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File: 4d220e9570553bd⋯.png (160.66 KB, 754x755, 754:755, Screenshot (101).png)





pol has never caused or supported real life violence… Unite the Right what's that?


The shooter was probably dead serious, but that doesn't change the fact that it's liberalisms fault for forcing people of different races and cultures together. Inb4 spooks.


inb4 8chin gets deleted because i hosts internet terrorists and shit



Good, maybe after this place goes down newfags from cuckchannel will stop going to other boards.



Cui prodest



>killed people are average joes

This has the smell of international globalist bankster falsflag all over it.

>basicly copypasta manifesto


Weak effort.



>Mudslimes rekt.

Quite the opposite. Culture warriors will double down and immigration will become even more of a taboo subject.



That's an accurate account of the shooter's own words, what's your point exactly?



>It was all part of his plan! Now shut up!

This is just the culmination of the white genocide nonsense that /pol/ and right-wing talking heads obsess about all the time.


>muslim does terror attack

>20% of muslims celebrate, rest say it's a mossad false flag

>/pol/yp does terror attack

>20% of /pol/ celebrates, rest say it's a mossad false flag

How are these two groups different again?



>implying they are.



/pol/ is less white.



>right wing media: constantly tell white people they are "under attack" from "invaders"

<some lunatic tries to fight back against the "enemy"

>right wing media: who me? :^)



/pol/'s entire ideology is old copypasta with memes–old memes at that. What did you expect?


File: 23440e4b35ff343⋯.mp4 (1.94 MB, 432x352, 27:22, Two golden dawn members ki….mp4)

Watch out nazis, we are more precise and concise.


Right winger takes direct action in an effort to achieve his aims. I'm not interested in those of you who want to engage in performative condemnation of the shooter. What I want to know is why the right have managed to get people out there shooting each other over skin color and religion and we don't have people out there shooting people over class inequality. Just imagine how glorious it would be if this motherfucker was capping motherfuckers on a stock market trading floor, Davos or the G20 instead of harmless smelly unarmed brown people lifting their arses.



LARPers oughta go back to reddit


File: 9e797874afa4b41⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 597x459, 199:153, epicthinkingface.jpg)


So "leftism" is just a vehicle for you to spread your Islamic ethno-religion?



>shooting people in the street





It is technically larping depending on the "Anti fascist" who is killing the guy in the street. They might be larping as communists but not larping as killers.



We and 4chan have had worse without any consequence.



Greek AntiFa are one of the few non-LARP-tier (and firmly socialist) examples, in large part because Greek fascism is substantially in control of government and business, having been (unlike the rest of Europe) part of a dictatorship of Nazi collaborators pulled out of jail and reinstalled by the British at the end of WWII to crush the (mostly socialist) freedom fighters that had liberated Nazi-occupied Greece. Electoral democracy in Greece remained intermittent clear into the 1970s, and fascists from those dictatorial regimes were never substantially purged.


>socialist wonders why right-wingers don't attack the people actually responsible for their woes

>rightists screech autistically about humans and orcs

Aside from the obvious point of soft vs. hard targets, that's what happens when your worldview is a mixture of spooks, memes, and outright nonsense with no correlation to how society actually functions.


File: 6886f878069e79e⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 237x240, 79:80, into the trash it goes.gif)


>Right wing death squads

Close but no cigar. Post discarded.



>Nazi collaborators in Nazi occupied Greece

Who? Wasn't only Macedonia occupied?

>Reinstated by the British

Got any proof to back that up? I doubt the British would just quickly ally with fascists after having killed them years before.



Wait I'm sorry apparently they took over in 1943 you're right about that part.



>Class is not tangible, it's disconnected from the blood

Exploitation is blood-sucking, to talk in your metaphorical terms

>and culture.

Spooks are pushed exactly because class is so central. That's why de-spooking and scientific thinking is every leftist's duty.




