's fundraising engine. Building donor list through hurricane relief contributions?”





real news


Wish we could expose all the current politicians involved in obvious fraud like this. But maybe give everyone a 5 month heads up so we could all prepare to run for office

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