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File: 923c959d7078895⋯.jpg (499.88 KB, 750x960, 25:32, Blanqui.jpg)


Okay /leftpol/ I have thought of the greatest praxis ever, very much inspired by the ideas of Blanquism. So the ideas of Louis Auguste Blanqui proposes that a socialist revolution should be carried out by a relatively small group of highly organized and secretive conspirators instead of through the creation of a mass movement. I don't see a class conscious mass movement of the proletariat arising soon, especially with the serious levels of sectarianism that the left experiences. I also constantly witnesses spurs of energetic protest and temporary movements popping up, usually of radical liberal flavor, that ends up dying very quickly.

So I am here to propose my model of making your own One Man Blanquist International. Here is how it works, you have yourself as the dedicated revolutionary but you are in need of a lot of help. So make a large amount of front groups, each one represents single issues or a more palatable group of issues that the left would normally support. Each front has an incentive system where every single person within it is hired as an independent contractor who obtains commission for fundraising, recruiting (initiation fee), and selling merchandise. This is a form of astroturfing, but it helps motivate your many shills to at least do something, many groups I have seen fall into horrid inactivity. So your incentivized collaborators and puppets within their fronts become an astroturf protest block who treats every demonstration as a fundraising drive where they may get donations to benefit from. Sectarianism is minimized because your many shills and astroturfers are mostly in it for donation money they can potentially obtain, with a little bit of ideological support if possible. Your Blanquist International will act as a secret cabal of just you, maybe a few more sycophantic supporters if possible.

From there your goal is to use your astrotruf base of donation hungry supporters to vote you in positions of local power and you pass local legislation to fundraise the same front groups you run in secret, and therefore pay your astroturf base. Keep accumulating wealth until you corrupt liberal democracy from the insider and maybe someday, as this grows, start a full conspiracy to overthrow it.


Fuck off tranny


File: 41e391452785cf6⋯.jpg (417.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1549845240920.jpg)

> to defeat capitalism you must become capitalism


File: 15ec8cda7c8c271⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 600x846, 100:141, the_colour_out_of_space_by….jpg)


>Each front has an incentive system where every single person within it is hired as an independent contractor who obtains commission for fundraising, recruiting (initiation fee), and selling merchandise

What is it your selling? Why would anyone buy? Anyone who is interested in supporting, let's say, trans rights, is just going to bung contrapoints $1 a month on patreon. They know their $1 will go to producing high quality videos. What can the front group offer instead?


>> to defeat capitalism you must become capitalism

It does sounds rather like a pyramid selling scam from the OP. Deliveroo, who I sometimes work for, do something similar. Every so often I get a "introduced another rider and get £250“ message on the app. The money's so low you can't really support yourself doing it full time (unless you work dangerously long hours.) So riders exaggerate to other people about how much they're making, to get them to sign up, for the £250. Then these new riders do the same thing.

I think what the OP misses is if the "incentive" is mainly money, people are just going to sign up with a normal pyramid selling scam. At least with deliveroo you get to eat the KFC when you can't find the customer.

Pic unrelated. Sauce:https://www.deviantart.com/artistmef/art/The-Colour-Out-Of-Space-623898460

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