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File: 2f4aaf769ec851a⋯.jpeg (23.18 KB, 576x324, 16:9, assangearrested.jpeg)


What is the future of the 4th estate now? How should real journalism be performed in the 21st century?

Wikileaks originally had the idea of using a wiki to publish leaks. That didn't work out and eventually they were forced to centralize publishing, and with that develop figureheads and journalists with real identities and real world locations. They managed to publish some critical leaks over the years, but this has eventually proven to expose those people critically to attack by global forces of empire. What's next?


>getting tortured in guantanamo because you refused to clean up your cat's litter box

Assanage should've listened to Jordan Peterson.


>what's next

Revolution and a bullet through the head of everyone in power now.



Hard to stage either of those when the truth is kept from people.


File: 0676ae49b8228e5⋯.jpg (8.5 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Chrono-trigger-but-the-fut….jpg)


>tfw if this had held off just a bit longer, corbyn could've gotten in first

>tfw never get to experience the massive avalanche of salt if corbyn had completely dropped all uk charges and refused all foreign extradition requests against assange



Class consciousness is overrated. The bourgeoisie who overthrew the aristocrats were monarchists right up until they chopped their kings' heads off.



whats up FBI? How has it been cataloging our IPs all day with the good boys from Homelard Security?


Do you think he regrets supporting Trump now?


ASSange is a lolbert crypto-fascist and a putin stooge too, good riddance



I don't care if he believes that Zenu created the World Wide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God to put flouride in children's ice cream. Wikileaks is the shit.



>hurr you must be an agent if you don’t want a foreign traitor divulging classified information to the public

Who else would?





To who?



>fuck journalists

Duterte you need to get Xi Jinping's cock out of your mouth for one second.



>Wikileaks is the shit.

<a medium designed to shit on western governments and putin's political enemies under the guise of neutrality is good

₽5 have been deposited in your account.


File: f5ab8bb8ac84da5⋯.jpeg (89.04 KB, 916x660, 229:165, DxCSFAhWoAEUP1Q.jpeg)


>What is the future of the 4th estate now?

Preserving capitalism, as it has been for decades if not centuries.

>How should real journalism be performed in the 21st century?

What is "real journalism"?


>Fuck journalists.

That desperate incel?


>Duterte you need to get Xi Jinping's cock out of your mouth for one second.

Sucking capitalist cock has a class character silly goose.



>to shit on western governments


>putin's political enemies

yeah kind of fucked up considering Putin is a corrupt nigger


ZOG Occupied Government doesn't exist nigga what haha stop taking dick pills faggy boi


>defending a rapist to own the great satan ameriKKKa

The absolute STATE of /leftpol/



>Muh Russia

As expected the red lib who shits up threads with his pathetic rants on Russia comes in just in time when Assange gets arrested.

Truly truly pitiful.



Russia is not socialist and putin is not your ally

wake the fuck up tankies



I'm not a tank, I agree Putin is not socialist and is a puppet, and even Assange himself might have been a puppet.

However tankies don't care about Russia or Assange.

And riding the Assange outrage wage might do some good in the long run,


Why are we talking abut Russia in here exactly? Wikileaks has published plenty of leaks on Russia.


File: 7f00f2831a4136f⋯.jpg (70.46 KB, 720x545, 144:109, hackersack-720.jpg)

File: 803c9b166c6c29f⋯.jpg (109.66 KB, 600x432, 25:18, 189832_600.jpg)

File: eb05e6961b70417⋯.jpeg (118.19 KB, 600x485, 120:97, perf.jpeg)


Because shitlibs are still assblasted about muh Mueler report. Never forget that authenticity of crimes as exposed and detailed in the leaks were NEVER REPUDIATED by Clinton nor the DNC.


Wikileaks was even right about Ecuador gearing up to expel Assange a few days back. They have literally a perfect track record.



Assange supported Trump and radlibs have been buttblasted as hell since then

It's incredible how so many of them made a perfect 180 and Assange went form hero to a non person, from rebel to bond villain from the cold war, just the thickest ideology possible.


Why does he look like some russian orthodox priest?



>Assange supported Trump

He really didn't.


File: d190c53ef28ce87⋯.jpg (24.2 KB, 230x346, 115:173, book.jpg)


That book in his hands was a collection of interviews by the Real News Network. They just did a replay of some old interviews related to it.




