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Eternal, Her Majesty. Forever, Her Grace.


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File: 2f29a07639ec33c⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 800x881, 800:881, 2f29a07639ec33cb323b546efa….jpg)

3e1052  No.252[Reply]

Alright, /meta/ thread for /meta/posting so as to keep that stuff from weighing down the other threads. Whatever you want to share or know in regards to board management or direction or whatever, bring it up here and hopefully it can be worked out for you.

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3e1052  No.834

It would appear that somebody got bored and is posting false flag threads.


If it needs to be said, I'll repeat what I posted there: The board has no interest in causing issues with /tv/. The board is not out to persuade people to leave /tv/. I could say more, as there is definitely more that could be said, but I shouldn't have to because those items should be as obvious as it gets.

In other unimportant news, I'll be updating the rules at some point to reflect the changed times. Also thinking of maybe doing something fancy with the board's appearance. Suggestions are welcomed. Keep the banners coming.

File: c1e6e7e34293c99⋯.png (41.93 KB, 156x248, 39:62, c1e6e7e34293c99f7ea1b235f4….png)

File: 2f2ed77bc83cba6⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1300x886, 650:443, 2f2ed77bc83cba60f59b9a3f35….png)

File: c1e6e7e34293c99⋯.png (41.93 KB, 156x248, 39:62, c1e6e7e34293c99f7ea1b235f4….png)

8d8599  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /jenny/, a board dedicated to Her Majesty, Jenny Nicholson. This is bunker and not meant to detract from the generals seen on /tv/. In the event something were to happen, this is the board of refuge for Jenny enthusiasts.


1. This is a board dedicated to Jenny Nicholson. If you make a thread that isn't related to her in some way, don't be surprised if it's deleted.

2. Maisieposting, Robertsposting, Blissposting, any waifu-posting for any /tv/-related waifu, our parent board, is welcome within reason.

3. Within reason naturally to be read as: no Margcuckery, no Emil Watson, and no over-saturation of non-Jenny posts. If need be, keep such things to generals.

4. This isn't a SFW board, but it isn't smut central either. Apply spoilers, observe Rule 1.

5. Global rules apply.

Post last edited at

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c51208  No.210[Reply]

Gahoole seems to bringing in the fury and the Jenny general was deleted. Is this it? Is this the end?

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c51208  No.783




Wew. What is keeping these places alive?

c51208  No.784


>according to the video it takes alot

For running something like 8ch/4channel, anyway, where the traffic and data levels can be plain nuts. If we/he/anyone would look to run an imageboard with one or a few boards, how bad could that possibly be?

b4afef  No.917


I used to shitpost on Endchan for a while when I got fed up with this place. There is also 99chan, which is slow as fuck, but used to be pretty comfy.

I saw Kiwi Farms/Josh make a video on Jim recently, implying 8chan could be in trouble?

c51208  No.929


>I saw Kiwi Farms/Josh make a video on Jim recently, implying 8chan could be in trouble?

The vid's just a few posts up. Josh is a little shit-talker, and nothing's happened since he came prancing out with the intel, but it's still possible. If you don't feel like watching it:

>jim offers to host 2channel, like he did 8ch

>hiro lets him do it, and loses control just like hw

>unlike hw, hiro goes to court

>to apparently deprive hiro of acquiring any assets in the event he should win, jim liquidates a few things

He took out Goldwater, for instance. Fired all his best ladyboys like it was nothing. Notice how /newsplus/ isn't anywhere to be seen anymore. 8ch might also be on the chopping block, or so says the potato.

e0b1da  No.932

File: 9cc8caa31c5a3d3⋯.jpg (47.95 KB, 599x800, 599:800, 4325fbf6ae65916611-makaren….jpg)


Shiiieeeet. Guess I gotta pay better attention, and allow the scripts so I can see the vid thumbnails.

Already knew Josh was a wanker – Back in the day, when he was still pretending to work on Infinity Next, I managed to draw his ire by telling him what a complete clusterfuck it was. I’ve heard him on the Killstream a few times too.

>Fired all his best ladyboys like it was nothing

No! Not the ladyboys?!

It is a wonder Jim has bothered with 8chan for so long tbh. I doubt the site makes him any money. Looking for alternatives is a good idea – just in case.

Greetings from /bestemma/

File: b7afe9598e4c7b6⋯.jpg (590.12 KB, 813x1220, 813:1220, Jenny Wedding Reception.jpg)

e3799a  No.243[Reply]

I suppose it's time for the inaugural thread here seeing as the board had someone advertising "for free" all over /tv/ this evening. Which I assume was totally a thread regular and not some malicious car… /sarcasm

Anyway, Jenny's currently not uploading very much of anything right now:

• No October Ramble Poll

• No Hallowe'en themed videos (as of this morning 10/25)

• Only two videos this month (counting the September Ramble)

Thanks to her massive (and ever increasing) Patreon income, she doesn't feel pressured to push content out quickly like others still hustling on YouTube/Patreon, so I get the feeling that this output could possibly become the norm (though she herself called it "slow").

