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File: e5027c76937dc96⋯.png (996.06 KB, 720x895, 144:179, FantasticDungeonGrappling.png)


Fantastic Dungeon Grappling

Thoughts on Cole's FDG? How's it compare to TG?

File: 7430025a645f6c5⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 260x340, 13:17, MD.jpg)



>when respond to a thread about a baseball kid using a machete

>want to make smart comment about how skills don't benefit each other

>only place you can find weapons is on gurps zombies

>they're each the first weapons of their respective section

>page 44

>I don't even notice the page is dubs

>then I get double dubs

>then I notice


File: 31c680811492b03⋯.mp4 (343.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, his tongue was bitten out ….mp4)


Has anyone approached doing this? It obviously shouldn't be possible to target through the front or sides unless someone has their jaw open (or you can shoot through their teeth). It might be possible to rip open a hole in the bottom and get at it that way though.

If you were a Turk in a groghouse fight, how would you go about determining how open people's mouths are casually during fights (I expect there should be a benefit of faster oxygen exchange compared to nose-only breathing) and if you were Hans Sprungfeld, whether you can perceive an attack against your tongue quickly enough to close your mouth before it is hit?

If we were using Douglas Cole's rules, if you are only nose-breathing and not also mouth-breathing, it feels like you ought to recover Action Points slower.

It also feels like you could treat an attempt to hold your mouth shut as grappling NOTHING. Think for example, if you were clamping your teeth down on a mouth guard for maximum bite CP and then to release your grip on the mouth guard, an opponent had to make "Break Free" attacks to destroy your CP.

In the case of biting nothing (no mouth guard) the downside should be that you probably risk damaging your own teeth by grinding them against each other. I don't know how you would reflect that mechanically.

Tongues are slippery, so I imagine it would be hard to get a grip on them, but unless someone was actively mocking you by "blowing a raspberry" and voluntarily sticking their tongue beyond their lips, it doesn't seem like it would be feasible to bite their tongue…

I suppose it could be for very small creatures (a mouse could simply stick its entire head inside your mouth and bite your tongue) so we would need some rules in regard to Size Modifiers.

The way I figure is that since eyes are -9 to hit, mouths can open slightly bigger than eyes, so they would be size modifier -8.

Faces are -5 to hit, but since the head also includes other stuff like the skull, I would say the overaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You can attack fingers if you want. They are -10 to hit because they must be smaller than eyes (-9) or you couldn't do eye pokes. Actually, fuck that, you can fit TWO fingers into an eye socket, so 2 fingers are -10 to hit, 1 finger is -11 to hit.

3 fingers is -9, 4 fingers is -8. Since you can fit 4 fingers into a mouth, a mouth must be -7 to hit, bringing it just under a jaw (-6) in size.

If a mouth is closed, you will hit teeth, which have 1 DR and will hurt your finger. If a mouth is open, you can target the tongue (-8 to hit, -4 to grapple) similar to an ear.

If you want to open a mouth, you can do it either by directly manipulating the jawbones and overcoming muscular strength (use a contest of ST in basic rules, or use Break Free to destroy Control Points in technical grappling) or by inflicting pain by fishhooking the sides or pinching the lips and force a will roll or someone will open their mouth to prevent pain.

Shutting a mouth is much easier. If you do an uppercut to the jaw, you will have a chance of doing it automatically. Bite ST is 1/2 when trying to hold the mouth open, and uppercuts automatically subtract from them.

Also you have better leverage if you grip the tip of a snout of long-jawed animals like crocodiles, but that doesn't get the enhanced SM benefit to hit them because the tip of the snout is small. The SM bonus refers to hitting ANY part of the mouth. It should be without bonus to hit the base, and penalties to hit distal portions. If you hit ANY part, then roll randomly to see which part. Proximity determines bonuses you will get to multiply your grip ST on them.



>you can fit TWO fingers into an eye socket, so 2 fingers are -10 to hit, 1 finger is -11 to hit.

A lot of this is about angles though. Yes the TIP of the finger is certainly that small, so if you were trying to stab/shoot a finger pointed directly at you, your numbers are appropriate. In fact I might even wager a -12.

But fingers are much longer than they are thick/wider. If you hold your finger pointing sideways up to your eye socket in a mirror, it's only about 2 knuckles rather than 3 knuckles wide, for example.

