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File: 2cc80de2e9478c9⋯.jpg (73.93 KB, 474x669, 158:223, 1e9a6d361ce8986790342f0853….jpg)


Newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky backs anti-Russia campaign

Just over a week after being elected President of Ukraine with over 70 percent of the votes, comedian Volodomyr Zelensky has backed new anti-Russian legislation and sparked a public conflict with Moscow over the granting of Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens.


Spanish far-right party’s anti-LGBT tweet makes star of tiny gay ghost

A few hours after the polls opened in Spain’s general election last Sunday, the far-right Vox party attempted to recruit author JRR Tolkien’s fighter to its cause, tweeting an image of the character Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s 2003 film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King with the caption, “Let the battle begin!”Having slapped the party’s logo on the warrior’s cloak, Vox lined Aragorn up against the jumbled ranks of its own many and varied enemies: communists; anarchists…. rainbow-hued ghost intended to represent LGBTQ people.


India wants Pakistan blacklisted after UN names militant leader a global terrorist

India has welcomed the UN blacklisting of militant leader Masood Azhar and said that its next step will be to call for action against Pakistan itself for failing to stop terrorism financing.


First World War mustard gas leaks from Belgian underwater grave

Deadly mustard gas has leaked from a First World War underwater “weapons cemetery” in the North Sea, close to the Belgian coast.The munitions dump of 35,000 tons of unexploded bombs, shells and grenades, created after the Great War, has long been considered safe.


China's furtive underwater nukes test the Pentagon

Recent visitors to the bay surrounding a submarine base on the southern coast of China’s Hainan Island describe a curious nocturnal phenomenon. Powerful spotlights are sometimes trained directly on the ocean frontages of neighboring hotels at night, making visibility out to sea virtually impossible. Some of the lights are mounted on land and others on passing naval patrol boats.


'No Options Left, Nationwide Strike in June': Brazilian Workers

Brazil's most powerful trade union federations announced Wednesday that a nationwide strike will be carried out on June 14 to reject the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro and halt his neoliberal policies, which are destroying the people's most basic economic, social, cultural and political rights.


Yanis Varoufakis defends Jeremy Corbyn against anti-Semitism ‘slander’

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis offered a ringing defense of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on social media, dismissing accusations of anti-Semitism as “slander.”


US to Fully Apply Helms-Burton Act Against Cuba From Today

A new chapter of the U.S. economic bullying begins today with the application of Titles III and IV, both of which arbitrarily enhances legal insecurity for foreign investors in Cuba.


Persecution driving Christians out of Middle East

Pervasive persecution of Christians, sometimes amounting to genocide, is ongoing in parts of the Middle East, and has prompted an exodus in the past two decades, according to a report commissioned by the British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt.


Global Warming Has Been Influencing Drought for a Century

Global warming has been affecting the severity of droughts worldwide since at least the beginning of the 20th century, new research has found.




30,000 march for public education in North and South Carolina

Tens of thousands of educators and their supporters marched in Raleigh, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina yesterday to protest low wages and abysmal public-school funding in the two states. North Carolina educators have seen a decline of 9.4 percent in real wages since 2009, and the state ranks 39th in the nation in per pupil funding. South Carolina ranks 38th in teacher pay and 31st in funding.


Facebook, Instagram ban Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, far-right figures

Facebook has banned Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones and other extremists, saying they violated its ban against hate and violence.The company also banned right-wing leaders Paul Nehlen, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer, along with Jones’ site, Infowars. The latest bans apply to both Facebook’s main service and to Instagram and extend to fan pages and other related accounts.


Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Resigns In Aftermath Of Children's Book Scandal

After weeks of growing pleas for her to step down, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has resigned, her attorney said Thursday."I am sorry for the harm that I have caused to the image of the city of Baltimore and the credibility of the office of the mayor," she said in a letter read by her lawyer Steve Silverman.


Military sexual assaults reported in Pentagon survey jump to 20,000

Sexual assaults jumped across all four military services to 20,500 last year — a rise of almost 38% from 2018 — survey results the Pentagon released Thursday show.


Former CIA Officer Pleads Guilty To Spying For China

An ex-CIA officer pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to spying for China, the third separate espionage case in the past year linking a former U.S. intelligence officer to the Asian nation.


99% Of Borrowers Rejected Again For Student Loan Forgiveness

The latest student loan debt statistics show that more than 99% of people who applied for public service loan forgiveness have been rejected.Here's what you need to know and what to do about it.


Billionaire founder of opioid firm guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe drug

The head of a leading drug manufacturer has been found guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe a dangerous painkiller to patients who did not need it, in the first criminal conviction of a pharma chief over the opioid epidemic.


Trump erases offshore drilling rules enacted after BP oil spill

The Trump administration on Thursday dismantled safety rules for offshore drilling put in place by the Obama administration after the disastrous BP oil spill fouled the Gulf of Mexico nearly a decade ago.The rollbacks are a major victory for the oil and gas industry that has criticized the Obama rules as too onerous and costly to comply with.



