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File: dcb95a531829044⋯.jpg (109.86 KB, 809x987, 809:987, two_chekists_by_senhariko_….jpg)


Neo-Nazi planned assassination of second UK Labour MP

The plot by a neo-Nazi, Jack Renshaw, to murder Labour Party MP Rosie Cooper was finally revealed following the end of a seven-week trial at London’s Old Bailey.


US revokes visa of International Criminal Court prosecutor

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has been barred from entering the US, it has been revealed.Fatou Bensouda has had her entry visa revoked by Washington.The decision is understood to be in response to her long-running investigation into possible war crimes, including torture, committed by American forces in Afghanistan.


Between circus and civil war: Poroshenko aide trolls election frontrunner with Pinochet pic

The picture shows the face of Poroshenko photoshopped over that of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. His government notoriously used the national stadium in Santiago to execute political opponents in the aftermath of the 1973 military coup. The words written under Poroshenko’s smiling face paraphrase his actual video response to Zelensky’s challenge and roughly translate as “Let it happen at the stadium then.”


Brexit: Government offers 'no change' to deal, says Labour

The government has not proposed any changes to the PM's Brexit deal during cross-party talks, says shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer.Meetings have been taking place between Tory and Labour politicians to find a proposal to put to the Commons before an emergency EU summit next week.


UN chief warns of 'bloody confrontation' in Libya after meeting with renegade General

Libya could be plunged into a "bloody confrontation", the United Nations secretary general warned yesterday, after he met with the renegade general who has ordered his troops to advance on Tripoli.General Khalifa Haftar's forces took the former international airport on the outskirts of the capital on Friday night, though they suffered an earlier setback when around 140 men were captured.


‘The militia is all of us’: Who are Venezuela’s pro-Maduro ‘colectivos,’ so demonized by the West?

Ever since the US recognized Venezuela’s wannabe coup leader, pro-government activists have been bracing for possible military intervention. Western media have been for years portraying them as thugs of the dictatorship.


Wildfire Rips Along South Korea's Eastern Coast, Prompting National Emergency

South Korea is using its military to contain a large forest fire that spread quickly after igniting in Gangwon Province, along the country's east coast. Strong winds moved the blaze from city to city, prompting President Moon Jae-in to declare a national emergency.


Rwanda genocide: Macron orders probe of France's role

French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed a panel of experts to investigate France's role in Rwanda's genocide 25 years ago.An estimated 800,000 Rwandans, most from the minority Tutsi community, were killed by ethnic Hutu extremists over 100 days in 1994.


Brazilians Join 'Free Lula' Caravan Heading to Curitiba Prison

Over 17 Brazilian capital cities will host civil demonstrations on Sunday, marking a year since the imprisonment of former leftist president Lula da Silva.The Brazilian Worker’s Party (PT) started on Friday the “Free Lula Caravan,” a massive march which will take place across several locations until Sunday.


Russia's WTO 'national security' victory cuts both ways for Trump

Russia won a dispute about “national security” at the World Trade Organization on Friday, in a ruling over a Ukrainian transit dispute that may also affect global automobile tariffs that could be imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump.



Massive ICE workplace raid jails 280 immigrant workers in Texas

Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided an Allen, Texas business on Wednesday morning and arrested 280 undocumented workers. The business, CVE technology, employs 2,100 workers who repair cell phones and other electronic devices. The business is the third largest employer in that city.


Biden quips about behavior storm, targets union voters

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday made light of his recent controversy about crossing physical boundaries with women, and he signaled in a resolute speech to union activists that’s he’s ready to run for president as a moderate Democrat in party that has been drifting left.Biden, 76, opened his speech to a conference of electrical workers joking that he had “permission” to hug the union leader who introduced him.


Horn or bump? Pro-Palestinian poster at Columbia University sparks accusations of anti-Semitism

University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter is currently holding an annual event called “Israeli Apartheid Week.” As the name implies, it is critical of Israeli policies and is meant to support the rights of the Palestinian people.However, according to a group rooting for the other team called Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at Columbia University, the event was marred by a “cheap act of portraying Jewish soldiers with physical deformities” that is “downright abhorrent and anti-Semitic and must be condemned by Columbia University.”


Elizabeth Warren just endorsed an idea to radically reshape the Senate that Trump also loves

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday announced her support to end the Senate's legislative filibuster.Warren is only the second 2020 presidential candidate to call for ending the filibuster — a dramatic institutional change that Democrats have long been squeamish on.


Elon Musk just had a terrible week and it could easily get worse, fast

Tesla's legal and financial troubles came to a head this week as the company reported weak deliveries and its CEO went to court in Manhattan.The week epitomized the company's troubles in 2019, with investors starting to wonder about CEO Elon Musk's leadership and the company's cash position."This f—ing guy's crazy," one investor told Business Insider.


Silicon Valley is facing an 'exodus of young employees' and recruiting tech talent is becoming harder, new survey reveals

Silicon Valley is known as the center of tech and innovation, but people in the industry are noticing that its dominance is starting to slip.A recent survey of 300 tech employees in Silicon Valley found that 49% said they expected a region outside the San Francisco Bay Area to emerge as a center of innovation. A report on the survey, compiled by the Brunswick Group, said that most of the tech workers — 74% — said they expected China to become more of a competitive threat to Silicon Valley's tight grip on the tech industry in the next five years.




