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File: c904f2dcadcdad5⋯.png (408.36 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, linux__unix_for_the_masses.png)


If you're a leftist why aren't you using a GNU/Linux distro? If you use Windows or Mac why are you even here?


because it's gay lol



If you're a leftist why are you using homosexuality as an attempted insult?





File: c30ebd75ea18d06⋯.png (14.34 KB, 364x322, 26:23, 1520105187002.png)

>If you're a leftist why aren't you using a GNU/Linux distro?

They're crap

> If you use Windows or Mac why are you even here?

Cuz I'm a leftist


File: 1ef4e963d0e9adf⋯.png (871.49 KB, 800x578, 400:289, 1ef4e963d0e9adf7a5b6c8817b….png)


lol what a fag



I can't be fucked tbh.



Linux is too difficult to use plus the community is crawling with crypto alt right chuds


For general desktop usage, it is a hassle. For anything server/network-related it is a requirement.




Linux is very easy to use if you pick the right distro. The Linux community also has a ton of leftists. Whatever shitty proprietary software you're using has tons of alt-right faggots using it too.


I found it pretty easy to set up and use. I am just some scrub that never ever opens the terminal and uses xubuntu. it really feels idiot proof these days.

I do dual boot for games and I am posting this from windows 10 though. Maybe should try WINE soon.



I use Void. It's easy to use if you have used Linux before. https://voidlinux.org/

If you've never used Linux before install Debian with XFCE. https://www.debian.org/


Linux is easy to use and set up. It is especially easy if all you are doing is browsing the internet. Just buy 2 computers if you need to play vidya or run PS.


File: f614af56f1fece5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.11 KB, 800x664, 100:83, 33a44e2f42842eaf13da86ac06….jpg)

My essence radiates in harmony with this post OP. Quantum entanglement, intertwined yet far across the internet.



Because my computer is ten years old



Not if you don’t know shit about codeing.



Lies, install Ubuntu and hit next.


My computer is 14 years old. Feel young now?



This, the set up process is literally pressing next in a series of menus.


File: 4df9fd5bd0a8843⋯.png (134.41 KB, 1029x1024, 1029:1024, 1029px-Linux_Mint_logo_wit….png)

File: 4f9f89e6896961a⋯.jpeg (143.93 KB, 957x421, 957:421, mint dev on palestine.jpeg)

Install Mint.

It's Ubuntu without Amazon botnet.


File: dc2289c0efe7eca⋯.png (561.94 KB, 893x767, 893:767, smug ochako345234.png)


>unironically using mint



What's wrong with it? I know some people far smarter than me who have used it. Sure centOS is better but Mint seems like a perfectly serviceable OS.



Modern distros are more idiot proof than Windows is, especially since they tend to retain the traditional desktop.



Wrong. Windows is the ultimate idiot proof software. It's why I use it. For safety and convenience and because I'm not a pedo scared of the government looking at my files.

Windows. It just works.


Just use Deepin, Redstar or Canaima OS, hell even centos 7 is fine: the cuban government said so


Because I'm not autistic enough.



yet you have that flag, don't hate urself bro



Frick off Porky


File: 990522d6e11000a⋯.png (1.43 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, screenFetch-2018-10-20_02-….png)

>why aren't you using a GNU/Linux distro

But I am.



How do I install linux on pc, secure boot makes it pretty cancer.


File: f5bf8f1abaea984⋯.pdf (944.78 KB, linux intro.pdf)


just give this a read should answer all your questions



You can either disable UEFI from BIOS or if that's no an option, most Linux distros have support for UEFI, so it should just werk™


You need to up your b8 game.


File: bb700db90976c1f⋯.jpg (613.88 KB, 1260x800, 63:40, Desktop-Thread.jpg)

Because we live in a Windows society.


File: fe70abc3123c8ef⋯.jpg (285.46 KB, 612x716, 153:179, 18fad8ac186db6488890a7e6de….jpg)


but some linux distros use far less resources than windows does



Two of my three laptops, the two non-work ones I own, are running Linux (Arch on one, Gentoo on the other).

I run Windows on my other one because I have to test Windows builds.

Even the "hardcore" distros are piss easy to install (just follow the readme.txt in Arch's root). Windows, with it's constant blue screens due to some random driver fucking up your whole system, is objectively way harder to install and maintain.

My main issue with the GNU/Linux leftist community (Richard Stallman and such) are that they're mostly ☭TANKIE☭s and socdem neets pretending they're leftists, and a huge load of them desire to feel superior, not to spread leftist ideals. You're a great example, OP. Instead of using this as a chance to reach out to Mac and Windows users by giving them an alternative and showing them that they're fucked over by their OS of choice, you attach Windows and Mac to their identities and try to get them to defend it. You do more harm than good.



It just doesn't work. >>2687023


The only people offended by OP are people who attach Windows and Mac along with the whole corporate aesthetic appeal to their identity though.


I was through that phase once. Then I installed gentoo. gang. And I became apathetic to the aesthetic and became obsessed with compiling and configuring all my software.


File: e6d402652523cd3⋯.png (253.3 KB, 645x773, 645:773, brainlet tears.png)


>try to setup my gpu drivers on mandriva

>entire system gets fucked after a whole afternoon of failed attempts

I'll try again in the near future though, hopefully I can now go and setup my autistic vidya emulators without too much hassle.


>It's another 'why aren't you a shitty lifestylist?' thread.


File: 4f04b699b26c4d8⋯.png (569.73 KB, 1029x711, 343:237, terry.png)


>some linux distros use far less resources than windows does


Almost every distro requires less resources than Windows, especially if you don't go for a bloated desktop enviroment and instead install a light-weight one. Unix based operating systems are the most resource efficient OS, because Unix comes from a time when it cost a million dollars to manufacture a megabyte worth of memory.



The NPCs can't let go of their corporate identity, because their programming doesn't allow it. They hate Linux for the same reason, because they are programs, not programmers are incapable of creation.



> GNU/Linux

> leftist

They are Petit-Bourgeois.

Either way, the whole argument stinks of the same old shit "why do you use iPhone, if you don't like Capitalism?"


>They're crap

Nah. It was somewhat true (for regular users) when WinXP was around. By the time of Vista things started to become about equal. Today you got to be a dedicated gamer to have any reason to keep using Win10. And even then most games are linux-compatible today.


Get Ubuntu.


> without Amazon botnet.

What Amazon botnet?



We need auto-replace of "NPC" with "/pol/yp".


File: 199194e9c4cd1b7⋯.png (207.05 KB, 1366x745, 1366:745, 1.png)





As someone who has started off with Slackware in 2005, I can tell you Linux has come a long way since '08.



Some Ubuntu distros send your search terms to Amazon for datamining and reselling. Steer clear of Canonical's *Ubuntum, it's the ugly, shady cousin of the Linux family.



Searches where? In web browsers?



Tilda and xfce terminal are less bloated than guake have the same functions and don't require gnome to run.



Using Linux/BSD over Winders/Mac is as important as owning a gun in current day and age.

Not doing so makes one complicit in the status quo.



No, i think it's only passed on when you use the Ubuntu search bar.


File: 1876f68ac79993b⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Terry_where_it_all_went_w….webm)


Ubuntu also dumbs everything down for normies and beginners, which makes it difficult to switch distros later. You don't learn anything and you acquire no skills when you use Ubuntu, It is like a dumbphone in that respect: Easy to use, but very shallow.



Who ion earth is that immense autist in your webm?



Terry A. Davis himself, the schizophrenic creator of TempleOS.



Who the fuck even uses windows… like… how do you even sudo apt-get there?


File: 73c7528c811440e⋯.png (207.7 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 2ec.png)


>That's a big cock… Jesus Christ that's a big cock…

>Yeah so my livestream got suspended for porn


File: eb1300a2e46db52⋯.jpeg (568.22 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, widescreen.jpeg)


>Linux is too difficult to use

The absolute state of the modern left.

#HashtagI'mWithHer #HashtagPostedFromMyIPhone











What is with all the brainlet shills ITT? If you use Windows, you are not only a danger to yourself, but you are putting all of your comrades in danger of surveillance as well. You are a literal fucking COINTEL hazard if you use Windows, Facebook, or other botnets to organize.


File: b51e3ecdfd743f0⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 572x628, 143:157, 1445472041259.jpg)

let's see



>compatibility issues with a lot of common software

>user unfriendly

>100000000000000000000000 functionally identical distros

i'll stick with pirated and modded Win7 thx




Literally every statement applies the other way around.



