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File: 8531560a189e840⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 726x636, 121:106, 3ff31ca.jpg)


post all your totally undeserved bans/screenshots of mod abuse here, and stop clogging up the rest of the catalog.



Come over and save this poor soul



We should be sure to assault threads like that by denouncing the BO en masse and urging people to come here instead.



OP got banned again because he once made the accurate claim that "Iran is literally a despotic shithole". All that ban really proves is that it also makes sense to describe /leftypol/ as a despotic shithole. Fuck that stupid board, I have no clue why anyone would keep using it beyond having higher pph.


>>80991 (me)

Forgot to mention that I had posted in that thread about how some of my family members were executed by the Iranian government (over poetry no less), and the post was deleted hours later. Nothing about that place surprises me anymore.


File: cff37a1ad12be5d⋯.png (596.96 KB, 1366x550, 683:275, anon is rejected.png)

File: ce044ca2d65c13c⋯.png (62.08 KB, 1791x241, 1791:241, anon latakia.png)

File: e7aae633dec1b9a⋯.png (786.4 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, muqawamah.png)





Hopefully in the next chapter she manages to join the Syrian Resistance


File: b9c9bd7289a83a3⋯.png (158.42 KB, 468x461, 468:461, tankiewarfare.png)


>I have no clue why anyone would keep using it beyond having higher pph.

Well look at the current population of /leftypol/, they're the types that think internet forums are serious players in geopolitical politics and are happy to see people banned for having opinions contrary to their own. These aren't the posters from old /leftypol/, these are the people who made /leftypol/ necessary in the first place.



I was thinking of stealthily conducting a poll both here and on leftypol to see how long people have been posting on either board. Judging from what I’ve seen here this board has a higher concentration of oldfags who predate the BO’s first spergout, while leftypol is now full of people who came afterwards. However I’d like to be sure.



Even though it would be fun to see this, isn't this a bit like primary school kid fights?



Would be interesting, as well as ideology polls and other demographic information.



Do it. That's a great idea. I'm very interested to know.


We're posting on an imageboard, anon.



>Hi again, /leftypol/ BO. Care to give your thoughts about this? >>80581


>Respond to this Cockshott article >>80488






I told them that counter-terroism is necessary in the transition period


no screenshot but I was banned for calling Orwell a hypocrite and saying MLK was an adulterer. what followed was a bunch of "dodging the assumption" anti-American bs and then a banhammer….not on them, BUT me ofc.



this and /pol/ would get wind of it, decide they hate pedos because it suits their ends atm, and autistically screech to Pigfarmer McRapeface until he used it as a pretext to kick us off the site and then claim the IP loss was because of Soros pedo ring iloominaughty jews or something but not Freemasons tho amirite lol XD


This, they think taking everything seriously and banning wrongthink will make things improve. What was good about /leftypol/ was that discussion was possible for long enough for most ideologies and opinions to either be thoroughly btfo, or at least have their flaws laid bare. Can't do that now with Body Odour hotpocketing the guy trying to defend the indefensible before he runs out of sophistry.


I came for the exclusive Streisand-enhanced gossip this site had after the First Exodus, lurked and resource-extracted tech and porn for about a year, then started posting, then started posting on /leftypol/ after everybody autistically screeched at me to gb2 there. Came here after they gave me a month-long bannu for contradicting Hoochie. I may be on the spectrum but even I can get such a plain message that I'm not wanted, so I came here and stayed. It's slower but that place has turned into r/death_to_america so I'm stayin here for the duration.



>criticise Orwell and MLK

>b& for not hating the West enough

hahaha oh wow



If you really want to fuck with BO just make /MLMpol/ or something, fill it with ML and Maoist agitprop and facetious vulgar anti-imperialist posting dialed up to 11. Then regularly post polemics on /leftypol/ denouncing them for revisionism and being "soft on Americanism" and trying to bait tankies away from the board.



Calling it /diamat/ or something would be less obvious, but this would be funny.



>Saying nigger makes you a white supremacist

Go back to Reddit please.



>must defend muh edgy teenage imageboard culture

self immolate please.



>Wahhh why aren't there any trigg.er warnings? I feel so offended because no one is keeping this board clean of offensive language!




>MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, I need to be able to say nigger, you just don't understand you fucking SJW!

imageboards have rotted your mind, do us a favour and root canal out the poison with a drill.



>Being proud of not being an imageboard regular while posting on an imageboard

Wow can these reddit rapefugees get any dumber?



i am an imageboard regular, that's why i know how fucking stupid imageboards are and why anyone who takes imageboard cultural norms seriously need your skulls drilled.



>anybody who disagrees with me is an immature babby

In this case I disagree, and in general I think calling them out on it is condescending, counterproductive bad optics that usually tends to put the people doing it in the bad habit of tone-policing (unless they claim to be mature or something). If they're immature, their arguments should be easy to disprove and/or mock some other way. idk if this is just a personal thing or not.


File: 4e1944c1a8d9e9b⋯.png (85.76 KB, 3571x228, 3571:228, trannydelusion.png)

BO is fucking deluded and thinks /leftypol/ is under threat lmao



>"People dismissed it as a paranoid fantasy."


File: f31111d42836f2a⋯.png (70.22 KB, 197x196, 197:196, porkybo.png)


Miss Piggy is right that a crackdown is coming as can be seen by sesta-fosta allowing the burger government to seize sites for bullshit reasons and the unmasking antifa bill which is directly targeted at the left. We should be scared of this and if you aren't trying to organize irl you need to get started last week.

Miss Piggy is wrong that /leftypol/ is threatened because /leftypol/ shrieks at any irl action or radical politics and instead wants to pursue impotent tactics like putting #handsoffsyria in twitter bios or joining a fringe ML party. If anything the reactionaries want /leftypol/ around to divert energy into useless shit that turns away workers by failing to connect with everyday struggles of the working class.



>Miss Piggy is wrong that /leftypol/ is threatened because Google has already de-listed all 8chan board links because of CP ads

ftfy famalam


File: 992f92108cb63bd⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 550x552, 275:276, abby.jpg)


>Abby Martin

>principled, hottie leftist

Of course BO takes issue with her. *massive eye roll*

Also, lmao @ BO imblying that /leftypol/ hasn't already been raped so badly it cannot remember who it is, which is wholly BO's fault.

Again, whomever is running /leftypol/ is purposely supplying right wingers with an argument they shouldn't have or be able to make. Again, /leftypol/ became r/socialism. BO/CIA purged everyone who isn't a tankie & won't allow open speech or coordination/leftist learning & info sharing. Purposely stiflinf leftist solidarity & any progress we could work together towards. Sponsoring the Wolff's talk was awesome. Also I learned a lot from old /leftypol/, re: reading material, philosophic conversations. Anyone who isn't a rabid tankie or weird Twitter leftist like Phil Greaves is now a "DSA cuck".

Fuck BO, again, for ruining /leftypol/. Plugging my other post where I go into more detail. >>80581



This is like the imkampfy saga on /pol/.

Horeshoe theory confirmed again.



>Sponsoring the Wolff's talk was awesome.

Holy shit I forgot about that. Could you ever imagine current leftypol doing something so based?


File: 387463c49bae979⋯.png (118.89 KB, 1280x997, 1280:997, Zrzut ekranu z 2018-08-24 ….png)

although primitivism could be considered reactionary with a big stretch, it doesn't deserve a one week ban with a subtitle of "suicide cult"


File: 90e23e80f44e6c4⋯.png (368.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 23306236dd8c4efc453b586c2b….png)


The most current /leftypol/ would do is vote for a PSL or WWP candidate before going to their twitter accounts.



>SESTA-FOSTA allowing gov't to sieze sites

Have they done this yet?


>Of course BO takes issue with her. *massive eye roll*

I missed the memo, what should I know about this?

>Also, lmao @ BO imblying that /leftypol/ hasn't already been raped so badly it cannot remember who it is, which is wholly BO's fault.

This but I'm more saddened than anything. /leftypol/ was a nice place once. So it goes.

>Again, whomever is running /leftypol/ is purposely supplying right wingers with an argument they shouldn't have or be able to make.

Which is? I haven't been back there in months and I usually only poke my head in long enough to confirm that they still suck.

>Again, /leftypol/ became r/socialism. BO/CIA purged everyone who isn't a tankie & won't allow open speech or coordination/leftist learning & info sharing. Purposely stiflinf leftist solidarity & any progress we could work together towards.

Agreed. These are indeed among the chief reasons /leftypol/ sucks ass now.

>Sponsoring the Wolff's talk was awesome. Also I learned a lot from old /leftypol/, re: reading material, philosophic conversations.

I literally thought syndicalism was something they made up for Kaiserreich before I visited /leftypol/. They also helped debunk the guldural margsism phantasm for me.

>Anyone who isn't a rabid tankie or weird Twitter leftist like Phil Greaves is now a "DSA cuck".

Sounds about like it was when I left.


As bad as Body Odour is, at least they're able to confine their autism to their own banana republic board. Imcucky faggots up /n/ and /sudo/ with his idiocy too.



>Have they done this yet?

Yes, backpage was seized and some other censorship occured as well. This doesn't affect us, with the exception of those leftists who are hookers, but the logic behind the bill can be used to target socialists in future legislation. With unmasking antifa having been introduced I fear this is coming and if it happens we will be wholly unprepared to deal with it.


File: 46aae77f2e32e76⋯.png (287.56 KB, 1366x659, 1366:659, anon stuck in syria.png)


File: 3462435982e1b47⋯.png (69.39 KB, 1280x298, 640:149, FUERA SIONISTAS.png)

File: f7b0fa29a5b46d2⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 640x640, 1:1, f7b0fa29a5b46d28a48323165e….gif)


File: 20b22f7e00e6682⋯.jpg (5.29 KB, 230x219, 230:219, 1466699752282.jpg)


I hope this is just trolling


/leftytrash/ has become trash, of the /vg/ avatarfag kind, for the last weeks.

Such is the fate of all generals.



That was taken out of context though.

People were talking about a one state solution about Israel and Palestine and someone came and said that he supports a one state solution, but Israel and that the Palestinians have no right to be there and should go to the bordering Arab countries.

When someone called him out for being a retard he said "No, killing jews in Europe is wrong" even though nobody mentioned killing or Europe/


File: 528f68155c3acd4⋯.jpg (190.59 KB, 1165x800, 233:160, the spiral.jpg)


>Local woman(?) is that the same Anon or did two different people just so happen to get arrested for IRA involvement on /leftypol/? If so why did they fall for the psyops. spirals into degradation of life over using Grover Furr and Finnbol as sources.

I told the bitch not to do it she didn't listen now she probably gonna kill herself in that hotel room. Remember kids never use meme's in actual scholarly reports.



>/leftytrash/ has become trash

No you dolt, /leftytrash/ was always trash, it's like /b/, it was made to be pure garbage so it could keep the garbage in one place instead of shitting up everywhere else. It's a good thing too, most of /leftytrash/ is indeed avatarfagging /soc/ tier garbage but that's why it's there.



