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File: 4c80987d2152560⋯.jpeg (649.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 37037A34-CE73-492D-9AF6-9….jpeg)


I heard Andrew Yang promised to give every American worker more leisure in the form of a three weekend. I wonder if it’s possible? Can we meme it into existence?


>meme it into existence

Back to /pol/.



Do you not think a three day weekend is impossible? Yang Gang has become a thing that many people recognize in less than a month. Why not the three day Weekend? People would love to have that much like they’d like to have 1000 more bucks every month.



Possible, double negatives my bad.



You're going to try and turn people away when they come here talking about actually improving the day to day lives of the working class in tangible ways, because they use dumb /pol/ terminology?

Personally, I dont think yang will win. I think its too early for universal basic NEETbux. Hes right that its a necessity for capitalism to continue, not an anti capitalist policy, but we aren't there yet. So, he wont get as many campaign donations and someone else will win.

A universal three day weekend sounds like a pretty good goal.


Shorter work week + people being provided free money to help with their needs + machines taking over and serving us.

This all sounds kinda like he is trying the make the transition straight into communism skipping the socialist transitional phase tbh.

All nice and good but:

1 - He'll never win with those proposals, murricans still have an irrational hate for anything actual socialistic. At most they'll support a CIA plant like AOC because deep inside they know that she is just a farce and that's it.

2 - Even if by some miracle he manages to win then he'll never be able to implement those stuff because the entire congress and senate are filled with evil boomers.

There's no solution through voting. Only a revolution could bring real change but that's not going to happen anytime soon.


Post the original anime titties pls



>actually improving the day to day lives of the working class

>implying this porky actually gives a shit about the working class

You are being used. Stop shilling this capitalist.



touhou isnt an anime



die Capitalist



>fuck higher wages and shorter hours this guys a porky

You gotta get a prescription for that myopia, anon. It shouldnt put too much of a dent in your thousand dollars monthly neetbux if you vote yang.


We got the weekend we have because radicals organized and were threatening a revolution, and the bourgeoisie said fuck it, give the proles something to pacify them. Nothing like that is going on right now.


File: b874354de306e67⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 487.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, anime.jpg)


fuck you I have found it



You could just go search 'tatara_kogasa' on sankaku or gelbooru if you wanna fap, anon

I wanna tweak those perky nipples though



Why do you think radicals became so threatening in the first place? Because they popularized ideas that people actually want.


Three day weekend is Yang gang


Reduction of working hours in favor of more leisure time is a central demand of any real socialist program. Why it's only being embraced by some random bourgeois like Yang and not actual "socialist" politicians or journals is beyond me.



Fug dat. I'd prefer a shorter work day. Wouldn't like a 6 hour work day be more practical.



t. lazy nigger



Yeah, well fuck you class cuck bootlicker.




t. useful idiot



Thats really just a matter of preference. I'd rather work 3 ten hour days than 5 six hour days, myself.


I'd rather not work at all.



Because most leftist activists don't actually realise what capitalism is ie wage labour based for profit commodity production. If you don't understand what's suppressing the working class, then you'll never come up with solutions for it, hence why western leftists are obsessed with welfare, taxes and affirmative action rather than dealing with wealth creation ie labour power as a commodity. This isn't due to contempt or malice towards the poor, it's that Marx has been so maligned by society that the limited pool of intellectuals that society sustains has not bothered to pay any attention to him.



The yang gang is a step in that direction.



That and the fact that mainstream "neoclassical" economics is so fucktarded and detached from reality. When someone discoves Keynesian policy, they feel like they have awakened. It doesn't occur to them that they can ask even deeper questions. It's like being in Plato's Cave and thinking you're enlightened because you turned around and saw the guys making shadow puppets, but you never think about the fact that you're in a cave.


You literally are a cuck if you don't support Yang Gangg





>le bootlicker meme

People back in the day could 12 hours days and were fine. You are weaklings growing up in a Semitic environment that awards laziness and no effort.



>People back in the day could 12 hours days and were fine.

Except for the parts when people were fucking rioting over that, with Haymarket affair being a famous example.



t. lazy nigger



t. masochist slave


File: 4d4e897c87081d3⋯.png (187.59 KB, 3400x2400, 17:12, labor-productivity-per-hou….png)


>People back in the day could 12 hours days

Yes, and they accomplished less than the typical modern worker does in a half hour. Even assuming such a demanding schedule was necessary for sustenance back then, it certainly can't be anymore.



Facts don't care about Marx's feelings.











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