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File: afc1c42a9dc6f64⋯.jpg (372.15 KB, 1600x1071, 1600:1071, DSC_0728.JPG)


>So we hosted some Californian academic partners a few days ago, and talking with one of them was quite interesting. He's a tenured professor at the University of Hawaii - he's also the head of an institute at the Uni. While I'm not at a university or jobs are somewhat similar and his salary is around 3,5 times higher (before taxes) and after taxes the difference is even bigger.

>One third of his salary goes for his two kids' college who are studying around 5000 kilometers away. Around one fifth of his salary goes for his family's health insurance and another fifth for rent for the house they live in - which is a whole lot smaller than the (old) house I live in. Day to day expenses are around 2,5 times higher than mine and he is unable to save any money. And his quality of life was highest among the visiting group. People from California and NYC have even higher day2day expenses.

>His job is almost a Darwinian struggle and if he gets seriously sick or injured, he'd lose his position as the head of the institute and his family would most likely hit rock bottom. He was in awe of us Yurpoorans who can send our kids to tuition free universities, pay a much smaller chunk of our salaries for health insurance. He believes that we live in a decent political system where the politicians actually care for us folks

Why is it so expensive to live in certain US states (even higher than Europe) but really cheap to live in others?

Shouldnt people move from the overcrowded high tax states to the cheaper ones? Isnt that what the US state model is all about?


Califag here, the cost of living has gone up like crazy since around 2008 or so. Housing where I live just keeps getting more expensive and I bet it will all crash at some point. Renting or owning a house and trying to pay it off is impossible if you aren't solidly middle class or rich.



forgot to take off my shitposting flag



Gentrification and urbanization. If you look at the cheap places they're less developed and stagnating, moving somewhere without jobs is going to bleed you just as much as the insane rents in cities. It's going to collapse and we're probably going to see massive reform or revolt soon.


You left it on.




>shouldn't people move

That's exactly what these faggots are doing

I live in Oregon and we are flooded by more and more Californians every year


Supply & demand bro it's just The Market at work we have to give landlords and moneylenders all the capital or the economy will crash.


>Why is it so expensive to live in certain US states (even higher than Europe) but really cheap to live in others?

Depends on the state.

>Shouldnt people move from the overcrowded high tax states to the cheaper ones? Isnt that what the US state model is all about?

This happens a lot. In fact, beginning in the mid 2000s there was a huge influx of people from California to Texas.


File: 2493f57c296d82a⋯.jpg (804.38 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1318837494693.jpg)

Thanks. Unsurprisingly I was misled by the fake news media.

Even though Im not Murrican I get that Hawaii is an island in the middle of the ocean so you cant just leave.

But If someone lives in NYC or Cali and doesnt plan to leave, can you explain your logic? Why are you happy to work like a dog to line porkies pockets and have nothing left for yourself?



There aren't as many jobs where it's cheap to live, and the jobs that are there pay significantly less than cali or nyc counterparts.


Lower working class American anon here.

I work 2 jobs, one bussing tables with tip sharing that i do at night and a carpentry job where i build cabinets during the day. I get up at 5am, drive to work, work from 6-2:30pm. I arrive home at 3, have an hour to freshen up eat and change cloths for my bussing job, and then work from 5-10. I get home just in time to force feed, shower, and immediately go to sleep so i can get a maximum of 6 hours of rest.

I get paid 12.50 for my carpentry job plus $250 a month from them for insurance, thankfully i am still on my parent insurance. And tip sharing. An yorld results anywhere between $1600 in two weeks to $500 in two weeks, usually lower than higher.

My body hurts constantly and i can barely afford to keep myself alive.

But I never thought to move to a state where taxes are lower and everything is cheaper.



According to Jewgle Florida Wyoming and Utah have the highest job opportunities.



If you're in CA the trick is to live covertly in a tricked out panel van, save and pay down debts with your fat California salary and then fuck off to another part of the country once you've got enough to buy a house.


What gets me is the cost for fucking health insurance. I live in CA and have to pay around $650 health insurance since I'm not a worthless nigger or an illegal, on top of everything else. And if you don't have health insurance you get fined when you do your taxes. Fuck this state, but I'm unable to move do to my trade and starting over will break me.



which is turning the state blue. the fucks are importing their shit ideology, the very thing that made them leave CA



> And if you don't have health insurance you get fined when you do your taxes.

Thats a combination of the worst aspects of both public and private systems.



Wyomingite here, for the past several years we have been experiencing the "bust" part of our regular natural resource extraction industry cycles because our good old boy state government is funded by a mineral trust fund. Most Wyoming jobs are government jobs and they're getting cut due to austerity measure constantly. No idea why Wyoming might have the highest job opportunities but I find that claim suspicious.



No idea about utah or wyoming, but my friends in florida day the jobs pay shit and ain't enough to live on compared to Houston.




Hmm I just checked a few other rankings from various sources, Florida and Utah are concistently near the top but Wyoming isnt. Texas is usually pretty high up there as well.

NYC and California are always near the bottom in terms of employment opportunities. Yet people are saying they must live in these super expensive areas to get a job.



>Doesn't have health insurance

>Blames niggers and other people who are slightly more non-white than his 56% ass is

Lol you are like a caricature of american reactionaries.



