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File: 8507b18defdc03e⋯.png (300.24 KB, 400x596, 100:149, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm so fucking sick of pro-LGBT fags who call themselves Marxist-Leninist

Prioritizing fag/tranny rights over worker liberation is wrong. They're already equal with straights ffs. And even if they're not, all inequality stems from economic inequality. Thus, one should fight the cause and not the consequence. Otherwise it's a useless "fight" that doesn't pose a threat to the current production relations and does nothing

The bourgeoisie is our enemy, not straights or fags. Blaming the faults of capitalism on either one is dividing the proletariat

The pro-LGBT-movement Twitter tankies are opportunists and chaunivists that are not even hiding it. Fuck them


Beefsteak Nazis on the board again :(



Okay, I agree. But then it seems like half of this board thinks fighting LGBT is more important than class struggle, which means they have to be shut the fuck up in order for us to make any progress on the class struggle front.



All we offer them is equal treatment. But that is not enough for them. They don't want equal treatment, they want privilege. And by individually piling up privilege points, and comparing them to each other they destroy any semblance of solidarity that could've existed. If you place cis het white men on the lowest of the low and treat them accordingly, why should any self-respecting cis het white man support this nonsense? They don't need to take this and frankly they are right.

This is what ultimatively differentiates them from communists. Communists are often accused to be too radical on collectivism. Privilege pileup on the other hand is individualist extremism.

And while we are at it the same offer to feminism. All we can offer is equal treatment. But that's not enough for them, it's revenge they want. Revenge for all those years of suppression (which still happen in traditional countries and which is still also largely maintained by the female part of that society, yet I never read any feminist books as why that is, but female solidarity is a myth) and through their batshit crazy demands they are driving the guys away who were initially sympathetic to your cause. Cycle of revenge is never a good thing and prevents solidarity.

Solidarity is important for the final battle against the maggots festering upon the flesh on this world. Never did I see maggots willingly leaving the bacon. So is it a coincidence that the leaders of IDpol are all rich and backed by a PR machinery only they can afford?


We definetly need another "Guys stop giving a shit about lgbtqadcsitunlmonpzyxvkrtewhfj+" thread thank you for your contribution op.



>Privilege pileup on the other hand is individualist extremism.

Pileup is just collectivism for me but not for thee.



Strongly agree with you here




However, we must differentiate between bourgeois and proletarian feminism. One is misandric idpol bullshit, the other is an actual liberation movement that participates in class struggle and is in solidarity with workers



>They don't want equal treatment, they want privilege.






I'm sick of Leninists calling themselves Marxists.



How the fuck was Lenin not a Marxist?


File: 5038cf873546540⋯.jpeg (57.94 KB, 720x639, 80:71, DmNyNatWsAAeWY8.jpeg)

If by some alchemy all fags, trannies, and whatever other queer in the Leninist sphere were transformed into straight "cis"folk, then you would be no closer to standing for liberation and instead still be focused on "countering US imperialism" from the strategic battlefront of Twitter or looking for folks to pay your party some dues. The Leninist diaspora has a long history of failing to engage the proletariat in any meaningful way, let alone be anything resembling a "vanguard" of them, and scapegoating the faggots is a cowardly attempt to avoid any introspection as to why Leninism isn't the vanguard of the proletariat and has instead been relegated to niche social clubs or small guerrilla organizations that are both no threat to capital. Ultimately OP is the biggest fag of them all.


File: c4f014fc5aada21⋯.gif (499.15 KB, 500x370, 50:37, tumblr_n87o1qKUg91tyayyto1….gif)


>How the fuck was Lenin not a Marxist?

Marx said he himself wasn't a Marxist.

But I feel leftpol/ is getting perilously close to discussing left wing politics. Can we please get back to bitching and moaning about trannies and fags please? The high cost of fags, these days, it's shocking.( Under communism they'd be free.)


File: 0be7f56702fb3e9⋯.gif (155.54 KB, 816x400, 51:25, 1523504135422.gif)



>Marx said he himself wasn't a Marxist.


Please look up the context quotes before you spew bullshit like this.



the context of quotes*



>The Leninist diaspora has a long history of failing to engage the proletariat in any meaningful way

Exactly the opposite. Almost every revolution post 1917 has been a Leninist one.

>and scapegoating the faggots is a cowardly attempt to avoid any introspection as to why Leninism isn't the vanguard of the proletariat and has instead been relegated to niche social clubs or small guerrilla organizations that are both no threat to capital.

This applies to ALL of leftism in the first world, so why do you single out Leninism? Because of your dumbfuck hate boner.


