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Brexit: PM says MPs have 'one last chance' to back her deal

Theresa May has said MPs have "one last chance" to deliver Brexit, urging them to back what she called a "new deal".MPs will get a vote on whether to hold another referendum if they back the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill, she said.


Pull Danish troops back home to man WALL on German border, anti-Islam right-wing party leader says

A dark horse right-wing candidate in Denmark’s national elections who has called to militarize the country’s land border and to build a wall to keep out migrants just might earn enough votes to enter the parliament.


Venezuela's ambassador to Italy quits post saying US sanctions have reduced him to poverty

Venezuela’s ambassador to Italy has resigned his post, saying US sanctions have reduced him to penury and have made it impossible to keep running the diplomatic mission.


Accused Shooter In New Zealand Mosque Attacks Charged With Terrorism

The man accused in the mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques has been charged with carrying out a terrorist act. Brenton H. Tarrant, 28, already faced 50 counts of murder and 40 counts of attempted murder for the March 15 shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.


27th weekly “yellow vest” rally in France: Protesters defend Assange, denounce war

After French President Emmanuel Macron declared Friday that he had satisfied the demands of “yellow vest” protesters and called on them to vote in the European elections, the “yellow vests” took to the streets across France for a 27th weekly Saturday protest. The Interior ministry claimed 15,500 joined the protests, while the “yellow vests” themselves claimed 41,000.


Brazil Loosens Gun Control, Civilians Can Own Military Rifles

Brazilian far-right President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree this month which will allow citizens to possess rifles with four times the amount of firepower


5,000 terrorists amassed in Afghanistan close to CIS border - Russian FSB chief

An Islamic State offshoot has amassed around 5,000 militants in northern Afghanistan on the border of post-Soviet republics of Central Asia, the director of Russia’s FSB has warned, adding that many of them have fought in Syria.


Water supply restored for millions in Libya, averting crisis

Water supplies to the Libyan capital and surrounding cities have been restored two days after they were cut off when an armed group stormed a control room, averting shortages that could have caused a humanitarian crisis.


Venezuela's Maduro proposes early elections for opposition-run congress

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday proposed early elections for the National Assembly, which is headed by opposition leader Juan Guaido and is the sole body recognized as democratically legitimate by most Western nations.


A Glimpse Behind the Iron Curtain

As nostalgia for the Soviet Union swells, one project aims to show what life was like for ordinary citizens in the U.S.S.R.



Fox and Friends' co-host Pete Hegseth convinced Trump to consider pardons for troops accused of war crimes

"Fox & Friends" weekend co-host Pete Hegseth has been working behind the scenes to convince President Donald Trump to pardon US service members accused or convicted of war crimes, according to a recent report in the Daily Beast.


NORAD fighter jets intercept Russian bombers close to Alaskan airspace

A tweet from the North American Aerospace Defence Command, more commonly known as NORAD, said that the Russian aircraft had flown into what is known as the Air Defence Identification Zone or ADIZ, a 200 mile buffer off Alaska's coast.


Across The Country, Protesters Rally To Stop States' Abortion Bans

Abortion rights advocates are holding rallies across the country today, protesting a wave of laws passed by states in recent weeks to severely restrict access to abortions.


US Navy wants to create archive of 350 BILLION social media posts for ‘research’ purposes

The US Navy is seeking to create an archive that will store no less than 350 billion social media posts, as part of the military branch’s “research efforts” into “modes of collective expression.”


Millennials and Gen Z Are Increasingly Pessimistic About Their Lives, Survey Finds

The difference between Gen Zs and Millennials is, according to the survey, much more visible when making a comparison across countries. In China and India, Gen Zs were more optimistic about the future. Meanwhile, youth in major economic powers were pessimistic about the world and whether their place in it will improve.


With Workers Hard To Find, Immigration Crackdown Leaves Iowa Town In A Bind

One morning a year ago, federal immigration agents swept into the Midwest Precast Concrete plant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and arrested 32 men who were working there illegally.


Dressbarn, Women's Clothing Chain, To Close All Stores

Dressbarn, the women's clothing chain founded in the 1960s as a place where women in need of career-wear "could find fashion at a value," is closing all its stores.


British Steel risks collapse with 25,000 jobs at stake

British Steel, the country’s second largest steel producer, is on the brink of collapse unless the government agrees to provide an emergency 30 million pound ($38 million) loan, two sources close to the situation said.


Russian Millennials Worry Most About Corruption and Inequality, Study Says

Russian millennials are more concerned about corruption and income inequality than their global peers, the U.S auditing company Deloitte said in a survey published Monday.Millennials around the world named climate change (29 percent) and income inequality (22 percent) as their top personal concerns, the survey said.




The Bad News About Nudges: They Might Be Backfiring

Nudges, those tweaks that use behavioral science to help people make smarter decisions, are popular all around the world. If you get a bill comparing your electricity use to your neighbors’, you’re more likely to turn off that kitchen light or unplug your TV. And if your employer automatically enrolls you in a retirement savings plan, you might save more money for retirement. It’s using a little change to have a big impact on your life.These nudges seem pretty great on the surface. But some may have unintended consequences when it comes to policymaking, according to a new study in Nature Climate Change. Requiring large utilities to automatically sign customers up for environmentally-friendly energy could, in a twist of fate, erode support for substantive policies like a carbon tax.This raises a question economists have been grappling with for years. Do people see nudges as substitutes for larger, more effective policies? If so, they could backfire, undermining support for serious action.Over the course of six experiments in the last couple of years, researchers at Carnegie Mellon tried to find an answer. They asked participants to imagine themselves as “policymakers” (like members of Congress; one experiment was conducted on graduates of a public policy school). When a carbon tax was the only option presented, 70 percent of participants were in favor of it. But when they were also given the option of approving the clean-energy nudge, boom, support for the tax dropped to 55 percent.


Venezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire

Uncle Sam has a problem in his South American “backyard” with those uppity Venezuelans who insisted on democratically electing Nicolás Maduro as their president instead of by-passing the electoral process and installing the unelected US asset Juan Guaidó. No matter, Amnesty International has come to the rescue with a full-throated defense of US imperialism:“Faced with grave human rights violations, shortages of medicines and food and generalized violence in Venezuela, there is an urgent hunger for justice. The crimes against humanity probably committed by the authorities must not go unpunished.” (Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International)Amnesty International fails in its broadside to put its claims against the Maduro government in the context of a concerted regime-change campaign, which amounts to war, by the bully from the north. The US is waging an illegal war against Venezuela and Amnesty International’s broadside leaves out this inconvenient fact, egregiously even omitting any mention of sanctions.


Game of Thrones tapped into fears of revolution and political women – and left us no better off than before

The last season of the Game of Thrones has prompted public outcry and culminated in a petition (signed by almost 1 million outraged viewers) to disqualify the entire season and re-shoot a new one. The ferocity of the debate is in itself a proof that the ideological stakes must be high.The dissatisfaction turned on a couple of points: bad scenario (under the pressure to quickly end the series, the complexity of the narrative was simplified), bad psychology (Daenerys’ turn to “Mad Queen” was not justified by her character development), etc.One of the few intelligent voices in the debate was that of the author Stephen King who noted that dissatisfaction was not generated by the bad ending but the fact of the ending itself. In our epoch of series which in principle could go on indefinitely, the idea of narrative closure becomes intolerable.


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