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File: 3f7b109d0005458⋯.jpg (71.84 KB, 737x445, 737:445, J7rZwmL.jpg)


Veganism is idpol. It's ethical consumption and liberal lifestylism. All vegans are liberals.


this tbh


File: 57cac979a920738⋯.png (181 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 57cac979a920738b9bd536ff19….png)

>not eating certain things is a identity essentialist ideological position


Veganism seeks to arbitrarily limit what people can do and is fundamentally unfree ideologically.

It's dietary tankieism.



The not eating part is simply vegetarianism. Veganism is when you also won't buy any clothes made from animals or really anything that has anything animal in it unless that animal is a shellfish because PETA doesn't consider them animals for some reason.


File: 22781e74d703a9d⋯.jpg (60.26 KB, 475x522, 475:522, 1434307384513-4.jpg)


>says this while complaining about the dietary choices of others

>implying all vegans want to force veganism on others


Yeah, it does reeks of soft, over sensible liberal/sjw faggotry.

>baawww dah puoor animuls baawww, animuls are cumrades tooo


Human supremacy is the only sane position



>Denying vegans are in a holy war to stop others eating meat

>Thinking none of us have spent five seconds talking to vegans

Come on now


File: 26f3cf84e71976f⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No_Trend_-_Too_Many_Humans….jpg)



>not shit


File: 3d0fab8c72f389e⋯.jpg (240.88 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 3d0fab8c72f389efa59776fb89….jpg)

Has idpol lost all its meaning and turned into a generic insult? Is it the "cuck" of /leftypol/?



>de huwite man



What the fuck are you going on about? Nobody mentioned huwite people


On an unapolagetically serious note vegetarianism or whatever the fags call themselves is a movement that has no foundational basis beyond the spook of animals feeling pain.

An unfortunate truth of life is that one must consume pain in order to gain, this is true of labor, and it is true of natural resources, we are all beings made of the same particles, plants and animals, we need to consume the same energy to gain it. There is this ironic belief vegans hold that plants are not alive and feel no pain, they exist because mother earth provides them for our consumption.

This is inherently wrong as it's not only proven plants react and feel pain but also that water molecules react to energy, meaning that there's a good chance they also have the same level of consciousness as animals and killing them is just as bad as killing animals. However that cannot be proved or disproved yet however that makes the entire movement pointless anyways until it can.

And I've seen multiple economic arguments for it but what these people don't realize is that regulation of the production of meat can be made to fix those problems and treat animals in the most dignifying way possible before death more easily than converting 7 million people to veganism would. The entire movement isn't subversive as much as it is pointless. Dedicating any time to it would be like dedicating time to pro beastiality rights, in the end what major change will you make in the world beyond something trivial?


File: 11ca0ec1039bbff⋯.gif (55.01 KB, 397x360, 397:360, nhip2Ye.gif)


>spook of animals feeling pain.


File: 5ede93c38d31f12⋯.jpg (131.56 KB, 1200x872, 150:109, carnist memes vegan meat v….jpg)


will carnists ever stop being eternally butthurt?



Gr8 meme 10/10 bacons



And how the fuck is that idpol? Can we please stop using this word to describe literally everything?



Its an identity thats clinged to. Its also liberal lifestylism.



>Its an identity thats clinged to

Not identity politics.

>Its also liberal lifestylism.

Don't care, they don't pretend its revolutionary.



>they don't pretend its revolutionary.

They do tho





There you go again. This is idpol. I’m not WITH you, I’m


and myself alone. You’re creating an identity beyond yourself with your bullshit notions of “WE” or “ME PLURAL”. Fuck off with your idpol you fucking tankie retard and fuck off back to /trannypol/


File: a7f61f4427ffefb⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 499x376, 499:376, 61550_1601257867812_112701….jpg)



WE think you are a fucking sophist faggot.




The absolute state of /leftpol/



It's only one retarded t*nkie



>using word ableism unironically

end yourself


File: 6e8519a7261728b⋯.jpg (19.81 KB, 960x422, 480:211, your autism level has incr….jpg)

>it's another "let's whine about vaguely affiliated ideologies for being dumb" thread

Ask yourself why you care so much about differences of opinions this minor. Sure, some [ideology] are sectarian dipshits, but most aren't. Some of them being shitty isn't license for you to be like the shitty ones.



He is obviously using it ironically, because he's convinced that because I don't whine about trannies/faggots/jews 24/7 I must be some twitter tankie who gets offended by everything.



