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File: fd1140d83626fa0⋯.jpg (81.7 KB, 794x1007, 794:1007, chinese_people_s_liberatio….jpg)


Canada's golden boy Trudeau sinks in polls as scandal takes toll

six months ahead of an October election, polls suggest the 47-year-old politician with the broad smile and a penchant for colorful socks could become the first prime minister to lose power after a single majority mandate since the 1930s.


Thousands flee Tripoli homes as battle rages on outskirts

Eastern forces and troops loyal to the Tripoli government battled on the outskirts of Libya’s capital on Wednesday as thousands of residents fled the fighting.


Israel Election: Netanyahu Appears Headed For Win In Close Race

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be on his way to a fourth consecutive term, and his main challenger has conceded defeat.The election was neck and neck between his right-wing party and that of his top contender, centrist political newcomer Benny Gantz.


A US warship loaded with F-35 stealth fighters was apparently spotted near a disputed area in the South China Sea

The US appears to have sailed a warship armed with stealth fighters near a disputed reef in the South China Sea.Filipino fishermen spotted an "aircraft carrier" launching stealth fighters near the contested Scarborough Shoal, a tiny speck of land in the South China Sea, the local media outlet ABS-CBN reported on Tuesday.


New Zealand Passes Law Banning Most Semi-Automatic Weapons

Less than one month after a gunman killed 50 people at a mosque in Christchurch, the New Zealand Parliament voted Wednesday to ban most semi-automatic and military-style weapons.The law makes it illegal to possess the prohibited weapons in New Zealand.


Brexit: May awaits EU Brexit extension decision

Theresa May is waiting to hear the decision of the other 27 EU leaders, who are discussing her request for a short delay to Brexit.Mrs May wants to postpone the UK's exit date beyond this Friday to 30 June - but EU leaders are expected to offer a longer delay, with conditions.


GitHub Has Become A Haven For China's Censored Internet Users

China's beleaguered tech workers have deluged GitHub in the past month with thousands of posts protesting "996" schedules — 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week — and demanding better working conditions.


Spanish police ‘recover Julian Assange surveillance footage’

WikiLeaks has said it has uncovered a surveillance operation against Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy and that images, documents and videos gathered have been offered for sale.


Airbnb says it will allow listings in West Bank settlements

Airbnb announced Tuesday that it will no longer block home rentals in Israeli settlements in the West Bank region.The company said in a statement that the reversal of previously announced policy comes after Airbnb settled lawsuits with hosts and guests who opposed it.



New Zealand inquiry set to whitewash fascist murders in Christchurch

In fact, the Labour-led government and the state are desperately seeking to prevent any discussion of the political motivations for the slaughter. The chief censor last month banned Tarrant’s 74-page fascist “manifesto,” with severe penalties for holding or distributing copies.The Commission’s terms of reference ensure there will be no examination of the underlying political causes of the tragedy, including the promotion of anti-immigrant xenophobia by the entire political establishment and the broader elevation of far-right parties in Europe, Australia, the US and New Zealand.



Rand Paul to Pompeo: You do not have ‘permission’ for war with Iran

Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday warned the Trump administration not to go to war with Iran, at least not without getting permission from Congress.The libertarian-leaning Kentucky Republican spoke directly to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.



Republicans falsely claim Ilhan Omar denied 9/11 attackers were terrorists

Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas shared a tweet falsely reporting that Omar had said she “does not consider [September 11] a terrorist attack on the USA by terrorists”, while accusing the Minnesota congresswoman of playing down the attack.


Ocasio-Cortez grills bankers on if more should have gone to jail for financial crisis

"I represent kids that go to jail for jumping a turnstile because they can't afford a MetroCard,” Ocasio-Cortez told JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. “Do you think that more folks should have gone to jail for their role in a financial crisis that led to 7.8 million foreclosures in the 10 years between 2007 and 2016?"



