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File: 49caf6e0b418de8⋯.jpg (294.7 KB, 800x550, 16:11, e1ef91295b33b0066a68f1fcf1….jpg)




• Spam

• Post cuckshit, "commies BTFO," or any of that kind of shit

• Deny the problems of climate change

• Attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Str.asserism, "Nazbol", National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)

• Incite specific acts of terrorism or similar acts (use your head, don't act like a fed)

• Holocaust denialism

• Post porn depicting underage (including drawings)

Reply to this thread with your requests for wordfilters, board settings, banners, flags, etc.

Flags must be 20x16, banners are 300x100

https://8ch.net/log.php?board=leftpol - BOARD LOG

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i agree the lack of communication is annoying… there's at least one mod who engages users but i hardly see the other ones anymore.

File: edb8899a0e3206b⋯.jpg (78.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d0881dd21df5b66d2f8af019f6….jpg)


Hi. I'm the new BO of /freedu/. I would like to revive the board on the lines of what it always has been; a hub of leftist knowledge and a means of free education. However, I've noticed that the board only has five banners. I'd like to at least double it. If any of you are interested, feel free to provide some banners.

Due to 8chan's limitations, banners cannot exceed 500 kb, must be a PNG, JPG, or GIF, and also must be exactly 300x100 pixels. That is 300 pixels wide, by 100 pixels tall.

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He made a post ITT previously: >>35468

What made you get the impression he was a piggie?

>politically active (and socially active) IRL, I came on less and less and then not at all for like a year. I just popped back this evening for the first time in ages in a fit of nostalgia. I probably won't be back as much these days, as I don't have the free time anymore to get integrated into the board culture again and so can't enjoy it in the same way as I used to, but I'll still be around for some of the discussions I'm sure. Keep up the good work!

Seems like an nice fella.

File: 6914cccad2a4c83⋯.jpg (274.2 KB, 500x793, 500:793, bba0809ec89aa3c529026eeaea….jpg)


I started reading Thomas More's Utopia recently and was wondering if we could get a thread going about left wing literature. Anyone else read this and have thoughts on the book? Can it be considered proto-socialist?

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Fathers and sons

File: 15fad1a94ed4e25⋯.png (211.36 KB, 720x702, 40:39, 20180320_223032.png)


Hi I'm ChristCom. I wanted to get /leftpol/'s opinion on something. Jim Jones was a Socialist traveling preacher for years, and did a lot of stuff for people in poverty. After a few bad press events where he may have been targeted unfairly. He eventually tried to start Jonestown to escape 1st world communism. He allegedly was being harassed by the CIA and the 1st world international intelligence community black ops for starting his 3rd World Christian Communist (3WCC) settlements. It's also possible he was drugged, and subjected to MK ULTRA experiments which could have helped instigate the white night tragedy. Is it possible that Jim Jones did nothing wrong?

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You’re a christcom and you don’t know that Jim Jones was an atheist fraud?


File: 8a1c8c520c003bc⋯.jpg (172.02 KB, 800x1096, 100:137, 800px-WilhelmWeitling.jpg)


I just thought it made for a funny meme. We can laugh once in awhile.

YES, there are better ChristCom examples than Jim Jones.

Thomas Wharton Collens was a ChristCom who described biblical sources supporting a common-property society.

Wilhelm Christian Weitling (pic related) urged installing communism by physical force with the help of a 40,000-strong army of ex-convicts.


Where is Ismail when we need him?



This. The guy was a charismatic nut. Just another "messiah" hunting for power


File: 4683344af1ca35c⋯.png (735.72 KB, 1080x1098, 60:61, 7262.png)


On /marx/

File: af3f006ffce59e0⋯.jpg (145.43 KB, 1125x1464, 375:488, sf.jpg)


BoomerFront Was taken down and /pol/s already bitching about "Muh Oppresive """""ANTI-WYATT"""" Communist Police State" if you guys didnt Know Yet BTW

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mixed thoughts on this:


-nazis got pwnt again lel

-it's ironic because they're repressive too lel


-more stormnigger rapefugees incoming

-hotpocketry of this site sets a dangerous precedent and could easioy be used as the thin edge of the wedge against online political activism/discussion that isn't frogs, jaypeg artifact infographs and buzzwords


>SA isn't monolithic

The material conditions of users having to pay real money to get in and to get back makes me strongly suspect otherwise, and that it's going to continue to be an echo chamber for people with more money than sense.


