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File: 2bd88cef55b8ae2⋯.png (460.24 KB, 1019x710, 1019:710, Screenshot-2018-10-12-at-5….png)


Kiah Morris, the first black woman to ever serve in Vermont’s state legislature, is speaking out about her decision to resign in late September after facing repeated harassment — including acts of intimidation at her home that forced her and her husband, who was recovering from heart surgery, to flee to a different town. Morris, who was first elected in 2014 and won re-election in 2016, announced that she wouldn’t seek reelection this year — despite running unopposed — after facing vandalism, death threats that were seen by her young son, and a break-in to her home while her family was present. Despite her declaring her intent to leave office, intimidation from angry youths who would pound on her house’s windows and doors at night continued until she and her husband, who was recovering from heart surgery, were forced to flee her home in Bennington and move to another town.

“There’s obviously online harassment that can happen, and that’s a part of our social media world right now, but then when things started happening in everyday life, that’s when it becomes really worrisome and terrifying,” she told The Associated Press. “That’s the worst part about this. I realized, in seeing what’s happened over the last few years … seeing that our system is not set up in a way to protect someone like me, I cannot be the legislator that I want to be. I cannot speak my truths in a way that need to have been said. I cannot do these things and be secure, be assured of safety for me and my family.”

The lack of action from police to protect her and her family, she added, was shameful.

Vermont, the first state to abolish slavery and recognize same-sex civil unions, is famous for its progressive heritage but remains incredibly non-diverse, with a population that is 94.4 percent white. In recent years, The Associated Press reports, indications have shown that white supremacy has been on the rise — or at least increasingly visible — as neo-nazi fliers have begun appearing on the state’s college campuses.

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>the police can't do shit about it until after it's already too late to get any info about the ones who did it.

Not true but ok


File: 5a226ddd47b9462⋯.png (173.06 KB, 1280x807, 1280:807, Pony - (175).png)


Let us end this fake forced assimilation.

Different races must live apart from each other.

The Bible clearly states:

"Thou shalt not commit adultery"

And it is because of this cardinal sin, that we live in eternal tension with the unequal.


So what's the link to her gofundme begging campaign?









>finds position takes more brains than she has

>tries to save face by faking rayciss threats

Hey Kiah, whatchu doin?

File: 82f7ac3b120359a⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 1050x590, 105:59, nlzzyg1ayldz.jpg)


One slide Dr. Novembre has folded into his recent talks depicts a group of white nationalists chugging milk at a 2017 gathering to draw attention to a genetic trait known to be more common in white people than others — the ability to digest lactose as adults. It also shows a social media post from an account called “Enter The Milk Zone” with a map lifted from a scientific journal article on the trait’s evolutionary history.

In most of the world, the article explains, the gene that allows for the digestion of lactose switches off after childhood. But with the arrival of the first cattle herders in Europe some 5,000 years ago, a chance mutation that left it turned on provided enough of a nutritional leg up that nearly all of those who survived eventually carried it. In the post, the link is accompanied by a snippet of hate speech urging individuals of African ancestry to leave America. “If you can’t drink milk,” it says in part, “you have to go back.”

In an inconvenient truth for white supremacists, a similar bit of evolution turns out to have occurred among cattle breeders in East Africa. Scientists need to be more aware of the racial lens through which some of their basic findings are being filtered, Dr. Novembre says, and do a better job at pointing out how they can be twisted.


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Regardless of the analog gradations, which is how genetics works, its not digital, the fact remains that genetic differences are A FACT. They will always be a fact, they will always be a proper division.

In philosophy, we may be the same. In various intellectual pursuits, we may be the same. But, when everything boils down, we are looking at a table of different Periodic Elements, different ways of being, different ways of thinking, to some individuals that is not a problem, to some individuals it is. So be it.


>when you take meme to seriously



because its a forbidden fruit (for you)


File: 15956bbe5cfffe7⋯.png (27.87 KB, 300x100, 3:1, commies hate her.png)


>White Supremacists

OP, face it, Whiteness is our right.

By the way; what are you gonna do when we come for you?