-8 to hit all 4 fingers seems like way too big a step. If it's -4 to hit the hand in general, then I could see -5 to target only the palm (or a closed fist), -6 to target the fingers in general (because gaps), -7 to target three, -8 for two (or a thumb) and -9 for one.

This has to do with shape-based SM alteration. Remember, B19 goes by the LONGEST dimension (the length of the finger) not the shortest (the width of the eye socket).


>The average male hand length is 189 millimeters, or 7.44 inches.

>Half of this distance is palm, and the other half is middle finger.

>So the length of the average male middle finger is 95 millimeters, or 3.72 inches.


>If a creature’s longest dimension falls between two entries on the table, base its SM on the higher value.

Based on that, an open hand should be (7.44 up to 10") -5 while a palm or finger (3.72 up to 5") should be -7

However we have this guideline…

>BPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: f1ec43fe18b9880⋯.png (221.44 KB, 423x457, 423:457, page 7 of Technical Grappl….png)


Squicky Things

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling page 7

>The GM is designing a creature with a long grasping arm and eight legs.

>It grapples its victim around the neck with the arm, and then uses its legs to attach

to the face.

>Very squicky things follow.

When is Douglas Cole going to finish up "GURPS Squicky Things" to explain the next step?

This clearly is talking about a face-hugger from aliens which strangles the neck with its tail (grasping arm) and then clamps to the face.

The "squicky things" refers to the insertion of the ovipositor into the mouth and down the esophagus to inject an egg into the stomach.

I don't think the ovipositor would be an arm or a leg, so I guess it would have to be a Striker.

Strikers have the same HP as limbs, but a Facehugger's ovipositor probably has some kind of DR to prevent a human from simply biting down (and worrying) to sever it before the egg is implanted.


It could be a Surprise attack, done as a Dirty Trick, seeing as nobody expects his face to be raped out of the blue \ in the middle of the combat.

Facehugger might have an Attack with a Follow-Up (laying eggs), done in a second. Everything else, what we see is cinematically irrelevant.

And a


And a what?

It's not cinematically irrelevant.

I don't think we should just assume "no defense because surprise" in all situations. In the case of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84NEBXn9CRU when it used acid to eat through the EVA suit, the initialy grapple of the helmet was a surprise but at that point you know the enemy is there and are trying to pull them off your helmet, so them attacking you once they get through the helmet isn't a surprise.

You would be able to feel the ovipositor pressing against your lips, and be trying to keep your jaw clenched shut to keep it out. It would cover your nose so you couldn't breathe that way. You could try to breathe through your teeth, but you'll probably have trouble doing that, and I think the hugger would obstruct that too. So eventually you would have a gasp reflex, reducing the Control Points your Bite ST exerts, and it gets in.

File: 144176f14b932cf⋯.jpg (97.81 KB, 640x532, 160:133, 70a76b310fadec6e788c1af57f….jpg)


So would anyone be interested in a Gurps pbp here? I think thinking dungeon fantasy and some worldbuilding?

230 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Dice rollRolled 6, 4, 2 = 12 (3d6)


>You come to the yard of a pretty three story mansion with a large yard, surrounded with a 8-feet-tall wall built out of a yellowish bricks. The gates are open with a lone man with a spear guarding it.

>He doesn't even ask you what happened, but his eyes become wide when he recognizes the dwarf you are carrying.

>You pass him and come to the stairs leading to the main hall. There you are asked by two guard to wait until the lord is called.

>A few minutes pass and lord Luther comes with Vetans beside him.

>He is a man in his mid-thirties, slightly overweight with shoulder length blonde hair. He is wearing some sort of richly coloured bathrobe with a small dagger on the belt.

<'Care to explain what did you do to Mr. Polev?' - says he in a domineering voice.

<'You first, inkeeper'

<'Yes, milord!'

>He comes closer to the lord and slightly bows.

<'You see, in the evening about quarter an hour ago, these travellers have decided to rent three rooms in Mr. Polev's. But just as I was about to get a payment for those rooms, Mr. Polev presented himself with a local girl who wanted to get a job in our highly esteemed establishment. They had an argument an in the heat of the moment, the poor girl lost her balance and fell down the stairs. The next second this very fine armor-clad gentleman and his friends are trying to hurt my employer. Two of our janitors, Marco and Dobbler tried to protect our boss, but were mercilessly cut down. And then they severely wounded Mr. Polev himself! He is barely breathing now as you can see'

>The longer he speaks, the heavier the stares of both Vetan and lord Luther become.