>ur projecting xD

100% effort argument



>>user unfriendly


>pirated and modded Win7

unironic botnet



who let the fanboys in



using windows because you need legacy support is one thing, but i can guarantee you that 99% of people who think loonix is difficult have either never tried it or ragequit when they couldn't figure out package management


File: a4dd6622a32b23a⋯.gif (386.21 KB, 246x135, 82:45, 4e94db908927ce81c13ec726f6….gif)


File: 9d4d5584d423392⋯.jpg (206.25 KB, 740x495, 148:99, smug anime.jpg)


>why aren't you using a GNU/Linux distro?

As a developer, I unironically enjoy MS technologies. Since MS included power shell into windows I do not see any reason why should I use linux.

>If you use Windows or Mac why are you even here?

Because I'm leftist

>inb4 botnet

I'm never going to stand on USA's soil and I'm never going to be person worth CIA's attention for staged suicide. In fact, if I was on CIA's target list, no amount of proxies and no linux distro would save me.



If you are using mobile phone with sim card linked to your identity, your location is stored every time you send text, make a call or just when your mobile phone make connection to nearest antenna. Therefore, if you are using mobile phone when visiting your radical book reading club you are danger to your comrades.

This vulnerability is easy to fix tho, just wrap your mobile phone with several layers of aluminum foil.



Because I'm lazy and my PC is good enough for anime and masturbation.



I had issues with mint, like my computer just suddenly stopped functioning completely out of nowhere.

But I think that might have been hardware issues, not software.



I don't see what point you are trying to make, it will be absolutely necessary for a serious revolutionary party to curtail phone use during meetings and activities.



kill yourself NSA shill.



>As a developer, I unironically enjoy MS technologies.


>no package manager

>no Bash

>fucked up folder hierarchy

>can't study source code of the programs you use

>I'm never going to stand on USA's soil and I'm never going to be person worth CIA's attention for staged suicide.

So you're a wanker who will never do anything for socialism, makes sense since you're petty bourg.


File: 68bb1accfde523f⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 720x525, 48:35, cd7c611795c4c092c60f9822be….jpg)



File: ccd669c8ff10661⋯.jpg (141.84 KB, 529x480, 529:480, a05d47818e3ff83dbd120110c2….jpg)


>I don't see what point you are trying to make

I was trying to point out that your OS choice is not, or at least not the only one thing, standing between you and fascist forces.


>>no package manager


>>no Bash

Why would I want bash if I have power shell?

>>fucked up folder hierarchy

not an argument

>>can't study source code of the programs you use

are you trying to imply open source software can not be installed on windows?

>So you're a wanker who will never do anything for socialism, makes sense since you're petty bourg.

I came from pretty poor family which I'm trying to help financially as much as I am able to, and I do not own any property. I will get basic military training and join a party before the end of next year. What exactly are you doing which makes you morally better leftist than me?




Also, I know quite a lot petty bourgs which are in favour of socialism. Why use it as insult?


For newbies I suggest Manjaro Linux xfce version. It is an Arch derivative but much easier to install and use.

Also it is rolling release meaning you don't need to reinstall at every major update.



>are you trying to imply open source software can not be installed on windows?

Windows is proprietary and Microsoft has been found meddling with user data and files in the past.

There are intentional backdoors that they(and whoever they want) have access to.



You're using literal spyware, handing all your data and the data of those foolish enough to contact you directly to the feds.

What's the point in building a castle on top of a trapdoor that literally anyone can use because the trapdoor leads into parts of your castle you don't know about or understand? Especially when only your enemy has the blueprint to said castle?

Why not just work for the FBI directly and at least get paid for it?



>>>no package manager



<still googling for software on internet explorer



>another fucking distro

this is a prime criticism of mine. 5000 different distros, all of which basically identical.



Why is that a criticism? That's what happens when an OS is open source. This doesn't pose any realistic problems, you either just pick one of the popular ones, or you use virtual box to test some and pick what you like.




because i'd rather there be one or a few good versions of an OS rather than every single hipster thinking their propietry software is the ebst around.



>There are intentional backdoors that they(and whoever they want) have access to.

yes, I have heard even about hardware backdoors in intel, which will not save me unless I would use some super-fancy encryption, and even then police can simply beat the shit out of you until you give them passwords.


I do not care about FBI. There is whole ocean between us. If some policeman or secret police person from my country would ask me about my political views I would, without hesitation, tell them I am marxist and I do want and will take part in the revolution to overthrow our government. Nothing about this is illegal. Why do you put yourself under so much stress?



>but i can guarantee you that 99% of people who think loonix is difficult have either never tried it or ragequit when they couldn't figure out package management

More like

>shit fonts

>utter shit design in general

>boot loader crapping out

>blurry icons

>wifi driver bullshit

>no foobar equivalent

Not everyone has the spare time to want to deal with this sort of horse shit. Everything just werks on Windows.



That's not what proprietary means. Proprietary software, is software that you can't see its source code and is prohibited by law to try to.

The real choices are like 4

Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and Fedora.

Manjaro is just arch with preinstalled stuff and easy installation.



>I'm safe so it must be good practice to expose everyone I organize and interact with to political repression

How myopic can you get

Just admit you're a lazy liberal




my mistake, I will concede that much

>the real choices

i've had 10 different people tell me 10 different things. which brings us back to the distros just being copy/pastes of each other



>>I'm safe so it must be good practice to expose everyone I organize and interact with to political repression

>shitty redlib calling leftists "liberals"

projecting much? Also, I never said that. I just know what it feels to be beaten by police, and believe me, you wouldn't last tenth as much I do with not telling anyone anything specific.



Who cares? There's tons of software with very similar functionality out there, why don't you have a problem with that?



because it's messy, inefficient and completely unecessary. why not centralise the lot of extraneous crap into a handful of high quality distros and make selecting them a piece of piss instead of having the aforementioned problem of C/P. and software ripoffs ARE a problem for the same reaosn, as it makes the actually good and useful ones more obfuscated.



>Reads through hundreds of pages of history and theory

>A step-by-step installation is too hard for him

LMAO just start with Linux Mint bro.




This liberated territory has 5000 different communes, all of which basically identical.

This is a prime criticism of mine.




That's not true at all. Just because someone made Justin Bieber linux doesn't at all take away from the good and useful ones, nor does it obfuscate them.




>reading theory



>>shit fonts

>>utter shit design in general

>>boot loader crapping out

>>blurry icons

>>wifi driver bullshit

>>no foobar equivalent

<Hey guys, it's the nineties!



>operating systems and communes are the same

imagine being this retarded


say you have distro AN which is useful for networking (say). but some hipster makes AN1 because he thinks he can improve on it, before you know it you have 15 copy/pastes of AN, and they can all lie and say they were the original. no useful developments are made, and it's just wasted space.



> I'm not a chatbot




>want to compare prison terms epeen

fuck off you dumb fucking larper

you're putting people at risk, and you don't care because it's too much fucking trouble to learn very elementary IT concepts




oh no porky doesn't like you. this is clearly a grave crime leading to the death of leftism. we're doomed I tell you, doomed!


File: 47e98d59e443757⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 480x272, 30:17, 47e98d59e4437579ed4675e6d….webm)



Why are you babbling on about the 90s? This happened a couple of years ago.



>if you don't like working with a literal unwitting FBI agent, you're being hyperbolic

yeah, enjoy being taken in for questioning I guess

I'll just avoid your dumb ass instead of having anything to do with you.


>be ancom

>succeed at global revolution

>the development of Windows stops




This doesn't happen tho. When some hipster as you say thinks he can improve on an OS, he creates his own OS with a different name, while the original one continues to develop.

Also making the OS has nothing to do with developing the software that makes up the OS. The linux kernel, systemd, wayland, X11 are all examples of software that makes up some linux OS. Their development isn't halted or accelerated by the number of linux distros that are made using them.



>leftism will suceed if we all turn into paranoid basement dwellers!


that's a different problem. you have AN which is good for networking, but CS claims to be better, but there's also PR and SA. all of which claim to be superior. wouldn't it be eaiser if there was just one unified OS for the purpose instead of a bunch of nerds competing.



Spending a single day reading some fucking man pages will not make you a paranoid basement dweller

Fuck off fed


File: de382526f1c6f60⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1200x849, 400:283, ClipboardImage.png)


>prison terms

That's not how it works. Police beat you only if they can't get anything to arrest you for.


