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File: c8a12421af17820⋯.jpg (43.35 KB, 450x489, 150:163, kropotkin1[1].jpg)


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what website

File: ee9e9d8f7fa8908⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 227x222, 227:222, images.jpg)


This thread is for the discussion of bans, (bump)locks and generally anything pertaining to the moderation of the board. The last thread is a little crowded with things from last year, so I think it's time for a new, fresher thread.




-post cuckshit, "commies BTFO," or any of that kind of shit

-post any porn depicting underage (including drawings)

-deny the existence of climate change

-attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Strasserism, "Nazbol" Strasserism, National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)

-use socialist language or parrot state department talking points to defend blatant imperialism

-incite specific acts of terrorism or similar acts (use your head, don't act like a fed)

-post gender and sexuality topics outside of established cyclical threads.


-be respectful, ask questions, and know your place if you're a reactionary

-feel free to flame, shitpost, and be sectarian if you are a leftist (just keep it somewhat within reason)



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yet another thread anchored for no fucking reason

File: 1454368310550.jpg (12.22 KB, 349x238, 349:238, 1422430347342.jpg)


Backup boards:



Other boards:












/leftypol/'s magazine:




>How can you call yourselves leftist politically incorrect?

/leftypol/ posters are allowed to voice opinions that offend liberals, SJWs, and so on. All sects on the left are allowed to post on /leftypol/, leading to plenty of fighting and shitflinging between leftists, which other forums might ban. However, this was only a minor consideration in the naming of /leftypol/. Since the concept is simply a leftist version of /pol/, the entire name of /pol/ was retained.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Can i be a communist without reading Capital? I am just not really intelligent.

File: 2a1ba9e3fef84d0⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 564x604, 141:151, 2a1ba9e3fef84d0aa35ef77e84….jpg)

File: cbf67ce24750af9⋯.jpeg (35.98 KB, 400x631, 400:631, images (9).jpeg)


I've been wondering why each of us here ended up on /leftypol/ rather than /pol/. There is a high probability that we are disaffected young men desperately searching for meaning under neoliberalism. So what factors have led us to the left rather than the right?

For me, I've been obsessed with the Enlightenment and the French revolution since adolescence. When playing Empire Total War, even as absolute monarchs I strove towards the ideals of the enlightenment. I was a fedora-tipping keyboard warrior that pointlessly argued with fundies on social media. I hated the United States for invading Iraq, because that meant the budget shifted to killing random brown people rather than taking care of its own people. I viewed 9/11 as a clash between Enlightenment against Islamist reaction (and now as Wahhabi capitalism) rather than a more classical Christianity vs Islam clash of civilizations.

I've even somehow convinced myself that power is the only truth in this world yet I still lean left, since Napoleon and Stalin were incredibly powerful men of the left.

What factors have led us to the left rather than the right?

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You agitate against capital instead of indirectly serving capital by deflecting dissent over to the systemic scapegoat, whoever that is. What /pol/ and other anti-semites are essentially doing is to imply that it is only the capitalists that are problematic. This is the prime function of fascism - to channel legitimate grievances against the socio-political establishment into spooky conspiracy theories and other idealist red herrings that lead nowhere closer to the emancipation of the working class.

Also note that I don't really have any faith in /pol/'s hot takes or conspiracy theories in general. Materialism or fuck right off, please.




Jewish nepotism is a result of culture, not genetics. You can be against this culture without being racist.



I'm personally not fond of corporations, and even if they are white, I wouldn't give them a free pass because of it. What my issue is that Jews are more nepotist and exploitative compared to whites, but what I hear is that they're both shit because they're still exploiting for profit.


>and how are they different from the Marses, Waltons, or Kochs, for example?

Only by religion or race, but I don't think the white capitalists are banding together because of their whiteness or their christianity, unlike the jews.

>Implying the the white elite have respect and affection for the common person outside of their ability to increase their profits?