File: 9f2720f5b8728f3⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, tylertenbrink.jpg)

Oh one more thing. There's still overlap between generations. Some people were raised in the white-power movement, or they joined up with Stormfronter types when they started. Or they got into it with the new groups.

Example in this pic: these are new-generation guys.

On the right is Austin Gillespie (aka Sol Invictus) who started in the libertarian movement and caused a stir in the Florida Libertarian Party when he became their Senate candidate and it came out that he was a neo-Nazi who also slaughters goats to drink their blood in Pagan rituals. He was one of the UTR speakers in Charlottesville. He's a lawyer as well and has represented various neo-Nazis. He's 34.

On the left is Tyler Tenbrink, who is jail in Florida for attempted murder after firing at counter-protesters outside a Richard Spencer speech. He was actually cliqued-up with a group of old-school white-power people near Houston called the Aryan Renaissance Society that emerged out of the Aryan Reich Skins in the 1980s. The ARS was the main group behind a front group called White Lives Matter that dropped flyers and did a rally in Austin in 2016 I think. (It wouldn't surprise me if they had a GoFundMe page to trick normie conservatives who didn't do their research into donating.) Most of them are old now though and Tenbrink is in his late 20s or early 30s if I remember right, but he was hanging out with them.

Another one of the former Aryan Reich Skins guys, who went to prison for trying to sell stolen military gear to federal agents, is in Patriot Front now. That guy is older but a lot of Patriot Front are younger guys. But you see how they overlap. Patriot Front also pulled security at the Spencer event but they apparently warned Tenbrink and his buddies not to come.




>Much like an image board, Reddit is not a monolithic community. There are good Redditors and there are faggot Redditors, just like here.



>how dare someone not know about how a footnote in the history of the internet is behind a massive conspiracy to get me banned from r/socialism

File: 4d2e222566ef3d8⋯.jpg (219.41 KB, 1406x1000, 703:500, nkp.jpg)


Making this thread for the express purpose of discussing the Current Geo-Political Situation / Debating about / General Discussion about the D.P.R.K and so on

Preferably this thread could serve the same Purpose as the DPRK thread on /left*pol/ with it being the containment thread for discussions about the DPRK

Also if someone can get the Tank-poster whose been to NK who as far as i know still posts on the DPRK thread /left*pol/ to come here that would be nice

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It was only a guy walking around, not really interesting tbh.

The comments getting absolutely rectal ragnaroked over it was the true gold.



Well played


I'm more interested in the architecture though. Maybe there are other videos for that.



>If tourist commits a crime is he publically executed?

They send you home in a coma and then you die a week later.

So technically no.


File: 151ea27b67d9a73⋯.webm (8.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kinokndr.webm)



The North would be better off unifying with China.

If they were able to modernize their agriculture to the level of China or South Korea the people there would no longer have to survive on a starvation diet. But they would also no longer have a job. Because a few modern machines can do the work of thousands of peasent farmers.

South Korea has very little use for millions of uneducated farmers. But they could work in Chinas factories alongside uneducated migrant workers from the rural areas of China. They are already set up for that so the economic chaos would not be as long lasting.

File: 5ff1d2cbc047c01⋯.png (722.21 KB, 800x668, 200:167, ClipboardImage.png)


Trump Prohibits U.S. Purchases of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency

President Donald Trump banned U.S. purchases of a cryptocurrency the Venezuelan government is rolling out, as part of a campaign to pressure the government of President Nicolas Maduro.