Blatant bias against ‘crazy hair’ Bernie Sanders at Wash Post goes unnoticed by rest of media

The Washington Post has a problem with Bernie Sanders. Since March 18, the newspaper has run no less than 10 anti-Sanders op-eds — and its agenda approaching the 2020 election has become glaringly obvious.The recent spate of anti-Sanders screeds was highlighted on Twitter by columnist and Sanders campaign advisor David Sirota, who posted screenshot images showing a selection of the headlines in question.


Trump to sign orders making it harder to block pipelines

President Donald Trump’s support for shifting more power to states took a back seat Wednesday to his affinity for oil and gas production as he aimed to make it harder for states to block pipelines and other energy projects due to environmental concerns.


Feds Charge 24 In Alleged $1.2 Billion Medicare Fraud Scheme

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday said they dismantled one of the largest health care fraud schemes ever investigated by the FBI, charging 24 people in a $1.2 billion alleged scam involving telemedicine and durable medical equipment companies.


Norwood Jewell, the UAW and the Flint water crisis

One facet of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan that has gotten little or no attention is the close connections between the United Auto Workers union and local Democratic politicians whose decisions resulted in the lead poisoning of the city of 96,000 residents.


This Oil Spill Has Been Leaking Into The Gulf For 14 Years

Ten miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, off the tip of Louisiana, the fumes become overwhelming. "See how it's all rainbow sheen there? So that's oil," says Ian MacDonald, who's guiding us in a tiny fishing boat that's being tossed around by 6-foot waves.


More than one-third of millennials earning at least $100,000 a year consider themselves middle class

The survey polled 4,400 Americans — 1,207 of them identified as millennials, defined by the survey as people ages 22 to 37 (237 respondents did not select a generation).Of the respondents who answered the question, less than half who earn $100,000 or more consider themselves rich — about 23% of them think they're upper middle class, and nearly 6% think they're affluent. About a quarter of those earning $100,000 a year or more consider themselves below middle class — nearly 7% think they're poor, and almost 20% think they're working class.



>China's beleaguered tech workers have deluged GitHub in the past month with thousands of posts protesting "996" schedules — 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week — and demanding better working conditions.

Is this the power of communism with socialist characteristics?



Neoliberalism promised freedom – instead it delivers stifling control

My life was saved last year by the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, through a skilful procedure to remove a cancer from my body. Now I will need another operation, to remove my jaw from the floor. I’ve just learned what was happening at the hospital while I was being treated. On the surface, it ran smoothly. Underneath, unknown to me, was fury and tumult. Many of the staff had objected to a decision by the National Health Service to privatise the hospital’s cancer scanning. They complained that the scanners the private company was offering were less sensitive than the hospital’s own machines. Privatisation, they said, would put patients at risk. In response, as the Guardian revealed last week, NHS England threatened to sue the hospital for libel if its staff continued to criticise the decision.


The Tragedy and Fallacy of NATO’s Balkan Experiment: 20 Years On

March 24, 1999 was an ordinary school day in Belgrademid-week (Wednesday). Suddenly, half of my high-school class quietly left for home early, citing relatives calling in from overseas saying that the NATO bombing campaign has started in the South, including an authorisation to hit Belgrade. My friends and I (for whom the satellite TV was an unimaginable luxury!) reluctantly left our interrupted class, each one of us buried deeply in our thoughts as to what the conflict might actually mean. We remembered well the convoys of refugees pouring across Serbia’s western border during the Croatian and Bosnian wars, with many refugee children attending our school too and eventually blending in with the locals. The state broadcaster RTS television was playing its usual program, heavily controlled by Milosevic’s cronies, with no sign of impaling events. Around 8.12pm, which was the time for widely popular Latin telenovelas, there was a loud bang in the neighbourhood and all of our apartment block’s windows shook. Is it firecrackers? A little while afterwards the air raid sirens began; the now famous commentator from the independent Studio B television channel Avram Izrael was about to start with his daily commentary about air raids. This was the first bomb that was dropped on Belgrade, a European capital during an offensive military operation, hitting very close to home. In our proximity there were several military facilities underneath Strazevica and Avala mountains, which became a daily target for NATO’s yet another failed Balkan experiment. The symbol of Belgrade and former Yugoslavia, the Avala Tower and a television transmitter, was destroyed during one of those raids, only six days after RTS headquarters were bombed killing a dozen journalists and which the Amnesty International declared a ‘war crime’.