I think it's the same person, wonder how everything turns out in the end.



Judging by how she has no chance most likely both in Syria and any other communist nation, I'm betting $500 on her killing herself and /pol/ screencapping the whole thing as propaganda. Tankies, when will they learn?



>most of /leftytrash/ is indeed avatarfagging /soc/ tier garbage but that's why it's there.

it didn't used to be though. this is exactly the point.

"It was always trash!!!" people are either inexorably opposed to the very idea of quality, or the kind of person who would conflate a small scratch with cancer because "they're both bad things."



What was it before then? Media talk was always over shadowed by sluts circlejerking.





Agree that 'trash' needs stop being used as an absolute statement. Some things are more trash than others.




that thing was/is a larp



>le hottie

Dude, Abby Martin is literally married to a CIA torturer, but that's okay because she is hot I guess







Half flip and half white, actually.



Ignore this, wrong thread.


File: 36bf8d55102f409⋯.png (336.71 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, anon ded.png)

File: 14da776779c594d⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 612x663, 12:13, 199x-2018.jpg)


Yeah the picture from Syria was taken in 2015.

And anon claimed that there are no pro-government militias in Syria accepting female fighters which is bullshit. Just look at NDF or the Syrian Resistance.



I'm willing to believe it was real, but we'll never know now that it's over/she's dead.


File: 2d9b43b6e92e1b7⋯.jpg (182.73 KB, 720x664, 90:83, 20180827_212724.jpg)

I just wanted to shitpost a little :( now I'm sad



The christcom flag probably made it look like you were being completely serious instead of shitposting.



I kinda wanted it to look that way. I think I overdid it, tbh still don't know how anyone besides boomers would think that's serious. Oh well, week ban isn't too bad.



Holy shit I thought this was a post by actual ChristCom lmao he's fucking crazy



Lol yeah I was actually inspired by that nigga to make this shit. I was actually torn between the christcom flag and the anarchonihilist flag, but then remembered that madlad and decided to honor his memory.

Now that I think about, I probably wouldn't have gotten banned if I used the an-nil flag lol.



Sounds in character enough to be the real christcom. there was another christtank who was a tranny with a fashy daddy, if they're the same person that would be too perfect





>fashy dad

Jesus fuck what a poor soul


I feel kind of sad knowing that lots of people are going to be banned every time I see a thread like this: >>>/leftypol/2634847

I wish there were some way of removing BO, fugg…



I'd like to believe they're the same person and that christcom's asshurt about the west is due to getting dumped, but unfortunately that's probably not the case.


By now everyone should know what /leftypol/ is like and should be posting here if they don't want to get banned. I don't feel sorry for cucks with stockholm syndrome.


making a reminder to check if you blurred out your IP if you're posting a ban. stay safe fam.


File: 7c6cb76e5c4c5cf⋯.png (529.65 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1468745143264.png)


you should be using a proxy to browse this site anyway, Jim hungers for your data



Screenshots of bans don't show your actual IP address anyway. It just shows an coded and undecipherable IP tag.


Let's s


File: 845834163785dce⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180905-174333.png)






This got you banned?


File: bb345e04e72b967⋯.png (27.17 KB, 774x446, 387:223, Screenshot (6).png)


No, I posted that after I got banned and the thread got anchored. This got me banned though



thats a shame



i just checked and it was BO's ban.


File: da8b9546ea2e9b1⋯.png (123.83 KB, 726x750, 121:125, Gynocentric ban.PNG)

Looks like /leftypol/ mods will literally ban you for anything these days, this was probably a vol and not the BO though. A lot of the vols are just as shitty even the ones this board shares.



We desperately need a non cucked site


>Try to bump quality threads to combat gore/scat spam

>Get banned for at least a month

Wew lad




PPH on leftypol is… 17

ISPs… 499

like I said in the other thread, this is actually artificially high since about half of all new threads are bait/spam from /pol/. the userbase continues to shrink but instead of moving to a new board they simply leave the site.



Not to mention the trash thread making up 12 pph average by itself

>instead of moving to a new board they simply leave the site.

Good, a lot of nu/leftypol/ are people we don't want here.



It was you who bumped a lot of threads with nonsensical shit and a lot of breaks?

Because if so, there was no gore or spam that day.


what's really frustrating is that I fucking told the site admin aka Ron that he should remove leftypol's board owner since he was banning large numbers of IPs (which is against the fucking site rules) and he never even responded. I posted charts showing how leftypol had lost 1,000 users solely due to BO's spergouts and told him "look at pol. when you removed their board owner the place gained 600, then 800, then 1,000 more ISPs within 48 hours."

didn't listen, didn't care.



No it was near the end of August, and there definitely was gore spam, and the old brownpill copypasta too. I reported as much as I could

I just wanted to send the spam to page 15 :^(


Jesus Christ, I just caught a permaban and had all me recent posts scrubbed. The reason? I said that I didn’t think that all the gas attacks in Syria were fabricated, even though I specifically said that even if they were real it still wouldn’t justify western aggression against Syria.



Don't worry anon. You're home now. Everything is okay. The nasty old BO can't hurt you here.


Lol, was literally banned for using the word "Röjava"… this board seems kind of faggy. Sure BO is not an alt right plant to make /leftpol look like an off-putting spergtard show?


File: 16899c98b6721a4⋯.png (326.47 KB, 595x551, 595:551, Junko_Enoshima_(DR2)_Halfb….png)


So guys ,i was banned for saying that while i do not support imperialism Syrian communist should rebel

This was ok a month ago



>altright plant

nah, they want dark when the burger gobber mint did



But their communist party supports Assad


File: 14a085e4a94027a⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 345x328, 345:328, 14a085e4a94027a401dd693bf3….jpg)


This picture upsets me deeply because i can't get over the fact that's not how crying works.


File: 4c4e02fd35f2ded⋯.png (57.25 KB, 738x508, 369:254, rot.png)

even if you disagree with this, it's not worthy of a permaban



BO hates the military so much, fucking liberal



While that comment was pants-on-head retarded, you are right. I would've banned you for like a week.



Do you actually believe this, or was this bait?



I don't even remember writing it, I was probably drunk. Not using Tor/proxy/shared network, either.



that or ban evasion


leftypol's active ISPs have been below 500 for the past week. as of right now, it's at 452. this is the lowest activity that leftypol has had since, i dont know, 2015 maybe. leftpol has experienced a small boost over the past week but we're still at about 200.



Any idea where they're going, preferably not someplace with sign-ins, powerwords, cookies and other rulecuckery? Or are they just not posting anywhere anymore?



There's going to be a big bump soon but the traffic created by BO's autism can't stop the decay. A shame, considering how many old posters would still be here and how many redditors wouldn't if BO hadn't lost his mind a joined a cult.


Given the population of new /leftypol/, they're going back to reddit or tankie twitter. The older posters already left to god knows where and it's unlikely we'll ever see them again.



>the righteous have ascended to Heaven

>the damned have returned to Hell

shit, we're like that one post-apoc Christian franchise


i just removed all bans on leftypol.



Even if all bans were removed the damage has been done to /leftypol/ and it's not worth going back.



based rogue mod



You should have done the opposite and banned everybody from there.

You faggot



You're going to get demodded, it happen to me and it'll happen to you



This lol



Ruining /leftypol/ won't make more people come here.



I'm also a volunteer on leftypol. I mostly ban /pol/ shitposters. Most of them only have 1 post in their IP history, so removing all bans (probably) won't increase /pol/ posters.

I've grown increasingly dissatisfied with the irregular nature of bans. The imperialism bans have been ruthless. I perceive less shit quality threads but also less good quality threads.



The fuck is this? How is thies joke going on?


File: e36ddf0b0755436⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, o4v6en05ig101.png)

I really don't understand what the difference between this and /leftypol/ is, when the original split happened nobody would answer my question why it happened.



The split was over the infamous "imperialism" bans, which were used to go after those that supported Rojava over Assad's Syria that they've been nominally allied for a while now isn't discussed but whatever, and other issues with moderation. The differences are that /leftpol/ is significantly less tightly moderated than /leftypol/ both in terms of ideological purity and lenient policy towards some spammers, and that because of the line enforced by /leftypol/'s BO /leftpol/ posters are closer to the og population of /leftypol/ while current /leftypol/ is mostly reddit and twitter tankies.



/leftypol/ became reddit.

BO did even put hoochie, fucking hoochie on the mod team for a while ffs, anyone who continued to frequent that board after that is a fucking retard in my book.



what now? do we go back? do we want to go back in light of the current state of /leftypol/?



I think it's more likely BO purges the mods than gives up ownership and even if he did the damage to the board was done almost a year ago with the exodus or older posters and the influx of redditors making frequenting /leftypol/ unappealing. Yall niggas can do what you want but I'm staying here.




well it was a fun while it lasted



Ey tol ya!


File: 7315d7282552d58⋯.png (83.17 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2018-08-31-23-5….png)

Reminder that this board is r/leftpol too


File: 5438f29a974d21d⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 286x327, 286:327, 1530298436816.jpg)


Have you tried not being a zionist?



I've had it with this fucking BO. 3 times now he's issued me 4-week bans because I triggered his delicate sense of anti-imperialism.

Fuck him, he strikes me as the kind of pathetic 'leftist' who has a very fragile ego and mental health. I'm going to sabotage his board until he ragequits and lets someone competent take over.

We've lost 2/3 of our traffic on that fucking board because this piece of shit. We have to stop letting him push us around and ruin one of the only decent leftist spaces on the internet.



based leftcom flag mod


bye bolivar

theoretically what could a vol do in order to do as much damage as possible?



overzealous enforcement of the controversial rules, preferably while interpreting said rules as broadly as possible



re-ban everyone for imperialism :^)



Are you that one trotsky poster that I saw over there sperging out at the BO? Was the stache poster right, did your rage end up getting you banned again?


File: 1c4d0da0d21c36b⋯.png (685.76 KB, 1006x768, 503:384, ClipboardImage.png)


You are a true hero.



Is the BO kill? What this "coup"/"revolution" going on? Actually now that think of it. Wouldn't we be the reactionaries for wanting the old leftypol back?




There's not really anything that can be done.

Last week, when I saw that active ISPs were 452, I realized that it was pointless. the traffic is mostly driven by 1) the trash thread and 2) pol spam/bait. Every morning I routinely ban/delete spam. Most users don't even realize how much pol spam happens every day because the vols get rid of it. The "real" traffic on leftypol is pretty slow. The only way to rebuild leftypol would be to remove the board owner, and he refuses to leave and the site admin isn't interested in removing him.

I never saw evidence that BO was COINTELPRO. I think the simple truth is that BO is mentally ill. He has occasionally demonstrated paranoid behavior (fbi is coming for leftypol!) and also "forgets" things, like how he sent a PM saying he hated most of the userbase and later denied it. He also claimed yesterday that he had never removed volunteers for disagreeing with him even though he purged multiple vols in the past year.


