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File: 7d94c47e94d4963⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ZdmdytQ.jpg)


I found this while searching for images, could someone enlighten me what is it about?



File: 74da5f081caf809⋯.png (11.41 KB, 720x114, 120:19, google is your friend.jpg.png)

Pic related.

Tl:dr, pretty much just an online essay on Antifa using anime as an aesthetic for posters akin to graffiti. No clue what the fuck is up with the title.


Oh and accusations of sexism. This post is fairly old however given the 2010 krautchan comments.



I won't use the botnet.



>For several years, anime / manga motifs have increasingly been used for various left and left-radical posters and stickers. For some anti-group anime motives have already led to sexism allegations, the following contribution is a little closer to it …

>It must have been about 5 years ago when I first saw an anime motif on a left-wing banner. Anime and manga finally found their way into the youth cultures of the German-speaking world at the end of the 90s. More and more people were beginning to realize that the glub-eyed "manga movies" (it still means "anime") were also cool somewhere.

What is rated on other blogs schonmal as the world's best Antifa Transpi for me was the already mentioned first encounter in terms of Antifa meets anime. It is about the following, now quite well known motives.

>Kaneda can be seen from Katsuhiro Otomos legendary manga / anime "Akira", which despite his age (80s) is still considered one of the most important anime / manga. The matter is relatively clear: The motive conveys aggressiveness, Kaneda is visibly pissed and would, if he was anti-fascist, the next runaway Nazi probably hang up. The majority of the anime-based motifs use this imagery, which of course is also to be found in western comics and cartoons.

>But why are so often used anime motifs for left agitation? Apart from the aesthetics, it may very well be the name recognition. Everyone knows, for example, Sailor Moon, and when Bunny Tsukino suddenly occurs quite feminist against male fraternities, that's an eye-catcher. In addition a mustache, in order to blur gender borders and Voila, finished is a sticker, which many people "maaaah sweet, I want to have!" Want.

>A little nerdiger chic is also there, the thrust is clear: Young, urban, fast and if it must be, even really loud and annoying.

>Another interesting explanatory approach can be found in a text of the AG Antifa in the Stura of the University of Halle, which speaks openly of "Infantiliconografie" when it comes to the representation of "Japanese manga comics and Bart Simpson, who went on anti-rocket trucks with slingshot and skateboard on Nazi hunt "Goes into left-radical context. The AG Antifa assumes in the text that the use of these motives is mainly connected with a general infantile of the radical left. The desire for a healthy world without work stress, without offices, authorities and responsibilities can actually be easily linked to a real, childlike world of life, whose protagonists are Sailor Moon, Bart Simpson, Pikachu, Marsupilami and Co.

>Another interesting passage in the text of the AG Antifa can be found in the footnotes, which were probably read by most people: "Some autonomous people

then boycotted a charity concert for the Antifa Merseburg. The reason: The concert was advertised with a poster on which a young woman - originally a manga drawing - beat a Nazi. Since the woman wore a fashionable top and was crop-free, the Antifa Merseburg sexism was accused. "

>Since I do not know the allegedly sexist motive, it should not be judged now either. But the fact is that Animanga characters are often portrayed in provocative, sexualized poses. Within the anime scene, this is called "fan service" or "moe", the word sexism is rarely ever put into the mouth.

>There was another reproach for sexism for the Vorarlberger "Antifa Xi-Berg", which published on the following chart.

>In the comments on ch.indymedia , a discussion unfolds as to whether the motive should now be sexist. Correctly, it is criticized that the Antifa logo was not applied to the chest from about the same time. It is bemeckert that man with the "Manga doll" but the "same methods as in advertising" use. In itself, the anti-sexist criticism is correct, but there is still a need for explanation.

So the mentioned "manga doll" is part of the famous OS-Tan franchise, which brings out an anime girl per operating system, console, program etc. So there are Windows-Tan, MacOS-Tan, and as in this case just Dreamcast-Tan, after the same Sega console. The Tan girls have always been a mix of optical gadgets and male harem fantasies ("I have Windows Tan and Nintendo Tan, it just lacks …"), an at least sexy exterior is absolutely intended. Sex sells, also in anime. But that left radical groups such motives nothing to me reproduce nothing, but at least be suspicious …

The talk of the "sexist manga dolls" testifies in any case of ignorance ala "all animes are the same". Too bad.

>Well, enough talk. Below are a few motifs that I found in the widths of the net. Unfortunately I could not find the anime for every poster. Do you know more? If so, post the answer here as a comment!


ANTIFA fucks up everything, even themselves. Jugendwiderstand is the better leftist alternative.



Thanks fam

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