>As he finishes, lord Luther orders to immediately call his personal medic for the dwarf.

<'Who are you? What are you doing in my villagPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>I gently place Mr. Polev down on the ground and bow deeply, before getting out my wax tablet and writing on it.

<I am mute and so must write. My name is Peter Hensworth, of the Lord [I don't think we ever decided on a name for the Lord].

<What I saw when I walked in was this man dragging a woman, kicking and crying from a room, before saying that this was the last time she would ever cheat him, and then kicking her down the stairs.

>I went to confront the man to bring him to you so that in your wisdom and experience as this town's lord you may decide what is befitting for him, while one of my traveling companions, a priest, tended to the woman. Another companion informed him of my intentions, but he resisted the arrest and would not come peacefully. I did not draw my weapon until a weapon was drawn on me.

>In the resulting fight the two men who were fighting us were injured, as was Mr. Polev. As I am not the one to judge if death is befitting for his actions, I tended to his wounds so that he may serve the sentence you find worthy.

Let's hope my Rank, Status, Social Regard, Honest Face, Contact, and Legal Immunity help.


>When Peter and innkeeper went to fetch guards, Oliver decided to wait for them in the inn, with his troops.

<'Kay, you guys, we are going to rest for a bit here in this canteen. Looks like we are getting rooms in a few.'

<He pulls a chair from under the nearest table and sits on it in a relaxed pose.



You can input the name of the lord you like, after all, the game started as a cooperative world-building thing and there really wasn't much of that.

>The further he reads your message, the higher his brows raise in a resentful anger and after he starts raising a voice and poking at your chest with his finger.

<'Are you saying that for a mere squabble you would condemn to death one of my most trusted servants?! Are the laws in your home town that harsh? Shall I order for my guards to behead you on the spot in this case?!'

>Vetan interferes by holding Luther by the elbow:

<'Lord Luther, in your righteous anger you are probably dismissing the notion, that this person is not only the servitor of his lord's will, but also one of the protectors of Lady Laathi on her way.'

>Annoyed, lord Luther waves Vetan's words away, but continues in a more calm fashion:

<'You did say, there was a girl? Bring her in for questioning, immediately!' - he orders the innkeeper. The man rushes out of the building as fast as he can.

>In the hall appears a man in white robes, carrying a large leather bag. He checks dwarf's pulse, condition and bandages. Satisfied, he signals to the servants, that came with him, to pick him up and carry to the infirmary.

<'The Dunn are strong and this one is no exception. He will live, if gods permit!'

After that he excuses himself and follows the wounded.

It will be a couple of minutes till the innkeeper returns, so you may talk more or skip to the time the girl is here.


Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 1 = 8 (3d6)


<You are entirely correct in your observation, your lordship, that a squabble is a poor reason to condemn someone to death. I realized this myself, which is why I applied the dressings to his wounds when he was at risk of death. I am not the one to judge if death is fitting for his behavior, and I take full responsibility for his injury.

<While death for a squabble may not be the law in my town, if my beheading would serve justice in yours then I offer you my neck.

Rolling against Law (Laathi), which is 10, to see if there's anything in the law that can help me at this time.

File: 335999d83a331c0⋯.png (44.12 KB, 337x299, 337:299, RevisedStrengthTable.png)

File: a9bd3ef164abdf8⋯.png (25.36 KB, 296x188, 74:47, Ruleof10s.png)

File: a0127e4ada33353⋯.png (14.47 KB, 299x100, 299:100, FractionalDamage.png)

File: ff05bb03681c026⋯.png (8.77 KB, 93x374, 93:374, FractionalDamageRevisedSTc….png)


Pyramid 3-83 includes Sean Punch's "Knowing Your Own Strength" article. Page 16 opens with "Rescaled Damage", RD resulting in page 17's "Revised Strength Table" RST (see attached image) with a special rule called Rule of 10s:

>add 10 to ST to find damage but also divide all damage rolls by 10

This is intended for those under ST 7 (thrust 1d-5) since ST 6 is thrust d6-6 so so on.

The way it normally works:

>Drop all fractions for crushing attacks; round 0.5 or better up for non-crushing ones.

