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File: be6a1037fb87ab7⋯.jpeg (142.14 KB, 500x409, 500:409, F2E1F22C-80F3-4AB3-A6B2-C….jpeg)


I think it is important to understand that socialism has been overtaken by Marxists who fetishize workers and work as the inherent factor of their political leanings. Many individualist anarchists such as Benjamin Tucker were socialists without Marx. Not to mention the countless Utopian socialists who predate Marx.



I know this is a /pol/ shot post but it begs another question. Is not socialism real socialism? What makes it not? Muh Marx or other reasons?



So you think socialism is bitching about da jooz? Doesn’t seem very valid.


File: 663a27c9bac9cfe⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1347729043891.gif)

I've never had camaraderie on the job. I don't understand where this utopian vision comes from. Literally just brainwash by the guy in charge. the bottom sucks.



Yes, I was mocking you.Complaining about Jews should not be your go-to

argument when you want to talk about politics or economics. I have

been to >>>/fascist/ but they all seem like LARPers vying for their

own unique flavor of synarchism. Are you a staunch Christian? Let's

have a symbiosis of Church and state. Are you hung up on race? White

ethnostate? It's all very tiresome.


I did a very big poo but I forgot to pee so now I have to go back to the toilet



Most of the OG anarchists also saw the workers as the revolutionary subject. If we're getting away from that then you've got memechin or the utopians, who are very flawed for such reasons.


When I rub my nipples the door bell rings



All political leanings stem from self-interest to a certain degree so this should not be surprising to anyone. The mature and sensible thing to do would be to approach politics as a way that everyone exists well in a way that includes yourself, but I don’t expect that anymore.



Why do you think many “leftists” are disproportionately trannies? Because they are actually just co-opting leftism as a way to make it socially acceptable for a man to wear panties.



When my dog barks my dad molest me



What I don’t like about fascism is that it is explicitly synarchistic. It says current hierarchies exist and we should deal with them by “class collaboration.” I would argue that current hierarchies don’t have to exist because they stem from systemic properties that can be replaced by, perhaps not perfect systems, but systems that respect individual liberty and minimize the damage that having a state necessarily entails.



Funny that you're only now realizing what the right has been saying all along. Communism is the end game of socialism.



So what is your idea of achieving that? I do not think you would actually enjoy what your prescriptions for policy actually entail.



One time I thought about communism and I subconsciously bought women's lingerie online, when I clicked this thread I discovered that I'm wearing the lingerie right now even thou I don't remember putting them on



The right points out problems with no solutions. That’s how they operate. There is a reason that “reactionary” and “conservative” are more or less the same thing. They get mad at proposed changes to the existing system and then propose something that resembles the “past” but serves their own individual interests through thinly veiled arguments for tradition.



The point is that trannies are not real socialists not that all socialists are trannies.


File: 624817bea8b9bf6⋯.jpeg (69.53 KB, 584x556, 146:139, A674FCDC-CD12-4ADF-9FB2-4….jpeg)


>mandatory military training is desperately needed




The idea of being a tranny is true socialism, imagine a group of men get stranded on an island with no women and tensions rise. One or more men begin to dress up and act like women so the other men can fuck them, peace is restored and since the men temporarily looked like women it can not be considered an act of homosexuality



When my dad's barking and my dogs molesting me I like to have a nice warm glass of milk


>no flags

>26 replies and growing

>not one sage

>all corruptions of legitimate topics

Big hmmm

I'm 90% this is op samefagging.


File: 536a6048758e693⋯.gif (694.06 KB, 250x227, 250:227, A18A31BB-E19D-4597-B99F-7B….gif)


Do you not understand that fetishizing the military is homoerotic? You don’t have to be Freud to understand how grunting machismo is akin to male dogs humping each other.



>celebrities, intellectuals, leftists, anti-national CEOs, media figures, religious figures, figures in academia, etc in short all of those who would pose a threat to government stability

Why? For ideological purging or what? Why not re-education camps like Mao favored?

>executing drug dealers

Why execute them in particular? Why not any other crimes?

>abolition of liberal democracy

How would you replace it? What kind of political hierarchy would you have? It needs to be fleshed out or you’re just a reactionary.



I don't like you



Can you explain the profit sharing measures? Genuinely curious about this.


>>140366 (Checked.)

You're not supposed to. I don't like you either.



Welcome to /leftpol/. No one likes YouTube poster.



Why do you need a militarized population in the first place?



Everyone lines up and whoever can jump the highest wins all the money



I don't like you either, your not my friend



Sounds like summer camp.






Don't worry, no charge for him.



National security, physical fitness, etc



>Take the Str.asser-pill where the means of productions are nationalized and entrepeneurs are allowed access to the MoP in usufruct.

>the ruling class controls the means of production by means of a state

Wow, so revolutionary.


File: 1ce8d91ec840df2⋯.png (626.16 KB, 1280x715, 256:143, Terrifying presence crashi….png)


And why would I want this thread?



Because its value for money



>the ruling class controls the means of production by means of a state

Oh look, more tired Jewish Marxist dogma about muh bourgeoisie dictatorships




Get it on board, I'll report it in.



Get out of here retard st.rasserism is literal state-capitalism.


File: 4c02d0c34b03b8d⋯.gif (3.57 MB, 426x214, 213:107, 46894.gif)

>this thread


File: 0e463ba9e01c653⋯.jpeg (471.79 KB, 1242x1447, 1242:1447, CFDAFAA2-79DD-46FC-AB6C-1….jpeg)

File: 7c6cec4b8e34393⋯.jpeg (301.2 KB, 1239x666, 413:222, 05C67D0A-0494-4927-AFA0-1….jpeg)

File: 24974ceadd8e8f2⋯.jpeg (337.86 KB, 1242x1056, 207:176, A8A3A59A-04E8-4563-A2A5-8….jpeg)


If you had read Strasser’s book you’d see that he BTFO Marxist socialism as state capitalism



That shit would read easier if you hadn't put highlighter all over it. All he is saying is the same thing that leftcoms said about Stalin's USSR but with the naked and unabashed inconsistency that it is coming from someone who proposes to maintain the very top-down structure that he criticises.


>/leftpol/ thread turns into hitler and fitness talk

lol niggers



Capitalism is when rich Jews do stuff, and National Socialiism is when you eliminate the rich Jews and let the rich Aryans do the same stuff.



marxist socialism is the same, except the ruling class is described to be the workers

as if you needed more proof marxism is fascism




Kek. Yeah, buddy, real convincing case.



I'm don't even come around here often and I'm pretty sure OP is samefagging pretty fucking hard too.



for what such reasons?

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