That I won't even try because I knew it's just me grasping for an explanation, but I just don't see a white elite being as fierce over copyright nor having the same capabilities to exploit as, say, the jewish elite.


>all that you can feel is what's real

No thanks.


So you're admitting that race not only exists, but culture is also an expression of genetics as well?


I'm >>2919743 not the other poster.


>So you're admitting that race not only exists


>but culture is also an expression of genetics as well?




>culture is also an expression of genetics

First let's get something clear, can you tell me what is culture according to you.

File: c08ae1666fdc40d⋯.png (493.91 KB, 1024x737, 1024:737, L3ahxsy4OqFbT6IuJLPJH9XcR3….png)


Thread about the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya led by Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Should it be considered to be Socialist? How to we dispel anti-Gaddafi western imperialist myths?




File: e51ad7a15a0d861⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 601x800, 601:800, Brezhnev Gaddafi.jpg)

File: 0045d25e37e5e2f⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 460x460, 1:1, libya democracy.jpg)

File: fd939af6ef7c3e5⋯.png (497.68 KB, 1350x1080, 5:4, RIP gaddafi.png)

It was hardly Marxist and more similar to socdem, however he did oppose imperialist forces and ally with communists outside Libya.



His car was glorious


Any sauce for a soviet version of the second pic?

File: a0e505aa22ca40a⋯.jpeg (148.18 KB, 770x767, 770:767, A14B0AD6-2FA4-4CFE-ACCD-0….jpeg)


America is planning a strike on Iran apparently, all the peons and simps around the world are already trying to justify it whilst talking about how America will “flatten Iran”.

I’m trying to hold the misanthropy back but I can’t, I fucking hate the human race at this point, I utterly despise the first world for being America’s fucking lapdog bitch, I despise those in the Third World that want to be its caged parrot like South Korea. I just can’t take this shit anymore, if America gets away with attacking Iran then this world deserves to fucking end, fuck this world, nuke it all to hell, all of it, maybe what comes after will be a less evil, dogshit species.

I fucking hate life and I hate this century.

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Just because I’m bitter at the people in this country? Lmao does this meme make sense when someone is just venting? All my life I’ve seen the people here cheer on the deaths of innocent men, women, and children. If you’re brown Americans don’t think you’re human, why the fuck wouldn’t I hate them by now? They’re already parading the defeat of Iran before the fucking war, it’s sickening, it’s fucking evil.



Nationalism is not a problem inherit to burgerland m8. The working class world wide often fall prey to it. Stop focusing on idealism



Inherit to just burgerland*


Nationalism is not a problem that is inherent* to burgerland alone.





"Idealism" in Marxism contexts has nothing to do with beliefs, hopes and dreams a la Wilsonian idealism, it refers to whether reality is material or ideal a la Plato's forms. It is completely reasonable to expect the improvement of the world from killing 327 million American people.

File: e19106e3a9e9125⋯.jpeg (18.78 KB, 224x225, 224:225, EECDE257-F1F3-4D6A-ADAB-B….jpeg)


I thought I was doing good, I thought I made these feelings go away, that I put all this Black Pill shit behind me, but something happened yesterday and I completely descended back into total insanity. I tried controlling these feelings by bitterly directing them just at white chicks, but I know that was a spook and my comrades are rightly disgusted with me and tell me to “get help”. But in my heart, I know that “help” for me is to end my life, my help is when I finally shoot myself or am killed fighting fash, I don’t think there’s hope for me and I’m a fucking monster. I wanna die comrades, I just have no hope, and I’m so disgusted with myself, and I need to fucking end this because I’m not disgusted with myself enough. Like, fuck, the internet has driven me insane, it made me see myself through this warped insane lens of myself and the world based on race, loneliness, and my internet activity driving me insane a long time ago.

I’m 21 now, every time I think I escaped Black Pill misogyny I eventually fall back into it, the first time I fell into it was 6 years ago when I was 15, and I know for a fact that I deserve to die.

