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File: 49caf6e0b418de8⋯.jpg (294.7 KB, 800x550, 16:11, e1ef91295b33b0066a68f1fcf1….jpg)


Read the Rules and FAQ before posting

Board Log: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=leftpol

New Rules



◦Only make shitposts,


◦quote an entire thread

◦make a no context link-post

◦Bump multiple last page threads rapidly

◦post content broadly illegal in many jurisdictions, including inciting terrorism and lolicon.

◦make data mining threads, this includes suspicious links, discord/facebook advertising, and inexplicable polling

◦make zero-effort sectarian threads, "yfw tankies/trots/ancoms think…" etc.

/leftpol/ is a left wing board. If you want to argue with /leftpol/ about not socialism, race realism, Zionism, The invisible hand, the political implications of your infidelity fetish, or any other dustbin theories, Post it in containment instead. otherwise off-topic OPs will be pruned.


-Why are there two leftypols now?

The leftypol board owner banned people for defending the Kurdish factions in the Syrian war, on the basis that they were supported by the USA and were thus tools of US imperialism. Unable to post on, and unhappy with, the moderation of leftypol, this board was created.

Post last edited at



don't bother arguing. the hotpockets here have already decided on how they're going to run the board and they've made it clear they don't care what we think. it's the same cycle that happens again and again.



>muh hotpockets

maybe you missed the entire thread where more than half the board was saying they don't want /pol/ bait filling the catalogue

mods not doing what you want =/= mods not listening to you.


File: 3643460a2229524⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 276x183, 92:61, 3643460a2229524927f6731f22….jpg)


Yeah, because posting a feminist video = /pol/ bait.

I guess you also missed the part where a_chair was locking and anchoring discussions BEFORE that "vote" was even approved. One of the other anons pointed out that the containment thread hadn't even been approved when a_chair was locking and moving topics there.

Criticizing feminism = not allowed

Being feminist = not allowed

Posting neo-nazi propaganda = ok as long as its in a special thread



>The liberal is still butthurt that e can't bring his idpol here


You're not entitled to post here, stop acting like if having a thread was a right.


Lefties always double down. Fuck your rules.



yeah I thought this board was actually going to be different, but if it's just mods deleting what they want and not allowing discussion, then what exactly is the selling point here?



bamplock is not deletion, it's also very clear that the thread in question was not healthy for the board, as most posters were not natives or arguing honestly. bumplock is very suitable for those kinds of threads, so whoever is interested in circular arguments can engage in them but it won't be at the top of the board forever


Fix the OP, apart from the inconsistent formatting there's nothing about spoilering NSFW content and there is no link to /containment/ or indeed any mention that containment means the containment thread



The containment thread should probably be redone to adhere to the updated rules.


oh yea we should add paedo liberation/age of consent arguments to the /containment/ thread OP imo, so when that obsessive heebyjeeby derailer pops up he can be banished there with his pathologies



If you're going to do this, you should consign all forms of idpol to the containment thread.



Or not. Pro child sexual abuse is actually much worse than attempts at ridding society of gendered and racial hierarchical norms and your incessant whining won't ever make it not so. One involves developmentally asymmetric coercion and rape while the other concerns ridding society of racial and gendered hierarchies within the social structure. Why people are arguing that the second is not welcome here is because it's hard to do anything about norms like that when the majority of the population isn't excreting rational control over society and those norm struggles should thus take the back seat to social class and revolutionary theory. By contrast what you (and you only) advocate is actively predatory and more alike the mentality of a capitalist, pickup / seduction psycho, or an NRx autist. Very different dimensions.



>everything I don't like is abusive

>everything I don't like is mental illness

>everything I don't like is rape

>age-based hierarchical norms are good and should stay in place

>anyone who disagrees with me is a small minority, ignore the massive amount of countries with laws that go directly against everything I'm saying

Could you fucktards possibly sound any more like triggered Redditors?

>developmentally asymmetric coercion

Which particular capabilities are automatically undeveloped in someone under (age of consent in your jurisdiction) years old? What specific piece of sexual knowledge are they inherently unable to learn that makes any sexual interaction with them coercive for the lack of it, unless the participants are within (legally acceptable age gap in your jurisdiction) years of each other, in which case it magically becomes consensual even though the act is the same in both cases? You have no answer to this, and therefore your claims of developmental asymmetry are rooted entirely in your whiny feminist feels, which is why you had to come in here to the mod thread and demand that everything you don't like be contained. Given that you've done this, you should have to explain why your preferred forms of idpol shouldn't be contained. If someone were to come in here and say that anyone who agrees with you is mentally undeveloped and their views should be contained, why should I believe you over them?



>which is why you had to come in here to the mod thread and demand that everything you don't like be contained.

Fucker you started it.

>I'll pretend to not understand English, that'll cede their point!

Since sex is intimately physical and a fucking obvious transgression from playing (inb4ing this stupid fucking argument), individuals should not engage in sexual relations with one another if they're of vastly different age-groups.

Since a communist society would raise children communally these age-groups would be very obvious, since you come into the world through a communally managed "kindergarden" where you can diddle and experiment on your peers howerever much you'd like. Then puberty comes (new fucking age-group, smartass) and this you can still diddle your peers and experiment with your peers, then comes the post-pubescent, adult life where your age group now consists of cultured peers with fully functional physiology and you can keep diddling, diddle 'til you're so sick of diddling that you enter into self-imposed abstinence.

PS: you may notice that I have not outlined whether or not others agree with the diddling. This is taken for granted, because in a communist society every individual is armed.

Retort me point-by-point, you fucking gnat.

Also if you do respect the thread make a new one specific to your continuous bullshit so that you can stop derailing threads with your failed sex-life.


Am I still banned for 9 weeks?



>Fucker you started it.

I didn't demand that your views be contained, so no.

>sex is intimate, therefore coercive if done between different age groups

There's no chain of logic here, just your feels.

>so that you can stop derailing threads

The majority of the time, your side has brought the issue up first with reference to your moronic hysteria. Just like you've done in here.

>Retort me point-by-point

When asked what sexually mature people lack that another group of sexually mature people has that would make it proper to draw a line saying the two groups should never sexually interact with each other, you didn't even bother to answer the question, because you can't, and you're calling for containing the opposing view because of this. You were asked to justify containing that view, and not containing other views of the same category, and in response to this all you did was repeat what you had previously said. You just expect everyone to cater to your opinions like you're a special fucking snowflake, which is reflected in your statement that your idpol is special enough that it shouldn't be contained.

>your age group now consists of cultured peers

The fact that you exist is the best argument against this statement.



The anti-pedos are spooked as fuck, and they constantly get BTFO by simple reason, like the dipshit who wrote >>50787 has been. Still, the subject has absolutely nothing to do with leftism. It is not a thing that we need to constantly revisit. It is not a political matter.



Reasonable people use the original definition of pedophilia, which I'm not in support of. However, the people who claim that they're allowed to expand the definition of the word whenever they like are cancerous liberals. The number one distinguishing feature of liberals is that they think they know what's in everyone else's interests, even when everyone else is vociferously telling them to go the fuck away.

I agree that it doesn't need to be brought up in every single thread, but that's at least as much on the spooked retards as it is on the other side. Even though I consider it a very important issue and the elephant in the room behind the existence of the alt-right, I don't like seeing the capitalist class ruin the whole planet any more than anyone else here does, and if all we talk about is sex stuff, that won't leave any time for any other issues. I'd be fine with it being only allowed in certain threads, like a containment thread or the "unpopular opinions" thread as long as the rules are enforced evenly. It shouldn't be in the same thread as "race realist" crap though.


File: 0a9f8f42bf3e544⋯.jpeg (40 KB, 642x630, 107:105, 0a9f8f42bf3e544b44e64db18….jpeg)


> the people who claim that they're allowed to expand the definition of the word whenever they like are cancerous liberals

Sure, sure, and white identitarians are totally not neo-nazis. Arguing with definitions cannot not be productive.

