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File: 838e5603917b73b⋯.jpg (133.71 KB, 1106x940, 553:470, skrunky.jpg)


I don't drive a car because they run on gas

But if I did, it'd run on biomass

I ride a bike, or sometimes a skateboard

So fuck off all you drivers and your yuppie whores

Sitting all day in the traffic queues

I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't eat meat; I just live on moldy chives

Or the donuts that I found in last week's dumpster dives

Look you people in that restaurant, I think you are so sad

When you could've been eating bagels like the ones that I just had

I think it is a shame all the bourgeois things you do

I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't wear leather and I like my clothes in black

And I made a really cool hammock from a moldy coffee sack

I like to hop on freight trains, I think that is so cool

It's so much funner doing this than being stuck in school

I can't believe you're wearing those brand new shiny shoes

I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't have sex and there will be no sequel

Because heterosexual relationships are inherently unequal

I'll just keep on moshing to Anti-Flag and Clash

Until there are no differences in gender, race or class

All you brainwashed breeders, you just haven't got a clue

I'm a better anarchist than you

I am not a pacifist, I like throwing bricks

And when the cops have caught me and I've taken a few licks

I always feel lucky if I get a bloody nose

'Cause I feel so militant and everybody knows

By the time the riot is all through

I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't believe in leaders; I think consensus is the key

I don't believe in stupid notions like representative democracy

Whether or not it works, I know it is the case

That only direct action can save the human race

So when I see you in your voting booths then I know it's true

I'm a better anarchist than you




Sounds like a Dead Milkmen song

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