Idk why I’m putting this here tbh, my other online space rightly despises me now, I’m sorry

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You’re 21. Your lack of experience is causing you to dramatize this unnecessarily. You realize that your past views are wrong and you recognize how easy it is to fall back into them, and that in itself is important.

There’s a reason that there are incels, and it’s not just because they’re sexless and bitter. It’s the same reasons for why men in particular can be vulnerable to reactionary ideology.

Yes, get help and work through it. If you’re anything like the people I know, your upbringing has been abusive and your childhood wasn’t great. Don’t take it so personnel, kid



That’s the worst part, I have a decent family and was a happy kid, though I was weird and isolated by my peers growing up

Then everything went to hell when I got to high school and was surrounded by rich white kids, mostly incredibly racist Italian and Irish kids

And it was an all-boys papist school so it completely stunted my social development. And the only girls I could meet were usually white girls that would never want me for obvious reasons. Things are slowly getting better and I don’t think about my past, but the scars still exist. Being a black kid, especially one that’s not athletic or hypermasculine was a hellish scenario.



keep hearing til you forget, or find someone someday.



>Just have sex bro

Its not that simple

File: ea4a8ae7efc92dc⋯.jpg (39.06 KB, 640x360, 16:9, BOORGER.jpg)


Where is the thread commrades.

Oil jumps above 4% on reports of suspected tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman.

Wil burgerstan try to escalate anything with Iran? What is gonna happen.

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>10th of June

Iran committed to enrichment at a later date though.



Germany is bullshitting.


Holy fucking shit, just watching the burger citizens start to salivate at the idea of a war and how “easy” it will be to win, how America has a justification if Iran responds to us bombing Iranian airfields (?)

I fucking hate the citizens of this country so fucking much and at this point hope they reinstitute the draft so these fuckers finally remember that war is hell

Fucking burgerstans


File: 46a89d1a4eea84e⋯.jpg (152.18 KB, 803x1200, 803:1200, D9Rfew0WsAICOL6.jpg)

File: 821011b3c4cda58⋯.jpg (99.79 KB, 749x989, 749:989, D9St_w8XsAAvoW8.jpg)

>how dare you violate the agreement we withdrew from?


File: e153414cfac5ebc⋯.jpg (27.52 KB, 117x140, 117:140, Capture.JPG)

File: 92ee8cb4b8b3a75⋯.jpg (299.52 KB, 800x557, 800:557, Castro with victims of Che….jpg)


With the release of new HBO mini-series 'Chernobyl' there have been a lot of threats on it on /tv/. As expected there have been a lot of anti-Soviet and anti socialist propaganda talking about how Soviets forced thousands of people to work for free and that thousands have perished because of Soviet evilness or incompetence. People also put emphasis on Soviet propaganda completely ignoring the tragedy, but rather focusing on what was happening in US.

On the other hand there are also sources that state that 'only' 40 people had died, that evacuation went smoothly and things were professionally fixed; as much as possibly. There are also sources that state that 25,000 Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Russian victims of Chernobyl were threated in Cuba. What's the truth, thought?

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>youtube video


>no sources



>Present in the control room at the moment of explosion; received fatal dose of radiation during attempt to manually lower the control rods as he looked directly to the open reactor core.

Why was Kudryavtsev ordered to look at the reactor core?


File: 3b0a9cf4bd46942⋯.png (721.44 KB, 700x469, 100:67, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting Based News Anon's post

Cuba’s generosity after Chernobyl

Millions have watched Chernobyl, the TV series about the 1986 nuclear meltdown, and your coverage has been extensive (Report, 13 June). But an important related story has not had a mention at this time of renewed interest. Following the catastrophe, the tiny island of Cuba stepped forward and cared for over 20,000 young cancer victims from 1989 to 2011, – medical care, schooling, clothing, food, accommodation, playgrounds – all free of charge. A specialised medical facility was opened to the east of Havana, and Cuban doctors travelled to the affected region to treat patients in their homeland.No other country in the world launched such a massive programme. The Cubans responded – as “an ethical and moral”, not a political question, as it was put at the time, and the programme continued despite changing governments in the Ukraine.



