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File: 8657a6e877d3d45⋯.jpeg (11.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, hypno.jpeg)


Hey guys, I'm /hypno/'s new BO.

>Who are you and where is the previous BO?

I haven't settled on a name yet. The previous BO has been absent for over two and a half months. This is why spam has piled up, and no reports have been answered. The 8chan administration did try to contact him prior to giving the board to me. The last day he logged in was 2017-07-17, the day this "Please post more often" sticky was made. I guess we didn't post often enough.

>pls fix [problem].

For the time being, I do not intend to make any significant changes, aside from deleting spam and handling reports, at least until I am sure that things are running smoothly. However, I am open to making changes. I will create a meta thread, or possibly repurpose this one, to be a sounding board between myself and users. I myself am a user, and would rather not fuck up one of the last decent internet hypno bastions by acting hastily and without input.

>What now?

The same as always, probably. The way I see it, the ideal is that nothing should discernibly change from this, unless there's a consensus that something should be changed. I expect to be very hands-off, and probably won't often show my face outside of the meta thread unless there's a special circumstance.

I hope to keep /hypno/ healthy, and I'll do my best to that end. Thanks.

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These are against the board rules in most cases and should be deleted if reported correctly.

I however feel like a little more initiative by the mod wouldn't hurt if whatever thread has no (meaningful) replies within a certain time frame of let's say 3 days.

It's sad to see quality threads go to the archives, when the majority of whatever replaces them, ends up falling through the catalog in a few weeks at best. And even there it is still junk preventing one from finding what may be a valuable piece of board history.

File: 1411538944819.jpg (12.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Real-hypnosis-stories.jpg)


Follow the rules, and the literally Hitler mod (me) won't remove your posts/ban you. We promise.

1) No real life Child Porn please. For the time being, hentai, such as lolicon and shota are okay. The global 8chan rule applies. See: https://8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content

2) OP posts must be primarily about hypnosis. There are currently no limits on what hypnosis content may be posted here unless otherwise forbidden by the previous rule. Copyrighted content is currently allowed. Torrents, download links, gifs, videos, mp3s, photos, stories, games, etc. are all allowed.

3) One thread per topic. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be deleted. If you want to make a new thread, first check the catalog to see if there is already a thread for what you want to post about. If so, use it, and if not, make one. If an existing thread has reached page 13, or is within 20 posts of its post limit, a replacement thread may be created. Content must be posted in its appropriate thread. Content which falls under multiple categories may go in any thread that it is appropriate for, but is encouraged to be posted in the thread designated for its primary focus, if it has one. Please use discretion in doing so.

4) This board enforces the normal imageboard rules of anonymity. Names and emails are not to be used unless they are directly relevant to the topic of the specific thread or post which they are being used in. Examples would be a content creator discussing their own content, or two individuals exchanging contact information. As there is no hard and fast method to determine relevance, this rule has a degree of leniency. However, persistently using identities in circumstances where they are in no way relevant will likely result in moderator action. No leaking or posting personal information of other people. You may post information of your own, but only when it is relevant. When it is relevant, it is recommended that you only share what is absolutely necessary, for safety reasons.

5) Names of hypnotistPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Also, friendly reminder, please report any rule breaking post. It's easy!

File: d99be901140bedf⋯.png (49.71 KB, 768x768, 1:1, telegram.png)


So, on the time I have been on this board, I noticed the biggest problem we have: File sharing, MEGA files can be taken down, giga can be cumbersome, retroshare can be unreliable due to P2P and volafile automatically takes files down after only two days.

I have been using the Telegram app for a few years, and recently, started using it to listen to hypno.

What is Telegram: Telegram is a messaging app available for mobile devices and computer alike, in it, you can create groups, and most interestingly, channels, in a channel, you can post anything you want, images, videos, and, of course, audio files, and people can subscribe to that channel to receive this content.

Telegram is free, safe, and has no risk of files being taken down and is much easier to use than Retroshare for example, you can send files to a Telegram channel and easily access them from your cellphone.

So, that's my suggestion, what do ya all think?

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>>Telegram is close-sourced by Russians

>It's open-sourced

OK, you are right, not yet:

Q: Why not open source everything?

All code will be released eventually. We started with the most useful parts — a well-documented API that allows developers to build new Telegram apps, and open source clients that can be verified by security specialists.



Sounds like they are still collecting metadata. And if you think, that's not worth anything, think again. Facebook basically gives WhatsApp away for free just to get the metadata, because the encryption they've been using for a few years now is actually very strong and sort of end to end. Similarly Telegram can make a lot of money by selling your data as long as they are still getting it. They have therefore little to no incentive to release the code of the server unless they find a way to remain in control of the metadata of third party servers.




