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File: 31a22e9fb33ba97⋯.png (15.66 KB, 602x400, 301:200, communist australia.png)


Moderately new to leftism, can anyone give a rundown/advice on the state of the left and the left wing parties in Australia?

Currently Ive only really noticed two groups in my city - Socialist Alliances and Socialist Alternative (The Communist Party seems to be mainly a LARP/club for boomers) both mainly from their newspaper sellers though the latter also seems to have the only large scale conferences.

Outside of Refugees/immigration and Adani what are some of the key struggles/issues to focus on?

Also /aus/ general



Not Left

>SALT / Socialist alliance

two SocDem groups in Vic with 1000 members each and some local council seats

>Communist Party of Aus

Bunkerism / Anti-Revisionist ML sect with 100 members on a good day

good manifesto though

>Katter's Australia

Best Economic Manifesto and policies in Parliament atm


>Outside of Refugees/immigration and Adani what are some of the key struggles/issues to focus on?

Housing Crisis

The Cost of Living

Generational Unemployment


File: 5b727373ecf5e2e⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 520x292, 130:73, coal-strike.jpg)


>two SocDem groups in Vic with 1000 members each and some local council seats

Is there any important differences between them?

>Katter's Australia

Arent they really actually reactionary though?

Are you a member of any of these parties or just someone knowledgeable about the situation here? Would you recommend any of them (including for people who dont live in the Eastern States)?





>Is there any important differences between them?

Socialist Alternative at least on paper at least claims to be Marxist and socialist (Trotskyism) but their basically just SocDems in actual policy

>Arent they really actually reactionary though?

Katter Himself and the Social Policy he Pushes is reactionary as fuck but hes stated that Social Shit "is a matter of personal conscience" and mostly attempts to put economics first

>Are you a member of any of these parties


>or just someone knowledgeable about the situation here?

I like to thin of myself like that yes

>Would you recommend any of them (including for people who dont live in the Eastern States)?

If they werent such an absolute meme then i would consider joining Communist party AUS

And i guess if i was a Countryfag and lived in Qld id just vote Katter probably


I like how Melbourne has become to the Coalition what cities like L.A and SanFran are in the USA to Republicans basically just a Strawman of "what our country will look like if dem Loony LibTARD COMMIES take over XD" all cuz of Muh Africans


Is this the 2nd or 3rd Aus general we've had?

I sometimes get a Socialist Alliance newspaper at uni, I think they're alright.


It really annoys me because Victoria has all our best working class history and right wingers paint us like liberal California or something.



CPA is hardly "Anti Revisionist ML". Their political line is all over the place, and they have no real consistent political line. Most of them believe that China is a shining example of socialism, and answers will vary person to person whether or not the DPRK is a socialist state or a "fascist state", whether Syria is "socialist" or not, whether we should denounce Iran or not.

The party is, for the most part, a dinosaur party that has been able to attract a handful of college students precisely because their political line is so vague and under-developed. "Socialism means whatever you want it to mean".

As for the other parties -

CPA (ML): Former RIMite affiliated ML-MZT party. Better, more consistent political line that CPA, but they hold some weird positions (eg, that Australia is a "neo-colony" of the US). May or may not actually exist in the real world (Party is clandestine, so unknowable how big they actually are)

SALT: Imperial Soc-Dems/"Cruise missile socialists". Liberals/SJWs with red flags. Will shill for US foreign policy until their lungs burst.

SEQ/Salliance: Literally who?

Katters: Moderate, non racialist turd positionism Light. The most "radical" actually existing political force in mainstream politics. Think Hugh Long in 1930's US.

In short: There is no real, actually competent Communist Party in Australia right now.


File: 5e803b9dfabf756⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 800x530, 80:53, fuck phoneslol.jpg)



The left in Australia are fucked. But we must fight on.



>1000 members each

SAlt's more like a third of that, and SAll's books are overflowing with paper members - I'd be surprised if they had more than 150 active members nationwide.

Both orgs are similar in that the elderly socdem leadership has snivelling, authoritarian, former Young Labor lieutenants as seconds-in-command. In a revolutionary situation (as fucking if), the socdems would get purged. The orgs would either go full neoliberal or else they'd combine the paranoia of an aging Stalin with the governance abilities of an aging Mao.

That's if the tendency of both orgs' leaderships toward harem-building doesn't #MeToo them into the ground first.

Source: A youth wasted on activism instead of binge drinking and banging uni students.


Jeez, how hard could it be to fight against Turnbull when Labor is so bad too. Hey, what about the Australian section of the Socialist Equality Party? Please tell me they're not too shit




The SEP is what happens when you use the Judean People's Front sketch as an organisational blueprint. SAlt and SAll are the only groups with any sort of membership in Australia, and as I said above they're both so tiny as to be irrelevant. Beyond those two it's just ultra-minisule grouplets flinging shit isotropically. I'm probably pissing into the wind trying to tell you that though, since you apparently couldn't figure it out after reading the sectarian trot screeds that pass for articles on the WSWS.

Don't be fooled by the outward trappings of high organisation like a well-maintained website or official meeting space. These things aren't funded by an active member base. The Australian Far Left is funded mainly from 1) the estates of dead 70's-era 'activists' who moved on to well-paid posts in academia or the union bureaucracy, and 2) proceeds from selling off the meeting spaces they bought for a song in the 70's. Seriously, the million $ sale of one of SAll's old meeting spaces is pretty much the only thing keeping the Green Left Weekly afloat.



Except for SAlt, which gets it cash from the parents of the petit-bourg first-year arts students that make up the bulk of its membership.



>Source: A youth wasted on activism instead of binge drinking and banging uni students.

OP here - can you share some more of your experiences it all seems so opaque to me.

> both orgs' leaderships toward harem-building

Also what is this?




This is kind of disappointing I though things would be a little bit better here than the US



>OP here - can you share some more of your experiences it all seems so opaque to me.

I could do that - is there anything specific you want to know? Note that I'm going to be very careful not to go into detail. The Australian far left is tiny - it wouldn't take much to identify me.

Most of your time in an org is spent on the street trying to recruit people. We'd go to various public places like the campus or the local market, set up a table, and yell like carnival barkers trying to get people to sign a petition or buy a paper. That stuff's just a pretense to get people in a conversation so you can find out if they're a commie, though. The petitions may as well be fake. One thing I still like about orgs is that it they make protests not a complete waste of time. As we all saw with Iraq, mass protests are beyond useless for actually achieving change. What they are good for is attracting potential recruits. On campus you might sell 10 papers and get one person who shares some of your politics to leave their contact details. For the self-selecting group of folks at a protest, you might get 2 or 3 interested folks for the same number of paper sales.

Once you've got them on the hook, you reel them in by holding public seminars or beginner's reading groups in your meeting space. Isolation is the point of those events. The idea is to fill the room with commies so the only opinion the prospective recruit hears is ours. We'd be explicitly instructed to separate groups of non-members, for example - we'd try to make sure there were two members talking to every potential recruit, with the rest of the members running interference by keeping other non-members out of those convos.

SAlt has a yearly conference which is basically the above paragraph on steroids. Instead of a couple of hours spent stuck in a room with them, it'd be three days surrounded by people trying to convince you of SAlt's politics. As every cult and MLM pyramid scheme knows, it works a fuckin' treat. Because it works so well, all the way up to Easter they put an absurd amount of effort into shilling it. Still, plenty of people tell horror stories of getting approached by 20 different trots giving the same all asking the exact same questions ("Do you consider yourself left wing?" "Was there a particular session that interested you?" "Have you got your subscription?", etc.)

The idea is basically to keep getting prospects to as many of these events as we can manage until they either join up or tell us to fuck off. And by that I mean we would not stop until we were explicitly told to fuck off. SAlt is famous for barraging people with phonecalls.

Once a person's joined up they can start going to weekly member's meetings, which are divided between political education/discussion and organisational matters (ie, how to get more recruits). The political education/discussion part basically involves the leadership telling everyone what their opinion should be on the topic at hand, and everyone getting some practice repeating that line out loud. There are also separate reading groups.

Aside from that stuff, the other thing they do is fuck around with the National Union of Students. Normally the whole NUS is just job training for the Young Labor/Liberal students. The national offices are paid positions though, and come with extra funding on top for campaigns. Young Labor basically bribes the far left groups to vote them into the presidency by handing over some lower positions like Queer or Environment Officer or whatever. Young Liberals are there to dismantle the whole thing to stop money getting to communists. At some point, everyone yells at everyone else about Palestine. Occasionally, a Young Labor fuckstick will jump ship over to the far left - likely because they realised they wouldn't hack it in the grown-up Labor Party. They inevitably rise up the ranks super quickly in SAlt, to the point where a sizeable portion of their national-level leadership is former Young Labor.



>>2594110 (cont.)


For various reasons, these orgs recruit almost exclusively on uni campuses. This has been SAlt's explicit strategy since the 90's, and SAll adopted it in the last 5 or so years to try to stave off their decline. Because of this, their orgs are characterised by a huge member turnover rate. In a year, the org might sign up ~30 first-years nationwide, but during the same period they'll lose 15 of them, plus 10 of last year's recruits, and 4 longer-term members. Net yearly increase: 1 member.

With that kind of membership flow, you end up with a two-tier org - a huge number of impressionable 17-18 year old first-years with a low level of political education, and a much smaller leadership cadre of 5-10+ year veterans. That massive gulf in experience and authority between the two tiers is the perfect environment to foster the development of cliques - where a charismatic older member brings a bunch of younger members under their personal influence. In the worst case, of course, it leads to sexual exploitation (look up Gerry Healy). Luckily I was variously too ugly, male, and antisocial to get sucked into that shit, but I saw it happen to good comrades.


File: 1652fef4e4c0e82⋯.jpg (885.9 KB, 2020x1224, 505:306, soviet-space-program-propa….jpg)

Fuck getting into labour labor to drive it left.