> The number one distinguishing feature of liberals is that they think they know what's in everyone else's interests, even when everyone else is vociferously telling them to go the fuck away.


Oi, mate.

Leftists of all stripes have been continuously told to fuck off for centuries now. I guess that means we all have to pack our bags and move to the moon.



If it is going to be discussed as politics, which it absolutely is not, then it belongs in containment with all the other bullshit related to the politics of sexual attraction/frustration.



>Sure, sure, and white identitarians are totally not neo-nazis.

Not all of them are, any more than black identitarians are all black supremacists.

>Leftists of all stripes have been continuously told to fuck off for centuries now.

The left mostly only gets told to fuck off by the capitalist class because the left wants to take back the wealth they stole from the working class. Liberals get told to fuck off by a broad group that reaches all across the political spectrum and through every stratum of society because they want to control people's private lives, and the people telling them to fuck off are correct. Anyone who says they're on the left but agrees with liberals' ideas about this is a fucking liberal.



>politics of sexual attraction

This would put LGBT stuff in there as well.


Can we bring back the link to the board log in the OP of this thread?



I honestly don't disagree with this.

Put gender and race norms and sexuality in the containment. Fuck it.



Maybe there should be multiple containment threads organized by topic. You could have one for racial politics, one for sexual politics, etc. Have everything grouped together so the threads don't take up much space, but still give people a place to discuss idpol stuff, because it's not going away anytime soon.



That would defeat the purpose of a containment thread.



Fuck yes, it would.



Expecting a thread to contain multiple topics that don't have any relation to each other isn't going to work.



no. keep tumblr on tumblr, reddit on reddit, *chan on *chan.



Tumblr and Reddit don't allow you to actually discuss anything, though. You're only allowed to echo the preferred views of the corporate elite.


Why are all threads related to incles being bumplocked and uses banned? Seriously misandrists have no place on the left.



Because you being so sexually unappealing that you cannot get laid is not politics.



Societal Isolation is an issue though. And people celebrating social isolation because it happens to “creepy men” isn’t a good thing.



being isolate is different from spelling your spaghetti in front the the females


I'm back, it was nice to be away from all this, I didn't have much internet, but in the free time I had I got to spend time Studying Chinese and giving my dog more attention.

Anyway, how have the new rules been working out? The catalog looks like it's full of shit atm, but maybe I just lost my immunity to this sort of stuff in my absence. what would you guys like to see?.



post dog


File: e11c39c2c52d1f6⋯.jpg (20.48 KB, 541x540, 541:540, b94e9fdafc40212220ea02a9dd….jpg)


I think it's because leftism can't exist outside of heavy censorship, but I'm not sure.



>failed shitstirrer

Well, he did stir some shit by making you upset.


Can we please enforce standards of quality? Leftpol is going down the drain, I barely come here anymore.



Are there any particular low quality threads at the moment?


newfag test. can be deleted if i cant


File: 17c13db8a9911d4⋯.png (104.46 KB, 252x224, 9:8, 1437177398519.png)

Congratulations on creating another censorious asspuppet board as bad as the one we left, guess this is it for online political discussion. Congrats on all the zingers you'll get in on this post because the mods will ban me without labeling it just like Miss Piggy, and Imcucky do, I'm sure your arguments will work just as well irl as they do here where you can censor people who disagree. It makes sense too because your IP count is going to shit just like theirs.



get owned nazi trasdh



>Help, help, I'm being oppressed




Were you the guy spamming Winnie Pooh edits?


Can we make incels and pedophilia containment topics?


Can we get the action log linked back into the OP? https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=leftpol

And it seems a chair, Checka Agent, and apo are the only ones actively moderating, should we get more vols?


filtered youtube urls to hooktube. let me know if that causes any bugs.




I don't think its good as an universal filter: giving someone like Cockshott views on his videos is a good thing I'd say.

let the community police this one I think



it's easy enough to bypass if you just remove the HTTP part. regardless of if you want Cockshott to make a dollar off adsense, you're still getting analytic'd to death by Alphabet.



it's less about the dolla dolla bill and more about the view counts and so on. I adblock everything anyway and Alphabet has my asshole already








this anon is deliberately lying about shit. mods please do something. i dont have the autism to disprove everything he says.



I'm not sure you understand how imageboards work, anon



With all the shit the mods have restricted to the containment thread, and all the bans made for things not even against rules (i.e. the radfem ban) i would hope they could at least do SOMETHING about a troll deliberately making up new historical facts to whitewash stalinist-era mistakes and crimes. ffs - the troll is deliberately derailing the thread.



what sort of false equivalence is that? are you again trying to invade a country that won't have a government in a few weeks which is literally impossible? can't you see that's literally impossible since you can only invade and occupy a country with a legitimate government present?

when people say retarded shit you point and laugh, you don't go crying for hotpockets

anyway when have people been banned for radfem? is this still about that anarcho-liberal feminist thread that got bumplocked?



Isn't Hooktube run by lolberts?

It's a lose-lose situation if that's the case.


This guy has been reported already but I just lack the context on what is he doing wrong.

Mind explaining?


>i.e. the radfem ban

Half a year later and you're still butthurt.



>This guy has been reported already but I just lack the context on what is he doing wrong. Mind explaining?

New Rules



◦Only make shitposts,


He is literally responding to posts with links that aren't even relevant to what's being discussed, calling people retards, implying that anyone who disagrees is repeating Nazi propaganda, etc. He even accused me of being wrong about which book I quoted from. He's insane. It's straight up trolling in an attempt to derail the thread.



probably. I see the part where he makes a 1 week claim, then claims he misspoke but repeats the claim for several more post before settling on a pretty meaningless and still dubious 1 week to 1 week comparison. He also ignores the point to deflects on various tangents and then accuses anyone who focuses too much on the tangent as ignoring the argument.

make a list of all the points where he acts dishonest and I'll ban him.



Due to lack of user IDs I don't know exactly which posts are made by the same person, so I'm just going to make a list of posts.

If someone argues in good faith I don't see a problem but what's happening is lying, then changing the subject, then arguing semantics, then posting irrelevant links, then starting the process again. It's classic derailing and we have a rule against it. All I'm asking for is that the volunteers enforce the rules that are written on this board.

Here's a list:


Attempts to derail the argument by nitpicking about whether Soviet troops physically occupying Poland constitutes "an invasion." Does not address main point.


responds with a post including information later proven in the thread to be totally made up.


anon claims German communists were "depleted" by the time Hitler came to power, even though it's a complete lie.


anon changes his argument and claims he misstated regarding aircraft losses.


repeats claim that Soviets never "invaded" Poland, lies that Soviets sold "almost exclusively wheat and cotton" to Germany (not true), contradicts entirely what was shown in diplomatic cables between Germans and Soviets.



posts things irrelevant to what was even discussed in the quoted posts.


accuses me of quoting from a different book (a lie, and irrelevant.) posts more irrelevant factoids.


posts more links irrelevant to the main argument being made, further derailing.


simply repeats himself even though he's been proven wrong. posts image insinuating i'm repeating nazi propaganda.



8chan was made by a lolbert. the politics of the founders don't matter as much as the technology.


I was just banned for ban evasion despite not having posted for multiple months (lost my job and had to get my internet cut). I have never been banned once on this community or even /leftypol/, nor have I done anything to fuck up either. I even used to be a mod until I got axed for inactivity, which I can prove if the BO still uses his email. What is going on with this board to warrant such paranoia?



I am currently using a web proxy to get past this ban in order to appeal, in the interest of transparency.




Already unbanned, thank you. What happened t all the mod team other than I, though?