I couldn't remove BO but I did remove all active bans and purge the ban list for the past 14 weeks.



Can he seriously just fuck off already? Seriously what will he have to do? It's obvious no one fucking likes him





Come and voice your opinion. BO might suck but a few of the mods there seem open to making /leftypol/ less shit.



This is close to a year too late.


File: 8a8e9583cb6704a⋯.png (230.77 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 20180925_140752.png)

Someone in the anti-zionism thread said with no context at all "da joos", literally just that. I replied with pic related as a joke. I got banned for 1 week.


File: 55877319c9fdedb⋯.png (77.65 KB, 1000x238, 500:119, c313992e982971044a1c0d47b1….png)

I wandered over to /leftypol/ and saw two threads with the same picture in the OP. Someone complaining about a ban.

>pic related, that's ban-worthy over there

Mod's explanation

>no post history, probably a falseflagger

>if he cared at all he would appeal it anyways

>we have dozens of retards who drop by to make one thread and then forget this board exists, like 90% of bans aren't appealed and I almost always unban if there's even the slightest honesty in it

>absolutely nothing of value was lost



File: f97490787b7d2bf⋯.png (139.39 KB, 1263x560, 1263:560, screenshot-sys.8ch.net-201….png)

I dunno if this was undeserved but I sure triggered the moralfags



>red tint

Did you take that screenshot on a phone while using Twilight / some other screen filtering app? Lmao



It was probably because BO wants to "clean up" leftypol to make it the vanguard of the internet left rather than the post actually triggering anyone.

I thought your post was rather absurdly funny at least. Shame shitposting isn't allowed anymore


File: f8dbf981aceb6f2⋯.png (45.05 KB, 1025x669, 1025:669, leftypol third ban.PNG)

I just got banned of leftypol for just saying that voting for neoliberals is useless to stop reactionnaries.



This ban is justified

It's just some false flagging tard from /pol/ that doesn't know the difference between a latte swilling seattlite and a leftist

There's no obligation or reason to give these people a platform. They have a board they can go be ignorant on.


File: 2401e74bb03e88f⋯.jpg (213.87 KB, 704x844, 176:211, lolleftypolban.jpg)

Just got banned for triggering "anti-imperialists" for having the gall to ask in what possible fucking way does anti-imperialism help push Socialist development when arguably it's even against what Marx and Engels said about the development of Capitalism and socialism and really has no basis in orthodox Marxist theory.

Literally not a single M-L in the entire thread could actually answer how Anti-Imperialism or third worldism helps develop socialism which was telling.



>Mods are third woowooists

>Hate Jason

>Like his brother who REALLY hates mods

Tankiesm is a hell of a drug



>>Like his brother who REALLY hates mods

Since when were the leftypol hotpockets fans of Jim Profit?


File: 6432399da32bb3a⋯.jpg (40.42 KB, 500x620, 25:31, tankieseveryday.jpg)


So since this ban, gone to several commie online communities and asked the same question and holy fucking shit does this trigger Leninists like nothing I've ever seen. In one discord I just basically had 4 or 5 tankies yell at me for being a "retard" and "idiot" while addressing none of the points before I got banned.

Fuck I'm tempted to start making anti-anti-imperialist memes just to piss off Tankies.



You're just a bloviating liberal stumbling in and shouting, "yeah, but have you ever considered that I don't read at all???"


File: ac3338ac1683df1⋯.jpg (15.9 KB, 182x277, 182:277, download (4).jpg)



>Literally anything to do with Marxist theory and not just retarded hangup of Leninists based on bad economic understanding on how imperialism actually tends to play out in terms of material production. (which has been pointed out by Orthodox Marxists since the fucking 80s pic related)

>Implying anti-imperialism has done anything but chew up the vast majority of leftist resources for fucking no reason.




I guess those palestinians and syrians should just go fuck themselves right? Also, it's totally not like Cuba and Vietnam started out as simple anti-imperialist national liberation struggles and then built up socialism, no that totally never happened.



>I guess those palestinians and syrians should just go fuck themselves right?

Yep, 100% meaningless in terms of building Socialism.

>Also, it's totally not like Cuba and Vietnam started out as simple anti-imperialist national liberation struggles and then built up socialism

Gotta love me Socialist countries ruled by billionares, extreme wage exploitation, stock markets, banned unions, workers mass suicide because of how much they're exploited, entirely reliant on US capital, one of them literally allied to the US in the South China Sea.



We've been over this. As long as American hegemony exists socialism cannot. How many fucking revolutions must they crush before you realize this? Or are you just too young to remember?



>Also, it's totally not like Cuba and Vietnam started out as simple anti-imperialist national liberation struggles and then built up socialism, no that totally never happened.


I don't agree with anti-anti-imperialist anon, but the case of VN supports his argument more than anything

their 'socialism' was entirely subservient to their anti-imperialist national struggle. VN abandoned any semblance of socialism with Doi Moi already in '86 (when the Soviet economic aid teat started to dry up), barely a decade after reunification.



There is nothing distinctly American about global capitalism. Hedgemony from any economic center (and there are several) behaves the same way.


I got banned for saying the military should shoot the caravan. I wasn't serious, but I regret not tying it into Israel and calling the Caravan "Hezbollah". (This time Hezbollah has gone too far.) Missed opportunity, truly.



America is global capitalism.



My permanent ban is now un-appealable. What a joke.


File: e255fcf49b2f96a⋯.png (817.37 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, ggnore.png)


Is anyone else eternally kek'd at the fact that Che, now the tyrant of an overmodded SRS INTERBUB BZNZ board killing the only bastion of leftist free speech online because of his unwillingness to step aside, is the same persone who once founded a free speech board specifically to protest AcidFag's hotpocket madness that finally managed to kill GG's presence on 8chan?



I'm not surprised, it's what always happens, because there's no way to hold the BO accountable to the masses. Plenty of examples throughout history of both succdems and m-ls in power doing the same kind of thing in a less farcical way.

Kill your leaders!



Okay, now you are being stupid on purpose.



He's not wrong.



You have to go back, BO.



The empire has become immanent. If it seems like it's in decline that's just because it already won.



That's your excuse for being a mentally ill wrecker who killed off the only real leftist discussion board on the internet at the beginning of your unending manic episode, you paranoid and illiterate sperg.



Lel. Take your medicine.



Relax dude, the BO can't hurt you anymore.


>visit /leftypol/ to see how it's doing

>reddit fucking everywhere

how does such a thing happen?



Not only has much of the original population left, but there was an import of reddit and twitter tankies after April 2017.


File: e86bf8e4236a5a8⋯.jpg (164.56 KB, 722x806, 361:403, mango posting.jpg)

Was it holding browns to the same standards as Whites or was it the mango posting?



I don't understand jackshit


File: 2e083e7a1c94051⋯.png (246.91 KB, 635x364, 635:364, Screenshot_2018-11-04 Guns….png)

I was banned for this post. I should've said 'cultural marxism' or 'anti-fascist movement.'


File: c546ed0a683adec⋯.png (47.64 KB, 696x474, 116:79, ClipboardImage.png)





We must stand with social democrats against socialist anon imperialism.



Wasn't even replying to the more retarded posters, was responding to someone wondering why they're so shit at planning ahead they don't have any sort of arms industry. I just put "unban or i leave" in the report since this whole site is filled with redditors on the left and boomer spastics on the right at this point.



Wew lad, they actually unbanned it.

Mod may have been butthurt thinking I was the first guy in the other reply ban evading or something because that's the lowest effort appeal I've ever had go through.


File: 7c0ff2a3b8cf184⋯.png (38.31 KB, 723x633, 241:211, 2625738369.png)

I don't know if he thought I was advocating genociding the jews or whatever, but I thought this was an unfair ban.




You worded it poorly, but you were correct, the Jewish Community ie the Jewish Bourgeoisie were and are complete shit as all such Communities are due to being led by porkies.



It's a sad state of affairs that poor wording gets you banned. What happened to giving comrades the benefit of a doubt?



>You worded it poorly

how so? this is just one of like 4 posts, I made it clear in like 3 previous posts that I was not hating jews individually but I was talking about the jewish community, and from an anti capitalist standpoint rather than a genetic or religious one, I specifically said that.



Supporting corrupt succdem billionaires starving their own people out of sheer corruption and incompetence is Socialism because they don't like the US.

This is your mind on full anti-imperialism.

Seriously what the fuck is up the ass of Leftypol's BO, fucking NAZIPOSTERS don't get the banhammer but any leftist that questions reactionary "anti-imperialism" is instantly banned.


File: 6b5c678747cb70f⋯.png (237.33 KB, 700x620, 35:31, fuck off.png)


>Supporting corrupt succdem billionaires starving their own people out of sheer corruption and incompetence

What do the socialists in Venezuela have to say about this I wonder? I mean it's cool that some first worlder (or pathetic middle class third world wannabe) thinks he can speak for an entire nation but maybe you should try listening to actual socialists on the ground there. Just saying.



>how so?

"community" can be interpreted as attacking Jews as a whole as opposed to the organization of Jewish porkies and "counting as jews" is dumb because some will count anyone with Jewish ancestors as Jews while others will only recognize practicing Judaism as counting as a jew. As your clarifications weren't in the banned post, the hotpocket saw it and banned regardless of previous statements.



Why in fuck does it matter what they think? The PSUV are a porky, corrupt as fuck party filled with literal BILLIONARES who have built an entire economy around missing trader fraud so they can enrich themselves at the cost of the population.

Any pretense of the PSUV being "Socialist" is long fucking gone when it turns out PSUV officials are some of the richest people in Latin America and actual Marxists like Jorge Giordani got purged out of the party years ago.

Also hilarious

> but maybe you should try listening to actual socialists on the ground there.

You mean like the marxist and anarchist trade unionists that got brutally put down by the PSUV and are now part of the opposition?


File: 52ffcd6c614cae2⋯.png (118.81 KB, 1382x287, 1382:287, bo is viet social imperial….png)

BO confirmed for Vietnamese social imperialist.



Troll. Non-Syrian citizens are not permitted in the SAA and non-arab speakers certainly wouldn't be permitted. It's a professional military not some US desert vassal (i.e. Rojava). Also it's extremely difficult to get into Damascus and most airlines don't go there anymore.

The idea that anyone would believe this absurdity is beyond me



Oh shit sorry I just read the rest of the thread. She was literally that idiotic to think she could join the Syrian military

Typical 1st world thinking (not inherent but quite common), i.e. to think that those brown people in some poor backwater would be so grateful to have you despite no skills or ability to communicate with them. Must have been pretty fucked in the head



I'm in the US hell. same poster, just changed my flag.



Pol Pot really did nothing wrong


File: 3ce30e7cb357954⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 627x605, 57:55, 1445802493583.jpg)

If the people banned from /leftypol/ is not coming hre then where are they going? Where else on the internet is there an idpol free leftist community?



They get fed up with how dumb and pointless online 'leftism' is and stop posting entirely.