Explosion injures 2 in Austin, Texas, where a serial bomber is still at large

Two men have been taken to the hospital after a blast rocked a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. The police have warned residents to stay away from the area.


The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period

The UK and EU have agreed on a "large part" of the agreement that will lead to the "orderly withdrawal" of the UK.


Cuba to Send 100 Doctors to Kenya

Kenya has announced that they will bring 100 Cuban medical specialists to assist county hospitals after Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta ended a short visit to the Caribbean island.


Facebook Post Pushes Norway Government to Brink of Collapse

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's what I want to know. I want a damn commodity currency.


Hopefully relevant if not cool imo



File: 094a93486b4d761⋯.jpg (92.85 KB, 960x880, 12:11, 14502817_1753024794973724_….jpg)


cultural marxism



Everything is under control. Porky has more power and control over everything that happens in free elections.

No, there's a little truth to large scale manipulation in voting. That being said, if Socialism became a veritable voting bloc anywhere then oligarchies and robber barons would need to concede production means and reform



I actually showed this to my ancap friend who knows bitcoin crap, and he was having a hard time seeing where you can get it.

Even when you find the shit, its all in spanish.

File: da6b834008f2b27⋯.jpg (21.59 KB, 550x777, 550:777, da6b834008f2b277d467492e46….jpg)


To all the "not true socialism" folks: The notion that socialism is this idealized utopia and not a historically constituted process is the most idealistic argument ever. It is merely a smokescreen for an attempt to distance yourself from "scary" commies and to appeal to liberals when you use made-up buzzword like "state capitalism", what leftcoms say (what a weird form of capitalism where the law of value doesn't regulate production), "deformed worker's state", what Trots say (what a weird form of bureaucratic authoritarianism where managers are sent to labor camps when they exploit or mistreat workers), or "red fascism" (what a weird form of fascism where there is no owning class resorting to authoritarian measures to maintain property relations). For some people, all it takes is some evil guy to walk in and hijack the thing - for some this happened 1917 (anarchists), for some this happened 1924 (Trots) and for others this happened 1956 (Maoists, Hoxhaists); but the materialist reality is that the USSR and other Marxist-Leninist states were made up of millions of people, all reproducing the socialist system on a daily basis. Only through underlying internal contradictions and outside pressure did the system corrode over time, and Marxism-Leninism, like every science, studies these contradictions in order to avoid them the next time - instead of starting from scratch everytime and distancing yourself from the communist movement if a single little thing goes awry.

Uncomfortable truth for you: When right-wingers meme and laugh about the "not true socialism" leftoids, they are being 100% right. Even if we assume for the sake of argument that the USSR and other Marxist-Leninist states weren't "real" socialism, only with a completely autistic mindset one would not differentiate between a goal (socialism) and the movement and attempt to bring about such a goal (socialism as an ideology). For every person who isn't already a communist, such difference does not matter, only the practicability of an idea matters: "What's in it for me? Why would I support and ideology that fails 100% of the time?". So, don't fucking complain about being laughed out of the room whenever you say socialism has never existed.

Another uncomfortable truth: It doesn't fucking matter that you don't like the USSR, even that you think that the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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How you conveniently ignore the paragraph I wrote after that. In feudalism, you still have individual producers who are not part of the total social labor product.

I'll get to other guy later.


Fuck you too I guess




Arguments like this are basically what it means to be an internet leftist. If you just want memes and circlejerking, go back to /leftypol/.



I think the Mensheviks had the better argument in retrospect.



>No, he doesn't, the state does.

And who owns the state? The USSR was a proletarian dictatorship. Besides, the economy of the USSR consisted mostly of cooperatives and public ownership. The state directed things out of necessity and the material conditions of the USSR.

>The enterprise produces for the interest of its owner: the state.

And again, who owns the state? Under a proletarian dictatorship, the proletariat do. The State is simply a natural, solidified expression of the proletariat.

And regardless, this is dumb, The USSR (at least under Stalin) didn't operate for profit and didn't operate under the laws of profit and capital accumulation. There wasn't even private ownership.