>assange was a conspiratard





>implying gore vidal is conspiracy


File: 90d271626b15666⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 500x459, 500:459, a53d8b23bc1c1d022605873cd3….jpg)


My social media isn't working for bizarre, inexplicable, coincidental reasons having nothing to do with this. Gape Newell deserves to be slowly vivisected.


for once we agree on something


yall who let the actual mongoloids on the board, some horrid cringey takes already

this is the end, it's all downhill from here. in comes megafascism.


File: e9671f8faa24fad⋯.jpg (54.71 KB, 600x446, 300:223, 2ycha7.jpg)

File: 9256b95b239008e⋯.jpg (67.74 KB, 556x500, 139:125, 2ycfsj.jpg)


>Assange campaigning for Trump makes all the REEEEAL TRUE socialists like him

>Radlibs butt blasted BTFO by Trump and Assange gang

GOT DAMN you motherfuckers act fucking retarded

You really need mirrors





Real journalism is dead, it's just elite sycophants from here on in. What was done to Wikileaks was about sending a message as much as anything.

And the whole "muh Trump/Russia" shit was just a way to get political cover, at least among partisan hacks who think it's okay to be oligarchic tools hiding things from the people at large if they have the right letter after their name.



>And the whole "muh Trump/Russia" shit was just a way to get political cover

More than that, it was also a means to justify continued escalation of military spending.




>publishing criminality of Clinton and the DNC is the same as supporting Trump

>implying Hillary "can't we just drone this guy?" Clinton wouldn't be after him too


Years ago he released a file has and an encrypted file. The file is believed to be major blackmail on world governments. It’s beleived that the encryption key is connected to a dead man’s switch that will realize if Assange dies or is imprisoned. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Assange or his journalism.



kek that second picture is pretty good



I have no problem with Assange, and hope he is released soon or pardoned. Tankies running victory laps screaming "radlibs btfo" spiking footballs because Assange is a big Trump supporter is irritating as fuck. In fact, the tankie who is running inbetween /leftpol/ and /leftypol/ calling people radlib if they don't embrace his narrow accelerationist plan to help Trump get elected in 2020 to create social unrest that sparks a bloody Marxist revolution is more annoying than unwanted guests at the habbo hotel posting about AIDs in the pool. GAB has higher quality socialist debate right now, because that anon is shitting all over threads on both boards the past few days.



>Assange is a big Trump supporter

Again, got a source?


File: d0da3f62a95cbf0⋯.jpeg (10.21 KB, 151x225, 151:225, Idealism.jpeg)


Fuck off Clinton


File: 8804da012a48e0e⋯.jpg (6.62 KB, 240x151, 240:151, JillStien.jpg)


>everyone who dislike Hillary is a Trump supporter

fuck off



Jill Stein is a radlib



Probably. She's talked about "building towards the general strike" and made some anti-capitalist comments at various conferences before but I'm not sure how sincere she was. It was difficult getting her to say explicitly anti-capitalist things in the 2016 election after the Greens passed that eco-socialist plank. There's other more staunchly socialist people in the Greens like Ajamu Baraka, and as I've learned recently many of its founding members were in fact socialists.



She doesn’t have brainworms that makes her think everyone is some alt-right Russian.



> It's only bad if you are a democrat!!!

Stop being american



What are the odds it contains proof of endemic kiddy diddling among the global bourgeoisie?



Better yet what are the odds it's 100+ terabytes of files exposing all the top global secrets, full on alien disclosure, confirming mass slave trade networks, undefusable human commands for hypnotism, all the good stuff and everyone still sits back watches it hit CNN and Fox News and does nothing to change things full Brave New World style?



>gaslights with a bad faith argument

Who the fuck said anything about Hillary.

Literally these arguments that if you don't support Trump you like Hillary is same as:

If you don't like apple pie you like applesauce



Fuck off AIPAC quit trying to get leftists to vote for Zion Don



Maybe, but I doubt it. A dead man's switch can be a person or people as well. Julian has tons of supporters.

I bet you we see Julian get a slap on the wrist.








Guys, it’s obvious the file is proof that Bush did 9/11



>people actually think this way


File: d4b86c6cf3767ac⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 600x513, 200:171, The-greatest-fear.jpg)



everyone still sits back watches it hit CNN and Fox News and does nothing to change things full Brave New World style?

This is really the most depressing thing about Wikileaks, that every event and non-event following its activities has made it harder and harder for me to maintain my sincere belief that even the most outrageous revelations imaginable right now could spur the American people into violent revolution.