>I'm the "admin" of this channel, if someone wants to regularly post, let me know your name.



Your telegram link is invalid.




>Your telegram link is invalid.

Use base64 decode

File: e864842ceea9d03⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 400x250, 8:5, sound_waves-400x250.jpg)


Hello, I'm going to be VERY honest here.

I have no clue as to what hypnosis is or rather..suggestibility. OK I understand to a degree that suggestibility is well, doing something autonomously in a sense, simply put the ability to do something asked with a second thought (but not mindlessness)

I ask all of you for advice?

Well for starters even though I know that hypnosis isn't some "otherworldly powerful force" or..well magic for a simpler word lol

(I guess I feel I've been conditioned that way due to the media I consume? Lol)

I have been trying to take notes on things that might help me, I just can't really apply it.

I'm sorry if after I type this its some weird wall of text but,

1. I tried listening to inductions, and most of them want you to relax in a certain way by focusing on body parts or visualization. And I found that difficult or sort of well…boring in a way. Is relaxation the only way to get into trance?

2. I started trying to listen to dual vocal inductions, and while I like it I just couldn't go under the way I wanted. I have ADHD and it was suggested that I should go for this, or a confusion induction.

3. I feel like I'm trying to force the hypnosis sometimes like for example with spirals and flashing images etc I just pretend my eyes are slowly closing or, for example if I listen to audio then I try to repeat the tists words in my head. But of course that doesn't work

4. Maybe I have too high expectations as to how hypnosis works, which means I have ALOT to learn.

If you took the time to read this, thank you! If anyone would be willing to impart some advice I'd take it with a grain of salt!

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I flailed for a long time when I was starting. Overthinking way too much, etc.

Then i listened to this simple file, with 10 minutes of on target advice. It started to make it all click.

Uploaded it to Vola




Op here, I learned a bit here too, but it seems I still have a lot more to understand…oh and likewise my discord is mian859#9107

Thanks everyone.



pls reup








Reupload ^_^

File: 5141ea51cf97af4⋯.png (272.92 KB, 800x560, 10:7, 8491ddccb52afbe4dbf524d680….png)


Pretty much all the erotic muscle or penis growth files I find are done by women. Anyone have some files for us gay dudes who want manly fun?

Hell even normal erotic files for men by men are pretty rare.

File: 4abff3557ab28f8⋯.gif (909.33 KB, 594x386, 297:193, hypno-girl-10-forced-femin….gif)


The old thread is dead. Let's continue here.

Old threads:




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>Does anyone have a mega or vola link

Is Telegram an option?


will listening for hours a day make me trans? is that an intended effect of her files? i've never heard of a "take hormones" suggestion but i'm still very cautious of files implying things like that.



It can do anything, but it'll likely fuck you up so maybe. Each file has hidden suggestions that range from harmful to making no real sense and it might do weird shit to you. Research, links for that are in this very thread. It's not something I want personally, but feel free to get tons of triggers if you want.


I've managed to open the download link in retroshare but it seems to be stuck at 0.00% and it's status is still 'waiting' even after several hours. Is there something I'm still missing or any steps I've possibly missed?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks



>I've managed to open the download link in retroshare but it seems to be stuck at 0.00%

Did you post your cert in the Retroshare thread?

File: df823c598a45c56⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 199x300, 199:300, 300x300CAY7C8NS-199x300.jpg)


Anyone have it yet and able to upload or comment on whether its worth buying? Most of her files are mindblowing, but i wasn't so keen on 'slave state'.


107 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




Here you go: /r/mrqwyk3c


I'm also seeking Double Bind, Strike and the two Slave State files.



One of them has been available for a while now, I've uploaded it to your vola.



Awesome. Thanks for that.



do you have a re-up?


Can anyone re-up?

File: eb72336e5692841⋯.jpg (214.66 KB, 720x480, 3:2, strombolian-eruption.jpg)


I just listened my very first M1$tr€$$ 4m€thy$t audio, M1ndl€$$ Cum Puppet. And I loved, she has such a erotic voice! Unfortunately her files are hard to find, could someone share some of them? I'm especially interested in €rupt10n series.

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Post last edited at


>>46023 Freebie here: soundcloud.com/erotichypnosis/insatiably-silly



Here you are:




It’s empty


Anyone have f0rev3r b3ta?



Weird. I uploaded again and checked this time.

