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File: ad39c6f424b3b24⋯.png (65.98 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)


I really just wanna know if she's a CIA plant like I've seen allusions to tbh


She sure has a lot of PR photos taken of her.


Shes a helpful ally in congress for the time being since we still have capitalism. Id rather have her in there then another corporate democrat like Pelosi or Schumer, unless she turns out to be one herself which is a likely scenario.



She’s a milf. Nothing more nothing less.


I'd hit it tbh.



She's not even 30 and has no kids. You need to grow up kid.



Not m and not ilf



She's just your average socdem. A step in the right direction, actually funded by small donors, but ultimately insufficiently left.

All in all, she's far better than your average democunt.


File: 297cd963ee28ddf⋯.png (202.14 KB, 380x349, 380:349, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw people consider me a dilf and I am not even 30




She isn't exactly but she is over the typically desired age and looks a bit older than she actually is too



>dilf and I am not even 30


>And not even 30

I mean yeah that's a given since you're under 30…



She looks the mid 20s to early 30s that she is and the typically desired range only exists in hebe-kun's head. Niggas will smash a 50+ cougar if she look good.



She sucked McCains dick. If you want to argue that she's playing nice to climb even higher, then don't bother. If you have a clear message, then stick to it. The goal is to normalize an ideology and hammer it every single time. Not playing backdoor clandestine games. "I'm going to act against you publicly, but I'm really on your side. I just need more power…"

Sanders is also controlled opposition.



I'd like an opinion of Jill Stein though..



Greens are genuine imo but ineffectual and nobody knows/cares about them. Jill Stein is alright but not presidential campaign material tbh. Ajamu Baraka otoh is too real and based and would scare the shit outta a lot of people if he got a platform.


AOC is a very strange case because her conception of socialism is an extremely dumbed-down and Americanized idea that basically considers government spending and welfare "socialism." That's not so odd, but what IS odd is how the media gave her massive coverage - she was interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, in Vogue Magazine, and on Chuck Todd's program. Probably some more. Not only that, but she has repeatedly endorsed establishment Democrats much to the chagrin of progressives and others on the left. Last but not least, when McCain died she wrote a very nice message about him which seemed really weird considering how McCain was an uber-warhawk and neocon…

Is she a CIA plant? I don't know. But she comes across as 110% phony.



She does not, in in candid photos she has the facial wrinkles of someone in the mid 30s at best. She either lost a lot of weight, borderline starved herself growing up, or didn't take care of her skin.

She has werid old lady arm pits too. I've noticed women aging quicker over all lately. It was rare to see a young woman balding 10 years ago, now I'll see one once every 2 months.



You're reading too much onto this. Her behavior is completely consistent with Chapo Trap house "woke" socialist read liberals. She's Obama in all but name and she

Could still be a CIA plant, but believe me young milenial liberals are genuinely this stupid.



Just a wilf, anon.


WSWS thinks all the Dems with connections to the armed services and Pentagon are the plants. AOC will most likely be played as a useful idiot.

I suppose I don't say this often enough, but if things get rough enough after the next crash, and there's real signs of social unrest and revolution, the progressives in office will be the ones to propose the band-aids, like a UBI, or Medicare for all, or a Green New Deal, and they'll all be just enough to calm to masses and keep them in a subservient class that goes back to work, back to spending and sitting on their thumbs waiting for climate disaster.

Soc-dems are liberals, well meaning, but they're used to put out the fire of revolution which we need to fan.


File: c5c553e469709a5⋯.jpg (182.37 KB, 625x416, 625:416, Camila Vallejo-7.jpg)

She is a cutie. Wouldn't mind a three-way with her and Camila




If the media complex shines all of their cameras on someone, that's someone they want you to see and someone else they don't want you to see. Figure out who it is they don't want you to see.



Excuse me, hon. It's classist to police my knowledge of politics.

t. AOC




Lmfao she's nowhere near milf age, you stupid zoomer


/leftpol/ on male politicians

> yea his policies are p. interesting

> do you think he's hiding his power level??

> not perfect but we have to work with what we have

/leftpol/ on female politicians

> she ugly and old

> i'd fugg her :DDDDD

> someone post nudes or just some random porno



begone idpoler



not an argument


File: 9b59e28cca1ccb8⋯.jpg (443.59 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, watermark.jpg)


>initials are literally AOC

How didn't I ever notice this!?



AOC is for Alexandria Of Color btw




No, they don't.



>not ilf




>CIA plant

Well no, why would she be? She's just a regular socdem, actually exceptionally leftist for American standards so probably she shouldn't be rejected alltogether, but she clearly isn't an example of consistent and serious leftist politics.



>That 5-year-old moomer who listens to Cyndi Lauper


she's a Soc Dem so ofc.

wants to bring Socialism through reforms. that doesn't work you dumb slut.



> Shitting on the streers is good, it is a normal part of the human experience, and therefore, should be encouraged and celebrated.



t. moralfag


Is she the waifu of leftpol?


Beaner slag



>t. moralfag

>t. Islamic Socialism

Makes sense to me


File: c551ee1f611741a⋯.jpg (169.23 KB, 1024x963, 1024:963, tau_propaganda_by_jdatroci….jpg)


No, we like older women.



don't speak for me ancum



of course it does. who cares about western morals anyways? cops are cucks, its ok to fuck young girls and if you like loli or whatever its none of my beeswax, cops who arrest men who like young girls deserve to be raped themselves.



She looks like shit and about 10 years older than she is. Maybe mistaken but wasn’t she a bartender. If that’s the case then it explains her advanced age because most bartenders are alcoholics, and alcohol wreaks havoc on your skin.



Warhammer is such shallow edgy garbage and the people who like it are the worst kind of cringe.

If you use it in any serious sense, you unironically have full-blown autism and should stop before you become ahuviya harel.



"muh autism"

"muh edge"



An actual plant by an alphabet agency? Nah, she's a genuine socdem who has just reached the logical limits of a socdem attempting to work within capitalism, in particular trying to do so from within the bounds of the Democratic party.


Does anyone still remember the days when Warhammer didn't take itself totally seriously and kinda satirized grimdarkness?



Not sure who you're talking about specificially, but Bernie has been pretty clearly hiding his powerlevel when people try to trap him on shit like praising Cuba. AOC otoh has feigned ignorance and insulted socialists for criticizing her misuse of the word socialism.

If you want /leftpol/ not liking a male succdem, look here >>107712


File: 107d88aa15f282e⋯.png (436.17 KB, 1056x7627, 1056:7627, grimderp.png)


>I am a newfag secondary that is too steeped in reflexive tribalistic ignorance to appreciate subtle british humor


Yes. Sadly, neither the modern playerbase, nor most of the modern writers running the asylum at GeeDubs do.


Bernie was unquestionably hard left, possibly even full ML, in his youth. I'm uncertain as to whether he's now hiding his power level, browbeaten, or has simply mellowed with age.


I’d pound her round brown



the people who like warhammer and don't appreciate it's anti-fash anti-war messages are absolutely retarded




>it's anti-fash anti-war messages

c'mon now, anon. You cannot seriously believe that the autists at Game Workshop really created edgy little plastic armies to put out such a political message, do you ?



You probably do not remember the way Warhammer was back in the day. The entire thing was packed with irony and humor.



When the majority of both fans and later rights holdersauthors take something like Rambo or Alien 100% at face value, does that signify a humiliating defeat, or a smug success, for the original author?


File: ad7c5e40b4486be⋯.gif (2.38 MB, 320x205, 64:41, bfr.gif)

fuck this commie goblin


Alexandria of Colour is not even a real socdem, just idpol bait for woke progressives.


File: c666afb0607f23c⋯.jpg (249.07 KB, 592x1052, 148:263, IMG_20180109_124448.jpg)

Don't be silly, Ocasio-Cortez looks nothing like a plant.




Fuck we live in such a fucked timeline. There are no significant movements that haven't been infiltrated and fucked in the ass by all sorts of psyop shit. I just want to see the world burn at this point



This, at least have the goddamn respect to call her a "CIA person" OP.



>AND the right wing of the Democrat party (except Clinton and Pelosi, sadly) got thrown out on their ass.

rofl what? Which planet do you live on? Only two super porkies were even primaried by liberal challengers.



You people are the one idpoling by making appearance a matter or concern of a politician.



We're not making it matter though. We're shitposting on a leftist board on an anime themed cryptofascist website.