Apo posted an explanation here >>62739, which was convenient as I was about to ask for one.

If you check the log you'll see that Cheka and achair (best vol ❤️) are still as active as ever. No clue about the others.



Nothing wrong with laughing at pol's Namibia larp 'project'.






We've had years of laughs at /namibia/. It's time to let it go, anon.


Why did you guys make another board?




read through some of that thread and you should get an idea of what is wrong with /leftypol/


File: e77be2a5c87894f⋯.png (155.46 KB, 1907x946, 1907:946, BO SPERGS OUT 4.png)

File: dd3c2cceede17cc⋯.png (29.77 KB, 702x714, 117:119, BO spergs out 9.png)

File: 5072a3cc6a81541⋯.png (44.14 KB, 1804x252, 451:63, BO SPERGS OUT 11.png)


/freedu/ has a good explanation, but allow me to explain. Some time, a few years ago, 8chan went down in a hack. /leftypol/ was one of the last boards to be revived due to a "prank" by the staff. This sent BO into terminal spergout mode. He began to threaten the site's staff, and when Codemonkey came to explain that everything was fine, he only started to sperg out harder.

The BO tried to force a migration because he felt slighted by the site's staff, but very few agreed with him. He began to openly resent the userbase and blamed the fact that people thought he was a retard on non MLs. He would seek out help from /marx/ to make a dedicated ML shill squad, but they ignored him, because he was a fucking retard. So he began to ban anyone and everyone who disagreed with him in any way, to the point were socialists are banned to make room for certain sects of idpol, like black nationalism. People are banned at random for insulting anything the BO remotely believes in, but he encourages his pet sects to shitpost actual threads to death because "left wing sectarian shitposting and trolling is allowed". The bans I am going to post are very much related. Additionally, the BO has expressed GREAT interest in turning the board into an 8/pol/ style hugbox where people only post memes and unsourced infographics/propaganda. Hilariously, his actions have scared off practically anyone with the knowledge or skill to do it effectively.


File: 9bb01e34d8def3c⋯.png (151.5 KB, 1572x843, 524:281, BO spergs out.png)


The BO is also delusional, and unironically believes that anyone who disagrees with his undialectical "U HAVE TO SUPPORT THE THIRD WORLD OR UR EVIL IMPERIALIST!!" is a secret Trotsko-fascist anarcho-leftcom shill. Formatting in the image is fucked because I saved the HTML when it happened but did not screencap from the source. In short, BO's autism has made over two thirds of the userbase up and leave.


File: e89661ad4402a8b⋯.png (107.92 KB, 273x252, 13:12, e89661ad4402a8bb3ad53fe79d….png)


also thinks that CIA will try to kill him cause he supports Assad





threads with more screenshots and leaked PMs from BO.


Why do you guys have a flag for youtubers? and what is a "tankie"?



A "tankie" is a communist who understands that Stalin and the CCCP did what was necessary to ensure a future for socialism in Russia. Tankies understand that while many died during the USSR's formative period, millions upon millions more died during the Industrial Era, an era of which set the foundation for worldwide globalist capitalism and for the dehumanization and slavery of the entire world population to fiat currency.



>Why do you guys have a flag for youtubers?

Same reason we have a flag for Grouch Marx.

>and what is a "tankie"?

Apologists for the USSR sending the tanks into Hungary, in modern times it's used for those who whiteknight for anything with a red flag or is currently opposed to US interests.



Anarcho-primitivism's flag should be black divided with dark green, green like the forests man was meant to dwell. Green anarchists should have lime green, since their ideology is diluted with piss.



People get the two flags confused all the time so I can understand his frustration.





File: 269ccbaebc02086⋯.jpg (63.22 KB, 1154x687, 1154:687, raped_nigger.JPG)






Hot, steamy and dripping with semen just like my hatred for the bourgeoisie.




Can we convert the Stalin's Crimes thread into a USSR containment thread?


Wake up, mods. There's gore and shitposts.



>moooods moooods :'(

fucking pucciboy


Vote for rotfront poster for moderator


Yo, why was >>48467 bump locked?



it's not even remotely leftist?


We're being raided right now. I see only 3 mods in the log, maybe we should pick up a few more to cover more time.


File: 62ddddf129503d2⋯.jpg (37.26 KB, 479x451, 479:451, 62ddddf129503d2a7ed0effdbf….jpg)

we are being spammed with Pol Pot, possibly by assdamaged tankie, pls fix


File: 04c34207c64864d⋯.jpeg (173.65 KB, 1242x1263, 414:421, 8DB7619D-2311-4CEA-AFD6-7….jpeg)


One of the Pol Pot’s mentioned a youtube channel by pic related’s name




Sorry it took so long

Also 3 of us are enough



I bumped several like selfimporvement and rojava general to keep them safe, he or someone else was bumping the last threads in the catalogue around the same time though.


I dunno, it seems like there's often 8 hours or so between mod action. While this could be due to our relatively free rules, maybe compare notes in the hotpocket chat and see if there are any times that could use reinforcement.


Why is thread >>>/leftpol/73019 bumpolocked?


File: 2e0c19bbad508c1⋯.png (6.86 KB, 405x450, 9:10, 2e0.png)

anchor or nuke shit-tier b8 pls




What’s the difference between leftypol and leftpol?



/leftypol/ is mainly tankies.



leftpol doesn't have a board owner that is mentally insane.



can you point some of it out for me? I must not have been reading closely enough to see anything egregious.


File: d47ea7068020229⋯.png (15.24 KB, 1080x39, 360:13, wordfilter.png)

File: a4f1d96e09d8f9f⋯.png (29.55 KB, 788x348, 197:87, hooktube is kill.png)

Can you remove the hooktube wordfilter?Hooktube no longer serves its original purpose.


requesting this thread get unanchored




why? it's so little effort, the basic structure is "How would people be motivated to work in communism", which has been answered 100x at this point. the only new thing OP brought in was his own retardation in framing the question.

it's not even like you can't continue arguing in that thread, I don't see any indication that the OP was banned.



anchoring a satirical anti-socialist thread and banning the OP for 4 days...



Hi leftpol


Board quality has been really low lately. Is there anything that can be done to bring up quality? Few months ago it was a lot higher



>Is there anything that can be done to bring up quality?

Users can effort post and participate in interesting topics.


this thread is being spammed with READ MARX and unspoilered scat pr0n, pls fix I think Body Odour might be having a bad day or something lol




>complains about unfiltered scat porn

>posts unfiltered scat porn in stickied thread

read marx



>dogs are people

>neocubist art is designed to titilitate

what are you so assblasted about anyway faggot?


File: 1c48b152abe6e8a⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 255x245, 51:49, 1c48b152abe6e8a396f80ceb08….jpg)

wake up and remove shit-tier /pol/ troll thread, sheeple hotpockets



Someone's spamming again. Can you hotpockets add someone else to the team to cover more timezones?


File: 7dfa9efd87e4e14⋯.jpg (152.45 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 62ba69a0b25d94fb72b0cc9787….jpg)


ayy hotpockets how about spoilering the scat?


File: 74fff7b57365361⋯.gif (2.08 MB, 500x370, 50:37, 4rcd.gif)

Just wanna say I disagree strongly with removing topics by Nazis and similar that get a lot of responses and conversation. Spam is one thing but a couple fun threads in the catalog is not a bad thing. I believe that bombarding pollacks with sense can actually work sometimes once they've had a chance to think about it privately, but either way it's entertaining to laugh at their stupid arguments. That is all, thank you.


File: ce308529eca3f73⋯.png (5.83 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Flag of Democratic Kampuch….png)

How come there's no Polpotist/Kampuchea flag yet? Please add it.


But where is my Khmer Rouge flag at?



Pol Pot was utter shit, don’t even get me started on his utopian, ultra-left garbage



That's no reason to not add a flag though.


