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File: a2eb9295bffd57a⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 724x1104, 181:276, a2eb9295bffd57a5af76d6a45b….jpg)


Strike by 1,400 pilots grounds hundreds of flights at Scandinavian Airlines

Thousands of flights from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway to destinations across Europe and the world have been grounded since Thursday as over 1,400 pilots at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) have taken strike action. The pilots are demanding wage increases after a decade of pay cuts and freezes, and greater protections against variable scheduling.


Socialists Win in Spain, Left or Right-Wing Gov't Still Likely

According to official results from 100 percent of votes counted, the centrist Socialist party will have 122 seats in parliament, returning to a majority after more than a decade of right-wing Popular Party (PP) rule.


Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi seen in new video for first time in five years

The leader of Isis, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has appeared on video for the first time in nearly five years.The group’s media arm released a speech by the elusive leader on Monday, in which he addresses the territorial defeat of Isis in Syria and praises recent terror attacks around the world.


Abandon ship! Indonesia plans to move capital city as it is slowly sinking underwater

The world’s fourth most populous country Indonesia looks set to move its capital city away from flood-prone, sinking and overcrowded Jakarta to elsewhere on the Asian archipelago, according to the country’s planning minister.


Rape victims among those to be asked to hand phones to police

Victims of crimes, including those alleging rape, are to be asked to hand their phones over to police - or risk prosecutions not going ahead.Consent forms asking for permission to access information including emails, messages and photographs have been rolled out in England and Wales.


Global Military Expenditures Are Up, Driven By Top 2 Spenders — U.S. And China

Global military spending is continuing to increase, growing for the second year in a row and reaching the highest levels since reliable global figures became available in 1988.


Yellow Vests mutilated by 'sublethal' police weapons form their own anti-brutality association

Yellow Vest protesters who have suffered life-changing injuries at the hands of French police have launched their own association, promising fresh actions against police brutality.


Guards repel assault on Libya's biggest oilfield

An armed group attacked Libya’s largest oilfield but was repelled after clashes with its protection force on Monday, while fighting escalated in eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar’s effort to capture the capital, Tripoli.


5 enemy troops killed in NPA offensives in North Cotabato, ComVal

New People’s Army units in the provinces of North Cotabato and Compostela Valley actively countered combat operations of Armed Forces of the Philippines troops this week, inflicting casualties in three separate tactical offensives.


Why Is China Placing A Global Bet On Coal?

China, known as the world's biggest polluter, has been taking dramatic steps to clean up and fight climate change.So why is it also building hundreds of coal-fired power plants in other countries?



Bolton claims US signed document to pay North Korea for Otto Warmbier's care but never actually followed through with $2 million payment

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Sunday the United States signed a document agreeing to pay North Korea $2 million for the care of Otto Warmbier but didn't actually follow through with the payment.


Authorities arrest man accused of plotting 'mass casualty' terrorist attack in California

The Department of Justice announced Monday the arrest of a former U.S. Army infantryman who is accused of plotting a "mass casualty" terrorist attack at a white nationalist rally in Long Beach, California over the weekend.



US teachers in the Carolinas to hold mass protests on May Day

Teachers in North and South Carolina are planning walkouts and demonstrations on Wednesday, May 1. Like teachers throughout the country and internationally, they are protesting overcrowded and underfunded classrooms, inadequate pay, poor working conditions, and a lack of support staff.


Insurance Coverage Drying Up As California Wildfire Recovery Drags On

After the Tubbs Fire reduced their Santa Rosa, Calif., home to ash in October 2017, Chris Keys and his wife, Sara Jakel-Keys, said deciding to rebuild was easy.But a year and a half after the fire, the road to normalcy has proved longer and more painful than anticipated, even for families with pretty good insurance. Construction and bureaucratic delays have added up, and in July, the five-member family expects to run out of insurance coverage that helps pay for living expenses.


Foxconn Tore Up a Small Town to Build a Big Factory—Then Retreated

As of Dec. 31, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant, famous as an Apple Inc. supplier, had spent only $99 million, 1% of its pledged investment, according to its latest state filings. The company projected as many as 2,080 in-state employees by the end of 2019 but had fewer than 200 at last year’s end, state filings show. The village is still awaiting factory building plans for review. Locals said Foxconn contractors have recently been scarce on the site.