Not even that. We're shitposting on a splinter of a leftist splinter of a fascist board on an anime themed splinter of an english splinter site. We're diaspora ten times over.



Are you trying to turn this into a meme?



Yes, you are. Go back to tumblr



Why don't YOU go back to tumblr and blog about rape culture and how western women are OH SO MISTREATED boohoo


she said not to focus on theory because workers wouldnt understand it, i dont fuck with that



(and I think you might mean "neoconfederates" rather than "liberals." there's a huge taint of "my wyte wymmyns purity" and "satan." fucked up little anglo gang, who, historically, actually kind of are literally hitler, what with that eugenics bit and the close ties)

"muh inbred hicks"

this. its time to stop.



btw, most hillbillies are Celtic, not Anglo. live it. love it. learn it.



socdem with brainlet ideas on what socialism and capitalism are

Complete trash.


People with no interest in ending capitalism aren't our allies, they're useful pawns at best.




JUST fuck off to reddit if you seriously support this radlib bitch.


File: 0ba0fb69ba8adea⋯.gif (413.86 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1448354587507.gif)


>most progressive candidate

>nancy pelosi



Having a vagina is one of the most progressive things you can do.



This was literally 90% of Hillary Clinton's campaign



Which is why she lost. Bernie would’ve won.



No theyre not brainlet. Theyre of ulster scots descent aka northern irish. Scots is a germanic language. Ulster scots is a dialect of scots that went extinct basically they moved from scotland to northern ireland from the 1500s. Only highland scots speak a celtic language (gaelic).



Scots is the most fascinating thing. Unlike German and other languages, English doesn't really have significant regional varieties (only minor phonological differences) so hearing Scots for a native English speaking is a surreal experience; you understand half to 75% of things but feel really confused in general. Irrelevant to this thread but pretty cool that English has largely maintained a solidarity of phonology in the face of, probs due to HALLYWOUD but I'm quite impressed in any case


she's a socdem rep in a safe D district, why does the GOP think she's public enemy #1 or some shit

my dad who watches fox thinks she's a figurehead for antifa (lol) and will bring forth a venezuelan style revolution.



Because American politics is mostly theatre.



She's a crack in the wall of the inevitable leftism dam burst that is coming. Even if she's still just a reformist, the dam can't hold on for much longer.

People like your father should be more afraid of the systems failure of capitalism.



*She's a band aid holding back the inevitable leftism dam burst that's coming.


File: 409d0684bd262c4⋯.webm (3.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, videoplayback5.webm)

Hit or miss

I guess they never miss


You got a boyfriend

I bet he doesn't kiss ya



File: ee6699e2a1ccb7e⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 540x960, 9:16, ee6699e2a1ccb7eb4bd3afca2….webm)



I want to have sex with her.



This is a good description



I suppose.

If she somehow became the Roosevelt for the Green New Deal and saved capitalism for a few years more, that would be a band-aid




This shit makes me feel old


Play idpol games


Win idpol prizes


D-does anybody have pictures of….. OCASIO'S FEET



It doesn't have feet. It has trotters.


Shes a socdem not a socialists

If you've heard her talk shes completely retarded about current situations

SocDem policies only delay revolution



>an attractive millenial female likes posting pictures of herself to social media



File: bc0c1ac234332cd⋯.png (406.42 KB, 1136x574, 568:287, red.PNG)

>brainless bimbo that spouts platitudes

>promises to fight against corrupt democrats and Pelosi

>supports Nancy Pelosi the moment she gets in and becomes part of the democrat machine

"watch, she'll turn red any second now"

"aannyy second now…."



>oh uh um idk about Israel lol, ask again later xD

>hey buddy don't you police me on how i use the word socialism, that's classist

Yeah every time i hear her talk about a specific issue other than posting about the two parties being shit, she's worse than i even imagined before



>r/socialism of antizionism



made me smile


File: 0adeffc35f9c7ca⋯.webm (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alexandriaoccasionalcorte….webm)



>an attractive millenial female likes posting pictures of herself to social media

>an attractive



>comes out of nowhere

>already on top position to do shit

>already everybody's darling

Smells like a scam artists. What did she before that?




Has someone the Gondola/and Hoovy edits?

Basically people standing in the rain, while sad music is playing?


Mestizo nationalist rent-seeking from the white establishment via taxes.

She'd hate everyone ITT for being white males.



>universal healthcare doesn't benefit wyite peepol

>universal higher education doesn't benefit wyite peepol

>better wages don't benefit wyite peepol




>pour in a million mexicans

>end up working and paying for everyone else

>who squats in boroughs

Just quit working



>Incoming Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who recently revealed that she has Jewish ancestry, will not join other freshman members of congress on an AIPAC-affiliated trip to Israel later this year, Jewish Insider reported on Wednesday.

>A spokesperson for the New York Democrat did not respond to Jewish Insider requests for comment on whether Ocasio-Cortez will join a J Street-sponsored trip or an alternative delegation to the West Bank, organized by fellow Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

genuinely surprised she had the balls to do this



Radlibs gon radlib



Lee Carter I reckon, closest thing to a left wing politician the USA has.



this, she seems to genuinely support the left instead of just using leftism as a way to get elected.


Populism on the right and left is becoming a huge threat to the system. If the system tries to ignore it, then it's putting itself at risk. The smartest thing it can do is offer the weakest version of left wing populism, to appease the left wing populist base. That's what people like Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Ilhan Omar, etc. are - a weak version of left wing populism, to appease their base and stop the leftist threat to the establishment.

Unfortunately, this same dynamic doesn't happen on the right. Moneyed interests don't care how far right things go, because corporatism, theocracy, and fascism only help them.

That said, I actually have a positive opinion of Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders as people. I just don't think they're nearly left wing enough, and I worry that their willingness to go with Washington politics may actually be dangerous.



>I actually have a positive opinion of Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders as people

In 11 out of 27 states in which exit polls were conducted, the reported results deviated from the exit polls outside their margins of error, all in Clinton's favor. In any other country the US state department would have refused to certify those elections as "free and fair" by its own standard. In addition, there was rampant voter suppression. In Brooklyn alone over 120,000 voters were purged from the rolls just before the primary. In the face of overwhelming evidence of a stolen election, did Sanders challenge the results? Demand any recounts, his right and obligation to his supporters as a candidate? No, he didn't even contest the nomination at the convention, he supported endorsed and supported his cheating opponent full-throatedly. And then, when the election was over, he used his power in the Senate to lend credibility to the "Russian interference" propaganda.

What is there to like about this fucking coward exactly?



When she wins the presidency just don't be surprised if she continues doing neolib shit.

The American Empire has the best PRopaganda on this planet.



Is that why it is universally despised by everyone else? They have some pretty intense internal brainwashing, yes, but everyone outside have to be either bribed or bullied into tolerating the USA.



People should also remember that he wasn't making a serious attempt to get elected (at first, and probably later as well). The groundswell of support surprised even him. He just wanted to get his ideas out there but they were so much better than what people were used to he got very popular very fast. Clinton's campaign and the DNC (but I repeat myself) tried to shut him down but his platform was just intrinsically so much better than hers that the only way to stop his momentum (without having to merc anybody notable) was to cheat the votes. Sanders never wanted to be president IMO, so he was fine with this. He was almost certainly sure HRC would win from the start and was just trying to get people engaged enough to push for better policies. He didn't expect himself to get so popular and certainly didn't expect Trump to actually win.



this but unironically

pandering to minorities is what liberals do best. as if ethnics can't do shit their own damn self.



>women being political at all.

My sides are are in orbit

Even in best Korea, women knew their place in society either through labor or being mothers.



>When she wins the presidency just don't be surprised if she continues doing neolib shit.

Anyone with a brain knows she'd be tamed by the system instantly. Any true radical who somehow got into the office of the presidency would become an American Allende



>as if ethnics can't do shit their own damn self.

Fucking this. It's like they think that we need help from the power that their "white privilege" affords them to accomplish anything. The liberals' coddling of minorities is every bit as insulting as it is futile.



tbh he's old enough and principled enough to believably choose martyrdom (and it would have been completely obvious and thus a spurious threat). If they made threats they were targeting people he cared about.




fyi that whole line if thinking literally cones from the KKK. They thought it was Superior Whitey's job to teach his "inferiors" how to be productive members of society. The KKK weren't after an ethnostate (only whites) but white supremacy, where whites were in charge of non-whites living alongside them. The way white people go way up our own asses about race (chauvinism basically) is part of the synthesis between white racism and white-led antiracism. It's fucking dumb and transparenly a bunch of white folks navel gazing while they flagellate.