Can we get an olive flag for Wrath of Olives?


We're being raided with face book memes, do something about it hotpockets.


We’re being raided again. Why does it take hours upon hours to get this shit removed?


File: cc86bf2a3a44e46⋯.jpg (90.21 KB, 736x644, 8:7, 69d3ec778fa2b31ab1e6581636….jpg)



There's only three mods and there are long time periods between their activity.


The willful cuckold poster claiming women are house niggers should be banned and incels should be containment.


File: c47f6271479ca16⋯.png (79.7 KB, 661x900, 661:900, 8024cfa452752c61f7b8a12a42….png)

Is /pol/ falseflagging as SJWs and claiming to represent us allowed?



Can we ban the pedo and can we make willful cuckold containment topic?



define 'willful cuckold', is that one of your backhanded insults for incels?



incel threads are not sectarian, every inch of the political compass turns them into sectarians.



Stop tripfagging constantly, schizo


Some of the flags like anfem, stirner, and ypg don't seem to be working.


Potential raid attempt might be starting. Two similar threads are in the catalog with KKK members posted within twenty minutes of each other


File: d1ede12000eb95d⋯.png (22.51 KB, 444x322, 222:161, 1287432895880.png)


>Read the Rules and FAQ before posting

nobody does this lol



vague, open to mod abuse, should be more specific but won't be

>◦Only make shitposts,

agreed that this need to die, lest it become the 'I dislike it therefore it's a shitpost' rulecuckery that came to /leftypol/


vague and I've never once seen it needed

>◦quote an entire thread

agreed, they need to fuck right off with this one, not everybody has all day to spend mashing F5 like a chimp and it punishes effortposting

>◦make a no context link-post

yeah nah this one can stay as-is, I don't fancy being put on another watchlist

>◦Bump multiple last page threads rapidly

because it's not like this board is so slow it makes more sense to visit twice a week, or like

>◦post content broadly illegal in many jurisdictions, including inciting terrorism and lolicon.

former is open to overly-broad interpretation and could be used to de-facto silence any form of or call for effectual dissent including perfectly legal shit, latter is rulecucked and lets the terrorists running things win, but it's not my decision to make.

>◦make data mining threads,

can we get rid of this /b/ and /pol/ paranoia meme rule?

>this includes suspicious links,

needs more specific definition

>discord/facebook advertising,

those should remain KOS.

>and inexplicable polling

same as the first bit, it's a paranoid /b/ and /pol/ relic and probably spamed by imcucky as well :DDD:DD:D:DDDD

>◦make zero-effort sectarian threads, "yfw tankies/trots/ancoms think…" etc.

as written this is open to abuse by mod opinion/taste/fiat, needs to be more specific.

>/leftpol/ is a left wing board. If you want to argue with /leftpol/ about not socialism, race realism, Zionism, The invisible hand, the political implications of your infidelity fetish, or any other dustbin theories, Post it in containment instead. otherwise off-topic OPs will be pruned.

I don't believe there is a containment thread active or that this rule is enforced, which seems to work fine overall.


is proudboys filtered to proudSassenachs? testan



>muh marketplace of ideas

otherwise I agree, luckily the mods here are nice and have usually not abused these rules.


no u


100% agree



lol guess not, so this thread is either Poe's Law or OP shot himself in the foot with a typo



File: 3e678b27efecd61⋯.jpg (154.27 KB, 2000x720, 25:9, 3e6.jpg)

Hey uh, I notice we don't have a resource thread (links to related/friendly boards and sites, reading material, non-Porky news sources, msybe some stuff about online security, etc.), Could we maybe start/sticky one or add that stuff to this thread's OP?


How long am I gonna be banned?






>grievous injustice

Dude, calm down. Someone locked your thread on their Congolese interpretive dance webring. It's not the worst thing ever. And if you're new, we've kinda been over your topic enough that people are sick of it and nobody's opinions are gonna be changed based on your scorching-hot takes.



If I had nothing better to do I would edit Brian Peppers into a pic of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the church door in response to this.


File: f470aa29b45fc25⋯.png (318.1 KB, 646x509, 646:509, f47.png)

can you anchor this thread please? It's obvious b8



File: 728223ebd9c9cce⋯.jpg (22.34 KB, 500x388, 125:97, 728.jpg)


>he compared me to an ugly pedo after I posted pedo talking points

>therefore he called me ugly

benis lol

hey mods can you remove or anchor this troll thread?




Life as pedo must be really tough, all the little girls want you but then all the adult women want you too and they created feminism to claim your muh dick all for themselves. Really, I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to be so cool and attractive that every ideology and all politics revolves around my irresistibility.


Think the board crew is getting a little too heavy handed with bans and bumplocks again lately. Cut it out, I'd rather be debating /pol/ idiocy than discussing nothing at all.







holy shit take your meds lol


Fuck off pedo, you're not the silent majority.


Bans maybe, bumplocks nah. We're a slow enough board that we can still have shitflinging contests on those threads before they slide off the bottom.


File: a9cdd88135bb3a4⋯.jpg (147.88 KB, 1186x709, 1186:709, 9a8032273713a15dcfdad7ff8c….jpg)

please remove /pol/ falseflag thread about the EA shooting



File: e1e9dc5bfc598ff⋯.png (599.78 KB, 694x689, 694:689, nobody_likes_me_better_pos….png)



>nobody wants to read my shitty defense of my shitty fetish on two other threads

>better keep sperging out about it here

fuck off pedo



>multiple people

>he still thinks he's samefagging convincingly

>he thinks he's arguing with one person

>he still thinks he can do some Emperor's New Clothes Bavarian Fire Drill shit to get everybody on /leftpol/ to agree that fucking kids is a-okay

Hey mods, I couldn't see that the musclegirl's shirt in my post


was see-thru from the thumb and accidentally the nsfw rules, can you spoiler it for me? I can't because I don't have java enabled. Thanks and sorry.



>many people agree with me

You don't have any proofs and you din't last time either so instead you can suck my cock.

>many people disagree with you

No, and I'm not the only person you've been arguing with.



take your meds



Not a vol, but they're the same person given similarities of naming files and grammar, in addition to being this poster >>81538 from a few weeks ago. I've reported them several times, but hotpockets ain't on the case.


mods please remove illegal shit and perma faggot OP



how do i use flags?


File: d2e8b55593d69cc⋯.png (21.4 KB, 444x371, 444:371, 66fe5bc0f965c44326a1b842e0….png)




File: 993a463e7c74f61⋯.png (569.73 KB, 1110x590, 111:59, 1d9e03448073bfe135d9917430….png)

>most feds get day off for Loyaty Labor Day

>mods nowhere to be seen



File: 2f741617f6cf34d⋯.jpg (596.09 KB, 9000x6694, 4500:3347, 1210965a049645aaae89f4c192….jpg)

please remove spam that would be treated as a threat by Alphabet Poop if we were the ones doing it




File: 407e0a006eba7d0⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 266x189, 38:27, 407e0a006eba7d0d5e6a09e66e….jpg)

please remove spam thread with arguably-dodgy-ass pic and b& faggot OP, maybe for more than a week this time





are we a SFW board or not?


if you're gonna let people shitpost /b/ tier porn like they are right now that's fine but I need to know so I can stop responding with weak shit sadly I don't have any dead nazi pix, the porn has always sufficed :(


see this is why centralization doesn't work, I'm still waiting to hear anything about this


File: d7597a1858ac867⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 565x635, 113:127, 33f48e1603841bea3c71afc161….jpg)

now that you're awake, there's some crap that needs to be cleaned up on this thread as well



File: 0566be6d59bcdca⋯.jpg (73.18 KB, 728x546, 4:3, 532d3257cf434439872d352395….jpg)

I propose a moratorium on AoC threads since nobody's opinion is going to be changed on it atp and I'm sick of playing Pigeon Chess with the pedos


File: 0fa74c9e2372c8e⋯.jpg (40.85 KB, 365x375, 73:75, Awwww-righttt.jpg)


lel Who do you think you're kidding? Anti-pedos get BTFO and run crying to the vols everytime, usually whenever anyone demands a definition for "consent" or "power dynamic."