>trouble to learn very elementary IT concepts

hahaa, you are nothing but shitty projecting redlib trying to look smart by installing edgy linux distro, first worldist cancer which thinks he is making a difference by secretly meeting with his very important newspaper selling/fash bashing group of future liberals. FFS, I know radical christians less high on ideology than you. Pic related is what I fear, not foreign secret police such as CIA, which has better stuff to do than assassinating people like you for reading weird books and visiting weird forums.



you are saying we shroud and isolate ourselves. you're being a retarded conspiracy theorist.



It would be a little bit easier, yes, to go to that one website and click "download linux" and that's it.

However what makes linux, linux would be lost in the proccess.

Linux as a concept is multiple individuals, teams and organizations from all over the world, developing free software(non-proprietary). If you had to force everyone to work on one project you would end up with a big company and something like windows.



[Citation needed]



>[Citation needed]

read posts with (you) after "Anonymous" ITT


File: 9aac7ee6437acdd⋯.png (81.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1448133164848.png)




Nice ability to point to an instance of what you claimed



>you are saying we should shroud and isolate ourselves

<citation needed

stop embarressing yourself





File: 11da114c3dff0e2⋯.jpg (35.42 KB, 412x720, 103:180, 11da114c3dff0e23b16c9fd4bc….jpg)


File: f9916184f493156⋯.jpg (52 KB, 473x812, 473:812, 566b75d3837fd1c625c0eb55a9….jpg)


I haven't seen anyone as pathetic as (you) on this board for very long time. Go get some sleep, fatty.




>hey guys I brought my friend from the Pinkertons to the local



>Everything just werks on Windows.

You're a fucking joke, m8.


File: 71349c5ac4f619d⋯.png (351.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


<Pinkerton, founded as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, is a private security guard and detective agency established in the United States by Scotsman Allan Pinkerton in 1850 and currently a subsidiary of Securitas AB.[1] Pinkerton became famous when he claimed to have foiled a plot to assassinate president-elect Abraham Lincoln, who later hired Pinkerton agents for his personal security during the Civil War.[2] Pinkerton's agents performed services ranging from security guarding to private military contracting work. Pinkerton was the largest private law enforcement organization in the world at the height of its power.[3]

>everyone who makes fun of my pathetic and infantile opinions is secret agent! I-i-i m not paranoid I swear and what I do is important for wold communism!



Nice reading comprehension, retard


Woah what's with all the NSA/CIA/FBI shilling for windows in here?

Keep it up lads we need more info on the antifa menace.


File: a0ffcef18d45ec6⋯.jpeg (408.41 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, c729d4d33fae5ad6.jpeg)

Good worker. Stay dumb. Stay vulnerable. Linux is for nerdy losers.


File: 6877d9cf3e5f955⋯.jpg (24.3 KB, 240x251, 240:251, 1533675180903.jpg)


Linux is the joke mate.



>everyone who isn't a lifestyleist is hurting leftism!


File: ac403f5ec80075a⋯.jpg (142.25 KB, 976x549, 16:9, che-shiggy.jpg)

>1917 + 101

>still paying porky to use software that you can't open up and look inside of

>giving all of your data away to the state/porky



If you don't want to deal with the hassle that is Linux you're a shill. Get a fucken grip.



I miss Terry.



>>>no package manager


Windows """"developers""" everyone, point and laugh

>Why would I want bash if I have power shell?

IDK, why use a powerdrill when you can use a butterknife?

>not an argument

The folder hierarchy matters for the way all your code and packages are organized.

>are you trying to imply open source software can not be installed on windows?

Yeah actually, a lot of useful programs don't bother supporting Windows, or have poor support. And good luck debugging issues that originate in your proprietary OS and DE.

>I came from pretty poor family which I'm trying to help financially as much as I am able to, and I do not own any property. I will get basic military training and join a party before the end of next year. What exactly are you doing which makes you morally better leftist than me?

The point is, if you're not worried about the CIA, the CIA will never be worried about you, meaning you don't plan to do shit.


Because I am not a lifestylist and I want my vidya/youtube/anime machine to just work.

>Inb4 muh feds will catch you

If you use a computer to organize illegal things youre the problem. If you rely on others not doing something to keep you safe you are doing it wrong.



>>shit fonts

Linux has better font rendering.

>>boot loader crapping out

Doesn't happen unless Windows deletes it.

>>blurry icons


>>wifi driver bullshit

Use ethernet or just order a wifi card with good drivers.

>>no foobar equivalent

Clementine is fine, use WINE if you're too autistic to switch.

>Not everyone has the spare time to want to deal with this sort of horse shit. Everything just werks on Windows.

Absolutely false, I work with Windows users all the time and they constantly have mysterious issues nobody can fix.


File: 9e3eb30b465848e⋯.png (365.72 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot_2018-10-20_17-4….png)

After nearly a decade of using various GNU/Linux and Windows systems (first distro I used was Mandrake Linux) I've found that really it's all up to what you want it for. For instance many graphic designers might prefer Windows or a Mac to use Adobe stuff which may not run as well under WINE. Currently using Debian because I find it's comfy as a environment for productivity



lmao I guess the communist revolution will happen without anyone using computers


Linux is easier to use than Windows, you are just used to the difficulties of Windows and unaccustomed to Linux.


File: 5f02de7ad1da114⋯.jpg (22.35 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 5f02de7ad1da114283ddd76397….jpg)

Listen you Linux shills! I'm too retarded to learn new things, okay? I'm used to things being how they are and I like it that way. Not everybody has the smarts and endurance to get better.

There! Happy?



bruh it's not hard to use linux

just install it and use it

like seriously wtf



>If you don't want to deal with the hassle that is union dues you're a shill. Get a fucken grip.


File: 1ace333a3fb7b1c⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 472x347, 472:347, 1ace333a3fb7b1c1a191c66ed8….jpg)

fuck me sideways, who let the lifestylists out? where did all this autistic rage come from?




Yeah, because basic opsec is lifestylism

lmao retard



The main reason I've continued using Windows is program compatibility and ease of installation. Most of the time, the Linux version of a program is often at best an afterthought, at worst an unusable, unstable mess.



>program compatibility

Nigger, how's that backward compatibility working out for you? You have to use fucking emulators to play games developed for the same OS family.



I haven't run into this in over a decade

You're probably just trying to fit fisher price paradigms into a unix system, when there's a simpler way to do the thing you want to do



fucking obama



>Linux has better font rendering.


>Doesn't happen unless Windows deletes it.



Blurry icons.

>Use ethernet or just order a wifi card with good drivers.

Pathetic excuses, shouldn't have to do any of this crap.

>Clementine is fine, use WINE if you're too autistic to switch.

No it isn't. Shouldn't have to use WINE to run something as simple as a music player.

>Absolutely false, I work with Windows users all the time and they constantly have mysterious issues nobody can fix.

Not me bud.


Why are you blabbering on about unions? Are you braindead?



compatibility hasn't been much of an issue in years, even for video games because of the most recent beta versions of steam.



Not everybody wants to decide when to restart their computer. If my computer knows better when it is time to restart it does for good reasons.

>inb4 linux shills say: 'b-but anon'



Yeah, but I don't like using newer, faster software

It's my right as a user to have my rights taken away without my knowledge as part of a corporate porky datamining operation

Linux can't let me do THAT

Android doesn't count


File: 02f4c4a4681dcbf⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 260x252, 65:63, full_retard.gif)


>ease of installation

<next, next, accept agreement that says they can rape me whenever, next, uncheck malware, register later, finish

<repeat ten times

<little fucker pops up: "you got 326 viruses" want me to quarantine them?

<click yes

>sorry, your licence needs renewing, please send us money or get fucked



>Nigger, how's that backward compatibility working out for you?

It's worked out pretty well. The main problems I've had with compatibility have involved 16-bit programs.


>when there's a simpler way to do the thing you want to do

I'm not sure if "install Wine, your program, and troubleshoot various problems in both installing and launching the program" is simpler.

I'm not against Linux. It's generally much easier to use Linux for programming, for example, and even something as simple as the command line is much better with Linux. I'm only saying that there are good reasons still to use Windows. Hopefully there will continue to be fewer and fewer of these reasons in the future.



>Shouldn't have to use WINE to run something as simple as a music player.

You're an actual fucking idiot for this, really exposing yourself. Don't join in on conversations you know nothing about.



>having to pay sometimes

I'm all for communism, don't get me wrong, but it is retarded not to realize that programmers need to make a living somehow under capitalism.



Sorry but this is totally out of touch. This may have been true in the vista or xp years but I've been using Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 for years and I've never had any trouble with viruses.