Cortez has thick ankles, I can't trust anybody with thick ankles.



because they banned porn. fuck tumblr.


I want to fuck AOC exclusively to use the emotional leverage to turn her into a socialist.




This guy is the worst fucking poster in this board.



>I really just wanna know if she's a CIA plant like I've seen allusions to tbh


She's an Alan Moore fan!

Who watches the Watchmen lol



That's not the guy with the Islam flag who posts three time in a row.



>liberal who singlehandedly ruined the student movement

kill yourself fag



>holdersauthors take something like Rambo or Alien 100% at face value

40k actually has parodies of both Alien and Rambo in its lineup. Old 40k was loaded with jokes at the expense of pop culture.



My point was that both Rambo and Alien (much like 40K) were highly subversive in their original forms, but have been swallowed up by shallow troglodytes on the basis of purely superficial traits.



First Blood Rambo was muh troops nonsense about how mean people were to the poor Vietnam veterans and how mowing down rice farmers made them feel bad :(

I'll give you Alien and 40k though.



Of course. When will you idiots realize the left and right/2 sided paradigm is a puppet show. They are all plants.



The left/right paradigm isn't so much the problem as the Overton window being extremely narrow is the problem. The "left" in mainstream burger politics is more like the center of the right wing while the "right" is somewhere to the right of that.



I always felt it was more about war itself poisoning the country's soul, with both the broken people it creates and our neglect toward that evil legacy merely aggravating the underlying problem.



I would.



It jerked off Rambo's green beret guerilla skills way too much to argue that it wasn't at least partially military porn. If it was about what you're saying it should have ended after the first act.


File: 6631f72031e547b⋯.png (1.36 MB, 960x734, 480:367, ClipboardImage.png)




More labels please.



>Moneyed interests don't care how far right things go, because corporatism, theocracy, and fascism only help them.

You're stuck in the fucking '30s, mate, if you think "moneyed interests" care about any of that shit.



Oh shit for a second there I didn't think the Venezuelan Surprise had a label and I was worried.



'Stale ale' is kinda funny tho



Yeah, "No ICE" gave me a chuckle too, ngl.


File: b8d9eed5b33e98b⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zack exley.jpg)


Basically this .

I don't think AOC is the CIA plant but another person might be. Last weekend I talked to Zack Exley, the co-founder of Justice Democrats, the PAC that recruited AOC. He also worked for Wikimedia, John Kerry, Tony Blair, Obama and Sanders. I really wondered if he is a CIA plant or something of the sort the more and more I listened.

I stressed that the Green New Deal (USA version by AOC and European version by Varoufakis) makes capitalism oscillate from its authoritarian phase (currently neoliberalism) to a liberal phase (eco-social market economy). Also, I said we need an actual radical grassroots movement for a social ecology change because socialist and reformist (social democratic) approaches have failed, as we can learn from the 20th century. What remains are the anarchist approaches to achieve communism. For short term, reforms are better than nothing but it's not enough and that has to be publicly announced that these reforms are just for a transition phase.

He mentioned Mao three times and tried to make a point how difficult it is to make a revolution. He answered like a Centrist Marxist saying revolution is not possible yet which eventually let my alarm bells ring because I said after DiaMat, climate change faces humanity with an existential threat and there is no better historical material situation than that.

On the other hand, many things he said made sense for campaigning. Of over 400 candidates the PAC rooted for, she won. He explained it by the story she was telling explaining the idpol bait as concerned by >>108314 and the coming out of nowhere as scrutinized by >>113431. The AIPAC rejection (see >>113965) and her five-minute corruption game (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJlpS4vhKP0 ) further suggest she is not a plant.


We all know these types. The kind of person who becomes a politician before 30, who knows weasely small-talk already at uni, whose power-ambitions can be clearly seen through their moralist student activism, who works on etiquette early on to fit in with the establishment, who talks to you in a manipulative way to make you like them, who is calculating about their public and social media image, and who literally spend lots of money on studio photography of themselves.

The 'leftist wave' will be taken advantage of elitist brats, radlibs, islamists, and power-hungry narcissists, and it will ultimately ruin the reputation of the left even further.


File: 6d490c292754613⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 493x781, 493:781, icr.jpg)

Even though she is soft and tries too hard to be liked by the other Democrats, she is exposing some interesting things like the homeless being used by lobbyist. And even though her Green New Deal is shit it is better than nothing, so I think she is a step in the right direction and with her questions about lobbyist I doubt she is a CIA plant.



>even though her Green New Deal is shit it is better than nothing

Giving lip service toward the people's concerns while actually giving handouts to corporations is like the most "not better than nothing" you can get.



>capitalism is the mode of production

>fixing the apocalyptically dysfunctional infrastructure of human civilization and revitalizing the neoliberalism-ravaged economy involves giving money to capitalists

That's some bigbrain thinkimation you got's going thar.




The secret is having children while you are under 30



>I really just wanna know if she's a CIA plant like I've seen allusions to tbh

Jesse Jackson and Sharpton filled a role that made them big bank, and they are getting old. She is the first of 3 coming.


Confirmed plant.

The German magazine Bento wrote some clickbaity article on her, how she BTFO'd Trump.

You need to know, Bento is a branch of Spiegel, a bi-weekly released magazine, formerly considered left with a reputation of seriousness, which they now use to shamelessly spew neoliberal propaganda.

Bento is run by young rich hipster journalists kind of what you know in the USA (they are also connected with their US counterparts) and the journal is very similar to that of Gawker network (even their name Bento sounds like Kotaku, Japanese loanwords). What takes the cake is that some of these journos are member of the German conservative party and were pretty pissy when during the election a satirical party made fun of them. Peak conservative liberalism.

An endorsement from Bento is never a good thing, and they would never promote or endorse serious leftists.

Just so you know.


File: 3b07923c706ae0f⋯.jpg (53.77 KB, 970x658, 485:329, gettyimages-1004430888-e15….jpg)


File: 7daefefb31210f7⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 201x251, 201:251, index.jpg)


Oh wow. A meme from 5 years ago that contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation.

Good job, incel boomer. Go back to /pol/ and eat your cookie.



Actually look at the contents of the Green New Deal. It's not substantial change, but it has corporate handouts.



>it has corporate handouts.

Interesting. Can you be more specific?







>We all know these types. The kind of person who becomes a politician before 30, who knows weasely small-talk already at uni, whose power-ambitions can be clearly seen through their moralist student activism

This. I may have already said it before, but she's already joined the fucking House Financial Services Committee. You don't get nominated to that if Wall Street knows you're not gonna play ball in return for some meme shit like "ensuring all financial services organizations are ethnically/gender diverse and listen to LGBTBBQ voices". That and her condemnation of Ilhan Omar over the AIPAC incident makes it certain she's not sincere on anything beyond meme idpol shit.


File: 911b155fa0984b5⋯.jpg (53 KB, 913x230, 913:230, Dz9Q8mfX0AE7hwm.jpg large.jpg)





After all, it's about rich vs poor, not capital vs labour.



That'll show those Major League Baseball players!


It's actually been kind of sad to watch her slowly transform from basic bitch socdem to basic bitch left liberal over the past couple of months. At this rate she won't even bother endorsing Sanders.



Isn't it amazing to remember that the absurdly low capital gains taxes we have now (including a zero percent bracket reaching quite a ways up on the bottom) were the result of a supposedly temporary piece of legislation Dubya enacted just before leaving office, which was then made permanent under Obama?


File: c89bc8b99945919⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 400x490, 40:49, 1550377021476.webm)


File: cbe9f6643d3add3⋯.jpg (81.47 KB, 835x960, 167:192, bunnytanks.jpg)


>"What remains are the anarchist approaches"

>"Reforms are better than nothing"

Never change, anarkiddies.


Post her college era nudes.


File: bf7ef911d964c7b⋯.jpg (501.79 KB, 1014x721, 1014:721, 20190117_003218.jpg)

Disgusting skank



name a hotter active politician



>I really just wanna know if she's a CIA plant like I've seen allusions to tbh

Jesse Jackson is getting old and has little to do with immigrant votes. She will make a lot of money, and sick her beta males after anyone who displeases her. Her policies and ideology is not feasible without authoritarian measures and that does not work well anymore now that the cat is out of the bag. Surely, everyone has seen the new wave of opportunists on whatever side– they have been brand building and networking on social media. The forces behind her success of failure will remain in the dark, until the moment she thinks she is bigger than them.


