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File: 3975c22f7bb261d⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Jeff Bezos.jpg)


I capitulate. I was born just in time to see fascism take over the Anglosphere. Anglo-Fascism will wear a suit, use euthanasia, not deathcamps, and will just micronutrient starve the proles with food deserts so they die prematurely, saving money. The key to Anglo fascism is that you never know you are living under fascism, because of the Brave New World endless Soma of porn, video games, and hookup apps. It's open air fascism. If it weren't, Milliennials wouldn't be the poorest postwar generation getting fleeced and sterilized since they aren't needed in production anymore.



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fascism is capitalism in decay



No idea, if anything he was just stating his own opinion of what he thinks emerging fascism will be.



Now THIS I can get behind.



there is literally nothing that beats real human interaction. pretty much a scientific fact at this point.



haven't you learned to stop asking this question by now? the mods are brainlets who don't read shit, but I doubt it's their fault since BO hand-picks whoever (s)he thinks is most likely to kill this board.

File: e2b56aa3aa61763⋯.jpg (249.04 KB, 675x900, 3:4, Thistle.jpg)


I was returning home by the fields. It was midsummer, the hay harvest was over and they were just beginning to reap the rye. At that season of the year there is a delightful variety of flowers —red, white, and pink scented tufty clover; milk-white ox-eye daisies with their bright yellow centers and pleasant spicy smell; yellow honey-scented rape blossoms; tall campanulas with white and lilac bells, tulip-shaped; creeping vetch; yellow, red, and pink scabious; faintly scented, neatly arranged purple plaintains with blossoms slightly tinged with pink; cornflowers, the newly opened blossoms bright blue in the sunshine but growing paler and redder towards evening or when growing old; and delicate almond-scented dodder flowers that withered quickly. I gathered myself a large nosegay and was going home when I noticed in a ditch, in full bloom, a beautiful thistle plant of the crimson variety, which in our neighborhood they call “Tartar” and carefully avoid when mowing— or, if they do happen to cut it down, throw out from among the grass for fear of pricking their hands. Thinking to pick this thistle and put it in the center of my nosegay, I climbed down into the ditch, and after driving away a velvety bumble-bee that had penetrated deep into one of the flowers and had there fallen sweetly asleep, I set to work to pluck the flower. But this proved a very difficult task. Not only did the stalk prick on every side—even through the handkerchief I wrapped round my hand—but it was so tough that I had to struggle with it for nearly five minutes, breaking the fibers one by one; and when I had at last plucked it, the stalk was all frayed and the flower itself no longer seemed so fresh and beautiful. Moreover, owing to a coarseness and stiffness, it did not seem in place among the delicate blossoms of my nosegay. I threw it away feeling sorry to have vainly destroyed a flower that looked beautiful in its proper place.


that's cool and all anon but why does it need a thread?



You reported this?

No room for metaphor around here.



Picking flowers is revolutionary praxis

File: b36fe1a727c77fb⋯.jpg (111.55 KB, 466x379, 466:379, otop.jpg)

File: b6ca8f5cac1b750⋯.jpg (108.21 KB, 640x531, 640:531, oupt.jpg)


What has long been clear to me is the fact that old people are not capable of being revolutionaries! They are incapable of rejecting their old liberal or even reactionary world view and changing their world view, due to the cognitive dissonance in which all the old people suffer!

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holy shit a good take from the butterfly poster

now i've seen everything


File: 7f1c1cfcf7b939f⋯.jpg (180.05 KB, 1533x1545, 511:515, zizo.jpg)


Ok, you stupid Nazi-cunt, where do I start with your bullshit …

First: Old people should have an interest in anarchism/communism as long as they belong to the class of the proletariat, especially as there is more and more old-age poverty these days!

Second: your leader was a faggot-soyboy with only one nut!



old people are at death's door and would only impede you if any kind of a revolutionary situation they are completely irrelevant


that's kinda true.


that doesn't prove anything, the point was about changing their views.


Old dogs dont learn new tricks. Old people who lived in eastern bloc have nostalgia for communism and old people living in western countries are mix of nationalists and liberals.

File: 7a8034a7e614607⋯.jpg (276.02 KB, 705x1024, 705:1024, 7a8034a7e614607d8fd495332a….jpg)


Merkel joins Macron in call for ‘real, true’ European army after Trump slams idea

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a “real, true” European army to be created, just days after French President Emmanuel Macron did the same – and received backlash from Donald Trump for doing so.“We should work on a vision of one day establishing a real European army,” Merkel said during an address to MEPs at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday.