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cd3cf9  No.925


>Years of horse back riding probably.

sometimes I feel bad about jorn, he only sees his jenny once a week or less now

c5b2d5  No.926

File: 28b60bc7b8c9fb1⋯.jpeg (306.72 KB, 640x806, 320:403, AF99E8E6-3783-4B37-9CE8-3….jpeg)

File: ace1f6920b8e18f⋯.jpeg (223.62 KB, 640x641, 640:641, 618617B3-8690-4442-8BA4-F….jpeg)

You can always count on Jenny for a humble brag, was she wearing her internet famous hat when she tweeted this?

c5b2d5  No.927

File: fd5a564f482bb76⋯.jpeg (360.07 KB, 640x792, 80:99, 6C30A5D6-49C2-4594-A400-6….jpeg)

And here’s Lindsay (Patreon makes well over $15,000 a month) asking fans to pay for baby registry stuff for her BFF and important member of her team.

We saw you spend a week in Disneyworld (whatever happened to the video I thought she’d make with Jenny?), NYC, Comic Con and Vidcon just last year, why don’t you pay for your friends shit?

cd3cf9  No.928


how much money does Lindsay pay her staff that they can't afford baby wipes

0190f4  No.931

File: cea6a6e96fc859c⋯.png (53.06 KB, 300x100, 3:1, jennyplayeronebanner.png)


>Ehh, I think it’ll be going to some other places like it has for Lindsay… say goodbye to Jenny’s size negative 2 waist

Well there's always the other option, cardio and resistance training to firm up the booty without losing an overall skinny figure. Would be a sight to behold but I don't think she'd be comfortable with the levels of jealously that would inevitably generate.

>But it’ll finally answer my question, will middle aged guys pay a woman’s bills if she’s over 30, not skinny and talks about stuff that’s mostly aimed at teenage Disney fans.

I think Jenny being attractive is simply a cherry on top, if she was a neckbeard slob i'd still watch the videos because they are entertaining to me. But then again i'm not middle-aged and I don't pay anything, so who knows.


All these e-celebs plead poverty while they have the easiest jobs in the world, it's crazy.



File: d4f1a1305eb343c⋯.webm (10.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A Jenny Never Forgets.webm)

d745f1  No.133[Reply]

The thread for webm's and mp4's.

78 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

51d1e1  No.561



>jim's coming for /ourjew/

c2b816  No.645

File: 60c62d65c2a45ed⋯.jpeg (305.91 KB, 431x748, 431:748, 2EC7308C-6F07-47AF-B6EF-8….jpeg)


She’s turned into her goth friend, not ass and now no tits.

d745f1  No.661


Slim and petite is best.

6726c3  No.676

File: d226ddeac0c6239⋯.jpg (198.64 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DuG0UGFXgAEyCBa.jpg)


my wife's tits are petite and precious thank you very much

7733ef  No.731


i dont know why but i came to this

File: aa6593f79798342⋯.png (40.41 KB, 853x340, 853:340, wtfstats.PNG)

a2b12a  No.193[Reply]

It's happening again, a week after her last video (spike in views, little spike in subs) and her channel and views are spiking for no reason. This happened a few weeks ago, she got 2k subs over a weekend when her usual daily subs is 200-300.

Is Jenny sending nudes to one of the youtube programmers? Her channel was slowly falling behind because one of her videos trend anymore but now every month she has a huge spike for a few days for no apparent reason.

9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

988905  No.205

File: 3c615a30653d987⋯.png (287.53 KB, 344x631, 344:631, 3c615a30653d987198251bbf9f….png)


Same reason she isn't a gym bunny. She already has what she needs, no real reason to go the further mile. Already has the body with no effort so no point to work out, already has a very good stream of income so no point to shoot out a booming schedule of content. She should, she and Bailey, but she doesn't because why even? She already has the means to have what she wants.

79cf0d  No.206


I'll never understand that mindset. but I was raised poor and careful, jenny was raised rich and carefree.

Its petty, but that's why it bugs me when she spends her money so much, I imagine my own bank account draining like that and wince.

988905  No.207

File: 452c177e211c39c⋯.jpg (331.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 452c177e211c39c307bfe742f6….jpg)

>that moron is doing his usual song and dance routine back on /tv/ again


I'm right there with you. /foreverundertengrand/ peasant. That's a woman for you. I think that's always an important thing to consider when it comes to this waifu business. These girls, they're always just going to be girls. They're going to do girl things with all the usual girl trappings in the modern era. Maybe she'll make it. We can hope she does. But, realistically, this is only ever just a temporary fixation. Or that's how I look at it. Shit changes. Reality hits. We can't be doing this forever and neither can she. It's silly to get worked up over it. Like normies and their sports team. It's fun and all to root for the home team, but the home team isn't forever and can't be your whole life. Need to turn off the tv eventually.

a2b12a  No.208



Her body and her bank account with fuck her when she's in her 30s if she keeps this lazy mindset as she starts losing male fans and starts gaining the pounds with a slowing metabolism.

79cf0d  No.209


I think a change in youtube or patreon is likely to happen, if anything ends jenny it would be this.

although, most of the people negatively effected by blip dying have recovered already.. I think in the long term Jen will be fine

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