File: b1cdf44002eb780⋯.jpg (305.73 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, 29_MLPOL_Anonymous_Vril_3D….jpg)

File: 4912ed42bf17761⋯.jpeg (87.92 KB, 1280x779, 1280:779, Beware of Sodium Benzoate….jpeg)


Ever wonder why one third of all Americans get cancer at some point in their lifetime, even though hardly anyone got it a century ago? How about leukemia, do you think it’s hereditary? You would be dead wrong. A common ingredient in soft drinks and most jarred peppers and pickles causes leukemia, but no medical doctor in America has been authorized to talk about it, and most of them have no clue anyhow.

What’s the poison? It’s called sodium benzoate, and you’ll find it in popular paint stripper products, permanent spot removers, rubber cements, and lots of U.S. food products all approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Sodium benzoate was banned from the rubber making industry because many workers exposed to it developed leukemia and died.

Sodium benzoate is made by mixing sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid, which gives it highly destructive, solvent qualities. In Europe, the media is screaming to ban this toxic “preservative” as it may be interfering with normal development of children. The U.S. mass media, of course, won’t utter a word about it. Scientists fear conducting research on sodium benzoate, as they might get “suicided” by Big Food and Big Pharma, as so many cancer researchers, holistic doctors, and vaccine researchers have encountered.

Sodium benzoate is a known carcinogen that deprives the human cells of oxygen, breaks down the immune system and causes blood cancer to develop. On product ingredient labels, you’ll see the phrases, “to preserve freshness” or “as a preservative.” That’s so you’ll feel safe and cozy when your brain ingests those happy slogans, but what your body is attempting to digest is a dangerous concoction that’s been synthesized in a laboratory using chemicals.

It gets even worse. When sodium benzoate is combined with vitamin C or E, benzene is formed. That’s where the leukemia kicks in full gear. At the cellular level, sodium benzoate deprives mitochondria of oxygen, sometimes completely shutting down the “power station” of your cells. It’s programmed cell death, and when cells are deprived of oxygen, they fail to fight off infection and disease, including cancer – the mutation anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>deserve the same treatment

They deserve it first. Traitors to the public trust go first, enemies are second



>Vegans were ignorant

It's your usual crooked shit from a group that likely took money from the drink producer to endorse it, knowing full well they shouldn't. This corrupts that groups credibility some but do not throw all vegans in with them, these actions do not speak for them. Have you wondered why the usual argument you see against veganism is that they are all crazy? An ad hominem attack which provides no scientific fact to back the claim vegan is unhealthy.



Pepsi does contain high (for food) amounts of phosphoric acid which, yes is the same chemical used as a paint stripper for specific types of paint though those solutions are of a much higher concentration. The "It's toxic because it's in (Paint stripper/rat poison/motor oil) argument is an over simplification and is akin to saying that heroin is an organic(carbon containing) molecule and bread is aswell so heroin must be just as good/bad for you as bread. Some things are unhealthy in any amount, others less healthy the more you have, and others only above a specific limit. Depends on the chemical



Everything is poison, even just shitposting right now.

Who cares, we're gonna die regardless.



>Ever wonder why one third of all Americans get cancer at some point in their lifetime, even though hardly anyone got it a century ago?

A century ago, most people didn't live long enough to get cancer, you fucking moron.



File: fec50b186787bf5⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 750x375, 2:1, 5bc9da2ca97774293810388d-7….jpg)


She was one of the few Trump administration officials to leave on her own terms and with reputation intact. And yet that hasn’t stopped outgoing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley from joining a growing list of White House officials criticizing the boss on the way out the door.

At a lighthearted charity dinner Thursday night, Haley made a bunch of jokes about the administration, as is custom at this event: “He said if I get stuck for laughs, just brag about his accomplishments. It really killed at the U.N., I got to tell you.”

But then Haley got serious. Very serious. What she said next seemed directly aimed at President Trump’s increasingly alarmist rhetoric about Democrats being the party of “crime” or opponents of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh being “evil.”

The Post's John Wagner wrote up her remarks:

In our toxic political environment, I’ve heard some people in both parties describe their opponents as enemies or evil. In America, our political opponents are not evil. In South Sudan, where rape is routinely used as a weapon of war — that is evil. In Syria, where the dictator uses chemical weapons to murder innocent children — that is evil. In North Korea, where American student Otto Warmbier was tortured to death — that was evil.