Democrats seek agreements with Trump administration

A lame duck session of Congress opens today with Democrats signaling that they wish to reach agreement with the Trump White House on a range of budget and policy issues in order to “clear the decks” before the new Democratic-controlled House of Representatives takes office in January.The Senate and House must pass seven of 12 separate appropriations bills by December 8 to avoid a partial shutdown of the federal government, with the most contentious bill involving funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


UK and EU negotiators have agreed on a Brexit deal

UK and EU negotiating teams have agreed on a Brexit withdrawal deal which Prime Minister Theresa May will present to her Cabinet on Wednesday.The UK government confirmed reports that May's most senior ministers would read the details of the draft agreement on Tuesday evening before a special Cabinet meeting at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.


IsraelisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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i also spelt sailor wrong the second time ffs



>die fighting the Chinese

Join pro Chinese army is not in option?



exactly, where do I enlist to the PLA?



>implying the speaker of house would just "let" someone enter their office

its fucking orchestrated



I wish he became mage knight, cuz I don't wanna see him die. He's so precious.

File: e8fd207f6556562⋯.jpeg (56.91 KB, 600x252, 50:21, 1_Q4Vx5EgE9OyvIRPEbO7NPA.jpeg)


What does /keftypol/ thinj aboutt American Civil War?

What was the outcome from this war?

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didn't prominent southerners imagine a giant slave empire from the caribbean to south america? i feel like i remember reading something like that some time ago.


the confederate dogs desrerved worse. sherman should have burned the rest of the south and the federal government should have adopted political terror during reconstruction.



Yup. That was the "Golden Circle." Reading about the Antebellum period is also crazy because you'd have… like… the governor of Louisiana funding a private army (or "filibusters") to invade Cuba, advertising for recruits in newspapers, and then they would invade and lose a battle with Spanish troops and get executed en masse. And the president and northerners wouldn't hear about it until a month after the invasion failed because it took that long for news to travel.


File: 3348300fb566647⋯.jpg (975.15 KB, 2734x1700, 1367:850, union-soldiers-capture-vic….jpg)


You're forgetting that the combatants of the south weren't all involved in slave trade or the CSA's reactionary bullshit. Most of them were poor farmers and various other workers. The south was a shithole.

The only people I blame for the CSA's scumfuckery are the officers and politicians.

I fucking hate the CSA. I hate the reason they formed. I hate the fact that their flag still flies.

Who I hate more are the orchestrators of that whole stupid fucking movement, and the people who still think that the CSA is anything less than a reactionary government that delivers more empty promises to its workers.

…but anyone who still agrees with them in 2018 are scumbags.



perhaps so, but wouldnt you say southern culture was racist to the core? and the farmers went to fight to defend the confederacy, which itself as you know was formed explicitly to defend the right of slavery as it was becoming increasingly indefensible in the north, i don't think we can write them off as innocent and tricked, much like i dont think german soldiers can be written off as innocent automatically. don't get me wrong though, i don't think they should have gone around murdering every single confederate soldier, but that officers, politicians (especially jeff davis that filthy rat), the landowning and slaveowning classes, and other pro-slavery elements in society should have been rooted out mercilessly, and political terror used to root out groups like the KKK that formed after the defeat of the confederacy. certainly after lincoln was assassinated the need for a purge in the south was obvious in my opinion.

i recall reading that shermans original plan was to among other things do things such as executing slaver-aristocrats, expropriating plantations, etc., disarm southerners and the confederate armies and to then arm the black slaves with their masters weapons and use them as a sort of police force/militia to oversee the end of slavery. instead, lincoln was assassinated and the notion of giving the freed slaves their own land and so on disappeared into thin air and we got shit like jim crow and another 100+ years of humiliation for black people.

File: 5b9041b906ef16f⋯.jpg (72.52 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 40470678_107055813582741_7….jpg)

File: 49a98091b9aecff⋯.jpg (60.63 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 41948711_100523044253148_1….jpg)

File: eddb4b951146a76⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 42962265_143385119949230_7….jpg)

File: bb37a5a2f1ad8d4⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 323x600, 323:600, 1536885309007.jpg)

File: bafeb0fa9802dab⋯.jpg (57.68 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 22406560_1436730133092688_….jpg)


This thread is for making fun of the funny little retards in far right politics.