>He could be, but only by the party.

The party is the will of the workers. To support watering down of it, especially during the trying times of the 1930's and 40's would've been catastrophic.


You cannot instantly abolish all bourgeois laws determining production and distribution. Socialism was in it's earliest, most undeveloped form in the USSR, when it would still most resemble capitalism.

For fucks sake lads, socialism isn't a technical manual you follow step by step, but a developing and historical process.



"Socialism will arise from the material conditions of capitalism"

t. defender of state-capitalist oligarchy that arose from backward conditions barely out of feudalism

File: 66be0d641881d0c⋯.png (1.03 MB, 960x1440, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't understand this show, it's nothing but neo-lib propaganda and yet people eat it up. All of it's political episodes are just Toeing the party line and ideology while trying to avoid class issues, not even mentioning Bernie the entire election cycle. I've even had black liberals come up to me and say this proves black lower class prols have social Mobility.

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Boondocks was okay, its only real weak point was in fact the formulaic sitcom filler.


Are you surprised?

It's called cultural hegemony, or spectacle, depending on your analysis.



Boondocks the show was heavily watered down from the comic.


Most of Blackish's audience is white btw.

As far as black T.V. shows I hear Atlanta is good.




Specifically, Blackish's audience is 20% black. Atlanta's is 50%.


File: 48bf2c50b03bcb2⋯.jpg (70.99 KB, 790x593, 790:593, tumblr_p5x7zkD7L01va9eqqo1….jpg)


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Add Swampside Chats, highly recommend it






I know, this is an old chart and taking chapo off is mostly the reason I want to update it.



Some of the links are dead, too i.e. the soundcloud ones

I seem to remember someone making an updated image version of the list on /leftypol/ a while ago, maybe you can poach stuff from that


File: bc75ca87943eceb⋯.jpg (95.37 KB, 1175x1280, 235:256, ei.jpg)


Jesus just after the tripwire bomb, now he's sending packages through the actual mail system. This is incredible.



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Yeah I'm the AN94 guy. And yeah I picked it up from a videogame, obviously. So what? That's what it looks like. All I'm saying is your knowledge has no practical use.


File: a09450d833b03b5⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 600x301, 600:301, an94_abakan[1].jpg)

File: 7695c1f48ef5863⋯.jpg (177.02 KB, 950x400, 19:8, bolton[1].jpg)


Recognizing weapons actually has a huge practical applications in recon. Memorizing these things can help you estimate force concentration and type, and even simple things like distance is better measured because there is only one weapon length, unlike the height or width of a person. This is useful when milling a target. I still have a set of flash cards for weapons and vehicles. So read a book and don't get your weapon info from video games. Also, this is a tricked out AK, similar to the one Sam is holding, vs an AN-94. Do you think these really look the same?

I'm not trying to get on your case this much, but there are applications. Under what circumstances might you see one rifle versus the other (assuming someone actually used the AN-94). Do you think this might be an important thing to report if you saw it? I mean, really think about that. Same thing if you saw a standard M4A1 on a soldier, versus something like an HK-416. Do you think it's worth knowing the difference?


> whitemalewhitemalewhite he's white he's a guy

how about the fact that his data was parallel constructed by tapping into illegal FISA court shit or that this is the second time Texas Law Enforcement has exploded a suspect before they ever see a court room?



They didn't blow him up. He did that himself.

File: 2968cb3f5da0da6⋯.png (409.26 KB, 588x1035, 196:345, TrollBait1.png)

File: a7c44439d7c804f⋯.png (14.09 KB, 726x144, 121:24, Capture.PNG)


>be me

>took "Yellow Pill"

>noticed low crime rate, low poverty in Irvine, CA

>noticed multiple Asian immigrants in Irvine, CA

>noticed low crime rate in Japan

>noticed low crime rate in China

>noticed low crime rate in Taiwan

>notice slightly higher crime rate in Korea

>noticed HUGE crime rate in Philippines

>noticed hiphop ghetto culture popular in Korea, Philippines

>Confucianist influence strongly exists in China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea

>Confucianist influence nonexistent in Philippines

>Confucianist influence decreasing in Korea

>Christianity more popular in Philippines + Korea.