In the last two years, I’ve seen true evil. We have some serious political differences here at home. But our opponents are not evil. They’re just our opponents.

Forget anonymous New York Times op-eds from within the administration. Haley and these outgoing officials are putting their names to criticism of the president, sometimes while they still had their jobs.



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They wanna assrape us using a woman. Some foreigner too. What else is new?



She will just cry when she sees trump wins~!


File: f17c713a0024619⋯.webm (4.68 MB, 680x384, 85:48, americlaps.webm)


yayyy swamp. i love goldman sachs!


File: ea998b59da7d70a⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 300x512, 75:128, 8642898bd650c549dcd74bd76b….jpg)



She's a bitch we can't trust, can Trump still trust her?


>dat jew nose

waiting for /pol/itician to point out that she is kikel heritage and posting link on wikipedia confirming it

File: 74de67c9690131f⋯.jpg (211.11 KB, 1324x508, 331:127, Capture.JPG)


StarKist Co. agreed to plead guilty to a felony price fixing charge as part of a broad collusion investigation of the canned tuna industry, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday.

The DOJ said StarKist faces up to a $100 million fine when it is sentenced. Prosecutors allege that the industry's top three companies conspired between 2010 and 2013 to keep prices artificially high.

"We have cooperated with the DOJ during the course of its investigation and accept responsibility," said StarKist chief executive Andrew Choe. "We will continue to conduct our business with the utmost transparency and integrity."

StarKist is owned by South Korean company Dongwon Industries, one of the largest tuna catching companies in the world. The parent company's website carries pledges to abide by ethical standards and good corporate citizenship.

The scheme came to light when Thai Union Group's Chicken of the Sea attempt to buy San Diego-based Bumble Bee failed in 2015, according to court records. Chicken of the Sea executives then alerted federal investigators, who agreed to shield the company from criminal prosecution in exchange for cooperation.



This case is an offshoot of civil cases Walmart started against the industry. I doubt Walmart and the like is going to accept less than restitution, this fine will be on top of a whole lot of civil settlements to all of their retail outlets.

Walmart does not take nicely to companies ripping them off.

But they're totally fine on ripping off the people of the US, and the federal government.

And every vendor they buy from. They don’t like to receive what they give.


The Liberal government's announcement that it will expedite the processing of pardons for people with minor cannabis-related criminal records is welcome news to tens of thousands of Canadians who have been convicted of possession offences.

And while the Parole Board of Canada might soon be inundated with record suspension requests — more than 500,000 Canadians have a criminal record for having pot on their person, according to a 2014 study — advocates claim the Liberal plan might not go far enough to reverse decades of "historical injustice" from cannabis prohibition.

The number of Canadians convicted of simple pot possession offences each year has been on the decline since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plan to legalize and regulate the drug. His 2015 election victory all but assured a legal change — and yet some 55,000 Canadians were arrested for cannabis-related offences in 2016 alone (of those 41,800 were for possession), according to Statistics Canada.

Even if one were to assume many of those arrests do not ultimately result in convictions, the number of Canadians with a criminal past for possession of the drug — one that is now legal — is still a staggering figure.

Thus, the government's pledge to waive the steep fee for a record suspension (pardon) — it normally costs $631 — and do away with the standard waiting period (five years for a summary offence, 10 years for an indictable offence) could be a truly life-changing move for a sizeable minority of Canadians.

Moreover, even if one is successful in securing a pardon, it does not mean it will make it easier to cross the Canada-U.S. border.

No guarantees at U.S. border

The U.S. Custom and Border Protection agency was clear Wednesday: the U.S. recognizes foreign convictions for something that would be a crime in their country, and it does not recognize foreign pardons.

Speaking in Buffalo, Richard Roberts, the CBP assistant director of border security, said Canadian pardons or "amnestPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>I want my thin wife back. The shapely wife of the 80s where we could travel to nearly any country in the world and be welcomed with open arms instead of open ridicule fat shaming


File: 9377f9a901400c6⋯.jpg (384.43 KB, 1600x877, 1600:877, Aerial_Sunset_Vancouver_d3….jpg)


You're not Canadian, no one actually ridicules the people with the highest living standard per capita, its almost impossible to immigrate to Canada due to how much of the world wants to live in just Vancouver alone. Stop believing memes on the internet, they are not reality.



