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File: a0a54deb664db84⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 640x471, 640:471, 66a1c1f1b3e1f07ad4c9135123….jpg)


The biggest obstacle retarding development of /leftpol/ is the counter-revolutionary revisionism of the leading clique of /leftypol/

The revisionist /leftypol/ clique know the paramount importance of controlling moderation power. Ever since BO purge, she has pushed through a whole series of revisionist policies which have greatly hastened the growth of the forces of liberalism and again sharpened the struggle between the roads of socialism and capitalism. Scanning the threads over the last few months, one finds numerous examples demonstrating the generation of new bourgeois elements on a large scale and the acceleration of polarization. They are conceited, complacent, and they aimlessly discuss politics. They do not grasp their work, they are subjective and one-sided; they are careless; they do not listen to people; they are truculent and arbitrary; they force orders; they do not care about reality; they maintain blind control. They want others to read documents; the others read and they sleep; they criticize without looking at things; they criticize mistakes and blame people; they have nothing to do with mistakes; they do not discuss things; they push things aside and ignore it; they are yes men to those above them; they pretend to understand those below them, when they do not; they gesticulate; and they harbour disagreements with those on their same level. This is degenerate authoritarianism of erroneous tendencies and reaction. In the ideological, cultural and educational fields, they counterpose the bourgeois world outlook to the proletarian world outlook and try to corrupt the board with bourgeois ideology. The effects of activities of the bourgeoisie as described above, constantly breed degenerates in the ranks of the commentariat and new bourgeois intellectuals in the cultural and educational institutions and intellectual circles.

The two superpowers, /pol/ and /leftypol/, are vainly seeking world hegemony. In bullying others, the board which flaunts the label of socialism is especially vicious. A socialist board that is true to its name ought to follow the principle of internationalism, sincerely render support and assistance to other boards and help them develop traffic. But this board is doing exactly the opposite. This is additional proof that it is socialism in words and imperlism in deeds.

The Third Position boards share a common lot in the past and now face the common tasks of opposing censorship, idpol and great-board hegemonism. The imperialists, and particularly the social imperialists, are taking advantage of temporary differences among us developing boards to sow dissension and disrupt unity so as to continue their manipulation, control and sectarianism. Differences among us can very well be resolved, and should be resolved, through consultations among the parties concerned. Therefore, the foremost concern of all revolutionaries of /leftpol/ should be waging persistent struggles against the influence of revisionism and liberalism, and to that end, we, the developing boards, should not only support one another politically but also help each other economically. We are convinced that, so long as the Third Position boards and shitposters strengthen their unity, ally themselves with all forces that can be allied with and persist in a protracted struggle, they are sure to win continuous new victories.

""Anons of /leftpol/, unite and defeat the revisionists cum!""



File: f6556f17cc9eaff⋯.png (29.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lmao.png)




I'd be 100% up for this, not even because I'm asshurt, I left /leftypol/ out of my own will but for the small amount of annoyance it would cause them.


Was this ban really necessary? No room for cheeky humor on /leftpol/?



apparently not. here comes the new body oder, same as the old body oder.



Cheeky humor gets a cheeky one hour ban

(also the poster has no history which implies he is just shitting up the board)



>(also the poster has no history which implies he is just shitting up the board)

1. I don't think you should comment about post history unless it's a ban explicitly for undercover marketing/astroturfing.

2. People with dynamic IPs do exist and their corresponding hash will change all the time; posting history isn't necessarily reliable.


Neolibs and neocons are the same people.








I can't find the ban on the ban list, hopefully it was a minute ban or something like that

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