Why don't we get into the CPA and actually try turn it into a proper vanguard?




Just to start off thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail.

>The Australian far left is tiny - it wouldn't take much to identify me.

With this fully in mind how does a person help the leftwing cause if the two main parties are broken in this way (I assume SAll has some similar issues), + how serious are the consequences for leaving?

What kind of demands does SAlt make of your time and money?

Any idea on what caused such an anti revolutionary change and why its being kept that way?

That harem stuff is pretty scary



There's an interesting article out there about "political cults" that's mostly about British trots. It elaborates on the kind of stuff this poster is describing. The organizational model they use fosters burnout, factionalism, top-down control, and abuse.



Thanks, it felt good to write it all out like that. I'm glad you appreciated it.

>how does a person help the leftwing cause if the two main parties are broken in this way?

I've been trying to figure that out ever since I left. I'm still a communist. I'm one of the unlucky ones - most people who drop out of an org burn out and leave politics behind entirely. They spend the rest of their lives in blissful ignorance of history, politics, economics.

I've spent a great deal of my free time devouring every bit of literature I can get my hands on, theory, history, math; Marx, Lenin, Cockshott, hell even Dupont and Tiqqun in a fit of pique one week. I talk politics with everyone I know. I'm fucking insufferable irl. I've got a really clear picture of what doesn't work. What can we do to get from here to communism, though? I still haven't the fucking foggiest, and it's monumentally frustrating.

Sometimes I even want to go back. I think that maybe this time, if I just diligently do wherever the branch committee tells me, by some strange alchemy it'll bring us closer to communism. But they have no idea how to help the left-wing cause. They're running on a combination of stale tradition and manipulative pragmatism. I think a little part of me always knew they didn't know how to further the cause.

Shit, this came out way more emotional than I thought it would. I had almost forgotten how big a part of my life that group was.

>how serious are the consequences for leaving?

They're not going to burn you at the stake as an apostate or anything. You'd almost certainly have to change your number, though. I wasn't joking about the phonecall barrage thing. They can and will get interstate comrades to call you to get around you screening your calls. For most people, one of the hardest things about leaving an org like SAlt is the sudden precipitous drop in social contact. Between stalls, protests, meetings, reading groups, and poster runs you spend a fuckton of time with those people. With that kind of imbalance, most people end up drifting away from their non-political friends - and the org itself tacitly encourages it. Lots of people find themselves suddenly very alone after they leave. I was lucky there - as I said before, I'm pretty antisocial. Being part of a group was the exception in my life, so leaving and being alone was more of a return to normal than it is for other people.

>What kind of demands does SAlt make of your time and money?

I'm not going to quote numbers on money front (I've got lots of problems with SAlt but I'm not gonna go violating OPSEC over it). Direct payments are regular dues, plus a yearly pledge (and they'll badger you to fundraise among relatives and remaining friends for that). Indirectly, there's more. There's the stuff that'll get you reproach from on high if you don't shell out for, like a subscription to the paper, tickets to the conference, and a steady supply of texts for reading groups (from the organisation's bookshop, naturally). On top of that there's passive social pressure to buy merch (T-shirts with and badges to wear on the stalls).

The demands they make on your time can be huge. If you're not careful, you can find most of your spare time and even some of your non-spare time taken up with political 'activity'. It seems like there's always something you could be doing - a meeting, a protest, putting up posters for the previous two, a paper sale, a reading group, calling contacts, reading groups, preparing remarks for an upcoming discussion, educationals (members-only lectures outside of normal meeting times to reinforce a political line the national leadership thinks is going astray), banner making, etc, etc, etc.

>Any idea on what caused such an anti revolutionary change and why its being kept that way?

I'd say it's two things. First is a fundamental flaw in their political perspective. A flaw so deeply rooted they couldn't possibly get it out. Namely - nobody has any idea how to actually achieve their organisation's stated goals. It's not limited to trot orgs, of course - it's a disease that's been running unchecked on the Marxist Left since 1991.

The other part of the problem is the pragmatic measures developed in response to the first problem. These orgs have had to find a way to sustain themselves in the absence of a way forward. To survive in such circumstances, an org has to get lean and mean. Their problem is attrition - without a purpose, the org is constantly bleeding members as they come realise they're wasting their time. So the org needs a constant supply of new people to make up for that, and it needs to stem the bleeding as much as it can. The best way to recruit is aggressively, and the best way to retain members is to keep them isolated from the real world and too busy to think about anything else. Thus, the political cult is born.



As someone familiar with SAlt this post absolutely hits the nail on the head. If you want some further reading about them here is an article which made waves a few years ago:


SAlt have hurt the left more than they've ever helped it.



When I say we're fucked by the way I should've specified that I was referring to the far-left. There is still plenty of space in the room for center-left politics in Australia going forward.



>SAlt have hurt the left more than they've ever helped it.

Eh, not sure I'd go that far. The Australian left's been dead for longer than SAlt's even existed. You can't hurt what's already dead. That Honi Soit article's kind of emblematic, really. The 'harm' that's come to 'the left' boils down to one group of private-school-educated uni twats annoying other groups of private-school-educated uni twats. It's a good reminder that the real movement will have nothing to do with the 'Official Far Left' when it comes.


non-Aussie here, I think the discussion here is very illuminating.


>Their political line is all over the place, and they have no real consistent political line. Most of them believe that China is a shining example of socialism, and answers will vary person to person whether or not the DPRK is a socialist state or a "fascist state", whether Syria is "socialist" or not, whether we should denounce Iran or not.

from what the other posters say about SAlt, it seems not having a line for everything with that everyone is expected to agree with is a good thing.

thinking everyone should agree with everything seems like the definition of sectarianism to me. and it will alienate people who'd otherwise make good comrades.

the main goal is coming closer to achieve collective ownership of the means of production, EVERYTHING ELSE, whether you like or dislike foreign power X, or many other matters, should NOT be something everyone needs to agree to.

Citing marx here: "Though not in substance, yet in form, the struggle of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle. The proletariat of each country must, of course, first of all settle matters with its own bourgeoisie."



>Sometimes I even want to go back. I think that maybe this time, if I just diligently do wherever the branch committee tells me, by some strange alchemy it'll bring us closer to communism

Even though I havent been part of a center left group I get those pangs with regards to the mainstream "progressive" groups. For me its just that strong desire to believe in the visions and plans because the alternative is so ugly.

>plus a yearly pledge

Is this stuff reasonable or is it like a tithe on your income kind of a thing?

Thanks for this stuff again I was on the fence about SAlt.


Are there any interesting groups/groups worth joining?



North Queensland fag here, Katter is fucking based, a fucking top bloke



>For me its just that strong desire to believe in the visions and plans because the alternative is so ugly.

Yeah, that's exactly it. Knowing exactly what the goal is but having no idea how to get it is fucking painful.

>Is this stuff reasonable or is it like a tithe on your income kind of a thing?

Actually it works out to a little bit more than a tithe. You're expected to pledge around 5% of your yearly income (not including what you can scare up from family and friends), and your weekly dues are roughly 0.1% of your yearly income, which over 52 weeks adds up to 5.2%. So you end up giving 10.2% of your yearly income to them. Huh. I never sat down and worked that one out before. Of course, they don't tell you it's a tithe, the analogy they draw to convince you is union dues.



You could have summed it up that those orgs are burg college kids that have no real ties to proletariat consciousness or struggle



Just to clarify, you're talking about Socialist Alternative? Is that related to Socialist Alternative in the US?



Reminder, If any of you faggots participated in that shitty protest against Southern and Molyneux, you are part of the bourgeois and therefor are a part of the problem.



>Not liking a Neo-Fash Eceleb fame whore THOT and some deranged Neo-Fash enabler who used his daughter as a bioshock experiment is like Bougie or some shit

Reminder that these two idiots are now regularly invited on right wing AUS tv (Sky news) to spew their shit to millions

Reminder that your laid back attitude caused that



Not that anon but given they are part of different Internationals I doubt they are connected outside of their name and respect of ⛏️rotsky



>Outside of Refugees/immigration and Adani what are some of the key struggles/issues to focus on?

Housing stress, wage stagnation, unemployment/underemployment etc

Are you in Melb OP?


Thanks bordiga.



Damn. I'm new to the org, and this mirrors my experience almost exactly. I'm really not liking what I'm seeing now that I'm on the inside. How the fuck do I get out?



Like >>2596149 said. Aussie SAlt is descended from the British SWP. The most related US org is the ISO - SAlt usually has at least one ISO member come to speak at their yearly conference. The US Socialist Alternative is descended from the British Militant org - their Australian descendents are the Socialist Party.

In summary: Socialist politics was a mistake.


Honestly? Just avoid them. Change your number if you can, block known numbers and screen your calls hard if you can't, don't go to known stall spots, get out of conversations quickly if you run into members, etc.

You could prepare a formal resignation, but frankly that'll just provide them an opportunity to browbeat you into staying. Lord knows I've seen that happen. Even if you formally quit they'd still hit you up to pledge, go to the conferences, and attend fundraisers as a supporter. Easier to just sever contact.



Unfortunately in Australia we don't really have very many options when it comes to serious far-left options, Labor at this point is the party of Bureaucrats, and would sooner sell out the working class then defend it.

The only quasi-leftist party i've be able to find that is actually well read and not just a bunch of people that like punk aesthetic is the Citizens Electoral Council, They are founded on the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche which made me initially skeptical of them, but there website is a genuine bounty of rich information, and after attending one of their meetings it was a pleasant feeling to be the idiot in the room for once since everyone else was so well read. Long and short of their policy, stricter control over the banks, introduce a national bank, and join China's Belt and Road initiative so as to keep us on edge. Outside of that, think global warming is a myth, and in favor of more research into fission energy, and big fans of Eurocentric thinking without the attached white nationalism.

