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/leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect

A collective of people engaged in pretty much what the name suggests
Winner of the 75nd Attention-Hungry Games
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March 2019 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 244e4952b907c63⋯.jpg (149.87 KB, 800x649, 800:649, banner333.jpg)


Thoughts on 3chan.io? It seems to have lot of potential ground for fighting the capitalist swines



>Protecting free speech by preventing people who we deem "shills" from disagreeing with us.

The irony that you then proceed to shill your awfully made image-board here in an attempt at getting us to post there.

The fact that you didn't even mention that it was shit, or that it was made by Nazis, while having the black sun in your opening post's image like we wouldn't know what it was, just makes it obvious.

Really, just a pathetic display. Stay far away from anything that requires logical thinking, like programming.

Have this bump so the mods can see you and execute you.



Me again. I hacked your website in about 30 seconds for the glory of my anarchist-democratist cryptographically secured webchat run by a gay man and a jew. It was trivial.

Any attempt to retaliate against my website will be met with a less trivial, more permanent site-destruction that will eliminate your ability to use that domain. Feel free to stop by for a chat though if you like. Unlike you, I actually _do_ care about free speech, even yours. If you'd like, we could help you secure your shit hole.



the fuck are you even going on about? :D:D:D:D


Schizophrenia is le funny xd



I've got all the boards on 3chan.io redirecting to my website ',',',',:^)



Are you the guy convinced that /leftypol/ is gangstalking him?



File: ee0857f2b4db93c⋯.png (155.66 KB, 855x651, 285:217, lmaoo.PNG)



3chan.io mods, feel free to contact me at landonjamespowell@gmail.com

I'm willing to work out an agreement in which you debate me for a short period of time on politics and then I'm willing to help you mitigate some of your site's fundamental flaws.

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