She's a dumbshit by any means. She doesn't even have residence in her district, she used her dead mother's address. She's a literal who and she glows in the dark. She has no identifiable beliefs, and is only subscribing to things because they sound good.

You'd know that if you got out of your Hug Box's Hug Box. She's not even a friend to the "left", she just a full-fleged retard who got elected with 12% voter turnout (IIRC).




>she doesn't make my peepee hard so she's wrong

epic argument my friend


>That video screenshot

Yeah I'm sure this is going to be fair and balanced. Why not just watch the whole exchange rather than an obvious snap cut made to look her look bad you moron?



I sincerely hope someone like her or Bernie gets in so you morons can get a taste of your Utopian ideal.



stupid, no-brain nigger monkey. You didn't even watch the video.


Did someone say

Occasional Cortex




"the right is starting to get better at comedy"


>like a horse in the desert thats been roller skating all day

what did he mean by this



There are several hotter people running for president. She's young for sure but grotesque in some way.



Can't take her seriously as an opponent.

If I'm being honest, I think she's an albatross around your necks, and I'd rather her be on your side than ours.

She'll bumble along "Smashing boundaries" until she puts her foot in her mouth and becomes a total liability to the cause.

She's too careless a speaker, and she's already publicly stated that she cares about feels over reals.

That's not going to endear her to anybody who isn't already an intersectional ideologue.



i guess kamala and tulsi could get it but im standing by what i said



They are totally hotter and that's limiting it to presidential candidates.



they're old as shit dude, it's really only the teeth that are holding her back and in my mind i have my hand over her mouth so not really a problem


You niggers paid money AGAIN? To have this thread on the front?




very high quality post. Everyone please read.







>he still doesn't have any proofs

>he's still pushing his limpdick narrative



She will never ask the Jewish question, because she is a jew herself. Yes, shes a Capitalistl plant for the brown people, while still doing work for ☘️them☘️.



Please. That bitch is all about the radlib "muh apartheid israel" narrative.



When I see the anit-semit3 headlines I'll believe you. The JQ is the ONLY topic that matters, everything else can be resolved easily. If she helps fan the flames that would be helpful, but I really doubt it.



I think the conspiracy theories about her here are getting a tad out of hand. Im not saying shes the resurrection of lenin or anything, but I think she's just an average socdem with neoliberal tendencies not some alien CIA Plant created in the pizzagate lab.



When you start having to deal with "brown" people and their name is "Avi" are they POC, or Jewish? The only thing AyyyyOOCccc has is: big sephardic knockers, a woman, a brown color. Unless she starts questioning Israeli influence in our government, who owns the Fed, etc, she is worthless.

No other qualification are needed nowadays in America.



>eveyone to the left of me politically is all in it together against me, and communist

take your meds


>I obsess constantly over circumcised dicks

we know, sod off


Does that mean you'll vote Labour or encourage your Bong friends to do so?


>haha you can be an incompetent literal retard as long as you say you're woke to le ebil joo I'll vote for you

But last time you did that you voted for the Israeli buttpuppet



Dude. Id Tulsi in a heartbeat.


File: e0d94064d9c05bc⋯.jpeg (26.04 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images (3).jpeg)


i mean yeah but she got that pizza face up close and isn't she disabled in some way



actually nevermind that's tammy duckworth who's disabled



>You niggers paid money AGAIN?

I'm giggling for realsies at the thought that a leftist paid money to promote speech he likes. I thought the revolution wouldn't be televised?


File: 55cf724772f5d99⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


She is being groomed to be yet another token of the white elite. It should be noted she ran as a bucket list goof. She won the primary election, because of the two-faced liberal racism urban whites have been shoving down POCs throats for decades. The fake minorities based off of the ongoing white millennial gender identity crises may have been the final straw. AOC would be waiting tables like this time last year, if only she didn't have a "run for office for lulz" box to checkoff.


File: f89e65ed10eeb08⋯.png (261.6 KB, 698x407, 698:407, f89e65ed10eeb08765d725a0ad….png)


>I'll ignore all the other comments and concentrate on jerking myself off to my narrative


Convince me shes hot, post your best AOC.



40k is the least gay sci fi future ever, prove me wrong you can't



>she is so fucking S T U P I D even normies see it

Where did this meme come from? I keep seeing right wing shills posting this unironically but it doesn't add up, of all the politicians including that "Internet is a series of tubes" guy, Dan "the future will be better tomorrow" Quayle, George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Donald "CFC aerosol pollution is a hoax" Trump etc AOC is the one you want to start calling out for being dumb without any embarrassing quotations, really?

Look at your stable genius below:




idc. waifu



"white elite"

ok, its not all whites, its just the rich. with a significant jewish majority. but anyone can be a rich asshole. black women can still be the man.



but it is an apartheid state. even though I'm farthest thing from radlib.



Anything else you'd like to make up? This is kind of pathetic that you are letting your feelings cloud your judgement on someone who's on your side for some unknown reason that I'm hoping you'd share with us.



>ok, its not all whites, its just the rich. with a significant jewish majority

Rich people are overwhelmingly not Jewish even if Jews on a whole are wealthier than other ethnic groups.



william casey didn't have a son



The apartheid actually happened to actual human beings. You should feel ashamed for having used that word so lightly.


File: e3e112a44c96374⋯.jpg (251.6 KB, 550x367, 550:367, t_4401887379_0a369c6644_o.jpg)


Like you actually care you disingenuous turd.



Per capita



>arabs aren't human but blacks are

hoteps gtfo



Arabs are semites just as much as jews are.


Odd how there's literally nothing about Yang with his 1000 neetbux plan


File: c6b851fd786fdfb⋯.jpeg (710.42 KB, 1280x920, 32:23, 6E046211-B362-43B1-BA70-9….jpeg)


>followed by actual reasonable socialist ideas

AOC is not a socialist at all, just like Bernie. Wanting to raise taxes on muh billionaires (not calling them what they are: exploiting capitalists) and calling for universal healthcare is not and will never be anything more than the most mundane form of social democratic right-opportunism. I never see her talk about imperialism, I never see her call out the class-nature of the US government’s bourgeois dictatorship, I never see her attack private property and exploitation.

>Revisionism, an ideological trend of rightist opportunism, was frustrated by the struggle of the communists, but the trend has reappeared under various names, one being social democracy. It advocates the so-called “third road”. According to it, it aims, under the signboard of “statism” and “welfarism”, to achieve a “high rate of growth and welfare” by combining the “effectiveness of the capitalist economy” with “socialist public policy”. This is a changed mask of the former opportunist social democracy that appeared in the early revolutionary movement of the working class against capital, an ideological trend which the renegades to the revolution espoused, in their attempt to oppose the revolutionary social democracy.

>There are people who claim that the so-called “social democracy” has been realized, but such countries are none other than capitalist societies in which “the rich get ever richer” and “the poor get ever poorer” and bourgeois democracy holds dominant sway. In this contemporary world there exist only two roads, socialism and capitalism. There cannot be anything like a “third road”. The “third road”, the road of social democracy, is the road to capitalism.

t. Kim Jong Il



sources say yes


she is so sexy

nearly as sexy as brittany venti



Disgusting taste in women



>them deep brown eyes

>just like my elementary school crush, first love




What are the major differences between Juche, Duginism, deleonists, and fascism?


File: 59149c3b8af91c0⋯.jpeg (75.19 KB, 497x332, 497:332, CAA8FB7C-9F81-41E1-9C1F-3….jpeg)


>Juche and fascism

Juche builds off of Marxist-Leninist thought and is considered a new philosophical development. It is still firmly linked to materialism, anti-imperialism, internationalism and the construction of a classless society free of exploitation. Fascism seeks class reconciliation, exclusive and exteme nationalism, is often patriarchal, etc. I’m not very familiar with the other figures / ideologies you gave to give a good explanation.

For more on Juche and Songun: korean-books.com.kp


File: 8e26a376debb64b⋯.png (84.39 KB, 614x762, 307:381, 2019-03-06 19_01_32-Alexan….png)


Nah, she's participating in the "it's anti-semitic to criticize Israel" nonsense.





