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File: 1927afecd420969⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 647x656, 647:656, 18119380_1903340253256687_….jpg)


German parliament declares Israel boycott campaign antisemitic

Germany’s Bundestag has become the first parliament in Europe to pass a motion labelling the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel as antisemitic.


Canada’s government uses bogus “foreign interference” claims to expand censorship ahead of federal election

Canada’s Liberal government has issued a series of inflammatory warnings about the alleged danger of “foreign interference” in the country’s federal election due this October. This reactionary campaign has the twin aims of legitimizing censorship of social media and the internet and whipping up hostility against Russia, which Ottawa, like its longstanding partner Washington.


Jeremy Corbyn pulls out of Brexit talks in major blow to Theresa May's hopes of passing a deal

Jeremy Corbyn has pulled out of Brexit talks with Theresa May in a major blow to the prime minister's hopes of passing a Brexit deal.


Iran’s short-range missile can reach US fleet in Gulf – Revolutionary Guards deputy commander

The deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has said that the US fleet in the Gulf is already within striking distance of his country’s short range missiles, adding that the US could not sustain a new war in the region.


Jack Renshaw: MP death plot neo-Nazi jailed for life

A neo-Nazi who planned to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper in a terrorist attack has been jailed for life.Jack Renshaw, 23, from Skelmersdale, Lancashire, must serve at least 20 years in prison.


Indian soldier leaked sensitive info to Pakistani ‘honey pot’ on Facebook

An Indian Army clerk has been arrested for passing information on troop movements and military exercises to a Pakistani spy on Facebook and WhatsApp and may have been paid for his betrayal, authorities say.


Release Prof Saibaba unconditionally: TVV demands

Karimnagar: The representatives of Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika (TVV) demanded unconditional release of Delhi University Professor GN Saibaba, who has been sentenced to central jail in Nagpur. They staged a protest by covering their mouths with black ribbons in front of Satavahana University in Karimnagar on Monday.


Chile: SICAR Agents Charged with Sex Crimes Against Women During Dictatorship

Chile's Court of Appeals Minister Mario Carroza, has charged Manuel Agustin Muñoz Gamboa with the aggravated kidnapping of two women who were detained and tortured by agents of the Intelligence Service of Carabineros (SICAR) during former dictator Agosto Pinochet's regime.


Josu Ternera, leader of Eta Basque rebels, arrested in France

The political leader of the Basque separatist group Eta has been arrested in the French Alps after 17 years on the run, officials say.In a joint French-Spanish police operation, Josu Ternera - whose real name is José Antonio Urrutikoetxea - was arrested in Sallanches.


Oil Spill Seeping Into Gulf Of Mexico Contained After 14 Years, Coast Guard Says

An ongoing oil spill that has been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico for more than 14 years is finally being contained, the U.S. Coast Guard announced on Thursday.The Taylor Energy oil spill began after Hurricane Ivan triggered an underwater mudslide in 2004 that caused the company's oil platform to topple and sink.



Homelessness surges in San Francisco while tech's richest grow richer

San Francisco saw a 17% increase in its homeless population since its last homeless count, with numbers rising to levels that haven’t been recorded on these streets in 17 years.


Video captures F-16 crashing into California warehouse

After suffering hydraulic problems, an F-16 fighter jet crashed into a California warehouse Thursday. The pilot ejected safely and no-one on the ground was seriously harmed; a nearby driver captured the collision on video and a warehouse worker filmed the wreckage.


Students for Justice in Palestine at New York University smeared as anti-Semitic

A student organization at New York University that opposes Israeli policy toward the Palestinian people has become the subject of a coordinated attack by pro-Zionist organizations, the university’s own administration and the national media.


Missouri lawmakers approve extreme eight-week abortion ban

Missouri lawmakers on Friday approved legislation to ban abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy, becoming the latest state to put severe restrictions on the procedure.


Facebook bans election-attack firm linked to Israeli military and 'dozens' more disinformation accounts

Facebook announced today that is has banned an Israeli firm that ran a foreign psyops campaign to disrupt election results in various countries.


Stocks are dropping after China threatens to cut off trade-war talks, accusing the US of 'petty tricks'

US, European, and Asian equities fell on Friday after the Chinese government threatened to suspend trade talks with the US.Chinese state media accused the US of playing "petty tricks" and lacking a sincere desire to resolve the trade war."If there is no real concrete action by the United States, it will be meaningless for you to come and talk," China's ruling party wrote in a commentary published on social media.