File: ba424f19e62459b⋯.png (302.04 KB, 558x292, 279:146, meana.png)


Why are there no videos?

Mena Wolf does have some very nice ones. Not all here are hypno, some are joi.


25 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>she said that trans people needed to die

Based and redpilled



shits scary



This isn't hypno, just a porn movie.


Di4n4 R3y is really good at doing hypno vids, she has more vids than audio.

www spankbang com/1yncm/video/d1+n+re515t4nce



Because most of them have very little to do with actual hypnosis(not talking about MW specifically, just hypno fetish vids in general). The vast majority is either just bombarding you with imagery(which definitely does leave some effect, but isn't hypno) or have the domme talking and pretending to be doing hypno, which usually isn't any closer to actual hypno than if she was simply talking without the bullshit. Some though, relatively painfully few, do use actual hypnosis techniques and I agree that I would definitely like to see them posted more

File: 1427461120642.jpg (29.61 KB, 400x225, 16:9, delete.jpg)


Hey guys.

Anyone have torrents for the Girls Gone Hypnotized videos? I found one torrent but it has only three videos


I'm mainly looking for this

276 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I attempted to download and it says I need a decryption key…What is it


File: af2abc8e4686bb6⋯.jpg (28.18 KB, 859x345, 859:345, 1.jpg)

Under the download button of each video I leave the encryption key friend


Y'all a bunch of broke ass ugly hookers.



Do you think you can get some new videos of Victoria from GGS?

Those are even harder to get than the GGH ones, and the kidnapped, taken and Marriage proposal ones look like a lot of fun.


File: ac2d904b88b4b53⋯.jpg (225.7 KB, 1280x919, 1280:919, ac2d904b88b4b531bc19c77878….jpg)

Here is my web page that I have created in order to share all the videos that go with girls gone hypnotized and they will be left for free original HD: website

File: 8c47e29a31fd786⋯.jpg (120.16 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, 45565ae7e47f531744917dd190….jpg)


I come with a request for some of the rarest files on this this thread

the s@m b@n v1d3o f1l3s. I personally request the file cum g1rl but I'll honestly take any.

here's a vola( make sure it's only .rar and .zip files):https://volafile.org/r/n1qtuhp4


Tr@nc3BJ is in the vola


+1 for "Anal Sex Better Orgasms"

File: 25c130d66e8bc75⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 660x740, 33:37, 25c130d66e8bc75786aba47621….jpg)


share: https://volafile.org/r/jxwmn0cg

you guys know the drill.

picture somewhat related.

127 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Any chance to re-upload the last 10 or so?

I only got until 11.

Any help will be appreciated.



good girld try it now you want to relax yadiyadiyada



Sounds nice. Can someone re-up it?

I only have the short youtube version.

Is anyone interested in her YouTube stuff?

I have an old rip of her channel.



I used to love the youtube stuff, is there anything you have that never gets shared here or republished by K31?


File: d7f7ec6fb441535⋯.png (195.87 KB, 1109x650, 1109:650, 2018-08-21-204805_1109x650….png)


Here's a screenshot of the folder.

File: e1d7111f4aec26a⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 246x138, 41:23, hqdefault.jpg)


Drop them here


This should be in the general request topic

File: 93e21c69c1787c1⋯.jpg (6.27 KB, 200x112, 25:14, 3102217-t2.jpg)


Is anyone able to identify the audio source of this video?


15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


god that pic is hot



a woman sucking on a piece of shit isn't very hot




Please kill this thread

File: a1b747a19ce95a0⋯.png (629.95 KB, 640x640, 1:1, NMD.png)


Since Goddess Gr4c13 last thread is pretty much dead and bump limit, can we make a new one?

I uploaded the lastest ones that i could get:


* Pink Paradise Curse

*Big Cocks vs Tiny Clitties

*Sissy Sex Ed

Could please, someone post No more diddles and Diddle-free Mantra?

294 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at


Can someone upload:

Sissy Shame Dissolver

Cock & Cum Princess

I need these files. Very much.



SSD is in the b64 link. Would also like C&C Princess.


For anyone who has tried how potent is the limp training? I wanna try it but I don't wanna have too much lasting effects



>The kindest I can be is that your files have always been over-rated. You can probably do better, but you probably wont do better.

Ha-ha, all recent threads look similar. SB is overrated, K is overrated, Sh1bby is crap.

And it's not far from the truth. But the thing is, you never know what is going to work. It might be only that "nothing interesting" file, or it can be a cumulative effect (my experience with SB).


Reup for Bimbo Blessing, please..Would like to try this "dangerous" file.

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