But they are a tiny micro party, if they aren't running in your electorate, your safest choice is to just elect the most right wing authoritarian candidate you can find and hope accelerationists were right, either that or right in bob katter, your choice both good options



how did you even find this board



>Unfortunately in Australia we don't really have very many options when it comes to serious far-left options,

We have more options than the far-right do, but that's likely due to the left being significantly more in control than the right is here

In fact i would say that most of our government is already left leaning as it is, even more than the US

I mean unless you want to consider the AFP a serious party (which it isn't) and even then when compared to American parties, its not even far-right leaning, its at most center right

The problem in our country is that we have an overwhelming amount of idiots who pick a side of politics in much of the same manner as picking a team in a football match

They do not take into account the desires these parties have or what they want to acquire/achieve, but have no qualms offering their total support like they're part of that "team" and staying loyal to them.

And the only time they ever change is when we have shitty single topic elections, like the NBN, which saddly enought completely leaves out all the other stuff our government doesn't want particularly public, like the TPP, the marriage referral ect…

This is why i never vote liberal labour or greens and make sure that none of my votes get given to them, they're trashy oligarchical elitists that have no qualms being utterly disgusting human beings to get money

Like remember that time she got all that money off that guy suffering from dementia (or was it Alzheimers) and claimed it was a gift despite him having no memory of doing it?

I can't find the article for it and I'm too tired to look for it now


>Watching some shit on youtube


>United Australia Party

>Oh Fuck.jpg

>Clive Palmer standing in the middle of some field


Can he please just go away?

He dosent seem to get that this Trumpian shit dosent work here?


File: b444ac5c7f9ade6⋯.png (205.09 KB, 591x716, 591:716, b444ac5c7f9ade6390c67ead5c….png)


i got this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uudA8cz0_84

i still can't believe it's fucking real



I think clives "party" is really just an excuse to make Facebook boomer tier shitposts about people he dosent like tbh…


Anyone ever have a family member (Boomers) send you a link to one of this Human catheter's Video's


>A Israeli duel cit whose Video's are Basically just a mix of Fug Muh Mudslimes and insane /pol/ wet dream Zionist masturbation fantasy ("Gazans are Animals that should be starved" / "Why dont the Pali's just go to Jor didally Ordan Homer?" / "BAZED IDF Shooting those kids for setting off those DEADLY BOTTLE ROCKETS!!!")

>Has his own Micro Party in Melbourne for Harassing Muh Mudslimes and Blacks

>"Its ok that our soldiers may have been performing extrajudicial killing and raping women in afghanistan cuz muh Mudslimes Amirite XD"

>Has enough Hasbara money to fly to Israel to interview MPs and sheit to tell people how mean Pali's are and sheit

>Flies to UK to cry about MUH TOMI ROBINSHUN

I wasnt pissed at first cuz i thought this guy was just some Hasbara funded shill getting a few thousand views once in a blue moon with comments all being in fucking hebrew

<Gets Hundreds of thousands of fucking views across platforms on his shit

This upsets me


Related to this are right wing parties to be aware of? I currently the only ones with significance are One Nation which mainly seems to be a Queensland thing and that meme group Antipodean resistance who just put up stickers


>>A Israeli duel cit

Nationalists can be pretty dam comical.


File: 316a737f4ffff21⋯.png (77.8 KB, 240x265, 48:53, 316a737f4ffff2194a48dafa42….png)

Stop trying to shit up my country. Communism is gay.



The only other real "Right-Wing" groups that exist asides from O.N are

>Democratic Labor Party

AKA the ChristCom Gang

Split from Labor cuz they were Muh commies somehow

Used to have a senate seat but the Senator went independent and cucked them out of it

>Rise up Australia!

Insane EvangeloCon Prot party in Victoria owns one council seat which is just the founder of the party's hometown iirc

Real meme that one

He believes floods and storms are god crying cuz we legalised gay marriage and bushfires are gods vengance for abortion

>Australian Liberty Alliance

The party of that Israeli i was talking about

Basically exists solely to harass Muslims

From what I've seen really only exists online though apparently its planning to run in the next election

>United Patriots front

All these other groups were "I sleep" while this is "Real sheit"

This is basically a "Alt-Right" Neo-Fash protest group who skips the whole Muh Muslims and Muh Sudan phase and have gone straight for Ethno-fash

Luckily dead as fuck and only really exists when they hold a rally


>Watching the news ATM

>a 20 second mention of all the chemicals they use on airlines killing the workers

>A multi minute piece of Muh Muslim fear propaganda



Katters gonna send all you Metropolitans to the cane fields during the great Australian cultural revolution and you can't do shit to stop it



>Some guy with a fucking FaceBook banner from a music Video

>Not even some unflattering image of some RadLib but literally just your average Aussie Normie-phile in their 20s

Wow commies BTFO epic style



It's a shithole anyway, couldn't be worse



Well its at least good to see that the same Australian apathy that plauges the left has also hit the right.

Is One Nation likely to end when Pauline Hanson retires for good? Any idea on whether the United Patriots were the people behind reclaim australia?



>One Nation

Yes it will

It's literally named after her

After she retires / dies it will be nothing



>United Patriots

Yes I do believe so

They use the exact same methods and are probably led by the same people…



Check out Slackbastard he has details on all those guys.



Thank you and that is actually is something I should have asked earlier what are some good blogs/newsites to keep up to date on the Left and news in general?

Im currently a BBC, Murdoch paper, Redflag person which is probably not the best set up


File: b7a3af060e6fa6c⋯.jpg (11.42 KB, 501x250, 501:250, australian socialist flag.jpg)



Because they're a bunch of stagnant old cunts. True, they help the homeless, but I doubt seeing them make any significant gains.


Im involved in socialist alternative, even tho i dont agree with 100% of the party line its pretty obvious to me they are the party most dedicated to political revolution and marx. Socialist alliance is a democratic socialist party that is on its last legs tbh, they have been in serious decline for years. Key issues for students is the disarm universities campaign, and for workers the general change the rules campaign is important, of course not including the ones you listed.


>With family at Coles

>"wtf? You don't even eat half this shit why are you buying it?"

<"because I need to spend 30 dollars or more to get the "Coles Minis" collectables

>"Wtf is that?"

>It's literally just 30 different thumb tack sized brand items made out of plastic that probably cost 0.02 cents to make each

>People are literally paying 30 fucking dollars for thumb tack sized promotional materials


(Wake me up)


(Can't wake up)


No but seriously is this how Bougie is going to extract extra profit from consumers now?

Just send people on dumb little fetch quests?



I wonder how long it will be until they create a pokemon go clone for it.


File: 97c9b74698ddec9⋯.jpg (22.72 KB, 383x383, 1:1, IMG_0013.JPG)


Can't wait till the coles fighting game comes out where you get a new character to fight the woolies demons from Neptune or whatever because you bought the Coles store brand chess or some shit…






There is also the SEP who are a bit formal and stiff, but they do leave the house sometimes. The CPA seem to have some strong roots in the CFMEU so thats good. Some of them turned out to bash the fash in QLD, on a whim. KAP is not socialist. But i once refused to serve Rob, i told him it was because he was too drunk (im a pussy, it was because he voted for the lockout laws) he accepted it without kicking up a fuss so he's not entirely shit as a person.

There are IWW chapters around, and i saw ancom flags flying this labor day but i didnt say hi.

On top of housing, emphasize debt, cost of living and explain just how many advantages the wealthy have and how their accumulation is accelerating. Emphasize automation and about how even if you are doing well its no proof you will continue to do well in the future.

The point is not to convince people that communism is right. The way forwards is to incite people. Get them angry. Sow Discord. Once the revolution starts you and your organisation take advantage of the situation and offer people a solution to the chaos. Thats how 1917 went.


>C*Les and Woolies Dropping the $0.15 / $1 Bag shit

Good a victory for the Proletariat

And no im not celebrating this cuz this owns dem Green voting LibTARDS epic style or some shit

Its more to do with a fact that it was Literally doing nothing to deal with the Issue and was basically just taxing Proles for Problems Porky is causing



>The point is not to convince people that communism is right. The way forwards is to incite people. Get them angry. Sow Discord. Once the revolution starts you and your organisation take advantage of the situation and offer people a solution to the chaos. Thats how 1917 went.

Is there any organisation you do this with/through?


>Greens got caught covering up rape / sexual assault cases involving the party and party members

So is the shit about Ex-Trot's / RadLibs loving rape basically a self fulfilling prophecy at this point?



It's not a political priority or anything, rape springs up in any organisation with a large internal power disparity. Trots are just really good at building organisations with that feature. American collegiate sports, Hollywood and the Catholic Church are equally rape-happy for the same structural reason.



Probably a lot to do with left wing groups having disproportionate amounts of women and young women.



I wouldnt call the Greens "Left" tbh

Their Literally "We need more Female drone pilots" tier people



I tend to agree but with people including people like Katter here I figured the greens would be covered.


File: 89d9d39382bb0ba⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 89d9d39382bb0baefab259b9b….webm)


>Clandestine party

>TFW we actually have real-deal commies who are hatching schemes and shit


File: c903ffeb9d16d1a⋯.jpg (258.2 KB, 883x1200, 883:1200, GW.jpg)

>E-Celeb THOT and sad Neo-Nazi Frasier got De-Platformed and basically hate to cancel their entire NZ tour

Bazed Kiwis



"Cladenstine" in western commie circles 99% of the time means it basically solely exists as a website and holding occasional protests


I don't get the anti-greens sentiment. They're proposing many socialist reforms such as UBI and public banking.

What's the problem?




Literally Lolberg shit

>Public banking

Even if they actually intended to they will literally have enough power to do it



Probably by virtue of being the main social democrat party in Australia.




hope you like immigrants because your new workmates are Patel, Chin and Sanjeet


Anyone here about that Queensland senator who called for a 'final solution' on Muslim immigrants?




who, Pauline Hanson?





>Senator for Katters Australia and Former ON member

Welp into the trash Katter goes…



Nah Fraser Anning. Apparently Pauline Hanson called him out. You know your fucked when your too racist for the evil ranga.