File: 831395f94cab1a0⋯.png (9.59 KB, 409x476, 409:476, H4qS6.png)


Fucking liar.

>be Microsoft

>Oops, sorry, our new "Windows 98" will not be backwards compatible with DOS programs

>Oops, sorry, our NT series will be incompatible with they year series

>Oops, sorry, you have to buy everything several times if you want to be able to use shit you've already payed for


>be on linux


>pic related



Wait a second are you using pirated versions of Windows? That must be why you have such a hateboner for it lmfao.

Protip the official versions don't have those problems.



Do you have a firewall software installed? Do you have an antivirus software installed?



Bruh I'm using the default antivirus that came with Windows and I've never had any problems with viruses. Stop downloading porn lmfao.



How am I lying? Have you never had to sit around and troubleshoot problems with installation using Wine or need to take a look at the various bugs and issues a specific program has running on Linux (up to and including even launching after installation)? It's been a few years since I've bothered trying, but that was my experience. It wasn't true for every program, but it was true for some.



Take that temper tantrum for a walk and get some fresh air would you.


How am I supposed to show my solidarity with American megacorporations when I use GNU/Linux?

If I don't use Windows Denali VII Pro Enterprise with Photoshop™, how am I supposed to fund union busting American imperialism with the monetization of my private data and blackmail for the NSA?



My personal philosophy is: let the big corporations like Apple and Microsoft provide us with the optimal tools for smashing capitalism. Hey, they might not be "free", but they sure as hell work!



Yeah, me too! There's no way that the people that built the tools I don't understand could prevent me from turning them against them. All those fat linux nerds are just paranoiacs LMAO


Just download linux mint and use the software repository you n00bs.

Who plays games here anyways.



Nothing wrong with the occasional video game.




>>Linux has better font rendering.


It does, enjoy your jagged pixel bullshit.

>>Use ethernet or just order a wifi card with good drivers.

>Pathetic excuses, shouldn't have to do any of this crap.

Do you also complain when you can't run modern video games on your integrated GPU? Just stop buying hardware that doesn't work with Linux, most hardware has open source drivers.


File: 25c8dc3de690400⋯.jpeg (26.52 KB, 724x424, 181:106, images (9).jpeg)

Let me tell you im using ubuntu budgie and i never thought my desktop could look this sexy.

Just get a usb drive, download the distro, download unebootin, install the iso on the usb, press the key during start up to boot from the usb and install it.

Youll have a more secure and better looking os than the porky counterparts.



Yeah, it got cucked the fuck out with a Code of Conduct recently, so it should be /leftypol/ approved by now.



Locking your door and closing your curtains is not lifestylism.

But hey, you've basically ended up playing a sorta shitty ripoff of devil's advocate a while ago. Thanks for keeping the thread bumped!


Lurk moar fgt


File: ea6848d3e3ad866⋯.jpg (402.1 KB, 1920x1074, 320:179, 566d75ab57d81028b728c24847….jpg)


Based retard doesn't know that Stallman was always an anarchist since before the Linux kernel was completed


File: 4d3b1fa47b15763⋯.png (216.81 KB, 480x273, 160:91, 38665.png)


>ubuntu budgie



What's wrong with ubuntu budgie?



>I was on CIA's target list, no amount of proxies and no linux distro would save me.

Even if this was correct, bad infosec still endangers you and your comrades to pettier and less capable enemies, which is pretty much every other anti-communist org or individual in the world.


I currently use pirated Windows because I'm too lazy to install Linux. Don't care about surveillance.



looks like unity, tbh



>enjoy your jagged pixel bullshit.

I don't use linux anymore so jagged pixel bullshit isn't a problem.

>Do you also complain when you can't run modern video games on your integrated GPU?


>Just stop buying hardware that doesn't work with Linux

Or I could just use Windows, seeing as it just werks right out of the box.

>banning someone for shitting on your precious OS like it's an attack on your character


File: a3fb4b963a79949⋯.jpg (150.75 KB, 780x599, 780:599, chill out m8.jpg)


>Windows """"developers""" everyone, point and laugh

There are package managers for windows, comrade. You just have to not be brain-dead and be able to install them yourself.

>IDK, why use a powerdrill when you can use a butterknife?

I still do not understand why would I want to use bash

>The folder hierarchy matters for the way all your code and packages are organized.

Yes, so?

>a lot of useful programs don't bother supporting Windows, or have poor support

I did not stuble upon software which I wanted and it did not have support for win.

>good luck debugging issues that originate in your proprietary OS and DE

Well, this is why it's a good thing that windows works better than half-finished linux distros.

>if you're not worried about the CIA, the CIA will never be worried about you, meaning you don't plan to do shit.

Such a big words from basement dweller. CIA will never hurt me for

<explaining fellow proles the need for unionizing

<explaining fellow proles that problems in our republic exist because of capitalist regime

<explaining fellow proles that the only way out is violent revolution

<get in shape to be an asset during revolution

<and so on and on

Why the hell do (you) think about communist revolution as some kind of islamic terrorist group fighting infidels? When the days of revolution comes close, we won't care about encrypted software or the way of software is written. People won't care about spreading the news trough facebook, newspapers or fucking graffity. Revolution is public event. The day will be publicly announced and people from all over the country will come to capital to fight. For every one leftist which would come to be imprisoned or happen to have an "accident" ten more will rise. Hiding your identity is meaningless. I do not have a problem with big brother watching, he might learn something useful.


File: 1e7eab61421aacc⋯.png (356.63 KB, 633x356, 633:356, pour_one_out_for_zucc.png)


>WorryFree? You mean it just werks? Where do I sign up?



Now you get it. Why would I use shit when I could just… not?


File: 879c7a4f27af122⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 400x438, 200:219, diet-woman-eating-vegetabl….jpg)


Introducing the package manager for windows: "yourself".


microsoft and apple are one of the biggest corporations out there.

The fact that you guys can't be bothered to take a small amount of time to install an operating system just shows how committed you are.



I don't care what some chucklefuck from the internet uses

Who are you? Xi Jinping?


Fisher Price consumers can't manage themselves, much less software they don't understand. That's why google, apple, and microsoft does it for you. You'll wish you knew how to use the tools that are being presented to you when your own become useless as anything other than glorified telescreens.



>I don't care what some chucklefuck from the internet uses

Half of this thread is you bozos being angry at me because I choose not to use your precious OS.



No, we're angry at you because you're shitposting in a thread without contributing anything like you're some kind of fucking debutante we're supposed to court



I'm not a super big fan of budgie. I don't think it looks bad, but I prefer KDE. XFCE can also look pretty great if you tinker with it enough.


File: 6f79303d9f082e4⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 700x466, 350:233, trump-thinking.jpg)



Where is the problem? I personally prefer having to install several package managers instead of tinkering in operating software because it has fuckton of unfinished parts I need to use.


File: 12b113d7273adf7⋯.png (298.69 KB, 1500x2250, 2:3, mv4azfxh0zl11.png)



>shitposting without contributing anything

I've given my reasoning which has received nothing but vitriol and shitposting in response. Why should I not shitpost? You guys are angry jokers.



Windows doesn't need a manual. It just works.


>I need to draw

There's gimp and many other drawing tools that are open source

>I need to edit video


>I need to office

Just use libreoffice

>I need to edit audio


>I want to play games

Steam has linux compatible games


File: 157f35b39a0d903⋯.png (11.97 KB, 1122x665, 1122:665, Blue_Screen_of_Death.png)




Except when it stops werking.



I don't know if this is satire but if it's not you're mentally deficient.



Just follow the instructions and reboot it. I've seen this screen a grand total of 1 time over 5+ years of using windows. Wow so scary.


If you don't have cloud backups and just rely on your hard drive, sorry bud but hard drive failures are possible too so you're just an idiot lol. Also my comp updated fine with no problems so this is just a few edge cases.


File: 51786189f2555e6⋯.jpg (92.49 KB, 650x850, 13:17, 1477541480875.jpg)


>If you don't have cloud backups and just rely on your hard drive

I keep some of my shit backed up on the cloud, but you'd have to be an idiot to keep important documents (like financial records) backed up online no matter how good the site's encryption is.



>Storing financial records in digital format

literally why



Just using it as an example. I worked as a bookkeeper at one point and used spreadsheets constantly.


Free software isn't garbage but Linux is.

I use OpenBSD.


File: 189e3a31f880b12⋯.png (184.69 KB, 298x360, 149:180, 1449930830091.png)

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux,

is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.

Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component

of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell

utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day,

without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU

which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are

not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a

part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system

that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run.

The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself;

it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is

normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system

is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux"

distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.



>I'm used to things being how they are and I like it that way.

And that's why you were always a liberal.


File: e4d614c8e1075e4⋯.webm (6.93 MB, 720x576, 5:4, gnu_linux.webm)






Windows is shit, but at least it has reached a stage, where it is Plug & Play. In Linux you have to do everything through the fuckin terminal and in the end it still doesn't work.



you don't need the terminal, just get stuff from the software repository.


how can modern leftists not know penetration testing? Seriously, use Kali



why am i crying with laughter?



If you're a leftist…. why do?



Windows is not "plug and play," you do not have to do everything in terminal in Linux, and it does work. Even so, terminal commands are literally just telling your computer what to do. It's not fucking complicated, your boomer parents managed to do it on DOS.



My boomer parents used windows tho

it just works



I have issues in windows all the time where I have to use the terminal or reinstall drivers or use some random software on the 5th page of google results.

In my experience linux just works all the time


I'm just going to leave this here.


>Badiou warns us through Passolini’s published, but never filmed, script on Paul, how Passolini saw Paul as a revolutionary wishing to destroy a model of society based on social inequality, imperialism and slavery. The Church, a key institution of oppression for dozens of centuries, which in practice worked against Paul’s mission, integrated the milder parts of Paul’s teaching into its own scripture, on the grounds that it was better to have him on their side in some acceptable form, stripped of his radical elements, than to leave him in heresy, free to unleash his teachings in its full radical potential (Badiou, 2003: 36). This is how, today, we can define the freedom of piracy in relation to arts, science

and Free Software. These are heretical acts of our times, heretical to the neo-liberal neo-conservative mix of seemingly unstoppable powers that today combine military with the regime of law to occupy a wide range of material, artistic and scientific aspects of life throughout the world. Today, sharing the wealth of digitally reproducible arts and sciences has become the heretical act of making such wealth more common, of creating the space and culture of more common human action, of exposing the false, imposed logic of scarcity. These acts are fronts which could redefine future political battles, on national, supra-national and global levels. They raise key political issues, issues that have inspired revolutions that framed the idea of emancipated humanity: questions of property and the division between public and private. It us up to us to recognize those questions, to give them forms that are inescapably political, divisive and antagonistic towards the ruling capitalist parliamentary ideology, and act through the rupture that those forms open up, primarily in the hegemonic discourse of private capital.

The guy is a bit utopian but he seems to be on the right track.



Deadbeef is Linux's foobar.


Need to have a how-to for the near computer literate lefties.

Learned how to into loonix back in middle school, but I did spend all my time at the computer, maybe not everyone has the time to commit.



Not a bad idea, honestly.



Deadbeef's crap.



I'll give it a shot, it is essential for leftists to get off proprietary garbage and embrace FLOSS.



It's certainly great if you want to try it for yourself, but calling it essential is lifestylism. Post-capitalism would render FOSS as a distinct movement obsolete, since IP laws only exist to introduce scarcity (and thus profitability) where there is none.



but mpd isn't, and rhythmbox or amarok just werks for basic shit



Not really. Exposing yourself to government surveillance because you're lazy is absolutely detrimental to any type of revolutionary activity, and even some types of non-revolutionary direct action.

It's really, really basic security not to wear a wiretap around with you everywhere.



>Post-capitalism would render FOSS as a distinct movement obsolete

Well in a similar sense that the proletariat would cease to exist as a class under socialism.



>Exposing yourself to government surveillance

That's gonna happen regardless, anon.



Well if it's going to happen anyway, I might as well just bring this FBI agent with me to the meeting. After all, it's going to happen anyway.


File: 3b1eb09a78e3dc3⋯.jpg (284.52 KB, 1990x762, 995:381, 3b1eb09a78e3dc3218121682c0….jpg)

i do


>Locking your door and closing your curtains is not lifestylism.


It is if you know that no one will steal your shit. I know places where no one locks their doors. I have no data worth stealing or spying, then why should you worry? Security to appease your paranoia and pesecution complex is not productive, and this is from someone with paranoia and persecution complex.



>what's the point of privacy if you have nothing to hide

Every. fucking. time.

The point is that you don't need to have shit for someone to try and rob you.

Someone just has to think you have shit.

Similarly, the LEOs do not only persecute people who do things that are ethically wrong or even against the law.

This isn't like leaving your door unlocked. It's like buying a wiretap and wearing it around with you everywhere you go, instead of, you know, not.

You SHOULD do things out of solidarity, and not with the Fortune500 or police state. You're comfortable with how things are and what you have. Fine, keep on fighting for the status quo, kicking and screaming. But don't pretend you're not just some liberal revisionist.



>and this is from someone with paranoia and persecution complex.

>i am a narcissistic retard so everyone else is too



First of all, our intelligence services are so bad that the president learned of a coup happening from his uncle watching tv. Secondly, they are still trying to purge the army and the police, so they kinda have their hands full. Third of all, if what you say is true and that LEOs investigate even suspicious links, then why wouldn't using linux be considered suspicious? I technically face a fine or even jail time already for looking at this site. If the government was concerned with people using linux, they would have banned it by now.

Also, I do not fight for the status quo. Frunze was wrong in his analysis that every action has to be in line with the highest aims of the revolution. If anything, you are the liberal revisionist for implying that a lifestyle change is so important as to affect the course of history instead of, you know, class struggle. It is weird how you see any dissent against using your OS as counter-revolutionary. In principle, I do support open software as a way of decentralising authority. It is the principle of using open source to distrupt capitalism I have a problem with, as it is no different than trying to distrupt capitalism by being in communes. However, I will try to switch to linux once more, just to see again how it is.



>First of all, our intelligence services are so bad that the president learned of a coup happening from his uncle watching tv.

>hurr durr incompetent empire




Not burger, our empire collapsed 96 years ago.



>our intelligence services are so bad that the president learned of a coup happening from his uncle watching tv

This is by definition an overpowered and uncontrollable intelligence service, not a "bad" one, you shilling tard.



The thing is, the intelligence service was 90% on his side, the plotters even tried to get rid of the head of intelligence. Also lol at someone calling MİT overpowered.


I use ubuntu on my laptop, windows on my le epic gaming rig



>Windows crashes maybe once a year (only more if you do retarded programming shit)

>Ubuntu cannot even boot because of a CPU desync

wow linux is so great


>If you're a leftist why aren't you a vegan

>If you're a leftist why aren't you shoplifting

>If you're a leftist why aren't you squatting

>If you're a leftist why don't you live in a kibbutz off the grid

>if you're a leftist why don't you move to Venezuela

Ok now this is quite epic.



Using a secure OS has nothing to do with all those other things you mentioned


Don't use Ubuntu if it doesn't work for you, there's 4-5 major linux alternatives. Also Canonical has done some shady stuff with Amazon in the past.


File: 2aae88fe75b9206⋯.jpg (127.9 KB, 888x888, 1:1, 1534718430437.jpg)


>doing good things is actually bad because they stop you from doing even better things



Today I've learned, that I'm a nigger.



>If you're a leftist why aren't you a vegan

Good point. If you're a leftist why do you support the oppression and exploitation of sentient/sapient animals?




There are only two, Humans and Dolphins.



fucking meme flag


File: 6772516dcd28ed1⋯.jpg (367.97 KB, 800x655, 160:131, monster932420957.jpg)

>switch from linux mint (which sucks btw, but still never crashed unless I was fucking around with its buggier elements such as its DE) to windows so I can use some proprietary software

>problem with video card driver (memory leak) means that I cannot watch videos for more than a couple of hours without a system crash

>have done pretty much everything to remedy this but nothing works

So this is the power of windows?



I had a Chrome browser decide to kinda connect to the internet for no reason while the other browsers were working fine today. A lot of people online were blaming it on when you "upgrade" to Windows 10. However this computer was a clean install. I did everything I could, it made me feel like I can't do my job.



May Juan Posadas Lead the way.


Because you can't. You have to literally be a big brained super saiyan to succeed in tech support.


and today I've learned I'm a 100% percent pure bred Scandinavian Aryan with absolutely no trace of Moor blood in me at all. and it fucking sucks


File: 4895b6dd1fa4509⋯.jpg (5.04 KB, 161x175, 23:25, 1442190761569.jpg)


> In Linux you have to do everything through the fuckin terminal and in the end it still doesn't work.

It hasn't been that way in years. Most distros come with software centers that have installers for almost everything you need.