>Self reliant internationalism




come on man


File: 02b3506fbea1af7⋯.jpeg (426.22 KB, 1076x1243, 1076:1243, 8F31C28C-BBFE-4350-9F11-8….jpeg)

File: 7f163f23af1bd95⋯.jpeg (362.52 KB, 1242x704, 621:352, E16639E9-3BF8-4521-BAE8-1….jpeg)


You are incredibly ignorant if you think Juche boils down the idea of “self-reliance” alone. Self-reliance features, of course, within Juche, but to limit it to that alone is a vulgarization of the profound theories of Kim Il Sung. Self-reliant national defense, independence in politics and self-support in the economic realm are all guiding ideas in Juche. The DPRK has always stood unfailingly behind the principles of proletarian internationalism, as shown in the first picture from a recent introductory work on the Juche idea championing internationalism for the same reason any Marxist with a brain would. Furthermore, you neglect to think of things such as the Pyongyang Declaration (pic 2) and the DPRK’s close relationship with China, Cuba, Vietnam and other socialist-oriented states such as Venezuela.

Pic one:


Pic two:




Please actually read shit before commenting. Kim Jong Il wrote an entire short work on the scientific status of socialism



File: bcfba0be7e90906⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 672x372, 56:31, rsz_13974_althusser13ruede….jpg)


>Collectivism is man's intrinsic need



>man isn’t a social-being

Big brain



our only inherent needs are food, water etc, and as individuals we can get those through collectivism, or through killing the next guy and taking his stuff


has to be a plant, no one can be dumb enough to actually think socialism is still a good idea in the 21st century.


Structuralism is dumb and has nothing to do with Marxism.




There's a shitton of ground covered in that "etc."


>A total of 91 infants were placed in the Foundling Home located just outside of the United States. For the first three months of the infants’ lives, they were breastfed by their mothers in the Foundling Home. If an infant’s mother was not available, one of the other mothers would also breastfeed that infant. The infant’s enjoyed the affection given by their mothers during this initial three month period. After three months, all of the infants were separated from their mothers. The infants were cared for by nurses and received high quality physical and medical care.

>“Of the 91 children originally observed in the Foundling Home, 34 had died by the end of the second year; 57 survived” (p. 281). It was speculated by Spitz that the death rate may have been even higher due to the fact he lost touch with some of these children after the study. It was also noted by Spitz that only two of the infants died of disease (Spitz, 1965).

So, from a purely medical perspective, affection is certainly necessary to life, and lack thereof is a medical cause of infant death. But that is only the basic biological needs of the human organism. And that is only in the establishment of survival; man has needs beyond merely perpetuating his existence, because there are functions that men perform that require a material basis, and those functions are necessary to allow the individual to contribute to their utmost ability to their society, in order to suit the needs of that society to materially sustain its own existence. Thus education, inclusion, and community become needs extending even further than the merely biological and medical need for affection demonstrated by the dead babies mentioned earlier. Social needs are and always have been one of the most powerful driving forces in human history, and the need to be a socially developed individual cannot, as a general rule of thumb, be addressed by killing the next guy and taking his stuff.


Please stop derailing my thread with intellectually impoverished discussion about Juche - thank you.



Still it's not like millennial women need to be attractive to post photos




You do realize that sometimes anti-semites do criticize israel?

The fact that you feel no need to provide context to that image suggests that you don't.



>links to a blogsite about "biblical parenting" which cites some bullshit study from the 60s



This one is actually funny kek



Who gives a shit if anti-semites criticise Israel, if you know the criticism itself isn't anti-semitic. The special status Israel and Jews get in America is both unconstitutional and going to see actual anti-semitism skyrocket.



The disproportion of wealth they hold is unfathomable.



File: 450e50b871aa2e8⋯.jpeg (226.21 KB, 1080x1074, 180:179, sethmandel.jpeg)


File: 3684eab3d133fe6⋯.png (97.09 KB, 904x529, 904:529, Richest-1-Percent-By-Race.png)

File: d58c4cad3a03298⋯.jpg (103.08 KB, 772x849, 772:849, 2015-04-12-1428857772-7524….jpg)

File: deb50098b8695bf⋯.png (52.03 KB, 640x791, 640:791, FT_16.09.29_wealthReligiou….png)

File: 9cb5faaf776de3b⋯.png (67 KB, 915x678, 305:226, Income_Ranking_by_Religiou….png)


So unfathomable that there's data on it.

It's revealing how your disgust isn't at how such wealth inequality exists, but instead it's how you're bothered that some Jews participate in wealth inequality at a disproportionate rate.


File: daf3996d316ef97⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 474x325, 474:325, never here.jpg)

What makes you think she is one of ours? Good luck proving it.


File: 0e8159e33eb86ba⋯.jpg (49.83 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 7e1e17e7ada66b3d8256c61cd0….jpg)


>"Sure, there are *legitimate* criticisms of Israel…but if you make those criticisms you're obviously an antisemite"



Who said she is? She's just another idpoler masquerading as a revolutionary. Friendly reminder the only reason she gets half the press she does is because she's a POC Ben Shapiro




<Who gives a shit if anti-semites criticise Israel

<Why won't AOC automatically endorse all criticisms of Israel??


It's a lot easier to criticize something I didn't say, isn't it?

>>130667 assumes, however, that all criticisms of Israel are in good faith.

You fucknuts make the accusation that others think all criticisms of Israel are anti-semitic, then immediately assume that no criticism of Israel is anti-semitic, and then get mad when grown-ups won't do the same.



god damn communists



Why do antisemitic criticisms of Israel delegitimise any other form of criticism by association?



Yeah crazy positions like universal healthcare, free university education and reduced defence spending, what a radical degenerate she is, how stupid that she cannot accept that America is a 3rd world country that isn't ready for 1st world entitlements.



They don't. Hence my not saying so.



What are you grunting about?

She's a socialist, and socialism is the path to communism, as outlined by Marx.

More importantly though, she's an actual underqualified idiot coasting along on hype and whatever that thing she calls a "personality" is.

The best hope for "progressivism" is literally a part-time bartender.



>the accusation that others think all criticisms of Israel are anti-semitic

It's not an accusation you retard, that's literally what's been happening these past few weeks when a congresswoman criticized AIPAC.



Yep a childless milf. Already starting to look ugly as fuck, fucking stupid shit skin reject.



She's an idiot. She is not Ocasio Cortez. Her real name is occasional cortex.


She is a populist with no ideas or views on anything. A stupid puppet-tard.



she is a sexy momma frustrated that she cannot get the white seed for her baby



Then why point out the obvious, i.e. that antisemites criticise Israel?



Because that's why AOC won't endorse every criticism of Israel. It's not that fucking complex.



She can. She's got some lucky charms looking fucker. She doesn't want kids because she's a fucking teenage minded feeble retard. Life is a party for her.



>nowhere near milf age

lol, insecure about the significance of your late twenties? you're irrelevant already.


File: af94003837c0622⋯.png (227.83 KB, 605x445, 121:89, 9bf0f7f1-7a69-45a4-84ec-c6….png)


It's because she, like every other Democrat politician (especially NYC ones), is playing a cynical game of balancing the support of an increasingly anti-Israel base with the support of strongly pro-Israel Jewish donors and interest groups. Made more awkward by the fact that Omar is a young woke POC that can't be easily drummed out of the party in the way an old white guy would be for making similar comments


File: 68e4809edde33d4⋯.png (60.62 KB, 646x822, 323:411, 1540777577154.png)


Get help, sir.







*better work your ass off Sassenachim horse



I get the feeling you have a raging secret boner for AOC.


File: a5eba6b272c6013⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1551657328824.webm)


Lol libs and progressives are the ones pouring gas on the fire. I wouldn't trust aoc to tie her shoes. With the democratic party fracturing between far left and old left, they are liable to be a dead horse come 2020. We're too comfy rn to fall apart, so I'm not worried. Though I don't know if it'll be so peaceful moving forward.


Anyone got good nudes of her? I want to have group sex with AOC, Lauren Southern, Britanny Petibone, Anita Sarkeesian and young RBG brought forward with a time machine



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h5iv6sECGU AOC was selected from an audition she even admits it on video ,her brother applied for her



I'm not watching a half-hour video. Make a webm or at least say when the relevant part comes.


File: 0c9bab22c274657⋯.jpg (89.58 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Under Reagan.jpg)

File: 923d5ea1e7eb401⋯.jpg (60.97 KB, 720x464, 45:29, taliban-reagan.jpg)

File: 6e6611bb3c7275e⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 450x423, 50:47, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

File: e7854e7ca24171c⋯.jpg (105.83 KB, 1088x725, 1088:725, 1-4.jpg)


>channel unironically named Mr Reagan

This is really scraping the barrel to find anything to smear her with, anything to dodge the issues, never mind that she replaced that establishment right wing Democrat hack Joe Crowly which made.