IGNORE THAT if using "Fractional Damage" though:

>when the Rule of 10s applies, track fractional damage and HP (i.e., don’t round!) when creatures attack others of their SM or less.

I propose we ignore the special conditions of these rules. Apply Ro10s to all ST (ie just change the RST) and ALWAYS track fractional damage, not just to your own SM or less. Hard caps are ugly!

I have altered the chart simply by moving the amounts reflecting the assumption of +10 to ST and /10 to dmg. See 4th image. Now the only one who can roll 0 damage (and even then only 1/6 the time) is someone with ST 1, which is more realistic!

There's no point in having a "swing" column, if you look at Kromm's chart, if you want to know the swing you just consult the Thrust 2 rows down.

This has the pleasant effect of rolling 3d6 for the average ST 10 human then decimating the result, giving a range of 0.3 to 1.8 damage.

Regarding rounding and minimums, instead of a minimum of 1 damage, non-crushing damage should have a minimum of 0.1 instead of 1.0 as previously. This prevents excessively deadly house cats slaughtering humans.

Regarding size modifier, instead of inflicting 0 damage against larger SM opponents if crushing is 0.9 or less or non-crushing is 0.4 or less, instead just apply the difference in size as a damage penaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



subtracting the difference would be represented as:

>subtract your target's SM

>add yours

It's easier to do all that prior to the /10 which is the final step.

1/5(0.2)DR can also be purchased at 1/level. I would suggest allowing a "DR is halved, -50%" limitation to represent 0.1 increments, and a "DR is doubled, +100%" enhancements to incentivize more versatile use of combining ablative -80% with "limited" to certain locations or damage types.

Using a 0.1 scale we could probably also recalculate HP recovery to be more often than daily.

Shock will remain but you can accumulate "decishock" in a turn. IE if you get hit 10x for 0.1 damage in 1 second, it adds up to 1 damage worth of shock.

Decishock can also result in 1/10 AP loss which can add up, if using the Last Gasp rules from Pyramid 3/44. You should be using 1/10 AP anyway and subtracting MoS on rolls from AP cost (down to minimum 1) instead of 0 AP cost for crit successes.


File: 3ed7d771ab2a74e⋯.jpg (80.83 KB, 1920x1288, 240:161, balloon.jpg)

I like that it adds the granularity to the game, and it makes unarmed fights a little bit more deadly: prior to that on a succesful hit, but poor damage roll you would not even scratch your enemy, but now you get at least that 0.1 damage that might matter.

On the other hand wouldn't having to roll and calulate a few additional things somewhat slow down the game?

Also wanted to point out iffiness of SM difference giving effective DR, but without some playtesting its hard to have an proper opinion.

I imagined a case where ST 10 person (SM 0) trying to pierce through the hot air balloon's side (~SM +7).

Does he has -0.7 effective damage here aswell? Or it would be covered by the Vulnerabilities of a said balloon?



Exactly! Also for those desiring not to do any damage, the 1d-1 (0-0.5 damage) thrust at ST 1 actually creates a 1d-2 punch (punches are thrust-1)

If you really want to avoid damage, the -2 to defensive attack reduces that to 1d-4 so you have a 1/3 chance of causing either 0.1 or 0.2 damage

MA73's "Hammer Fist" is 1 lower, so a mere 1/6 chance of doing 0.1 damage.

That's pretty realistic. A light punch should have SOME chance of doing damage. If you want to avoid damage entirely, GRAPPLE at DX.

>wouldn't having to roll and calulate a few additional things somewhat slow down the game?

You're basically just rolling with an extra die or two and moving a decimal place.


>wanted to point out iffiness of SM difference giving effective DR

Purely optional, I don't necessarily agree with it either, but it's a natural interpretation of Kromm's Fractional Damage (rounding down fractions when creatures are larger than you)

>I imagined a case where ST 10 person (SM 0) trying to pierce through the hot air balloon's side (~SM +7).

>Does he has -0.7 effective damage here aswell? Or it would be covered by the Vulnerabilities of a said balloon?

Non-crushing damage always does a minimum 0.1 damage, only crushing can do 0 damage.

This would be the difference from actual DR, it can't reduce non-crushing to 0 like actual DR can.



>You're basically just rolling with an extra die or two and moving a decimal place.

Still, I read some people think that even basic 3 rolls (to hit, to defend, damage) are too much for tem and want to reduce it to 2 or even just one.