Cuba was essentially the only country to actually provide help until the fall of the USSR, when afterwards the West so 'lovingly' provided aid to the divided and chaotic East…


The real Mikhail Shadov did not deserve this portrayal. He was working since he was 15 in the coal mines (mostly - mechanical department), by the age of 22 he became so successful in that field - he got promoted to management. By 1986 he was 59 years old (so - horrible miscast ;) ). All the miners had utmost respect for him. He was an inspirational figure, not to mention - he risked his own health (59 YEARS OLD) during the Chernobyl operation ON THE SPOT (and - he never had any machine gun convoy - he didn't need AK 47 to talk to the miners). Since then he've become one of the most well-respected geologists in Russia.

The real miners did not deserve that portrayal: they were all ex-soldiers with strict discipline and iron will, not to mention - moral compass so strong - it makes Superman look like a wussy. They had an "I hate to do that, but if I refuse - I won't be able to live with myself" attitude. And they were true heroes.


File: 575456e8ef71e26⋯.png (397.92 KB, 500x1451, 500:1451, 8BA17590-099F-449A-9378-E8….png)


Marxism is a child of the Enlightenment, yet more and more I see tolerance, support or even adoption of hokey superstitions like astrology, fetishization of the past (bonus woke points if you’re fetishizing a pre-colonial non-white society), woke Volkisch, alternative medicine and spiritualism crap, so on and so forth. This is supposed to be a scientific movement for the liberation of the masses, not a hangout for fringe weirdos and literally any asshat dissolutions with the status quo for literally any reason, at least so long as they’re not *white male* reactionaries. If the radlibs just stayed in their corner, we could just ignore them, but more and more so they claim to be socialists, communists and even Marxists. What do we do?

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From my experience though, the right wing is generally far more into astrology, spiritual healing etc. than the left.



It’s shitty optics.



according to evangelical americans, yes. Why should I shatter their worldview or belief system?



fuck optics



And fuck your ritualism.

File: a46710a2ed37ffd⋯.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, 775:514, IMG_20180205_092109.jpg)


Thread for the next crisis in global capitalism, monitoring markets, and theoretical discussions.

original post:

How can a lefty exploit this to their advantage? Is it too soon to try? DOW down about 1000 points since Thursday.


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the proletariat has not recovered since 2008 - there won't be anywhere to get money for a bailout like they did for 2008. They'd either have to cut and privatize social security and medicare/medicaid, which are two of the most popular policies in the US period, or cut from the MIC's vast budget, which no politician will allow because they are paid to lobby for the MIC. There isn't anything they can do that doesn't inspire mass unrest, which is why they tried to stave it off with mass tax cuts and bleeding the fed dry with market aids.


File: 315481b4ab03da4⋯.jpg (117.8 KB, 890x501, 890:501, MW-HL439_msbci__2019061410….jpg)

Business conditions are at their worst level since the 2008 financial crisis, says Morgan Stanley

The business environment is deteriorating — fast.

That is according to a gauge of business conditions tracked by Morgan Stanley, which said in a recent note that its proprietary Business Conditions Index, or MSBCI, fell 32 points last month, marking its sharpest collapse since the metric was formulated. The gauge touched its lowest point since the 2007-08 financial crisis. A separate composite business-condition index also fell by the most since 2008 and hit its lowest level since February of 2016.

Morgan Stanley said that its index also reflects an apparent slowdown in domestic jobs growth. Economists for the report, led by Ellen Zentner, wrote that the fall in business conditions is “consistent with the slowdown in gross hirings reflected in the latest employment report for May, and raising the risk that weakness in labor demand persists into next month’s report.”

Indeed, the U.S. created just 75,000 new jobs in May, well off consensus forecast for some 185,000 jobs created on the month, and potentially marking a significant change of momentum in what has been a pillar of strength in the domestic economy.