Israel’s election shows ‘the two-state solution’ is dead in the water

It wasn’t just Netanyahu who didn’t mention 'a two-state solution’ in his election campaign; none of his main rivals did either. So why do Western politicians and pundits keep mouthing platitudes about it, as if it’s still 1993?Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the right-wing Likud Party, appears to have secured a record fifth term in office, following this week’s general election in Israel.No doubt his success – if confirmed – will be portrayed by liberals as “a setback to the peace process.” To which the honest response must be: “what peace process?


First They Came for the Undocumented

The deportation state that Obama and Trump radically expanded is no longer content to just go after the undocumented. Its targets increasingly include citizens and political dissenters of all kinds.




>going to github to avoid censorship

When do you think they'll learn?



No matter how much the liberals attack based Sanders and Ilhan Omar. Their popularity continues to grow. Shit, even /pol/niggers like Omar.


File: 96d335046a91778⋯.png (25.28 KB, 1086x604, 543:302, population-of-immigrants-i….PNG)

>Rand Paul to Pompeo: You do not have ‘permission’ for war with Iran

He's honestly the last person I would've imagined objecting to that for any reason.

>Ocasio-Cortez grills bankers on if more should have gone to jail for financial crisis

Did anyone?

>More than one-third of millennials earning at least $100,000 a year consider themselves middle class

<About a quarter of those earning $100,000 a year or more consider themselves below middle class — nearly 7% think they're poor


>First They Came for the Undocumented

What a retarded article. In spite of the clickbait title, the mention of Obama inspired some hope in me that the actual story would be less myopic than the typical piece of "muh drumpf" virtue signaling, an a problem dating back through Dubya to Clinton. ICE is virtually identical in operation, doctrine, and personnel to its INS predecessor, which is born out by its effects. Over the entire history since illegal aliens going from obscure trivia to major political football (starting around when the maquiladora system took root in 1989, accelerating once NAFTA hit the Mexican labor market like an atomic bomb in 1994, what a coincidence!), the illegal alien population has held amazingly steady at about 10 million for almost two decades, suggesting an unchanging intentional policy target for deportations, pic related.

And what about the other half of the equation, illegal immigration? Fact is over 2/3rds of illegal aliens enter legally instead of border hopping, then "vanish" from the system to overstay their visas. Mighty convenient.

Meanwhile, "enforcement" remains focused on labor suppression, rather than meaningfully punishing illegal employers and customers, and the relative nonissue of illegal aliens itself completely overshadows any debate on the far larger issue of legal migration quotas pouring over a million economic immigrants into the population every year, accounting for over 70M in multigenerational population increase since quotas were "reformed" in 1965.


When they gitgud



>Assange's attorney, Jen Robinson, said that, in addition to being arrested for breach of bail conditions, Assange is also being processed in relation to a U.S. extradition request on a warrant that was issued in December 2017 for conspiracy with Chelsea Manning in early 2010.


At least the Swedish feminazis won't get first crack at him, I guess.


File: bb32057d236d2b2⋯.jpeg (73.74 KB, 813x787, 813:787, image.jpeg)


>"could become the first prime minister to lose power after a single majority mandate since the 1930s."

I guess that's what you get for stupid identity politics.



Putting $5 on suicide in cell by the end of the month or full silencing and putting a stop to his career like McKinnon.


cute meganekko



Trudeau's about to get it in the ass with a big rainbow Saudi missile.











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