It's really was astonishingly evil, even given some of the other fuckups of dying empires at the tail end of WWII. Greek resistance almost assassinated Churchill over it, too:




Races are pure ideology. I keep asking this and nobody ever even tries to answer: what is the objective, non-arbitrary number of racial categories, and where are their boundaries objectively and non-arbitrarily?



>licking "white" porky boots out of "racial" "loyalty" while further inciting divides among proles and providing justifications for further legal restrictions by porky's police state isn't spooked


>repeatedly betraying every ally and propping up enemies over strategic concerns that were widely known even at the time to be completely baseless isn't spooked



If it's so obvious you can surely walk me through it. Firstly, how many races are there objectively?



>Start of the article

The British being anti communists didn't make them pro fascist.

Well it did but not in the way you think the way I define fascism makes it so that multiple "Centrist" groups are fascist but they didn't call themselves fascists, they called themselves "Anti communists and anti fascists."

I decided to look into it an at the start it didn't seem like any Nazi corroborators were notably involved. By the time it began discussing Piss Dawn it became a whole different thing. Fascism means authoritarian capitalism in which the system and state is key to society. It then therefore becomes that the people were indeed fascist but they were the same people who fought the axis, or were driven out by them. Afterwords the Allies back stabbed the communists because of course they did that was always the plan, and from there "communists" just gave up.

By the third part it begins describing things that occurred in world war 2 but didn't pass onto post ww2 Greece like Rallis. It is also most likely that the moment MI6 saw their pawns start trying to take control of the movement and make it into an actual communist movement that they put down their dog. No offense I'm speaking purely on military terms here.

Or at least this is what I got based on 4 minutes of research and reading. But I'll keep reading, only half way through the article.


>Races are pure ideology

Races are a collective of commonly shared genetic traits in a group of people.

>Where are their boundaries.

Hard to say especially when civilizations in the old world mixed with each other and it's very hard to pinpoint especially in the Mediterranean area which is made up of mostly northern Europeans who mixed with and expanded to the south and arabs, but you cannot deny race exists just because the specifics haven't been fully explained yet.



>It's wealth of living space

I count a few countries tops.


Nothing that other civilizations managed to do before it.

>Cultural achievements

Most of which Europe shared anyways.


File: e1e9b794a4fe508⋯.png (478.49 KB, 800x443, 800:443, the shaming of the whore.png)


>Shit I can't admit I lost an argument

>Better deflect oy begorrah.

Then go back to /pol/.






File: fc4463d65bb7a16⋯.jpg (374.73 KB, 1024x709, 1024:709, Anti Irish Cartoon 1.jpg)

File: dd16687209f5cd2⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, generalplan-ost.jpg)


How about the farcical neologism that is "white"? As recently as the 1800s, English were genociding and colonizing Ireland (which expulsion and slavery to places such as New Zealand played a key part in) on the basis of "racial inferiority".

More recently, in WWII, the Axis sought to genocide and colonize basically all of Eastern Europe on the basis of Slavic "racial inferiority".

The entire idea of a "white race" is a neologism dating back no further than a few decades, wallpapering over far more granular racial hatreds of sub-state nations in past centuries, to say nothing of the clan-level "racial" enmities that formed the basis of nonstop ethnic cleansing throughout Europe and the rest of the world for millennia.


>it didn't seem like any Nazi corroborators were notably involved

From the very first paragraph:

<switched their allegiance, opening fire upon – and arming Greek collaborators with the Nazis to fire upon – a civilian crowd in Syntagma Square.

From later in the article:

<disarmament applied to ELAS only, explains Dr. Gerolymatos, not to those who had collaborated with the Nazis – in flagrant breach of the Caserta Agreement. Gerolymatos writes in his forthcoming book The International Civil War about how “in the middle of November, the British started releasing Security Battalion officers from Averoff prison, and soon some of them were freely walking the streets of Athens wearing new uniforms … The British army continued to provide protection to assist the gradual rehabilitation of the former quisling units in the Greek army and police forces” An SOE memo urges that “HMG must not appear to be connected with this scheme”.

The "Security Battalion" were part of the Nazi occupational government created and installed by Germany.