This. If fascists on 4chan have more freedom of speech whats the point?


minor coup on leftypol this afternoon. another vol bites the dust.





The fuck is going on that thread?



What is the actual point of a 'coup' against an admin with 100% power? Why don't they just move here FFS.


File: 326f360eacbaa2e⋯.jpg (148.1 KB, 1024x770, 512:385, 1450035124255.jpg)



Every fucking time EL OH EL.



















File: 157b11447f4a340⋯.png (25.5 KB, 1269x221, 1269:221, marxanprim.png)


>Marx was an anprim

Makes sense, tbh.


File: 6adabf34f75da9c⋯.jpeg (36.79 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DtBamK7WsAAE9Fi.jpeg)



God damn that place gets worse everytime I stop by.



There was no coup. I just pinned the thread because I though it was funny and true. Other vol then unpinned and deleted it. Fair enough.






why'd they get banned? for suggesting cops/army could support a protest against the government?




BO also recently banned people who criticized Venezuela. There was a small wave of bans maybe a week ago.





Probably because they were ignoring/mocking the poster talking about Libya and Syria, which was BO/BO's viewpoint.



>minor coup on leftypol

You call an autistic strawman rant a coup?


File: b4292a01632f1bf⋯.jpg (232.95 KB, 861x641, 861:641, 20181216_213023.jpg)

The proletariat are stirring….



Counter-revolutionary Trotskyist wreckers detected!


File: d043dc5d3cba12c⋯.jpg (248.55 KB, 790x958, 395:479, bannedbyZOIB.jpg)

I got banned for posting in this thread. As you can see the mods didn't even have the balls to redtext me in the post so the rest of leftypol can see.



I’m sure it’s been said to death but it’s so tiring how childish /leftypol/ is with anything involving America.



Being skeptical over state recognition of private property and marriage is now a bannable offense on /leftypol/.



its one of the new volunteers. they've also started banning anyone who criticizes the DPRK as well.

we must critically support without criticism



Already let out of the dog house.


File: 68b303d349ff690⋯.png (20.41 KB, 739x501, 739:501, ban.png)




i chuckled


File: bb514e70f17f288⋯.png (117.44 KB, 916x274, 458:137, leftypol_banned01.png)

I guess BO doesn't allow criticism of the USSR anymore.


File: a01758859de906a⋯.png (66.32 KB, 712x629, 712:629, tankie ban.png)

File: ca15a5a7a70a974⋯.png (44.13 KB, 1519x167, 1519:167, ML tankie ban.png)


You can also get banned for taking the piss out of tankies. Imagine being so fragile that you have to ban people for slight banter.



zionist pig die in pain


File: df9faac7b049f84⋯.png (367.91 KB, 739x858, 739:858, 1544763804158.png)


Tankies are such an infection on left culture, I group them with the alt-right, SJWs, and cockroaches: once you get one they just fucking spread across the entire board and get angry at anyone who doesn't share their ridiculous ideologies. Happens on reddit too. At least their mostly autists and stay in their computer caves, the few leftist meetups I've been to seem more concerned with actually improving proletariat lives instead of jerking off to 1950s propaganda posters.


File: 5b3e5bf95fde2be⋯.png (79.38 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1394432584184.png)


>MLs wouldn't know socialism if it hit them with a tank


File: c196466b7b95e3d⋯.png (210.71 KB, 786x818, 393:409, ClipboardImage.png)




To be fair that was a bait tier post. I can't blame the mods this time you made it sound like a psy ops to make anarchists look bsd.



As can be seen here >>116809 that's old news fam.


And like SJWs the tanks have very little presence irl, in da west at least, and shouldn't be factored in to organization anymore than the same ten college students who make up the sjw cringe compilations of aut-right youtubers.


It was god tier tbh.


It's not even a surprise anymore.



I didn't post it. Just saw it.


File: c63eaad7133abe9⋯.png (192 KB, 481x547, 481:547, dresden.png)

File: 07ddaaa8db3b167⋯.png (146.61 KB, 1150x328, 575:164, dresdena.png)

Just when you thought that leftypol can't become more retarded, an anti-deutsche mod pops up.



>Implying /leftypol/ wasn't always >>>/anti-deutsche/



Hang on I forgot the board name.




>implying they're wrong



I just realized the Maoist poster is all one guy making terrible tankie posts.

How come you got kicked off /leftypol/?


File: 09ad9dc6dc9d875⋯.png (860.08 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, east german journalist on ….PNG)


>implying they're right



There are two posters with the Maoist flag. It’s possible I have a few tankie shitposts here and there (like my >implying they’re wrong post ITT) but the other one is that “Adolf Stalin” retard who previously was posting with the Nazbol flag and before that the Islamic flag.



Why was Dresden bombed to oblivion, but not Hamburg or Frankfurt? It clearly has nothing to do with the occupation zones.


File: baa53690ece7e69⋯.png (76.35 KB, 739x551, 739:551, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at ….png)



>posts in a tankie echo chamber

>is puzzled when he is banned for posting a controversial opinion


Why does the left wind up in this state every time?

Even the 1930s had its equivalents of today's radlibs, authoritarian tankie censorship and having to live on an obscure splinter board just to breathe. Fuck this shit.



Because there are people after power on both sides. Not everyone who is a 'socialist' is one for the 'right' reasons, sometimes they're in it for personal gain or ambition or some other egotistical desire.



Good. Well deserved.



It's unsurprising, but it's interesting to see how tankies will disparage socdems in their area but will carry water for socdems(and liberals and reactionaries) halfway around the world.



That isn't really sufficient. Why is it always so bad?



Because "the left" is not one consistent thing. It is an umbrella for everyone who advocates for anything that is not the current state of things. There is no end to the potential for disagreement between individuals and factions.


File: 8567d1e8c146bbb⋯.png (121.24 KB, 885x644, 885:644, ClipboardImage.png)



If they had bothered to read the text they'd realize that utopian socialism doesn't exist anymore outside of some fringe post-left circles, but I guess reading beyond the title is too much for /leftypol/. Scientific socialism should stop being used as a term to avoid hot takes like this though.



I wonder how much of /leftypol/ even reads Marx or other socialists. It's obvious talking to some of these people that they haven't even read the Manifesto and it really shows. I'm not claiming to be super knowledgeable but I've at least read the basics of Marx, Engels and Lenin plus a smattering of anarchists. I guess it is easier to engage in vulgar anti-Americanism and to jerk off to Assad, Russia or other authoritarian shitholes all day


File: e1f478e864265a6⋯.jpeg (96.24 KB, 1200x519, 400:173, DvHZW2qUYAAbs_I.jpeg)

File: cabda9023f0e1f9⋯.jpeg (126.86 KB, 1200x646, 600:323, DvHZMLKU0AEARnZ.jpeg)


I'm convinced maybe 10% of /leftypol/ has finished a theoretical text, much less tried to understand it concerning our present conditions. Even less are going to be involved in any irl movement, and if they are it's as paypigs for the PSL.



Is that real?



>those pics

totally not a scam, fellow comrades


File: f88a979707c769a⋯.jpeg (57.09 KB, 442x650, 17:25, DvIi3PXX4AAx9aP.jpeg)


Allegedly it's a leak of a fund drive from a former PSL member. It matches their website format and their begging for donations though so I believe it's real.



>my role post-revolution

Dead. The revolutionaries die when the revolution is over.



<What do you want to do after the revolution?

>re-educate people in a gulag

>design uniforms for the Red Army




>"authoritarian shitholes"

>claim to have read Marx, Engels and Lenin

the absolute states of leftpol


File: eef27af884f1daa⋯.png (23.8 KB, 712x439, 712:439, urbanites.png)

I spit on them



Funny how a leftist board bans you for supporting one of the most advanced communist societies this planet has seen. They literally distributed according to need and achieved classlessness but they fall for the bourgeois revisionist lies concerning DK. Sad. We need /polpot/



They are at a reddit level now. The entire board exists only to give them the opportunity to ban people who slightly disagree with them. They ban shitposts on shit threads et al. It's fucking trash.



The glasses meme is a literal propaganda trick which you have fallen for. Originally the new people were treated more harshly and given worse accommodation but even bourgeois accounts of DK like Kimmo Kiljunen's report with the Finnish Inquiry Commission acknowledges that by 1979 their living conditions had been equalized.



>reason was actually specified

Is this to be interpreted as the post being actually deserving of a ban, or as hitting a nerve?


File: 2caa39ce2359ed6⋯.png (12.07 KB, 1251x93, 417:31, bo.png)



Well deserved ban. /leftpol/ should start banning right-wingers pretending to be leftists too.



It's a meme you dip.



Ah yes, the eternal "it's just a prank/joke/ironical" excuse. You have to go back.



I can confirm that's how crazy the "fundraising" for PSL is, as I went to a few meetings/recruitings out of curiosity. And of course they blow it all on stupid presidential campaigns and veteran podcasts.

-t. /leftypol/fag who is glad to see PSL falling apart


File: bcf0208cc668589⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 262x335, 262:335, Heinrich-Laufenberg.jpg)


>mfw virgin internet autists call me right-winger


File: ee880a189b36141⋯.png (130.92 KB, 733x730, 733:730, Leftypol is beyond saving.png)

File: acf96fd04ac1386⋯.png (685.09 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, Deleted posts.png)


Actually... :^)


File: b64f73f67a234f8⋯.jpeg (396.67 KB, 651x1735, 651:1735, 1EBF2462-0D5B-411F-8527-2….jpeg)

Newsflash: Marxism shouldn’t be believed as true and /leftypol/ only wants hobbyist armchairs as their posting demographic



>Marxism has proven itself to be beyond criticism


File: f1d341d93c92c47⋯.png (21.97 KB, 867x132, 289:44, whatdoyouumeanyoudntsuppor….png)



/leftypol/ in a nutshell




>muh nerdgins

back to reddit


File: 744272b2dc03cb5⋯.png (18.07 KB, 1437x152, 1437:152, Screenshot_2019-01-16 Demo….png)


That's after being shut down by Ismail, pic related.





Marxism isn't "truth", it is a science. Science does not mean fact. Some would say it's a *pursuit* of truth, but never an account of the truth.

The banned /leftypol/ poster should have expressed themselves better. Marxism is true insofar it makes correct observations and predictions of socio-economic phenomena. So far, Marxism has shown itself to be a "good" theory that is able to explain many things we observe. There hasn't been a theory yet that explains more things than Marxism, or makes more correct predictions than Marxism.

When people argue against Marxism, I always ask "show me a better theory". It makes no sense to throw away your current theory (no matter how poor it is) if you don't have an alternative theory that can do the work of your current theory.

As Kuhn observed, we work within the paradigms of a theory until the anomalies (incorrect explanations, failed predictions, data that doesn't fit the theory, parts of theory that don't fit the data, etc.) get so numerous that the theory is thrown into a crisis, i.e. it can no longer survive with ad hoc modifications or adjustments of the theory, and therefore a new theory must be invented. Of course, what usually happens is that there are more than one competing theory and the theory that does the most work "wins" and is the basis for the new paradigm.