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File: 74dea5dfa7346cf⋯.jpg (60.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_20181112_214913.jpg)

File: e6fc3cc8c3e63fa⋯.jpg (71.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_20181112_214911.jpg)



Their faces are so deformed and inbred they have to hide behind masks to be taken seriously



You could easily flip that quote around on them to criticize bourgeois notions of equality kek


File: d6161612ee74a95⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 39112186_103191330627686_8….jpg)

Again, the master race.



not by today's standards at all

File: 7a1276019009a5b⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x2668, 480:667, 5aba63f885600a68c9251a1e.jpg)


If you're a leftist you should be getting in shape. The revolution needs big, strong people. It also gives you more respect.

Train your body and your mind, keep balance guys. Don't let the nazis steal the "I'm so big and frighting" look, let's get serious comrades.

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I do a lot of exercises for my ass does that count



Why only your ass? Your ass won't help you beat fascist pig!



hm that's what you think




>do daily squats while taking HRT

>become qt thicc femboi

>Nazi masturbation fantasy breaks out

>get one of them to fuck you in the ass because /pol/ are all fags anyway

>use your hyper developed ass muscles to break his dick off

>fascist bleeds to death



gdi now the NSA knows

File: 6374624dd5ef0cd⋯.jpg (33.58 KB, 800x450, 16:9, merkwuerdigliebe.jpg)


Can you recommend any literature for someone who was a Fascist in the literal sense of the word and not some Trump supporter.

I've come to the realization that Capitalism is fucking the planet into an early grave. I realize that nationalism and kike hating isn't going to allow for the continuation of our species. There are a few in the turd position movements who are environmentalist and care for the world. But many of them have been tricked into thinking that the world isn't going to cook us. Communism seems like the answer to this. It wants to destroy capitalism and I am all for that. My only problem is all of this fucking compartmentalization that you guys have regarding skin colour, gender and other petty shit. Aren't we all a part of the working class? I truly want to become a part of the cause. But all this fucking identity politics is a mindfuck.

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thanks for effortpost


read Niekisch "Hitler: a german fate"



>Ocasio-Cortez is a demsoc


By her own definition, and by the ambiguous and misleading hegemonic discourse surrounding demsoc

>leftcom (revisionist)


Jesus, I was just chumming the water a little bit, didn't need to take the bait hook, line, and sinker m8 XD



Fascism is by definition capitalist, since it merely results from capitalists defending themselves against working people by force when parliamentary democracy doesn't do the job anymore.


I will definitely second >>2717827 (even though out of these 6 texts, I've only read Gotha Program and WLC).

"Why Marx was Right" by Terry Eagleton contains some strong arguments. I did find its analysis of the USSR a bit vague and idealist, probably because the author is a trot, but all his counter-arguments against anticommunists are convincing.

Finally, as others itt have pointed out, it's vital to realize there is nothing anticapitalist about fascism. It can only exist and grow strong by the grace of capitalists in the first place. Its main functions are the enforcing of unpopular right-wing economic policies and the sowing of division among proletarians through racist, nationalist, sexist and pro-hierarchical ideology. People like Bolsonaro and Pinochet, widely acknoledged to be neoliberals, already show how blurry the distinction between neoliberalism and fascism can get. Even the "OGs" Hitler, Mussolini and Franco enacted what would nowadays be called neoliberal policies: massive privatizations, destroying the power of trade unions and giving the big companies a free pass to do what they want while working class people pay the price.

File: d9c93b7b8452076⋯.jpg (187.39 KB, 700x612, 175:153, 1475456643446.jpg)


How is modern nationalism compatible with late globalized capitalism? Why is it that nationalists paradoxically end up supporting neoliberal globalists?

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>implying that wouldn't make things a million times worse






>The left needs to sort out its ideological issues before becoming mainstream.

I struggle to see how this is possible with all the uneducated anarkiddies still maintaining their former relevance.