Yeah it was fucking disgusting.

>Ay Lmao let's bring back the white Australia policy.


Nah, Fraser Anning and Bob Katter backs him.


File: 97cb7ca242f1514⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 960x724, 240:181, 97cb7ca242f1514a3dc91b7912….jpg)



We live in strange times, man.



Make Videos about Aus Politics instead of shitposts Batko

"New-Right" Counter Culture Hipsters own the online discussion here



Been meaning to. Question is a manner of how to adress them. So far the interests I've been invested in have been going to the occaisonal protest and fighting for equal travel concessions for international students.



Speaking of which, Dutton seems to be falling for "muh violent sudanese gangs" meme.



Don't you think they are real?


File: 90d4b6ebf472dfe⋯.jpeg (73.44 KB, 1017x678, 3:2, 91C5BB3C-B50D-4A5E-887C-6….jpeg)


he's been posessed by Jim Saleam



Obviously they exist to some capacity but the Right is way overblowing the issue IMO

Its basically just a big issue in Melbourne and even there Right-Wingers inflate the Numbers to make that "Loony LIBTARD city of New Khartoum XD" look bad



There's a slight element of truth, but tbh it's a bunch of overblown nonsense, especially considering most violent crime comitted by """"gangs""""" come from Australia born residents.


It's fear stoked by your typical right wing loons, who knowing them, are probably going to start shrieking "Sudanese people are inherently violent" etc. despite the fact that gangs of white nationalists are willing to attack migrant communities much like they did when Milo Yiannopolous came to Aus.



>especially considering most violent crime comitted by """"gangs""""" come from Australia born residents.

This. There's way more bogan cunts running around glassing people and shit.



Not to mention our fucked domestic violence rates.




Speaking of Neo-Nazis, what's Blair Cottrel up to?



Got a Interview on the Rupert Murdoch news network



On sky news right? I heard some people resigned because of it.



I love how far right-wingers go "oh, all the commies work for the deepstate globalists" but they get to have TV appearances hosted by Rupert fucking Murdoch, who sits atop the one of the biggest media empires in the world. He literally is the deepstate.


File: 628f7efd04b9364⋯.jpg (31.64 KB, 502x147, 502:147, kap2.jpg)

File: 6fc0ed87c6bd7ed⋯.jpg (84.98 KB, 864x1200, 18:25, katter xd.jpg)

Lmao it's 2ocloc and I have nothing better to do other than induct katter into the Islamo-NazBol Gang pantheon


File: 60870dab112aae6⋯.jpg (53.08 KB, 926x618, 463:309, file-20180820-30596-1vhs9i….jpg)


File: 97c9b74698ddec9⋯.jpg (22.72 KB, 383x383, 1:1, IMG_0013.JPG)


>The absolute state of LibTARDS and RATionals


>The absolute state of question time right fucking now


File: 84e17fad9582f15⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 644x360, 161:90, Fuckin Potadahead.jpg)


Fuckin' Potadahead.


Is the Libspill going to lead to labor win next election? I think so. I hope we have a labor gov when the next crash hits so people lose illusions in labor following their inevitable austerity program.


Fraser Anning is right. We need to shut down immigration and deport unsolvable elements. Only then can we achieve true socialism; Not Socialism.



>Only true socialism, not socialism

What did the /pol/yp mean by that?


File: 15efad659690b4d⋯.jpg (134.96 KB, 1920x1152, 5:3, 3611.jpg)

File: ec09fa348e7774c⋯.png (504.48 KB, 1500x595, 300:119, 0b78acaf-c585-410f-a4c7-4d….png)

File: 4943ef77023e307⋯.jpeg (58.56 KB, 850x850, 1:1, a-fair-go.jpeg)

I think the biggest hindrance to socialism in Australia is the lack of class consciousness. Unions membership is very low now (see ABS link). There is both a general misdirection with upper-lower-middle class identity bullshit and egalitarianism. That on one hand is useful for understanding some general socioeconomic phenomenon on a graph of relative population inequality, like health, education and housing and so on. If you are on the dole then you're not going to afford a trip to the dentist.

And on the other hand there is a the cultural identity and dogmatic attachment of egalitarianism.

>every cunt has a fair go m8

>a fair crack of the whip

This egalitarianism rhetoric can be seen as early as Robert Menzies and all the way up to Turnbull or Dutton - liberal, neoliberal / conservative austerity policy that has continued to leak down the generations. Egalitarianism is the dominant discourse amongst

australian identity, especially for boomers. In america the same rhetoric exist its just more, how can I say… American

>"America was once called the Land of Milk and Honey. It was so named for the prosperity and promise associated with the opportunity that was once available to anyone who, when willing to work, could acquire a piece of the American Dream."

>>2592948 (op)

the internet has superseded the need for a weekly meet-up, membership fees and group readings of das kapitel. and Australia missed out by not having the structure of a strong socialist party before these changes. what we may see in the future is fringe parties gaining traction or the labour party shifting 'with the times' with regards to mimicking america and alexandria ocasio-cortez demsoc discourse or possibly a UK corbyn follow. but somehow i doubt we will shift because of the dprk. Or a push in the opposite direction of the overton window in regards to recent Liberal party policy that is typical austerity for the working class and tax cut for corporations. Its not worth trying to predict. Just prepare for the revolution and hope it isn't a posadist one.




With this stuff in mind how do you organise/prepare or otherwise carryout political activity?


File: eaa426352ad638a⋯.gif (538.85 KB, 250x257, 250:257, eaa426352ad638a5aefb80dd29….gif)


Point out under capitalism this fair go and mateship we are so fond of is corrupted and destroyed.



>Don't organise, just sit on the internet all day

I can tell you're a fucking NEET


File: b1484039bc58ed4⋯.png (139.36 KB, 640x640, 1:1, p3 ufu-logo-round-300.png)


disseminate normie properganda to normies

This has worked on non-comrades that are now comrades. And can be seen as a gateway to class consciousness through class communication.

>Excerpts from Adam Ruins Everything S01E08 - this is some bourgeoise tier



>more applicable, aus, union based





Never said don't organise. It shouldn't have to be said, the structure for political parties is non existent for leftist. which means there is an opening for sed gap to be filled. but the variables are just that. too variable. here are the dumb prediction that i made in a structured and organised way for a fucking trot that need the ice pick to understand.

1 a) follow american demsoc trends

b) follow uk with corbyn trends

(Australia is still muh westernism, yet prodiminatly anti-trump, if the AOC/bernie timeline works out for the prols in america it may gain traction here same goes for corbyn just lesser known in Aus, so a less viable candidate).

2 a) force both labour and greens further left by 1a&b and voting for their candidates that support 1a&b in addition to other leftist policy but honestly fuck greens now, but if the australian political overton window shifts they will just be ecosocialists, like they should be now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Left

b) maybe Steve Jolly can rally a socialist movement that will break the two party power in Aus and kick off a political dynasty.

3 a) maybe 1a&b + 2a&b will all happen

but look comrade this shit is all bourgeois political elitism if you crave structure in your life, join a union. I'm a member. where not all thugs.


I had to look up what a neet was because i have a suspicion you don't truly grasp their political alignment. good laugh, its a shame they are a products of capitalism and a broken sense of worth.



>Dutton is actually gonna give party coup 2.0 electric boogaloo a try

>And he may actually have the numbers this time

Sheit this is gonna be good



this is just going to end with Shorten in and then literally no one will be happy



I will be. But only because labor will be a train wreck and do nothing about "changing the rules". It will either force the unions to actually do something other than tell people to vote in labor or rank and file unionists will be forced to oust the current union leaders.







see ya turnbull


I ultimately think Scott (while a weird EvangeloCon / Rainbow capitalist lolberg mutt) is better to be at the head of the Libs then Du**on

I've seen some people say they wish dutton won cuz acceleration or some shit and to make Labor win the next election cuz Dutton is basically unelectable and to this is say

A. Labor already has a pretty good run up to the election cuz of all this shit anyway (but let's not put it past bill to fuck it up somehow)

B. On the bizarre off chance that Dutton actually won the General if he won the spill then we would have a coalition majority with Dutton as PM and I am not willing to fucking risk that shit!


<Ab*ot interview today

>"We cant let Bill Shorten into the PM's office the first thing he'll do is put a bunch of Union bullies in charge of our Nations economy"

Shorten is George Sorel's and NazSyn GANG!

Made by LP GANG!


File: 62c15cbd1a54113⋯.png (44.26 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, l5o3w9xu8qu01.png)



The public has the attention span of a goldfish.

By the time of the next federal election (May most likely), the general public would have long forgotten about all of this.


The only reason Morrison won the spill was due to him being seen as more electable to swing voters then Dutton, while still being more then willing to pledge his loyalty to the graveyard smash (the far right of the party).

Due to this, if the libs gain a majority in the next election, there would be functionally little difference between the policies of a Morrison and Dutton government.


I would personally love to know what 'union bullies' they are referring to.

The two unions I know of that are most ideologically, financially and personally linked to the modern Labor party are the AWU (opportunistic neo-libs) and the fucking SDA (a catholic union founded to get rid of socialist influence in shops).

Putting such people in charge would only amount to broad policy agreements with the moderate faction of the liberals.

If only the WIUA had been successful.



>But Ms Waters found herself on the outer — from the panel and the audience — on the issue of crocodile culling in far north Queensland.

>Ms Hanson and Ms Waters, from opposite ends of the political spectrum, went head-to-head when the Greens senator said her party didn’t support culling.

>“I think cull them, by all means. This is stupid. Larissa, you care more about that than caring about the animals, the dogs, the people that are out there that have been taken by crocs? People don’t feel safe to go out in our waterways,” Ms Hanson said.

>“Many that are taken by crocs have had a couple to drink and go into the water after dark,” Ms Waters responded, to an audible gasp from the audience.

>“So they deserve it do they? Goodness me …,” Mr Katter responded, suggesting a vote for the Greens was like a vote for risking being eaten by a crocodile.