The poster was wrong because he called something that can never be 100% proven beyond a doubt as "truth" (which isn't so bad) and the /leftypol/ mods were wrong to ban a leftist just because they have a bit of a naive view of Marxism. In an ideal discussion forum that incorrect post would have triggered a discussion on Marxism (and its many parts) as a science, where it fails, where it succeeds, as well as compile a list of correct explanations and predictions the theory has made (along with the incorrect ones) making everyone more knowledgeable on the topic. But of course, /leftypol/ BO is shit and /leftypol/ is far from ideal.


File: 825a077d3884731⋯.png (7.22 KB, 1667x20, 1667:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 75ed4e6da5c26b7⋯.png (26.52 KB, 1668x76, 417:19, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0ad2e482019706⋯.png (18.76 KB, 1663x63, 1663:63, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee4eb253cedafaf⋯.png (16.96 KB, 1668x61, 1668:61, ClipboardImage.png)

BO just banned every single post with the word "Maduro" in it no matter what the actual post actually says -_-



I genuinely believe that BO is more paranoid than someone like Beria ever was. He is actually a maniac.






Positions of authority attract authoritarians and power corrupts people (abusing power gives you a dopamine high that can become an addiction). Combine that with aspirations/pretense to reshape society attracting tyrannically minded people.


File: aa4ed65ec875ecd⋯.png (170.46 KB, 500x303, 500:303, ClipboardImage.png)


I think it's more just a case of inferiority complex and that BO is bullied about his shit opinions a lot


File: f5ab8bb8ac84da5⋯.jpeg (89.04 KB, 916x660, 229:165, DxCSFAhWoAEUP1Q.jpeg)


We didn't take the criticisms of hierarchy seriously and said "lol revolution is authoritarian" so we keep organizing in hierarchical ways and act surprised when the leadership fucks over everyone for their own benefit.


File: 111516fcd988c9b⋯.png (25.69 KB, 730x525, 146:105, maduro.PNG)



>a revolution to bring about shitty 9-5 jobs but painted red

imagine being this deep in the left-wing of capital



>thinking assad is anti-capitalist

wew lad



>he still sides with the national-bourgeois cliques

All anti-imperialism has done ironically is lead to capitalist development.


File: daae8ae0178fec5⋯.png (63.82 KB, 739x1029, 739:1029, triggered.png)

Did I deserve it?



>Implyin there's something wrong with that slogan



Yes. You should be banned from here, too.



yes, nobody wants you here either.



inhale water




You’re right


File: 1c404270fe80f34⋯.png (204.25 KB, 763x499, 763:499, Screenshot_20190120-233449….png)

>keeps telling me to go back to /pol/

<haven't been there in years

What does /porkypol/ get out of this?


Got permanently banned for making jokes about Kim Jong Ils personal yacht.



not clicking on that link nigger


File: 4623e1e92a7d163⋯.png (59.08 KB, 883x664, 883:664, ClipboardImage.png)

ok, trolling went a bit too far after they started spamming pics of dead and tortured priests, but a ==permanent== ban for saying I'd choose Franco over anarchists when there's so much /pol/ shit every second?


It’s just SO DEAD now. Almost no OC is created, no one seems to have a sense of humor anymore, everything is srs bsns and nothing is light-hearted. Mods anchor any thread even a little controversial. And it’s all incredibly slow.


File: 4bdc9ab062561df⋯.png (604.94 KB, 488x516, 122:129, ClipboardImage.png)


That's one of the biggest problems with BO and his crew; they took leftypol far too seriously. It started out as a fun shitposting forum for leftists to a le leftist meme™ factory that is the forefront of anti-imperialism. When people say that the left can't meme; this is why. Once again easily offended snowflakes ruin leftism.



Politics isn’t supposed to be fun, faggot


File: 712c3cfb3233590⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 401x399, 401:399, wait what.jpg)


> but a ==permanent== ban for saying I'd choose Franco over anarchists

I fail to see anything wrong here.

> when there's so much /pol/ shit every second?

This means that more bans are necessary, not that yours was undeserved.



>siding with fascists to own the anargiddies

You deserved it.



Posting on anonymous imageboards isn't politics, jackass.


File: 67c873177f1c9ea⋯.jpg (58.18 KB, 763x569, 763:569, enjoyment birb.jpg)


literally said I didn't lmao, I said I had no side, and it was a shitposting thread



shitposting is as close as tankies get to real life politics


File: 5fa918e35a67372⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 255x174, 85:58, Tea.jpg)


One can rightly accuse tankies of a lot of things, but not doing anything real isn't one of them.



It's especially disingenuous when tankies are well known for actively preventing class-consciousness from emerging and participating in counter-revolutionary movements.


We would be better off with tankies not doing anything.



Are you impying Che did any of this?


When you say tankie do you mean anyone who is ML(M)?



To be fair, that's the entirety of the contemporary western left, who's actually organizing with an impact nowadays? The only movement I can think of is indigenous peoples fighting against deforestation, oil drilling, pipelines etc; our left is dead and each month a fascist becomes a president in one of our countries



>why was I permabanned for endorsing the fascist in a civil war that killed many comrades???? :0



This is what happens when you kick out a bunch of the people whose posting habits were shaped by imageboards and bring in an influx of reddit red libs. It goes back to the old "4chan is smart people acting dumb and silly, reddit is dumb people acting smart and important." Most of /leftypol/ barely seems to understand how imageboards work, much less knowing what kinds of things they're capable of.


File: 2a4d0834be56141⋯.png (295.22 KB, 960x539, 960:539, thinking.png)


yeah, I shitposted Franco>anarchists, in a completely derailed thread where "comrades" were gleefully posting pics of desecrated corpses, meanwhile unironic fascists and nazbols can spill their drivel unironically without any repercussions

I know why I was banned, it was just disproportionate, shitposting should give you a week at most


Are twitter tankies mostly millenials?


>In the United States today, there exists a political trend which describes itself as Marxist-Leninist. This trend is organized as a loose constellation, orbiting around organizations such as the Workers World Party (WWP) and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), and to a lesser extent the Freedom Road Socialist Organization-Fight Back (FRSO)1. Members of this trend associate in forums such as r/communism on Reddit, on Facebook in pages and groups such as Bro, We Are Communist. Problem? and Karl Marx’s Red Reading Room, and on Twitter. Though containing members of all generations2, this contemporary Marxist-Leninist trend has a particular character among millennials, including those in their early thirties or late twenties radicalized during the protests against the Iraq War or in the Occupy Movement, and younger members radicalized during Black Lives Matter or the election of Trump.



Supporting fascism should be a lifetime ban. Suck my dick fascist Jew-on-a-stick worshipper



ML tankies, online or otherwise, are another expression of capitalist realism. Wage labor, commodity production, etc. are so dominant across the globe that the thought of directly abolishing them, or liberating humanity from abstract value in general, is nearly unimaginable. The existing "left" is also perpetually weak, disorganized and fraught with reformism and accomodation to bourgeois ideology and power structures.

Therefore tankies fetishize the strong leaders and powerful states of "actually existing socialism", no matter how anachronistic. They support geopolitical rivals of the USA and Israel in the name of "anti-imperialism," rather than critiquing capitalist nation-states and wars in general. In the end they'll accomplish nothing, same as the reformists or armchair Marxists, but that never really mattered, because waving hammers and sickles, praising Stalin and uncritically laying claim to the legacy of 20th century state socialism is so much more empowering than trying to pass pro-worker legislation or actually reading Marx.


File: c55dcf524d8750e⋯.png (119.8 KB, 340x448, 85:112, a642f9c406332eb75b13da9b49….png)


The twitter tankies are almost unanimously millenials, the older folks who lead the orgs stay off twitter or have an intern do it for them.


Something that sticks out to me is their inability to see action beyond the ballot box or demonstration. For all their talk of being the vanguard of the proletariat I've seen nothing from them in regards to labor organization or using labor strikes as a tool for anti-war actions. It really is a bunch of larpers more concerned with putting flags in their twitter bios than any real movement.


File: 57522918c96968e⋯.jpg (68.41 KB, 946x472, 473:236, hitlerreasonable.jpg)

Why is such zealous hotpocketeering necessary? Why can't I make oopsies-on-purpose and say the n-word (T/L note: nigger) without triggering certain hotpocks?

We just wanna be frens and shoot the shit. Come on, I'm banned from twitter where else am I going to talk to leftists?


perma'd for spitting on Rosa.

I'm Nazbol, Nazbols don't like Rosa.



mine got removed for putting too much brown in my red.



NazBol is cancer.


File: c60aece29fdaa4e⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 315x315, 1:1, psywizud.gif)


NazBols do like rosa. An enemy of the eternal succdem is my friend also rosa is Democratic NazBol.



> I'm Nazbol

You should be permabanned here too



>implying mods even give a shit about this place

Can't you see they killed it?


File: fced8ecced70f5d⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 504x464, 63:58, 152a97899a5c09d3e64327b783….jpg)


>HUURDUUR you should be banned here too

>My conceptualization of communism is leftypol and Reddit. I'm an incel and not the good kind like Nathan Larson, the crybaby sort that wants pats on the head from society while I slowly rot and die but desperately seek their vindication but think I'm in a position to ban anything

Overdose on heroin



>i WaS EndOrSiNG fAsCisM iROniCaLly



>>My conceptualization of communism is leftypol and Reddit.

Funny, cause NazBol is literally an internet meme, that you adopted as your ideology lol


File: 9447728050f7605⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 349:642, db0.jpg)


>forgetting interwar Germany existed and many different ideologies were forged.

anti-Historicists never fail to amuse me. I forget internet memes existed in 1930, I guess thats where Laufenberg, Wolffheim, Karl Otto, and Niekisch made their propaganda, using 1930s computer technology and made memes. you're a fucking idiot.



eh my issue is not the SuccDem bs, but as far as I know she was a feminist and a yid. if I'm gonna take any advice from yids, they're gonna be dudes like Wittgenstein and Strauss (although the latter can be blamed for neoconservative thought, his musings on authority along with Carl Schmitt are worth a look) Wittgenstein was the anti-Russel, anti-Popper. supported Russel's mathematic theses but thought his idea of running a state or city or council on mathematics (a root of utilitarian thought, greatest number theory, very Anglo in nature) was idiotic and that people are more than a numbers game.


even the wretched Anus Rand was a feminist, forgot to add. any time a woman acts politically, she always gotta add the shebeast manhater philosophy to her repertoire. Aristotle was right.