File: ac6dcd726ef2d35⋯.png (207.2 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, term.png)


>In Linux you have to do everything through the fuckin terminal and in the end it still doesn't work.



The true two genders



>Linux kernel


Oh man



Compared to NT and XNU, yes.

GRsecurity used to be a thing but most of the stuff merged into SELinux.

Microkernels are a whole other league though and no, NT and XNU are monolithic kernels dummy


File: 4bb675cf48e74bb⋯.jpg (15.82 KB, 280x520, 7:13, che wartend.jpg)

>why aren't you using a GNU/Linux distro

i actually ran debian as well as ubuntu for a couple years however i went back to windows because of the fucking drivers. it's fucking 2018 and all *nix (including mac os) mouse drivers still suck ass compared to ms drivers. asking in 2018 for a wireless usb adapter which will definitely work under debian out-of-the-box will yield a dozen excuses over the fact that there is none. so for installing debian on a box with no ethernet i either need ethernet or a bunch of dvds. and i need to download a bunch of non-free drivers which are somewhere on the debian ftp because debian hates these drivers. ubuntu 18.10 comes with a decent ui, however my fucking wireless adapter that was supposed to work is still slooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww and the mouse driver still sucks. on windows i just plug hardware in and it fucking works. or i get a set of working drivers which will work after installing.



I did find a workaround but I'm not happy that I couldn't fix it. Made the domain account a local administrator because it works when it is run with elevated privledges.



because I'm a 3D artist and a lot of the software I depend on requires Windows. Some of it has linux support, but others do not, I need ALL of them to have linux support.

Otherwise I'd hop onto linux fulltime in a heartbeat.



That's a pretty fair reason. I use Linux on most of my systems but my gaming/video editing system still has Windows on it.



That's a shame.

Out of curiosity, which software (and what functionality within the software) is missing an equivalent?

I might be able to do some side work or at least open up some feature requests.



sounds like your shit hardware is the problem.


Pirating windows is more radical than Linux. GNU accepts intellectual property law as valid



Communism will have IP law: the IP is the property of the people.



This is disingenuous.

GNU uses IP law to attempt to subvert the entire legal construct of IP law. They litigate when people violate the GPL by closing the source of software which has component code under the GPL, which is clearly a violation of the spirit of IP law.

The intent of IP law is to protect property rights. The intent of the GPL is to prevent property rights from being established.



Linux is either for NEETs or server hosts. If you have any other job in software most companies want you to use Windows because Microsoft pays them to use it.

I have to do forensic work with a lot of electric equipment, and most of my peripherals require you to jump through hoops just to get them to work on Linux properly. there's basically no point.

Maybe in the future if I'm living like Tyrell Wellick I'll consider it, but in the meantime I have everything to lose from switching.



Im a human supremacist.


File: e6f2feeed7a24c3⋯.png (4.85 MB, 1067x1854, 1067:1854, thefutureposadistswant2.png)


I have some bad news for you


You forgot science, especially computational sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) and modeling

Windows is used almost not at all in academic research with distributed systems and supercomputers

Even all those windows and mac machines you use at the university library or student center are usually being provided by virtual machine images on a UNIX server.


File: 91986769a85ea75⋯.jpg (61.7 KB, 849x685, 849:685, GPL.jpg)



what is going on in this picture?



The liberation of software comrade



shut up technocrat dweeb


File: 56182c6c73c6d6c⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 650_1200.jpg)



You keep using that word, but I don't think you know what it means



>the community, is what makes the O,s good or bad



Based and redpilled. Switching from Ubuntu to Mint ASAP.



>We need auto-replace of "NPC" with "/pol/yp".

How to instantly piss off a /pol/tard: Say "NPC is a leftist meme created by /v/ and /r9k/ to criticize wage slavery."



>boomer parents

LOL my dad doesn't even know how to type, and they/we did not have a computer until 2000. Get your petit-bourgeois ass out of here, computers did not become relatively inexpensive until around that time.


I plan on building my next computer with Linux in mind, and run a Win 10 VM and a GPU pass-through.


File: 690f2c3b4ba4cad⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 234x255, 78:85, 1448133587784.jpg)

more than anything just want to know why linux fans are so tribalist about this. actively going out of their way (case in point, this thread) to bash windows and mac users.



When you use proprietary software, you do not control the means of production in a very literal sense. The owners of Microsoft and Apple do. It would be kind of strange if you wanted to sieze the means of production, yet refuse to do it in very obvious ways that already exist because of minor inconvenience.



File: c697a1a4e73f068⋯.jpg (55.55 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1512218452574.jpg)


>an OS is a MoP


File: eb1866c47e64ba0⋯.jpg (80.43 KB, 510x348, 85:58, 1458276607396.jpg)


>you can't produce things with a computer or the software on it



If you want to nitpick then you would have to admit that it is a necessary part of the complex machines that constitute the today's MoP.

What would be an industrial production line at a car factory, controlling the various steps and machines automatically without an operating system running on the industrial computer controlling the whole machinery.

Of course without the computer and the peripheral machines processing the material, the operating system alone cannot be considered MoP obviously.



That's like the "you can shine boots with a toothbrush for cash, making it MoP, so communists want to take your toothbrush" argument. You cannot organize social production of commodities with an OS alone, it is a tool and not a MoP. Like I get what that guy is trying to say but let's not warp marxist terminology to own people who use proprietary software epic style



Proprietary software is a function of capitalism. Software comprises a part of the total MOP in the strict Marxist sense. It's not dilution to engage in direct action against the largest and most powerful companies by refusing to allow them to control your computer hardware.



Not quite. There are plenty of other ways to shine a shoe, many of which are more effective than using a toothbrush, but computers are absolutely necessary to run modern factories. Operating systems are as much a part of the MOP as lathes and conveyor belts.

Of course seizing back control over software is not sufficient to seize the MOP, but it is a necessary step of the process.


File: f9abc59c0116797⋯.jpg (130.8 KB, 903x1049, 903:1049, mikuchan.jpg)


So are factories a tool to produce commodities, not a MoP according to your convoluted reasoning. What this guy says => >>2702296


>controlling the various steps and machines automatically without an operating system running on the industrial computer controlling the whole machinery.

what? Those machines also need a OS to run. It may look very different from what you are posting from but it is still technically called a operating system and still under the subject of software licenses.


File: bbfd492453db1c8⋯.jpg (66.74 KB, 618x823, 618:823, CASH MONEY.JPG)


sehr tief





An Operating System is more like a condition of production, like sunlight or air are a condition for producing crops. An OS imparts no value at all to commodities that are produced with it, and as a result the labor put into an OS is simply a loss in economic terms.



sow linux distros, reap insufferable fanboys :^)



made by anprim gang



>wanting proles to not use an ad and spyware infused OS is tribalist



brainlets are always ignorant of the social and political importance of anything outside their realm of knowledge, whether science, engineering, or humanities.


File: 4d196af7f0df710⋯.png (571.59 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 2018-10-31-093943_grim.png)




File: e4959868e36df5e⋯.jpeg (95.67 KB, 764x713, 764:713, 76762310e80b62b9100f5a096….jpeg)


Yeah, I ain't stooping to your level. 23 is a lot.




post screenfetch faggots.

I want to see all your nonfree blobs.


Guys, it's actually pretty easy. Why don't you just use both, Windows only for games and Linux for internet and privacy stuff.

I have both OS installed on my machine and I can't imagine anything better for me.



I can play my games on Linux now, but I used to do this.



I ain't posting it on this pozzed website, but I have zero non-free blobs and I've complied it all. Nice try, fbi.




you can literally be spied on no matter what you do with your computer



>fear mongering generalizations encouraging unwarranted defeatism


This only applies to CPUs which have intel ME or amd PSP. If you use an older laptop, or buy the newest AMDs without PSP(which are still pretty good), you're not backdoored at all. You can also gimp ME in certain cases. And even if you have ME or PSP, it only means you can be spied on if you become a target, its not reasonable to think that every intel chip is constantly streaming data back to intel. Thats still better than using any modern iteration of windows which is actively invading your privacy by default, and should not be trusted to actual stop when you tell it to. This true in a weaker, more rule-of-thumb sense for proprietary software in general, but using windows 7 for vidya and photoshop or whatever is still a lot better than using W10.