My aching sides



>Things really kicked off when One Nation leader Pauline Hanson continued her condemnation of Fraser Anning’s “final solution” speech, admitting she had “no idea what it meant” originally. “That was a ‘please explain’ moment,” she said.

I dont know why but I'm always surpised at how stupid she is.



Tropical heat causes brain damage, and a higher parasite load growing up which lowers the G factor



>trying to negotiate as if you're not a fringe autist

There's capitalism and communism. Since you're a reactionary dupe you'll side with capitalism dressed in whatever flavor of garbage you like most.



>if you could just realise that multiculturalism and global capitalism go hand in hand

Marxists understand that very well. Marx and Engels wrote that capital would give "a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country." Not bad for a prediction made in 1848.

We are against a false cosmopolitanism, the economic kind, and for a genuine cosmopolitanism, a form of international solidarity that we might more aptly call internationalism.


File: b586509183104ee⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 248x247, 248:247, dumbwojak.jpg)


No one cares about your autistic schizobabble. Capitalism and class society is built on capital first and foremost and not institutions and foundations.








What gives with the eureka flag with the WA emblem?

There's an old unspoken gentleman's agreement between us and youse that we fly that flag with dark blue, youse fly it with light blue, that flag's shade is approaching our side of the fence ya cunts

Arenyou awarenof georges sorel?



>australian born residents are all white

You do know that australian citizens can be black too you insensitive bigot.



Murdoch isnt the deepstate. He is an attack dog



We're not allowed to talk about that on halfchan



>Rejecting Materialism

Literally "feels > reals"

I could make an actual reply to your whole post but that's all I need to see to know there is no point



>>there's only capitalism and communism

So-called "turd positionists" have yet to actually explain what the turd position is. All anyone hears is vague babbling about muh nation, and in practice it is always just neoliberalism.



>And Marx's leading assertion that all of history is nothing but class struggle, Lacan and his objet petit a, or Zizek saying that 'even if the racists/fascists are right, they are still pathological', or that communism being more totalitarian than fascism was ultimately okay because it wasn't racist and 'at least in the struggle sessions you could absolve yourself of your nationalist/individualist sins' - all of that *isn't* feels?

No Marxism isnt feels because its literally scientific and observable in the world

>People *need* higher values, morals - beauty, glory, health,

Those exist in socialist societies


those exist in socialist societies

<You need to believe in "Mythos" to have a good society

<You need to believe in Muh Tribe to have a good society

>Your goals are predeterminist, utopian 'feels' in their own right

You dont understand what Utopianism means

>All the shit about Jews or whatever

Marx's analysis has nothing to do with Judaism or the Torah or Kabbalah or some shit

Its his Analysis of the issues of the Capitalist mode of productio nothing more nothing less

>or that communism being more totalitarian than fascism was ultimately okay

>and have caused infinitely more death and suffering than fascism (partly due to the colonialism inherent in their internationalism).

A. You obviously have no idea what colonialism is

B. Thanks for the Moralism and pearl clutching about how ebil Socialism is with no evidence



3 position is mixed economics. Kenyesianism.



That is not a turd position, that's just capitalism. The real turd position would be a system where a class that is neither the proletariat nor the bourgeoisie is dominant. Khmer Rouge and Russian S-Rs were turd positionist since they advocated for peasant power. But that is obviously not what "turd positionists" want, their position is just capitalism with bells and whistles.


File: 34a3ddce93e2429⋯.jpg (13.58 KB, 220x281, 220:281, 220px-Julia_Gillard_2010.jpg)

File: 9fa88bcf06c27fc⋯.jpg (54.2 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 20170321001300875857-origi….jpg)

File: 446ab6dc44e5a22⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 650x366, 325:183, julia-gillard-glasses-2013….jpg)

File: 9c9b991d348eb64⋯.jpg (53.47 KB, 926x616, 463:308, dw2xxy8s-1349823553.jpg)

Julia Gillard is so hot



>generic neolib #15685950




Marx wasn't a moralist who understood society as evil and therefore needed to be destroyed, but was a socialist, firmly believing in the values of community life. There isn't some perennial utopia that all Communists strive towards that exists outside of history as some perfect Platonic ideal, but Communism is a political movement that is born in and through history. The Communist movement was born in and through capitalism, as a rejection of capitalism borne from the auspices of the logic of capitalism itself, as an anti-modernism from within the modernist tradition, desiring a return from industrial civilization to the natural life of the Commune, but understands that this Communism would be an industrial communism, understanding the return to nature through the fulfillment of the logic of civilization itself.

Marxism desires a real connection of man and nature but understands not just the value of civilization but of the nature of man as a social animal. Just as civilization is the conquest of humanity over nature as man transforms nature into civilization through production, the social nature of humanity means that the physical basis of mankind is translated into social terms, but this translation cannot be understated for in this translation these social terms constitutes the form which matter provides. The materiality of mankind isn't just his biology but his physical environment constituted through political economy. This is what dialectical materialism means, it means understanding political economy as a dialectic between nature and civilization.

A fundamental aspect of capitalism is commodity fetishism. Under capitalism, our social existences are established not directly through relations of domination but indirectly mediated by exchange. As social relations between people are established through relations between things via exchange, things obtain a social power which becomes a force that appears to exist independently of the human beings involved. The independent power these forces appear to have obfuscates the social relations that constitutes the underlying conditions that give way to these forces, and through their obfuscation those very underlying social relations appear natural, as if their traits are essential to the things themselves, as,if they have always existed and therefore will always exist. What commodity fetishism does is naturalize social relations of production as something outside history, as a natural force that doesn't arise from civilization but from nature itself.

This is how despite the apparent contradiction between the fascist's obsession with natural life, their politics is in effect a reaffirmation of the existing social order, of "civilization" (read: capitalism). The fundamental problem with Reaction is its mystical understanding of society means it cannot actually confront the historical genesis of civilization, and therefore cannot create the conditions of a truly social life. The community life promised by fascism is an illusion, the only real community can occur through the abolition of private property, the material basis of capitalist production.




Good Lmao



This. Fuck Bronald Drumpf and fuck fascist amerikka



go back to reddit



No seriously this but Literally


>PM Plans to ban the CFMEU (one of the largest construction workers Unions in the country) because "harassment and bullying" (whatever the fuck even means)





>steve bannon

>Australia is ripe for the same working-class revolt.


>The Australian dollar has tumbled to a 20-month low, and there are several reasons why it may drop even further this week.


>Less jobs lmao


So less jobs, union crackdowns, less buying power and more political tension.



bumpitty bump

Thoughts on ScoMo?



another liberal retard



The most right wing guy the liberals can put forward without a complete collapse at the next election



>The most right wing guy the liberals can put forward without a complete collapse at the next election

scomo is a proxy for israel aka the kikes



>Muh joos

Go away plz



>jewish treasurer

there is no way this can go wrong



>Dont hate them for all the actual bad policies they support and implement hate them cuz Muh joo

Still go away plz



>the terrorist state of israel

>multiculturalism and diversity

>exploitative capitalism

>civil disarmament

>jewish supremacy

>globalism and anti-nation (except for israel)

The jews have brought much evil to this world and continue to support these destructive policies when elected. Expect shuffling of state funds into china and israel soon



>>the terrorist state of israel

Not all Jews are Zionist

>>multiculturalism and diversity

Who cares LMAO

>>exploitative capitalism

The Capitalist class is not Solely Jewish in the same way it is not solely White or black or Chinese

>>civil disarmament

Thats not jews that just what a Bougie state will eventually do protect itself from Prole uprisings

>>jewish supremacy

Everyone except for Zionists and Delusional Prots already hate Zionism and Israel

>>globalism and anti-nation (except for israel)

Globalisation of Capital is inevitable

And once again not all jews are Zionist




Don't care, fact is they're an alien element that are out for jews first and Australia second. Same with most minority groups, actually, but most especially the jews. Australia should remain Australian and governed by Australians



>Australia should remain Australian and governed by Australians

You're right. European colonisation was a mistake.



Australia didn't exist until Europeans colonised it, until then there was only wryndimindididgereedoo x 500 tribal lands

Why do pro-migrants always play the abo card?



Throw a capitalist on the barbie m8 lmoa


>got a 2 minute ad were clive palmer talks to the camera unscripted about power prices or some shit while stock music plays

>make australia great

i hate this country


Anyone know where to look for info on the banking commission?


Wow, there actually exists a country in the first world with a weaker far-left than the US.

My condolences.



Yeah mate it really sucks. But on the plus side all the stalinists are old and never do anything. However there are a too many anarkiddies.


/aus/ and /ausNEETs/ (The Boards) should just be called /cringe/ tbh



>Australia should remain Australian and governed by Australians

It is

Australia much like USA Canada / America's is a Colonial Nation

A Nation of Immigrants in the most literal sense

If you are born in Australia legally then you are literally Australian by Law



Clive should just go to America and appear on those Late Night shows to Own Dolan epic style


File: 2ddbd2923cc411c⋯.jpg (51.65 KB, 485x608, 485:608, 35cd916e5117427cef1dc0fb05….jpg)


Just lie about everything. Just always say what makes people feel good. Live life and let live. Its all about that Marxist-Satanism. Do what feels good, and the Left will love you for it.


File: 1d184e7071b8074⋯.jpg (117.46 KB, 540x661, 540:661, 1d184e7071b8074e68c868b2b8….jpg)

File: 1077bf8d23efcc3⋯.png (498.73 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1077bf8d23efcc335e8fb37e0e….png)

File: 3cf763ba2b5c96e⋯.jpg (405.99 KB, 440x584, 55:73, thomas-nast-1840-1902-cart….jpg)

File: 32bc2952e37a6fa⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, rHpl0QqC7SWc7fqoXroktZWfba….jpg)



Marxist-Skeletonism actually


File: eda0d7fa9e339ec⋯.jpg (354.91 KB, 726x943, 726:943, 412211111222.jpg)





File: 0bf0cecd273edfa⋯.png (784.71 KB, 1060x1080, 53:54, 1529651568843.png)


Satan is a capitalist though.