File: 5ff8a9635f2fa8a⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 320x280, 8:7, Horns london-cuckold-450x3….jpg)


>trying to act tough

<literally asking toddler for consent

pic related


File: 0b8b952f8a16055⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 600x700, 6:7, cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck.jpg)


Damn, the stirnerites have really gone to shit lately. Have they been playing slick entryist on /pol/ recently?



Don't take every post on imageboards that much seriously. I thought it's obvious it was trying to be as much sarcastic as possible.


File: f01c29b3c6fe88a⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f01c29b3c6fe88a02c0845fcc0….jpg)


I hate to Kafkatrap, but this is a great example of my point. No matter what evidence anybody brings you, you brush it off and claim the other side is BTFO when they get sick of engaging you when you argue in bad faith and offer no possibility that your mind could be changed. You make the same threads and use the same tactics on /b/ so this isn't about leftism, this is about your whiny ass being butthurt that Jim told you to fuck off, and you not fucking off because you have the social awareness of a toaster. It contributes nothing to the board, no new arguments are made, nobody walks away with a new opinion, time and effort are wasted, and it probably scares away people who might otherwise become regulars here at a time when we desperately need more of those. I say again: mods, anons, let's end this useless, pointless waste of resources and get on with discusing and formenting leftism.



I lel'd


File: 09d0b76a7827a71⋯.png (592.16 KB, 900x720, 5:4, ec06ffbc10e60995ea62e60bdd….png)

Clearly this person is deeply interested in leftism and should be allowed to continue to post his socially-suicidal opinions here (since he's doing it to splatter his shit on us, socially-homicidal? socially-aloha snackbar-al? whatever lol)


>muh rapefugees

>socialists are retards



>I don't like it here

then leave


>no u

yes this is obviously a good, on-topic contribution to this thread



fuck off




Lel. What evidence do you imagine could possibly make the anti-pedo usage of terms like "consent" and "power relationships" any less nonsensical? Considering that anti-pedo claims are based upon those concepts, it falls to that camp to make those concepts clear and consistent and then procede to argue accordingly. This is not a question of piles of evidence for vs. piles of evidence against. It is that the opposing camp makes claims based on nakedly incoherent logic which belies any of their claims to being either scientific or rational.

That said, I agree with you on the point that this has absolutely fuck-all to do with leftism. The politics of sex is a distraction and is entirely counterproductive. If we are to ban discussion of pedo shit, though, it would only be consistent to also ban every other manifestation of the politics of sex. Ban MRA shit, feminist shit, tranny shit, furry shit, anti-fun shit, and all the rest of that cancer. I honestly would not be opposed to that.







File: 8c707799b0ed377⋯.jpg (3.83 MB, 3096x2904, 129:121, man-with-fingers-in-ears-y….jpg)





>he's still here



Maybe memeing more will work.



>he's still disregarding everything he disagrees with as a non-argument

>he still expects people to go along with it

>he still doesn't see the goatse-sized holes in his logic



File: e37060cc22a2859⋯.jpg (31.44 KB, 224x423, 224:423, HaHaBasement.jpg)


>he still doesn't see the goatse-sized holes in his logic

Now that's some delicious irony.




>he's still here

>he still has the social awareness of a toaster



>if I keep posting maybe somebody will agree with me



He convinced me. Now what?



t. Mr. Bimmler


File: 7315d7282552d58⋯.png (83.17 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2018-08-31-23-5….png)

So, I got a ban like this a while ago.

Anybody care to list the opinions that are allowed on this subject?

I don't particularly like these /left*pol/esque 'unspecified reason' bans, especially when people police their pet issues more rigidly than, say, views on capitalism.



looks unfair, but context?






Your opinion is shit but I don't think it's worth a ban at all.



Israeli shill



Not being banned is all I ask for


Can I request a new flag?



Question for the mod of shift or whoever, are new banners allowed or I'm going to fuck?


File: 55ce52d8663c5f1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 57.39 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, i m a g i n e.png)


In case you delay or can not, here is my pic for a new banner.

I notice that it will give some visual embolism to the pycnipium.


File: 8c734bee37b9950⋯.png (719 B, 17x16, 17:16, psychedelic_communism.png)

File: f7d8bde2a27a10a⋯.png (61.46 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)



If so this one would be a nice addition. Also this gif as a banner if possible


File: 788df8235012a0c⋯.gif (419.26 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.gif)


Don't know why it came out as png but this one as a banner


File: c628b921de428d9⋯.jpg (76.99 KB, 498x492, 83:82, 5ce219ac9d11d3cd8c57c8991b….jpg)

Mods and everyone else, can we maybe create a cyclical idpol containment thread? If I made one would you be so kind as to make it cyclical? Threads seem to keep derailing into MRAs, SJWs and that one autistic screeching pedo (some of all of whom post like flaseflags, /b/tards, redditors and/or glow-in-the-darks), and we're not getting a whole lot of worthwhile discussion done playing pigeon chess with them. Even this moderation thread has an example of one of their many chimpouts.


File: 3e4206922c8080a⋯.jpg (86.5 KB, 501x501, 1:1, hobgoblin.jpg)


Please! Fuck!

There have been, by my count, 20 separate threads dedicated to idpol and anti-idpol and anti-anti-idpol in the past 10 days. On some days they have been the only threads on the front page. They're also, as this anon said, overflowing into the other actually good threads and turning them into additional fronts for their culture war bullshit.


There's a fag who continually spams the board with legally questionable threads like >>95061 and >>95021 He swaps between an anarchist flag and the hammer n sickle, but it's always a shitpost thread with threats and other nonsense replies in whaterver thread. Does he change his IP and if so is there a way to improve hotpocket response times since a permaban isn't a viable option?


File: 63fde95ef5af1ad⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 572x765, 572:765, 77bda6730baf05a1428479dacd….jpg)

please anchor this intense, pointless autism



File: ce11bd8033f0dd7⋯.jpg (27.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 2d29f42b6dfee9db7a4a7f4e94….jpg)

Anybody else getting 404s on threads?



/leftpol/ is hiding the announcement but this is written on top of every other board:

The Alacrity daemon is having syncing issues. If any threads 404, try posting on them using mod.php to restore them.



>If any threads 404, try posting on them using mod.php to restore them.

what did he mean by this?


File: bb457278aac6ffb⋯.png (252.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bb4.jpg.png)

anchor or sage Master Trole 2018 pls



File: b123c5a28f2f092⋯.jpg (27.9 KB, 600x361, 600:361, 7ad.jpg)


autismo's back, please anchor or remove



File: 392190d51bd5eab⋯.png (41.55 KB, 960x536, 120:67, christmas_island_autonymou….png)

he's spamming it, I think we hurt his fee-fees




I shitpost a lot here, but I also make actual posts as well. With this poster who is contiously coming to this board and demand porn of Alunya (the commiecat) spammer, I’d just like to say that you should start considering a perma-ban for this poster. It is not place to judge but it’s getting out of hand.






File: 3c5f57315b40df4⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Gun_Control_-_Sober_People.jpg)

SFW rules are like gun laws in that they tie the hands of rule-abiding anons and make it so only pubefarming raiders have access to them. I understand banning drawn lolishit to comply with Bong laws (although this makes less sense when you realize that the text of most of the posts here would be illegal over there, and that we allow le windmill of friendship and tolerance to be posted here despite it being illegal across much of Europe), but I think a little magical realm yiffart on obvious troll threads wouldn't be that bad.



heh, he's like the turtle ayyys in Lathe of Heaven, he's got us to agree on something.


