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File: cf97f6b283f8e3b⋯.jpg (204.58 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, den-che-by-den-che-world-o….jpg)


From London to the South Pole: ‘Immortal Regiment’ commemorates WWII heroes across globe

People from across the world have taken part in annual Immortal Regiment marches, carrying photos of their relatives and commemorating WWII heroes in emotional Victory Day festivities.


The US, Japan, India, and Philippines sent a fresh challenge to Beijing with naval drills in the South China Sea

US, Japanese, Indian, and Philippine warships carried out drills in the South China Sea during the first week of May.Similar exercises have been conducted in the past, but the joint effort is a fresh signal to Beijing, which has claimed a vast swath of the sea.


Swedish prosecutor to give decision on Assange rape investigation on Monday

Sweden’s state prosecutor will announce next Monday whether or not she will reopen a preliminary investigation into a rape allegation against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.


Matteo Salvini ally sacked from Italy's cabinet amid corruption probe

staunch cabinet ally of Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini has been sacked amid a corruption probe, sparking a cabinet rift.Armando Siri, the undersecretary of transport, stands accused of taking bribes worth €30,000 from renewable energy companies operating in the south of Italy.



Danish right-wingers recruit controversial candidates, as country gets ready for elections

Stram Kurs (Hard Line) will run for election for the first time in June. The party pushes a combined message of small-government libertarianism and “ethnonationalist utilitarianism.” The latter translates as a ban on Islam, an immediate withdrawal from refugee conventions, and the deportation of all asylum seekers and any “non-western persons.”


Thai election: Pro-military party likely to form government

Thailand's pro-military party is expected to form a government after an election that promised to restore democracy to the country.


Ontario government slashes post-secondary education funding and student aid

Ontario’s right-wing populist Progressive Conservative government announced sweeping cuts to post-secondary education in its first budget presented last month. The cuts are part of a concerted drive to restructure post-secondary education to tailor it even more to the labour market demands of big business and further subordinate university research to corporate needs.


Canada: climate change threat could herald ‘dawn of new era’ for Green party

Elections have rarely been kind to Canada’s long-suffering Green party. Though many voters view it as the environmental conscience of the country, they often abandon it when it comes time to cast their ballot and the party’s leader Elizabeth May has sometimes been forced to fight for a place in debates between party leaders.


Brazilian Court Orders ex-President Michel Temer Back to Prison

Temer took office in 2016 in a Senate-imposed mandate after his right-wing party impeached leftist President Dilma Rousseff over unfounded corruption allegations.


Kurdish-Led SDF Units Conduct Raid in North-Eastern Syria

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (S.D.F) units carried out a raid in the Syrian town of Shahil, local media reported on Thursday, citing sources.



'Exterminator of the future': Brazil's Bolsonaro denounced for environmental assault

Jair Bolsonaro is transforming Brazil into an “exterminator of the future”, the activist and politician Marina Silva has warned, as she and seven other former environment ministers denounced the far-right president’s assault on rainforest protections.



From London to the South Pole: ‘Immortal Regiment’ commemorates WWII heroes across globe


Danish right-wingers recruit controversial candidates, as country gets ready for elections


Brazilian Court Orders ex-President Michel Temer Back to Prison


No need to thank me.



>Danish right-wingers recruit controversial candidates, as country gets ready for elections

>Nyborg’s views are controversial, and the professor is currently facing academic discipline for a 2013 paper setting out those views entitled ‘The Decay of Western Civilization’. However, African and Middle Eastern countries have been ranked at the bottom of Autism Level tables, and some researchers have pinned the difference on race and genetics, albeit under intense criticism.

based RT quoting Richard Lynn and Charles Murray


File: 352670f4aa6dd44⋯.jpg (86.54 KB, 631x471, 631:471, PHO-09Jan21-159916.jpg)


*tip* m'lady



Too late, already clicked em :3

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