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File: dc3b39624bd64ad⋯.jpeg (85.09 KB, 615x340, 123:68, MLKP soldier.jpeg)


‘Basic needs should be met for free’: t*rkey’s new communist mayor wants to create a model socialist city

From collective farming to free public transport, the man described as t*rkey’s first communist mayor wants to be a model for other socialists around the world


India: BJP makes indicted Hindu supremacist terrorist a “star” election candidate

One of the chief accused in a Hindu supremacist terror network that killed scores of Muslims has been named by India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a “star” candidate in the country’s general elections, which are being held over seven phases this month and next.


UN: Pro-government forces kill more Afghans than insurgents

Afghan and international forces were responsible for more civilian deaths in the first three months of 2019 than the Taliban and other militants, a new U.N. report said Wednesday. It marks the first time in recent years that civilian deaths attributed to government forces and their allies exceeded those blamed on their enemies.


Egypt Approves Constitutional Changes That Could Keep Sissi In Office Until 2030

Egyptian voters have approved sweeping constitutional amendments that allow President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to remain in office until 2030 and further entrench the power of the military.


Pakistan’s Navy fires domestically-made cruise missile in ‘impressive fire power display’

Pakistan showed off its newest domestically-built anti-ship and land-attack cruise missile during a test in the Indian Ocean. The test is part of Islamabad’s ongoing efforts to acquire more “indigenous” weapons.


Japan sterilisation law victims get compensation and apology

Tens of thousands of victims of forced sterilisation in Japan are now entitled to compensation.Under a eugenics law which was in effect from 1948 to 1996, people were made to undergo operations to prevent them having children deemed "inferior".


'Umbrella' Protesters Sentenced For 2014 Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Demonstration

A court in Hong Kong has sentenced pro-democracy demonstrators to up to 16 months in jail for their role in the 2014 protests that clogged the city's financial district for months.


Saudi Arabia executes 37 citizens over alleged terrorism offences

Saudi Arabia has executed 37 citizens across the country for alleged terrorism-related crimes, publicly pinning one of their headless bodies to a pole as a warning.


Threat of nuclear war ‘dangerously close’, parliamentary report warns

Lack of meaningful arms control agreements is risking the creation of an arms race and raising the possibility of nuclear weapons being used, according to a parliamentary report.


Teachers' Strike Sweeps Poland

A general strike in Poland’s education sector that began on Monday, April 8 continues with no end in sight. According to organizers from the two unions that initiated the strike—the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP) and the Trade Union Forum (FZZ)—on the first day of the strike 14,000 schools and kindergartens out of 20,400 such institutions joined the walkout.


Greenland Is Now Losing Ice Six Times Faster Than It Was in 1980

A new paper published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows after decades of near equilibrium, Greenland began losing ice in the 1980s and it’s accelerated sixfold since then. That has sped up its contribution to sea level rise and raises concerns about what the future holds.



Leaders warned Navy SEALs that reporting alleged war crimes could cost them their careers

Seven Navy SEALs were warned that reporting the alleged war crimes of their teammates and calling for a formal investigation could jeopardize their careers, a Navy criminal investigation report revealed.


After Felony Conviction, Iraq War Veteran Faces Deportation To Mexico

An Iraq War veteran who is not a U.S. citizen is facing deportation to Mexico over a felony conviction unless an immigration judge decides to let him stay in the United States.


Industry publication floats idea of UAW calling a “targeted” strike

With national contract negotiations between the Detroit car companies and the United Auto Workers set to start in a few months, industry analysts are nervously speculating about the possibility of a strike.


Woman dies after falling into meat grinder at factory

A 35-year-old woman was killed when she fell into a meat grinder at a processing plant in northern Pennsylvania.


Feds: Coast Guard officer targeted Supreme Court justices

A Coast Guard lieutenant accused of stockpiling guns and compiling a hit list of prominent Democrats and network TV journalists looked at other targets: two Supreme Court justices and two executives of social media companies, according to federal prosecutors.


Most millennials and Gen Z define financial success the same way — and it has nothing to do with being rich

Some people might equate financial success with how rich they are, but that's not the case with most millennials and Gen Z.According to a recent report by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, which surveyed more than 2,700 Americans ages 18 to 34, only 19% of respondents defined financial success as being rich — 60% defined it as being debt-free.