Morgan Stanley said that taken with other metrics that drill down deeper into financial conditions, “these indicators point to business expansion coming to a near halt in June.”






not gonna happen and if it did, the consequences would be catastrophic

File: 141737c333f3161⋯.png (497.55 KB, 706x694, 353:347, red army.png)


Anarchists are against 100% forms of all hierarchy.

Communists believe that hierarchy is good but that only rightfully earned hierarchy should exist (ie hierarchy and authority/status earned free from exploitation or ridiculous notions of simply being born in a certain family)

Is this wrong or right?

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Anarchism doesn't rely on one theory of value. I've never heard of a convincing theory, but you don't need one.


>Chinese porkies who have at least read Marx

>read Marx

No they haven't



Go back to /pol/



>Go back to /pol/

>making fun of /pol/ is /pol/.



File: 7ce1f2ac284727b⋯.pdf (3.36 MB, Lenin - State and Revoluti….pdf)


>So again, Marxists never intend to do it without the state.

Not the guy you're responding to but if you're just going to keep ascribing some secret malicious intent to all Marxists then why even bother? On the off-chance you're actually willing to seriously engage, though, the withering away of the state is a central part of Marxist theory; the idea isn't that one "abolishes" the state overnight but that its functions are gradually either abandoned when no longer necessary or subsumed into everyday life as the conditions that make them necessary disappear - this is obviously something that takes a bit of time, and "most of the world wants to fucking kill us lmao" is a pretty obvious barrier to getting rid of things such as a standing army. Obviously the development of the USSR - that is, isolated and backwards, without support from a wider revolution - is going to look different to the large-scale revolutions in advanced nations that were expected by Marx, Engels, and even Lenin.

Speaking of the withering away of the state, however, Engels even makes the point in a letter to Bebel discussing the Gotha program that the post-revolution "state" is no longer a state in the proper sense of the word:

>All the palaver about the state ought to be dropped, especially after the Commune, which had ceased to be a state in the true sense of the term. The people’s state has been flung in our teeth ad nauseam by the anarchists, although Marx’s anti-Proudhon piece and after it the Communist Manifesto declare outright that, with the introduction of the socialist order of society, the state will dissolve of itself and disappear. Now, since the state is merely a transitional institution of which use is made in the struggle, in the revolution, to keep down one’s enemies by force, it is utter nonsense to speak of a free people’s state; so long as the proletariat still makes use of the state, it makes use of it, not for the purpose of freedom, but of keeping down its enemies and, as soon as there can be any question of freedom, the state as such ceases to exist. We would therefore suggest that Gemeinwesen ["commonalty"] be universally substituted for state; it is a good old German woPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Marxists have predicted ten of the last five crises.

It's catchy so it must be true! Neoliberals and Keynesians have predicted 0 of the last 5 crises.

File: 855f6ebf08a4df6⋯.png (151.83 KB, 814x910, 407:455, g9hij.png)


I'm not asking this as a rhetorical question, but I came across a self-proclaimed feminist on Twitter who works on Wall Street, arguing that Wall Street isn't the enemy of the working class and that thinking this is "pedestrian." Does anyone have any good primers on how Wall Street has effected the (global) economy since the financial crisis of 2008?



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Wall Street is why the factory in my town moved to Indonesia.



who do you think has been writing your history books you total fuckhead




Ask me how I know you two are still in high school.





I think we need to start talking about mutualism again

Turns out it's not quite as obsolete as we though


Shamelessly shilling this interview with french marxist economist bringing legitimate points about the problems finance raise for industry itself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CUC1wIcmfY

File: 176d0d2fc55695b⋯.png (26.87 KB, 359x327, 359:327, dan.png)


ITT: movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

This is a voluntary thread that users can choose to post in, if… I forgot the rest of whatever the old OP was. Honestly, I just wanted to bring this old thread back.

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File: 48d7ac92b492b98⋯.png (170.28 KB, 500x277, 500:277, am i disabled.png)


>i'm about to go to sleep so i can't critique this

<20 minutes later, at 1:30 in the morning:

This is your brain on Satanism.