File: 26c9a83d99029cb⋯.png (111.32 KB, 1007x646, 53:34, boi.png)





>not using neofetch


Install antergos don't go for ubuntu very simple to install and you can add/deleted software with a UI



>>fear mongering generalizations encouraging unwarranted defeatism

you realize you're just like those faggots who think everyone should have voted Hillary? I'm not promoting defeatism, I'm just saying we're beyond the point where privacy is in control by the individual.

the amount of time and effort it takes to even live a healthy life in contemporary society without being spied on makes it borderline impossible. it's time to blame the system, not the individual, and that starts with the "manufacturers".



Selective consumerism is not the answer to capitalism. The entire system needs to be gone, small actions like buying from one company rather than another is not a sufficient resistance. It actually functions to let the ruling ideological structure continue because you are using it's own methods against it thus contributing to its pertinence. I understand that GNU/Linux is free but I feel as though your post follows the same line of thinking.



I never said or implied any of what you're arguing against, and you dont argue against anything I actually said.

>I'm not promoting defeatism, I'm just saying we're beyond the point where privacy is in control by the individual.

we objectively aren't yet. We're at the point where control of privacy can be taken away from the individual at a whim, but not where you dont actually have any control over it at all, yet. yet.

"blame the system" doesn't contradict anything I said.

the comparison to lesser evilism in voting doesnt make any sense.



>but not where you dont actually have any control over it at all, yet

I literally disproved this. btw AMD has management engines too.



Using an operating system is not consumerism. Holy fuck you liberals are brain-poisoned. If Lenin himself kicked down your door and told you to stop holding all your meetings in public libraries, you'd tell him it's "selective consumerism" to meet in secret.



No, you didnt. Like I said, its not reasonable to think that the cpu backdoor is compromising you by default. It means that your privacy can be taken away at any moment, but not that you are being spied on. Wheras, say, using mainstream social media or windows 10 means you are being actively datamined.

You still have some degree of control over your privacy until the NSA decides you don't.

> btw AMD has management engines too.

I didnt say it doesnt retard. "the newest AMDs without PSP" is not "the newest AMDs, wich do not have PSP." The ~2014 chips before amd started using PSP are still pretty powerful and sufficient even for gaming.



The hegemony of MacOS and Windows is not hurt by me using GNU/Linux. It does not attack the root problem. And choosing an operating system is definitely consumer choice because the operating system you use depends on what type of computer you purchase and the way you want to use it.



>Like I said, its not reasonable to think that the cpu backdoor is compromising you by default

if you're not going to have privacy when it matters what's the point of defending your privacy now?

I couldn't give less of a shit what Google and China know about me, what matters is when they actually use it against me. but what's the difference since my machine can be used against me as soon as I become a threat to any of them?



Read >>2710142

Choosing a meeting place is definitely a consumer choice because theeeting place you choose depends on the infrastructure you meet in and the way you want to use and build it.


Socialism is Soviets plus the integration of free software through the whole country and electrical infrastructure.

Socialism is Soviets plus Gnu plus Linux.



>x is not a solution to y, therefore x is necessary for y and also x is bad in and of itself

>if x is not a cureall then x isn't good and you should instead drink this mercury the porkies are selling


This is the most incorrect, the most damaging, rhetoric of the faux-left:


< I am not responsible for my support of Israel's oppression of Palestine, because it will never work.

> A literal Israeli office is tasked with hunting down US members of BDS and discrediting them.

Here's why YOU using Linux matters:




By using the device you improve the immunities, the health of the system. Everything improves, the more there are people using it. That's why new operating systems rarely succeed - they need a massive userbase, massive testing, lots of hardware, software, extensively tested, best practices established. A recent failed OS was the Blackberry OS. It didn't fail because it was inferior. It was superior, actually, to Android and iOS. But it failed to achieve a competitive ecosystem.

Soon, this shall be proven out, that ecosystem matters. Linux is poised to destroy Windows, by attacking a substantial slice of its business: gaming.

The Steam client, for Linux, now has Proton, which, shortly, makes it easy to run many AAA gaming titles on Linux. Those which do not run can often be tweaked to work, and the greatest obstacle to adoption is anti-cheat software (on Windows, each AAA game you play installs a root trojan which is hopefully benign - it is there to spy on you to make sure you're not cheating, when playing a game. They probably spy on you a lot more than just when playing the game in question, though).


File: 00ccf8a3286ceab⋯.png (36.16 KB, 645x290, 129:58, comfy.png)


been comfy on linux for over a decade now


I use Linux Mint


But I use GNU/Linux, GuixSD to be exact.

Every leftist should be using FOSS.




File: f3ba95e1b058b1d⋯.gif (116.12 KB, 800x540, 40:27, spazkid.gif)

Anyone else use Trisquel?




I'm a Ubuntu loser who's still learning to code and had only used pirated Winblows before, how hard is the transition? for how much time did you use Ubuntu? does it still allow me to install proprietary drivers and stuff to game on WINE?



It makes it very difficult to, on purpose.

If you still want to use proprietary stuff but want to move toward a more free distro similar to Ubuntu, I rec Debian.

Really though it's alright to keep using Ubuntu if that's what you know and are comfortable learning on. It's just a tool, and it's still way beyond windows in terms of freedom



Ubuntu is Jeff Bezos spyware. use Linux Mint or Fedora if you're a linux noob.


Switched from orin os to ubuntu.

Performance is aids. I have a notebook that only uses 1.1Ghz as a cpu, with igp and 2gb ram.



Try Lubuntu instead




this, Gnome is fucking awful. Try LXDE or LXQT, or stripped-down KDE (turn off the search engine and some of the effects).


File: b5bb7825f6f7ede⋯.png (581.59 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


LXQT looks pure sex. almost makes me want to switch from dwm




don't recommend this to people. it's designed to be stable as fuck because it's for servers running legacy code. all the "unstable" and "testing" versions are buggy as fuck too (arguable worse than Arch). it is NOT meant for desktops.



I use it, and have used unstable for years.

You're full of shit.



>le works on my machine



Arguments without evidence can be dismissed without evidence


File: 9b618cae2d42d4d⋯.png (12 KB, 585x258, 195:86, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8e521b254f50b9e⋯.png (3.02 KB, 349x83, 349:83, ClipboardImage.png)


>80k on unstable

>40k on Arch


File: 7163725ec4534bd⋯.png (18.08 KB, 562x429, 562:429, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8608d9abb3eff44⋯.png (18.12 KB, 758x277, 758:277, ClipboardImage.png)


on top of that Arch has way fewer marked as "critical"




>not posting the total number of packages so as to give an actual ratio

>pretending most of those aren't upstream anyway that will get a timely patch on both arch and unstable in comparable timeframes

>pretending debian doesn't have tools you're advised to use that checks your upgrades for bugs and lets you hold back packages with the bugs as part of the upgrade process, unlike arch

Post your hacker desktop



Arguments without evidence can be dismissed without evidence



Right. Good job. You did it. You failed to provide any evidence. Debian has 4x the packages, but only 2x the bugs. Weird, that would mean that Debian UNSTABLE is half as buggy as the stable channel on Arch. Strange. As for the tooling the Debian has, RTFM. There's an entire Debian wiki page on what you should do before and during a move to unstable made just for Arch kiddies like you.

Now post your Neo larp you monstrous imbecile.



what's your obsession with my desktop? it has nothing to do with you claiming Debian unstable is as stable as you advertise it to be.



>says a distro he doesn't know anything about is unusably buggy even though it's quantifiably less buggy than his own distro

>began all of this by telling someone that they shouldn't recommend said distro and should instead use the distro he uses, unknowingly that said person used his distro for years professionally

>after being called out as an ignorant larping hobbyist, accuses the other person of "advertising" the largest free software project ever

Read the arch wiki comparison between Debian and Arch at least, idiot.

Arch has 11k packages and 40k open bugs in the stable channel.

Debian has 40k packages and 80k open bugs in the unstable channel.

80k/40k is on average 2 bugs per package for Debian in the *unstable* repo, while 40k/11k is almost 4 bugs on the *stable* arch channel.

Additionally, like with Gentoo, if you install apt-listbugs and apt-listchanges like Debian explicitly advises you to do when moving to unstable, you will rarely be blindsided by an upgrade. This is completely unlike Arch where even on the stable channel you're told to check the website before upgrading or expect to occasionally not be able to boot or have a broken x11/Wayland/etc.

So in fact, Arch *stable* is more broken and more involved, objectively, than Debian *unstable*.

Of course you wouldn't be expected to know this at all if all you use GNU/Linux for is to take screenshots of your i3 minimalist desktop where you changed some fonts and hex codes for colors to post to desktop threads and /r/unixporn before closing down your VM and resuming all your computing on W10.