>its almost impossible to immigrate to Canada

For you, maybe. I speak French and English and hold a Master's degree, and I had no trouble immigrating and obtaining Permanent Resident status. I'll be able to apply for citizenship later, if I want.



Vancouver is one of the worst places to live in Canada. I hope you have 1.5 mil to purchase a house smaller than my garage.



File: 70a34d6a23afdef⋯.png (163.17 KB, 303x566, 303:566, 70a34d6a23afdef4d4458a1d96….png)

File: ed7144a48c378c0⋯.jpg (97.82 KB, 801x573, 267:191, Clipboard.jpg)


Forcible fondling was 636 instances

A police officer in Prince George's County, Maryland, was charged this week with raping a woman during a traffic stop. He's pleaded not guilty, but it's a disturbing headline – even more disturbing when you consider there are hundreds more like him.

Yes, hundreds. According to research from Bowling Green State University, police officers in the US were charged with forcible rape 405 times between 2005 and 2013. That's an average of 45 a year. Forcible fondling was more common, with 636 instances.

Yet experts say those statistics are, by no means, comprehensive. Data on sexual assaults by police are almost nonexistent, they say.

Why the numbers are lacking

One of the greatest impediments to understanding the scope of police sexual assault is the victims' reluctance to report the crime.

"Who do you call when your rapist or offender is a police officer? What a scary situation that must be," said Philip Stinson, an associate professor of criminal justice who served as principal investigator for the police integrity paper and whose research assistants maintain the BGSU database.

No one interviewed for this story could give an estimate, even ballpark, on how underreported these types of crimes might be.


What data is available paints a jarring picture. One statistic from Stinson indicates that for every sexual assault that makes the news, there are almost always more victims – on average, five more.

About half of the victims are children, researchers say. Stinson has gotten accustomed to hearing his research assistants proclaim during their work, "Oh my God, it's another 14-year-old."

"People want to believe the police."

Offenders who seek to victimize people know this, experts say, and they strategically select victims, bolstering their chances of not getting caught.

Researchers find that a predominance of the victims fall into at least one of several categories: They have criminal records, are Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Saudi Arabia claims Khashoggi was killed in a fight, contrary to other accounts

Missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead, Saudi Arabia's general prosecutor said early Saturday morning local time.

The government said that Khashoggi got into a fight with the people he met at the consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on Oct. 2. The kingdom alleged that Khashoggi died in that clash

That explanation counters multiple reports of how Khashoggi died. Turkish officials told The New York Times that it has audio evidence which proves Khashoggi was tortured, killed and subsequently dismembered by a hit team of Saudi agents amongst whom there just happened to be a coroner with a bonesaw.

But even with the investigation still ostensibly underway, the Saudis are already pointing to General Assiri as the culprit who accvidentially planned the "accident"



Say /n/ mod dummy…yea, you

I know the link doesn't match the article perfectly

That's because I used some creative license, and combined 2 articles and filled in between the spaces.

Oh, to highlight the gruesomeness of the dismemberment with a little added levity, I have used a youtube video on bone sawing an animal

You anchored my post the last time I did this, so I'm explaining it in terms that your limited intellect understands.

Now if you want just plain copy/pasta, please go mod over at /newsplus/.

I'm sure you'd fit right in over there

Types of moderators

The most common outcome of a mod flexing his authority.

Broadly speaking, moderators can be divided into the following categories;

1 Rule bound moderators - these mods are usually bound to a sense of community and Internet fairness. They will go out of their way to ban anyone breaking their arbitrary rules because they are "helping" everyone out. In reality they are slowly choking to death the very forum they circle jerk over. Very common moderator type.

2 Passive moderators - this type of mod rarely posts on the board in question and will often lurk unseen in the shadows, hiding their online status, until such time as they need to wield their power despite being largely unknown to the community.

3 Vigilantes - actively cruise every thread, editing or deleting posts that are vaguely interesting or controversial, so as to maintain a general atmosphere of stagnation on the board. Most commonly found on specialist forums.