File: 8a800caba1b57be⋯.png (399.9 KB, 1262x1295, 1262:1295, 8a800caba1b57bebe9da647434….png)


>Exactly the opposite. Almost every revolution post 1917 has been a Leninist one.

And it's very likely none of us were born by the time the last one happened, to say nothing of the geographic distance between us. All revolutions of the 20th century have been crushed or decayed by capital and it's dumb to cling to a graveyard instead of attempt to formulate a strategy for our current predicament.

>This applies to ALL of leftism in the first world, so why do you single out Leninism?

Because OP is talking about Leninism, when an anarchist or leftcom comes in to wail about muh faggots I'll say the same to them.


Only MLs? Us communalists could do without them too.



>The Leninist diaspora has a long history of failing to engage the proletariat in any meaningful way

What did you mean by this then?


File: 37998feeea75b3b⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, CORBDEM.jpg)


Anarcho-socdem is irrelevant enough without purging half of yourselves. Maybe instead of blaming muh faggots you should blame your shit tier organizational practices and cringeworthy bjii bjii videos.


There was a noticeable retreat from class struggle starting in the 50's by Leninist parties, by the time I got pushed out in '92 they had all but vanished from class struggle instead choosing to organize along activist lines like recruiting members based on ideological conformity instead of class or impotent protesting various military actions instead of organizing within the working class to strike against military action. The result of such are many small parties that spend an inordinate amount of time feuding among themselves and have no real impact on proletarian struggles. That the recent teachers strikes occured with no impactful support from any radical leftist group is a damn travesty.



Ever heard of progressive stack?

We strive for equality, yet people get hired based on gender, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation and so on. The perverted part is, this is done in the name of equality.


Fags spread disease and lower birth rates. They’ll have no place under communism



Lower birth rates are a good thing.



>Fags spread disease and lower birth rates. They’ll have no place under communism

That's a load of crap.

You need some vices. We all expire in the end anyway.



File: ba57af109381140⋯.jpg (65.09 KB, 800x516, 200:129, tumblr_odpezsty2d1rjotm9o1….jpg)



>metropolitan USA problems


>Hoxha with a rainbow flag

High level satire.


LGBT is fascist in nature.

Not individual gay or lesbian people, mind you, but rather "the LGBT movement", which is an artificial creation propped up by consumerism and Porky. The actual concerns of gay people were largely "don't kill us" and "don't imprison us", and even then people who were being killed or imprisoned were disproportionately the poor. The middle and upper classes basically didn't face serious stigma for being homosexuals, except a drop in status. They weren't being killed. But the status drop was worse than death for a status-seeking middle class person (upper class people, in practice, can do whatever they want, whenever they want, because of course power).

LGBT just isn't a non-threat to capital, it's an active collaboration with capital that exists entirely for middle class concerns and to make impositions on the poor (who need to be "re-educated" and "taught tolerance) and to force people to play a game where they have to constantly figure out what the new Official Rules for Sexualism are. It's just a way to keep people on their toes and afraid, and to enshrine some artificial structure of sexual politics that we're all supposed to believe in.



>tumblr file name

6/10, made me chuckle.



Not knowing or caring about the difference between feudalism and late capitalism for starters.



Good thing none of us have to worry about having casual sex



>You need some vices. We all expire in the end anyway

Nice hedonism. Look up the rates of STDs and anal cancer occurence in homosexuals and their higher rates of pedophilia and you’ll see why they are a social ill



>Prioritizing fag/tranny rights over worker liberation


I think your talking to liberals OP. Literally never seen a gay ML that doesn't get called a class reductionist or brocialist when they speak publicly.


>Not individual gay or lesbian people, mind you, but rather "the LGBT movement", which is an artificial creation propped up by consumerism and Porky.

like i said, liberals


>Ever heard of progressive stack?

>We strive for equality, yet people get hired

progressive stack is a principle for platforming that was shoehorned by spooks and we all know about it and how it fucked up OWS. what does that have to do with people getting hired through liberal affirmative action?


>Revenge for all those years of suppression

this is literally a radfem liberal meme. your falling for fascist propaganda about blue hairs invading. theres a tiny loud minority of rich white first world liberal women that get platformed on TV because they are the primary audience for people who still own and watch daytime television. just because incels blow it up on youtube doesn't mean it reflects the real world, or do you also believe muslim hordes are coming to rape your women and burn your cities?


File: ace6d925413b309⋯.jpg (117.26 KB, 900x720, 5:4, DZRJ1R5XUAAyTA2.jpg)



>birth rates

>social ill



It's easy enough if you don't have high standards and aren't hideous tbh. Work and rent are probably bigger obstacles to sex than physical appearance.



>this is literally a radfem liberal meme.

Its not exactly that simple. The delusional lesbian incel misandry is the most extreme and honest form of something common in weaker forms with 'normal' feminists.