Wall Street edges lower, energy stocks fall

The S&P 500 slipped on Wednesday after ending the previous session with a record and the Nasdaq failed to hold all-time highs reached earlier in the day while investors waited for more earnings reports.


Disney heir calls on company to give 50% of exec bonuses to lowest-paid employees

Abigail Disney is doubling down on her criticism of executive pay at her family's company.Just days after calling the pay of Disney's top brass "insane," the granddaughter of company co-founder Roy Disney wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post, in which she acknowledged she "struck a nerve with a Twitter thread about wage inequality at the Walt Disney Co."




Censoring T U R K E Y is gay



“Marxism-Leninism” and Imperialism

The capitalist crisis has led to a skyrocketing interest in socialism and revolution. Many young people have gravitated toward Maoist “Marxism-Leninism” as its “anti-imperialist” message resonates with them. However, what is the real relationship between Maoism and imperialism?For billions of people around the world, the “horror without end” of imperialism has been manifested in invasions, occupations, and decades of destabilization. These ravages have inspired heroic, frequently revolutionary movements of resistance in the so-called ex-colonial countries, while the advanced workers and youth in the imperialist countries have built movements in solidarity with these struggles.Many liberals oppose the imperialist countries’ relentless violation of the sovereignty of other nations and peoples, as they see this “Caesarism” as fundamentally anathema to democracy—although Marxists understand that imperialism and liberal capitalism go hand in hand. Many other people cannot stomach the crimes “their” governments commit abroad, so they put a “plus” to counter the imperialists’ “minus” and end up supporting the governments of those countries under attack by imperialism.


The Commune is the Supreme Expression of Participatory Democracy: a Conversation with Anacaona Marin of El Panal Commune

The Alexis Vive Patriotic Force, which has deep roots in Caracas’ 23 de Enero barrio, began planning a commune years before Chavez even proposed the communal path toward socialism. Yet when Chavez announced the plan to join communal councils into a higher form of organization, Alexis Vive wholeheartedly embraced the initiative and has since then built a highly successful commune called El Panal Commune[1] involving some 13,000 people. We spoke with a key cadre of El Panal about this project that is both economic and political to find out how it is coping with the crisis escalated by US aggressions.The commune is usually thought of a space of construction – for the political and economic reorganization of society –, but it is also a space of resistance. Let’s talk about the commune today, in a period where Venezuela is under attack by imperialism.


A “Green New Deal”?: The Eco-Syndicalist Alternative, Part I

Capitalist dynamics are at the very heart of the current crisis that humanity faces over global warming.When we talk of “global warming,” we’re talking about the rapid — and on-going — rise in the average world-wide surface and ocean temperature. Thus far a rise of 0.8 degrees Celsius (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1880. According to an ongoing temperature analysis conducted by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, two-thirds of this temperature increase has occurred since 1975. A one-degree rise in temperature might seem like no big deal. As the NASA scientists point out, however, “A one-degree global change is significant because it takes a vast amount of heat to warm all the oceans, atmosphere, and land by that much.”We know that carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels is at the heart of the problem. For many centuries the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ranged between 200 and 300 parts per million. By the 1950s the growth of industrial capitalism since the 1800s had pushed this to the top of this range — 310 parts per million. Since then the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen very rapidly — to more than 410 parts per million by 2018. This is the result of the vast rise in the burning of fossil fuels in the era since World War II — coal, petroleum, natural gas.




t. t*rk roach


okay imma gonna test real fast what happens when you type t*rkEY



that's a shitty filter if i've ever seen one, bye




It's a parody of t*rkish media censoring the word Kurd





File: 7be59f780c38888⋯.jpg (180.77 KB, 318x488, 159:244, 7be59f780c38888ac081b3a2fd….jpg)


your mother is a faggot






>occupying land that isn't there

nice ironic meme


File: 558b4507cf15ab2⋯.png (880.13 KB, 941x603, 941:603, ClipboardImage.png)



Take your meds Cenk.



is this Body Oder or Imcucky? Oh wait no it's a redditor.



Its just J Barg



What's a reddit?



Kurdshits killed Assyrians though

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