4 Fucking hopeless - the most dangerous of all, showing precious little awareness of how to do their job. This incompetence often manifests itself in such forms as ensuring that new members are watchfully policed and ruthlessly suppressed by recourse to, amongst other things, the Law of the Post Count (see below).



5 Teh popular ones - These are the mods that were appointed to their positions either by sucking off the administrator or they have n00dz floating somewhere. These are usually camwhores who you often wonder how they balance the life of being an Instagram whore and an incompetent mod. Often they don't do anything except be really bitchy to n00bs and post their pictures in the Member's photos thread wanting to be dickfed attention. (Ex. of camwhore moderator, verynicelady)

6 The RL faggot - These are a rare breed of mod, but every once in a while, an admin takes a liking to these ladyboy traps and decides it's time for a promo. While "Teh popular ones" type of mod thinks she is in control, it's actually the "RL faggot" that proves the most dangerous (and also the most likely to be the resident "drama queen"). Expect them to get in nice and cozy with an admin, and secretly be their personal bitch. We don't want to imply who the real bitch is however, since generally it's the ladyboy that becomes the most "persuasive" when it comes to decision making. If you try to pwn them for their epic failures as a mod, they'll automatically show their faggotry by pulling the gay card. Beware of this, but it's still epic lulz.

ULTRA RARE The laid back mod - These are the few and proud moderators who were former trolls and dec7ided to balance being a troll and being a good forum user and ended up somehow getting picked to be moderators.They usually don't jump into forum raids right away because a part of them would like to see the epic lulz in action.They usually don't care much about spam and stupid new members and it's rare for them to get motivated to ban someone.The admins hate these type of mods and like to often find ways to replace them with more of the types described above. But in real life they're really just basement dwellers who want to get respect from people on the internets that they will never meet.

8 Opinionies - One of the most uncommon Mods, there are only about one OPI Moderator in every forum, and they usually ban people or follow those who disagree with them. Their mission is to find people who they don't agree with, and simply ban them. They are waiting for you to do somethingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: adaa94760ffedd6⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1162x7687, 1162:7687, Screenshot_Moderator - Enc….png)

File: 99fb1ad46fac222⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Leyun-Wang_bipaternal-mous….jpg)


This research is extremely likely to trigger homophobic trolling but it still interesting.

I cutted out the middle part about technical details that you can find in the link


>When scientists made immature human egg cells from donated blood, some speculated that human reproduction was on the verge of a massive disruption.


>The future is now.


>Last week, a team from China completely overhauled natural reproduction, using genetic engineering to make mice born from same-sex parents for the first time. Babies from two moms were indistinguishable from mouse pups generated through good-old-means: not only were they healthy, they went on to give birth to mouse pups of their own.


>Those born with the DNA of two dads—with the help of a surrogate—survived through birth but only lived a few days, underscoring the fact that the new technology is still in its infancy.


>A masterful technological tour-de-force aside, the study pinpoints critically important genetic factors that allow an embryo to develop normally. It’s like cracking the biological Enigma code of reproduction—a set of genetic instructions that allow an embryo to survive, regardless of how it’s made.


>“This shows us what’s possible,” said senior author Dr. Wei Li at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The team described their results in Cell Stem Cell.



>A Crossed Barrier

>Although the study only successfully generated a handful of mice from same-sex parents, it nevertheless crosses a biological barrier previously thought impermeable.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




File: 7d1bf396fde1cca⋯.jpg (99.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Of man born




File: 0cb4b74d227f82b⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 1046x705, 1046:705, Dr strangewheels.jpg)

This is exactly what we needed. First sex robots and now buttbabies.How will women ever compete?


>Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel

Why do the jews need to comment on this>

File: a3541147757c9e0⋯.jpg (382.92 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, GymballBabyBlue.jpg)


On hearing the guilty verdicts, Khaw turned towards the children in the public gallery as they began to weep. He shook his head repeatedly when the judge began summarising the case.

None of the children, nor the aunt from their father’s side who accompanied them, took questions after the verdict. It is not known if Khaw will appeal his conviction.

