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File: 54d659ed48b2e32⋯.jpg (88.35 KB, 1024x672, 32:21, soviet_female_traffic_regu….jpg)


EU passes law on protecting whistleblowers (and facilitators) … days after Assange’s arrest

Following the arrest in London of Julian Assange, the co-founder of whistleblowing site WikiLeaks, MEPs overwhelmingly voted for a law on protecting whistleblowers.


Trump Is Making Yet Another Move to Apply Pressure On Cuba

President Donald Trump is poised to allow lawsuits against foreign firms that have profited from former U.S. firms that Cuba seized after the 1959 revolution.The move marks a change in more than two decades of U.S. policy on Cuba.



Erdogan's AK Party calls for rerun of Istanbul elections

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party formally requested on Tuesday an annulment and rerun of Istanbul’s municipal elections over what it said were irregularities, prompting the main opposition to accuse it of damaging democracy.


Colombia: FARC Party Denounces 128 Killings of Ex-militants

Since the Colombian Peace Accord was signed in 2016, 128 ex-militants and their relatives have been reported killed by violent means, according to officials.


Ecuador arrests Swedish associate of Assange amid threat of crackdown

In the wake of Ecuador’s surrender of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to a British police snatch squad invited into its London embassy last Thursday to drag him into a waiting van, Ecuadorian authorities have jailed a Swedish software developer for an alleged plot to “destabilize” the regime of President Lenin Moreno.


Red Cross Releases Name Of Nurse Taken Hostage; New Zealand Fears For Her Safety

For more than five years, New Zealand kept secret the name of a nurse considered a hostage of the Islamic State.Now Louisa Akavi's name is public.The International Committee of the Red Cross hopes that releasing her name will lead to her rescue. But New Zealand's government sees it as a threat to her safety, Foreign Minister Winston Peters made clear on Tuesday.


Indonesians choose president, parliament in world's biggest one-day vote

Indonesians vote in the world’s biggest single-day election on Wednesday, with polling stations opening first in the east of the sprawling equatorial archipelago after a six-month campaign to choose a new president and parliament.


Brazil: Bolsonaro Ends Lula's Pro-Workers Minimun Wage Policy

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro proposed to suppress former President Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva's redistributive policy whereby minimum wages should have annual increases above inflation.The decision was taken at the draft Budgetary Guidelines Law (LDO) presented on Monday.


Stalin, Lenin, Gorbachev: 'Soviet leaders' surface in far-flung parts of modern world politics

Coincidences and weird naming conventions have brought about the resurrection of some of the most famous Soviet leaders – and they've strayed pretty far from their motherland. Here are some of the politicians active today in the world, who bear their legacy-laden names.


Mike Pompeo lambasts journalist for asking if Trump’s sanctions on Venezuela may impact humanitarian crisis

Mike Pompeo attacked a journalist for his supposed “incredible lack of understanding” about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela during his trip through South America last week. The US secretary of state lambasted the Washington Post’s John Hudson for asking the foreign minister of Peru about the potential implications surrounding severe sanctions against Nicolas Maduro’s government in Venezuela.



Paradise, Calif., Water Is Contaminated But Residents Are Moving Back Anyway

Six months after the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, the town of Paradise remains a disaster zone. Only 6 percent of the debris from last November's Camp Fire has been hauled away. Burned out skeletons of cars, piles of toxic rubble and blackened old-growth pine trees can still be seen everywhere.Before the wildfire, the population of Paradise was about 26,000. Today, it's in the hundreds.


US deports husband of soldier killed in Afghanistan – then lets him back in

US immigration officials deported the husband of a soldier killed in Afghanistan – then reversed course and let him back into the country.José González Carranza, 30, was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) officers last week at his home in Arizona and quickly deported to Mexico, he and his attorney told the Arizona Republic.


Trump targets legal, illegal immigration in latest push

Top administration officials have been discussing ways to increase pressure on countries with high numbers of citizens who overstay short-term visas, as part of President Donald Trump’s growing focus on immigration heading into his re-election campaign.


Bernie Sanders stuns establishment with Fox News town hall success

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News for an hour-long town hall special on Monday night — and much to the shock and surprise of Fox and other media, the democratic socialist not only survived, but thrived.


US Tax Day 2019: Sixty giant corporations pay zero income tax

Dozens of giant US corporations, including 60 of the Fortune 500, used deductions, credits and other tax loopholes to avoid paying any federal income tax for 2018, according to an analysis issued by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP). The report was published April 11, just in time for the April 15 deadline for most American working people to file their tax returns.


T-Mobile and Sprint merger is 'unlikely' without major changes

So much for T-Mobile and Sprint enjoying a smooth merger. Wall Street Journal sources say the Department of Justice has told the carriers that their $26 billion union is "unlikely" to receive approval under its current structure. While the particular objections aren't available, DOJ offcials reportedly questioned claims that the merger would create "important efficiencies."