>Who the fuck said anything about Hillary.

You said

>Assange is a big Trump supporter

a statement based wholly on his "big support" via publishing incriminating leaks of Shrillary's lawbreaking. Moreover, it's an absolutely ridiculous statement, given that Assange is just a generic "enlightened centrist" lolbert at worst.



Your Tumblrina is showing



The worst part is they can get caught and brought out for questioning, admit it but say

>So what if the Jew Israeli Elitist Lobbying Class Divide Slavery Genocide Imperial Fascist Frankenstein Computer Gang is real? We brought you retarded goyim cattle equality, stability at the expense of having a few million people directly killed a year and a billion indirectly killed a year, are you people actually going to get off your asses and sacrifice all your easily accessible material wealth only kings had access too years ago for a few morals? Exactly, sit back down and eat the chicken feed.

The way Mr. Burns did at the end of that Simpsons episode where he got shot, no one who's too deep into the system would actually give it all up even if they display outrage, best case scenario the generation after does.


Sassenachim was funnier.



Yeah it was.

Shit I regret not adding in




To the mix while I could.



>hating Clinton means you like Trump

Spoken like a true Democrat.


How are the Q retards spinning the fact that he was still in the embassy? Didn't their prophet say God Emperor Trump whisked him away in secret?



This assange is obviously an actor, original assange didn't have a beard.



The better question is why anyone till cares about Q cranks?


File: 699192ae58af274⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 699192ae58af2748388d811158….jpg)


anti anti imperialists confirmed for pic related



A hoagie? What?


It's transparently obvious that this thread and its equivalent on /leftypol/ are being targeted by shills.





File: 6c7176b43575b42⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1252x898, 626:449, Shaltear.png)


>You're a dengist if you don't support Assange being arrested



wtf my browser window crashed



>Believing the smear that Assange is a rapist

go back to trannypol retard



ASSange himself admitted to it, tankuck


File: d284c2c39adc8ad⋯.png (87.65 KB, 750x750, 1:1, hillary(30).png)


>if you laughed at a lame pun some bootlicking late nite talkshow media assgremlin made a decade ago, you'll piss yourself when I rip it off!

What is it like to be a cuck?



Thank you for Correcting the Record! fuck me I never thought I'd have to type that again


sounds more like Harrison Bergeron tbh



>everybody who disagrees with me is a Tankie

>the Tankies are literally never right, even when they beat Shitler

This is your brain on ideology.


File: bccaa9b9c9294b8⋯.jpg (136.85 KB, 1200x722, 600:361, CGIy_J4U0AI7CBo.jpg)


He withstood the trial of grasses



>cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck

Back to >>>/pol/


Hitler at least had the decency of ending his shitshow early instead of holding onto it for almost a century like the USSR.



Someone else will carry on with wikileaks on the deep web. He's a fallen comrade, I guess.

>femifaggots bitching about his alleged sexual assaults.

Fuck off back to reddit, radfems. This is /leftpol/, not r/socialism



>>What is the future of the 4th estate now?

>Preserving capitalism, as it has been for decades if not centuries.

really what the fuck is this 4th estate meme

television and holllywood are a direct extension of propaganda which is synonymous with public relations and advertising


Journalism is dead, tbh. It doesn't matter anymore. You can expose all you want, it's going to dissolve into the ambient white noise of late capitalism.



i guarantee that once trump publicly speaks out against Assange every republican in the country will flip the script and call him a traitor.

realistically though Assange being arrested was only a matter of time. The US already went after Chelsea yet again so this sets an extremely dangerous precedent for whistleblowers. Expect more governments to try and go after wikileaks even harder in the future.



>i guarantee that once trump publicly speaks out against Assange every republican in the country will flip the script and call him a traitor.

I can't think of any who actually stopped demonizing him.


Journos belong in a ditch.

Also, daily reminder that Correa was practically overthrown by a neolib socdem soft-coup by Moreno, who has been using soft repression like getting Correa arrested.

Correa was basically the only person keeping Assange safe. Moreno was trying to get rid of him since he got into power.


File: 83a01d18a987466⋯.png (42.31 KB, 616x350, 44:25, 2019-04-11 23_20_08-Tulsi ….png)


On the bright side, at least this damages Trump's re-election chances, so hopefully someone more sympathetic to him gets in there. Though really the only one that fits the bill is probably Tulsi, and the DNC would never let her win.


are you guys literally not talking about this? im in shock, really.