Throughout the 21-day trial that riveted Hong Kong for the unusual use of a gas-leaking yoga-ball as the murder weapon, prosecutor Andrew Bruce SC portrayed the incident as a deliberate murder plot executed by Khaw amid a deteriorating relationship with his wife while he was having an affair with a student, Shara Lee.

Khaw, a specialist in anaesthesiology, put a leaking inflatable ball containing carbon monoxide in the boot of a yellow Mini Cooper driven by his wife on May 22, 2015, the prosecutor said.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



It was carbon monoxide, CO.

That is lethal in smaller doses too.



That much carbon monoxide would definitely kill somebody, because you don't notice carbon monoxide poisoning until you're about to pass out from it. She'd be sitting there breathing it in until she lost consciousness and then it's already in her blood blocking oxygen uptake.


He should have followed her and removed the ball when she crashed

and then stuck a tube in her mouth from a CO tank

Also, he should have punctured the exhaust system to lay the blame there

AM I smarter than a Professor…damn right



Columbo would have been a great killer



>something happened

>its a conspiracy

take your meds

File: 640c5e6808be308⋯.jpg (66.75 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 160408165251-smallpox-vacc….jpg)


VACCINIA immunization, as given to prevent the spread of smallpox, produces a five-fold reduction in HIV replication in the laboratory.

Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Immunology suggest that the end of smallpox vaccination in the mid-20th century may have caused a loss of protection that contributed to the rapid contemporary spread of HIV. Raymond Weinstein, a family doctor turned laboratory scientist at George Mason University, Manassas, Virginia, worked with a team of researchers from George Washington University and UCLA.

The researchers looked at the ability of white blood cells taken from people recently immunized with vaccinia to support HIV replication compared to unvaccinated controls. They found significantly lower viral replication in blood cells from vaccinated individuals.

Weinstein said, “There have been several proposed explanations for the rapid spread of HIV in Africa, including wars, the reuse of unsterilized needles and the contamination of early batches of polio vaccine.

However, all of these have been either disproved or do not sufficiently explain the behaviour of the HIV pandemic. Our finding that prior immunization with vaccinia virus may provide an individual with some degree of protection to subsequent HIV infection suggests that the withdrawal of such vaccination may be a partial explanation.” Smallpox immunization was gradually withdrawn from the 1950s to the 1970s following the worldwide eradication of the disease, and HIV has been spreading exponentially since approximately the same time period.

Weinstein and his colleagues propose that vaccination may confer protection against HIV by producing long term alterations in the immune system, possibly including the expression of a certain receptor, CCR5, on the surface of a person’s white blood cells which is exploited by both viruses. Speaking about the results, Weinstein said, “While these results are very interesting and hopefully may lead to a new weapon against the HIV pandemic, they are very preliminary and it is far too soon to recommend the general use of vaccinia immunization for fighting HIV.”

https://pakobserver.net/smallpox-vaccine-prodPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Immunology suggest that the end of smallpox vaccination in the mid-20th century may have caused a loss of protection that contributed to the rapid contemporary spread of HIV.

Or maybe it had something to do with dudes fucking each other in the ass.


shilling toxic crap from big pharma is pretty low.

I know I posted my comment before and it was removed. Wonder who is running /n/? Making me a bit nervous!



>Or maybe it had something to do with dudes fucking each other in the ass

Yea, but they wouldn't have spread it as fast


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump threatened to deploy the military and close the southern U.S. border on Thursday if Mexico did not move to halt large groups of migrants headed for the United States from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

“I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught - and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump threatened to withhold aid to the region as a caravan with several thousand Honduran migrants traveled this week through Guatemala to Mexico in hopes of crossing into the United States to escape violence and poverty in Central America.


113 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



fuck you my wife will get to know them soon enough


I pay taxes and do not want


He did this for the last invasion caravan too. Every single one was let in.


File: 6068bb18a53441b⋯.png (254.37 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2bd704239650f39eb328c8c9bf….png)


lol get rekt gamurrs



Mother of NPC'S Batman, get a load of this guy


“Mr. Cosby said Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela helped him prepare for this chapter of his life,” Wyatt told the publication.

Cosby, 81, is giving advice to other inmates about their situations, referring to them as “residents” rather than inmates. “He has been able to speak with other inmates about their situation and impart advice,” Wyatt told the publication. “Mr. Cosby loves hearing other stories of the inmates whom he calls residents.”