File: 0583d53cb2cd14e⋯.jpg (185.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nazbolgods.jpg)


NazBol is an ACTUAL Russian ideology, and nowadays it's often used as a blanket term to describe the ideologies of various left-nationalist movements and ideologues, such as Muammar Qaddafi's Jamahiriya, Siyaad Barre's Somalia, Otto Strasser' Black Front, Nasser's Egypt, North Korean Juche, Peronist Argentina, Borochov's ideal Socialist Israel, various Black Nationalist movements, Getulio Vargas' Brazil, Tito's Yugoslavia, Georges Sorel's ideology, various National Maoist movements, the MNS de Chile, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Syrian Social Nationalism, and various European movements as well. Funny enough, Americans seem especially susceptible to NazBol ideology, as i've met more NazBols from America than from anywhere else outside of Russia.



but it did begin in Germany. if we're gonna be fair here. Prussian-USSR international unionism



>Funny enough, Americans seem especially susceptible to NazBol ideology, as i've met more NazBols from America than from anywhere else outside of Russia.

have you seen how America treats us outsiders here? its no wonder….and the liberal capitalism infesting every corner of every city and town?

yeah I was born in Pennsylvania in the 80s but its pretty much ex-paleocons from the 90s. blowback from the decades of Reagan-Bush-Clinton neoconservatism. it was bound to happen. we're a young country so we haven't had our Russian Revolutionary period yet, its coming on strong.



>Tito's Yugoslavia

>a country built on the principle of "Brotherhood and Unity among all peoples"

>friend of many non-white nations

>founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement a multicultural, multiracial, multireligious movement



File: 2f89c8d47c68ba2⋯.png (188.78 KB, 1147x499, 1147:499, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at ….png)

>If you don’t want to kill Americans you should be banned

I hate that place



It's alright being a fan of Ethical Solipsism and liking Epicurean thought brings to mind "he with no arms envy the masturbator, and more so the man that brought the idea to him to use his own mouth instead"

Most of my critique of Rosa comes from her stance on suffragism, that women will act conservatively if given the opportunity to do so. Historically this isn't true, most of the time. Besides if Aristotle says man is a political animal, women who act politically are animals in their period. And period blood attracts bears who shall maul them to death.



To be fair we do get the same kind of flack here. Sometimes I wonder if the border wall should be around the entire country and have communications cut off from the outside world, like an actual western Warsaw pact.


File: 8cd549552179470⋯.jpg (41.24 KB, 1278x742, 639:371, hastalavistsionista.jpg)

File: cbe3641347f98c3⋯.jpg (6.22 KB, 200x133, 200:133, stfucentrist.jpg)

File: 357053f5fc95e9b⋯.jpg (153.77 KB, 1038x739, 1038:739, stfuliberalcommanarchfasc.jpg)

File: 85cbfffd2f1f60a⋯.jpg (136.51 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, stfuliberaljong-untrump.jpg)

File: bf6cfd5aeaecfdf⋯.png (358.42 KB, 999x815, 999:815, vengeancequote.png)


Why is National Bolshevism popular in America? It's because, here in the states, Socialism = Communism = Fascism = Nazism = Anarchism = Liberalism = Social Democracy = Ebul

We just accept the reputation. We're the boogeyman. Americans literally create their own worst enemy when they lump "everything i don't like" into one category. If you want to get anywhere in America, and you happen to be a 3rd party that isn't Republican or Democrat, you've gotta accept being a boogeyman and move on. We're the video game bad guys, almost 75 years worth of anti-communist propaganda has turned us into the "big bad other" that everyone fears and nobody understands. When we speak, everyone sticks their fingers in their ears like children. That's why we have to be bold. NazBol memes basically add up to "200 gorillion wasn't enough, fuck glibalist capitalists". That's because we've accepted the propaganda and use it to our advantage. Name another ideology badass enough to literally become the boogeyman of an entire county of 360 million people for nearly 75 years. Nazism? NazBols incorporate Nazi aesthetics. Join the gang if you want to destroy society as we know it.

There's not an easy way to defeat the brainwashed masses, except through alliances between extremists. We do have one advantage, however. Our advantage is that our ideology is a conglomerate. Liberals can turn NazBol due to the aesthetics alone. Fascists and Nazis can turb NazBol due to our similar Nationalistic views, or due to a desire to know what the "Socialist" part of "not socialism" actually entails. Social Democrats can turn NazBol due to sheer frustration.

Every time a conservative liberal calls a socdem liberal a "commie", he alienates and degrades that socdem liberal. The socdem wishes to lash out, but becomes frustrated. He looks at "Communism" and says, "i don't know about communism. They killed gorillions!" However, he looks at a NazBol. The NazBol looks him dead in the eye and says, "gorillions wasn't enough". That's intriguing. That makes the socdem faggot want more.

A conservative liberal calls a Nazi a Socialist, in a demeaning sense. The Nazi retorts, "we're not socialist like marxists are!" However, a NazBol joins the conversation. The NazBol says "we're marxist and we don't apologize for what Stalin or Hitler did". The Nazi is intrigued. "These people believe Stalin did nothing wrong? That's very similar to my beliefs with Hitler! Let me see what Stalin was all about. Perhaps if the mass media lied about Hitler, they lied about Stalin too!"

On and on, the conservative liberal calls his enemies "commie, socialist, evil fascist, nazi". He makes his own worst enemy real in doing so. Communists, nazis, we unite in hating the conservative liberal. If we apologize for what our movements may or may not have done in the past, we admit that they did it in the eyes of the scornful right lib. In apologizing for the death and destruction, we lose our edge in the alienated world. That's the difference between NazBols and redlibs. We are unapologetic, redlibs will do anything to appease their opposition. "P-please, we're not ebul! We didn't kill anyone". Even though it's true, it seems like weakness in the eye of the masses. It is unacceptable that extremists should apologize for their existence.


File: 32b78fbf473858d⋯.jpg (47.52 KB, 652x1104, 163:276, 81d6604a80ed32b154827057a7….jpg)

File: 1c87ba93fbb962a⋯.png (173.74 KB, 820x420, 41:21, 1c87ba93fbb962a1a4f2e1d5c8….png)


This is brilliant actually. I actually think nationalism itself is pretty dumb, and I'm too misanthropic to embrace it honestly anyway. The thing is nazbol still appeals to in the sense that its sort of political manifestation of the Left Hand Path, its highly "Satanic" in the sense that Satan is the adversary. Nazbol is the adversary to global capitalism, the US imperial hegemony, and the standardized morality of liberalism. The transgressive thrill of being what this society considers "evil" is a dionysian delight that I cannot refuse. Nazbol in its mentality is strikingly similar to the 7 fold sinister way of the order of nine angles as well. Its probably for this reason that I am attracted to the incel community as well, considering its also vilified in a similar way by the current establishment.



Very true. Satanism did, after all, originate from an Abrahamic fear of Satanism. If you asked anyone who wasn't Abrahamic a couple thousand years ago, he'd say "i've never heard of him".

Abrahamists created Satanism, Capitalists created NazBol.



>liberal conservative

To be fair Burke would be pretty authoritarian these days. That's where the root lies. Conservatives who valued the Revolutionary economics of the day yet rejected nothing less than divine rule


Camille Paglia refused to acknowledge Dionysus due to the polemicists of the sixties trivializing the concept and went with Cthonic. Issue is chaos, even by mother nature can be a masculine execution. It's brutal, anarchic, punishing. Don't take shit from others and all be fanned in your way. Women are more inclined to toe the legal line and political line and I often associat recklessness with men more than women. Women aren't natural risk takers. But that's bioessentialism and most Marxists would hate entertaining that idea. Even Roo does. Its one of his flaws. I bet the nigga don't even read Kojeve. The ultimate left Hegelian.



Just as they may be I don't see an issue with a strong military.


File: 229c4d04e09992d⋯.png (77.56 KB, 500x347, 500:347, happypeople.png)



How did you manage to one up /r9k/ in reaching a critical mass of resentment?



How is the LHP resentful?



they basically ban anyone who isn't a Trot, Ancomm or Red Liberal these days

even Bordigists would get banned over the Leftcomm's holocaust revisionism.



incels and Nazbols are resented by society for not playing the game

play capitalist games, win capitalist prizes.


File: 690986fefc54aa4⋯.jpg (231.85 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, doomerfinalform.jpg)


I embraced doomerism.






>more bans are necessary

"He said with the moderators Dick in his mouth"


File: da681baa60c7dec⋯.png (584.64 KB, 800x800, 1:1, gkYy30g.png)


You're postulating a death cult that recruits its members among those frustrated that normal people are skeptical when approached by a wild amateur ideologue, with the alluring prospect of additional genocides to enjoy as welcoming gift.

Sadism is a perverted thing indeed; petty, pathetic, and most of all, impotent.


Are mods willing to curtail open discussion, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. 

Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. 

Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh open discussion? 

Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call them Gods?



Pretty sure I saw Peterson with a dirty room. Impotent fucker should take his own advice.


I've tried sometimes to clean my room. The results: I was in a worst condition and my qi was destroyed.



I think it works a lot better when combined with taking a break from the internet, and any amphetamines you may be using as well.



"works" exactly in doin what?



Do you really have to ask?


File: af398fed612ced9⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 373x280, 373:280, giphy.gif)


Is crack cocaine ok?


File: 34e682aa1cd01c1⋯.png (19.01 KB, 716x625, 716:625, leftypol banned2.png)

>get banned for "national essentialism" for stating that imperialists should be punished for their crimes

I swear to God that trot is a fucking volunteer or something.



>I swear to God that trot is a fucking volunteer or something.

No I’m not, I’m permabaned almost every day, luckily I use a VPN.



>Only banned for 3 days

Holy fuck if that's not a sign of favoritism I don't know what is.


File: 4d9636ec903a9c9⋯.png (368.13 KB, 399x600, 133:200, AdvancedFaggotry.png)


>got b& from /leftypol/ for being too much of a spooked anti-imperialist idealist

Damn, dude, you earned that ban on Hard Mode.



The fuck, there actually is a specified reason.


File: ef3731d576dd455⋯.png (27.5 KB, 579x359, 579:359, Screenshot from 2019-02-21….png)


Just got a permaban lads.

>be /leftwhypol/

>make thread laughing at /leftpol/

>claim that the reports of mod abuse on /leftwhypol/ are overblown and all in the past

>start banning people for life over stupid shit to prove how you no longer ban people for life over stupid shit

Friendly reminder that /leftwhypol/ will never change. The BO is and always will be a liberal feminist whose goal is to divide the left.


File: 16e595ef7b9745e⋯.jpg (45.33 KB, 903x960, 301:320, brn.jpg)


>the only form of modern debtor prison in the US is men being imprisoned for being unable to pay child support and alimony



Did you have an argument or are you just making stupid memes?



Someone doesn't have an argument

<it's (you)



/pol/ may be stupid enough to fall for internet sophistry like this, but we are not. Fuck off.



>fuck off

I said it first. It’s clear that you are a feminist infiltrator here to destroy this board from within. Either that or a government agent with a subversive agenda.




>I think poor men should be jailed for being poor but trust me I'm totally the real leftist, YOU'RE the feminist infiltrator liberal from /pol/!




t. fascist



>I think that it should be illegal for men to be poor but YOU'RE the real fascist!


File: de3fda3e1290470⋯.png (11.65 KB, 725x248, 725:248, 2462573583689369.png)

literally why?