What kind of Satanist are you anyway


File: 7991f67d3b62502⋯.jpg (233.47 KB, 1000x498, 500:249, Muhammed Ali quote.jpg)


If you despise religion, you're not gonna like this post, but that's fine. There's a very cursed post ahead of you. Just pls no bulli ok

I'm not ACTUALLY a Satanist, but my spiritual and gnostic views most closely align with spiritual Satanism. I'm actually some combination of a new-age hippy, a gnostic, and a buddhist. Similar to spiritual satanists, i believe in the existence of multiple deities, but i don't think they're just demons who serve satan because that's retarded. Anyways, i think that we call one of them different names across different religions, and that applies to quite a few of them. For example, the demiurge is actually yahweh, who is actually saturn, who is actually ba'al and so on. I believe that abrahamists serve him, and so do greedy materialists, and every time someone starts a business, or donates money to a catholic church, he gets more powerful, and basically the afterlife for abrahamists is just soul-imprisonment in the black cube (which is featured symbolically very heavily by his cultists). I'm not even sure there is a good deity, to be honest, just an evil one, but that's hard to figure out personally. I also try to meditate maybe once every half a year and i think (certain) drugs are a legitimate path to enlightenment (and a cure to mental illness) which is why i shill them in a lot of conversations (despite not being in a position to use them). I think that reincarnation is real (you can retain scars from the various ways you died in your past life), i think that state religions can only work if they incorporate deities into their own religion (like what the roman empire and incan federation did), and i believe very firmly that people can see the future (i've unironically done it before, but that's not something i care much to tell people about). I think that the fact that i haven't found a deity that i can successfully worship and prove my worth to is the reason that yaldabaoth has influenced my life to the point that i have become a broken husk of a man. I'm pretty sure i'm supposed to give in to worshipping him (i have nearly broken down and kneeled before depictions of him in various churches i've been to, including almost crying in a protestant christian church) and become his high priest (as was shownPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



It was an interesting post. I used to dabble in Gnosticism myself when I went through my religious phase as well. I still think it's the most reasonable solution to the problem of evil.

If we were to have a 'socialist religion', it'd best be a form of humanistic gnosticism revolving around Promethean figures like Prometheus himself, Lucifer, Loki etc.




Would you be opposed to the superficial formation of such a family with endless replication and reproduction of revolutionary figures via deepfakes and self-replicating AI relentlessly trained to pursue Leninism? (Assuming we would be able to do something like that, obviously)

File: 4970b139ee71d71⋯.jpeg (36.52 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 78FD3871-1144-4B04-A1C0-1….jpeg)


These people are just hopelessly lost, aren’t the comrades? They looked at porky’s dick and gambled whether they could get it to hit their esophagus without gagging. These people are so fucking DUMB like Jesus fuck, talking to average morons is easier than talking to libertarians and ancaps because their stupidity is based in their religious devotion to the ability to accumulate. I fucking despise these people and whenever I talk to them I’m further convinced that our differences can only be settled by the barrel of a gun. Fuck these fucking retards, literally denying climate change and vomiting out “SUPPLY AND DEMAND” and “FREEDOM” like the programmed little goblins they are.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I would honestly rather have libertarians than Trump or /pol/fags to be honest.





By basic economics, libertarians usually refer to the Economics 101 class they took in high school.


Imo I find libertarians to be more pleasant to debate than /pol/ types. However flawed and stupid it is, they at least have concrete theory that can be debated. Fascists are literally impossible to debate because they have no theory or any real beliefs, just gut feels, so they can and will lie and shift goalposts endlessly. Libertarians have a specific theory they have to defend so it's not as easy to weasel.

Of course at this point like 90% of online libertarians are pretty much nazis anyway so the distinction is kinda moot.



Libertarians/liberals are intellectually equivalent adversaries. The typical nationalist conservative is a drooling retard but with these guys you can have a real debate.

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