Greek fascists aren't neonazis, they are literal Nazis in direct continuity to the WWII occupation, and the British worked hand in glove with them. Further, the Greek fascist regime and Golden Dawn played a crucial role in the creation of a NATO-controlled fascist paramilitary force that's directly responsible for the existence of the far-right (not LARPers, real serious shit infiltrating intelligence/police/business) today:





Species can't produce fertile offspring



>It may be hard to pinpoint exactly where one ends and another begins,

Therefore the categories are arbitrary

>for example had a gradient between blue and red you could still point out the areas that are pure blue or pure red. Just because fuzzy cases can and do exist doesn't mean the colors red and blue are non-existent

What happened to "it's just haplogroups"? I thought the case was obvious, yet now you're relying on a cringy parable. It should worry you that your understanding is so paper-thin that symbolism is the best you can come up with.

>It would be even more absurd to claim that these variations among the human race lead to us all being equal

Strawmanning hard. It's as of you'd claimed that there objectively, non-arbitrarily is a point when "adulthood" begins, but your only argument is that people are of different ages.



>From the very first paragraph

Doesn't prove much unless you want me to believe the article is correct from the beginning.

>Released a couple of small time Nazi soldiers and made them cops

Fair enough I guess that counts even though they did the same with communists during ww2 which is how the whole thing started.

>Operation Gladio

Yeah I've heard this before but ignoring that since Nato would have been fascist anyway where are the proven Nazi's in direct continuity to WW2 occupation which rose to the very level of power that you claim and not just officers, or minor political figures, or scientists like operation paper clip.



>Therefore the categories are arbitrary

Determinism like that will get you nowhere.



And pray tell, what would the aim of this be, mr. totally-not-fbi?

Does capitalism fall after a couple hundred capitalists die?




You are aware that "Aryans" and Jews are in the same phenotype, right?




The fuck?

Look, you may argue that made-up categories are useful in some context, but are made-up all the same.



The claim that those are made up categories is currently more of a falsifiable claim than the claim that they aren't due to the fact that race hasn't been fully studied to the atom yet, migration patterns are all we have to rely on and genetics isn't much of a indicator since humanity shares common ancestors, what is notable is the traits which have been brought up in specific lands, race as the concept we know today is shaky as much as communism is to a Marxist or tried to be but that doesn't mean communism doesn't exist.



<Keep them scared and they'll think twice about exploiting people.

You can't be serious.



Well retard it's called revolution, you can't shit on top of a guys head and expect it to change the world but if you rally people up to shit on the guys heads with you you might be able to overwhelm him with shit and drown him in it, but it will only work with other people until then any attempt at terrorism is just trying and failing.



>a couple of

Basically the entire Nazi occupational apparatus was released and reinstalled en masse, initially with the assistance of British troops operating under deceitful orders, then they continued right where they left off before their German sponsors fled the country and the Greek Resistance deposed them.


Also, "Aryans" are Persians, i.e.: Iranians, such as the muzzies gunned down by the /pol/yp.



So /pol/ is going to successfully rally millions once the shooter gets out of jail Nelson Mandela style?

Okay then, either way I gotta go now so do whatever you want Mr. not FBI, be the change you want to see in the world, make another false flag.



But where are the sources? For tomorrow, probably.


So Britain let their dogs go but did so after using them to kill their other dogs?

>Deposed them

But I thought–



File: 111cb4df4d92bf6⋯.jpg (112.81 KB, 992x880, 62:55, 111cb4df4d92bf6158930ba22a….jpg)


>white genocide

Go shoot up a mosque, you mental case.



>But where are the sources?

All over the article, and any modern Greek history you care to read. Thousands of Security Battalion members were packed into the police and intelligence services, including Colonal Georgios Papadopoulos (who instituted a military coup in the 1960s). Even outside collaborationist paramilitaries, other figures were seamlessly "rehabilitated", up to Nazi occupational prime minister Ioannis Rallis, whose son became prime minister in the 1980s.

