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File: 6cd4f62f7e90baa⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 881x907, 881:907, soviet_female_soldiers_by_….jpg)


Thin layer of the UK population earn more than £150,000 per year

There are only 321,000 people in the UK earning more than £150,000 a year.Data from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by area shows that around 123,000 of the high-income earners, nearly 40 percent, live within the London area. Topping the list is the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), with another borough, Westminster, in second place.


Iran parliament brands US troops in Middle East as terrorist

Iran’s parliament has overwhelmingly approved a bill labelling US forces in the Middle East as terrorist, a day after Washington’s terrorism label for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard formally took effect.


French MEP Asks EU Council for Position on Lula's Situation

Emmanuel Maurel seeks to break the European Parliament's silence on the persecution against former President Lula Da Silva.The French Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Emmanuel Maurel asked the Council of the European Union for a written position on the political and judicial persecution which led Lula Da Silva to prison.


Protests Calling For Climate Action Disrupt London For 3rd Day

Protesters demanding government action on climate change disrupted traffic and public transit around London on Wednesday, the third day of climate demonstrations in the capital.


The billionaire CEO of Apple supplier Foxconn says he 'will follow the instruction' of a sea goddess who told him to run for president of Taiwan

The billionaire founder and CEO of Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics supplier, is running for his country's presidency because he said a sea goddess told him to do so.68-year-old Terry Gou announced on Wednesday he will take part in the Kuomintang party's upcoming primary elections.


‘Chilling message to all critics’: HRW slams Israel’s decision to deport its regional director

An Israeli court has upheld the deportation order against the local director of Human Rights Watch, accusing him of supporting the BDS movement by condoning Airbnb’s decision to briefly take down Jewish listings in the West Bank.


Japan asks US troops to behave, not ‘cause anxiety’ after marine kills local girlfriend & self

Japanese officials are imploring their American counterparts to control their soldiers’ behavior at the Okinawa base after a US marine reportedly murdered his Japanese girlfriend – the latest in a rash of US-on-Japanese crime.


Alan García: Peru's former president kills himself ahead of arrest

Former Peruvian President Alan García has died after shooting himself as police arrived at his home to arrest him over bribery allegations.Mr García was rushed to hospital in the capital, Lima. His death was confirmed by current President Martín Vizcarra.


Alberta election: UCP wins majority victory over NDP

The UCP won 63 of the 87 seats of the legislature, provisional results say.Leader Jason Kenney, a former federal cabinet minister, will be the next premier of Alberta.


Climate Change Was The Engine That Powered Hurricane Maria's Devastating Rains

In a paper published Tuesday in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, scientists at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Sonoma State University in California analyzed rainfall from all 129 hurricanes that have affected Puerto Rico since reliable record keeping began in 1956.



Pentagon ordered to draft military plans to counter Russia and China in Venezuela

The Pentagon has been ordered to draw up military plans “aimed at deterring Russian, Cuban and Chinese influence” in Venezuela, CNN reported late Monday.According to the cable news network, a Defense Department official confirmed that the planning was ordered at a White House meeting last week by national security adviser John Bolton, who has coordinated the US-orchestrated regime change operation in Venezuela.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says college admissions scandal shows U.S. justice system "targets race" and pardons "crimes of wealth and privilege"

Ocasio-Cortez's remarks came after it was reported that prosectors are expected to seek no more than 10 months of jail time for Felicity Huffman, one of the famous parents involved in the college admissions scandal."Our country has a 'justice' system that criminalizes poverty + disproportionately targets race, yet routinely pardons large-scale crimes of wealth and privilege," Ocasion-Cortez wrote, responding to the news about Huffman's expected sentence.



Trump is ‘Saudi Arabia’s servant’ as he refused to end US support of Yemen war – Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, has called President Donald Trump’s decision to veto a bill seeking to end US support for the Yemen war nothing less than proof he serves Saudi Arabia.


Anti-gay protester stages disturbing Jesus display to taunt Pete Buttigieg

A protester who heckled openly gay presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg during a campaign event in Iowa returned for a second day Wednesday to taunt the Democrat, hurling anti-gay insults and staging a play with three men dressed as the mayor, Jesus Christ and Satan.



FCC Plans to Ban World's Largest Mobile Phone Operator From U.S. Citing National Security Concerns

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will move to block China Mobile, the largest telecom company in mainland China, from offering services in the United States. The effort comes at the direction of the White House and still needs to be approved at the FCC’s May 9 meeting.


Stop & Shop strike enters 7th day as talks drag on

Negotiations continue Wednesday - the seventh day of a strike by Stop & Shop workers.Talks on Tuesday between the grocery giant and with five union affiliates of the United Food & Commercial Workers produced no agreement.