Also how can you expect us to take you seriously when you're posting from a channel that unironically endorses one of the worst US presidents to date, easily top 5 in terms of incompetence and corruption.


File: c086855980bc9dd⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 250x297, 250:297, 3e5a2b713a7dfbc35d64d86827….jpg)

Hey double niggers, while you're at it, why not make a Frank Yang thread and put money on it so it stays on the frontpage?

Come on, just fuck the frontpage up


File: ea4ac7f5d40cf28⋯.png (48.96 KB, 2880x1684, 720:421, U.S._incarceration_rates_1….png)


>1st pic

Ooh, ooh, don't forget the Sentencing Reform Act that under Reagan's embrace of ALEC's deregulation at the state/local level created the private prison industry and rocketed US incarceration rates from "slightly better than most Western European countries" to "worse than the USSR or PRC at their worst" during his administration.





She's hearing voices from her linguistic programmers at Disney as we speak.


If you get a sensitive radar you can actually see it go off with every syllable her socialist cunt mouth speaks and track it to satilite.




Back to >>>/pol/ with you.



She is a socialist. Sorry, I meant anti-populist garaage.



Sorry what I meant to say is mind controlled useless fucking cunt.



All of your problems are from neural linguistic programming being ran by AI by the state.

Remember how everyone called those guys that said the TV was spying on them schizophrenic? This is the saaaame thing. You're not going to acknowledge it and when it becomes a problem no one will remember those who tried to warn you.


You cucks seriously think socialism will work!



Thanks post bot.



Don't give him (You)'s.


Get fucked nigga.


File: 68d32332a0986fc⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 1889x929, 1889:929, deadly communist compute….webm)



She has no kids and shows u must be really young. AOC was selected out of 8,000 nominations sent to the Indian guy in NYC all part of a group backed by Cenk in The Young t*rks. No more than auditions all told for the part to play a puppet in congress. AOC is just an actress. All in all would still love to ride her hard and those milk balloons and hear her moan in that juicy PR whore kind of way.


Out of the DC chicks, AOC & Kirsten Gillibrand would make a nice porn duo. KG playing the older woman worshipped and sucked allover by AOC. KG maybe a complete liar and cheat but still prob the hottest of pols in DC.



Stop watching porn



Be the change you want to see, start MAKING porn!


File: 1720a29f5d35a5c⋯.png (946.43 KB, 660x960, 11:16, ClipboardImage.png)



>The new meme deal long forgotten

Most accurate part of the meme.



This thread is still up?



This is a lot of autism in one area.


File: f646684194bc0ac⋯.png (10.99 KB, 1131x153, 377:51, 2019-03-15 20_49_23-Welcom….png)


Some epic memester paid to put the thread on the front page, that's why.



uf men who is she?


The bug-eyed bitch that looks like a realtor. She got them realtor eyes. Yup. She got 'em.


She is a puppet. She will not debate anyone who has conflicting ideas because she knows he position will be torn to shreds, as we've seen countless times based on her own "independent" speeches in congress or on TV, etc.


Everything or everyone that conspiracy theorist do not like can be some of that cia bullshit


Fucko Fascists are terrified…and we love it ✊🏽



well she is a sieze the means of production actual socialist in the house

so thats good.

but idk if she ought to be the face of the left.


i dont think she does

she has spoken on how the means of production should be democratically and commonly owned.


File: 38cb098e20f0e33⋯.png (12.88 KB, 361x109, 361:109, ClipboardImage.png)




for a while I thought people were just talking shit but goddamn someone really did put money on this thread



Really cute with latina celtic hot blood in those lovely veins. What is up with AOC and the two bulging veins in her neck now?.



Tulsi is wife material. Just a little shame about the thick legs and some pox marks on her face. She seems decent and not a swamp creature.

Of all the ladies in DC, Kirsten Gillibrand is the hottest. Would devour her every hole as she sweet talks in that cute voice of hers.



Dont forget to wash your hands after you finish so that your mom doesnt have to touch your cum when shes trying to type on the keyboard



You sound like it turns you on. You know it does and so does your sister and mom. :)



Either you are baiting, or i dont need to say anything else after that.


Gorgeous and hard hitting. I’m hitting on her pics hard



How could she be so dumb and uninformed? I'm not even into politics and just read the news on the internets and know more about the issues.

One has to seriously be ignorant to not know basic politics 101. The dumbest of dumb girls I've known at least placate when they don't know something.



>she is a sieze the means of production actual socialist in the house

Proofs? I still have yet to hear anything come out of her mouth calling for an end to capitalism.






She cannot even be compared to Shapiro. Unless she accepts a debate with Shapiro, she doesn't hold any credibility.


so fucking ugly that doesnt even deserve to be raped and impregnated




There are whole series of how ben shapiro doesnt know how to argue, in fact he is not interested in debating truth, just in humiliating and winning the argument by any fallacious mean possible


File: 4d8ff4254e2aad6⋯.jpg (229.43 KB, 563x843, 563:843, shadwomen .jpg)


File: 29be88d1563542e⋯.png (303.64 KB, 461x599, 461:599, ClipboardImage.png)





fuck that bitch!!


Nice rack on that beaner chick.



>green new deal

>environmentalism and stimulus

>also idpol shit about how america is a racist patriarchy set on genociding indigenous people

Shoehorning idpol in is one of the best ways to make the left look like shit. I'm not sure these people (le social justice democrats) are plants per se, but the establishment certainly chooses to allow the most impotent of the radicals to succeed. Not controlled opposition but selected opposition.



> america is a racist patriarchy set on genociding indigenous people

that true tho



Cointelpro go home


She is the biggest retard liberal cunt to ever exist.


She's a CIA Plant. She's also batshit crazy.




hi /pol/ go back to cheering for trump ok sweaty?



I am the Purple Anon she is indeed a CIA/Mossad plant meant to keep the latinx in line with the MIGA agenda. Funny the only issues everyone in congress agree on are more money for themselves and jewish issues.


Women are not fit for politics and are too emotional to govern effectively. AOC encapsulates this



Okay AIPAC, Zion Don is totally not an Israeli shill



You will find love and acceptance here

>>/willful cuckold/

and here




Nice try AIPAC


America actually is a racist patriarchy funded by AIPAC to genocide indigenous peoples. Israel basically controls Western fascists and neocons. If it wasn't a patriarchy you wouldn't have boomers sperging about abortion, woman's issues and leftist chicks burning their bras.

God there are a lot of boomers and AIPAC astroturfing /leftpol/



>if you don’t blindly deny that women are emotional animals you can’t get laid!!!

As usual “muh holes” is the only argument




It's probably the feds trying to make succdem bullshit dominate the board to do a forum slide.



She's a big titted libtard who answered a casting call made by The Justice Democrats. She's a actress who does what she is told. She never won any election. She primaried herself in and now she's hated by most of her constituents and The Justice democrats who put her in power are now being investigated for money laundering. Her future is as bright as a libtard's critical thinking.


imagine unironically supporting this braindead commie


File: 9bdde5b6096448f⋯.jpg (68.16 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, skynews-alexandria-ocasio-….jpg)

File: a4346f8f658ed64⋯.jpg (121.55 KB, 641x480, 641:480, ocasio-cortez.jpg)

File: ff5c2d54f799c31⋯.jpeg (137.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, interview-aoc.jpeg)

File: 298a215d5d6205c⋯.jpg (89.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, de9cc146-d52c-4125-9e3f-fe….jpg)

File: a552370d8fbdeb1⋯.jpeg (103.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, aoc-campaign.jpeg)




I usually cringe at the reflexive tendency of libs to pull the "muh incels" card on anything and everything, but the sheer level of shrill assmad autism laser focused at a generic socdem who happens to be a pretty girl (especially compared to, e.g., the more average looking Harris, Gabbard, Warren, etc.) absolutely reeks of bitter manchildren.


File: d25002d061a7183⋯.png (44.77 KB, 750x750, 1:1, hillary(36).png)


>hey I don't like how they call you all X

>anyway, agree with me or you really are X because my candidate has a vagoo and that's literally the only reason you could possibly be criticising her




One of those posts was obviously a /pol/ack, come on now anon.