I'm tired of getting banned without knowing why.

that's it, I'm not going back there anymore.

note: the guy was defending a non socialist party, they advocate private property rights.

the whole argument was that I called that party "the same as the rest of the right wing".

that's it.



>I'm tired of getting banned without knowing why.

Just stop using leftypol and you will feel a lot better.



>that's it, I'm not going back there anymore

About fucking time



kek you deserved that ban you fucking imperialist scum



and what exactly makes me an imperialist?



the way you behave



>all that idpol

Gross fampai. Just fuck off to reddit trot scum



>non answer



what idpol are you fucking talking about?



Your equivocating between Kirchner and Macaroni and condemnation of both is explicitly pro-imperialist. Orwell once said that neutrality is explicitly pro-fascist, yes well your "principled stance" against both is explicitly pro-Macaroni and thus imperialist.



what kind of retarded logic is that?

both Kirchner and Macri advocate private property.

I'm against private property, I don't want either of them to rule, they're both as shit, why should I participate in their disgusting bourgeois elections? doing so would be endorsing bourgeois states, this is pretty simple.

private property is the basis of imperialism, both of them are imperialist cunts, do not let their bread and circusses fool you.

if anything, those who remain neutral when there's only imperialist cunts fighting for power are the only anti imperialists.



kys anarcholiberal



ok you're retarded then, good to know.



>they're both as shit, why should I participate in their disgusting bourgeois elections

This would be a valid critique of the US system in which there is really no difference between the parties. However, Kirchner was explicitly part of the "Pink Tide" swarm of left-reformist nationalist governments that took over Latin America in the 2000s, allied with countries like Venezuela. To insist that there is no difference between that and someone like Macaroni who is explicitly pro-US, and who has absolutely devastated the working class by letting the IMF have full control over the economy, and advocate for doing nothing, is in fact no different than outright shilling for the US and Macaroni.

You are either controlled opposition or extremely stupid to not see this fact.



Furthermore, to quote Lenin:

"Socialists must not only demand the unconditional and immediate liberation of the colonies without compensation—and this demand in its political expression signifies nothing more nor less than the recognition of the right to self-determination—but must render determined support to the more revolutionary elements in the bourgeois-democratic movements for national liberation in these countries and assist their rebellion—and if need be, their revolutionary war—against the imperialist powers that oppress them."




the Kirchners and their minions are all businessmen, the "pink tide" doesn't mean shit, they're just social democrats who say "USA is bad!" as if it was the most intelligent and original thing in the world, they're still liberals.

they're all the same.

and in Argentina we got Ballotage which gives you absolutely no option other than 2 liberal parties, how is this different from the US election system?

>and who has absolutely devastated the working class by letting the IMF have full control over the economy, and advocate for doing nothing

as opposed to imposing an "income tax" on the working class like the Kirchners did.

stop being retarded, they're all the same.


he wrote that at a time when there were capitalist revolutions overtaking the feudal system.

you cannot possibly take that at face value on today's world stage.




Lenin was wrong about this, and it's ridiculous that 60 years after decolonization people still take this stance. There was never a revolutionary war carried out by bourgeois-democratic movements, and national liberation (save in the rare instances where it was led by socialists) wound up as liberation for the bourgeoisie alone.


File: 8efe97ba7d35b38⋯.png (21.18 KB, 151x201, 151:201, 100 flowers.png)


So what are the chances that this ends up like the real 100 flowers campaign and everyone gets banned?



It's nice to see people in this thread finally realise that leftypol has gone into a massive decline and is now a mostly irrelevant concept in the online left.

Back in 2017 leftypol had 4x the numbers it has now and was making a big impact on the online socialist community (or whatever you call it) but is now only at only 25-30% of its former self. Its massive drop in users probably explains the forced appeal to make new maymays to stop the board from falling into the shitter, and not even that worked.

It's all quite pathetic really.



Probably small tbh, but I want it to happen.


File: 089f0cb163f250e⋯.png (203.81 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Ban.png)


>>132174 here

Update: Tried to appeal it and got denied, now banned forever, fucking lol



You deserve it simply for using proprietary software.


File: a981551c645aeee⋯.jpg (502.8 KB, 997x2053, 997:2053, FireShot Screen Capture #7….jpg)

What the fuck is going on there


File: 04a10c3d3c52176⋯.png (10.24 KB, 579x80, 579:80, 1.png)

File: ac1ec77e5531104⋯.png (14.05 KB, 592x128, 37:8, 2.png)


/pol/yps shitposting about the shooting in New Zealand among other things


File: 413c02ee81e4f91⋯.png (283.83 KB, 910x650, 7:5, fb8cc2dbc85dd8a57c93b2898f….png)


They banned me for posting the tan they made and then erased every single one of my posts, despite none of them being shitposts other than arguably this one.

Really mad that they didn't think twice on giving me a undefined ban despite being on-topic funposting .

Not even giving suport, just postng the pic



Did they draw that guy as an anime girl so they can masturbate to him without having to say nohomo?



That's the made reason why I can't post on leftypol anymore; BO has hate-boner against me and will delete all my posts when I get banned, meaning that all my effort-posting go to waste. It's real scummy.

>Anime Tarrant dropping her magazines

Okay but that genuinely made me laugh.



that's Bowsette in a nutshell.



The based nazi military needs to start killing jews and commies then


File: c7716a3478c35cf⋯.png (69.82 KB, 602x373, 602:373, FireShot Screen Capture #8….png)

File: 5d4d32b7fab6b9d⋯.jpg (181.56 KB, 680x1169, 680:1169, Pixlr_20170921055005248_2.jpg)

File: 6675a518a60567c⋯.jpg (188.71 KB, 546x769, 546:769, Pixlr_20171129122558504.jpg)


I was one of the drawfriends and wanted to go back make some comics but this makes it extremely demoralizing

I don't understand why they really amped up the policing in there and became super fucking ultra scumy. They deleted all my posts and gave me no reason for the ban.

They are handing left and right permanent and 4 week bans, is so fucking putrid.

I always hated the moralfagging of having to agree with anti imperialism and climate change and all of that because inflamatory threads are not only part of the chan culture, but it drives up activity in the front page, and has been always part of the /pol/s. Even in /liberty/ and this site /pol/.

I feel cucked bros, even if I use a vpn or a proxy or wathever, I always run into problems with the board, the management just can't keep its nose clean without fucking up and splitting the board into 2 or give an ever-lasting ban because you accidentaly said something that seemed pro imperialist or wathever.




Ay post that anime picture, I want to save it to my cringe collection



Got banned for shitting on Assad

I suppose it's my fault, I should've known it would happen



I think I remember you, I called you a cuck for going there after getting banned a few times and it looks like I'm right again.


File: fb22f8a448bb5ec⋯.png (436.92 KB, 788x614, 394:307, 1552954978515-3.png)


Last time I got banned for shitting on the me too thots saying it was their doing for selling themselves to Hollywood

Before that was for photoshoping sam Hyde on a serious thread about a massacre in Africa

Basically banned for having an inflammatory opinion and common fun posting

I like the catgirls and the mods gave me my own cyclical thread at a time

I don't know what went wrong from getting that to get shit canned forever if I don't use a vpn

I really wanted to revive the DC project some day but is really hard this way. Not only because is a pain in the ass to try different proxies and VPN connections until I can find one that isn't banned but as well because is hard to recommend leftypol because of the constant moralfagging like that


File: f38b4be7d62f94f⋯.jpeg (686.84 KB, 1242x980, 621:490, D1D63B96-B321-4185-897D-D….jpeg)

File: f26d76c9b6075a6⋯.jpeg (839.29 KB, 1242x1681, 1242:1681, D8C23228-8CA2-4768-91F4-0….jpeg)

>someone asks why Hitler called himself a socialist

>tell OP Hitler obviously didn’t use a Marxist definiton of socialism, posting a quote




It doesn't matter what Hitler's personal definition of socialism is. Unless you're a postmodernist, words do not change meaning once someone comes up with a new, autistic definition of his own. Socialism has from its inception been about the abolition of private property. Even early non-marxist socialists were in favor of such. Taking the opposite view and slapping the word socialism on it does not suddenly change its historic meaning.



>the meaning of words is permanent and unchangeable

Top cuck



>words can mean whatever I want them to

Fuck off, Derrida.



Aye, got banned for criticizing Iran, despite the fact that Iran has no labor movement and unions are illegal there. I keep triggering the retarded leninhat poster.


File: b3f26a93d166afc⋯.png (134.46 KB, 717x683, 717:683, Banned for Jim Profit post….PNG)

Most of you will probably say I deserved it



Monsieur Dupont is fucking based everybody who is remotely interested in anarchism should read them.



Leftcom thread was going well until OP and others got banned and their posts scrubbed, lenin hat poster was there as well.

Good old tankie mods slowly making the board stupider and more right-wing.



>implying it’s not the redditors leaving and the true socialiate who remain

Maybe you should leave too




stop posting on 8chan.



I was one of those people who got banned recently. Tankies are really proving that they care more about "muh sekrit club" and LARPing. They don't care about revolution they would rather stay in their fringe shitpost club.



I've been on /leftypol/ since 2015, most of these tankies are from /r/socialism and PSL and have nothing to do with the original userbase.


File: adfbe5f53088cac⋯.jpeg (92.91 KB, 720x688, 45:43, DzjlVGuWsAE7zUH.jpeg)


>Tankies are really proving that they care more about "muh sekrit club" and LARPing

That should have been obvious for at least two years now looking at 8chan alone.


I was there since 2014 and this is correct, you didn't see many MLs before 2017. But historical revision has never been much of a problem with some folks.



This. /leftypol/ used to attract a lot of anarchists. Which is why the BO and hoochie sperg'd out and started banning them. Anarchists moved to /leftpol/ then and after this board has been handed over to Space it has gone to shit.


File: 903a0a2dc731997⋯.png (389.18 KB, 1767x1816, 1767:1816, leftypolban.png)


Wow leftypol is a fucking joke of a board. Banned me while I was winning an argument against retarded price controls. Remember kiddos, once you become ML there is no more critical thinking allowed.

Inb4 >you deserved that ban for still posting on that board in 2 0 1 9

When you see idiots praising a policy measure that has been empirically proven to be deficient is it not right to argue against it? MLs are literally the second-most cancerous element of the hard-left, second only to anarkiddies. Their historical revisionism, constant denial of all problems, utilization of slimy "references" like Grover Furr, etc. pisses me off. You don't see market socialists fellating Tito or claiming Yugoslavia was the second coming of Jesus. I can say that relying on western loans and the IMF is cancerous, that unemployment was a problem in Yugoslavia, that many elements of Actually Existing Market Socialism need to be changed for it to be better freely, but they on the other hand harbor no such critical reflection on their own ideology. It's always "Stalin good" "Central planning good" and when bad stuff happens it’s "bourgeois lies" “liberalism” and "revisionism". I can predict the bullshit that they sprout before they even start, just like I can predict what The Economist, a bourgeois rag, will recommend before I even start reading an article of theirs. It's the same absence of thought, just inverted.