What Black Life Actually Looks Like

Over the last five years, Black Lives Matter has served as a broad banner uniting citizens from all walks of life against the most egregious and visible use of police force against black civilians. Until the election of Donald Trump, who made his “Blue Lives Matter” commitments well-known from the very moment he announced his candidacy, popular demonstrations against police killings spread like prairie fires across the country from Oakland to Ferguson, Missouri, and on to Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, and Baton Rouge. As a rallying cry, Black Lives Matter opened up public space for disparate campaigns, networks of grieving families, criminal justice reform organizations, and localized struggles against the carceral state that had been in motion for decades.At the same time, however, like most great slogans, #BlackLivesMatter advanced a rather straightforward, if not simplistic analysis of the issue at hand, that the problems of policing were primarily racial. Black Lives Matter fervor also unleashed a torrent of historical misinformation, conspiracy theory, and wrong-headed thinking about politics. In elevating a race-centric interpretation of American life and history, Black Lives Matter has actually had the effect of making it more difficult to think critically and honestly about black life as it exists, in all of its complexity and contradictions. Rather than clearing a path through the thickets, some left intellectuals have made peace with this overgrowth of bad historical thinking, even though it threatens to choke out the possibility for cultivating the kind of critical left analyses of society we so desperately need.


Boeing Might Represent the Greatest Indictment of 21st-Century Capitalism

A veteran commercial pilot and software engineer with over three decades of experience has just written the most damning account of the recent Boeing 737 fiasco. At one level, author Gregory Travis has provided us with the most detailed account of why a particular plane model once synonymous with reliability became a techno-death trap. But ultimately, his story is a parable of all that is wrong with 21st-century capitalism; Boeing has become a company that embodies all of its worst pathologies. It has a totally unsustainable business model—one that has persistently ignored the risks of excessive offshoring, the pitfalls of divorcing engineering from the basic R&D function, the perils of “demodularization,” and the perverse incentives of “shareholder capitalism,” whereby basic safety concerns have repeatedly been sacrificed at the altar of greed. It’s also a devastating takedown of a company that once represented the apex of civilian aviation, whose dominance has been steadily eroded as it has increased its toxic ties to the U.S. military. In that sense it mirrors the decline of America as a manufacturing superpower. And finally, it shows a company displaying a complete loss of human perspective in the “man vs. machine” debate.


White House correspondents’ tribute to press freedom silent on Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC on Saturday evening was a travesty.The organizers staged this year’s event in front of a large banner that read, “Celebrating the First Amendment.” Toasts were actually offered to that amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press.Olivier Knox, the outgoing president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, the organization of journalists who cover the White House, decried “attacks on the free press in a global context” and listed the names of journalists targeted by governments and other forces






>Domingo "expressed support for violent jihad," the affidavit alleges, and he had expressed intentions to target Jews, churches and police officers in revenge for attacks against Muslims. Domingo specifically cited the March attack against Muslim worshipers in New Zealand, posting online, "there mustbe retribution."

This guy is like Dirty Harry Callahan–he hates absolutely fucking everybody.



>Authorities arrest man accused of plotting 'mass casualty' terrorist attack in California

>Domingo "expressed support for violent jihad," the affidavit alleges, and he had expressed intentions to target Jews, churches and police officers in revenge for attacks against Muslims. Domingo specifically cited the March attack against Muslim worshipers in New Zealand, posting online, "there mustbe retribution."

>"Still mad…even more so…since I watched the vid," he said according to court documents.

>The documents also indicated that Domingo said he kept an AK-47 in his bed, in light of the attack.

>While Domingo settled on the white nationalist rally in Bluff Park as his preferred target, local media reports indicate that no white nationalists actually attended and the park was instead filled with counter protesters.

we dodged a bullet on that one huh guys?


File: 337e7ae9189e346⋯.png (77.66 KB, 688x456, 86:57, e294cf609525b676ae5d4a5948….png)



>say, those handsome devils over at /pol/ sure are scary, aren't they, my fellow leftist cucks?



>not getting news on geopolitical rivals from opposing powers' national news services

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