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File: a90d9236c3e7cc9⋯.png (1.27 MB, 600x1000, 3:5, ur.png)


What do you think everyone's political ideology was in Morrowind? I know Daddy Dagoth was basically Morrowind's Hitler.





Mapping political ideology in a Bethesda game is a fool's errand.


In the The Elder Scrolls universe, idealism is true. The whole thing is the dream of a sleeping god. You can physically empower yourself by having philosophical revelations, and you can actually become another person (physically replacing them) by imitating them long enough.

No IRL politics really apply there. The politics in the setting are mostly about what factions you're aligned with.



>Daddy Dagoth

>Morrowind's Hitler

We must critically support the Sixth House in its struggle against Cyrodilic imperialism.


Morrowind reminds me of the American South in some ways.



>Poor Dunmer resent other races even more

>The merchant house is basically a bunch of scalwags

Of course, unlike the actual IRL 19th century South, mass immigration is a thing. Also, Morrowind has a more nomadic traditional culture, a monarchy, and there is still plenty of disparity of income between the Dunmer even before Imperial invasion. Early America was far more equal in wealth when it came to whites. Migration of the Dunmer to Morrowind is more like the migrations of the 5th century than any real colonial project. And, of course, there's magic everywhere and living gods.

Just there's a slight resemblance. Hell, Dagoth Ur and the Tribunal are kind of like the Alt Right and the traditional right in their relationship. The Tribunal want to conserve the current society, while the Sixth House, while wanting to preserve or even reinforce Dunmer values, wants to radically alter society in pursuit of said means. The Sixth House's mutations and 'ascension' can be compared to the eccentricities of alt-righters and the red-pill respectively.

That or I'm overthinking things. Morrowind is one of my favorite games.




Banned for supporting imperialism.



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