The Washington Post’s “Cartel of the Suns” Theory is the Latest Desperate Excuse for Why the Coup Attempt in Venezuela has Failed

With the attempted coup in Venezuela now nearing its four-month mark, commentators in the corporate-owned Western press are scratching their heads as to why Washington’s plan for its proxy, Juan Guaido, to topple the government of Nicolas Maduro has so far failed to materialize. Of course, all of the real reasons elude them because they have never so much as crossed their minds. It is beyond their mental world to consider the lasting popularity of the late Hugo Chavez’s policies and lasting suspicion toward the right-wing opposition amongst large swathes of the population – or the deep revulsion at the thought of US (and especially US military) intervention into their country held by the vast majority of Venezuelans (and, indeed, Latin Americans generally). Rather, both the coup attempt’s puppeteers in Washington and their ventriloquist dummies in the mainstream media have been coming up with ever-more desperate excuses for why Guaido’s attempt to take power has not been a swift and decisive success. The so-called “propping up” of the Maduro “regime” by the traditional the US boogeymen of Russia, China and Cuba seems to have been the most frequently touted explanation. This has manifested itself in increasingly bizarre ways, such as the recent claim by Mike Pompeo that Maduro was at the point of fleeing the country before being convinced otherwise by Russia.


The US war drive against Iran and the conflict with Europe

As US warships steam towards Iran and the Pentagon considers plans to deploy 120,000 troops to the region, bitter conflicts are erupting between Washington and the European Union.On Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo barged uninvited into an EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels and attempted to browbeat his European “allies” into backing Washington’s regime-change policy in Iran. The same day, the Spanish press reported on a secret Pentagon letter denouncing the EU’s plans to establish a European army. The decision to leak the letter, two weeks after the EU had received it, was bound up with the acute war crisis.In the letter, the Pentagon did not mince words. Declaring itself “deeply concerned” over the EU army project, it warned of a “dramatic step back” in US-EU ties and threatened to cut off cooperation with European arms manufacturers. It added that the EU’s plans could “revive the tense discussions that dominated our contacts 15 years ago on European defense initiatives,” when Berlin and Paris publicly opposed the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq at the United Nations.Such threats make clear that US-EU tensions involve more than continuing EU support for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which the US repudiated a year ago, or Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on European automobile exports.


Humanity Is Drowning in Plastic

Avoiding plastic is the new radical chic. On April 21 the Guardian ran a long story suggesting that “zero-waste shops” are the way to “avert catastrophe.” Lifestyle magazines champion bamboo toothbrushes and buying grains in bulk. Last year at least five books were published on living without plastic, and plastic-free community groups have popped up across Europe and North America, Many middle-class shoppers are so scared to be seen using plastic bags that they end up with a massive pile of canvas tote bags at home — one for each time they showed up at the supermarket empty-handed.This trend is particularly strong in the UK. Many Britons watched David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, a 2017 BBC series that showed the tragic consequences plastic waste has for wildlife. This led to a lot of guilt and a fair bit of green proselytizing. As one reviewer put it “If you are still getting over the albatrosses feeding their young plastics on Blue Planet 2, now is the time to go and manically recycle.”But this energy is misdirected. Amid all the fuss about coffee cups and recycling, there’s one thing that we never hear about: the plastics industry. Since plastic drink bottles first appeared in the 1970s, global plastic production has increased twenty-fold, and it is expected to quadruple again by 2050. Yet the problem is still framed as a matter of consumers’ individual conscience. That suits the plastics industry just fine. When Theresa May proposed a tax on plastic packaging — the world’s first — the British Plastics Federation said that it was “very disturbed” at her tone and pointed out that “littering” was a matter of “personal behavior.”




Apparently even a few Die Linke members voted for this surprise censorship bill. What the fuck?





Germany seems to be in a bit of a Nietzchean struggle it seems



I don't use the pejorative 'cuck' often these days but it seems quite applicable here. Ones who would let a tank run them over and say "this is fine"


>German parliament declares Israel boycott campaign antisemitic

It's like a gag reflex at this point.

>Jeremy Corbyn pulls out of Brexit talks in major blow to Theresa May's hopes of passing a deal

To be fair it would've been VERY HARD to explain to his votership why the deal is good all of a sudden, given the EU will NOT renegotiate


>Jeremy Corbyn pulls out of Brexit talks in major blow to Theresa May's hopes of passing a deal

What exactly is Jezza's endgame strategy right now? The remoaners in the Labor Party's rank-&-file seem to be raising more of a fuss for another referendum, so is he just trying to keep this ball in the air all the way until another general election, waiting until May is replaced by the Tories, or just stalling for better terms? Is he simply that confident another referendum would crash & burn?

>Facebook bans election-attack firm linked to Israeli military and 'dozens' more disinformation accounts

Oh, wow, I'm sure these bans will make a huge difference to the hundreds of billions of dollars of domestic corporate media shilling, and such blanket bans surely won't sweep up hard left activists too.

>Stocks are dropping after China threatens to cut off trade-war talks, accusing the US of 'petty tricks'



This. The fact Linke is the largest party with a radical left presence although that might be vanishing with the fall of Wagenknecht and Dağdelen, in no way contradicts with their being majority SJW or other flavors of shitlib.

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