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File: 4ee71ddcf8b5caf⋯.jpeg (256.1 KB, 1210x855, 242:171, cbf6LemmruzBmccWgVtIHg.jpeg)


What if the soviet union was still up these days? What will it be like?

I remember years ago seeing this same question in a forum and one of the most interesting answers is that islamic terrorism will be focused against the SU and other communist countries so 9/11 would had happen in the SU and not america


My country would be vastly more anti-communist and I might not have ever become a communist due to circumstance.


It would probably look like China or Vietnam. Or like Cuba at best.


In the modern world everything you love will turn to shit.

The USSR going on beyond the end of the century would be like the Simpsons going on beyond season 11. Stale, cringeworthy, pandering, hot garbage even what >>142068 says is giving them too much credit, they'd probably be America 2.

Maybe unions?

Maybe unions. Nothing else however. Free market in full effect along with hardcore liberalism.


File: 51128514bf96d0c⋯.png (10.51 KB, 590x390, 59:39, 12Queenslands.png)


>What if the soviet union was still up these days? What will it be like?

Depends entirely on what changed the timeline so it still exists. A USSR that survived/"won" a nuclear war would be a different beast than one that didn't make the clerical error about the passes to West Germany, which would be different than one that won the space race with some briliant scientist that died in his infancy in our timeline. Or one where Trotsky took power after Stalin was kill chasing glory in Poland.


It would be extremely based and it would dab on the haters.


It'd be like China or Cuba obviously–openly reaffirming the right of private property. Turns out that state capitalist countries inevitably degenerate back into private capitalist countries.


Liberal idpol wouldn't be associated with "leftism" in the western world because based USSR would continue to practice apartheid on its satellite states putting the many ethnicities on separate states and continue to send fags to the gulags completely nullifying any ridiculous "cultural marxism" narrative from the right.

The left would still actually be THE left in the west, unions going strong, porkies conceding benefits to the working class in the fear of a revolution, wages would follow productivity increases, people would still be able to live a comfortable "middle class" life, pay mortgage and send their kids to college working as a simple shoe salesman.

The fall of the SU was the worst thing to happen to the working class worldwide, it literally doomed us all to this timeline where porky greediness won and there's climate catastrophe, robots killing all jobs and bug ice cream on the horizon.



The New Left didn't come out of the Soviet Union, unfortunately.



Really depends on what segment of the "New Left" we're talking about here. There was undeniably a communist current within the New Left, I'm not talking about the hippies who voted for reagan btw.



The soviet union didn't do any of those things in its last years.


It would be like now but with more red.


well if the coup of 1991 were to happen it would be a severely weakened ussr with less states although some might stay in the union like belarus and a civil war in ukraine would probably start (similar to now) there would also be a purge of social democrats within the party like gorbachev and there would also be a purge of certain people like yeltsin and everyone associated with him (putin would be dead) also

>ussr would probably restart the afgan war effort which could turn the tide in favour of the PDPA

>if this were to happen the taliban would be far more weaker so osama wouldn't be able to do his shenanigans or at least to the extent he did in our timeline so 9/11 might not have happened



But in the west wages have been stagnated since the Reagan era.

It'll be super interesting if the west had continued the same economic route we have today and the ussr still existed, it'll be the smallest difference yet the biggest contrast. How will the political thought in the west change will be super wild.

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