File: 4a4754e79f8cf3e⋯.png (609.35 KB, 568x454, 284:227, Untitled.png)



The Bourgeoisie practice satanism.



they also have sex. should we therefore never have sex?



Satanism / Luciferianism as a Belief / Philosophical system has little to do with Class or Political Ideology

Most Practitioners of these Belief systems are simply doing it in rebellion against the Christian belief system as the Ideology of Satanism / Luciferianism itself is just a Inversion and Satire of Christian belief

How Literal these beliefs are taken range group to group



says trannypol



by Australian law up is down and you can fuck a 16 year old but only sodomise one when they're 16


File: 96fadbf804eaea6⋯.gif (310.23 KB, 400x225, 16:9, UTwQs3GSwgzTsqBq_F3qBLumhd….gif)


>being this afraid of the D






>by Australian law up is down and you can fuck a 16 year old but only sodomise one when they're 18

Thats Literally the same as most European / First world law

Its only Burgers and their insane Ultra-Prot Autism which makes them set their AOC so high



Only if an intellectual says so.


>Satanism / Luciferianism as a Belief / Philosophical system has little to do with Class or Political Ideology

The idea of inverting what God created is very much a part of satanism, that includes confusing or reversing the genders. The negative spiritual aspects are one of the main reasons behinde their actions. Becoming your own God and then becoming like the baphomet, do what thou wilt.

>Most Practitioners of these Belief systems are simply doing it in rebellion against the Christian belief system as the Ideology of Satanism / Luciferianism itself is just a Inversion and Satire of Christian belief

There are many kinds of satanists, atheist and theistic ones, the ones practiced by those in power (even thought they are well versed in many many ancient forms of "satanism") is the belief that the bible is referring to Lucifer instead of Jesus, and there for Christians have it incorrect, and Lucifer was trying to liberate humanity. They're trying to be gods, and help everyone to be gods themselves. Paganism is also part of Satanism.



>fuck at 16

>sodomise at 18

what do you mean by sodomise? going gay on them? sticking it in her pooper? i dont get it



sex other than benis in bagina is sodomy



so… no gays and lesbos allowed to fuck? really?



>There are many kinds of satanists, atheist and theistic ones,

I stated this already

>Paganism is also part of Satanism.


Pagan faith's dont worship Lucifer / Satan etc at all and usually worship different deities from the Abrahamic perception of god altogether (Odin / Perun / Perkele / Tengri)



Yes, and gays should be thrown off buildings as god wills it



AOC laws in AUS are rarely ever enforced that much unless its Non-Consensual and / or Pedophilia



You Lebanese or some shit Cunt?



sharia isn't so bad compared to what I saw in melbourne


File: ed96323445d9ec1⋯.png (209.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 422`1212112.png)


>"Dude Muh Loony LibTARD Melbourne Muh Blacks XD"

Get off the internet Katter



name one good thing about Melbourne


File: c0f22edeaae91c1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.55 KB, 960x783, 320:261, satan.jpg)

File: 910251cbf357fac⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 1737x2288, 1737:2288, serveimage.png)


>Pagan faith's dont worship Lucifer / Satan etc at all and usually worship different deities from the Abrahamic perception of god altogether (Odin / Perun / Perkele / Tengri)

Not at face value interpretation. A Hindu will tell you that they don't worship the devil, they worship Hare Krishna who happens to be male and female (this is a common trait), and (according to the Bhavagad Gita) it's the lord of destruction, the serpent of eternity, the prince of demons. But "no" not satan or lucifer, perhaps the dual gendered and horned baphomet, but not explicitly named. The Freemason will tell you hes looking for truth and worships god, yet at the highest level it's lucifer.



Besides, becoming your own god is part of satanism and paganism as well.



>paganism is thousand year old furry fanfiction


File: 7586ecf3de41711⋯.jpg (76.82 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 8.jpg)


>Besides, becoming your own god is part of satanism

I guess I'm a satanist now.



File: 799067742df1806⋯.webm (13.84 MB, 854x480, 427:240, That Movie that you Proba….webm)



OOOOHHHHH i get it now!

Your just a Boomer!


File: bbd91a2a1ca7bb2⋯.png (708.35 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, bbd91a2a1ca7bb2202ec3c55cf….png)


If I'm wrong, correct me, but don't use 4chan memes to debunk what i've written.




From what ive heard drugs are big thing on the gay nightclub scene



I'm sure you're very familiar with the gay nightclub scene



>implying burgerfat


>union members and associates wield a disproportionate influence in Labor preselections.




>first fucking comment

>The Globalist Satanic elite use Radical Muslims to do their dirty work. There's a much bigger plan that's at work here.



Settler-colonialism is a pretty hardcore drug anon.



well it's not like this has done any favours for the far-right either, we've been stuck in liberal purgatory since federation



I think Liberal Purgatory aptly describes Australian politics. My Dad was talking about how Aus wasn't as badly affected by the last economic crash and I reckon that's put us in a position of slowly decaying rather than the shitstorm rollercoaster America's going through.



I don't think Trump has been a real big deal, hope he has a few surprises left though


File: d8bdb76a655b060⋯.jpg (169.06 KB, 1030x614, 515:307, vitas Laser.jpg)


>Liberal Purgatory

Most people here are socialists who don't know what socialism is.


Though would it make it easier for socialists to take power? Would most just sorta accept the new way and continue as usual? Is a quiet revolution the way to go?



>Most people here are socialists who don't know what socialism is.

Probably true, a lot of Aussies really don't like tall poppies. Reminds me of that Orwell quote about how a lot of people are subconsciously socialists. We would be a great Communist country, we have a lot of working class history and all our most popular politicians were SocDems (I'm thinking of Gough Whitlam and people like that).

>The problem is the fucking apathy or lack of determination

Exactly, Liberal Purgatory. Most people don't know how to think outside the box when it comes to politics. "Oh well, just vote Labor next time", I think that's the kind of attitude most people have.

>Though would it make it easier for socialists to take power? Would most just sorta accept the new way and continue as usual? Is a quiet revolution the way to go?

I reckon if the Communists seized power here (peacefully or violently), most Aussies would probably just accept it. They'd probably be too apathetic to challenge it and would likely just nod along with all the Socialist reforms.


File: 66c2a0d448a4207⋯.mp4 (155.19 KB, 500x202, 250:101, fuck all that.mp4)

Every Marxist and Activist group I've been involved in turned out to be self defeating, basically falling to bitter in-fighting, ideological posturing, and victim oneupmanship.



Time for a new CPA?



the CPA already exists two infact

And both are Tiny / Nonexistent and Ineffective



>"We need a Transparency commission for Lobbying"

Yeah but how about


L O B B Y I N G ?



A NEW new CPA then?



Thoughts lads? Seen some rural people from UK Lab pushing this so…


has anyone here got any stories/experiance within the labor or Greens Party?



I went to a Young Labor Left (Left) (yes really, there were two left factions) caucus thing about a month ago at an old CPA bush retreat place in Sydney. I had never been to something like this so I didn't know what to expect, but it ended up just being a short meeting with around 15 people just putting forth movements to bring up at the next general Labor meeting or something. Unsurprisingly, it turns out Labor is dominated by the right faction, and so the left (especially in the youth wings) have been marginalised for some time now.

Oh and there was a guy who gave a talk about river health and water safety, which was interesting but also not entirely relevant, lol



>Oh and there was a guy who gave a talk about river health and water safety

based greens infiltrator


Anyone know anything about the Victorian Socialists?


SocDem as fuck but to me, it seems like a mighty fine way to normalize socialism.



I joined em, we need to do all we can to un-dirty the word to normies and their whole deal is they're for the average person and acting on our active resentment for the current government's coal and oil obsessed neoliberal policy, and trying to let normies know that greens and labor won't be any better



What were the people like? Do you think they are socialists at heart/could be brought into the radical way of thinking?



Thoughts on the CFMEU?



SAlt's leadership is full of former Young Labor Left folks. Everything is made worse by them.



>Everything is made worse by them.

how so?


Is it true that SAlt specifically uses its young women members to attract potential male recruits to its organisations?



Sydney Opera House as a fucking billboard

National sports like rugby and cricket are alright in my books but fucking horse racing?



One of the least self-serving of the large unions.

However the prevailing political climate ensures that they are going to remain a mostly powerless organisation indefinitely into the future.

Even that is assuming that they are not simply declared illegal at some point before May.


Very, very true.

They use many of the same tactics as the Sea Org.


Sydney is already such a horrible place that I find it hard to get worked up over this.

I mean, when your entire skyline has already been defaced by ugly glass towers for the big banks, who really cares if some minor building resting in their shadow is used as a billboard?



>Is it true that SAlt specifically uses its young women members to attract potential male recruits to its organisations?

>Very, very true.

Eugh but also oof


Gestapo just stormed the Home affairs office to try to find who embarrassed Dutton with the Au pair shit…



Where can I read about this?




Fuggin phone.

Headline is "Manifesto reveals alt-right's plans to go mainstream after 'infiltration' of NSW Young Nationals"


File: 6a0edf779f10162⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 203x248, 203:248, index.jpg)


I nearly joined Labor when I was drunk once purely for the ability to vote for least worse person in pre-selection/leadership then I fell asleep

I have recurring nightmares that I'll have a really strong slurpee and I'll end up joining the Greens too like that episode of The Simpsons.


I can't believe these people revived the name of The New Guard. My old history teacher would be spinning in his grave.


>ScoMo wants to move our embassy to Jerusalem

I do not think a darker timeline exists for our Nation but this one….



Just pray you don't go on a bender and wake up with the one nation logo as a tramp stamp tattoo… :P


File: eaa426352ad638a⋯.gif (538.85 KB, 250x257, 250:257, eaa426352ad638a5aefb80dd29….gif)


Welcome to the era of blackest reaction comrade.