>Read Analects of Confucius

>Read Buddhist Scripture

>Confucianism and Buddhism promote family unity + responsible socialism typically via a state

>I post my opinions on leftpol

>get banned

fucking snowflakes

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t. birth of Marxist post-modern cancerism



hiphop is actually existing anarchism


File: f355bd52ba4a2e8⋯.jpg (703.06 KB, 2121x2209, 2121:2209, 1493995392592.jpg)


check the hotpocket thread, he was eventually unbanned after some people made fun of the mods for it


">be me

>took "Yellow Pill"

>noticed low crime rate, low poverty in Irvine, CA

>noticed multiple Asian immigrants in Irvine, CA

>noticed low crime rate in Japan

>noticed low crime rate in China

>noticed low crime rate in Taiwan

>notice slightly higher crime rate in Korea

>noticed HUGE crime rate in Philippines

>noticed hiphop ghetto culture popular in Korea, Philippines

>Confucianist influence strongly exists in China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea

>Confucianist influence nonexistent in Philippines

>Confucianist influence decreasing in Korea

>Christianity more popular in Philippines + Korea.

>Read Analects of Confucius

>Read Buddhist Scripture

>Confucianism and Buddhism promote family unity + responsible socialism typically via a state

>I post my opinions on leftpol

>get banned


Family structure is a result of economics. Women boot fathers from the family unit once they do not depend on them for direct provision.

Families stay together not because it is promoted. Japan has the same sort of atomPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Traditionalism is not socialism, enjoy being a slave to hierarchy.

File: cae3abffe4fd234⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 600x800, 3:4, TropicalAnti-Freeze.jpg)

File: d7eb709eb85eb6f⋯.jpg (71.11 KB, 640x618, 320:309, RadiatorCoolant-Can.jpg)

File: 853098be08e36ad⋯.jpg (198.6 KB, 500x290, 50:29, RooksOfHazard.jpg)


I find it interesting that left to their own devices individual capitalists won't even take the minimal steps required to keep their customers alive. Not only has the USA still not adapted a set of standard warning pictographs for hazardous consumer materials like Canada and the EU (even then Canada doesn't force US imports to meet its labeling standard), but there are packaging and labels to purposely designed to confuse the consumer on what precautions they need to take. Why would you rationally want to make anti-freeze look like a drink other then marketing focus groups deduced it sells better?

10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



lol what about the people who stumble in drunk late at night looking to buy a snack? How fucked are they?


File: 81c4b328ad63c55⋯.webm (4.18 MB, 480x360, 4:3, CorrosivePSA.webm)


It is easier to teach kids about pictographs then words, it also conveys the warning across languages studies have found the international warning symbols are recognize in every industrial civilization even in nations that don't use them. Also OSHA mandates pictograph warning as studies have proved time and again the veteran workers pay far more attention to symbols then words.



14% of Americans are illiterate. We need pictographs probably more than most countries.


if you make the population stupid as possible then you don't have to worry about them democratically organizing against the state apparatus *points to head with gold watch*


Pretty sure it's supply chain efficiency that's the reason. Plastic containers for drinks are ubiquitous so cheap - ehh, just use those.

File: b3006696def8c27⋯.jpeg (42.04 KB, 650x366, 325:183, a1da9f8b8cac8a6df2d230920….jpeg)


So are we going to have integrity or go the way of IDpol? These people are obviously being oppressed, along with a great crime against humanity. Why isn't this news?



297 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



No? No, this post is retarded



>Except of course that geological activity is a quantifiable material reality.

So is your ability to recognize patterns.

>None the less it is learned.

Your ability to learn is also a part of innate aptitude..

>An individual may have an aptitude for the game

You just conceded your entire position.