The retail apocalypse has claimed 6,000 US stores in 2019 so far, more than the number that shut down in all of 2018

The retail apocalypse is raging on with almost 6,000 store closings announced so far in 2019 — more than the entirety of last year.According to a new report from Coresight Research, US retailers have announced 5,994 store closings this year, compared with 5,864 store closings in all of 2018.


Unemployment Rate Doubles in World's Fastest Growing Economy

India’s unemployment rate has doubled in the eight years to 2018 with the higher educated and younger population accounting for the most without jobs, a new research by a privately run university shows.After remaining at about 2 to 3 percent during the decade to 2011, the unemployment rate in India has increased to more than 6 percent in last year, a report posted by the nation’s Azim Premji University on its website shows.




VIDEO: How the Pentagon and CIA Push Venezuela Regime-Change Propaganda in Video Games

We often think of video games as fiction, but the US government has weaponized them to advance its agenda around the globe.Nowhere is this more clear than in Venezuela, where the US military has laundered regime change propaganda through some of the world’s most popular first-person shooter games.This March, amid a US-backed right-wing coup attempt overseen by the Donald Trump administration, Venezuela experienced a sudden collapse of its electrical infrastructure, plunging the country into darkness.This has renewed focus on the role of video games in psychologically conditioning users to support the country’s destruction – and in foreshadowing specific events during the coup.Simulating Venezuela invasion in “Call of Duty”Venezuelan citizen journalists Orlenys Ortiz and Sancocho Power have drawn attention to the similarity between the plot of a 2013 first person shooter game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and alleged acts of US sabotage against the country this March.Call of Duty: Ghosts is set in a dystopian future after the Middle East is nuked. A Venezuelan general comes into power, establishing a socialist style federation that spreads across Latin America like a disease, uniting all oil producing nations and expelling US citizens.You as the player are part of an elite force of US commandos that invades the country, murders the socialist leader, and destroys his federation.


Washington’s Biggest Fairy Tale: “Truth Will Out”

The arrest of Julian Assange has produced rapturous cheering from the American political elite. Hillary Clinton declared that Assange “must answer for what he has done.” Unfortunately, Assange’s arrest will do nothing to prevent the vast majority of conniving politicians and bureaucrats from paying no price for deceiving the American public.“Truth will out” is a phrase that is routinely recited to keep Americans paying and obeying. Politicians and editorial writers toss this phrase out to simmer down any fears that the government might be conspiring against the people. Actually, “truth will out” is the biggest fairy tale in Washington.The phrase “truth will out” is first recorded in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Often in Shakespeare’s plays, truths come out only after almost everyone has been conned, stabbed, or screwed. It’s not much better nowadays.When it comes to politics, “truth will out” should be confined to sarcasm and satire, not to serious pontificating.


Trump, the Fed and the New York Times

US President Donald Trump has again criticised the Federal Reserve Board for not doing enough to juice up the stock markets through the supply of still more ultra-cheap money.In a tweet last Sunday he said: “If the Fed had done its job properly, which it has not, the stock market would have been up by 5,000 to 10,000 additional points and GDP would have been well over 4 percent instead of 3 percent… with almost no inflation. Quantitative tightening was a killer, should have done the exact opposite!”Trump has launched a series of attacks on the Fed since the stock market plunge last December when the Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced its worst result for December since the depths of the Great Depression in 1931.The plunge came in response to an interest rate rise of 0.25 percent—the fourth for the year—and indications by the Fed that it would continue rate rises in 2019, as it sought to “normalise” monetary policy after pushing rates to record lows in response to the financial meltdown of 2008.


Workers Should Be in Charge

Every day, private equity companies snatch up firms and strip them dry. But there’s an alternative: allow workers to buy their workplace and run it themselves.









File: 3e488decf9291a7⋯.jpg (2.41 KB, 124x118, 62:59, 1387435469820.jpg)



>EvERyoNE's liBERaL BuT mE


Not at all surprised to see this kind of horseshit in Call of Duty or any other military shooter given their predisposition to serve as essentially big ads for real-world arms manufacturers with all that product placement. But I am still thoroughly sickened.


File: 5ded3494fd65dd2⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 339x480, 113:160, gsab.jpg)


File: e7493560aafb9ee⋯.jpg (125.39 KB, 1334x570, 667:285, Koreanon 5.jpg)

>The billionaire CEO of Apple supplier Foxconn says he 'will follow the instruction' of a sea goddess who told him to run for president of Taiwan

Is this just, like, a normal thing for East Asian politics?


I don't think it's anything special, given the ludicrous Tom Clancy-esque premises of other CoD:MW games revolving around Rooskie "ultranationalists", past games set in an invasion of Venezuela such as Mercenaries 2, or indeed the original Mercenaries which (alongside Crysis and the Red Dawn reboot game) had Best Korea as the target.




Silly primitive and superstitious asians.

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