Wow, another /leftpol/ crypto-right winger! I bet you’d be euthanizing neurodivergents like the Nazis did



And they say the right can't meme.


File: c17e4da3a5b8376⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 583x842, 583:842, bhf1om5guvl21.jpg)

Eating meat is bourgeoisie decadence. Either you go vegan or get shot


File: 0203ac5b05ebca5⋯.jpg (84.74 KB, 473x435, 473:435, 1433810669257-0.jpg)


This, carnists get the fucking knife



so do pedos





Why don't animals band together to kill their exploiters like in Animal Farm? Are they stupid?



File: 46c6a3caf258f93⋯.jpg (72.84 KB, 499x500, 499:500, 46c.jpg)



File: 24276d0ccb0de66⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images(2).jpg)

Mostly its the meateaters that shit talk and go full defensive when they figure i dont want a fucking kebab. Anyway i rather dumpster some veggies and cook it at squat than go to a fucking restaurant.. Idpol my ass. Consume all you want posers.



shut the fuck up vegetard

bbq is objectively proletarian



BBQ is objectively the shittiest way to cook your meat. Tastes like smoke and coal.



You fuck just prove my point



For reals, I have two vegetarian friends and both are super chill about it, only ever bring it up if someone asks if they want some meat, and only talk in depth about it when someone asks questions as to why they do it.

For some reason the mere existance of vegans/vegetarians triggers some people.


File: f18bdf014c22a28⋯.png (21.7 KB, 475x451, 475:451, 35c22303e00f80602641e93b2f….png)



Vegans will probably resort to cannibalism before any meat eater does.

I know this for two reasons

#1. Vegans are actually highly violent towards animals, I've seen them advocate for killing monkey's, roaches, and more as long as you don't eat them. Where as consumption of animal carcasses is currently debatable as to whether it's a spook or not vegans most certainly will never stop believing in spooks even with their diet.

#2. With lack of animals to eat they'd probably resort to eating humans if vegetables ever underwent mass extinction.

That or resort to eating grass.

Hypothetically at least.


For me its not about stoping people from eating meat. Its about meat being in every fucking meal, every fucking day. Its about intensive animal farming.But ofc with so many retards in the planet how else would you feed fat american fucks. Anyway the veggies are also bad, there is no good food. With chemicals being everywhere you can just hope not to get cancer in your first 30 years. Should push for cannibalism legalisation and start farming humans like pigs. A food revolution but moralfags would cry..>>137028



>Meat is in every meal. How else would you feed fat fuck americans?

Americans? The people who eat msg, soy, tofu, chemical by products, hfc in all their foods?

People who eat a pack of doritos and skittles for lunch?

They're the one's pushing it because of the fast food industry, which is what you were going to say next something most people are fighting again?

>Should push for cannibalism legislation

At this point capitalism will do that within our lifetime.




Vegans are weak and retarded, possibly faggot. They can't do much.


>>135674 being vegan means that our neuronal functioning will be harmed, it would take us a little our thoughts and therefore freedom.



Source? :^)


File: 478adc17039e765⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 834x731, 834:731, animal suffering.jpg)



>Caring about animal suffering



File: bcb477f64bcea27⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images(3).jpg)


These is plenty of bodybuilders etc. to prove you wrong.. Not all vegans are made from soy.



My brother doesn't eat meat, goes to the gym 5 times/week, is a boxer and would wreck 99% of image board users 1v1.



Yeah and I'm sure you also have a supermodel wife and make 200x the average national income Unruhe.



Unruhe is really anti vegan retard



yeah he's a retard


File: bb9812301f3fe3a⋯.jpg (66.77 KB, 480x633, 160:211, vegan gains did nothing wr….jpg)



>bodybuilders are strong, not retarded and not gay




The best way to cook your meat is to not cook it because your Siberian prison camp lacks a proper gas stove.



>t. obese burger



I'm not a burger neither I am obese, unlike most of the vegan human garbage.


File: 17f23a6b5d975c8⋯.jpg (307.34 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, UEZuEv3.jpg)



>muscle milk

Literally what?

>Large canines

Literally not a bad trait, akin to that one political cartoon that portrays high t negatively.

>plants have feelings

You still have no way of proving they don't until you do I will continue eating meat.



>You still have no way of proving they don't until you do I will continue eating meat.

You can't prove a negative.


File: cbca381c831cdc5⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 403x403, 1:1, venus.jpg)







Except that you can?

Being unable to prove a negative in philosophy just means pushing the argument back.

My point then still stands.



That's right bruh, wanting to be healthy and not wreck the planet is definitely idpol.

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