What am I looking at?




>it works

*sniff* mien gott



>everybody who calls me out on my rulecuckery and dickriding, is /pol/

benis lol


>burger government gridlocked when every other major power is censoring the fuck out of the internet

>a bad thing



Gridlock affects congress, not the DoJ. Just changing the president is enough to save Assange.


Assange is nothing more than a Putinshill. This is imperialist power politics and Assange is a chess-piece. fuck him, the dialectic has no need for him



We get it, you can fuck off already.


Isn't Assange a right winger that started selectively leaking to help various international politicians? How is selectively leaking whistleblowing? What he did with Bradley Manning was bad ass, but Wikileaks definitely changed it's character. Last year it was posting a bunch of idpol migrant boat fear mongering for instance. I get why people respect his work during the Iraq war, but I don't see why the left should suddenly rally for a selectively leaking right winger that started undermining the socialist platform. Even Breitbart selectively leaks information. Also, is Assange under arrest right now for skipping bail? I don't think he's even charged with leaking information. If he did get charged I'm pretty sure Trump would pardon him, and Fox News would hire him. He's basically set for life.



>selectively leaking

>Even Breitbart selectively leaks information

Cry me a river

>I don't think he's even charged with leaking information.

He's currently charged by burgarlards with conspiracy for allegedly offering technical assistance to Manning in breaking into military computer systems. If that sounds weakass, remember The Man's earlier attempt at shutting up Assange, until charges were dropped just recently, was feminazi rape hysteria in Sweden.



She's called Chelsea Manning



>Isn't Assange a right winger that started selectively leaking to help various international politicians?

No, and this won't ever be anything more than a state-sponsored smear until you establish some fucking evidence for it.


File: 551d6f4014921db⋯.png (351.37 KB, 720x993, 240:331, 20190412_171152.png)


>Assange a right winger

The dude thinks Rand Paul and the GOP is the world's only hope. Fuck Rand Paul and the GOP.


>Selectively leaks

Fuck ya he selectively leaks. Unless, the world's right wing politicians are just squeeky clean, because he rarely publishes leaks on them these days. Plus the motherfucker jumped on the migrant boat bullshit last year posting groundbreaking photos of boats filled of potential IS men. In fact he got caught refusing to publish leaks about right wing politicians before. That's some Breitbart level publishing. He's been fucking open about being a creepy right winger in interviews, and gee whiz why would Wikileaks prop up right wingers so often. I mean he shouldn't go to jail for reporting, and I hope he catches a break.. But he's not much different from Hannity.



When has he ever not published leaks on right-wing politicians?



He was Bradley Manning when he leaked the docs.



>In fact he got caught refusing to publish leaks about right wing politicians before.

Cool claim, got a source?


File: ad7b72386d75003⋯.jpg (104.16 KB, 548x562, 274:281, 1537720941579.jpg)


>Cry me a river

Cringe tier imageboard argument. What do I fucking care? If some dupe believes that Wikileaks is anything but Breitbart-tier exclusives dressed up as anti-establishment I can't change their mind so fuck em. No amount of Pamela Anderson's bad poetry is going to change the fact that Wikileaks decides what or what not to leak based on their preferences. Different strokes for different folks.

>If that sounds weakass, remember The Man's earlier attempt at shutting up Assange, until charges were dropped just recently, was feminazi rape hysteria in Sweden.


Assange isn't doing anything besides trying to make the world more right wing. By definition that's helping the man.



>I can't change their mind

You could start with some evidence supporting your argument.



Go back to cuckchan, retard.



Yes, and what I was saying was a counterpoint to him saying kicking Trump out and replacing him with somebody who'd get shit done (like further rulecuck the internet the way a lot of countries are), wouldn't be a good thing. Kinda like how the Allies stopped trying to kill Shitler because he kept failing at everything.



t. shill



Most journalists are MSM.

speaking of cock you like pig dicks huh?




the 4th estate dogpiled on him pretty hard.

It's evidently that the 4th estate is

if privately owned, lead by corporate interests or

if in public hands, the mouthpiece of the government (which is either conservative OR socdem/liberal but always neoliberal and pro American war hawks)



>muh burgers

do I post gay zabivaka, tianamen runes, or body oder pix?


File: 6fa1d2b543c6572⋯.jpg (68.94 KB, 342x441, 38:49, 626774.jpg)


>implying you can't hate /leftypol/ BO and Muttland

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