Identity Rules: A Report from Reddening Chicago

There’s a reason that white police officers voted for Lightfoot. “If someone had told me in the era of Richard J. Daley (when I moved to Chicago) that cop neighborhoods such as Mount Greenwood would vote overwhelmingly for an African American woman,” longtime Chicago activist Kingsley Clark writes, “I would have said: ‘What are you smoking, man!’ The word ‘progressive’ lost meaning with the Clintons and was buried deep in this mayoral election. Those Chicagoans who cling to that illusory concept are going to be mightily disappointed.”Like with the silver-tongued neoliberal “from Chicago” (really from Honolulu and Harvard Law) Barack Obama? Obama must have used the word “progressive” at least a thousand times to describe himself on his path to the presidency between 2004 and 2009. We saw how that worked out.The 44th president called to congratulate Lightfoot, one rich fake-progressive identity-cloaked corporatist talking to another.


New York Times laments stalled Venezuelan coup

Guaidó and his backers had cast the stunt as the end of the government of President Nicolas Maduro, predicting that Venezuelan security forces would disintegrate in the face of a handful of rations offered by the USAID.Nothing of the kind transpired, and in the intervening weeks the ability of Guaidó and his US handlers to mount anti-regime demonstrations has visibly waned, while there has been no discernable crack in the country’s armed forces.The New York Times, which has served as a propaganda mouthpiece for the US-orchestrated regime change operation from its outset, published a perplexed editorial Thursday titled “As the crisis in Venezuela grows, the options narrow.” The newspaper’s editorial board offered a lament over the failure of the CIA and its Venezuelan assets to swiftly topple the Venezuelan government.“But despite threats of intervention, calls on the military to rebel, economic sanctions, promises of aid for the long-suffering Venezuelans and long power failures, Mr. Maduro remains defiantly entrenched in the presidential palace, his corrupt generals at his side and his Russian and Cuban backers behind him,” the editorial states.


Belief in Meritocracy Is Not Only False, It’s Bad for You

‘We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else …’ Barack Obama, inaugural address, 2013‘We must create a level playing field for American companies and workers.’ Donald Trump, inaugural address, 2017Meritocracy has become a leading social ideal. Politicians across the ideological spectrum continually return to the theme that the rewards of life – money, power, jobs, university admission – should be distributed according to skill and effort. The most common metaphor is the ‘even playing field’ upon which players can rise to the position that fits their merit. Conceptually and morally, meritocracy is presented as the opposite of systems such as hereditary aristocracy, in which one’s social position is determined by the lottery of birth. Under meritocracy, wealth and advantage are merit’s rightful compensation, not the fortuitous windfall of external events.Most people don’t just think the world shouldbe run meritocratically, they think it ismeritocratic. In the UK, 84 per cent of respondents to the 2009 British Social Attitudes survey stated that hard work is either ‘essential’ or ‘very important’ when it comes to getting ahead, and in 2016 the Brookings Institute found that 69 per cent of Americans believe that people are rewarded for intelligence and skill.




>There’s a reason that white police officers voted for Lightfoot.

Who did black police officers vote for?


>russia today

Can take these threads seriously if they're peppered with propaganda.



>New York Times laments stalled Venezuelan coup

The CIA failing to overthrow a democratically elected South American head of state suggests to me that they have lost their touch. Hell, the State Department even had to do the Arab Spring themselves!



>implying Russian state media isn't better than burger private media

Fuck off to >>>/liberalpol/



The CIA's only real chance was in 2002. Once that failed they had basically no one in the military to call on, Chavez made damn sure of that.



>ameriKKKa the devil!

you need to go back to trannypol



We have articles from British and American state media and literal porky articles here too. The sad reality is that state and corporate media have orders of magnitude more reporters than leftist sources and are often giving the first/most in-depth coverage on a topic, I don't see why RT in particular should be singled out.



>complaining about RT

>but not BBC, NPR, or Reuters

What did he mean by this?



Russia is a reactionary STATE and RT is their propaganda arm to spread literal fake news

Putin is not a socialist


Say what you want about America but at least it has free press unlike putinstan


File: aea00de986743f5⋯.jpg (6.47 KB, 224x217, 32:31, 3d9.jpg)



>free press

Yeah, that's why they arrest and torture whistleblowers.



muh ebul russian STATE MEDIA

Just look here >>136455


>Russia is a reactionary STATE and RT is their propaganda arm

Corporate media is the propaganda arm of western STATES who are controlled by western CORPORATIONS anyway, much like the Russian STATE is controlled by Russian OLIGARCHS

>to spread literal fake news

"Fake News" was coined by CNN to discredit independent media, smearing everyone as the bullshitters.




>independent media

sure thing vladimir


File: ca0393136d4b56a⋯.png (170.1 KB, 1538x2735, 1538:2735, news tiers.png)

>Massive ICE workplace raid jails 280 immigrant workers in Texas

Gee, I wonder if CVE Technology is going to face any sort of serious penalties for this?

>Belief in Meritocracy Is Not Only False, It’s Bad for You

<because meritocracy doesn't exist in many context, means meritocracy as an ideal is inherently bad

Clickbait title, manipulative article, back to Tumblr with this one.


Read Russian/Chinese propaganda about America/Europe, and American/European propaganda about Russia/China, it's the only practical option. Srsly tho, 90% of these stories at all major "journalism" outlets are single-sourced from the same small pool of wire services, usually AP, Reuters, or UPI.



None of these are great. Al Jazeera and BBC are decent. PBS is okay. Everything else is shit.

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