Although its not really born out of resentment or misandry, its myopia. Its a vulgar dumbed down version of more accurate ideas from feminism that ends up as "man bad woman good", because "men are oppressing women" therefore the first sentiment is a good one as long as the second one is thought to be true. Obviously the second one is a grossly reductionist and inaccurate account of sex relations and even if it were a little less so, the first one wouldn't be a very productive reaction to it.

Its similar to how the common anti-socialist lolbert in rural america owes more to propaganda than to whatever psychosis drives serious cryptofash ancaps or scumbags like the mises institute.

You don't get this shit if you actually talk to someone who considers themselves a feminist seriously about what they believe, you get it in drive-by tweets and blog sharticles.

Its still a real problem because that shit is seen by other people and sours their view of you and whoever you associate with.

More to the point, the gross, vulgar version of ones ideology is a much more important predictor of what they'll do and how they'll react to things than the well-articulated discussion version for everyone except autistic nerds.

Its frustrating when people dismiss real problems with the way an ideology most commonly manifests itself in reality outside of books and effortful discussions, just because the cartoonishly extreme example of the problem isnt actually that common. We even do this here with socialism sometimes.


hating fags is actually idpol


spooks here spooks there spooks fucking everywhere




you're wrong bucko, hating fags is dialectical materialism in motion



This is so dumb. I'd ask you to elaborate, but I doubt anything useful is going to come from engaging you.



Well, was the Russia of 1917 late stage capitalist, or stil under feudalism? This is pretty basic stuff, little LARPer.



It was a feudal society, little retard.



And what comes after feudalism according to Marx?





Surely such a central thing has presented itself somewhere in Marx's actual, published writings, not just some totally-legit-letter-we-happened-to-find-when-it-was-convinient.



>feudalis society

Nice idpol


File: 77112f056391e31⋯.jpg (60.37 KB, 494x417, 494:417, 77112f056391e3175960982d12….jpg)


>It's fake because I don't like it



Marx points to Capital Vol 1 to make his point, that the feudalism > capitalism > socialism is based on Western Europe and applying a scheme universally is foolish because it fails to analyze the conditions of places outside of Western Europe.



Not him, but I do however recall Marx himself wasn't a big fan of calling the doctrine of scientific socialism "marxism" since it had that unfortunate implication of being a person-ism whereas he always first to emphasise socialist theses were not a product of a separate enlightened mind.

Same for Lenin who saw himself as merely working to restore Marxism and didn't say things like Leninism.






you gonna purge the people who like to have a drink after work too?

maybe you can let people do what they want


I honestly think the current promotion of queer theory by capitalism is a response to the inevitable and impending environmental cataclysm. The ruling classes want a sharp decline in human populations and don't want the immediate infrastructure destruction that a war between modern military superpowers would generate. So you encourage the mentally ill, the easily impressionable and whatnot to sterilise themselves and engage in unproductive sexual hedonism.



This kind of schizophrenia must be difficult to live with. Get well, anon.



you just aren't thinking hard enough



The funny thing is that world war 3 is probably the best thing that could happen to us, now. The EMP blast from the inevitable nuclear exchange would result in the immediate and essentially permanent disabling of our technological infrastructure. The production of gasses leading to anthropogenic climate change would cease as soon as the cities stopped burning.

Who would have guessed Posadas was right after all?



Posadas didn't wish for a nuclear war, but rather saw it as inevitable and thus planned for it.

Regardless, I'm not sure nuclear apocalypse would be beneficial to anyone, least of all the enviroment.



Do you see both the US and China sudden and drastic measures to cut fossil fuel usage within the next decade? If your answer is no, then we are not discussing "beneficial". We are discussing "least harmful".



>purging hedonists and the sexually immoral is bad

lmao libtard detected



>sexually immoral

Fucking lol'd. You fascists are so sexually repressed.


File: 015e420d50a2d9a⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 395x456, 395:456, 609c7b737ca53a82146cdcfa03….jpg)







get rid of your muh original sin muh protestant work ethic individualism spooks


File: d1df8e8c4619270⋯.jpg (81.75 KB, 608x432, 38:27, uc-davis-pepper-spray-pike….jpg)


>associating spergs with queers



Fuck all idpol, regardless of it's kind. It's that simple.


File: b7fa8cd5a688179⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 500x377, 500:377, 1462332654236-2.jpg)


>sexually immoral



>says the brocialist



>Compulsive behavior isn't self destructive.



Brocialist/Manarchist are snarl words used by liberals against people who don't accept identity politics. It's not necessarily pro-male. The maleness is simply a reflection of the anti-maleness of liberal idpolers' speech.

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