I also posted in that thread, i was the guy mentioning Gorbachev's reforms did contribute the most to the collapse of the soviet union, sorry you got banned, i don't agree with market socialism but banning people is truly retarded.


File: c0253a38911936b⋯.jpg (291.88 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, 7c498b1de5823462126de023e8….jpg)


>MLs are literally the second-most cancerous element of the hard-left, second only to anarkiddies

You should probably leave this board then.



Yeah I got banned again for trying to make the point that socialism doesn't just mean anti-Americanism

But whatever, what's the use?



>socialism doesn't just mean anti-Americanism

American detected. You’re gonna die too, regardless of your political beliefs, fascist



None of us like our government stupid, we have less political say than most European electorates. I'm anti-American but I'm also anti-Russian and anti-China, I hate every capitalist state. Daily reminder that /leftypol/ europoors are just as responsible for imperialism, you did after all take American Marshall Plan gibs after WW2.


All the good effortposters are trying to make a new forum free from the nazbol filth that has been infesting /leftypol/, a lot of us are old posters too. There's literally a thread with all the recently banned leftcoms.




>non-anonymous messageboard like it's fukken 2004

>exactly eleven(11) people who made more than ten posts

Who thought that's a good idea?


File: 65a2d90b423b50c⋯.png (125.11 KB, 751x797, 751:797, Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at ….png)







This but unironically. Progressivism is incremental, it always need more; more oppressions, more genders, more intersectionalities, all the way until it has reached the postgendertranspolyfryingpansexual astral plane and finds it not diverse and inclusive enough. If you've had enough of it at any point, you are by definition a reactionary.



That's true for depression though. Some talk people into self-harm and suicide attempts. It's a lot more common than your scenario.


I just got banned from /leftypol/ for someone else’s post. Literally got banned for a post that someone else made. I was super curtious in my appeal, and my appeal got rejected. You know… I’ve resisted all evil temptation to hop on the tired old mod hating wagon, but honestly the /leftypol/ mod(s) can suck a giant fattie thats puts them in a neck brace on this one. If you happen to communicate with them, please send them my dangling shrivelly unshaven ballsack to their 4heds. Please and thank you. Good day to you, comrade.


Never been banned from there, but seeing them ban people/remove posts/ anchor threads that don't deserve it sucks. I can understand that they have to deal with endless /pol/ shitposting but they've taken it way to far, to the point where it hurts good discussion.



Keep in mind too that they stealth ban people all the time. My last two bans were stealth bans. Meaning that the post I was banned for is still up with no mod edit.


/leftypol/'s mods are completely unaccountable and unorganized. They do ban lots of low-effort /pol/ posts daily, but most of them seem to have taken a page from the BO and often quietly anchor/delete/ban posts they disagree with. Calling them out rarely works.


Yeah, and the worst fucking part is that there are plenty of polyps and other reactionaries hopping ips just to shitpost, derail, and spread their cancer. Or whatever other methods they might use to skirt the ban. This site really is following the exact same dogshit lifecycle that killed 4chan. Idiots ruin everything good. And then moot fucks off because everthing is overtaken by cancer and he’s tired of dealing with bullshit.


File: 6d8bd56f4071f1e⋯.jpg (59.48 KB, 500x1103, 500:1103, 6d8bd56f4071f1e8b9bd6bdae1….jpg)



Isn't this exactly what some funny fuck's caricature if "soviet internet moderation" would be?



Fellow Argentine here, I can't believe I'm agreeing with a Posadist Trot.

Macri is a run-of-the-mill Neoliberal hypocrite who has no idea what the fuck a government is and bootlicks the IMF, fuck him.

However that doesn't mean Kirchner is a leftist, she's socdem crap that tries way too hard to appeal to the liberals/feminists and uses nationalism as a way to divert attention from her own bourgeois incompetence all the while she and her cronies enrich themselves.

Also, the "Peronist Party" has literally fascist roots. Peron praised Mussolini, was friends with Franco, and he even purged all "left-Peronists" from his party in one instance. How the fuck people consider that party leftist?


/leftypol/ BO IS RESIGNING





File: 41e2c7402715c43⋯.png (241.2 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)


Wait, so they actually got retarded when they started reading books?



He probably just read a bunch of Blum and Parenti and bluepilled himself into a vulgar anti-imperialist. Not entirely surprising for an extremely online autist.


File: f88a979707c769a⋯.jpeg (57.09 KB, 442x650, 17:25, DvIi3PXX4AAx9aP.jpeg)


More likely he watched Parenti on youtube.


Yes, if you read books uncritically you'll likely be dumber.



>I'm the old BO.

>Aside from reading Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and others, I also got more into ☭TANKIE☭ twitter at the time. I had always been kind of aware of ☭TANKIE☭ twitter, but not knowing any theory or enough history made me uncertain about what they were saying. After /leftypol/ pushed me into serious Marxism, I had no reservations about all the praise of Stalin or whatever. I honestly think that the non-idpol, non-PSL ☭TANKIE☭s on twitter are an excellent place to get news and analysis. Some of them are really old and have studied this shit for ages. Yes, I like RedKahina's tweets. She's not right about everything and a bit dramatic, but she is redpilled as fuck. The news reports and analysis from these people convinced me that there is a serious problem with people promoting imperialist propaganda, and that it really is harmful.

well there's that theory confirmed

trankie twitter did take over, I wonder if former BO is one of the notables in tankie twatterati


File: 4fca3bd93a26142⋯.jpg (69.59 KB, 248x252, 62:63, fno.jpg)


>old BO is still a mod

>new BO is just one of his tranny friends from the past

So basically nothing will change at all, not surprising.



Holy shit that is sad.



Jesus I pray for a day when twitter goes bankrupt and every single "leftist" using it becomes an hero.


File: 63d99f83f4c0808⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 329x300, 329:300, 1419666324979.gif)



The eternal tank, always shitting up left wing communities. For fuck's sake how can you be so stupid that you only read the literature from one tendency and just take it as gospel? Just not worth it to at least get a shallow overview of the other tendencies, maybe their criticisms of yours? I wouldn't even be so mad if they weren't being outright revisionist. Lots of people were getting public bans for saying they supported Rojava. The shit about "spreading imperialist propaganda" is almost totally bullshit. There were a handful of liberals showing up and saying that shit. I don't think I ever saw a post that was both defending the Kurds and repeating shit about Assad being a butcher (just that he's a statist and opposed to an independent Rojava).


Yeah, it's the same kind of shit that a corporation will do, have a publicly hated CEO step down with severance and install some replacement who's got the same ideas. Then the CEO quietly ends up as a consultant, on the board of directors, a major shareholder, or joins a related regulatory body.


File: 45582ac359c1d37⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1394699564511.jpg)


>We were expected to ban people on the basis of shit talking almost any nation which had bad relations with the USA. People were banned for even mentioning that Iran or Iraq murdered their communists or saying Mugabe was incompetent. The rule was a clause for the BO to get rid of posters too different from his own beliefs, and most of the moderation team rightfully refused to uphold it as a result. One of the mods who openly opposed it was removed as a result.

Volunteer confirms exactly what everyone had suspected.



If twitter goes bankrupt something else probably much worse will come to replace it. The problem isn't twitter the problem is social networks, well, actually the human stupidity which allows social networks to be a thing.


File: adfbe5f53088cac⋯.jpeg (92.91 KB, 720x688, 45:43, DzjlVGuWsAE7zUH.jpeg)



Let's be real, we knew this 2 years ago based on BO's personality change and policy shift. Getting it confirmed that tankies fucked up something to stan for anti-burger capitalists is less satisfying than stopping it.


File: d76ba784e54ada9⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 362x503, 362:503, George_Orwell.jpg)



>I did not even know that twitter is dying, still less did I know that it is a great deal better than the younger social media websites that are going to supplant it


File: 902b0a5b7a6bdfc⋯.jpg (447.38 KB, 1070x1686, 535:843, 20190517_194344.jpg)

/leftypol/ mods have been taken over by zionists?



Oh wow, and after a whole length of silence after my post i suddenly get a reply arguing with it after i'm banned. I swear these mods ban people because they're too afraid to debate.



You only figured that out now?



Maybe post your whole post? also do you deny the holocaust or was that a cheekily named file?



Stop bringing it up chosen people and there will be no need for anyone to deny it. Real talk: I believe the constructed narrative is far from reality, but I don't really care either way.

14 million Chinese died in WWII why should I give a fuck about the Jews?



I don't disagree with that, both /leftypol/ and /leftpol/ are aware of the fuckery Jews use to play the victim in the case of Israel. The ban probably wouldn't have happened if you didn't outright deny it, which I assume is what you did, because otherwise that is a very popular opinion on both boards. I'm not saying I agree with just banning people, just saying you probably just wanted to say Israel uses the holocaust to play the victim and instead simply denied the holocaust. I can't tell, since you didn't show the full post.



> The ban probably wouldn't have happened if you didn't outright deny it, which I assume is what you did, because otherwise that is a very popular opinion on both boards. I'm not saying I agree with just banning people, just saying you probably just wanted to say Israel uses the holocaust to play the victim and instead simply denied the holocaust. I can't tell, since you didn't show the full post.

I didn't elaborate. The only "denial" is the holohoax in the filename and one more time in the body of text. I guess you Euros wouldn't understand because you're used to the "Holohoax" being the word you don't say on pain of being sent to the concentration camps but as an America the idea of illegal words and ideas is an afront to humanity itself.

Also I didn't post the full screenshot because I got the ban on my phone. You can see the full post here:




Thanks, that does seem very unfair, he didn't even make it a public ban. Not an Euro, Mexican, I just know what shit gets people banned regardless of their intentions in that board.


Why hasn't the new BO removed all the old bans? like a single five word leftier-than-thou shitpost and I'm perma banned. If he wants to fix the board he needs to clear the ban list.


File: 59587faf96643c1⋯.jpg (405.97 KB, 1080x1682, 540:841, Screenshot_20190519-142837….jpg)

>check out /leftypol/ on my phone

>see dumb post

>try to make shitpost

>this appears

How can I shitpost from work?



>Why hasn't the new BO removed all the old bans?

Meet the new faggot, same as the old faggot.


File: fa08646d056dea7⋯.png (192.48 KB, 1408x1010, 704:505, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)

Look at this autism:


File: 15c4e0da81e5662⋯.png (180.93 KB, 1765x1694, 1765:1694, leftypolidiocy.png)

I am Chinese. I hold an actual Hong Kong ID card. I have lived there before. This is some westerner retard who has NEVER set foot in or EVER talked to ANYONE in the place banning me because I would rather a bourgeois democracy than an outright dictatorship of capital continue to control the place with the full backing of the Chinese """""Communist""""" Party.

When your "socialism" supports a ruling elite that actively states on LIVE TELEVISION INTERVIEWS that they do not want to implement rent control in a place with some of the highest property prices in the entire fucking world you should do everyone a favor and just kill yourself.


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