Can we please word filter 'read settlers' to something funny?



>check your privileges

>you problematic cis-het white male shitlord

>I'm with Her

>enter my magical realm

>stop triggering me

>what is history?

Any of these?



I remember a mod from leftypol told me they always ban him asap and that he keeps coming back with new IPs. He even told me he banned him like 20 times in one hour, I imagine it's the same here.



I fell a bit of nostalgia from seeing a troll who knows how to properly evade bans. It reminds me of a time when "trolling" did not mean "saying something that you actually believe in a beligerent manner in an attempt to make people agree with you."



Hmm… it needs something more telling like "read my cia plant"


File: 1666f2b53e31d5c⋯.jpg (23.46 KB, 350x197, 350:197, CIA.jpg)


In that vein, how about:

>Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.



Oh yes, I like this one




I have a request:

Could the mods change the "anarcho-primivitism" flag to "green anarchism"?

I most identify as a green anarchist, but I'm not an anarcho-primitivist because I believe technological advancement is important, even if I am very much for a nature-centric lifestyle.

I think green anarchism is probably much more popular than anarcho-primitivism, and I suspect the flag would be used more if it was labeled "green anarchist". You could also have both, since light green is often used for green anarchism, as opposed to the forest green shade used for anarcho-primitivism.




No. If you support "green anarchism" (which is basically anprim, tbh) AND you support technological advancment you have no right to call yourself a green anarchist. Call yourself an eco-fascist.



That's completely fucking retarded. My economic philosophy is basically anarcho-syndicalist, but I have a basically deep ecology ethical belief. I'm a big supporter of Bookchin and Reclus. I also think if we're going to mitigate ecological destruction, we need to come up with technological solutions, instead of giving up on science. You're literally retarded.



Then change your flag to Communalism, retard. Green anarchy has nothing to do with your beliefs.



>filter things so that people have to use my preferred pronoun






File: 24cc2e50150b445⋯.png (271.24 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 24c.png)

this guy is spamming threads with offtopic screeching that drawings are people, please bannu if you haven't already





This nazbol spam is getting out of control


I don't know why you vols keep working. Apo handed over control to a person who doesn't even dismiss reports from the queue. I mean, fuck.



call it benign neglect

space is comparably fine as BO cos of the hands-off approach and externally verified non-/pol/ infiltration status (unless he is DEEP undercover)



Sorted them


>externally verified non-/pol/ infiltration status (unless he is DEEP undercover)

Don't think the CIA could keep up an 4 year ruse :^)



and yet this board is still dying



This board isn’t the new anything.

It’s pretty much dead.



Mom Mom Mom



HA enjoying your Sorosbucks, Moms?



Paddy Pounds



I am a proud willful cuckold. Moms are all scum who delight in fun.



retardo's back, pls remove



We have yet to speak about the matter


File: f97f15f08352624⋯.jpg (73.5 KB, 612x612, 1:1, f97f15f083526244a01936ba52….jpg)

Why did you delete the trap topic you Stalinists?




But what if I wanna freely exchange jerkoff material with my comrades?




>'overproduced HD on piratebay etc'

Whut? I was talking about my animus, or at maximum some cuties on webm.




I thought they were compromised


File: b130e97f8b9250b⋯.jpg (52.4 KB, 419x249, 419:249, benis.jpg)

please remove ad spam


also why haven't the autodefenses destroyed it yet? Is this beginning of the Third Age of Bui?


File: b30eaf0c21a4a9a⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, dirty_hungarian_phrasebook.jpg)

requesting 'you leftists' be filtered to 'if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?'



Also, filter "cuck" to "Chad."


File: 6d3771ac815e8b3⋯.gif (471.26 KB, 500x380, 25:19, Daisies laugh.gif)


I'll support this one.


Please wordfilter commiecat to alunya so something good can come out of those threads



won't let me for some reason


88 Brudda and dun :^)



Can you capitalize Alunya properly?


File: 7dc4231947f9259⋯.jpg (54.64 KB, 659x602, 659:602, 4twnhb8ccevx.jpg)

File: 4315b2c1ca5bc12⋯.gif (9.22 MB, 480x360, 4:3, tenor.gif)


banning nigger posting and white knighting for triggered feminists seems a bit butthurt.

It's why Normies do not respect the left when they left doesn't respect itself.



Good thing that nobody does those things here then.


File: cab4437ea123cc8⋯.jpeg (68.58 KB, 680x342, 340:171, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: 1d9a07eb4db68a6⋯.jpg (290.92 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, trump smug.jpg)

File: 95294cfcd7dd6c5⋯.png (283.2 KB, 560x392, 10:7, npc gives elite power.png)


Yet /leftypol/ promotes NXALT feminism threads asking why the boyim dislike militant libtard feminists, and bans honest answers with 3rd wave feminist delusions. Very BASED EFF supporters get butthurt for predicting the latest failure in socialist theory prompted by a race of low Autism Level resource management skills when native blacks cannot master basic English syntax. If they can't balance a checkbook or read, maybe they shouldn't have equal say in how the economy operates? Maybe they shouldn't racially attack white farmers for being white, and get butthurt when the N word is dropped in reaction when their other N word neighbors have tuned former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, into a synonym for anti-white economic ruin?

Can't disagree with politically incorrect leftards on mild points. Seeking to get educated by a leftist who claims a better idea that will sincerely improve the system for workers rather than destroy what already functions well enough. Not NPC attacKs what it does not like.

You know "real communism has never been tried".



>cannot master basic English syntax.

>picture of Trump


go away schizoposter


File: 126f952c60eff20⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 550x520, 55:52, King-trump-e1494434312887.jpg)

File: 647fa9aa734a87e⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 567x820, 567:820, sanders taxes.jpg)

File: e638620ec6a34be⋯.jpg (42.2 KB, 500x360, 25:18, bearnie weak.jpg)

File: 3f0f6628b8cda6b⋯.png (571.93 KB, 819x600, 273:200, Bernie-Sanders wahmen.png)

File: 93e001191aebdf4⋯.jpg (113.1 KB, 640x608, 20:19, Butt-hurt salve.jpg)

Trump has a mastery of the English language. He speaks the language of sales for the people. He uses sales words to win power and influence.



If you can't respond to the core criticisms to socialism turning nations into a double speaking anti-white Shit Hole Country with its raw resources nationalized for state mandated girlfriends, then I'm going to politely sage the thread.

Don't question screeching Australopithecus and believe Wahmen. K. Got it.



>Trump has a mastery of the English language. He speaks the language of sales for the people. He uses sales words to win power and influence.

The man has a 5th grade level of English and repeats words over and over to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Mind you the left isn't well spoken either, just look at Das Kapital but come on. This has to be shitposting.


"" testing… ""


no matter wot guys always look in bright side




Would be rather funny but at the same time it would make it harder for us to actually talk about actually cucks.



Why would we ever want to talk about cucks? Some obscure fetish has nothing to do with politics.



Calling the alt-right cucks, ironically, can be quite entertaining.


What's the difference between this board and leftypol?



Why were the answers to this question deleted?



the body odor had pms



You don’t get banned constantly for having a bit of fun and you won’t get constantly shit on for not being an ultra-tankie


File: 259cdf37ad1ce81⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 255x230, 51:46, 346f91783c1cba8648c60104ec….jpg)

remove danknet spammer pls



We need a major crackdown on fascists



Fuck off antifa swine. Making trouble with mentally handicapped people, you've seeped to a new low, cunt


File: cd81249923ea95f⋯.jpg (7.12 KB, 164x200, 41:50, cd8.jpeg.jpg)

spoiler scatpron pls




File: b0601923661a1dd⋯.jpg (83.47 KB, 1147x483, 1147:483, Boring Conversation Anyway.jpg)


More like delete/ban it.