What are the chances that gov is gonna try do something to protect the mf Great Barrier Reef?

I don't want to see that shit gone in 2040


File: 6274f4baa921d64⋯.jpg (215.88 KB, 600x588, 50:49, R-1312193-1308702958.jpeg.jpg)


Far more likely to get punched out for singing Pauline Pantsdown's "I Don't Like It" at that lot.


They're gone at the next election.

Labor are supposedly clawing back the funds sent to that green-washing tool the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and doing something with it (CSIRO etc.) but who the fuck knows with them.



>What are the chances that gov is gonna try do something to protect the mf Great Barrier Reef?

>I don't want to see that shit gone in 2040

Dude it will be gone by fucking then

Im already beginning to hear the discussion move from "Preservation" to "Minimizing the damage"



>Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Wasnt that outed as a literal Embezzlement scheme or some shit



American here, how the fuck can Australians be nationalistic literally at all? I understand that American nationalism is a joke too but it at least developed out a real (if inherently reactionary and genocidal) sense of exploration and creating your own identity and shit that came from the colonies and Manifest Destiny

Australia seems to literally have started as an open air prison where England dumped degenerates that woke up one morning and decided to form a country. Obviously I'm not trying to advocate for reactionary nationalism in any country I'm just asking my Aussie comrades how the Aussie right justifies their's AT ALL with the history in mind



>I'm just asking my Aussie comrades how the Aussie right justifies their's AT ALL with the history in mind

The Rights embrace of "Australian Nationalism" is Literally a Co-Option

Up until the 70s the prevailing Right-Wing line was that Australia was basically a Vestigal organ of Muh Glorious Britannia while the Idea of an Independent NATION of Australia was an idea almost solely pushed by the Left

The only reason they even get to claim to be the "true Australian Patriots" is because our Left went full NeoLib in the 80s and dropped the issue which the Right immediately picked up to win votes



>The Rights embrace of "Australian Nationalism" is Literally a Co-Option

>Up until the 70s the prevailing Right-Wing line was that Australia was basically a Vestigal organ of Muh Glorious Britannia while the Idea of an Independent NATION of Australia was an idea almost solely pushed by the Left

>The only reason they even get to claim to be the "true Australian Patriots" is because our Left went full NeoLib in the 80s and dropped the issue which the Right immediately picked up to win votes

It sounds kind of like what happened in Ireland in the 1990s and early 2000s after the main brunt of the Troubles died down


How do you get a working class uprising, when everyone is on centrelink? What does communism offer these people that they don't already have?



>What does communism offer these people that they don't already have?

A Job? (And it would be socialism that would implemented post uprising fyi)



Nationalism and Patriotism wasn't even that popular in Australia until the early 2000s and it was largely pushed by Howard. Go read opeds in the Australian from conservative writers having a giant fucking whinge about people not celebrating Australia day or refusing to wave flags.

The Cronulla Riots were basically the first major reactionary nationalist event in Australia.



Also to add this also shows how bereft of any fucking thought the Australian right is, the Australian right literally co-opt all their ideas from the US, all of them. This is why we're literally getting the right complaining about Antifa and SJWs on school campuses and shit like that here, because even though that shit isn't a thing in Australia, they literally just copy-paste fake outrage from the US. Also all their ideas like Australia day, the fucking heresy that is modern Anzac day are all based on the US July 4th celebrations. The LNP literally get advised by the same dipshits that directly advise the Republicans.


File: dfe52a88f92e90d⋯.png (9.45 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.png)

Are there any interesting/insightful leftists that would be well placed to talk on this show about the the leftist situation in Australia?


Paranoia over environmental issues is pushing me stongly towards joining Greens



greens don't give a fuck about the environment, that's flavour to disguise the disgusting taste of neoliberalism


File: 6516ae8b0ae5543⋯.jpg (69.6 KB, 550x410, 55:41, 0068.jpg)




Anyone that's spent five seconds in a privatised job centre office or hours on the phone/in grey offices dealing with the deliberately painful, harsh and plain dysfunctional bureaucracy of Centrelink itself could probably tell you.


If Adam Bandt is anything to go by - you might end up a Greens MP in 2028 with that attitude.


>Our Government is now Literally supporting "Its OK to be White" shit and other /pol/ memes in the Senate

This is a Nightmarish existence that i find myself confined in



I know, it's not looking good.

The OK to be White thing, Fraser Anning's Final Solution speech, that story about the Alt-Right infiltrating the Young Nationals. The establishment in this country is just so fucking reactionary, it it's scary. They run fucking concentration camps on Manus Island and shit.



>that story about the Alt-Right infiltrating the Young Nationals.

Honestly this isnt MUCH of a Concern because any young person who Unironically joins Y.N / Y.Liberal is 99% likely to already be some sort of Reactionary brainwashed by their bougie / Kulak parents



Yeah, true.


Does anyone else feel like something "Changed" like about a year ago and that literally everything (Economy / politics / Society in general) has been deteriorating at a Rapid rate since like Late_16-17?




First of all, the Senate denied the motion that it was OK to be white. Fraser Anning holds near 0 power and was ABSOLUTELY DISAVOWED by prime ministers and the treasury jew. Australia is almost anti-nationalistic and certainly not pro-white, given the immigration policy and employment, legal and education policies which favour non-whites. The "concentration camps" are just containment zones for a numerically irrelevant number of illegal immigrants. It is not politically, economically or socially favourable to be nationalistic, racist or reactionary simply because that is not the most efficient way to process capital in this system. You fuckwits don't need to worry about a rising white consciousness in government because we are predicted to be majority non-European in the next 70 years and are running ahead of schedule.



No, you just got to that age.



>when everyone is on centrelink?

Get a job cunt



it's been downhill since women got the vote



That was about the same time UNNA got to as well.

Do not ignore the coincidences.



>First of all, the Senate denied the motion that it was OK to be white.

Only because of the Coalition not even having a functional goverment

>given the immigration policy and employment, legal and education policies which favour non-whites.

Such as?




>it's been downhill since women got the vote

So weve been going downhill sine the year Federation first occured

>That was about the same time UNNA got to as well.

The Aboriginal vote is for lack of a better word irrelevant



For immigration, just look at the numbers, or better, walk down Elizabeth Street. We take in 250k+ migrants a year and the majority of those are non-whites predominately from China and India. Our population is 25 million. Factor in birthrates and the fact that our migration rate is still increasing. This is because Asia provides an inexhaustible amount of new coolies, investors and consumers which our economy entirely subsists on and cannot continue without. This will surely destroy us and any future we could hope for as Australians.



>For immigration, just look at the numbers

How bout you do?

More People claim Scottish heritage then claim Chinese heritage

And despite Hansons screaming about it in the grand scheme of things lebs or Sudanese or who the fuck else dont even register on the fucking scale

>This will surely destroy us and any future we could hope for as Australians.

How does this (Assuming your right) Ruin hopes for a future for Australia?

If the constant importation of people to fill the reserve army of labor ruins Australia then just fight for a socialist Australia as it eliminates the need for that



社会主义澳大 *



You don't get my point, or understand the real scale of things. This system is not going to change through parliamentary democracy and it's going to get much worse when the influx of human refuse can't keep inflation down any longer, and you will weep for how bad the ruin will be, unless you are accustomed to third-world urban hellscapes like the other New Australians



>This system is not going to change through parliamentary democracy

I agree it can be changed with a Mix between Mass action Politics and The use of the Liberal democracy against itself

>influx of human refuse

Emotional Argument

>and you will weep for how bad the ruin will be

Emotional Argument

>unless you are accustomed to third-world urban hellscapes like the other New Australians

Emotional Argument + Shit no ones saying

>New Australians

This term literally just means "anyone who is a new citizen of Australia" it has nothing to do with "Replacing" "True" Australians or some shit



get fucked liberal



>I actually came back to this thread expecting an arguement

I feel sick with myself


Not that anon but if I were trying to defend that kind of position


>More People claim Scottish heritage then claim Chinese heritage

The issue however is the rate of change when it comes to immigration for instance the rate of monthly Chinese immigration has jumped 700% since 1990. Another example China and Chinese nationals are only the second largest foreign owners of Australian agricultural land behind the UK (UK at 27% and China at 25%) however Chinese ownership of land increased 10 fold between 2016 and 2017. Immigration like in Canada is creating a massive change in demographics regardless of ones politics. By raw numbers Australia has had some of the highest rates of migration in the World (and around 2012 was around the 5th highest in the world not counting city states) and these people arent mainly coming from places like Scotland.

>And despite Hansons screaming about it in the grand scheme of things lebs or Sudanese or who the fuck else dont even register on the fucking scale

Its not that simple - Sudanese born people (so not including people with the ancestry) in Victoria for instance are not even close to 1% of the population(clocking in at .14%) however they were identified as offenders in 26% of sexual offences and 20% of the aggravated burglaries. So whilst population wise they are very small they hit above their weight percentage wise when it comes to these kinds of social problems.

>How does this (Assuming your right) Ruin hopes for a future for Australia?

Well firstly there is simply the sheer environmental damage that comes from increasing the population so rapidly and then there are simply the social problems that stem from that kind of competition as well as the social problems that come with diversity.

>just fight for a socialist Australia as it eliminates the need for that

It seems to be a matter of ease - it would be an easier battle to stem mass migration than it would to build an non ethnic or cultural working class identity and overthrow capitalism in Australia. Its akin to why people might fight for better wages instead of just fighting to end wage labour instead.


