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File: 9736a5c7dc16764⋯.png (55.26 KB, 828x1024, 207:256, 4thinternational.png)


How did you arrive at your current ideology /leftpol/? It was a long journey for me; it all started when I was in elementary school. I read the communist manifesto shortly after I could read big boy books, and I was that kid who thought he was hot shit for knowing big words like bourgeoisie and dialectical. I was a Tankie Jr. This would all change in middle school. One day I was browsing wikipedia and happened upon that dolphin language experiment where the researcher jerked the subject off. I thought that was hot; one thing led to another and I discovered Posadism. Since then I've realized that our best hope for fixing things on this planet lies in contacting the interstellar left, and I encourage entryism into SETI programs.


I'm not even sure what is my current ideology tbh, whatever it is is yet to be written and defined. I didn't arrived yet, I'm in mid flight.


figured out monarchism was cool but liked left-wing economics, I dunno. long story.


File: 0759e71ce74fc3c⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1003x1417, 1003:1417, b45ce7d7f671c77f42a8589836….png)

I was born an anarchist to be honest.


File: 027d47563fc3f50⋯.jpg (136.55 KB, 1300x916, 325:229, InfantileDisorder.jpg)

I was a basic bitch liberal until I took up history and anthropology at the university. At that point, I recognized that every historical model that wasn't at least predicated upon modes of production was spectacular, flaming, fanciful horse shit. That got me reading about modes of production which led to class which led to Marx.



Posadists OUT


Was always some kind of "progressive"/Keynesian since I had a political thought as a teenager. Jumped into image boards around 2005 to shitpost about video games. Eventually gamergate came around and I got caught up trying to make the games media less shitty. Along the way, some of my colleagues kept going on about this "cultural Marxism" meme. It sounded so hilariously like some propaganda-ish straw man right on its face that it finally compelled me to look up what the heck Marxism is. That's all it really took. I value science and empirical theories and Marx had the correct model for how capitalism functions. I still don't know what kind of "Marxist" I am, but I haven't come across any sort of anarchist literature with anywhere near the level of robust logical thought progression as Marx, so that's why I consider myself a socialist.

Really sad and disappointed to be in the company of so many anons who fall for this stupid shit these days. What started from a promise of new hope (8ch) has turned into the biggest disappointment in my entire experience of image board communities.


File: 4768a874ded2bc5⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x225, 20:9, anfemgang.gif)


>How did you arrive at your current ideology /leftpol/?

Having to work got me to hate capitalism, but I was still cucked by ideology so I was a socdem(without knowing the name) who still flirted with lolbertism because some folks I knew were into it. What ended up radicalizing me was when I was going to college part time I ended up getting shuffled into the business/economics program and the sheer amount of bullshit peddled along with getting sober ended up breaking me out of liberalism. Started thinking of myself as a socialist, ended up going anarchist because at the time the folks who called themselves Marxists I had encountered were massive assholes while the anarchists were nice and helpful. Stayed anarchist because I've found most Marxist responses to the issues of the state and reproduction of hierarchy to be unsatisfactory and because I generally agree with the syndicalist strategy while I disagree with the electoral or activist strategy, and because I retained some of my teenage edge to enjoy super-villain colors.



CyberSyn & OGAS.

Reading about how efficient central planning economies can be when coupled with a concerted scientific effort really made me question whether market "efficiency" had any truth beyond "makes more profit".


File: 857087b50660bfb⋯.jpg (24.05 KB, 500x389, 500:389, mtdow7pse5w11.jpg)

I used to jump the fence in the playground to skip school. This was in like 2006 so unlike 50 years ago doing that shit got the whole towns police force out looking for you. When I got sent to court for skipping, I handed the judge a shitty middleschool tier letter that said I had the right to not be treated like a slave. Putting the word anarchism to my beliefs took time of course. But I fully believe all kids start out as anarchists, most just get their souls crushed, not me. I also stopped bouncing around the political spectrum once I landed and have been involved in anarchist activism for nearly 4 years now which further confirms that anytime I spent with other ideologies was just experimentation.



I hate to bring this up but

>Nazi GOP

Where did you even get this meme.



GOP are basically Right wing Trotskyists nowadays



>Right wing Trotskyists

What even is that?





File: dc4dfe552b983c8⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 420x438, 70:73, Kim-Jong-il-portrait.jpg)




This reads like a parody of the theoryless and thoughtless anarchist stereotype.



There's quite a lot of overlap between neocons and former trots, arguably more than any other ex-communist reactionaries.


I don't quite subscribe to any ideology yet. I've been persuaded by the compassion of the left for godless egalitarianism, and my only concern is bringing about human well being. If that has a hierarchical structure or not doesn't matter to me yet. Just browsing for what looks preferable to the semi functioning set of states we currently have. I value privacy of the individual and rights of the collective of laborers, essentially.

Maybe I'll wind up here with the rest of you. Maybe I won't.


An imperialist (white boy) bullied me



>all kids start out as anarchists, most just get their souls crushed, not me

Please. Dont start with this paternalistic "all kids are X, then they grow out of it" projection meme. Kids are different from each other as night is from day. Adults just throw them into a "one size fits all" ed program.


Everybody should be constantly learning and developing by reading and taking action and mulling things over. Also, engage and argue with the attitude of trying to find the best ideas.


I don't have any political leanings per se. I was autistically into astronomy when I was little. Then I got interested in learning about geography around seventh grade, then music history, then social studies, geology, and I got into politics by eigth grade although by conspiracy theorist proxy. Then serious politics a few years back.But now I'm burned out from the bullshit of it all. Now I'm turning back to my first love astronomy.


I think my instinct has always been to be against authoritarianism. Between the mild differences among the bourgeois parlamentary parties, the illiterate retardation of most radical left-larpers and the privatized fascism of libertarians, it tooked a long time to for me to realize how to oppose totalitarianism - whether state or corporate totalitarianism.

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