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File: b5cf67c5f2d0197⋯.jpg (176.47 KB, 1920x800, 12:5, mpv-shot0008.jpg)


My god. You people. I can't believe I'm going to you.

I feel such rage. Such righteous anger at the bigotry and injustice in media. And the only place I can express it is here. Among even worse bigots and other hateful people!

I'm so angry at the dominance of women in films. The double-standards regarding ethnic slurs etc.


I can't stand it. I feel a twisting, a lopsidedness, a messiness, a noisiness, a pain, a searing, odd pain like there's a spike wedged in my body and head.

I don't know what to do. I'll try getting it off my chest this way.


What on earth is the point in character limits? I mean really?


>watching capeshit


File: 7a1ed236ecfc223⋯.png (9.98 KB, 370x320, 37:32, confused.png)


>I'm so angry at the dominance of women in films


File: f2844d5fd185464⋯.jpg (218.44 KB, 967x553, 967:553, 1555678849957.jpg)


Not sure what you're talking about OP, there is barely any femdom in films and if its there its usually a gag




lets face it, the sjws are right about white fragility



But also this is how gay movies are these days


>During the in-depth discussion, the film Green Book was put in the spotlight. Witt asked King his thoughts about the backlash the film received. The film’s title took its name from Victor Hugo Green’s The Negro Motorist Green Book, a road-trip guide written during the Jim Crow era that detailed establishments around the country that were relatively friendly to the black community. That said, many criticized the movie for being a civil rights movie told primarily through a white man’s gaze. All eyes were on King, who served as an executive producer of the film. He took a moment to address the controversy and criticism.

>King said that they were conscious about diversifying those involved with the film which included white people, black people members of the LGBTQIA+ community and women such as Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer as a producer. “The intention and making of that project was to engage all different parts of the movie-going audience,” he said. King also adds that the movie was primarily targeted at the older white demographic to remind them to be less racist — and even though King said that with a tongue in cheek tone, he said that people still need to be reminded.

>McGrath chimed in saying, “A lot of the criticism [of Green Book] was probably more exhaustion about stories less centered on people of color and told through a white lens.”

>Coley also chimed in and pointed out that despite all the Green Book arguments, strides have been made for marginalized communities at this year’s Academy Awards, citing winners like Alfonso Cuaron, Rami Malek, Mahershala Ali, Regina King, Free Solo‘s Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and others. “Regardless what you think of [Green Book], it doesn’t matter,” she said, adding that we had the opportunity to see the fruits of labor started by AMPAS president Cheryl Boone Isaacs. “These are all successes. We’re getting representation and driving every step — even if it is a wobbly step.”

>“There’s a cacophony of voices calling for change,” said Smith. “The talent has always been there and women of color are thriving. [The music industry] figured this out a long time ago — film and TV don’t know what they are missing out on.”

>The Time’s Up campaign has been championing women in the workplace since it started over a year ago. McGrath, who is a co-founder, said that this is an issue of status quo. “This is a 100-year journey,” she said. “We have dented it in places, but we are at the very beginning of a journey of dismantling a culture. There are incremental gains that have been made. It started on the red carpet but not meant to stay there.” She points out there once was a scarcity of opportunity, but there is now an awakening to create opportunity and share resources.

>Coley adds that everyone in entertainment is part of an ecosystem and we need to understand gatekeeping and that there is lack of access for some — particularly many journalists from marginalized communities. She points out that publicists have plenty of assumptions when it comes to what journalists cover based on race. In other words, just because someone is black doesn’t mean they only report on films like Black Panther or just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean they only want to report on movies like Crazy Rich Asians. Although certain ethnic groups may gravitate towards films where they see themselves on screen it doesn’t mean that shouldn’t get the opportunity to cover a wider spectrum of genres like their white hetero male colleagues.

>When it comes to diversity, Coley said that many people industry love talking about it but “when it comes to execution everyone just sort of leaves the room.”

>Even though change should come from the top, Kellett reminds everyone that members of marginalized communities need to be aware of their “unconscious bias and privilege” and support each other. Kellett puts her money where her mouth is and uses her platform to help aspiring writers. She created a masterclass series with YouTube that will be free for those who want to learn how to be TV writers. “That shouldn’t be privileged information,” she said.


File: 8a800caba1b57be⋯.png (399.9 KB, 1262x1295, 1262:1295, porkbutt.png)


This but unironically. 56% gang sperging out over capeshit and vidya because of women or niggers is the dumbest shit I've seen and I've been on this site for 5 years.


Fuck Green Book, Roma should have won.


Thanks for the laugh.



The reason you're seeing all of this in the media nowadays has everything to do with capitalism. Blacks and Women are only seen by these big corporations as new markets and they are doing this as a desperate way to try to get more money out of these "New Markets" as possible. Not to mention they are afraid of doing anything different due to the possible bad PR they could get.

To these business owners Bad PR= less Consumers = Less Profits.

Not to mention that these companies and their publicity firms could just simply make a few articles in the social media networks and "PRESTO!" instant free advertising by a bunch of idiots who don't realize they are only being used to create free advertising for a shoddily made and poorly written movie. They can deflect any legitimate criticism of their sub-par product with superficial false claims of "Racism or Sexism".

Face it, Feminism and BLM and all of this other stuff is only being used as a tool of the bourgeoisie to further their own ends (Profit above all else, to hell with good writing or good storytelling) and is nothing but a distraction from class conflict.



>OP is white

>/pol/ is white

>every white guy is OP because wypeepo are a hivemind or some shit


>giving af one way or the other about the spectacle of how Hollyweird Porkies jack each others' dicks off

hwy tho?



>muh 56%




they're not /pol/tier folks are a small minority. guys like me are even rarer.



What did he mean by this?



The way women tend to boss men around that doesn't happen so much the other way.

The way it's ok when a women is a little pushy during sex but not were she a man.




File: 62d867fc7c454fe⋯.jpg (807.31 KB, 3600x2400, 3:2, VEdi6CA.jpg)


>hwy tho

I liek moovees


>implying the fags butthurt about capeshit and vidya aren't troglodytes



It should be the opposite



I'm a nazbol



Watching adult people wearing underwear outside their pants is pretty cringe all on it's own.

What is their appeal? It is watched by people who never touched comic books in their life and never will. They also don't give a shit about the story either, so it's impossible to get emotionally invested to it. How did they get them to that point?

Are they there because commercial told them and so they can talk about it to their normalfag lifestylist shallow friends? Can't imagine the awkward beginning of it.

>yeah theres a guy with a cape and you totally should check it out. The US military also worked on this so a lot of hot guys there for you too oogle



I like women in my movies though.

The more there are the happier is my /u/ folder


File: a80e5e85bfc3876⋯.jpg (155.02 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 3924.jpg)

File: 1a088304147a86c⋯.jpeg (363.46 KB, 2480x1748, 620:437, 3921.jpeg)



>he doesn't want a woman to be pushy during sex or boss him around

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