CVS closing 46 stores: See the list of struggling locations that are going away

CVS Health is closing 46 of its stores, saying the locations were "underperforming" as the drugstore chain continues to shift more of its retail presence toward health care services.





Chesa Boudin Wants to Transform San Francisco’s Criminal Justice System

In the race for San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin’s opponents are all classic candidates for the job.Nancy Tung is a career prosecutor whose campaign focuses on a tough-on-crime approach to gun violence, at a time when gun crime in the city is historically low. Leif Dautch has progressive rhetoric, coupled with a traditional prosecution and law enforcement background and a raft of endorsements from moderate politicians. And Suzy Loftus is an establishment law-and-order Democrat who once participated in an effort to award medals of honor to police officers who were under investigation for brutality.Boudin is the only candidate who has ever defended a person accused of a crime.He also might be the only candidate who’s ever visited a loved one behind bars: his parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, were arrested in connection with a fatal armed robbery when he was a baby. Boudin was raised by his parents’ friends, former Weather Underground members Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.Jacobin’s Meagan Day spoke to Boudin about his vision for criminal justice reform, how his family history and childhood experiences shaped his political worldview, and the role of democracy in building a mass movement to end economic and racial inequality.



Media collusion to censor Christchurch mosque shooter trial is understandable… and deeply sinister

Opposing New Zealand’s press restrictions on the coverage of Brenton Tarrant’s trial is not some abstract free speech argument, it’s about reining in a media that thinks it knows what’s best for the public.

The country’s five major media corporations responsible for the coverage of the proceedings against the man accused of killing 50 people during the March 15 shootings at two Christchurch mosques, have signed a voluntary “indefinite” protocol “to limit any coverage of statements that actively champion white supremacist or terrorist ideology.”The outlets will not cite excerpts from the gunman’s manifesto, ‘The Great Replacement’, they will not quote anything he says in support of his actions, and if he does a raised-arm salute or perhaps even the OK sign (the neo-Nazi gesture du jour) these can only be shown in pixelated form.This has been widely received as an unequivocally virtuous gesture – “not giving the extremist a platform” is being treated as a win for ethics over typical media salaciousness.


The Rehabilitation of Gina Haspel by the New York Times

Last week, the New York Times did its best to rehabilitate CIA director Gina Haspel, who was one of the agency’s leading proponents and players in the unconscionable policy of torture and abuse in CIA’s secret prisons. Today, the New York Times doubled down on its bet, and ran a letter to the editor from a former operations officer, Douglas Wise, who predictably extolled the virtues of “Bloody Gina.” Whereas the Times’ reporters credited Haspel with the “skills of a spy,” the CIA operative explained that it was “not spycraft (sic); it’s professionalism.” The one thing that the Times and the letter writer have in common is the purveying of bullshit.The obvious issue concerns their belief that Haspel has genuinely ingratiated herself with the commander-in-chief. Their view is “yes;” my answer is “you must be kidding.” Let’s review the bidding. The CIA believes that Russian hacking took place during the 2015-2016 presidential campaign. The president believes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denials. The CIA believes that North Korea continues to expand its nuclear weapons program. The president’s love affair with Kim Jong Un has no room for such nuclear activity.



>Spanish far-right party’s anti-LGBT tweet makes star of tiny gay ghost

or they could just post that leter Tolkien wrote telling the Nazis to fuck off

>First World War mustard gas leaks from Belgian underwater grave

>The munitions dump of 35,000 tons of unexploded bombs, shells and grenades, created after the Great War, has long been considered safe.

>munitions dump of 35,000 tons of unexploded bombs, shells and grenades


what made them think this was a good idea?

>Facebook, Instagram ban Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, far-right figures


>Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Resigns In Aftermath Of Children's Book Scandal

>welcome to NPR we won't let you on until you cuck your browser with our spyware

archive pls OP



>Pervasive persecution of Christians, sometimes amounting to genocide, is ongoing in parts of the Middle East, and has prompted an exodus in the past two decades, according to a report commissioned by the British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Oh well, thanks for clearing that up Jezza, it's not like we've had endless stories about Middle Eastern Christians being driven out and massacred by Western-backed jihadist-I mean, "moderate rebels against authoritarian regimes" for the past fucking decade since you cunts thought more Middle Eastern chaos was cool.

>Hunt has supported the Saudi Arabian-led military intervention in Yemen and described Saudi Arabia as a "very, very important military ally".

Every fucking time


Can you please use the international standard for dates in the subject line (i.e., 2019-05-02). This is an international(ist) board and the American date format is very confusing for the rest of the world.


File: c992f0675165c33⋯.png (460.29 KB, 560x512, 35:32, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is the proper link for the Vox tweet article;


Also many thanks for your work News Anon, as always!

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