I was talking to some Americlap today and he started ranting about

>"HUH HUH Youve got a dang LIBTARD "Prime Minister" (Huh "Not have freedumz" much? XD) Whose trying to ban dem Catholics from banning dem queers"

I could have pointed out how much he got fucking wrong in that statement but i just gave up


>Watching some ABC doco on Demographics in Australia

>"Lets get dick smiths opinion on the topic"

>Oh no.jpg

<"you see both parties put the expansion of the economy (Capital) first thus why we see the continued Hong Kongification of the cities and towns and the migrant policy the goverment has adopted"

<"But what they don't understand is that the us level of growth is literally impossible to maintain forever as we live on a limited planet"

<"That's why I tell young people "I'm not saying you don't deserve my level of wealth I'm just saying it's literally impossible for you to attain it"

<"The liberals and Labor support the migratory policies to support the expansion of big business and the greenies are payed off to shit down people critical of this by calling them racist"

Comrade Smith dropping those REDpills?

Also Wentworth today

What do you hope happens?

I'm praying for a hung parliament



Yeah hung parliament. But I suspect wentworth wont mean too much unless libs are completly assblasted. The public will probably have forgotten by the election next year that they are annoyed about Malcolm or anything else.



File: 9f47ea8a4f53396⋯.jpg (23.68 KB, 520x400, 13:10, whitlam_laughing.jpg)


>linking The Ausfailian when it's behind a paywall



Aint for me?…






Assuming you arent meming with that flag would you recommend any good green/enviro groups to be a part of here?






>Independent candidate Kerryn Phelps has claimed victory in the Wentworth by-election, promising voters she will not let them down.

>Key points:

>Dr Phelps has been named as an "easy winner" by ABC elections analyst Antony Green

>The Liberal Party has held the seat for decades, but their vote has collapsed

>The result means the Morrison Government has lost its majority in Canberra ABC elections analyst Antony Green called the result just over an hour after polling booths closed



>Over 20% percent swing



File: 1bdffe589ea14ef⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Cmt4GeaUcAAUvF7.jpg)



The right flagellating themselves over this shit will make the inevitable disappointment of a Shorten government at least fun to watch happen.


File: 0dbbd2111bfac55⋯.png (12.13 KB, 880x72, 110:9, Capture.PNG)


Jesus Christ Anthony.


File: d3d54864c674143⋯.png (114.33 KB, 320x1136, 20:71, VargChurch.png)


wtf I’m a pagan now


>Even With the Postal vote Surge for sharma as the Final count comes to a close Phelps still leads by a ~1000 votes


Disaster NARROWLY avoided



Does anyone else agree that its high time that the communist movement in Australia recognise that the Labor Party is an party thoroughly tied to the interests of the bourgeoisie & Capital just like how the Democraps are in the USA, not "The Party of the working class" and trying to infiltrate Young Labor is an waste of time?

This may mostly be just an Trotskyist phenomenon but the Trots dominate the left in Australia so…



I mean we have the Victorian socialists in Melbourne with a good chance of winning seats this November



even /trannypol/ wouldn't put their faith in a melbourne based party, right?



Mate, it's something, we can do more than one method of praxis at a time and have some unity


>Over 150 000+ Union members shut down the Melbourne CBD during marches for a minimum wage increase today

>Smaller marches were also held on a national scale



I think one of my mates marched in that one.



Fuck I missed it bc I was volunteering


Does anyone else thing there may be somewhat of a renaissance of left wing politics when Australia’s fire economy finally collapses (like the US and UK in 2008)? I figure that the mandatory voting will lead to more ‘protest’ votes to anti establishment candidates however I’m concerned that due to Australia’s media being one of the most concentrated in western world, oligarchs like Murdoch will likely subvert discontent to neo-fascism.



It's gonna go red-lib.



I'm not hopeful, the fact that Australia has essentially managed to side step the entire populist upsurge going around the world and our social democratic and conservative parties are very strong and haven't really had to make any concessions towards the more radical left or right; there are no emerging corybins or sanders and our trump is literally just a meme. This is why despite having a voting system that for much easier entry into parliament our lower house literally has less cross benchers than say the UK which has a system which heavily discourages it.

Majorities have always been a conservative force and compulsory takes advantage of this which is why (in addition to the fact parties get money per vote) both parties are so strongly attached to it - to the point that its almost impossible to lose your voting registration short of getting a 3+ year jail sentence (and even then its temporary) or being rendered mentally incapable as well as why they are moving towards lowering the voting age down to 16.

Im not even sure what can be done anymore.


Apparently Gavin McInnes is coming to Aus soon. Get your masks and bats ready folks



Will there even be a hung parliament if she doesn't block supply to the government?


What the fuck happened to people stopping and helping people?

Where did the mateship go?


holy shit

just got another clive palmer ad and he's somehow outdone himself even more

literally trying to build the fucking titanic 2 what is this timeline



What are the chances the government would leave me alone if I went with some mates to make a bush commune?



I saw that as well lmao

He basically makes it out to be not just a ship but a giant floating version of fucking Rapture from Bioshock where (And to quote iirc) "Every great scientist artist philosopher and thinker can live to their fullest potential" or some shit

So basically a seasteading libertopia

I saw another ad of his which was literally just a straight up reupload of some QandA panel he was on


File: 536cd6686c8d65b⋯.jpg (45.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Clive palmer is juche.jpg)


Titanic 2 is

Australasian SeaBol Gang



lol was that the one were he kept going on and had to be told you shut up


I know the whole things a retarded idea but now a part of me genuinely wants to see it become a reality


I was driving around Wollongong the other day and unironically saw a Poster stapled to a pole with "FUCK LIBTARDS" In Edgy death Metal Font written on it



Holy fuck that's edgy


I actually bothered to watch question time the other day because nothing else is even on

And i realized these people literally dont even know what Australians give a fuck about

they just bitch about semantical issues and scream at each other for a hour or so at a time

Like someone could storm ALP conference and perform a inter-Party coup on a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Platform and then go on to actually win the election

and the next day when he's talking about his plans to launch a great leap forward or wtf ever maoists do all the LNP / ALP establishment rejects would literally all still be bickering about whether we need a 2% increase to the buisness

Their just on a completely different wavelength then us you know?


Also shit fam some SudanFag just blew up his car and stabbed a boomer in Melbourne



We need a communist party with balls equal to their autism. Maybe then we could break out of the liberal purgatory.

>storm ALP conference and perform a inter-Party coup on a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Platform

This would be fucking hilarious.


A summary of our options

1. ALP. NO

2. ALP infiltration. (From influence to policy or outright coup) Too entrenched to move?

3. The trot cults parties. "Fuck off. Judean People's Front… we're the People's Front of Judea!"

4. The CPA and/or CPA-ML Good luck

5. New commie party (partaking in bourgeois politics) We'd get shit on

5.1 New commie party but full on fucking protracted people's war We'd be called terrorists

6. Create our own fucking nation of loosely federated bush communes Micronation time?




>ALP infiltration

I reckon if Corbyn gets somewhere in England, maybe. If the mother country sees a shift to the left, it might make it easier here.



1) The ALP could possibly be shifted to the left somewhat, should social democracy prove to be palatable again in other countries as per >>2714108 .

However, even under ideal circumstances I could not imagine them embracing anything left of Georgism.

The right faction really does have a strangle hold on the party (even more so after Shorten changed the party rules to further empower them) and the left faction really lacks any sort of figure that possesses even a hint of charisma or wide support.

2) Trots have been attempting this for several decades longer then anyone using this board has been alive.

Not only has infiltration utterly failed, but it has given the right faction a convenient bogeyman that they have used to dismiss any arguments for a return to left wing politics.

3) The biggest trot group in this country uses organisational tactics seldom seen outside of Scientology and is very sketchy to say the absolute least.

The small trot groups are far better, but powerless, split happy and super into identity politics.

4) The CPA-ML does not really exist anymore, most of their former members have long since joined the CPA.

The CPA is honestly a pretty solid group with good leadership and a heterodox, union focused take on Marxism-Leninism that at times seems to border on De-Leonism.

While the CPA is small overall, they are the largest anti-idpol, socialist group that I know of in this country.

5) This has been attempted countless times before.

Pretty much none of these groups get the numbers to register as a real party, so as to even appear on a ballot.

Of the few that do, they get nowhere and quickly disband.

6) It would never get off the ground.

Even if it did, the recent anti-sedition legislation that was rushed through parliament, combined with the efficiency of modern intelligence services pretty much ensures that anyone involved would quickly find themselves spending several decades in solitary confinement.

7) LARPing never accomplished anything and nobody wants to live in the bush.



So CPA is the way to go or is there another option?



I don't have all of the answers, so I'm not about to make a solid claim as to what is the 'way to go'.

However from my personal experiences with them, I do consider the CPA to be a very solid party and probably the best choice for any Australian socialist looking to become politically active.

Even if you do not stay with them for more then a few years.

I would still consider it worth joining them due to the training and experience they offer in political organisation, leadership and administration.

>is there another option?

I have not had any interactions with them for years.

However as of several years ago, the Australian IWW seemed pretty on point.

They were small, but not at all sectarian, very friendly and totally labour focused.

However much could have changed since then.

If they are at all like the modern IWW in America, then they would probably not even allow white guys to join.



>I reckon if Corbyn gets somewhere in England, maybe. If the mother country sees a shift to the left, it might make it easier here.

>mother country




>If they are at all like the modern IWW in America, then they would probably not even allow white guys to join.

Jesus christ what? Could you expand upon this? I had no idea they'd gotten *that* bad.



A slight exaggeration on my part for comedic effect.

I'm sorry if that was not clear.

While I cannot speak for all of the IWW branches across the USA.

I can say with certainty that the vast majority of the IWW in America have taken the idpol pill hard.

So hard in fact that many branches now make use of the 'progressive stack' concept that effectively puts white men at the bottom of a sexual/racial caste hierarchy; The stated point being to limit white men from having any internal influence/voice in the name of ~equality~.

Effectively much of the American IWW has succumb to modern liberalism.

But I cannot say if the same is true of the Australian IWW - It certainly was not as of ~5 years ago.



What about the greens ?



to be honest anybody who doesn't vote for Clive Palmer is a loser.



>the greens

imo they're in the same position in relation to us as the ALP but green.

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