>But I thought–

Yes, the Nazis were deposed by the resistance, and then reinstalled by the Brits.


lmao the alt-lite are trying to pin this on us because Tarrant "praised communist China".

That being said, I feel like the right have the correct view on the way that Tarrant is trying to create as much polarisation as possible which the liberal media will drink up and make things worse.

It is rather clever actually.



>the alt-lite are trying to pin this on us

Of course they are. They're already going into "s-stop being divisive!" mode.



<Daily reminder that this shit happens on a daily basis to communists in developing countries by CIA backed right-wing death squads.



>The Aryan (note that not all whites are Aryan so inb4 pilpul) stands on top and all of the others below him in terms of intelligence, cultural achievements

Aryans nick bits of culture when they can see the value in it, like everyone else. For an example, the Philistines were the most famous of the invading Indo-European"Sea Peoples. " They broke 400 years of Egyptian domination in the levant at the end of the Bronze Age. But they adopted the worship of a semitic god (Dagan.)

















fuck off Body Odour


Don't say that, dumbass Feds will think you're cereal


>I don't know how to greentext or how to shill



>Marxist retards are drunk on ideology and can't see anything beyond economics. If it's not muh production muh class it's ZBOOG :D :D

Communism isn't everything. It's a solution to the problem of exploitation (blood sucking, profit being made out of the labour over which you have little control.)

The thing is, the claims neo-Nazis make about the spirit or cultural are dubious to say the least.

Purity is crap.

There's nothing wrong with postmodern bricolage.

You need some sort of purely technical base to start with, like yoga or meditation.

Then when you've got that, you can steal from all of world culture. The world's your oyster. You can become a gourmet of world culture.

For example, today I woke up, made a coffee, wrote first thoughts in my journal. Then I did face stretching exercises (yoga to break up night time tensions).

Then I thought I'm trying to stay off /leftypol/ but I'll just post a comment for that neo-Nazi, then get on with the rest.

Next up is some shadow boxing, mixed in with an unholy mix of silat,kali, and karate knife defences, a bit of grappling judo hip throw on the inside,, catch wrestling strangle /throw over on the outside

Then meditation for 10 min.

The various spooks I worship I haven't got time to discuss.



>Therefore the categories are arbitrary

That only goes to show that something being arbitrary only means that it is beyond the comprehension of leftist simpletons. If something were not real because it can't be exactly pinpointed, then nothing is, as whatever factors it is pinpointed on then need to be pinpointed as well, until you run into circular reasoning.



Look dipshit, people know what races are and who belongs to which one with 99.9%+ accuracy. You can screech all day long about how the number of races is arbitrary or that no perfect definition exists, but no one in the real world will accept that armchair reasoning. Races are real.


File: 87ea5ef191854c7⋯.jpg (196 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, 87ea5ef191854c73e7cf4b9d21….jpg)


Literally feels over reals.



>If something were not real because it can't be exactly pinpointed, then nothing is

Damn, you don't even understand the basic concept of "definition."


File: f773df91699e484⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 768x768, 1:1, gnK6EijW9Ix-eyBc_iGqSrO_WS….jpg)


I'm really starting to wonder if stirner gets his cult status from being a sort of jordan peterson figure for the autists that do not have the language skills to understood what is being said in what are normal, day-to-day conversations. Not only do they lack inability to intuitively grasp the meaning of race as in for example a sentence like the spanish colonies had a hierachy based on race, but they don't even understand that they lack it, instead believing themselves to somehow be more "reals" for being at the lower end of the spectrum.



It's just a funny /lit/ meem that was taken a bit too seriously.



>intuitively grasp the meaning of race


You don't get how that is feelz?



>meaning of race

Race doesn't mean anything, that's why the racial lines have shifted so much over the years.



Funny is the serious business of those who have become the joke. Nobody is laughing anymore, not for a long time.


