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File: fec6ab6d51c8978⋯.png (90.09 KB, 900x1042, 450:521, dwj.png)


>inb4 go kill yourself blackpilled faggot

>muh hope

Genuine question I think everyone should ask themselves.

honestly western leftists are too sperged out and individualized to ever coalesce as a relevant political force, everyone is focused on cultivating their very own very special political identity and discussing retarded ideological bullshit with each other to even fight back against the right.

Even here and in the other board most of you faggots are nothing but quasi-reformed /pol/yps who can't spend 5 minutes without arguing about whether or not you should kill all trannies/blacks/browns because for some retarded reason or another you cannot fathom existing at the same time or place than someone who is vaguely different than you. Hell there's even a chunk of you who won't believe anything about climate change until you're dying from heatstroke, freezing to death, starving or drowned within a decade or two.

Out there everyone is mostly just backwards liberals and traditionalists who have most definitely lost their minds, normies who literally can't see shit beyond what's in front of them and are unable to think about anything but basic normie shit and fringe bullshit like anti vaxxers.

Is society just too far gone to ever recover? even if we somehow magically manage not to get sent back to the stone age by climate catastrophe in the next few decades and we actually manage to get a revolution off the ground, is there anything still worth saving?


Of course it has, especially in regards to nuclear weapons testing which Trump is likely to restart. But even then attempts to curtail all nuclear use has lead to massive increases in extremely toxic chemicals leaching into the ocean, as a result of unregulated solar panel manufacturing in China. Ditto for the massive amount of plastics in the ocean too.

The only good news is that the west is somewhat aware of it. Smog-induced acid rain caused enough immediate damage (burned skin, blurry vision, having to repaint your house every 24 months) to ban leaded gas, ozone depletion was taken seriously and CFCs banned, and even now awareness of plastic garbage (caused by China refusing to take any more of America's) is causing a (recyclable) glassware renaissance.

>Is society just too far gone to ever recover?

None of this is sustainable. Trump, the biggest moron to ever inhabit the White House, will end it all by killing free trade and ruining China's economy which will blow apart the post-Soviet consensus and probably reduce co2 emissions in the process (while also causing a global stock market crash outside the US). He'll be doing it for all the wrong reasons but it must happen, Trump is capitalism's backstabbing and self-defeating nature made manifest. And he wants America to have over 10,000 nuclear weapons before he leaves office in 2024.


Humanity itself has permanently scarred the planet. All we can do is try to nurture what we have left.




With enough war you can change anything about the way the world works. Not to mention how permanently oppression can be maintained with sufficient advanced tech and low enough population. If you can obtain permanent omnipotent complete oppression, socialism/communism might work.



Capitalism is a good economic system that allows the population to decide what products and services they need through supply and demand. It may not be a perfect system, but at least it is better than a socialist economy where every one is poor except for the people in power.


File: 5ae0e44d0010bb7⋯.jpeg (309.54 KB, 1430x1905, 286:381, 66E0D07B-AAC8-489F-8D98-1….jpeg)


Nah, we’re fucked mate. Pic related



>muh capitalism has provided more material security to the individual than any other system to date

>muh giant ommission of all facts about what capitalism has done to the environment

And the award for captain save a hoe goes to…



>Capitalism good, socialism bad

>Ooga booga



>getting to choose between 10 brands of banana ketchup and #F568A4-colored ass shavers is better than guaranteed housing and education for all



Happy Earth Day by the way. Our C02 ppm today was historically high in geologic records.



>communism good

>capitalism bad, ooga booga

Take the third position pill



class collaboration is still capitalism you buffoon



The world will be just fine OP. It will carry on long after we are gone. It doesn't give a fuck about capitalism or plastic or pollution or any species. It will brush the dust from its shoulder and continue regardless.

On the other hand, your world is fucked and only those prepared and capable of change will survive




>still take muh third position as anything but a joke

consider suicide

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