File: 75114f4018ea22c⋯.jpg (14.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, JimProfit.jpg)


>being a rulecuck



>Being a shit-eater.

BO drew this SFW line, presumably to avoid porn and gore spammers. I wouldn't mind seeing naked women, but cocks and shit eating, please no.



>I wouldn't mind seeing naked women, but cocks and shit eating, please no.

In almost every post you write you mention you are a lesbian. Why?



Mental illness manifests itself wherever it can



You don't like naked women?

Nicer than shit.



Sure, I do. But not everyone does. If nudity is to be allowed then all nudity should be. If you ban male nudity then all nudity must be banned. Shit eating and gore are already banned pretty sure.



t. moralfag



>If nudity is to be allowed then all nudity should be

>t. moralfag

Doesn't make sense.


File: 8ce6acfea956a2e⋯.jpg (2.4 KB, 108x130, 54:65, 8ce6acfea956a2ec81b763c92f….jpg)

pls remove spam threads




File: 9746372232d8fd1⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 851x536, 851:536, shot-20181203-28139-nufkjt.jpg)

Why did the mods remove a thread on anti Wall Street activism? I thought this place was against the corporate greed?



I was reading a thread and people were talking about modern art is a laundering scam…but I can't find the thread again can anyone help me?



never mind i'm a idiot, it was on half chan /his/



Link to thread?



Nudity should be allowed only for attractive people.


File: 5f524f351f480ba⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 599x611, 599:611, CSbOUa8UYAALfI-.jpg)

Is pigeon chess still bannable like it was on /leftypol/? (IE, arguing in bad faith with no hope that you'll even consider the other guy's argument)



Obviously not. Just look at the last 20 threads.


File: 7417bfcfd27d90f⋯.gif (184.42 KB, 424x450, 212:225, 81cf235a756c86234d39801e0c….gif)


Does /leftpol/ think it should be bannable? atp I do if it goes on for this long



Of course I do. Entering a discussion with a rigid mind and looking at it as win-lose type of deal is the problem. People do it because it's an easy way to pass the time. Take a look at 4chan, especially boards like /g/, endless "x is good, y is shit" threads. Arguing, insulting others, defending your view against others is the easiest thing to do. Notice how 'counter-arguments' in these types of discussion quickly devolve into ad hominems, insults, criticising the source, etc. Anything to protect their ego, anything except critically evaluating arguments or reading and educating themselves. It's always you vs. me and you're against me because you're being paid to be!



In a perfect world perhaps, but I don't trust moderators to use it appropriately. We're the exiles of the exiles and should be very wary about creating new bannable offenses.



Mods are now and forever thin skinned cunts. Everywhere. They will abuse whatever power they have, like all unaccountable ruling classes.

Mods only job should be to respond to a thread/post if 51% of the users direct them to it.

Just like a government. Fuck off until the citizens want something.



Some people are trolls, others are genuine.

Like abortion. Some see no big deal. Others see it as almost literally coming into someone house, stabbing them in the brain, and leaving. It's that amount of blatant shock and murder.

You have to deal with it irregardless if they are genuine or trolls. Because you will not know for sure. If you can't engage, then ignore. You have the tools to ignore. But don't silence them. Because you will definitely be on the other side one day.


File: 7b9239d56cbda0f⋯.jpg (87.16 KB, 640x482, 320:241, it's time.jpg)

Jim Profit spammer has finally redpilled me on moderators

it is now clear to me that stringent moderation, applied with as much consistency and as little interpretation as possible, with multiple levels of sanction is critically necessary to maintain even a community as loose as a small imageboard, to keep it fit for purpose

no need for new rules just ENFORCE the rules against:


◦Only make shitposts,


and bring back the containment thread. Actually we have one already so let's just start using that >>110223



Lol can't you see that /pol/yps see mods and the BO have given up? Two women problem threads, two male rights threads, several nazbol threads, etc. etc.

There's barely any leftism. But these fucking /pol/acks are laughing while people on this board keep trying to prove them wrong with arguments, facts and reason, forgetting that right-wingers don't use reason to develop their views, so why would it work on changing them?


File: e55f9a0136d7d0a⋯.jpg (15.35 KB, 500x185, 100:37, Shikamaru-Nara-Lazy-Guy.jpg)


/pol/ didn't win shit Alex Jones. What did /pol/ win personally upsetting your stupid ass and how you think leftypol is supposed to look?

The reason you don't have another reddit on your hands is an answer neither of us wants to hear actually. It's not that you couldn't, God know every other chan board does it

It's cause you have normies who happen to have a mod panel dash board rather than mods who try to blend in as normie when not banning people and committing crime sprees.

Admins admitted they WORK which means WAGIE CAGIE nearly every moment or their life is about going to work, being at work, preparing for work, even when their ass is at home they gotta do laundry, prepare meals, etc depending on the particular cagie for their wagie

Just because you have the luxury of sucking mommy and daddy's teet until they die is inconsequential. They WILL die, and you'll become a lifeless husk too.

It is depressing, but it's a great equalizer. Normies don't even know moderators exist because normies don't have TIME to know. Everything is about their bullshit job even if it isn't a particularly bad job. I don't knock what the admins do. Could work in an office, wash dishes, groom dogs, but whatever it is it takes up a good ten hours of their time a day, and trying to squeeze that, rest, hobbies, relationships,

All to than worry about your dumb dumb wants of a puritan red lobster liberal leftpol…there's just no time motherfucker

But it does show you're the only Nazi here. We must secure the integrity of our white privileged neets who are only TEMPORARILY avoiding the cold deathly grip of wagies



stop avatar fagging nazibol shino


File: 59daa5fd51a9621⋯.png (78.28 KB, 300x224, 75:56, Shino.png)


Wrong character

Granted that does look more like Jim doesn't it?


File: 156b37aa9e1b759⋯.jpg (160.41 KB, 762x571, 762:571, D 2.jpg)


OH! You're right. It's that Yugioh shit, right?



>feminist cinema


File: 17180aabc486f91⋯.png (14.12 KB, 823x75, 823:75, ClipboardImage.png)

They were right, you know. This board has gone absolute shit since space_ took over.



The shitpost rant you posted is clearly visible in the ban list: https://8ch.net/bans.html


File: 2258884ef7c7929⋯.gif (210.67 KB, 480x316, 120:79, gif Nobody understands.gif)


>feminist cinema

Not particularly, no. For such a light hearted goofy comedy it packs a lot of meaning in, and a feminist agenda isn't one of them.

It's a fun film, anon. Check it out, it's on yt







Delete "Was _____ Jewish?" threads on sight. Do we really need to humour Nazis on this board? For fucks sake.



Remember to report shit like that too to alert vols. They are not very fast but they check reports


File: 4918e4498408bc7⋯.png (99.29 KB, 473x299, 473:299, 1529554928758.png)



Keep your censorship and scheming on leftypol.

(You could be more subtle but such thing is far beyond yourself)



this is why /leftpol/ will eventually die



>implying it hasn’t already



It’s been getting better the last week or two actually




>be me

>be a torfriend

>spend 15min replying to a thread with a a quality effortpost

>find out all tor is banned because nazlambol is a faggot

not cool, mods



People really wanted that guy banned. sorry about it

Do you want to get unbanned?



Yeah nobody likes that guy but allowing torposters is more important than purging even the worst shitposters imo. It's understandable if it has to be done for a few hours or a day due to serious flooding or whatever though. Thanks



If losing TOR is the price we have to pay to get rid of that faggot, it is well worth it


Hey lads im here to help keep the streets clean, friend of space_. I will just be removing obvious spam and literal nazi propaganda so hopefully reports will be handled a bit quicker than before.