File: e1c8766e33446bc⋯.jpg (97 KB, 597x597, 1:1, twitter revolutionaries.jpg)


>I was a communist

>and I think this communist country is closer to my ideals than any other country


>then I grew up





Look, it's Dankula being a wankstain again like always



I think I do. Low functioning autists have a very hard time grasping things that come intuitively to normal people, like tying their shoelaces, putting on their pants, and most of all, social skills. With language being the prime social skill, I can imagine that they try to make sense of it as a feeling, like how someone immediately feels it when they're being touched in the same way they immediately know what is being said when someone is talking to them.


How can the lines shift of something that doesn't mean anything? And why is meaning dependent on being static, timeless and being impervious to interpretation?


File: 48b81261ab7e2fd⋯.jpg (155.98 KB, 514x536, 257:268, 0fa2dbd385bd879d56d300f4f8….jpg)


Race is a social construct, Alt-Rigtards really should try to get some grooves in their slippery smooth-brains. Appeal to common sense and intuition is literally appeal to 'muh feelingz'. Logic doesn't care about your feelingz.



How were you able to read my post without intuitively understanding what I said, did you look up every word I used in the dictionary, and if so, did you also look up all the words the dictionary used to explain those words too?

How can the meaning of a word be anything but socially constructed? As far as I know, there is no private language and all words are used to signify meaning from one person to another, and are therefor intrinsically social.

All I'm getting so far from the stirnerites here is an arbitrary categorization of some things as "muh feelingz", without making any logical argument whatsoever to support or define their feelz/realz linguistic model, we're just supposed to assume that things they don't like have a categorical ontological difference. That's not how logic works, you don't just spam a mantra like "logic doesn't care about your feelings" when making a logical argument.



>people know what races are and who belongs to which one with 99.9%+ accuracy.

People know what arbitrary categories the impose on other people by definition. The "99.9%+ accuracy" is evidence against the objectivity of race - natural phenomena are hard to know about.



>The "99.9%+ accuracy" is evidence against the objectivity of race

And as i said, it dosent matter that it isnt "scientific" or "objective", it is still accurate enough for 99.9%+ of people to understand it. So if you pretend races dont exist, or the concept dosent matter, because you dont have a dictonary definition of it, then you end up as a silly retard like >>132321 .



Social constructs are a social construct

Checkmate post-modernists.



wow very deep

read a book


File: 8194bf64e048926⋯.jpg (141.57 KB, 420x653, 420:653, 9781474241120.jpg)


read this


File: 6d7209dd2e6987d⋯.mp4 (831.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Navy Seal.mp4)


>I am an eco-fascist




File: ae682424a33d219⋯.mp4 (3.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ae682424a33d219eda92f23ebe….mp4)

I'll admit that I am kinda of jelly about how the right can meme even IRL while the "left" continues to be just a bunch of soft over-sensible faggots who think they are changing the world and making a difference by typing nonsensical bullshit on twitter and never taking real action.

It would be awesome if we could kill at least one banker or one big porky just for the lulz.


File: 48045c9c1300175⋯.png (918.96 KB, 700x1131, 700:1131, 48045c9c130017529dde0eb367….png)


>heh, count wankula is claiming the latest mass casualty event caused by his "ironic" nazi friends, wasn't caused by his "ironic" nazi friends and that /pol/ is the board of peace and that everything is out to get them

was he a /pol/yp when the retarded bullshit about his pug started, or did he retardedly ally with them after that because they were able to contextualize what happened to him as 'de ebil karltural margsist joo gobber mint'?



Your friends and fellow worshippers of your failed ideology are babykilling barbarians with less ability to behave like a functional, productive member of society, than you say ghetto niggers and rapefugees are, /pol/. And if the governments really were run by a leftist Karltural Margsist joo pedo conspiracy, Alphabet Soup would be so far up your candy ass you'd feel them picking your teeth, so enjoy being a bootlicking useful idiot cuck for Big Brother too, I guess.

fix site


File: 0bb0c1c12873e09⋯.png (218.47 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1471718733817.png)



oh look, your biolumiescent friends are here



>Just look at haplogroups you ignorant nigger.


>Look dipshit, people know what races are

>no one in the real world will accept that armchair reasoning.

This video debunks "race realism" in ten minutes using a pack of cards as a prop!