American imperialism makes all other petty western nations viable and the reactionaries understand this.


nationalists thereotically should be against capitalism, but capitalism benefits greatly from nationalism

it creates an opposition to socialism, it creates another divisory class (nationality) to distract from class struggle, and it can be used as a way to con people into supporting exploiters (i.e. these are great Englishmen and the pride of our nation)

File: 95ce493f3acfaa8⋯.jpg (81.54 KB, 384x313, 384:313, Shruggo.jpg)


So let's get me banned

I am slightly left-leaning centrist(death sentence anywhere on the internet) and I enjoy listening peoples opinions and political views, so I came here to lurk a bit. I didn't find much interesting stuff so I thought I would ask peoples general reasons of their political leaning and worldviews and why they believe in whatever they, well, believe in.

And especially do you express your political views much in public and do you spend time with people who have radically different political views than you IRL?

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File: ae0b5eb1d4953de⋯.png (81.92 KB, 875x906, 875:906, 100 companies.png)


>can I get a source on this image?



I'm asking for the actual peer-reviewed research, not clickbait articles made to generate ad revenue.



>not clicking on the articles and seeing what report they’re talking about (which they hyperlink half the time directly)

big brain



You seem like you are about to be a fuckwit. I swear so many threads start like this and turn into "But obviously…"

Anyways, Communist, obviously. Anarchism is lame. Just a waste of time, any difference from Marxism is just a sign of failure, a lack of understanding, etc….

The arguments for Communism and agaimst Communism are too compelling to ignore. That is why anti-communists only say platitudes…



>So let's get me banned

All you had to do was ask.

File: 24b592092b3d7c0⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 636x636, 1:1, maoistrebelnews.jpg)


Jason Unruhe BREAKS with Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Kyle Kulinski, Abby Martin et al. over internet hate speech censorship debacle on social media

In this video, Jason says that the free speech absolutist talking point of "if Facebook censors Alex Jones, they're going to censor us next" is a fallacious argument because they're going to censor the left regardless.

"No one really believes in free speech. Everybody believes that it should be censored to some degree. And if you think no speech should be censored ever, you're either a psychopath or liar."

"In no way can you compare me to Alex Jones. If I put a post which was criticising US foreign policy towards the DPRK as being pro-war and imperialist, that's totally the same thing as Alex Jones going around harassing, doxing, and even in some cases threatening the parents of children who were killed in mass shootings because he was calling them crisis actors. If you think these two are the same thing and they should both be allowed, you're kind of a piece of shit. You kind of really are."


81 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>In shocking news, broken clock tells right time twice a day



>breaks with

Lol headline

>In this video, Jason says that the free speech absolutist talking point of "if Facebook censors Alex Jones, they're going to censor us next" is a fallacious argument because they're going to censor the left regardless.

Tru in the sense that they already were before Jones. Jones is used as an 'unfriendly face' for the project, though - "you don't like Alex Jones, well we censored him, therefore when we censor people who lean left but never actually lie you can just assume they're Alex Joneses!"

>"No one really believes in free speech. Everybody believes that it should be censored to some degree. And if you think no speech should be censored ever, you're either a psychopath or liar."

Overt incitement, fraud and that's basically it. Both have reasons besides the basic speech to be illegal.


Its not a totally incorrect idea in the sense corporations and governments will censure those they want anyway regardless of "free speech", but I'd also rather not literally hand the tools and consent to do so to them without any kind resistance.





File: 0f96cadc42451e5⋯.png (18.77 KB, 589x151, 589:151, stephencolbert.png)


Popular Democratic party liberal comedian Stephen Colbert condemns protestors outside Tucker Carlson's mansion, calling it "an act of monstrous cowardice."


File: 0fe4ba14795f780⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 347x230, 347:230, normal and schizo.jpg)


Thread for the intersection of mental health and leftist revolutionary politics. Today's topic:

>Isn't it interesting how the word asylum means both a country that accepts immigrants and a place for crazy people?


File: 1c9955e1ba55e37⋯.png (117.77 KB, 1631x250, 1631:250, 1c9955e1ba55e37d0d78e732c6….png)

File: 2d8158bde2476aa⋯.jpg (159.21 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, 2d8158bde2476aa4b72c2cecf9….jpg)



Those posts read like it's us just shitposting and pretending to be /pol/.



doesn't change the fact that conspiracy theories are inherently psychotic

File: af80978d1ca957f⋯.jpg (93.24 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1496426788673.jpg)


What is the problem with social justice exactly? I don't see Jordan Peterson's point of view. I don't see why anti-LGBT voices should be tolerated as they are intolerant. I think it's an unnecessary evil to use power over people. Some might argue that social justice warriors wish to harm but it seems more like defense, as LGBT and other groups have been marginalized.

