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File: ba22713cb4f499f⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1941x1200, 647:400, e82c0d0a69d880966f17d297fb….png)


Should people responsible for the climate catastrophe (execs of oil corporations, their lobbyists, politicians, propagandists, etc.) be held responsible for their actions, tied in international court and publicly executed for their crimes against humanity?




What trials sir? We're going straight to the execution with all the evidence already out there.


Enviromentalism is ultimately a secular (or not so secular, as they often show a belief in anthropomorphic planet) millenarian death cult.


>climate catastrophe

not real



> wanting to prevent extinction is a death cult

It is capitalism that is the death cult.


Yes. Let's start with 90% of Baby Boomers.



All porkys should be executed.



Capitalism isn't a belief that every event is linked to a single causal factor with the solution being bloodshed, this sort of environmentalism is.



It is. Stop trying to deny it.



There's literally nothing wrong with death cults.



And let them get off easily?

Fuck no, they need to suffer just like the rest of us.

Put them in the gulag, where they are exploited. Make them work for pennies and charge them half of their wage for rent. Make them survive on spare cash. One of them (Thilo Sarazzin) even published a guide in a tabloid on how to do so.



Absolutely. Those who damage the environment deserve the rope.


Also unironically this. When the revolution comes, boomers sacks of shit will be the first to go.


> tried in court and executed

nope, unless there's a judicial coup instead of a military coup (how often do you see that happen?) there won't be law courts in communism you'll just be re educated. The short story Manna by the guy who made howstuffworks gives a good example of this



Yeah but we all know they won't be. Friendly reminder that "avowed Leftists" spend much, much, more time attempting to get racists fired from McJobs over Charlottesville than doing anything about Exxon execs



Have you heard of "people's tribunals"



Do you mean lynchings?




is lynching a cabal of parasites a bad thing?



Are you trying to imy the court system in capitalist nations is in anyway legitamate?


File: 5c016101e775798⋯.jpg (254.15 KB, 1200x1465, 240:293, 1200px-Pentti_Linkola_2.jpg)

>leds juzt kill pepo lol

is this the eco-fascism thread?

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