>but if he never learns the difference between the French defense and the Persian he is not going to win a lot of matches.

This is just goalpost shifting into an area where I agree with you completely. My disagreement is that the innate aptitude doesn't just account for thinking on the fly but also your ability to learn and memorize. Those things are not divorced from genetic expression.

>I have numerous criticisms of both.

And until you device a way to quantify these things to your liking all you are doing is demanding that the work done by others be scrapped for nothing in its place. Even if they have managed to make some useful models and prediction mechanisms.

>Goddamnit, no. Tests and metrics are not real things. They are useful abstractions. Real things are physical.

You are playing a definition game. My use of the term "real" was in relation to abstractions that help predict in what you would term "reality". I don't need to see things in order for them to be real. Bobby Fischer making GM in chess at 15 is real enough for me even though I can't see his brain and how it works. Your ability to read is real to me. Your ability to detect patterns is real to me. A progressive matrices test is real and the difference between people and their results is real to me in that regard.

>To say that individuals are different is to say nothing of the nature of those differences. Your claim concerns the nature of differences. No one disputes that individuals are different. What I and everyone else here dispute is your conclusion about their nature, since it is based on a nakedly faulty methodology and inconsistent philosoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Start splitting hairs on methodology to justify positions only held in this specific context that goes contra to the rest of biology

>Accuse the other side of splitting hairs on methodology when called out.

Not a single argument has been made in favor of any environmentalist position. I would love to see you try whilst simultaneously living up to the standard applied against the hereditarian one in this thread.



>I would love to see you try

I don't think you quite get how your debate opponents are playing you for a chump.



>t’s a howler because your trying to attribute certain alles to complex social phenomenon like crime rates.

>Where? I claim that blacks are more likely to be criminal when controlling for environmental factors.


>Never made a race claim. Blacks do cause more crime. The question is about why.


>Basically violence that the state does is okay and not violent but violence the state doesn’t like is super bad and races that do it are inferior and deserve to get gassed.

>>You will find that most people view things this way.

What most people believe is the standard now? Most people believe it's wrong to kill an hurt people if they did nothing to you or did anything wrong even if the pretext is war or being done by the state. That what MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE.

>I am not going to play a redefinition game where you redefine what a crime is so you can pretend blacks don't commit more of it. Your argument here is with democracy.

You said black people are inherently more violent because they commit more crime, when crimes done by states or corporations are pointed out all of a sudden those crimes don't count, why? Are they not violent?

File: 37595f7675fd61d⋯.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, thinking_apu_01.jpg)


I've been thinking about joining the YPG - not because I particularly care about their struggle, but because I want to be a writer one day and all the cool 20th century writers like Hemingway and Orwell fought in the international brigades in the Spanish Civil War and this war is the closest thing to it we have right now.

What do you guys think? Good or bad idea? How bad is the fighting right now? I thought ISIS was crumbling so now would be a good time to join since the worst has passed but I heard t*rks started bombarding YPG and killed a bunch of foreign volunteers recently?

Would my war memoir even sell? Do mainstream audiences, you know, run of the mill liberals etc. even care about Syrian war anymore? I only ever hear about the war from /pol/-tier autists fellating based Assad and based Putin.

I hope you don't mind me posting this here, I wanted to post this on /lit/ but I figured the thread would be deleted for off-topic quickly.




>not because I particularly care about their struggle, but because I want to be a writer one day and all the cool 20th century writers

So you want to annoy the fuck out of them until you end up being a meatshield? Dumbfuck frogposter, you remind me of the /mu/tants that took over /lit/ in 2013


File: 91fe4f578e60688⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 550x366, 275:183, time.jpg)


>it's been 5 years since Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize


File: 12e723022b2db9c⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 721x960, 721:960, IFB.jpg)


I was hanging out with Hanna Bohman a while ago, and she told me that there's generally three kinds of people who go to Rojava: people who do it for the revolution, people who do it for themselves, and people who want to kill shit. So your reasons would be pretty on par for the course for many people.

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