62 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



> explain why I should be against PC for example.

Because it stifles free speech and individual choice. On the feminism front, for example, the notion that nurture explains all gender differences and nature none is opinion rather than fact. Shouting down critics is no different than the religious right hassling women at abortion clinics. Peterson's contribution is to raise obvious inconsistencies – the pay gap persists in Sweden because women choose lower paying professions – and to balk at Orwellian rules like requiring "xi" as a gender neutral pronoun.



>freeze peach

I don't want that

>individual choice

I don't care about that

>Shouting down critics is no different than the religious right hassling women at abortion clinics.

It is, because those people are wrong and should be forcefully converted to atheism.

>Peterson's contribution is to raise obvious inconsistencies

He hasn't made any contributions



> free speech and individual choice

being racist is neither of those things



i didn't assert anything. i responded to your infactual claim and make you look hysteric, you are still wrong btw



>saying something

>>not freespeech

File: 23dd01621059181⋯.png (66.25 KB, 2000x742, 1000:371, tsjekkoslovakia.png)


>S-socialism has only ever been attempted in third-world shitholes!

Hold up. What about Poland, Czechoslovakia, East-Germany and Hungary? Those were all highly developed countries when socialism came, and they also hated it and demonstrated against it several times. Socialism in any other developed country would be just as bad.

154 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>taxes is like a form of socialism

>china is communist

jesus christ man


Socialism has by definition been tried in the second world though. And also in the third world.


File: 04b7b2b8961bbd9⋯.jpg (21.91 KB, 339x298, 339:298, please kill yourself pleas….jpg)


you are retarded

please stop posting



>People who want socialism back are only:

>Old people

>Young people

>Middle aged people

>So thats not everyone!


Wasn't really attempted in those countries, it was just put in place after Nazis got steamrolled. There has still never been an ML revolution in a developed economy ever. This isn't to decry socialism, just that ML's are old hat

File: af4a7adf650ccd2⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 602x405, 602:405, eJwNw1sOgyAQAMC7cAAQVljW26….jpg)


After campaign of threats and intimidation, Teamsters announces “yes” vote on sellout UPS Freight contract

In a conference call last night, the Teamsters announced that its concessions contract covering 11,600 UPS Freight workers was approved by 77 percent.Far from being an endorsement of the sellout agreement, the vote—to the extent that the figures reported by the union are accurate—is the outcome of a campaign of blackmail, intimidation and threats by the Teamsters and UPS management against workers. It is a declaration of no confidence in the Teamsters by workers, who know that the union would not wage any struggle for their interests.


Hamas Military Leader Killed in Gaza Strip

A commander from the Hamas’ military group was killed by Israeli forces along the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials reported Sunday.At least six Palestinians were killed and seven wounded during air strikes and a gunfire exchanged between the Israeli Defense Forces and militia from the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam group on Sunday night in Khan Yunis.


Hamas, Israel trade heavy fire after deadly incursion

Palestinian militants on Monday fired some 200 rockets into Israel, a day after a senior Israeli army officer and seven militants, including a Hamas commander, were killed in a botched mission in the Gaza Strip, according to reports.


'It's a comfy planPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

24 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>Rather odd in a communist country no?

It looks pretty bad to be sure.



> “Over and over,” she has written, “my undergraduates tell me they try hard not to fall in love during college, imagining that would mess up their plans.”

This shit disgusts me so much. Prioritizing some piece of paper over actual human relationships.

I say this even I am exactly the shut-in virgin whos existence warrants this article. I have no avenues of socialization anymore, but when I did, I stunted my grades because I'd spend my time with friends and in chatrooms with online friends instead of doing homework. I regret nothing.



I feel pretty damn lucky to have avoided much of what this article talks about, although I see it absolutely everywhere. My roommate was abstinent in the same way, and he was goddamn miserable. But now that he has a gf, he's almost overloaded on dependency. It's impossible for most people to even establish such a balance anymore if you've starved for it your entire young adult life



Yeah, this pretty much sums it up

I don't know how to fucking have a relationship, I've had one night stands but getting a date feels like its impossible



Human relationships are overrated, faggot. Theres a reason were on this board and its cause irl contact aint cutting it. In college i absolutely hated all those partiers. All social life was conceived as within the myopic view of drinking and nothing more.

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