Lets make this subreddit better together :'-)



Based and redpilled


File: c2f6a617dcaaa53⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 840x1008, 5:6, c2f.jpg)

remove dodgy-ass pic and ban nazi faggot posting it



File: 9eba62f3cd01810⋯.png (192.59 KB, 291x355, 291:355, 9eba62f3cd018103f7b3c3bb81….png)

he's at it again, pls remove scat



File: f357c0460d1406e⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 640x472, 80:59, 32c4c9da354b049057661611b1….jpg)

remove this edgy assmonger's thread too pls






don't report stuff here, use the built in report fuction


What's up comrades, it's been like 4 years but I thought I'd see what's going on in here. Anyone here been here that long?



I think I've been here since shortly after 4/pol/ tried to boycott 4chan and come here



Can people even still post here?




Delete this thread >>123368

Just fucking delete this fucking board, clearly none of the mod team give a shit any more.



Spot the roastie.



Spot the incel.



If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. We dealt with nazbol faggots without mods's help; why can't you deal with M.R.A. shitposters?



literally all this board is now

was the death of /leftpol/ by design?



You’re obviously the outsider here. Conform with board culture or GTFO, roastie



I think you'd be surprised how many posts here are mine.



Shoo, Jew



And the /pol/yps come out of the woodwork.



You’re an outsider here. This has always been an anti-Zionist, Nazbol board





I don't think so.


Delete the Nazi threads





>plz censor these threads that hurt my feelings

You probably need eugenics



This is a leftist board, mongoloid.


There's a raid going on. How are yall surviving?



Space left. He's probably creating a new imageboard. There's one vol that visits.


Fucking niggers did I get banned from here, too?



Eugenics ARE leftist.

(it ain't)



No, eugenics is shitty early-twentieth century pseudo-science. Fuck off.



You are not a real leftist


Am I still banned from this commie fagfest? No? Good! You all suck.


Excuse me, why did you anchor the thread on Eisenstein?


So, are you lefty fags still too weak to unban me or what?



Oh, well! Would you look at that! Someone showed they have the guts to face truth and not run away from it like those faggots in Leftypol who're too fucking weak to even look at anything that contradicts them even the slightest little bit.






Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy made possible solely by Worldwide Computer God Frankenstein Controls. Especially lifelong constant-threshold Brainwash Radio. Quiet and motionless, I can slightly hear it. Repeatedly this has saved my life on the streets.

Four billion wordwide population - all living - have a Computer God Containment Policy Brain Bank Brain, a real brain, in the Brain Bank Cities on the far side of the moon we never see. Primarily based on your lifelong Frankenstein Radio Controls, especially your Eyesight TV sight-and-sound recorded by your brain, your moon-brain of the Computer God activates your Frankenstein threshold Brain-wash Radio - lifelong inculcating conformist propaganda. Even frightening you and mixing you up and the usual "Don't worry about it" for your setbacks, mistakes - even when you receivedeadly injuries! THIS is the Worldwide Computer God Secret Containment Policy!



Damn. Been a whole since I watched that.


There are an awful lot of bumplocked threads on the catalog lately. Do you think maybe you're going a bit overboard?



Hell no. They were all low-effort /pol/ bait.




Okay so there was like one Juche containment thread but they've seemingly broke free and decided to spam the board with this autism.



It's maybe three guys, we need to ban spammers and they along with nazbols and incels are the worst. For fucks sake mods, do your damn job.



>For fucks sake mods, do your damn job.

I think the BO left this place to die by this point, I barely even see anchors anymore


Since when are liberals and socdems allowed to promote their shit on /leftpol/?




Purge the Yang shills.


/leftpol/ is a left wing board. If you want to argue with /leftpol/ about Zionism

uh….just noticed this.

so Imperialism is ok if jews do it?



>cucking to mods this hard.

wanna suck their dicks too?


File: 8b2ef7a8e0bb7de⋯.png (9.3 KB, 1173x83, 1173:83, 2019-03-15 20_51_14-Featur….png)

Can BO please disable this featured thread nonsense?


So if >>131003 has been up for a week, does that mean "make zero-effort sectarian threads, "yfw tankies/trots/ancoms think…" etc." is no longer enforced?



Space hasn't been on this board in a while.


File: 681aac12d529611⋯.png (11.68 KB, 488x315, 488:315, firefox_2019-03-18_10-32-1….png)

Good lads



>so Imperialism is ok if jews do it?

Of course what are you, anti-semitic?



Doesn't the BO need to log in regularly to keep ownership of the board?


Just anchor it and it can be an Alunya porn dump thread.



Mfw I’ve been lying in wait to claim /leftpol/ and turn it into an esoteric board for months now


File: 7d39da244e9a672⋯.png (3.77 MB, 2557x1829, 2557:1829, Packing penut cartoon.png)

Where did that thread go about conspiracy and general discussion go?


What filters to mom?



y-you too


Can you filter commiekitty to Alunya?


File: b30eaf0c21a4a9a⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, dirty_hungarian_phrasebook.jpg)


this or "Lower your drawbridge Sir William I cannot wait 'til lunchtime"

fix site


File: b30eaf0c21a4a9a⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, dirty_hungarian_phrasebook.jpg)


this or "Lower your drawbridge Sir William I cannot wait 'til lunchtime"

fix site

fix site



If we are going to have fun with word filters (we totally should) then we should filter "cuck" to "my nipples explode with delight" and every permutation of a filtered word that pops up to "I am a huge faggot. Please rape my face."



Setting a word-filter from commonly used words, like 'cuck', to confusing phrases isn't very practical, see >>107733



>commonly used words

Precisely why it should be filtered. There is no need whatsoever to talk about cucks. Only /pol/ believes that they matter for shit.



I disagree, we need to be able to discuss rulecucks, statecucks, classcucks and scho on and scho on

also mods, do you intend to do anything about the dolphin porn or is this no longer a sfw board?




Anything-cuck is a shit meme tbh.



not if it works



File: c499ee80a5f41c9⋯.gif (763.26 KB, 250x150, 5:3, Dolphin_rape.gif)


>plz filter words that make me feel funny




t. modcucking

I bet he likes his uncle's penis. everyone should.


File: 5f4862a44e77b36⋯.png (85.52 KB, 641x207, 641:207, 2841579.png)


He admitted it himself.



Based and Jim Profit pilled


File: e98c0906cd3312a⋯.jpg (51.48 KB, 680x380, 34:19, DvdtmJtXQAA8F58.jpg)

Please wake up and remove this spam.


For fucks sake, get an autistic burger mod to cover the burger mornings.



this is what turns Americans neoreactionary. gg.



Can't you be stupid somewhere else?



No, but you can go back to /trannypol/, radlib


Re enable Tor you glow niggers. Just require a captcha for every post for Tor posters like /tech/ does.



Crickets….because lefty faggots can't withstand truth, prove me wrong.



all sides are welcome ,

come post on my board no rules except global.





>expect some gay /politics/ board.

>literally just /b/2







I hate to summon the mods but this site has a spammer. Do something.



>There is no need whatsoever to talk about cucks.

Just because you can't imagine a use for the word doesn't mean there isn't one. Cuckoldry is a pretty good metaphor for capitalist exploitation. Sure you can argue that the concept of a cuck is inherently misogynist because it treats women as property, but there's a much deeper insecurity than that. It's the insecurity that a fundamental motivator or drive is being subverted. Women can't really relate to this specific case, but there's a similar fear about having your baby swapped at birth with another. Cuck happens to be a popular term right now, so tying it to surplus value extraction has a practical use for agitation and education.




this retard is spamming the board, ban him




It's really difficult to go after him since he always has a new IP and his message can't be easily filtered.


I like how t the mods deleted the one thread that called out corporate censorship. Shit optics as usual.



>expecting the rabbi BO to do otherwise




This faggot is spamming the board again




that spamming bitch is here again

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