As for me I would like to play in a game using Last Gasp and Technical Grappling (even though I haven't read it yet) using bunch of additional rules just to feel how much slower it than normal combat.

>Does he has -0.7 effective damage here aswell? Or it would be covered by the Vulnerabilities of a said balloon?

What I meant is that just because something is big, it doesn't have to be thick skinned.

Compare striking a human and a huge water balloon with a knife

Human: [3-18]\10=0.3-1.8 imp damage

Balloon: [(3-7)-(18-7)]\10= - 0.4-1.1 imp damage = 0.1-1.1 imp damage

And with part of the bell curve [representing damage] going lower than 0, you will have more chances to inflict less damage.



Defending is optional, if that slows down combat the GM should make enemies All-Out Attack you.

Optionally, maybe if an enemy declares a defense (must do so before hit is rolled) you could just subtract your active defense stat from the effective skill of the attack? That would cut it down to one roll.

As far as ignoring a damage roll and having it based on what you roll to hit, that could be adapted by designing damage as being a "Margin-Based" leveled trait.

Size modifier changes to damage are optional and based on Kromm's ignoring fractions against larger creatures. If it causes trouble with 'big thin-skinned objects' then I'd drop it.

That or treat a big balloon as a collection of panels. It probably qualifies as "Diffuse" which would limit non-area-effect damage to 2 anyway.

File: b460df4086e88a7⋯.png (50.16 KB, 204x183, 68:61, PKflipflop.png)


PK in 2011 http://forums.sjgames.com/showpost.php?p=1237694&postcount=5

>the Reflection enhancement only interacts with damage. It has no special effect when resisting Afflictions – your DR adds normally, but it won't bounce the Affliction back

PK in 2016 http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/protectionandwarningspells/ (page 8)

>deflects non-damaging ranged attacks;

>each level of Missile Shield can negate two levels of Affliction or 10 levels of Binding.

>“Missile Shield” is Damage Resistance 7

>(All-or-Nothing, ‐10%; Force Field, +20%; Limited, Ranged, ‐20%; Magical, ‐10%) [28]

>with each DR 7 converted into 2d per p. B269.

>The ruling on Affliction and Binding is from p. 168 of GURPS Powers.

File: 8e1e1ce24f44ced⋯.png (137.67 KB, 413x143, 413:143, SwordImpalesRightArmLeftHa….png)


What do you guys think of this proposal? Archived original post at http://archive.is/soJv8 but I will copy here.

This question is prompted by something within the 2nd season of Castlevania series on Netflix. Basically what happens is a weapon is thrust-impaled through a person's right upper arm, exits through the other side, then also hits the left wrist and exits out the other side of that, and then the sword inhibits the left hand from punching someone.

It happens in the 2nd-last episode and is somewhat of a spoiler in regards to when an important battle happens (Alucard does it to Dracula to save Trevor, inhibiting his dodge, making him vulnerable to having his face roasted by the mageQT which causes him to drop his right-handed grapple of Trevor, Dracula manages to pull his left wrist off the tip of the blade to backhand the gypsyQT and then gets his right arm free of the sword as well) ) but if you don't mind that, it helps to illustrate the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujIyYiihRo0&t=1m50s

B408's rules for Overpenetration seems related, even though they're designed for ranged (including impaling, ie arrows) and not melee. "Cover DR" being the full FP plus double the DR for a person in armor (possibly just 1xDR if built-in armor, I guess that would be breaking down "front only" and "back only" if designed as an advantage?), and subtracting that from damage done to whatever else is hit after an attack comes out the other side.

MA106 (Holding a Foe at Bay, last paragraph) also deals with I guess what I'd call the "sidedness" of DR like this (passing a will roll if impaled lets you increase damage to maximum, then roll damage for opponent's weapon based on your own thrust, to try and surpass "DR on his back") although it could use tweaking since it doesn't seem to acknowledge the cover DR that HP itself can provide, as you can see in this example:

>obstruction finds damage as for parrying (thrusting for impaling-only weapons) halved and rounded Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


MA136 "Extreme Dismemberment" seems related to this. It's designed for Cutting Attacks but it seems like you could extrapolate the rules on requiring an additional role to hit (at -1). The rules for damage here actually seem cinematically in favor of an attacker though, because while they require the same damage (HP/2 is needed to cripple limbs, HP/1 to dismember them) the effective "cover DR" is only equal to HP/2+DR instead of HP+2*DR. So it's basically HALF the cover DR that people get when hit by overpenetrating ranged attacks…

TG15's note on Impaling presents a condition:

> If an impaling object is left inside a foe (either voluntarily or by getting stuck

That unspendable CP is applied equal to basic damage, so if you were to emulate this attack, I'm wondering if you would agree with the following workup, or how you might alter it.