Anyway, she says this in the intro, about "race realists":

"it's a scientific bait and switch. They'll hold up allegedly scientific facts, but when you challenge them on it, they'll switch to an argument from personal conviction."

It's been interesting watching this bait and switch operating in real time (as above.)



Stopped watching when she got into tranny politics. Unless race, gender actually is real.



unlike race*



>Stopped watching when she got into tranny politics

It's up to you!

I really like her stuff.

I'm all over her twitter feed like a cheap suit. https://twitter.com/notcolloquial/status/1106923003898744833?s=20


File: cc39db4d56846d5⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 295x283, 295:283, cc39db4d56846d5cddd3bc27c6….jpg)


>you have to be a liberal to think cutting off your dick is a bad idea




For the love of god i do not understand retards like you, or that brainletuber you linked to. First of all, she didnt "debunk" race realism, just said that the fact diffrent races exists dosent mean its an inherintly important diffrence, due to a lack of information (and i stopped watching after she threw out intelligence research). And in that sense she is correct, however additional data makes up for that. There exists tons of genetic and environmental research that points out significant diffrences between races in practically all aspects of life.

I mean what in the actual fuck is your problem with acknowledging diffrent races exist? All you need to do is accept the theory of evolution, realise that diffrent populations lived in seperate environments for centuries, and the conclusion is obvious. However you want to call these populations, they will be diffrent. What is so difficult about this? Take your creationism and go the fuck away.



>Go shill your muttface somewhere else, nigger

Where the is it…

in the archive somewhere…


it was around the time I started posting on /leftypol/…

I really don't want to have to go out into the dark London night…

though a trip to the rail station for the first copies of the Sunday newspapers might be fun

hang on a sec…


File: 7a8a7dd7bf700d6⋯.jpg (2.74 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20190316_225645.jpg)


I can't find it. Someone said I was CV before so I posted a pic of my local (London, England) paper.. I can't find that post but I can't be bothered going out in the wet either. A battered copy of Tuesday's Metro will have to do this time.


>Get this idpol out of here with your "black power" fisting shit.

Look under the flag listing. It's not black power, son, it's anal fisting.








Spot the neologism



>There exists tons of genetic and environmental research that points out significant diffrences between races in practically all aspects of life.

Well neither Ryan Faulk https://youtu.be/i7xKiMj8Q7w, or J. F.G.

https://youtu.be/_zAgk_DaThg managed to produce it in their debates with her (C. V.)

And since these debates, there seems to have been back pedalling by the alt-right. I listened to one podcast by one of the gravelly voiced ones, it might have been Mike Enoch, who was saying well Ryan came up with some data that didn't mean what he really thought it meant. Richard Spencer has been pushing the line that "white identity" isn't about charts or graphs etc. etc.



How are you connected right now?


File: 66ea9033b4cd5b0⋯.png (210.74 KB, 600x2400, 1:4, Infinity_Contingincy_Plan.png)



A VPN will fix something as simple as that, but reminder in case things escalate.



Terrorism of any kind is cool



It's a shame you'll never be a victim of sectarian violence because you'd utterly deserve it to illustrate your baseless point.



>What I want to know is why the right have managed to get people out there shooting each other over skin color and religion and we don't have people out there shooting people over class inequality

I Have a few closely related ideas. They're all rabout cultural bullshit so I dont mean to say they're the whole picture, but I think they contribute at least-

The left to the left of succdems and intersectionalists is smaller than the right to the right of republicunts and lolberts

The so-called left is mostly comprised of shallow 20 something narcissists for whom politics is an aesthetic component of their social media brand. Self absorbed internet socialites wouldn't willingly do anything with real consequences to themselves, or more importantly, to their image.

Because of the above two, the right more often indoctrinates lonely, isolated, mentally ill, desperate people who'd ACTUALLY go on a shooting spree.

I mean, this is implying the main reason is that twitter dipshits insinuating schiz-tism-pression fueled nihilism and generalized anger and loathing are inherently fascist and anyone who exhibits them can't be part of the very cool lots of friends lots of sex leftist social club.