File: 46e7ee0f27dc502⋯.gif (403.77 KB, 800x627, 800:627, The Fox and the Grapes.gif)

File: c8f0b3799952250⋯.jpg (206.39 KB, 1214x1239, 1214:1239, Butthurt-o-Meter.jpg)


I don't just mean those posters, or this thread (lol @ >>132360), but the general impression on any venue frequented by robots, and beyond. I can practically hear "roasties reeeee" under every reaction to her, especially calling her an airheaded bimbo for daring to say milquetoast socdem-isms, while infinitely worse comes out of the mouths of less, dare I say, Stacie-esque politicians.



Kill yourself roastie


she glows in the dark



not 'less stacie-esque' politicians. just stacies that have aged past their prime.

You're right, anyways, but what of it?


AOC is a great and intelligent new congressperson. Go Tulsi GAbbard tho>



You know /pol/, the more you call generic socdems "socialist" and "communist", the less people will be afraid of those terms. Read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", if it's not too difficult for you.



File: 4ac7ad9cf2d0ec9⋯.jpg (219.24 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, download.jpg)


File: 8f59e3c553e32aa⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



It's not meant to defame you, it's just a handy label for "people who need to be killed, for the good of humanity"


*Rips crack pipe*

Everyone is a joo or puppeteered by a joo or another joo puppeteering another joo except for my fellow chi/pol/tards. The white male dominated establishment is controlled by an evil mossad robot reptile-lizard from another dimension where the Earth isn’t just flat because of a 4chan meme gone too far, that goes by the alias of AOC (Alien-Octopus-Cunt) sent by her dark overlords to use the mudslimes to conquer the flat dimension. We must rid of anyone that isn’t directly in line with our red-pilled movement. We shall mass deport or kill everyone that opposes us until what we are left with is just one giant gay but-not-too-bromosexual bro-out out with suspiciously short sshorts.

*Rips crack pipe even deeper*




Well don’t just hope you pussyniggerfaggotjewCapitalistmonkeyturd. We need mobilization from great leaders like Eli Mosley, based ElliotwannabecucklordKline, who has public records of phone calls and interviews of himself lying about having served and been deployed in and by the marines, backpeddling on the countries he served in first saying Kuwait and then Iraq and then oops no I meant Kuwait uhh… failing to verbally produce and conflating dates of service, failing to produce records of army service, showing up in publically released army records as having served exactly 0 years. Come on now my son, I shouldn’t have to tell you this. We need your printers, your fax machines, your graffitti cans, and most of all we need your reddit, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and facebook trolling and dankest copypastarepasta-ing. How soon can you get your bitch ass to doing the chicken dance in a chicken suit in Times Square yelling “I’m a jew burn the Capitalists.” ?!?!? Ha ha. Oh ho. How silly and ironic that would be. Go put a beer bong in your ass and do the coocaracha for all I fucking care just get your candy little hoe ass to work for the interdimensional conquest is nigh!!



She's a generic socdem while also claiming to be a socialist

>especially compared to, e.g., the more average looking Harris, Gabbard, Warren, etc.

None of whom are socdems or use the socialist label.



Well she's a burger, of course she would call herself a socialist even if her program merely involve government doing stuff.


File: 1de2044d869fa73⋯.png (13.73 KB, 254x248, 127:124, 1de2044d869fa73d60a9367645….png)




>muh bitter incel manchildren, there are no legitimate criticisms against AoC




File: 6cdd6bcaefd3195⋯.jpg (616.03 KB, 1920x2399, 1920:2399, ehg9xflh902z.jpg)


File: cf9794f6e711ae2⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 960x640, 3:2, rxItO5I26wyLkz4oORWRTdgUGw….jpg)


File: 68e75a172a68384⋯.jpg (72.72 KB, 565x428, 565:428, Funny-White-Trash-Family-P….jpg)


File: ec877b268eda1ee⋯.gif (63.47 KB, 499x250, 499:250, nazi12.gif)


Does she actually frequent /leftpol/? Or why would she see these posts?



Yes, seeing as she is an evil ZOG Occupied Government shill sent to rule the flat dimension, it would only be natural for her to hang out amongst the Soros owned /leftypol/ in order to gain traction amongst shills alike that seek to convert the entire global populace into gay tranny jew muslim loving npc lizards for the army of Sauroman. Any other questions from idiots with no brain cells? Thank you.



I don't think any political figure has ever visited an imageboard.


No man should ever vote for a woman to be in authority over him.


No person should ever vote for another person to be in authority over them.


Authority is shit tbh.


File: df81b02c2de023d⋯.jpg (101.01 KB, 736x478, 368:239, Athenian-Democracy.jpg)




This, TBH. Voting is undemocratic, sortition all the way.



>Micropeen detected

>just how few nanometres exactly?




She's an actress playing a politican. 100% true:




Hello angry female Redditor



What's the top .1% like?



anyone over the age of 12 is literally a granny


That mug is busted. She could probably pick her nose with her tongue if her tongue can reach over those two giant chiclets for teeth. The bods nice. Great set of titties.


File: f5ac402dd632678⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, MyNigger.jpg)


File: 2ef3880414caa9c⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 3429x1782, 127:66, Congresswaman Ms alexandri….jpg)



WTF are Reditards doing here? Go to bed



>raise the bottom tax rate to 70%

>I can't make an argument without using a strawman



she cute



You didn't expect a meme to exonerate someone like Cortex.

People like her are why they exist.




File: 3f8eb325cdee3ac⋯.png (841.39 KB, 1200x1325, 48:53, nazi grookey emoji two han….png)





People have different tastes in women. Some people may find her attractive. The only way to change how people percieve beauty en mas is phisical extermination of whole masses of people.


>if she's a plant

What a lot of people don't understan is that it does not matter. For example both Hitler and Lenin were german inteligence plants and look how well it turned out.


File: 594aae1ebe8d38b⋯.png (86.34 KB, 749x394, 749:394, top bracket increase suppo….png)

File: 29b1d205fdce22c⋯.jpeg (107.07 KB, 640x534, 320:267, The Top Tax Rate a Little….jpeg)


Reminder this isn't a partisan issue, and 70% would still be far lower than usual for income tax.

Everyone hates porky.




>tax rates

Epic meme, but even if it was raised to 90% tax loopholes guarantee no one will pay anything.


File: e13f06fd0549fcd⋯.png (74.27 KB, 497x362, 497:362, taxratesvstopincome.png)


Fascinating theory. Doesn't seem to line up with historical facts, though.



Porky does not make his income via wages, so who cares?




>German intelligence plant

Why did none of you retards correct this faggot?

The German government sent money to various Russian groups during WWI, including the Bolsheviks, with the aim of weakening the Entente's war effort.

After the October Revolution this funding continued for a year till the German government was itself overthrown.

The Comintern wasn't founded until March 1919 (i.e. months after the German government's overthrow) and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was reluctantly signed by the Bolsheviks, so German intelligence considered Lenin a lesser evil than an Entente-backed government.

On the other hand, had the Germans continued their invasion in early 1918, Lenin and Trotsky privately indicated their willingness to work with the Entente in return for it sending aid to the Red Army to rebuff the Germans.



"K" in that pic refers to capital gains.



>Lenin and Trotsky privately indicated their willingness to work with the Entente in return for it sending aid to the Red Army to rebuff the Germans.



Jason has a good video out on AOC.

His theory is that the obsessive character of conservative's hostily to AOC may be due to unacknowledged sexual longing.




Which pic?



And why the fuck does that matter?



Only white CIS males should pay any tax at a 100% rate because they've never contributed anything and they didn't build that



This dumb slut ain't worth a shit.



consider suicide



>And why the fuck does that matter?

Not that much compared to the oncoming economic crash, or the terrible fact of wage slavery continuing to eat up proletarian lives. It doesn't even matter compared to /leftpol/ 's Nazi occultists' pathetic attempts to convince us they've opened up a portal to another realm.

It's just interesting gossip.

I wouldn't say Jason's going in a contrapoints direction. exactly, into way of life politics , but it's an interesting break from his sometimes dry political analysis.



Didn't notice which post you were replying to, but this >>134389 pic.



Jason is just above the threshold of a retard as he realizes that nobody is believing Occasional-Cortex's bullshit and he needs to make himself feel good.

