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File: 18f6ff5f31f62ce⋯.png (397.04 KB, 673x673, 1:1, pETite BourGsIUSe SHills.png)

File: 72f2d39a9d063d4⋯.jpg (140.13 KB, 1047x971, 1047:971, oh shit U got me Libs.jpg)

File: 69bd09523f26aff⋯.jpg (79.85 KB, 735x680, 147:136, tfw no superstructutre alt….jpg)

File: 7b55e9c223f56cd⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 480x270, 16:9, tumblr_nyggagk1kK1ujxxkjo1….gif)


why are they ALL CLASS TRADERS ?


Why is daddy Enver grinning like that?



The concrete mixture has proven paratrooper-proof.



what the fuck is that political compass? Promoting radical politics and critiquing alt-right politics aren't opposite ends of a spectum. Neither are digestible and condensed.



I think that OP actually meant "reactionary" instead of radical.



If that's true, he's claiming bolshevism and anarchism are both reactionary, making it even dumber.



>Yet another redditor shilling e-slebs thread

Fucks sake, not these shitheads again. Harry did a fundraiser for an organization that mutilates confused kids, Nick is a member of the tranny sex cult (that's what the "feminine penis" bullshit is about, laying the groundwork for forcing unwanted sex on people), Anactualjoke is an actual liberal and Shaun is just an insufferable arse. Please stop pushing these people, they are an argument FOR the correctness of the far-right and against the left.

(Honorable mention: Came across Badmouse's vid on the GDR and actually liked it)


why do all these people make insufferable content that appeals to liberals ?



Could be because 95% of the western population is liberal.




They're just earning a living by making YouTube videos. its easy to get jealous of the rich and famous. They seem to have captured a slice of immortality in our secular age denied to the rest of us . . But it's ultimately ( self-) destructive.

Personally I've got my normie job plus my side artistic project which is overall a net drain on my finances. If it brings me fame (or even better, notoriety) it'll probably only be when I'm dead. That's enough to be getting on with. It's a waste of time complaining about e-celebs ecc as though they're theyrr what's stopping us all from fulfilling our potentials.

> Please stop pushing these people, they are an argument FOR the correctness of the far-right and against the left.

*Far-right *podcasts and YouTube channels are an argument for the correctness of the far-right.

Why aren't you posting criticisms of far right arguments for the far right?

Some of these "e-sleb" videos have a million views (take a bow, Ms Contrapoints).





This is a great video on Steve Bannon


Olly/p. Tube is an actor by profession, so he knows how to put together a dramatic. suggestive watchable short film.

We need to be encouraging such "content creators ", from our virtual bunker of anonyinimity, not lobbing pineapple grenades of personal attacks at them.



Because youtube money.

We are on year 3 of breadtube. How long do you think until they become the new Sargon who gets universally laughed at?



Sargon's rise was gamergate, around 2014. He got booted off Patreon, what, earlier this year? So they have like a year or two left maybe.



>Why aren't you posting criticisms of far right arguments for the far right?

Richard Spencer is self-refuting.



Who's the smoking guy at the bottom and the one next to him?



didn't know Finnbol was a liberal but ok


also I choose not to make money from my videos so there's that



He looks like a burrito.



So far Cuck Philosophy is my fav BreadTuber, he knows his shit.



he's good but is spotty in some areas.


File: 308428811f8ddb1⋯.png (166.36 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, breadtube alignment.png)

File: c49d1d8b8f1fb3e⋯.png (31.18 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, breadtube alignment clean.png)


Here, make a better chart. Hard mode: find anybody who doesn't belong in the shit quadrant.


Imagine watching low I Q beta males badly explain politics to you and finding it enlightening



Muh beta males

Strawmen, everywhere

This is why comrade Elliot Rodger killed people

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