The ACA or Obamacare was really just a form of corporate welfare for insurance companies. It was never about helping people with medical costs. The insurance plans that are often offered to people for a low monthly premium often have ridiculous "deductibles" in the range of thousands of dollars. Meaning that if you need a surgery that cost 4,999.00 and your deductible is 5,000.00 then you pay the entire cost yourself.

>Florida and Utah are concistently near the top but Wyoming isnt. Texas is usually pretty high up there as well.

A lot of these lists are absolute bullshit. Texas was claimed to be doing far better than most of the USA after the financial crisis but only because the state managed to attract business and labor from other parts of the country. It wasn't actually creating economic growth it was just sucking it away from other places. I can tell you that in Texas, for example, there are jobs where wages have on average remained stagnant for the past 11 years.


File: 7fa52a2a7753be4⋯.jpg (32.89 KB, 709x315, 709:315, 79492b0a87f841b42de2bfddfc….jpg)


I live in Texas fam, I can tell you that what jobs there are don't pay nearly enough to pay rent let alone get ahead. Things are more complicated than percentages of employed or job openings.




Job opportunities are highly dependent on what you can do, no?

If you have a degree and years of experience in IT you might be better trying something in sillicon valley while if you know how to deal with oil drilling you might have better chances in North Dakota.

A general job opportunities list is kinda meaningless.



>Shouldnt people move from the overcrowded high tax states to the cheaper ones?

The cheeper areas are the rural areas. Which are very poor, and have very little jobs available. And the few jobs there pay you very little. It’s more of a rural vs. urban problem, but because Hawaii and California are very Urban it’s most extreme there. Go to rural California (not suburbs) and houses are cheep.


>But If someone lives in NYC or Cali and doesnt plan to leave, can you explain your logic?

Because the areas that you wold move to have no good jobs.



That pic doesn't makes sense. Social democracy is still capitalism.



yeah but it amkes you feel slightly better



That's what the pic is saying.


File: 6c7176b43575b42⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1252x898, 626:449, Shaltear.png)

Yeah I can confirm is ridiculously expensive in Hawaii, honestly it sucks and I can't even afford to move off this rock. Its sweltering here during the summer these days due to climate change(used to never get above 89°f/31.67°c here in the 2000s but it regularly gets into the 90s now) yet Hawaiian Electric nickle and dimes you so I can't get air conditioning either.



HEI charges through the nose because nearly all of our power comes from burning oil, which is vastly more expensive than natural gas or coal used by most areas. The cherry on top is our perpetually stalled geothermal efforts that could easily supply the entire archipelago's needs.


>universities >intellectuals



>Shouldnt people move from the overcrowded high tax states to the cheaper ones?

No, because the cheaper ones:

1. Suck ass. Do you really want to move from beautiful temperate California to bumfuck hot and humid Oklahoma? Do you really want to be surrounded by xenophobic red necks who hate you just because of where you moved from (god forbid if you're an ethnic or religious minority)? Do you really want your entire life being controlled by the local sheriff and politicians who will always get re-elected?

2. They're not really all that cheap. The minimum wage is way lower, there's very little public transportation (forcing you to own a car and all the expenses that come with it), the infrastructure is usually old and unmaintained (like the dikes in New Orleans). If you sit down and list out all possible expenses, even with taxes, often times being poor in a poor area is actually more expensive and restrictive than being poor in a wealthier area.



>Do you really want to be surrounded by xenophobic red necks who hate you just because of where you moved from

To be fair Califags are really annoying. They spend to much time obsessing about X celebrity, X twitter drama. And they sexualize everything.


File: cf65719052dd683⋯.png (17.54 KB, 680x634, 340:317, america reactionary.png)


California is full of land owning and/or suburban reactionaries who are far worse than the stereotypical redneck.



The less populated places are also less funny to most people. Do you want to a ranch with corn fields, or a small town with nothing to do?




>people who think that all of Cali is LA and SanFran

Also curious where the graph comes from, what is defined as "working class", and where the sample was taken. Outside of Austin, Texas is Trump country and plenty of people I used to work at walmart with vote straight republican no matter what. I really have a had time believing that red necks throughout the country are secretly class conscious (not to say liberals are either, though).



File: 66462484a9f2a72⋯.png (245.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, stardew.png)


If I had a wife to make me company I would choose the limitless corn fields or a small town or literally the "innawoods" over the big cities any day. Well, a wife and a fast internet connection is all I need.

But unfortunately women are all extremely addicted to consumerism, lifestylism and pretty much all of the worst that cultural-capitalism can offer.



>California is #1 in the world.

In amount of Porkies per capita


Rednecks are more class conscious than peti-bourgs in the suburbs



>no flowers planted for better honey

Shit farm.



such as you bitch ass nigga



>In amount of Porkies per capita

Yeah, that was implied



I actually kinda agree.



Brainlet flag, incel post.



>incel post

Bitch, please.

I fucking love women and have no trouble socializing with them. But it is a fucking fact that they are all fascinated by "trinkets, shopping, stores, appearances, exhibiting themselves to their friends, status, competition with those other "hos", "adventure" and money", 99% of them would inevitably get sad, depressed and anger if they were to live a simpler life surrounded by things that really matter rather than cultural-capitalism cancer.



Nihilist dropping the blackpills

normies btfo



In California's case: Because it's literally the centre of the modern digital-capitalist world.

Mercifully god decided to build it on a fault line.



>all women are the same, I know it because I shitpost on imageboards all day long

Low quality post.

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