Time for a new psycho-babble fairy tale

57-0 *cough*


File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, vomitory.jpg)


Was pretty decent for Jason, but I really cringed when he admitted to having a thing for Sarah Palin, but to each his own I suppose


File: bf6f67028c51b67⋯.png (2.35 MB, 4202x3498, 191:159, TrumpWinning.png)



is this supposed to be hillary herself or a supporter



I think that's reading too much into it. They're just repeating what they're told to repeat by the mouthpieces of porky. Even generic socdem policies are not allowed to enter the public consciousness.


File: b1d9ac9e9da8c46⋯.jpg (172.85 KB, 720x557, 720:557, TrumpDemshang.jpg)


It's a graphical interpolation juxtaposing the humiliated leftist Pavlovian dogs who remain, in a sense, mere residue of Hillary's anthropomorphic transmutation into the new left.

What this all means in simpleton terms is how Hillary, at the very least to her credit, would shit out of her ass ring, whereas Hillary's new successors shit out of their mouths.


As with Justin Trudeau, I think she's embodies nothing more than the cult of personality and that is a reflection not just on her, but much of society in general.



>"waaah young woman dont want to start a family therefore shes an eternal summerchild."

>thinks marriage is a mamdatory rite of passage.

> doesnt realize most marriages fail apart bc of partners being forced or rushed into it.

>doesnt know that marriage was a feudal safety net for bloodlines instead of mutual love.

They say that the ultimate sign of immaturity is obsession with maturity.



I once heard a pastor on the radio say: The reason we have democracy is not because are equally smart but because we are equally suspicious.



A pastor, you say?

Truly we should hear the words of a man who's an expert in magic.


Why a plant tho?

Does it not suffice that she's enough of an incompetent idpoler that there's no need to obstruct her.


Why would the CIA need to put someone in elected office? They're already in government. They're one of the most central, powerful parts of it. Plus Republicans and corporate Democrats are deadset against her, so she's only influential because she's popular. And after this month, she isn't popular anymore according to polls. The premise is silly, it seems to me.


File: a4b9537c28ef2f0⋯.jpg (291.43 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, MuseiCapitolini.jpg)


Beautifully said.

One could almost feel sorry for Hillary, in a distant kind of way - like you'd feel sorry looking at the statue of 'The Dying Gaul'



Shes just the average soc dem in "everything i dont like is communism" country.


Ocasio-Cortez another SLUT, who will suck and fuck every single dick he can take to promote, to get more power!



>every single dick he can take


What did he mean by this?



Anon is insulting AOC's femininity.



She did? Proof?


You’re a fucking moron.



Oh yeah, nazi hillbilly

teeth scraping



You are about to be destroyed. Hahahahahaaaha



At first I thought it said "Ocasio-Cortez dead".

I just came here to say "Good."



You know most of /pol/ hates Trump now right? Ever since it became apparent that he was a Jewish puppet.



> His theory is that the obsessive character of conservative's hostily to AOC may be due to unacknowledged sexual longing.

Are you stupid enough to believe that? Maybe leftists really are as brain damaged as they say. We hate her because of the evil vile and demonic things this witch supports. Also because she is so low IQ.



Women are past their prime by 21.



>I'd like an opinion of Jill Stein though..

Nasty Jewess. Do not like.


If only /leftpol/ and /pol/ could be allies long enough to destroy the current system then worry about what happens next afterwards.



Secure the means of production and protect white interests ?


File: 91e9423907cfb59⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 91e9423907cfb59dbcb874dca9….gif)


>he thinks /leftpol/ and /pol/ could destroy the current system



Would you side with white bourgies over non-white workers?



the white bourgeoisie hate the white working class while they support open borders and mass migration. they're part of the problem


Only one mention of McCain? Well, here's the twat twatting praise to another twat as twats do on twatter, as a reminder

https://twitter.com/aoc/status/1033538876370046977 lot more than just a "nice twat"


File: 37d7101871ecc60⋯.png (175.81 KB, 1294x1894, 647:947, KE3s0FH.png)

File: dc448736c7abf8d⋯.png (166.3 KB, 1054x1854, 527:927, 9XpIgPR.png)


Dull and placative, even. Sad, cuz her positions like most Greens are on target, but she waffles when pressed (like when the anti-vax types confront her) She'll bend like a reed once she starts taking Bernie tier fire from the MSM


I wouldn't bet on it, at least outside of 8pol, too many fags fell for Spencer and Kessler's ☘️trickery☘️, they're just as compromised as the greens!



You are correct, yet you didn't quite answer.



I often wonder how Neo-Socialists like Cortez keep going after their recent total 57-0 Green New Deal humiliation.

What personality characteristics are required to face the camera and try convince people they have the answers?



/pol/ isn't interested in destroying the current system though.



Was disappointing trying to get her to really push that new anti-capitalist plank passed in 2016. However, it took a lot of gonads and she did the right thing going against the Green party central committee and fundraising to challenge the election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. All three of which shed light on election irregularities.

I hope Baraka runs in the Green presidential primary this time, he's a real comrade not afraid to talk shit about capitalism.



>but she waffles when pressed (like when the anti-vax types confront her)

This smear again? Vaccination was literally one of the central focuses in a book she wrote.



any anime versions of her?


File: 0d5d893d0be3b59⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.71 KB, 1024x745, 1024:745, siren_song_of_socialism-bl….jpg)



Ben is against Tulsi now? I thought she had decent popularity among right-wingers.



>muh venezuela

After Trump's/Democrats' efforts to invade the country fizzle like a wet squib, it'll be amusing to see what happens with Meduro &co.



Jordan Peterson reckons it's a certain manifestation of narcissism that plays itself out over time through various means. I often think it boils down to a lack of shame.



>Jordan Peterson

opinion discarded you pleb


>Giving a shit about the opinion of corrupt republicunts and democraps and using their lack of support as a measure of judgement

Hint: These people do not give a shit about you and will vote no to any legislation that actually benefits working families.

t. doesn't even like AOC but knows bullshit when he sees it



Pleb? Lol

You probably one of those lunatic Corbyn supporters over in the UK



Haha don't quote Peterson to these leftards. That's like opening the curtains on vampires



AOC could face jail time over a recent FEC legal complaint


I have heard that she is a crystal meth user.




>muh lenny alls are Abe Lincoln

what did he mean by this


>haha peterson DESTROYS lefTARDS

What, did he get the required reading done finally? :^)


File: 7d42af631197b7e⋯.png (459.23 KB, 607x644, 607:644, 1ca9a6d7-e8b4-4b45-aecb-a5….png)




Good answer, Venezuela is a non-issue to leftists. It is republicans the ones who falsely believe venezuela is socialist.



This post is especially amusing in light of Zizek's utter domination of Peterson in their debate.


File: b8c86b68f344f7a⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 1547932490390.jpg)


>Venezuela is a non-issue to leftists

>US government attempting to overthrow another nation's left-sympathetic government is a non-issue to leftists



This means "yes but I don't want to admit it".


File: b1de9193f9916cc⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 450x380, 45:38, happy-old-man-senior-thumb….jpg)

Oh wow! Another shitty braindead RedLib that accepts Israel and Neoapartheid claiming to be for equality! I think all posts on this board should be dedicated to people like that! /leftlib/ should be considered as a new board name to be honest.



No, it means "I know how to play the game, now, time to clap back at Republikkkans over some non-issue"



Even if the strictly observed election of Maduro somehow was magically north korean Maduro still would be a more legitimate leader than the US puppet and mercenary king Guaido trying to topple Socialists on Mayday like a fucking retard.


File: e6f944fa2855477⋯.jpg (60.92 KB, 708x588, 59:49, Penis Inspection Day.jpg)


>overtly sexualizing your opponents

>Copmala is a socialist

>Equality is bad(?)

>Tulsi looks like Condoleezza Rice

>The latina is the one with the grass skirt and titty shells instead of the Hawaiian

>AOC is wearing underwear over the grass skirt for some reason

>USA is the mast specifically instead of the ship

How senile is Zyklon Ben at this point?



>america is the devil!

back to trannypol


File: 58a4008935f1ebc⋯.jpg (48.81 KB, 415x392, 415:392, disgust me or my son.jpg)


>If you have a problem with the US being world police and toppling foreign governments, you are irrationally scapegoating the US




Hope she sees this bro



you mean Israel. controlling the US by hypnotizing senile neocons with sissy training and chanting "freee oil, freee oil"



I dunno this forum criticizes the U.S. in bad faith all the time. Goose, gander, all that jazz



Also America is not all fbi. You goddamn faggot



Looks like fucking Ray Liotta



☘️white elite☘️

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