The Pinkertons' plan for climate change: a mercenary army that guards one-percenters as the seas rise

The Pinkertons rose to notoriety as a vicious army of mercenary strikebreakers who beat and murdered working people who stood up to robber barons like Andrew Carnegie; now they are a division of Securitas, a global private security giant at the forefront of profiting from human misery.


Netflix attracts a record number of new subscribers, but the stock isn’t reacting like usual

Netflix Inc. attracted a record number of paying subscribers in the first quarter of 2019, a fact that would usually coincide with huge gains for its stock, but concerns about the rest of the year actually damaged shares Tuesday afternoon.




Socialist Leaders Won’t Save Unions

A member of the IWW critiques a recent piece in Jacobin that argues for socialist leadership of existing labor unions.In a recent piece for Jacobin, Barry Eidlin makes the case for socialist leadership of labor unions. Eidlin notes that when unions were run by socialists, they were more militant. Socialism was purged from the unions in the 1930s through 1950s, and they have become bureaucratized as a result.Eidlin is interested in how to reignite union militancy. After all, he argues, the working class enjoys a strategic position within capitalism as “the only class that has the power to overthrow capitalism and transform society.” But making the working class into “a coherent actor capable of bringing about revolutionary change is not something that just happens.” This is why socialists have a key role to play. Without intervention from socialist forces, unions remain “reformist institutions, designed to mitigate and manage the employment relationship, not transform it.”Ultimately, Eidlin calls for what he calls a “rank-and-file strategy,” which consists of “identifying and expanding a ‘militant minority,’” within unions. This militant minority consists of “respected, trusted shop-floor leaders” who are able to influence their coworkers. They may be socialists who strategically take jobs in key industries, or they may simply be rank-and-filers who are cultivated by socialists.I asked Nick Driedger to respond to Eidlin’s arguments. Driedger is a former member, shop steward, Local Organizing Officer and National Organizing Coordinator for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. He is currently the Executive Director of the Athabasca University Faculty Association and a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.


The Innovation Cult

Innovation is most popular today as a stand-alone concept, a kind of managerial spirit that permeates nearly every institutional setting, from nonprofits and newspapers to schools and children’s toys. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines innovation as “the alteration of what is established by the introduction of new elements or forms.” The earliest example the dictionary gives dates from the mid-sixteenth century; the adjectival “innovative,” meanwhile, was virtually unknown before the 1960s, but has exploded in popularity since.The verb “to innovate” has also seen a resurgence in recent years. The verb’s intransitive meaning is “to bring in or introduce novelties; to make changes in something established; to introduce innovations.” Its earlier transitive meaning, “To change (a thing) into something new; to alter; to renew” is considered obsolete by the OED, but this meaning has seen something of a revival. This was the active meaning associated with conspirators and heretics, who were innovating the word of God or innovating government, in the sense of undermining or overthrowing each.The major conflict in innovation’s history is that between its formerly prohibited, religious connotation and the salutary, practical meaning that predominates now. Benoît Godin has shown that innovation was recuperated as a secular concept in the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth, when it became a form of worldly praxis rather than theological reflection. Its grammar evolved along with this meaning. Instead of a discrete irruption in an established order, innovation as a mass noun became a visionary faculty that individuals could nurture and develop in practical ways in the world; it was also the process of applying this faculty (e.g., “Lenovo’s pursuit of innovation”).



How wide is Bernie Sanders' appeal? This cheering Fox News audience is a clue

Bernie Sanders was supposed to be deep behind enemy lines on Monday night. He was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for a live town hall, hosted by Fox News, a network “not everyone thought [he] should come on”. It was a resounding success, and a reminder that Bernie, not Trump, can actually rally together a majority of Americans.The Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum didn’t figure that out at first. Early on Baier asked those in the audience with employer-sponsored health insurance to raise their hands. Then he asked those among them who would be willing to switch to government-run health insurance to raise their hands. The hands stayed up, the crowd cheered.




Unions are only as good as those running them, that's why unions can be reactionary capitalism at times and almost direct anarchism at others. The IWW guy sounds like he's trying to postpone things.

>Bernie got cheered on by anti corporation boomers

It's a step in the right direction I guess.

But by the time they realize revolution is the only way they'll be on their deathbeds.



The absolute best we can expect from boomers is to get out of the fucking way.



If only…

I wish those fuckers would die already. They are absolute worthless sacks of shit.



Now, hold on. There were several good boomers, most of whom happen to be dead now, but still the generation wasn't a complete waste.


File: 6341eecac591b2e⋯.jpg (274.92 KB, 1089x1467, 121:163, Hippies to yuppies.jpg)


>implying zoomers won't be far worse

>implying zoomers have even measured up to what boomers were once capable of




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