Like anything remotely leftist, it isn't as good as the alternatives. It's too difficult and tedious. I'd rather just shitpost from my macbook.



I don't use arch. I don't even use unstable anything. If you want to recommend a noob a distro, you use Mint or Fedora.



Mint has terrible security, Fedora is just a feeder for Redhat, and Debian has a larger community and more packages than both while still maintaining an ardent stance on free software and being very easy to use.

There's literally nothing wrong with recommending Debian stable to newbies. If you want bleeding edge, you aren't new, and Debian unstable is comparable or superior to any other bleeding edge distro in terms of community, packages, and tooling.

Like I said above. The main reason to use Debian is that when you fix something, it will almost certainly go downstream to like 80% of the Linux community.


I've never used anything but windows. Try to convince me to do anything else.



> It's too difficult and tedious.

Oi most modern distro use KISS, burn the iso into usb,install, you done.

>I'd rather just shitpost from my macbook.

Cough cough Elementary OS. same shit mate stop say it's hard.


i use debian or centos as one of my server they're the most stable and have the more support,

for beginner and desktop i usually recommend ubuntu based distro like Xubuntu or elementary OS and fedora, i have now commence to include Antergos into the mix. as for Manjaro it's rising in popularity but still a bit unstable for my taste.


pick up a xubuntu and try it into a vm.



>Oi most modern distro use KISS, burn the iso into usb,install, you done.

Go to a friends house, download dkms, download kernel header files, download wireless drivers, mount usb drive, install them all, fuck around with modprobe. That was just to get the wireless "working". It disconnects all the time, refuses to auto reconnect, and won't connect at all to my unis network. Not even going to bother trying to get the bluetooth to work.


File: 1e9ae51a106898f⋯.png (59.8 KB, 823x497, 823:497, Bildschirmfoto-vom-2018-05….png)


>Go to a friends house, download dkms, download kernel header files, download wireless drivers, mount usb drive, install them all, fuck around with modprobe. That was just to get the wireless "working". It disconnects all the time, refuses to auto reconnect, and won't connect at all to my unis network. Not even going to bother trying to get the bluetooth to work.

Oi it's not 2009 anymore mate.

Oi wifi/bluetooth work out the box even with a shitty Chinese adapter.

Oi have a KISS.




"looks simple"=/=simple.

the 'user friendly' distros, like mac and windows before them, slather on layer after layer of clusterfuck code and subsystems to insulate the user.

It can be tolerated given the reality that most people are winbabbies, and even linux has been turned into a mess to meet the demands and visions of various companies, teams of autists, and to interface with the world of proprietary shit, but the ultimate goal should be education that will permit the whole winshit paradigm to be replaced with something actually fundamentally simpler. Not to pile on yet more layers of bullshit to make it nice and "simple".

anyways, theres no point arguing with a rightard macfaggot, anon.



>Oi wifi/bluetooth work out the box

I am using antergos, m8. It definitely did not work out of the box. Google "arch broadcom-wl" if you don't believe me.



how much of it do you think is "winishit paradigm bullshit"? I don't see anything wrong with DEs as a whole, just with bloated ones like KDE, Gnome, and (maybe) XFCE.

but I think what's an even bigger problem is the lack of standardization across software in general. you have so many competing paradigms when things could be a lot more standardized and more efficient (so you don't have to re-learn how to do a different but similar thing).



forgot to mention I also think those conflicting paradigms are what creates unnecessary bloated pieces of shit like KDE.



at least we can all agree that KDE is shit.


File: 9b682fe0c6938f9⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 618x457, 618:457, 1487721552230.gif)


>I don't see anything wrong with DEs as a whole

DE's as a whole are trying to be an entirely new layer on top of the rest of the operating system, and the 'point and click on icons, programs are big control panels with knobs to turn and menus to sort through, etc' thing is shitty and restrictive by comparison to the alternatives. Theres no existing mode of it that allows the user to really do anything but whats been packaged in advance. A mode of it that is capable of being flexible and composeable, like one where you can drag and drop gui elements from disparate programs into each other and connect them together that way, would be overcomplicated.

command line interface with a good shell language and simple programs without too many options, designed to fit together usefully, combined with a simple graphical interface is the best system of using a computer to date. Its flexible and powerful, and makes complex tasks trivial by its nature, rather than by the hidden labor of some codemonkey far away. And its perfectly easy to use, if its what you learn. And if the manual pages are short and sweet.

You can approximate it on linux, but gnu programs are overcomplicated, and so are a lot of other linux programs like ffmpeg. And you have to get started by spending hours dredging through archwiki to get the overly complex bullshit like pulseaudio or even alsa set up properly. A bunch of shit like that constrains linux from really manifesting a simpler way of applying a computer, because of the demands placed on it and the world it has to exist in. And because the manpages are fucking novels.

Its worth using linux over windows because free software is important, and its mostly OK at handling everything other people will force upon you, and given that, just using desktop software because its the paradigm you're familiar with is fine, but none of this is ideal.



that image of yours wouldn't be possible without display servers



>combined with a simple graphical interface

what the fuck did you think I meant by this, exactly

Yes, having a "desktop" with spatially separated windows is good. I dont even like tilers.

'Desktop environments', I like less so.



but what about a DE that naturally includes gui application for managing standard PC hardware? (ie graphics, disks, internet). If it was restricted to those things plus a general window manager + lancher it would be fine.

having to manage hardware through terminal often a pain.



>gui application for managing standard PC hardware? (ie graphics, disks, internet).

What, do you mean a prepackaged counter-clusterfuck to the linux drivers and basic configuration clusterfuck?

None of that should have been a problem in the first place, is my point, and im fine enough as I am having sorted it out already, but yeah, thatd be OK I guess.

There should not have to be a launcher. Graphical programs should take over the terminal they're ran from, then return you to that terminal on exit. but, linux cant do that unless you use dwm and tilers are shit, so yeah. CWM is like that.

Otherwise what you're describing is just a WM, which is exactly what im describing. WM+not-fucked commandline as I described+graphical programs where useful.

You can almost approximate it on Linux, like I said. If you had some other people sort through some of the config shit in advance it'd help, but you're still left will all those other problems I mentioned. Unreadable manpages documenting unusably complex software with endless options of arcane bullshit, having to go back to the insane linux shit when something is changed in an update or doesnt work like you wanted it to for your specific use case, having to learn a new paradigm because youve only ever used windows or mac your whole life on top of that. Not to mention that popular linux shells are overcomplicated too.

ever notice how many of the ebin l33t h4x0r desktops on /g/ are full of ncurses shit?



>ever notice how many of the ebin l33t h4x0r desktops on /g/ are full of ncurses shit

just to make sure I understand: is that what you're advocating for?


File: 4e855af79411d18⋯.jpg (40.34 KB, 640x481, 640:481, DPRK's stolen version of O….jpg)


Some ☭TANKIE☭ here is using DRPK hacked version of OSX.



I believe it's a standard RPM system but according to Kim Jong-Un's aesthetic tastes (i.e. OSX) and including more spyware and control mechanisms than any other distro in existence.



that’s red star, a Linux distro



>tfw warsaw pact has a monopoly on all the catchy tunes



imagine believing this



god no.



He's advocating for something even worst. Why would I want to enter a graphical application for anything other than video photo editing and image viewing. I don't want to load up gtk and extra memory to a new window every time I type a command in my terminal. That stuff really eats up memory and serves no useful function when a better method could be used. A keybinding or a simple ncurses but actually useful environment may do.

And no, I'm not advocating for /g/ tier desktop environments. I'm advocating for non OSX or Windows design.




>He's advocating for something even worst

What? What do you think im talking about here?

where the fuck did

>I don't want to load up gtk and extra memory to a new window every time I type a command in my terminal.

come from?

Im saying that the best computer interface is a windowed environment+command line terminals, with graphical programs inheriting the window they run in from the terminal they're invoked in as in plan9 or dwm with that patch.

Im saying that the problem with this is that popular linux command line software is a fucking mess, dealing with linux can be a mess, its not what people know, and its less compatible with all the proprietary shit out there than just using wangblows.

Hence, for all but the last reason there, people on /g/ who want to look cool install a tiler and just simulate windows in textmode.



>with that patch

what patch? dwm user here.




ironically I found this website trying to look for /g/ alternatives with the whole gookmoot fiasco. anyone know if this is a honeypot?



yeah it's a honeypot, they had a huge fuckup a while ago. also it's anti-communist, no stalinist meanies allowed.

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