That probably can't possibly be the main, or at least the only important reason. I think it contributes, at the least, though. Probably i'm missing the underlying reason for all of those things.


File: 9854a9a31640d98⋯.webm (229.85 KB, 460x258, 230:129, cunt.webm)



>The fact that you ever posted on /leftypol/ in the first place reveals you as the lib you are

I meant to type /leftpol /

But anyway, you're right, day to day I am liberal. Sometimes you have to surpress your baser urges in p/ex for the benefits of living in society.( But long term,, I'd be happy with a ticket to any left wing utopia, from anarcho-primitivism to FALC.)

Appeasement doesnt work. Another video:

"We need to talk about how people come to dehumanize other people to the extent that violence against them becomes a legitimate option. We need to talk about these things, because as long as we're trying to appease people and say of course I don't think you're a bigot, of course I don't think you're a rapist, let's just not talk about it, how does anything get done. "


Have a nice Sunday.





>secretly hates white guys

Shut up and go away



>It's a shame you'll never be a victim of sectarian violence.

According to who? I live in Muttland, for all I know I could die tomorrow from some other shooting.

>Baseless point

Are you going to actually prove my point baseless since you seem to understand it well enough to comment on it or is this another insult without argument? Leave.



M-L seems to mean middle class larper



Don't kid yourself you whiny damsel, 50 dead minorities and you still think you're the victim.



> I could die tomorrow from some other shooting.

I wish



>You still think you're the victim

Shit I guess because some people died the modern capitalist system is fine and not a form of oppression, extremism should just be shunned and both leftist and rightists should be shut down.




File: d5f5dc53e9cfac9⋯.jpg (149.89 KB, 963x682, 963:682, 22eb206e52da91ab4cc55193a3….jpg)



You're not fooling anyone, you know.



wow an old stale meme


File: 1f3f8131ddce072⋯.jpg (80.65 KB, 1024x698, 512:349, NPCRightWing3.jpg)


>Races are real

Congratulations retard, your dumber than a boomer.


>that newfriend who tries to argue about race or gender on left(y)pol


Give up my friend, the consensus over these lands is that biology ain't real.

You might have more luck convincing an anglo person that merely looking at an underaged person isn't child abuse LMAO.



>race is biology

Stay retarded, friend.



Yeah i realised.



>How can the meaning of a word be anything but socially constructed

Yes but reality isn't socially constructed, not unless you think words capture the whole of reality.

>All I'm getting so far from the stirnerites here is an arbitrary categorization of some things as "muh feelingz", without making any logical argument whatsoever to support or define their feelz/realz linguistic model,

It doesn't depend on a " linguistic model". I never realised the far right were so humanistic! Something may exist in reality, regardless of whether its spoken about, or what your feelings or lack of feelings may be on the subject, or even known about.

>we're just supposed to assume that things they don't like have a categorical ontological difference

Someone made a claim about haplogroups. That's a scientific claim, not an ontological claim (i.e. a claim about the nature of reality, part of metaphysics.)

The physical world could be the creation of an evil Demiurge.

Or we could be dead and in Hades without realising it, like some ancient Greek Philosophers thought.

But if the Demiurge didn't bodge things entirely/ the architecture of Hades is consistent, then the ontology of it isn't that important, because the lower level science still works.



So which is it? Abstract concepts or immediate sensation that we should appeal to?



>So which is it? Abstract concepts or immediate sensation that we should appeal to?

I'm not him (+not a Stirnerite). But there is a philosophical view that while we have direct access to the sensual, we don't to the "real" , which the realm of the senses is linked to."note Abstract concepts" aren't the same as the real.though.( Otherwise race realists would be correct and merely "thinking makes it so." ) Reality certainly can be alluded to through metaphor ecc., though Or that's my take on "object oriented philosophy" (BO :any chance of a suitable flag to post under please, maybe a lump of rock?) lecture livestreaming in 8 hours for anyone interested


(I'm not Graham Harman)

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