Let's say a vampire has 10 HP, 1 DR due to toughskin, 1 DR from armor. It takes 6 HP to cripple his arm and 4 HP to cripple his hand. His cover DR is 5 (HP) plus 1 (innate DR) plus 2 (1 front DR plus 1 back DR) for a total of 7.

A surprise thrust-impale sword attack hits the arm for 17 basic damage, exceeding his cover DR, so it overpenetrates as a thrust-impale arrow would. As a target behind him would benefit from his cover subtracting from the same initial damage roll, 10 damage carries over…

However, unlike the "automatic" damage assumed from targets behind overpenetrating ranged attacks (such as B408's example of "Special Agent Ira Gray" and "the VIP") a 2nd attack roll at -1 is made based on the Extreme Dismemberment precedent for melee attacks, but since it is Impaling uses the standard Overpenetration rules for Cover DR, not the halved Cover DR against Cutting Damage found in ED.

One thing I would also not adapt from MA136 is the following

> The victim gets no active defense (he has already failed to avoid this attack)

I don't think that normally appliePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


PUA (376) had stated "He gets no defense roll against this" which presumably is how AgPar works, since it talks about immediately rolling damage without mention of defense. MA84's cinematic "Hand Catch" worked the same way:

>Success on this skill roll means you grapple the extremity

TG42's cinematic Grabbing Parry also seems to

>Success grapples your foe with the limbs used, but inflicts CP based on 0.5xST regardless

same with Escaping Parry on TG36. If you wanted to allow defense rolls against these free attacks resulting from successful defenses would that be something like a +1 drawback on the technique?

MA67's "Armed Grapple" says "While using your weapon to grapple, you can neither attack nor defend with it." but I'm not sure if that's still in effect with TG. I think instead, perhaps applying penalties to attacks/defenses would be better?

If an attacker impales a defender's hand with a knife and it overpenetrates so the blade sticks out the back of their hand, you should then be able to (while maintaining a grapple on that hand) stick that protruding edge into their chest or face! But this should be harder since that hand is basically mutually grappling your knife and making it harder to move around. What kind of penalty system would make sense in this scenario?

The best guide I can figure is MA132's "More Cinematic Combat Rules: Proxy Fighting" because stabbing with a knife poking out the other side of your opponent's is probably at least as hard a grabbing an opponent by the wrist and forcing his hand to punch someone else. The note on MA133:

>For a willing proxy, all rolls are at -4; for an unwilling one, the penalty equals the proxy’s ST/2 (round up) but is always at least -4.

Ignoring the "both hands from behind" requirement of "using someone else as a puppet" might be grounds to incur additional penalties.

I don't like a fixed ST-based penalty to DX (stronger guys shouldn't be as affected) sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: c0e7af2b2fe6bc3⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 320x219, 320:219, GreenRed.jpg)


Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 2 = 10 (3d6)

dice test 3d6 for ETR


Hi Gurps

File: a6484578f0d547c⋯.jpg (163.98 KB, 818x1056, 409:528, AHLC5.JPG)


Post hit locations which are not in the books and your idea for what their numbers should be.


penis - 69



How would you roll that with 3d6?


What about those additional hit locations from Martial Arts?

Veins\arteries, spine, knees\elbows, joints, etc?

File: f9ae0b1e98c71b3⋯.png (26.42 KB, 962x721, 962:721, GURPS Size Modifier improv….PNG)


Reminder: You should be tracking seven different Size Modifiers per character, instead of using those dumb rules for "box-, sphere-, or blob-shaped characters", "elongated boxes", and objects "much smaller in two of three dimensions" that depend on GM fiat.

>Linear for swinging attacks (e. g., swinging from right to left is better than swinging from top to bottom if you're trying to hit an upright human)

>Area for thrusting attacks (e. g., shooting from the side is better than shooting from the back if you're trying to hit a tractor-trailer)

>Volume for other stuff

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