12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



> Cosby is a RAPIST.

I bet you think weinstein is a rapist too.



He is. Cosby isn't.



Bigoted feminists once again trying to keep the black man down. Fight the power!


Advice is currency for pudding. Eat your heart out, Fleece Johnson.



>>Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela

>Cosby confirmed Commie

Maybe he's a confirmed negro, you dumb nigger

File: 63e86eec858b0bd⋯.png (266.1 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Curing Cancer Is Not A Sus….png)



Curing patients of terminal illnesses, such as cancer, is not a “sustainable business model,” according to a new report by banking giant Goldman Sachs that suggests curing patients is not profitable enough, unlike “long-term treatment.”

The investment firm also urged investors to resist backing pioneering “gene therapy” treatments as “one-shot cures” are bad for business in the long term.

In a report entitled “The Genome Revolution,” the worlds fifth largest bank asks: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”

Analyst Salveen Richter wrote in the note to clients Tuesday says that long-term treatments garner far more revenue than “one-shot cures,” saying:

“The potential to deliver ‘one-shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy, and gene editing.

“However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies.

“While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.”

According to CNBC, Richter cited Gilead Sciences’ treatments for hepatitis C, which achieved cure rates of more than 90 percent.The company’s U.S. sales for these hepatitis C treatments peaked at $12.5 billion in 2015, but have been falling ever since.

Goldman estimates the U.S. sales for these treatments will be less than $4 billion this year, according to a table in the report.

“GILD is a case in point, where the success of its hepatitis C franchise has gradually exhausted the available pool of treatable patients,” the analyst wrote.

“In the case of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, curing existing patients also decrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Notice how every hospital you've seen for the past 10 years is rapidly expanding. There is always construction happening; always new additions being built. There are new hospitals popping up everywhere. They have big, big plans for us…



Yah, stay away from them unless its an absolute emergency. Just eat healthy, exercise and avoid toxic crap. Filter or distill your tap water and avoid junk/fast foods and CRAP like soda. Take some vitamins supplements and curcumin too and you'll do fine, you won't need them.


File: aa605217eb135e0⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 400x654, 200:327, antispam24.jpg)


Cancer is a massive racket. They poison the food, water and even vaccines with toxins. Filter or distill the water you drink. Eat certified organic non-GMO foods and meats without hormones or preservatives. Take high quality vitamins. Exercise. Eat healthy. Take curcumin too. Studies are showing things like Beet Juice is healthy too. So if you want to juice beets and try that, go for it. Keep fit and east healthy and avoid toxins and junk foods/processed sugars. You won't have to worry about cancer.



It would probably be easier at that point to move to a different country that doesn't purposely poison your food because it's not ruled by fucking jews

t. moved to Japan, half the shit you would eat in the US is banned there. Only thing I'm iffy about is the radiation, but you can see where rice and seafood is sourced, so that helps.

File: 7048f9188efe60b⋯.png (861.85 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ClipboardImage.png)



Hopping on the “blame the memes” bandwagon, UK researchers have sent a letter to Parliament warning that kids are learning poor health habits from the memes they share on social media.

The letter, sent by Loughborough University researchers to a Parliament committee investigating the impact of social media on teens, demonstrates a poor grasp of what exactly a meme is, though one need only read the New York Times’ latest think-piece on memes to see that academia has never really understood the finer points of internet culture.

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This whole study by "researchers" is a fraud, most likely a bunch of triggered SJWs. In reality its sitting in front of a computer or TV screen and eating all day that makes you fat.


File: c0a8ed7f555aa4b⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, c0a8ed7f555aa4bdff61b346bc….jpg)


>the UK government's policies are failing

<but instead of blaming its policies it blames the memes


I mean the're not technically wrong, advertising is memetic, and it is plastered all over 'the social medias'.


The government subsidizes sugar and other industries that make a fortune because of the profit margins being so insane.

I don't think most of the food is purposefully designed to be awful for you, it likely was just a product of finding the most cost effective ratio of ingredients.

We could be ubermensch if the government subsidized healthy produce and salads instead. I wouldn't even mind if some broccoli tycoons got rich off it.

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