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File: f9c431c3451e19c⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 252x393, 84:131, Turnerdiariescover.jpg)


How mentally ill do you have to be to write a book like this? How mentally ill do you have to be to BELIEVE a book like this?


>how mentally ill do you have to be to larp

I guess fairly?

This belongs on the right wing cringe thread anyways. So polite sage.



>an entire book belongs in the right wing cringe thread

what a world we live in


What's wrong with it?


Shit taste in literature OP


File: 885fef8ad601140⋯.jpg (567.54 KB, 1247x833, 1247:833, enterprise_gallery.jpg)

File: 8afb860361691bf⋯.jpg (131.06 KB, 423x391, 423:391, QNpd.jpg)

File: 7898c08f14336bb⋯.jpg (240.47 KB, 1052x1088, 263:272, oldpicsl8.jpg)

File: d3e6c67b1bd8b5d⋯.jpg (241.69 KB, 1000x659, 1000:659, 0904_boston-busing3.jpg)

Are you American, OP? It's a typical example of right-wing domestic US conspiracy theories.

First check the date and the setting: mid 70s California. Back then, Jerry Brown was having his first term meanwhile the United Farm Workers were still active under Cesar Chavez, as blacks and hispanics started voting for Democrats in large numbers. This was a change from the previous decade where they predominately voted Republican, since the GOP (especially the California GOP) was the civil rights party. As a practical example, look at how it was a Californian (Earl Warren) who struck down segregation in his unanimous Brown vs. Board of Education decision which created civil rights.

Anyway, a lot of people didn't take well to this change in voting behavior. Instead of realizing that spics 'n nigs were only voting Dem because the GOP kept importing them to work their farms, /pol/ types preferred the typical international jewish conspiracy theory. At the same time the Rhodesian Bush War and South Africa getting hit with serious international resistance gives rise to the general mentions of black-based looting and rape. It's also why they take a chapter to shit on "hippies" aka a stereotyped version of the 70s left: not only were these people against Aparthied, but Governor Moonbeam had just been elected and passed some gun control (not as much as Reagan though). School busing had just started too, and affirmative action was a serious thing as white flight began to avoid it. Meanwhile, there's no mention of HIV because it hadn't been discovered yet which dates everything to the 70s and not the 80s. This gives us the basic setting of the book.

Now we get into the actual plot of the book: a secret group (/pol/) taking over Vandenberg AFB to start a nuclear war with. This plot point is lifted directly from then-era headlines, as the Space Shuttle (which would not fly until 1980) was originally planned to be launched from there. This is why it seems so important, compared to say the Nike sites around San Francisco (which in theory would be a more appealing target). At this point it becomes a pure nazi masturbation fantasy and further plot synopsis isn't necessary, although bizarrely a (non-communist) Russia survives and nukes China (probably taken from the then Sino-Soviet border conflict).

Also: the author is from rural Georgia aka a place that was extremely supportive of segregation. Everything said here can also apply to rural Alabama in regards to Redstone Arsenal, although when NASA took it over it's nuclear weapons were moved elsewhere. It's also why everything about California is extremely stereotypical, much like how many people in urban CA think everyone in the south is a racist.

I hope this explanation is helpful, again you REALLY have to look at it in terms of the era. Again the lack of HIV references and the focus on blacks (not mexicans) really really dates the book. Ironically, in real life California's black population has decreased heavily since 1978 due to legalized abortion, access to contraceptives, and (hispanic-led) gentrification.



It's outdated and primarily concerns itself with (white) feminism and big black cocks.


By the way it occurred to me that TD is really the story of how Southern Democrats were kicked out of their own party, for better or for worse. 1978 places it at the center of Carter's administration, just before the Hostage Crisis.



Camp of the Saints is a better example of what will happen if we don’t overthrow the capitalists



The part that got me was when they invaded Africa and killed all the niggers. They're really threatened by these inconsequential dying starving people for some reason.



Darwinian struggle, nigger



1 billion people and counting


what is wrong with being mentally ill?

t. Foucault




Foucault is 1000x more intelligent than your nigger brain can ever hope to me



This is not the good kind of mentally ill.




Nice spooks



Thanks I made htem myself



They don't "believe" in it, it's just a delusional escapist power fantasy like all other survivalist militia fiction.



but what if you really do? and delusion is just a spook?



/leftpol/, where I can get accused of being an anarchist, a liberal, and a tumblrina when in fact I oppose all three



> opposing anarchists

yeah you are a liberal


File: f5aa28f98e57787⋯.jpeg (143.61 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, QWVOGS5WWBE25J7SPWBV3H4CN….jpeg)

>When the United States government decides to launch an invasion against the Organization's stronghold in Southern California, Earl Turner is ordered on a suicide mission; he flies a crop duster equipped with a nuclear warhead and destroys the Pentagon before the invasion can be ordered.



>Nazbols are liberals now.

The ends justify the memes I guess? Not to mention liberalism has infested anarchism the most of all leftist ideologies. And anarchy on its self is built on the principle of liberty (no matter the economic context, as libertarian communism and libertarian socialism, are by in part built on the concept of freedom from something, or freedom to do something, all concepts of liberty) and lest we forget the amount of buggery and cuckery that ANTIFA brought, giving normies the view that anarchists are degenerate. That's not helping you or I here. Any ideology that forbids freedom of anything is NOT, as you say, liberal, but quite the opposite. Have fun in your virgin horseshoe theory, faggot.


Why do /pol/fags think they're going to have an all white utopia after making the world an unlivable radioactive cesspool?



Nationalism is liberal.



It's worse than liberal. It's reactionary


File: 09686b0dcf9810a⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1500x1116, 125:93, boomer diaries.png)



I don't think Turner Diaries and Hunter quite fit the boomer stereotype



then Marx was a liberal since he advocated anti-imperialism and the sake of nations to seek independence from foreign powers.


not pol, but why stop the acceleration?

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